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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active Since June 3rd, 2010]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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The Kokuryuteshi's Realm

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I-44 & PA-N51 (Main Bases)

Formerly Ender's Base, the Kokuryuteshi have control over a massive building the size of a small city that they have expanded into a massive military area. This area is isolated from the rest of Kokuryu City and The Kokuryuteshi Realm itself. No person can enter here without special admittance.
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Kokuryu City

Kokuryu City. That's what Ender's Former Realm is now. A seemly endless metropolis bristling with skyscrapers, buildings, subways and all other things a city has. Kin Iramasha's army now resides around a huge chunk of land that resembles an island the size of large nation and floats, in what seems to be, a sea of endless purple sky that leads into nothingness. (So I suggest not flying off this island if you can't fly or figure a way back up) The landmass also has hundreds of black portals above it, that made it easy for Ender's soldiers to get wherever they need to be in the Human world or spirit world when Ender was still alive. The only accessible way to enter this place is if you know directly where this dimension is and know how to open a portal into it, you follow somebody into the portal that leads into this strange world or you think up you're own way into this base.
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The Fenier Towers

Although this building is not composed solely of towers, one could look upon this place in the capital, it could instantly be recognized for it's three towers connected to it as the Home of the Fenier Family. The entire building is shared by the likes of a majority of the highest or closest members to the family, no matter the branch that they might be apart of. However it could be noted that each of the towers may only be access by the likes of a specific branch of the family. Entrance to this place requires either being apart of the Fenier Family, one of the highest ranking members of the Kokuryuteshi Army, or invitation by one of the Fenier that live here. Once inside of this place you can find that is much like a giant mansion with as many recreation area as one could imagine in the center including many popular sport fields, a swimming pool, and a personal arcade as only a few examples. Within certain halls you will only find rooms upon rooms that are empty or filled by a Fenier resident. Eventually, one can finally stumble across a small hall that contains the members of the family closest to the leading member, and these leaders themselves. The entire place is considered massive in size as one could already imagine, finally along the entrance to the building is a sign with on it is in Cursive, "The Fenier Family."
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Jigoku Dezāto

Jigoku Dezāto a barren dessert land that is almost like a refugee camp. Thousands of hollows, Arrancars, Menos, Humans, Demons, Iramasha, Ziamichi and many are other races are all located here. Some are here by choosing in order to kill for the hell of it, others were forced to live here by higher ups of K-World. There are thousands of bodies scattered throughout this land. Some are hollows, some are demons and some are just unidentifiable. In the day, the sky above this area in The Kokuryuteshi is a blood red. And at night, the sky is a dark purple like the rest of the realm. There are many things to find in this section if your brave enough to venture into it.
The Monsutā Base
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Sun May 18, 2014 5:10 am
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Mount Malor

Mount Malor is a large mountain area within The Kokuryuteishi that overlooks a massive grassland, contains many rocky areas, has it's own lake and even a few cities, villages and bases were made here.
Hosni, Mons Civitatem
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Exavil (Come At Your Own Risk)

Exavil is located near the edge of The Kokuryuteshi's realm. It is one of the most cold, bitter and harsh locations within this island. Not many DARE venture out here for most are told this area is off limits to anyone but Kin, his right hand people and commanders. There is a massive fence that covers every border of Eavil and it easily capable of disposing of any unapproved targets by firing off many destructive blast from multiple towers spread out across the fence. Therefore, It is unknown what Kin is planning in the cover of snow, but obviously it is something big. The constant sounds of rumbling, heavy reitsu and a terrifying sense of fear can all be felt within this area. Not to mention many people who are even on 1 tier can be seen fainting before reaching the gates, many strange lights can be seen within the distance at night and odd figures can be seen sometimes walking around the gates.
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