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 Return: The Black King

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Return: The Black King    Thu Aug 15, 2013 3:53 pm

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“Don’t worry little girl I will help you, it is the least I can do.. don’t weep and don’t cry, pain is only something perceived, sorrow is something only held onto if you let it keep you down. “

Demonica began to say as she then noticed the gleam of silver, and she slowly rose, walking from the tea party, in a moment of notice her foot stomped down. It caused for the ground to explode, as she caused an earth quake. The ground turning to ash, literally shredded to ash while she had been moments later floating in a hole that was miles deep , having used pure force, augmented from her internal energy type. She wasn’t happy with this girl, threatening a guest of her, it had brought out the destroyer side in her as she slowly had shook her head from one side to the other and then said.

“..Little girl, do you dare ruin my party. If you harm this girl or threaten her, I will not forgive you. Infact I will hold nothing back to kill you , little runt. This will be your only warning I can shape mountains, and with a swing of my arm I can change the terrain, don’t you dare harm my guests little girl, unless you want to be killed in the cross fires of my wrath you have done something that will not be forgiven lightly, so hold your tongue or apologies for your rudeness, this is not me being kind. “

Such words had been said, while she had done something interesting, using augmented energy she had swung her arm to the side to prove a point, the offensive power it presented and the force and pressure, combined with aspects of her blades creating cutting winds, numerous cutting winds. Had been enough to cause from a mere swing, a mile wide crater to form, expanding to the 2 mile margin, by augmenting speed, her shadow skill, her zao ka, and her demon magic, with her offensive skills, and her speed, durability and strength not to mention her sword skill and raw power type. All of these together led to the crater expanding to 3 miles, almost enough to level half of mount Everest, in depth, in width it was around 3miles as well, but this was not a subtle or a weak swing, it was one which displayed massive power, and strength.

Comparable to a nuke, from raw power alone it was easy to see how she was as strong as she was, given she was not really defensive but immensely offensive this would be a prime example of her strength in total, so she could indeed change the landscape from simple feats of a swing of her hand or a stomp of her foot, if she so wished. It was precisely for this reason that she showcased her might, to show this one even if those who are equal in power, will have vast gaps in strength offense, defense might, while those who get to this level are strong, demonica is comparably someone who got to this level of power on her offensive might alone, which was why she could do this.

“..Now that I have given you a warning, there will be no other warnings, behave or I will have my hand forced, and this is what will happen. “

When Demonica finished saying that she turned away and walked subtly slowly and collectively to her seat, once more laying back on the comfortable substance while she had easily just relaxed lounging in her own accord, she was able to quite easily manage a feat of both retaining the air of a being who had the title of “King” and a female of both beauty and power, so in short this wasn’t her being a push over. However she instead did something else, she stopped midway to her seat and to prove a point, she released, her body changing as the near-by landscape was smashed with devastating pressure, and nuclear energies, showing her strength seemed to be something that would hopefully if the last result failed, she had slowly raised her palm, gathering what looked like black energy, but infact it was nuclear energy.

It gathered in size and in power, growing until it seemed to block out the sky, but don’t doubt this amount of power was draining even to demonica, it make her exhale as she had bit her lip and then slowly as the orb grew, she was testing out her limits more than anything else, her control, and her power she pushed it to the limits , and then with a hurl picked up the massive around ¾’ths of a mile of nuclear energy, straight into a near-by mountain range one that was a few miles off, and what would it do you ask? It would probably light up the sky, like a predetermined sunrise, nuclear energy and waste’ scorching the ground for miles multiple miles around the blast site. But the most interesting thing was watching the massive orb of energy going off, it exploded it detonated in a pillar that lit up the sky to be honest, however it wasn’t enough to reach the nation though, as he smiled slowly putting up a front, she couldn’t fire nukes like that Forever however the force of power it had if comparable to being on earth, would have been enough to blast a well over 9 mile deep hole, in the ground and one big enough that it could be seen from space.

