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 Re-Destruction [ Open ]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Re-Destruction [ Open ]   Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:42 am


The nightmare acknowledges you, but does not acknowledge himself. What would the nightmare be called if thou does not acknowledge himself? The NIGHTMARE.


As the blade was slid out from his guts, he spun around and let a roundhouse kick against Dansen's body, only allow the shinigami to realise that an electrical shock was smashed into his very body. Sou had enough of this blabbering, shit of that shinigami, and decided to keep this up less than a minute to settle everything from tip to toe.

The wind suddenly grew stronger within his surroundings, gathering altogether upon a single area, where Sou himself resides in. Electric shocks can be seen visibly flowing throughout the outer layer of his skin, winds became denser, stronger and thicker. His arms slowly rising, his wounds was immediately repaired by a sudden vortex that engulfed his body, before he grew a pair of vortex-like wings behind his back. His looks are unaltered, silence echoes beyond the destroyed city. More electrical shocks were flowing throughout his body, and his arms slowly rose up to the air, with a plasma that was gathering altogether into a sphere shape, mainly called as 'Plasma Sphere'. Wind grew even stronger when the plasma was generated, and when he clapped his hands, four missile-like plasmas were fired towards his target, Dansen.

It wasn't your everyday plasma missile though, with a speed enough to chase the likes of dansen and burn off his nerves like its nothing but a crumbling nervous system. And its destruction can be considered average, that sends a high voltage of electrical discharge throughout the shinigami's body if it were to be on contact, shocking the guts out of him and making him fall for his grave, but it won't be enough just to knock this man down to sleep. With a little surprise, one of his hands reached out, a small spark from his finger suddenly shot out a blast of lightning bolt, that approaches before the young shinigami that is powerful enough to not only rip apart the ground just from a single shot, as it was enough to send this back man where he came from with an electrical discharge throughout the shinigami's body that has the power like the pure lightning boltls from the sky, but much more.. destructive in a way, but hopefully not to be mistaken for a cero.

It won't kill the young shinigami, but it would shock his body so much to the point where his still young spiritual body may not be able to take it. For extra confirmation, a small spiralling vortex would gathered across his arm, before the final punch would land against the likes of the shinigami which the vortex that was spiralling across his arm would suddenly fire, or burst out from his arm like a cannon, and digging his injured body down deeper into the ground. And as soon as the shinigami was dug down a feet deep, the vortex would suddenly burst into air, his wings would suddenly disperse into nothing but air and kneeling down, with exhaustion. In his current state, it is almost impossible for him to unleash his strength anymore. Standing up slowly and approaching the shinigami, his hand was reached out before the crumbling shinigami, offering him to lift his body up if he were still concious, or else Sou would give the unconcious shinigami a piggyback ride to a nearby tree and wait for him to regain conciousness.

"Ye' know, you did pretty good in my opinion. Don't die yet, you shithead, because our debt isn't settled in more than a million ways."


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Re-Destruction [ Open ]   Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:08 am

The Shinigami was lucky to have such an opponent, he knew that for all this rage and anger it was near enough the closest thing to normal that the human seemingly could go for, his nature and temperament aside would leave the two usually as some sort of opponents but the Spirit had a sort of twisted respect for the human as he was one who could be assuredly strong enough to give Dansen one hell of a battle. As the broken blade slid out of the Human's body he released a roundhouse that was planted into the Shinigami's mid-section, it would have been painful on its own but an added bonus came from the surge of electrical energy that rocked the Shinigami's body, the 'spark' seemed to surge and make the defence that the blonde-haired Spirit put up fall due to the nerves he still felt convulsing as electrical impulses going through them became erratic and uncontrollable.

As he tried to make up for the sudden loss of control the berserker was already up with another move for his viewing delight. This one was quite flashy and seemingly unlike anything that the Shinigami had seen before, the Human seemed to grow a sort of ethereal wings that for the fact that a strange gathering of electricity seemed to be growing ever larger made the Human look like some sort of harbinger of destruction, though that was always a possibility considering the damage that the two had dealt in this and their previous meeting. Pained and exhausted already from the battle along with the surge of power running through him making him feel all sorts of groggy, Dansen stared as four bolts of unknown origin seemed to dart towards the blonde Shinigami. Not having enough time to evade the Spirit held his sword in front of him, for the first shot and the second the blade was used to push them away from the Soul's direction but by the time the last two had hit the Zanpakutō had been pushed aside and they landed quite well into the body of the Shinigami. The sparks of energy and shock of the attack were only the start as suddenly a bolt of lightning seemed to crash from the heavens and landed on the Spirit.

"Agh AHHHHH!!!" The screams of the Spirit were quite prevalent but his mind had yet to crash from the force of so much electrical interference. He looked to the ground and noted the amount of damage that was caused underneath him, he did the one thing he could and used what little power he had left in his already broken arm to slam his sword down to the ground. Acting as a conductor his Zanpakutō would release the electricity surging through him to the ground causing the power to rip the earth below asunder and throwing the Shinigami downwards to the ground. His body's nerves were seemingly fried, Dansen could barely move but was still conscious enough to look around and see another fist coming towards him. The force would wake the Shinigami from the daze caused by the electricity surging through him and he was seemingly dug in deep to the ground by the red-haired berserker.

Looking up the Shinigami saw that a hand was being extended to him, he grabbed it and was met with the sight of his opponent helping him up. Unfortunately with his arm's shot out the Spirit's left hand that was hanging seemed to move up and flail as if it was possessed landing into the face of the man who was trying to aid him and having a sort of mix of a punch and a slap across his face. "Sorry you shot out my nerves I can't control my body much...." The Shinigami weakly said with a comical tone... He looked to the landscape and then back to the human. "I'd suggest you get out of the area fast, I feel I can still walk but I'd hate to see you go get in trouble and die before we can meet again." The Spirit said this with a smile as he let go of Sou and stood on his own weight. Though his body was shaky his legs did not seem to fall out from under him."I better get going too.... I'm gonna get an earful if I'm caught in the middle of a warzone again..." The human made a comment on a debt that had to be settled by the two, as the Shinigami walked away limping from his injuries he turned back. "Then we'll meet and I'm sure as hell that whatever debt you got on your mind will be paid." The last words were all the blonde Spirit needed to say to the Human, he walked from the dilapidated buildings that only moments before had been looking for repairs and into the fog cloud of dust and ash made by the two in their battle.

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Re-Destruction [ Open ]
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