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 [Quincy] Sai Eostre :: The Lucid [APPROVED, 1-1]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Quincy] Sai Eostre :: The Lucid [APPROVED, 1-1]   Tue 13 Aug - 9:00

Artist: ZUN - Song: Loss Emotion


- Name: Sai Eostre
- Titles: The Lucid :: Festival of the Vandereich :: Sai Yami
- Gender: Female
- Appearance Age: 15 at most
- Age: 230
- Reishi Color: Cyan
- Bloodline: Pureblood
- Affiliation/Rank: Vandereich || Karakura High School


- Appearance Description: Sai is a pretty girl, standing about 5'7 in height. Her chest size is D, but she tends to restrain it with bandages whenever she needs to. Her eyes however, are a startling red; and many seem to be uncomfortable at the color, considering that it is of a strange shade, and isn't a bright red, but more of a bloody, darker one, sometimes even hinting on the edges of deep black red. Her hair is a pink colour, soft and gentle to the touch, reminding many of sakura petals when they see how light her shade is. Her body is small, but she's not super thin; if one would look beyond the corset and bandages, when she releases them, turns out the girl is a bit chubby; not enough to be laughed at, but just enough to make her cute. Yes, her tummy wiggles when poked; and so does her ass and her boobs. Her clothing tends to vary, as does her hair style, but she shifts through a few types depending on what she is doing.

When at school, she wears a typical sailor uniform, that seems to fit well on her. Despite that, she has a small bridge from her midrift, as if done on purpose with her clothes. Underneath that uniform is a pair of bra and panties, but what nobody notices is the skin coloured bandages around her mid section, confining her dimensions. This is because she painted a small belly button pattern, and as such it looks real..and when people poke it, it does go into her real belly button. It usually takes her 30 minutes to put that together. The uniform itself is of a blue and white colour, with a pink tie; she has small twin tails on the side of her head with red straps, and forward bangs with two small barettes shaped like crosses. She has two garters on her thighs, and yet wears normal seeming shows with ballerina like material extending up towards her knees. She also has a demon tail and wings on her back from time to time, as they move with her, being connected to her spiritual energy. In all, she looks like a respectable school girl, though she had the tendacy to be blank of face; or rather, her facial expressions feel a bit incomplete.

This is an outfit she wears mostly whilst out, but not at school and not associated with the Vandereich. It is a halter top black dress with white ruffles, that reaches to her knees at the least. She wears a pair of stockings with them, and small cute black shoes. She tends to have the skin coloured bandages to reduce her breasts, to make her look very young, and her hair is let down with a black ribbon at the top of her head. She also has black wrist bands, and she generally looks like a sweet little young girl; however, she may have facial expressions, but they still seem somewhat empty compaired to most people.

Otherwise, her clothing when dealing with herself assimilated to the Vandereich, despite their uniform, is different. She wears a plaid top, the colors being shades of deep cyan, cyan and a seagreen and lines of the same colors. There is a giant pink ribbon right on her shirt, making it very obvious; under this are the buttons to keep her shirt together. The buttons on her shirt are of different shapes and colours; the first being a red star, the second being a yellow circle, the third a green triangle and the four a purple x. Her shirt overflows a bit, but her skirt is unique; it is a pink color, with a petal like on her bottom. each ''petal'' has a drama face inscribed into it; so there are happy faces and unhappy faces on it. There is a pair of shorts under her skirt, that have the same designs; and under there, there's a pair of pure white panties with a bow. Sometimes she forgets the short. She has small socks, with a ribbon on them, along with small lavender coloured shoes. The first noticeable feature is the fact that she's often times wearing a mask; or has one nearby, with red string connecting it together to wear it.

- Personality: Sai is.. awkward to say the least. There's always something distant about her. People that do end up talking to her tend to feel liek they're at an arm's length of her. In fact, it just feels like she's not there. Many think her head is off somewhere, but she's just not really looking into this world or the next. It just feels like Sai is somewhere else other then here, and no one to be found. This can be easily caught by anyone that observes her for an amount of time. They would notice how seemingly hollow her emotional responses are; however, at first glance, they seem completely normal. It takes a prolonged exposure, because Sai's initial encounter is perfectly casual, normal, and detached on the level of strangers. It's just hard for her to interact with people, as she prefers to shut herself up into the world that she likes the best; as such, her words might make no sense what so ever. So a lot of people tend to discount because of that.

However, Sai is not stupid; she's actually a bit well read, so has an idea of what people can be are, and what they do. Relatively, she has the capacity to put two and two together; and these two and two can be concepts that most would wonder how the hell she got there. This makes her likely to understand a lot of things going on; however, her inherant outwards calmness towards situations can be down right creepy. She doesn't often seem perturbed by anything, or anyone, and seems to accept people as they are. But her calmness often makes her off putting; after all, she never gets perturbed really. She has no expectations of people and their actions, and just goes with the flow; this makes her extremely flexible with her combat abilities, as she can easily adopt one plan to the next depending on what the hell just happened. This is part of what makes her very dangerous within the Vandereich; as she cannot be caught off guard.. she's always capable of countering. Also, she's extremly EXTREMELY good at organizing.. like bad.

