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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP [Active]

This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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Main Realms Of The Black World

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Planet Nabla [Inverse Of Living Realm]

Imagine an Earth that has not been ravaged by war, battle or any territories claimed. That is what Planet Nabla looks like now that it has been reconstructed by Mana Asthavon following the revival of The Black World. It's as blue, fresh and tender as can be. These people always currently have technology on par with the likes of the 25th century in the PH Verse. So they have hover craft, sky cities, cybernetics and things of the like. The population is also somewhat smaller, but more contained and "peaceful" in the sense that the state of violence on the planet is similar to 21st century Earth.

It is also worth mentioning that, as of now, there is is no real set governmental society. Going back many thousands of years, the different territories of Nabla have also been dealt with on a nation by nation bases, city by city bases and local to local bases. As such, a lot of the Black World throughout Earth's Inverse is heavily scattered and divided. Granted, unlike the PH verse, the battles for control are often done on a local level rather than a national or faction based level. This is because other supernatural races also help to keep the balance on the planet, though there seem to be more humans in the Inverse World that control the planet.

Note: North America and South America are considered on mammoth nation called "Averion Continent". While Europe and Asia are referred to as: "The Nazrin Lands". Africa is referred to as "The Tasman Union" and Australia is "The Emirate Islands".

More Information Can Be Found Here:
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Realm Of Spirits [Inverse Soul Society]

The Realm Of Spirits is one that is not quite like the Soul Society. This is because it is ran by many small governments, factions and agencies that help work alongside demons, Arrancar, Iramasha, hollow and other races to maintain the balance of order, disorder, life and death throughout the Inverse Realm. So: one can infer they have no Soul King or Gotei to dictate how the entire realm functions. Additionally, the Realm Of Spirits resembles a modernized Earth in some portions of it because they are a more evolved society of people. And this is because they have to accommodate a dense population of spirits; there are roughly tens of billions that call this place home.

For more information, go here:
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The World Of Black Spirits [Inverse Hueco Mundo]

The World Of Black Spirit's is considered to be the Inverse of Hueco Mundo. They are a growing technological power that has started to blossom since it's recreation. This is a world that is covered in snow, ice and all things winter; but there seems to be more cities that are beginning to spiral and pop up throughout it's frigid lands. In fact, some are even beginning to become climate control as The Arrancar, Rose Mischevang, is spreading her technology throughout this dimension. And they've made greater leaps and strides in helping Shinigami, Demons, Iramasha and other races maintain the balance because of it.

More Information Can Be Found Here:
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The Avant Realm [Inverse Demon World]

The Avant Realm is the home of Demon's in the Black World's universe. It resembles Demon World heavily, but there is no set rule at the moment. The only movement there seems to be is the "Avant Demon's". These seem to be a new race of demon's spawned by The Queen Of Demon's following the recreation of The Black World. While there are still traditional demon's, danava and Hell Demon's in this universe; the Avant Demon are on the race and not many know much of them at this point in time. Excluding that, many of this world have taken to Mana being a goddess because of the fact she had the ability to rebuild and reconstruct this realm.

For More Information:
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