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 Cero's Sound upgrade

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Cero's Sound upgrade   Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:16 pm

  • Name Of Character: Cero Telca
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: As I've come to realize, I never really added an ability or power concept that cover Cero's overall ability to manipulate sound. As such I'm hoping to add it in now and I would also like to add in an ability that he had back when he was a Quincy Ziamachi. ( If i need further explaining for Echos, I will try to provide it.)
    What Are You Upgrading:

    Sound Manipulation: Cero is capable of various uses of Sound, in which he may be increasing it, lowering it, enhancing it or enhancing himself with it. In such cases, he may increase or decrease sound to effect people's hearing and communication between people for basics. However, he can also increase sound and enhance it's vibrations to have shattering effects. As to say a normal punch from most, should crumble a building, but if the sound caused by the punch is enhanced and vibrates correctly through the structure, it should crumble easily. This can also be done on someone's body but with not as magnified effects as making them fall apart, but vibration can travel throughout their body and trigger nerves that weren't even touched by damage.

    He may also use his sound manipulation at range and make it like a traveling wave or force of destruction as it fires out with enhanced vibration causing the air to travel and shatter or rip apart whatever it may come across in it's path. He may also use this in combination with his other abilities like his Sonido that produces sound on the spot and enhance his flash step to become even faster or even silent as he keeps it's sound output low, he may even be able to make it louder deafening his foes as he activates it in other cases.

    Echos: Echos are a technique that Cero uses to make a afterimage replica of himself that in most cases have a mind of it's own, but is only an after image of himself. He can create the mainly from a sound reaction and it is very dependent on the amount of sound to it's overall strength and or amount that he can create. Although he can in his best conditions only produce about one hundred of these guys. They can use his sound abilities, and his basic abilities, but they may not access his abilities that are gained through Soul Unification or beyond. However he can still create them within those states.

    These Echos have skills that are one step below Cero's own. (Grandmasters will equal masters in this case, making them advanced at best) They can only be present so long as sound is present regularly, so if someone were to be able to disrupt the sound flowing around them or in them, they would eventually disappear (After one post). Also The Echos can only last for a total of six posts individually. Although it isn't too draining to maintain them, he must maintain, them and as such, when they are present, Cero can only use his sound manipulation in maintaining them and creating them as such.

  • Any Extra Notes: Thanks for reading

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Cero's Sound upgrade   Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:20 pm

I am gonna stamp this as all good.

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Cero's Sound upgrade
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