Due to the multitude of masks that she owns, it's hard to see her real face. However, when she puts on a mask, she can escape her self-proclaimed ''boring'' self for something else; she can change her voice to several different tones, levels and even flip between genders effortlessly. This makes her completely capable of acting behind her masks; in fact, many associate this under DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder; however Sai does NOT have this. It's just her acting under different persona's; it's just what Sai wants to be. So there's different attitudes, and she even squabbles in between the masks, but honestly, it's all for Sai's amusement nothing more. So nobody tends to catch onto this.. unless she tells them. But she doesn't really talk to other people directly much. She tends to speak, and waits acknowledgement.. but she's odd like that, one could say.


- Background: Sai was born to her mother, a Quincy. However, her mother never bothered to look into her powers; but one day, she had been raped. By another Quincy; not that Sai's mother or her step-father knew that he was one, but more or less, Sai was born as a rape victim's child. Because of this, her step-father relatively hated her; until she was the age of eight, both of her parents just gave her what she needed to live, and then ignored her. When she turned eight, her parents did one thing; they brought her to an amusement park. She had so much fun, and it seemed like her parents where; but she saw something, and ran after it.. and never came back. In fact, her parents left the second she was out of sight; they had secretly paid someone to take their daughter, as they didn't want a rape child with them; they had already handed over all of the records, and cleaned her out of their lives. None of their friends, except for one, knew about Sai's existence. That meant.. she was unwanted. As the man took her in, she realized something; her parents never, ever loved her. It was unfortunate.. but this realization broke the girl's mind. Which made her perfect for whom picked her up.

This was Magica; a group of children were taken in, and forced to do what the owner wanted.. from near prostitution, to assassinations, these kids were widely diverse in skills. Sai was new, but her calm demeanor made her assassing worthy. But they noted she had no combat training; so that was useless. They were really at a loss on how to deal with her, and just let her do daily household chores; but they started to notice something. Sai had begun to organize people; and put them in the right places for the right jobs, with the right tools. She was easily a tactician; so they began feeding that part of her, and noticed how easily she melded into situations effortlessly. So they began to give her the knowledge to supplement that instinct; and thus, she became their tactical dispatcher; capable of controlling who came in and out and when. With her on their side? They began to get a lot of jobs, easily clearing through the underworld, despite them being only children. That's what made Sai almost unique; the fact that she could do so, without a whit of power. However.. the higher ups had their suspicions.

So they began spiritual classes, teaching the kids to see what powers they would unlock; the group was not picky what so ever. However, Sai did surprise them all; she didn't unlock anything! It worried them, so they set up a few situations; nothing. However, what they wanted? Would happen so randomly that it hurt; she was walking back with groceries, with another child; they were attacked, and the other child was caught. Sai, in a single moment, overwhelmed her opponent; and then a bow of iridescent light shone down, and eradicated the monster. When she returned, she casually showed and informed them of such. They were immensely surprised, and immidiately began to look her over; but they found to their delight, that they had a Quincy on their hands! So they began training her in the art of combat. However, these admins didn't realize how much they were pushing the children; and secretly.. things were getting bad.

So one day, the children fought for their freedom; and burnt down the manor. Escaping, they all stayed together, abandonning Magica; however, it began to be obvious they needed help. Sai was one of the first ones to leave for a job; and began to look, wandering all over. Her and two others managed to buy an apartment for the remaining kids; and gathered them all there, paying the rent when they could. Some got older, and wandered off for jobs; and soon, the payments were going down, as there were less of them. And then, the other two disapeared; and Sai herself was left with about 5 kids. She managed to keep them all fed, but it was exhausting; and then most of them left, leaving her with the youngest. The youngest was attached to her, and she was happy for that; however, she noted that their growth was stunted. But the girl child left to explore; and the next week? The news showed her body, victim of a serial killer. Sai was sick, and just.. took off. Leaving the apartment, and disapearing from the network the children had established with her help. The only memory she had kept, was the mark of Magica on her body.

Thus Sai began wandering around, searching for a meaning. She did so for two hundred years or so at the least. The girl found herself lost, and without a home, her body ragged and barely together; that's when he found her. The prescence in the back of her mind; stretching her hand towards him, the girl passed out, awakening some time later in a strange room. She didn't even question it; simply asked in a run-about way his name. Hulderic. She even forgot his last name. And thus, the girl joined the Vandereich.. problem was, where? There was no place for her; so for a while, she was placed right under him, in the Sternritters. Personally, Sai never felt like she fit in.. but it was a good place, as she was being taught her powers. Hulderic taught her the basics of quincy abilities; and well, Sai was a girl of extreme intelligence. She picked up on book knowledge extremely fast, and in fact, perhaps became one of the fastest people to achieve power. Sai went from a low levelled Quincy to being able to take on Executive Captains in a mere month. In fact, she surpassed them in a second month; she was eating knowledge like mad. She was transfered to the Forschung for about a month. But Sai didn't like making weapons; and her power grew even more, as she devoured their ressearch and experimented by herself. In fact, in a mere three months, Sai had gone out of control; so it was a wise idea to place her into the secret weapons.. and she only grew from there, but never moving from the Executive Captain spot. Why? She didn't mind it there.

