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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Tell-Tale Heart Wolf Lionus Reborn!? (Private)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Tell-Tale Heart Wolf Lionus Reborn!? (Private)   Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:25 am

Death such a fearsome ideal, and method. To many death would be the end of their mere existence in the grand masterpiece of this world, however to some and very few death can be a new start... Some are born from madness some born from lingering memories, this being that appears randomly throughout all the realms is born of such madness, it had no master of its own anymore. It just kept appearing and vanishing at random, only fighting when forced to, as if it was looking for something to do, something to test. Very few beings in this world caught its eye, Ranging from vast power to even strange beings. A few being such as Shadin makes this beast want to witness his power first hand, however it knew it would be no match to such power... however even the vastly weaker beings prove to hold some worth to test Wolf Lionus was such a being.... This man was a fool to fight Shadin and died torn into two halves, withen the chaos after it died down, this beast appeared and took what little of Lionus remains with him, after all normaly the dead break down into spiritual particles thus it wouldn't be strange to see such events happen in battle. But why would such a mindless beast drag few body parts to this strange land... simple it was to test somthing about himself, and this being he brought. But why is Wolf Lionus so important for this mindless beast to risk getting caught? Simple Wolf Lionus was really not that important, just another test to expand upon this beasts own powers. But Wolf Lionus did show a skill that the beast wants to try out, a strange black matter. If Berserker can find a way to take Wolf Lionus black matter for his own it shall be worth the risk. And where exactly in this strange land did this beast took the remains of Wolf Lionus? In these guardian beasts lands, only a few know of such a sacred place. Ruins of old, cold harsh rain washes over it.

This rain over these fateful ruins of old, this once lush city fitted for gods, now turned into and composed mostly by sand, deep jungles, ancient civilizations' ruins and small villages. It' is a small part of this dimension,with the size of Rukongai. Although it is rather small, it looks big because of the amount of forests and its hard crossing. What also differs it from other parts of the dimensions is the amount of life that it has or lack of, ranging from plants, rare species and small bug-like creatures that live in tree logs and mushrooms. This homeland of gods was in the guardian beast lands, only a few can enter these parts since these lands are guarded by a special barrier that only a few can break past. The beast carried the remains to a large ruin filled with crystals of old powerful magic, and water dripping from the roof, this place hasn’t been used for centuries not a single soul has enter this.... just what was this beast doing? With crimson blood dripping from his hands he threw the remains of wolf into a rock pillar without a second thought. What little he took of Wolf was part of his Intestines, and chucks of his heart, and small bit of his brain. Some other chunks of bits of wolf was inside the mess that impacted the rock pillar that slowly dripped down covering the wall with its blood. Then Berserker moved over to one of the crystals on the wall tapping it with his claw like armor over his hand, creating a small crack in the crystal. He then pulled out a small tube holding a waterdown and fading amount of black matter, tossing the tube into the pile of organs without it breaking. Then the beast turned, leaning down on its knee and placing its hands over the ground creating a smoke like portal to appear, and dragging out a strange pair of objects, the first was a Gigai (義骸, 'faux body') is an artificial body which allows Shinigami to remain in the Human World and interact with Humans. Gigais are artificial bodies which are used for a variety of reasons by Shinigami within the World of the Living. It is currently unknown when exactly the first Gigai was formed and by whom. The second object was a Asauchi (浅打ち, Shallow Hit): The class of nameless Zanpakutō which all low-class Shinigami wield. Shinigami who are still in training - those who do not yet belong to any of the Gotei 13 - and Shinigami who are unable to communicate with their Zanpakutō all wield generic Zanpakutō. "Shallow hit" refers to the grossly reduced power of a Zanpakutō whose wielder cannot connect with it properly. Just what was the beast thinking to use these for? He held the blade, it grew red veins as he held it, before tossing it aside into the bits of organs that remained, just right next to the tube.

What did the beast do with these things? He moved his claws over to the Gigai chest and cut it open, removing bits and pieces of it from the inside, thing’s that won’t matter, the beast then rubbed its hands over the face of the Gigai cleaning off the blood on it, he then, dragged it over next to the pillar and picked up the organs, and started to install them inside the body, Wiping all that blood on the body’s skin. The beast then walked over the crystal stand he cracked early and started to break off large chunks of it, that ranged from small specks to at least base ball size, and then inserted them into the body. Next the dark knight tilted its head in confusion on what to add next to this mess. He however quickly came up with the idea to pick up the tube, which held the black matter and pour it on the body inside and out, Using his aura to keep it in place and unable to fade. Now came the tricky part for the beast, he wanted to take Wolfs Zanpakutō as his own, for more testing, however, since the Zanpakutō dies with its owner... is it logical it would come back if Wolf body was recreated with similar energy feedback? Who knows, The beast reopening his smoke like portal pulled out many other gems filled with chaos energy, and tossed them half-heartedly on the body. Next he grabbed the nameless Zanpakutō and with an odd power broke it down into a water like state and made it enter the body.

