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 Bullet Angel Form.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Bullet Angel Form.   Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:05 pm

• Custom Form Appearance:

Bullet Angel Form: This is the form where Ikari's X-20A Chaosflare handgun splits into two weapons allowing him to use a new mechanic called juggling. Juggling is where a person is knocked into the air then is kept in the air by attacks, sort of how jugglers throw balls into the air continuously without missing a step. In terms of usage he has to shoot the person into the air via a series of 4 shots that hit in a row over a period of 2 turns, with two shots having to hit each time. The other way is that the person is thrown into the air as in the person is thrown into the air then the person starts shooting, which is much more difficult. ikari uses martial arts and gunplay/Gunkata skills to allow him to use this form the most effectively. This style came out of the necessity to use his gun as well as his sword.

Unique Skill
Double Trigger: Allows him to use Two skills back to back on the guns. This means if the guns can use a certain skill, he can use another skill in the other skills wake allowing him to use double the skills in a fight, but the major downside is the energy used to use this inherent Skill is a lot more than using a large AoE Skill, because of the they the skills are chained back and forth. The major issue with this skill is that it costs a lot of energy to chain skills since they can be from what he uses in Angel state and this causing a mixing of forms. Dual Trigger is the balance between using his bullets and skills with them. Sadly enough this is draining because of the fact using skills back to back causes his emotions to go out of check, because the lack of energy is the lack of control on his emotions. Also, his attacks seem to hit faster while this skill is activated because of the guns being tied to his emotions because of this effect.

• Custom Form Abilities:

Custom Bullets:

Dual Bullet: Basically when ikari starts with when he enters his bullet Angel form, he shoots two bullets per one bullet causing the rapid amount of damage to start up. Simply put the bullet seems like to split in two, when in actuality it's that the gun fires so fast that the energy placed into the gun from the initial bullet forms its own bullet causing it to be doubled, this doesn't mean that the attack is double as powerful, but that there's two bullets going at once.

Counter Bullet: These bullets were created from being able to manipulate energy while shooting this bullet basically works like this. If he shoots five bullets they create a shield of chaos energy. This shield can take three very strong attacks before it breaks and lasts for 2 turns, while the shield is up he can only move it in single linear directions and the shield as large as 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall. These bullets if chose to collapse the shield makes a large beam from the remaining energy, and if it's collapsed from taking attacks it adds their original power to the shield, causing the bullets shoot two times harder and stronger than before.

Heaven Bullet: This uses the holy energy part of the chaotic energy that Iramasha use in general to create a bullet that's more effective on evil/dark entities like Demons, and those related to the unholy/evil. These bullets are much more effective against them and if they are related to a holy/angelic type of being they are going to do less damage due to the fact they were made in killing evil in mind and not just straight out killing in general.

Judgement Bullet: This is the inverse of the heaven bullet, where it's a stronger in killing holy entities and angels. This is using the darkness/evil within the chaos energy that's housed within him, While using either heaven and Judgement bullet is dangerous to him it's very powerful because of the damage output on either evil or holy entities, that plague the earth and surrounding areas.

Chaos Bullet: FInally, the true fusion of bullets and his chaos energy the Chaos bullet uses both light and dark energy to power the bullets allowing them to be an effective way to kill hybrids of good and evil. With that said this is the most draining of all bullets because when it begins to hit begins to destroy the ties with good and evil while stripping energy for him to use into the attacks he generates with each style of gun play in his bullet Angel form.

Custom Skills:

Seiryuu's Grace: Ikari is allowed to use his Seiryuu Skills from his Ascended form in this form, but they cost more energy to use in and out of battle. While Seiryuu's Grace is active, Ikari can not use Dual Trigger because of the sheer amount of energy output it takes for him to use Dual Trigger. Although he can use Seiryuu's moves in this form they are weaker because it's not the full ties to Seiryuu if he was in his normal angel forms, but the most interesting thing is that when he uses attacks from Seiryuu's Grace they seem to move at double the speed and have double the impact because of the bullets are made to hit faster and stronger, and every ranged attack moves faster and hits harder from those principles. This isn't easy to do based on the fact controlling that amount of energy is difficult to do.

Bullet Rain: Bullet Rain is where he charges up for a second and shoots out the entire clips of bullets in his guns into the air and they began to split up into as many forms as possible. As the bullets rain down the more that hit the more damage stacks on, as this has an AOE of 100 meters from where he shoots the epicenter of the original shots, and as it goes out the damage is weaker because of the rain of bullets lessening on the edges of where he's been shooting the bullets, once it's done it lasts in an area around him for two posts due to the large amount of bullets being rained down and once it's done it has an equally as large as a cool down because of the energy used and the lack of ammo in the guns needs to be recharged from the usage. This can be used 4 times in a thread before it can't be used again.

Damage Drive: Damage drive is where if he takes damage it begins to add power to his shots as in they are stronger and more likely to pierce through guards, the more damage he takes the more damage he can output due to his emotions being tied to the guns. Furthermore, his emotions as they surge have a limit. Once it gets past where he's been taking so much damage it'll cause the damage to reflect back on him and that will force him to shut down because of the pain will be too much for him to bear. although he has a pretty strong amount of pain endurance, but this again is limited in short because pain hurts and soon enough it'll be too much for him, but this only activates when his energy goes below half because his exhaustion and emotions powers this skill.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Bullet Angel Form.   Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:46 pm

Alright... Approving.


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Bullet Angel Form.
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