But no one understands a little still... and Sai's fine with hiding that piece of herself.


- Human Skills:

|| Master Tactician ||
-- Sai is a lady of tactics; this said, she can come with plans any time anywhere. As already explained in some capacity, she can adapt, and change through plans in miliseconds. This gives her a surprising advantage; it is the fact that she always, ALWAYS ends up a step or five ahead from you. More or less, she uses her tactics in such a way that not a single tactic is wasted; even if the obvious purpose fails, there's several other hidden purposes in her tactics. This is what made her truly dangerous. Sai is capable of using anything (and I mean anything) as part of her tactics. Thus she has a high amount of analytical ability, and processing power; very few match this degree to a natural level, but some definitely can. This allows her to relatively take anything she has in, and turn it.. to her favour!

|| Battle Analyst ||
-- Sai is a master analyst.. only when it concerns fighting! This said, it means that Sai can analyze, decompose and disassemble things in mere seconds, process them and apply them. Her knowledge is wide, and she can easily find many things by just a movement of the hand! However, this doesn't help her out of combat or combat related things; that's the clincher. However in combat? Nothing is safe from her eyes and mind! So it's not uncommon for her to figure things out that.. nobody really wants her to figure out. Like the opponents muscle mass and such, and she just has the knowledge, medical, anatomical, physical, and other such databanks, to gather this massive amount of information and treat it. This works for strategy meetings too; as long as it's related to a fight, she can use her analyzing component easily! The place where this murks up is something like chess, or other such games; as long as Sai considers it a fight? She can get it done with this capability.. though sometimes it means she goes a little too hard on people. This means she can do intense calculations in a split second too; do not underestimate Sai.

|| Acrobatic Dancer ||
-- Sai isn't a physical fighter; that much is obvious from her very being. However, she isn't easily caught in by melee fighters; she has a pitfall trap concerning that. Sai is actually very VERY talented in acrobatic movements; and to compound on this, she knows how to dance. So litterally, this girl will dance her way out of physical attacks; this is possible because she has a high physical reaction time, developped due to her abilities. Therefore she is capable of using the knowledge of dancing, her natural acrobatic ability and her high reaction time to easily be on par with melee fighters; however, this is only on a dodging scale, not necessarily on a hand to hand fighting scale. This would surprise many whom fight her for the first time, simply because she sets herself into a specific format in their minds, and then breaks it with this. This is on a super human level, but however is still not powered by her spiritual abilities; it was just a side effect of evolving her abilities that high.

|| Focus the Memory ||
-- Sai has an Eidetic memory; this may contribute to her distant nature. This means she can memorize everything perfectly with her senses; but this might cause stress on her, as sometimes she needs to take time to assimilate the data with her processing power. She's not as clean as efficient as she would like to be, but she's very capable of recalling some of the most asinine things; however, she tends to try and ignore the delusions that come lumped with this memory. Her sense of time is a bit off, but yet, she is able to refine this as a tool in combat, as long as she doesn't lose her focus. This allows her to easily run through things that many people may take two or three times to memorize. This allows her to complete intense calculations and even memorize the results and steps, in order to keep moving through a battlefield. This helps her battle analysis so much more, and even gives her the chance to keep going although blind folded. In a more general case, it simply gives her reasons to keep making the weird things she does.


- Quincy Items:
|| Vollständig item: Reise ||
-- Sai has a specific item to help her unleash her Vollständig. This item is named by her Reise, and is more or less within the wrappings that she puts on her chest and/or stomach. Relatively, the item is a pendant, and is hidden with a flesh coloured chain. However, to unleash her Vollständig, Sai needs to pull out the pendant, and leave it in the open air. It turns into the neck guard steel item that one can find in her Vollständig. This is a simple item.. but it does so much for her it's not even funny.

- Quincy Cross: Sai's Quincy cross is actually unusual; that is, Sai doesn't really have a cross per say. One could say that it was enfused into her very body itself, or grafted onto her soul; whatever the case is, Sai doesn't have a visible cross. However, when she uses her quincy powers, her eyes become weird, spaced out, as if something was invading her. This is part of what makes her a Drachen; there's not a cross to take away from her.. therefore she could possibly always use her powers unless retrained.