Placing his hand on to the body, red veins appeared over every object and organ within and on the body, and they started to break down even more, and mix becoming solid with each other, however as he did this, the chaos energy sparked creating a large vortex of energy, breaking the roof causing water to drip down into the body, the rocks lifted high in the air as all this power kept on increasing and merging, however it wasn’t enough no changes yet! The beast wanted to see if he could recreate a Zanpakutō and use it as his own! But why isn’t it working! A roar echoed across the land, a hollow sensing the energy appeared and charged at the beast casting the powerful vortex, but as it neared it was broken down into spiritual particles and infused with the body, then a demonic lower class beast appeared must be sensing the powerful energy to see if it was worth taken, as the demon enter closer, its body was as well broken down and infused with the body. All these energies yet nothing has happen! The beast started to get tired its only been a few months since Wolf died, maybe it was too late to take his power...however the body was changing in appearance but so far had no power of its own. It was taking the form of Wolf before he died, however nothing could be sense from the body. The beast lifted one of its hand and stabbed the area where the heart should be, grasping it with his hands. Ripping it out of its chest, then the knight did something that was stranger, as if lost... He injected more of his power into the heart and placing it back, the wounds closed, the body shined with a bright light. And then an explosion of energy brusted froth knocking the knight backwards into the wall.... The blast was so powerful that the remains of the city shook and fell apart, trees were torn from their roots, and the black knight was knocked out cold into the wall... Yet the body was perfectly fine... just what happened? Before the Knight passed out... he heard a heartbeat.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Tell-Tale Heart Wolf Lionus Reborn!? (Private)   Wed Jul 24, 2013 9:01 am

Thump ...... Thump ........ well fuck me ......

Wolf , the casual mutt of the soul society, the mad mutt who faced Shadin Yuudeshi and died in the process. The very man who sat before the berserker on this table being ripped into pieces and resembled. There was something certain that the knight before him wouldn't be able to count on though despite his attempts at the remaking of the wolfs Zanpakutō...... This monster was the Zanpakutō himself. Since Wolf had first gained his Zanpakutō the rigors he went through with this thing had truly been infecting him to the point that his sword was just some piece of metal for him to swing around and crush shit with. The true power lay laden inside his very core, the heart of the man held a very simple function, it stored the very black matter wolf used within it and pumped it through his system to literally act as a secondary power source all crushing into his body it acted as something able to repair and make his body function even after his heart stopped, unfortunately this time that wasn't the way things worked out ... Wolf was shut down. When Shadin had infected his reiatsu into the wolf his core was shut down the secondary power source was fried and thus it completely destroyed all of his very abilities. The seeping black matter was closed like a faucet his heart unable to take it in and pump it outwards meaning that as Shadin ripped him in 2 pieces and after his brain was damaged by that electricity it was needless to say he was well fucked.

A body left for the maggots to fester within, a body that as its remnants and just multiples of different components thrown in ...... was still left ready for the worms to eat. But there was something very different about this body than any other, the beserker couldn't manage to restart him, after all his attempts the man still lay there waiting for what was come next. And as the man pulled the ever still heart from his chest and poured his own energy into it something changed. The energy infused with the very cracks and crevice of his heart the confines which use to pump the black matter now healing under this foreign and odd energy. And with that a beat arose... a single beat that resonated the black matter back through his cardiovascular system into his heart and then ..... bursting out. The matter poured through his entire body re implanting it even through his blood stream reawakening every part of his system. And with a simple twitch of the mans brand new middle finger the crushing black let out of his pours. an explosion ripping forth and even throwing this knight to the wall.

With a simple sway of a hand something was truly happening the feel of the skin upon his feet to the cold pavement bellow. The wind on his face and the cracking of bones as he twitched his neck and stretched out his arms. the fangs and pure unholy grin crossed his face as the man moved his right hand to sway back through his long red hair. one of the eyes of this man had enclosed on itself and somehow that which now spread through his entire body reforming and healing even the most minor blemishes..... but not this. And as he trod forth Bare ass and the rain sprinkling on his skin he couldn't help but let out a slight chuckle that eventually grew into a manacle and near demonic laugh he strode forth intent on just getting out of this place, all the while flipping off the man who lay crashed into the wall .... yes .... this was exactly wolf.

I'm back bitches! now how the fuck do i get out of this piece of shit place?


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Tell-Tale Heart Wolf Lionus Reborn!? (Private)
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