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 New Becomings

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: New Becomings   Wed Jul 17, 2013 4:39 pm

[center] Recently, the weather in Karakura had been acceptable. Being known for the hot summers yet cold winters – a young yet wise girl knew exactly how to dress appropriately for each season. She didn’t really mind the heat but too much of it could make a young girl like her faint unless in the shade for most of the time and if such harsh and cold winters were to visit Karakura then of course the poor girl would freeze no matter how many bundles she was wearing of clothes. During these seasons, summer and winter – this girl was more accustomed to staying in at home with either a fan or sitting by the crackling flames from the fireplace.

Today, the clear skies had greeted the dawn of Karakura, giving a message for yet another beautiful day. Birds could be heard at the crack of dawn already, also greeting the early-wakers with their songs and chirps. This was the sort of time that would be quite quiet for the areas in Karakura such as downtown. Most of the people out now would either be the early business men workers or those who were going down to the morning markets.

Whilst Karakura was a nice place to live in, Saphy still didn’t feel quite accustomed to it. She hadn’t been out much before, especially not at these hours so she didn’t really know where she was going or what she was aiming to do. The girl lived by herself after her parents had left her at home to go on a business trip, being told that they were only going to be gone for two days, those days slowly grew in to weeks before she began getting worried and decided to head out during days to find them. This was exactly the reason for why she was out today, just like every day. But this was the first time she was out at such an early time. Though, during all this time – the girl hadn’t cried. Saphy was shy and timid yet also loyal, she believed that if she were to shed tears for the pain she was going through then her parents would never come back which was why she wanted to be brave and put in her all to see where they had gone. It was hard getting money and at such a young age, if she were to be caught when out by someone then it would be inevitable that she’d be taken and become an orphan.

The recent weather felt like even though the unbearable heat, dawns such as these were more than enough to raise people’s spirits. Saphy couldn’t imagine anyone to complain at the beautiful scenery Karakura had on display. The sunrises were spetaculiar whilst illuminating the magnificent pastel colours and the songs the birds composed for the morning never failed to amaze the girl. Someone her age though would have been on their way to school by now but Saphy no longer went to school, she was different to most of the students and she had only wanted to forget why exactly she was different. Only recently had she decided to hide her ears and tail underneath a hat and a long blue summer dress to match the shade of her hair.

Holding tightly on to the backpack on her back, Saphy opened the gates to the quiet Karakura park. The soft sound of the water from the pond made Saphy skip over, poking her head towards the water to look for any fish. The clear water made her throat quench for a drink but as she had forgotten her water bottle, dipping her head in the pond was way out of the question.

Soon after, stretching and yawning, Saphy looked over for some shade, finding a nearby tree, she moved on underneath the shadow. sitting down on her knees and manuvering her backpack towards the side of her as she looked around, rubbing her eyes.

“I wonder if I’ll find them today…” She spoke softly to herself, scratching the side of her cheek. /[center]


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: New Becomings   Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:24 pm

The King of Cats

"Find whom?"

A voice suddenly purred, as a presence suddenly became known to the young girl, small eyes looking at her as suddenly from out of a tree, a stranger fell. His body lithely touched onto the ground as his eyes closed, his strange purplish-pink hair ruffling slightly as he let out a small grumble from his throat, which could be easily identified as a purr as he smiled very widely, enjoying the rays of the sun as it touched onto his skin and hair, smiling widely at the girl as he began to straighten himself up, looking at her.

"Me-ow. Well, hello there little one. My name is Madeo Lucas, Silver Were-Cat King. Nice to make your acquaintance. May I possibly be of assistance to you at all?" He asked her, smiling widely as he did so, shaking slightly as from his backside, a tail appeared, moving fluidly towards the girl as it brushed against her leg, the male standing directly in front of her, the smile still on his face as he did so, completely ready to accommodate her if she required. After all, Madeo had nothing else he needed to do on this fine day; nothing that bound him or restrained him. And most of all, the thing that had attracted him to this one was her smell... she smelled intensely of cat.


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New Becomings
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