- Sanrei Glove: -

- Other Skills: Sai has access to all basic and pure-blood Quincy abilities.


|| Kazechi no Tessen ||
-- Sai has more then one spirit weapon; this one of the first, but however not the most powerful. Sai makes two fans, of a light blue energy substance; these spirit weapons are obviously quincy made, and as such they don't seem very unique, but basic. However, due to their association to Sai, there's something definitely unique about them; in fact, the spirit weapon is covered with the energy, to hide it's true form. Once unleashed, one can see that at the base of the Tessen, there lies a blade, along with several blades within the fan itself. The use of this blade? To be able to use Kazechi as a weapon; Sai can produce quite a few of these, and use them as arrows. The blade gives them the weight, and the fan can be unleashed or retracted to use like an oar, to give the arrow trajectories. This is remote controllable; and the fan itself holds all quincy energy properties. Also, this allows Sai to fight with close range opponents should they sneak past her matrixes. As a general fan, still covered, it looks like a typical hand fan. Sai can still use Kazechi to form spirit arrows or other such techniques that may belong in her arsenal, in either form.

|| Kaji no Naginata ||
-- Sai can form a Naginata out of her energy as well. This shows how flexible the girl can be in combat; although she prefers to be a long range, defensive power house, she is not a slouch in fighting either. Although she does prefer the long range, that's only on a defensive term; for actual aggression, she prefers to be up nice and close; which means she gets to use Kaji here. Relatively said, the Naginata is of typical size; however, it's a bit slimmer then most, to use with Sai's height and speed. The blade of the Naginata is very strong; it is also covered by a blue energy like her Kazechi. Unlike them, however, she doesn't use Kaji as an arrow. The weapon is made primarily for quick jabs and slashes, to box in the opponent from a relatively safe distance; and that's how Sai uses it. A crushing style meant to drive closer combat artists into a corner, and to keep them there using her defensive measures, with a powerful aggressive range. That is what Sai developped, using this weapon.

