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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active Since June 3rd, 2010]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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The Outlands Of The Soul Society

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The Shinsui Settlement

The Shinsui Settlement is a large Island which is excluded from the rest of the Soul Society. It has its own functioning society and is chaired and ran by the Shinsui Clan. The Island is so big that it’s divided into 5 sections, each of which has a number assigned to them to represent the district. The first is the Zero District, which is also the home to the Shinsui Family. This is where their large Mansion resides, its visible from any point on the Island which expresses its sheer size; it is surrounded by a huge wall that has four possible points of entrance, each of which is located at North, South, East or West. Within this district there lays a large Senkaimon Gate that resembles that of the Gotei 13, this is different and was created by Izanagi himself to allow his clansmen to travel back and forth without restriction. However, the Senkaimon is only reserved to those of Shinsui blood thus preventing anyone who doesn’t have Izanagis blessing from passing through. This is considerably the largest district of the 5 as is well known by its amplified Spiritual Barriers. All districts of the Settlement have their own merchants and farms so that they can sustain their own upkeep and be productive in a way they see fit. Three of the Districts are still open to occupants, while one of the districts is under negotiation; it has been rumored that the first district will be handed to the Young Yazaki clan who has recently combined their forces with another neighboring clan. The other four districts surround the main one, the Shinsui District thus allowing for the Clan who founded the Island to be at the focal point of it. The impeccable view from the Shinsui Palace allows for every event that takes place on the Island to be witnessed quickly as certain areas of the Island are always kept alight by Izanagis powers.

The whole Island is surrounded by a strong barrier meant to keep invaders out. This was forged by Izanagi and its purpose is to absorb any incoming attacks. If the barrier is punched, it collects the kinetic energy released and transfers it into useable energy which in effect is recycled and used to strengthen the barrier. Similarly, if energy based that doesn’t utilize Kido hits the barrier it’s also absorbed, reconstructed and recycled. Lastly, Reishi based attacks are simply absorbed and thus have no effect on the barrier, even though it’s still strengthened. The Island is more advanced in comparison to the rest of the Soul Society. The Island itself is bound to Izanagi and thus no one can enter or see it without his permission. Over the years countless Kido have been performed to hide it from the spiteful eyes of the enemy hence why none can find the Island without receiving Izanagis spiritual permission. It’s a myth if anything and thus no matter the capabilities/abilities or unique powers the location of this Royal Island will never be determined. Those who reside on the Island are automatically transported through the Canon Drop markings around their districts so even they don’t know the Islands true location. It has never been revealed to anyone, but the person who will be taught of the location will be deemed the successor for the Shinsui Clan.
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The Atarashii Settlement

The Atarashii Settlement is a large gathering of people who grew tired of how things were ran in the Rukonagi and decided to move far away in order to start their own community. The village was founded over 280 years ago and has been expanding ever since. It's not yet known how large the population is, but the population of this city has certainly been growing at a high rate.

The Atarashii Settlement also has their own law enforcement in order to keep track of crime to prevent it from ending up like the Rukonagi. Also, thanks to the growing number of people from the modern age, they are beginning to develop more advanced technology and comfort for those who choose to serve and work for their community.

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Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:29 pm
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The Nation Of Khalaism

Those Shadow Fall operatives who were left in the West District of the Soul Society have -- been at work. With that said, The Cult of Khala has grown in numbers and they have been taking in followers from other races and their own to follow her ways. After witnessing and sharing the salvation she granted the souls whom were killed in Demonic Incursion, more numbers of masses have assembled within the Soul Society. Therefore, the West District has fallen under the Divine Protection of Deveta and Shadow Fall.

Therefore, most Shadow Fall defenses that are common in the areas they nest in those covers within the Soul Society. They've more than repaired the damage, they've outright created entire sub-dimensions for their cult, mended the world to their liking with their terrain control and seem to be improving and expanding the areas with their supernatural abilities and magic. In fact, due to the lack of renewal by others, they've even claimed the First District,east district and south district.

Entire cities have been crafted from the grandest stretches of the imagination. Everything from landscapes made of clouds, to forest that seem to stretch on for eternity, colossal fortresses that spawn into the heavens and everything that is limited to only ones mind -- and the allotment of Shadow Falls Demi-Network. The notion of money has even seem to cease in these areas as they've become more advanced following the blowout from Demonic Incursion. They've even gone as far as claiming it "The Nation of Khala"

Although, from the borders they've drawn in these territories, there appears to be the same type of reddened miasma that is common in Demon World around them They've remained non-violent so far, but have been noted to attack with the utmost hostility if met with aggressive action. These cult members, allies of Shadow Fall and Shadow Fall itself, along with the Demon Queen, have stated that they will honor the ceasefire and truce between them. They are accepting Shinigami into these ranges as well and will work together with The Captain Commander due to his close relationship with Khala Asthavon.

Check in with Shadow Fall Defenses here -
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