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The Demon World

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Central Demon Country (Kēndrīya Capital)

This is the Zone that Queen Mana and King Abaddon currently control. In this location is where most of the focus is in Demon World as all the changes The Queen has made over her time in control of Demon World have been made here. It has resulted in a major increase in this zone's population, massive expansions in their cities/countries and is center to Demon World's Capital City: The King's City.
Flow City, Devil Peak Moutain
79511I Can't Take It ...
Wed Mar 06, 2019 7:10 pm
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The Sirsa Lands

The Sirsa Lands is the third nation within Demon World. It is known for it's ever expanding lands, a center location for the Demon World's constant growth and expansion and one of the most diverse sections of Demon World there is. There are many different types of lifestyles, tribes, clans, royal families, cities, mininature nations and so on in this section of Demon World.
The Outlands Of Demon World
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Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:19 pm
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The Vicāra Plane: The Nation Of Thoughts

The Vicara Plane is among one of the most peculiar nations within Demon World. This nation, from what most other King/Queens can understand, was entirely comprised of a once massively powerful Danava Based Demon who took on the concept of thoughts. Not much is known about him, but it is known he was once this land's Demon King; going by the name "Maujūda". Eventually, somewhere down the line, The Maujuda beast was defeated by a rivaling King at the time and his body was infused into Demon World in order to make this self-sustaining country called "The Vicara Plane".

Thus, you can see how it obtained it's title. It is also worth noting that this nation of Demon World has various places of mythical legend, many types of Danava Demon prefer to come out to seclude themselves and some Demon's are even beginning to say this is really the Nation of Danava Demon's. It would even explain a bit about the Endless Soul Plane.
Endless Soul Plane, The Queen's Manor
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Sun Feb 17, 2019 4:18 am
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The Chaya Nation

This is most likely one of the toughest nations to live in within Demon World. While you may not always be killed on sight, this country tends to relay upon brute strength; hence it being 2nd only to the Central Capital. Thus most types of Primal Demon's live here in order to have sport with one another in most types of out land type sections. In addition to that, most people can be found seeking out fighting schools, instructors to teach them to battle, lost arts of demonic fighting and basically anything related to combat can often be found here. There is even a Global Scale Tournament held here every so often to determine Demon Classes, scout out powerful up and coming demon's and so on.
Chaos Point [Chaya Nation Capital], Hybrid Point
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Tue Feb 26, 2019 12:29 pm
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Yes, the infamous dimension known as Hell has been interconnected with the Demon Realm. After Khala's assault against the Soul Society and Gotei 13, she managed to free it from it's confinement and break the seals needed to transport it back into Demon World. Now having refused back with the demonic dimension, Hell, in all it's glory, has been restored. Deep within the core of Demon World now lays an entirely new world within it.

However -- Hell seems to have undergone profound changes compared to the knowledge most have of it. It seems to be an ever-expanding dimension, similar to Demon World itself. There are many different incarnations of Hell that spread throughout this universe and at the lowest level of Hell there appears to be the embodiment of death itself. Although, only The Demon Queen, her Royal Family and Demon God know of that secret as of now.

And in light of these changes -- it won't be so easy to enter as well. Around all of the borders of this world are some of the Demon God's strongest barriers meant to keep non-demon's out, prisoners of hell from escaping without clearance and all sorts of spies from entering. For a comparison, these seals are stronger than even the dome that protects Karakura Central as it's powered directly by Za Koa's energy itself. So getting into this world will be no easy feat if you aren't already in hell, rule over a portion of it or have permission to enter.


The New Hell Gate [Layer 0: Entry Layer], Old Hell [First Layer], The Underworld [2nd Layer: Demon Hell], Hellverse [Layers 3-665], Death's Realm [Layer 666: The Deepest Level Of Hell]
Tue Mar 12, 2019 3:02 pm
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