|| Kagura no Kamen ||
-- This is Sai's pride and joy, and her most used Spirit weapon. Kagura is a series of masks, of all different shapes and sizes, and different looks. Each mask has it's own unique propreties; however, they all have a common origin. Sai is capable of taking a mask of any kind, and copying it's attributes into her energy, thus able to form the mask later. That means, should Sai touch a fox mask, she can copy it's looks, it's lore, a spirit attached to it; everything. However, this doesn't mean she can have the spirit per say; just the attributes that a mask spirit would give to it. She doesn't copy the personality, history or other such things; just the capabilities that go into the mask itself. On masks that are not posessed by someone, it takes her no time; but with masks such as hollow masks, it takes a much longer time; this it's not recomended to assimilate a mask during battle. Sai can use these masks with mere mental commands, and can easily speak them as well if she wants to increase their effects; but the basic is that these masks are all connected to her, and can channel everything she wants to. As these masks are actually based off of a physical component, they are harder to break then the average spirit weapon; and her capbility is such abundant that she permanently has one on her head, due to it functioning as a center for her masks, and a defacto cross for them. All of her masks have one feature; a red string to bind it together and make it wearable. All masks are referred under Kagura no Kamen; but Sai gives them her own personal name as well, thus able to confuse the opponent when she calls out their names, rather then refer to them as Kagura no Kamen. Sai may only equip wear one mask at a time.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Oni ||
-- This is the most common mask that Sai uses, and the third one she acquired. The Oni mask is more or less the representation of an Oni, a very strong japanese demon; thus the mask is known to bring a large amount of strength to it's wearer. However, this strength does NOT have to be physical. The strength can be choosen by the wearer when first summoned; typically, Sai uses it as a pillar for the power of her other masks. It doesn't have any offensive measures, but simply acts as a reasoning bell, tranferring strength to the other masks to up their capability by one level at the least; thus allowing Sai to surpass her current level if needed. However, to be out indefinitely, Sai must only allow it to effect 2 masks at most. The mask itself does not count towarsd the limit. If it effects 3 or more, it has a time of 5 posts consecutively before being on rest for 2. It does absolutely noithing when on rest, therefore making it useless if summoned that long; if the amount of masks is reduced to 2 or less, then the timer is recent. This is only due to Sai's current level. If Sai decides to wear it, the limit itself is removed; however, she will not be able to equip another mask for five posts after the Oni one has been removed.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Kitsune ||
-- This is the first mask that Sai has gotten, and a commonly used one. This represents a fox; and thus it begets the use of Fox Fire. Relatively put, fox fire is a spiritual fire; it is very similar to the quincy nature. This means that if the fox fire hits a target, it attacks them in a purely spiritual capacities; thus making it deadly for spiritual bodies. However, this energy acts exactly like fire; and can only be put out by spiritually infused water. It will linger on whatever it is attacking until put out by said water; however, this makes it very dangerous, as only few waters can match that critera. Holy water, blessed by a church; water formed from a spirit itself, not through a zanpaktou or an ability; and water cursed by a demon. But this disables water made from abilities, unless they share the propreties from above. However, Sai has control over it's length, and can extinguish it. This fire is not manipulable by other fires, and even with a flame resistance, considering that this fire is rather spiritual energy then actual flames, it would still harm someone. It acts and looks like fire, but at the core base, it is not fire. Sai can manipulate the flames from the mask, from making balls to chains, to a wide beam attack; there are quite many ways she can use this mask. If Sai decides to wear it, she can manipulate this fox fire with her very hands as well, giving her more capability to adapt.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Hebi ||
-- This is the second mask that Sai has acquired. It represents a snake; and is an uncommon one to see. Why? Because this mask represents the snake; a traitor and one of great power. The mask itself is primarily based on one thing; stealth. When set into her matrix, the mask itself can hide the entire matrix from enemy sight; thus making her mask unpredictable and her attacks more so. However, doing this means that Sai herself has no idea where the masks are as well; this is due to her not having fully tapped the potential of the Hebi mask. However, she can combine it with other masks, by making a sort of ''overlapping fusion.'' However, this is not available on each mask; therefore it limits the usefulness of the Hebi mask. But when this fusion is available, she can add a stealthing ability to the previous ability; thus giving a stealth element to abilities that might be obvious otherwise. When Sai wears this mask, she becomes completely untrackable; by sight, mind, smell, hearing. Everything. However, this remains in place only if she stands still; she can still be damaged, but it will be halved then what it should have been. If Sai does move, it only enforces a physical untrackability; spiritual means of tracking her become open then, and the halving damage is removed.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Shuryouhyou ||
--This is Sai's fourth mask that she obtained, and one that is used mostly against opponents that are too fast for her natural speed. This mask represents a cheetah; therefore it is built on feline like reflexes. What this means is this mask increases her reaction speed and control the speed of her attacks while this is active. More or less, it would allow her to keep up with those certain people that have immense speeds. It can even allow her to go into supersonic areas of speed with her attacks. However, this is taxing on her body, so she generally doesn't wear the mask, which is what this would require. If she does wear it, it can last around 5 posts before needing to rest, as it would push her adaptability to the limit. The mask is generally best placed in her array if there is no such opponents on the field. In the matrixes, it allows Sai to speed up the other masks, and use sonic boom blasts in order to push the opponent and zone them. The main point of this mask is to use speed as a weapon; thus allowing her to defensively come in and finish off the opponent. This mask is not affected by the Oni mask, and thus does not count towards it's limits. On the reverse, it does not affect the Oni mask either.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Taka ||
-- This is the fifth mask that Sai has found, and a well used one. The mask represents a hawk; therefore it makes sense that this would give her access to the winds. The mask, when presented in her matrix, allows her to use wind moves to protect the matrix and herself, or to use it as an offensive move; the control of the winds is quite high, as she can whip up a tornado within a few moments. It also benefits other elemental masks by enabling them to partake in the feeling of the winds. However, this is not true air manipulation; it is basic wind current manipulation. More or less, it allows her to control currents in the air, by disengaging large and violent winds, or by stilling them. When Sai wears the mask, it allows her to freely control the air currents around her, and give her complete air freedom; meaning she can ''fly'' by simply removing air currents that bog her down to the air, and then put a current under her to fly. This also lets her manipulate the currents with her hands rather then the through the mask.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Seki Kouken ||
-- This is the one of the most recent masks that Sai has found. It represents Akira, a member of the Vandereich, so it has his face on it. This is a very powerful mask; however, this power is mostly discovered when the user wears it. When the mask is in the array, it can simply extend the range of the controlled matrix by opening a sort of distortion that only the masks can do in. Many think it's teleporting but it isn't. It's more or less opening a secondary matrix of transportation, and allows Sai to move her masks on a secondary axis, allowing them to shift spacially, modelled after Akira's own abilities. This makes it really hard for people to understand her trajectories; which is the use for it being in the array. She can also use it to take 1 attack per every 3 posts, and shoot it back. As the true power comes from her wearing it, it can only be used for 5 posts, before needing to rest 3. When worn, Sai can use this spacial distortion outside of the mask, and use it on herself along with all things that are not alive; such as attacks, weapons, energy blasts, rock, walls, buildings.. you get the gist. It allows her to open up a distortion, catch these things, and then open another one to release what she had caught. These things are stored inside of an ulterior dimension; a place where living beings cannot go, due to the air stopping living things from entering. So in the case of buildings, people would find themselves unable to exit.. this mask is also capable of being fused with the Youkai, Meimu, Kasou, Akumu/Yume and Kaisou masks. These create effects within the dimension, or allow things to be created and summoned from that dimension. This makes this mask almost frightening, due to the fact that she could fesibly trap someone within a building of that dimension and do things to them with the supplementary masks...