So in short the land and a majority like 80% of a fairly large mountain range was completely gone, blown up, and eradicated, no more, nada zilch it was gone, completely gone in the huge aftermath that it left was a massive plume of energy that completely destroyed the sky, ripped the clouds (if there where any) apart, and subjected the entire area for many miles around with nuclear fallout, basically snow, yes it was enough to cause the demon world to snow around them , lava pooling to fill up the massive hole in the ground, that literally would have been into the earth’s mantle if it would have been on earth, however again these nukes couldn’t be used all the time, it was massive yes, and it would change the terrain, yes, but it wasn’t easy to use, this amount of energy took both time and a massive amount of power to supplement, which is why while she hadn’t even touched her spiritual or demon seal’s power, she had pressed a bit into her nuclear energy reserves, to fire off such a large and substantial attack such as that one.

“Now, you know what I will do to you if you decide to harm my guest which is of course why I have to say that , lets get back to the matter at hand, and as to your question.. l-love life?.. I-I-I don’t have one to be sadly frank with you, I never have and I probably will have a hard time finding someone that could even touch me without breaking. So.. this being said.. I guess lets resume this merry get together!”

She said her mood was evaporating near instantly as she took her shot glass and poured more of the vintage scotch whiskey into its confines, instead then opting to take a huge swig from the jug itself, and then gave a satisfied exhale, before her cheeks turned red, having of course reverted back to her previous form, making her more than able to actually go about generally enjoying the merrymaking that was going on.



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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Return: The Black King    Fri Aug 16, 2013 6:01 pm

Shani sighed, shrugging her shoulders as the one who had been drinking got angry about the threats being made.

“Hey, hey, it’s alright, it was my fault.”

Turning to the other girl, she tried to smile apologetically.

“I’m sorry, where I come from demon is used to insult people… as it has been used to describe me a few times. I hope you can forgive me for my actions.”

The girl asked about her love life though, and she looked down at the table. Bringing her hands forwards, she put her elbows on the table, using her upper arms to hide the tears flowing down her face.

“Yes… I had a boyfriend... only one. We slept together on one night before…”

She stopped talking for a minute or so, then wiped away her tears and sighed.

“Humans usually start dating when they are around fifteen or sixteen, and making out is usually a year or two afterwards. During the first eight years of my life, for some reason I aged twice as fast as most people. My aging has slowed down drastically since then, but that left me as sixteen year old after only eight years of my life. I’m sorry, but I’d rather not talk about this…”

She looked around again, getting up from the table after a moment, pacing around. After a bit, she turned towards the others, sighing as she did.

“Sorry, I’m just a little anxious. I still don’t know anything about this land, about my parents, or about shadowfall, whatever that is. I wish my parent’s had told me, why did they try to hide things from me…”

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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Return: The Black King    Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:14 pm

Suzu looking onward as Demonica showed some of her power. Suzu would have a bored expression on her face as she even let out a yawn. Not caring at all for little reds show and just writing it off as the rantings of a child.” Well this is idiotic, but I guess I should expect such things from demons. I was not threatening her at all. I was telling her a fact. If one pulls a sword they best be ready to die them self.” Suzu allowed her energy to flow out from her body naturally. The half demon girl Shani who was able to stand when Demonica showed her power would be slammed to the ground as she would have lost 70%of her ability to move instantly. The girl would also find her energy 70% useless as any time she tried to call on it Suzu's would have Disrupted it. Demonica herself would find her movement and energy 20% less. But the biggest thing is this was not suzu trying to use her power at all. This was the natural energy that flows out from her. “For that matter if I wanted to kill her I doubt you could stop me little red. Just so you know.” Suzu’s face would never ever change from her bored expression. ” now I’ll be taking my leave. Less I be forced to hear more drivel from you. Kyokkō.” and with that last word she was gone without a trace, not even her energy could be felt and with her speed she would have been long gone physically just as fast as she disappeared. The moment suzu disappeared Demonica's and Shani's movement and energy would go back to normal.
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Return: The Black King
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