|| Kagura no Kamen: Kirin ||
-- This is a mask that Sai has found, and it is a complex mask. It can be formed by itself, or be made by combining the Genbu, Seiryuu, Suzaku and Byakko masks. As such, it has two sets of abilities. The mask itself represents the void, and is a plain white mask with a yellow dragon all over it. The abilities that the mask holds itself is nullification. When put into the array, it can be combined with any other masks to briefly nullify the mask's cooldown period, thus allowing it to keep going. Otherwise, it can nullify purely an attack. There are 5 charges of this within the mask for a single thread. When worn, it provides the same services, however, the charges are upgraded to 10. When summoned using the four Heavenly masks, the mask shows it's true power; Heaven or the Void. It allows, when placed into the array, for any attack released from that array to hold the power to pierce through the first encountered attack or defense. When fused ontop of a mask, it gives their attacks either a holy edge or the capability to pierce through 2 attacks or defenses with one attack. If she wears the mask itself? She can begin to summon heaven or void rifts; basically rifts filled with that sort of energy, and manipulate it how she needs it to be worked. If it's fused with another mask, she can add the elements to that mask's already existing ability; however, to have it fused anything in this true form will only last for 5 posts, before splitting and being unable to fuse with that mask for the rest of the thread. When fully released like it, it still has access to it's stand alone abilities, making it a very, very dangerous mask.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Genbu ||
-- This is a mask that Sai had found previous to finding Kirin; this was in fact the first one she had found of the Four Heavenly masks. This represents Genbu, the Black Turtle, and has markings as such. It is the ultimate defense mask; it is to represent the earth. No matter which form this mask is presented it, it gives Sai free form control over earth. When placed into the matrix, it increases any defensive based masks by at least one level; it can even go up to 2 if it's 3 masks or lower. The mask itself is extremely tanky, thus allowing it to take hits on the level of a Master in Pain Endurance and Durability. In fact, it may even outdo a Master in Hierro. This is what makes Sai so defensive; the frequent use of this mask along side her other ones. When she wears it, it increases the capability of all masks when defending by 1 or 2 levels, and makes her relatively unable to be damaged. However, the price to pay is simple; she cannot direct any spiritual based attacks like this. More or less, she becomes defensive, and has to use that defense as offensive in the worst case; but so long as she is defending, she will be virtually unable to be taken down. This is a hefty price to pay; wearing the mask can be done up to 7 posts in total, and only 3 times a thread. This means, she has a maximum of 21 posts, in all manners, to use this ultimate defense.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Seiryuu ||
-- This is a mask that Sai ahs found previous to finding Kirin; it was the before last mask that she acquired. This is the representation of the Azure Dragon, Seiryuu. Regardless of it's placement, it allows Sai to manipulate water in a free form manner, along with all it's sub-uses, such as ice, or water vapour. If it is a water based material, Sai can use it. When put into the array, Sai can use the mask to passively create or remove water and water-based elements from the field of battle in a 20 mile radius from her. This allows her to control the flow of water in a batle; this is usuable on water that is not currently being used for an attack. So if someone just summons water and leave it there? Sai can affect it whilst Seiryuu is in the arrange. When she slips the mask on, this changes a bit. It allows Sai to control the water element and water-elemental based elements of others; rather, it allows her to manipulate all water and water based elements on the field for 20miles. This means now, that summoned water in an attack is now open to her control; allowing her to effectively capture and outshine water users. However, she cannot control special waters, or waters that live inside of people; to control special waters, she needs that person's permission. However once given, always given; she just needs the okay on a special water once, and then can control it's variations as well. This is makes it quite dangerous for people to accept Sai manipulating their unique elements; hence the danger. This is the highest mask for the water elemental manipulation. However, it is massively tolling on her body, and she can only wear it for 7 posts before she needs to have it removed for a cool down of 4 posts. These posts do not have to be consecutive; so she can wear it for 2, recover for no more then 2, and vice versa. This means that Sai has to think strategically when she is wearing this mask.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Suzaku ||
-- This is a mask that Sai had found previous to finding Kirin; this was the last mask of the Four Heavenly Masks that she acquired. This represents Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird, and has such markings on it's mask. It is known as the master of offense; granting in all forms is a free-form manipulation of fire. When added into a matrix array, it gives all masks a offensive power up; more or less allowing the masks to dispense more damage then they normally would. This is the perfect balance to Genbu, that increases all defenses. It works in the exact same tendems as Genbu. However, there's something inherantly different; all of Suzaku's attacks, are meant to completely obliterate. However, it can be stopped with a good defense; but it can still be extremely overwhelming. The giant difference is when she wears the mask; the mask massively increases her spiritual power, to the point that it modifys her current power level; it modifies it an entire tier above what she has. That means if she was a 1-3, she would become a 0-5; on the other side, if she was a 3-3 she would become a 2-3. 0 tiers secondary number only moves up by one when this mask is worn; and at 0-2, it starts to add pluses insteaded. That means, if she was 0-2+++, she could move on to 0-1 tier; in theory, if her body could take it. This mask more or less gurantees an overwhelming amount of power that comes out of Sai; and the mask lasts for as long as she wants it to when worn. However, when removed after being worn, Sai will faint for the same number of posts that she wore the mask with. That could be fatal in a battle, but is best recomended to remove it after a battle in order to rest. This isn't a mask to start wearing lightly, due to this power.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Byakko ||
-- This is a mask that Sai had found previous to finding Kirin; this was the second mask she uncovered that belonged to the Four Heavenly Masks. This one represents Byakko, the White Tiger. It has super human speeds, and complete mastery of the winds; as such, no matter what form that Sai has this mask in, she can free-form manipulate the element of air. The Taka mask is considered a little sister of this mask, however where as Taka is only wind currents, Byakko is all air. When placed into her array, it can use a varied amount of wind moves, and allow air control to Sai within a 20mile area. That means she can control, shift and move the air as she wishes; this includes spiritually enhanced winds. This makes it very hard to counter the mask, due to the fact that is can shift the air around pretty fast; however, it does not have complete air control. That is reserved for whne it is worn; when Sai wears the mask, she gains that complete air control. This means that whilst in an array, once could overwhelm her air control; but should Sai wear it, she will have complete control over the air, and be able to do such things like air locking an area, or creating a giant wind storm in a few mere seconds. This is taxing on Sai, so she can only use the mask for 7 posts, with a 4 post rest. Much like Seiryuu, the resting and using periods can be alternated, and used in a strategical matter. As a note; when Sai is using this mask in any which way, her natural speed is doubled then what it normally is, for the duration of the mask

|| Kagura no Kamen: Youkai ||
-- This is a mask that Sai had found during her time with Magica. The mask itself represent the versitile creatures of Japanese legends; demons and monsters named the Youkai, that lived in a different world. The mask is unique in the fact that it can bring the other masks to life. This said, it's ability is the same when worn or in the array; it summons Youkai. However, ''Youkai'' no longer applies to simply japanese legends; this is a catch all term for all such creatures in all mythologies. These youkais wear one mask each, and have their natural capabilities; however, the mask that they wear would given them new ones, or enhance what they already have as capabilities. This mask may bring to life the other one; the only difference between wearing it and not wearing it is the degree of summoning. In the array, the summons are capable of being from 2-10, and are about half of Sai's tier in strength. However, wearing it allows her to summon 1-3 that are of her tier level. Also, wearing the mask is what Sai needs to do to summon the true form of youkais that are considered gods, holy beasts, or other such measures, such as the Four Beasts. This mask, when used with the Seki Kouken mask, can create the youkais that the opponent fears, or that the people trapped in the buildings of a dimension fear, such as spiders or a Slenderman similie. All of the youkais created by this mask are controllable by her regardless of their mythos, and are only fakes; they are not the absolute real things, but holds their capabilities along with the mask. These youkai can only be around for 5 posts, unless it's in the dimension she created, where they can always be.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Kasou ||
-- This is a mask Sai had found shortly after leaving Magica. The mask has a chaotic design, and seems to be utterly strange to most; however, this is the mask that represents Imagination. And as such; the creation of things through the mind. This mask is a very abstract one, making it difficult to use; a use that Sai seems to be fond of, is teaming it up with the Seki Kouken mask. Because in that dimension, she can create a situation, or objects, or just about anything she wants as long as it is unliving. She could even create living things, if she enclosed the area from the realm first. This is mostly a plot device mask, and as such, isn't seen often in actual combat. However, it can be used in combat. When part of the matrix array, it can create things that relate to the masks that are attached to it; for example, should Sai use Kasou and Kitsune at the same time, she could create padding around an arrow to place the fox fire on; and other such things. This mask in an array represents the creativity to use the masks within it on a higher that most would not expect; such as replicating the olympic torch with fox fire instead. When worn, this capability does not change, but rather allows Sai to increase this creation to living things, as long as they are not humanoid. So for example, create a fox to use the fox fire on a large range; or creating clothes to go on a fox youkai summon. Generally, this mask is so general that it is hard to pin point it's actual limits.. but it takes a large drain on Sai, and as such can only be used for a total of 5 posts once a thread.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Akumu/Yume ||
-- This is a mask that Sai was forced to acquire during her time with Magica. It has two forms; Akumu and Yume. This mask represents dreams; where as Akumu is the bad dreams, as such showing dark designs, Yume is the good dreams, showing lighter designs. This distinction doesn't change their abilities, but rather the type of dreams that is used. When in an array, these masks can influence sleeping/unconcious/fainted people in the area. Unless they are suceptible to ''day dreaming'' it would not affect those that are awake. More or less, it runs a simulation of the afflicted's choice, following the dream type. If it's a good dream, the afflicted will have a good dream. If it is a nightmare, then that will reflect. These dreams can affect their bodies; good dreams do heal the body, mind and soul, whilst bad dreams create damage on them. So it's relatively to the afflicted to create their dreams. When worn, Sai can put herself into these dreams and nightmares, and view them as well. She can also afflicted people that are awake, and such create a battlefield within their minds as well. This mask is generally best used with the Seki Kouken, since that dimension pocket is more or less a different world, and thus fit the requirement of dreams, allowing Sai to create situations with those caught inside of her pockets. This mask can only create a sequence that lasts for 1-5 posts; it depends on the situation of the user. The slightest damage to their body will awaken them from the dream visions.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Kaisou ||
-- This is a mask that Sai was forced to acquire during her time with Magica. This mask is very, very dangerous; not only does it effect the opponent, but Sai herself as well. The mask is perfectly usuable in a matrix, but is NOT recomended to use when wearing. The mask itself is a mirror like mask, representing a reflection of the world. When put into an array, it can reflect attacks away from Sai towards whatever target she selects. This means that she can defend herself; however, after every 5th deflected attack, the mask needs to let one through. This is very useful in Sai's array. However, the truest danger comes from wearing it; when Sai wears it, she can activate an ability called ''Mirror World.'' This causes a 500 meter field to disengage from Sai, and anyone caught within it after a single post of channeling will be brought into an alternate world. In this alternate world, lies their exact clone; however, this clone took the absolute opposite path that they did. This world is dangerous in the fact that no one can break in or out; it has been known to be ''Existence's Prison.'' The only way to exit? Kill your clone, or wait until the time limit has passed. Killing Sai will have no effect; however, killing her clone will dispel the area. This is best used on opponent that are entirely too strong for Sai to handle; the rules to break out of the world will be told to the entrants upon entering. Sai can only maitain this world for 3 posts, due to the immense strain that it places on her. If one dies in the mirror world, they will not die in the real world, but however, they will sustain massive amounts of injuries. Any injury other then death or disfiguration via dismemberment, torture, whatever, will be reflected in the real world. However, even if the injury is not copied, the pain and feeling of it is multiplied by two on entry to the real world. Relatively said, this makes the mask very dangerous for Sai to wear, due to it's immense drawbacks, and is used a last ditch solution for her.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Meimu ||
-- This was a mask that Sai picked up during her 200 years of wandering. It is a mask that represents something deep to Sai: the Fallacies of life, the delusions of grandeur, and the illusions of the facts that were laid for her in Magica. As one can tell, this is the Mask of Illusions. This mask' entire basis is the affliction of illusions upon others. When in her array, she can falsify locations of herself, her mask, some of her attacks; in short, all of these illusions are done on her own things, and as such, changing what the others percieve about them. It is not an illusion through directly at them, but simply a by-product by illusioning the thing in question. This makes it really hard for people to pinpoint her tactics, due to always hiding them from view in layers of deceptions. This simply means that when in the array, the illusions are not on the people, but on the things that they percieve of her. These illusions can trick sight, sound, sensory, smell, hearing; and all of the other senses if used. When Sai decides to wear the mask, these illusions spread not to the person, but the environment; so not only the her they percieve, but the place they percieve as well. It makes it hard to track her, since she moves her illusions to logic, thus making it hard for people to find her. For example, she will switch a section of the ground to something like acid, and sink herself in it, making it hard for people to come forward, when she is right behind them. These illusions are full sensed, and hard to detect or break; however, Sai can only use this mask for about 5 posts before she needs to rest 3.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Shouheki ||
-- This is a mask that Sai found during her 200 year exploration. This mask is smooth, and represents the concept of a barrier. This mask can create any type of barrier, either in the array or formed. When in an array, she creates a still barrier that uses her masks as an axis. Depending on the masks added, the barrier may have special propreties, such as cutting winds or burning flames. When worn, Sai can become the center of a barrier, and forms as many more copies of this mask that she needs for the barrier. But because Sai is in the center, she can make the barrier a moveable one, allowing it to move along with Sai. This mask is combinable with the Hebi mask. Barriers last as long as Sai needs or wants them; and Sai can leave the masks untended as well, as she does not need to be near them for the barrier to be formed. Each type of barrier is different, and Sai can use all types of barrier that would take years to list.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Fuuin ||
-- This is a mask that Sai during her 200 year exploration. This mask is full of intricate designs, and as such, it is known as the mask of Seals. This mask allows Sai to create seals, even when not present; but the seals can only be given effects when it is active. This creation can be done regardless of the mask's use. When placed in her array, she can begin to seal attacks and defenses, and then release them back when needed. She has an unlimited supply of these seals but can only take attacks and defenses up to her tier; if she takes some of higher, that burns out a use of the seal. This can be done to higher tiers 3 times in a single thread; releasing does not count towards the seal use. She can use what she has sealed to power the appropriate mask; for example, sealing a fire move, and putting it within Suzaku increases the strength of it's fire type moves. This makes her entirely flexible during a fight. When she wears the mask, she can begin to use a seal. It has no name yet, but it works very similar like the Mirror Dimension. Sai lets the seal take hold over a 5 mile area, sealing all abilities. However, the afflicted in the area will see a drop box, asking them to make a choice; and it will show their abilities. They may select one ability, with only one switch token; this means they can use only the ability they selected, and can switch abilities only once. This will draw people into more focused battles, and force them to use tactics to win rather then sheer overwhelming strength; however, Sai can only seal those of her tier and below. Those higher then her in tier can break this seal; albeit, the closer to her tier they are, the more difficult it will present. This seal lasts for 5 posts; and can only be used three times in a thread.

|| Kagura no Kamen: Nekomata ||
-- This is one of Sai's very special mask and was found shortly before she made the Seki Kouken. This mask represents a nekomata, the keeper of the dead, and a sort of miny-deity. The mask has the face of a cat, with one eye open, one shut, and the paintings of a third ontop of it's head. This mask is very unique; it has the potential to grow more then it's current ability set, should Sai keep using it. However, it is relatively weak currently. When placed in an array, Sai can use the mask to her advantage; by opening it's third eye during the array, the masks will be able to sense a simulation of an incoming attack. It allows Sai to predict attacks, and more accurately defend against them; it also predicts all of the possible courses afterwards. However, this is by opening the eye; naturally, the mask simply adds more reaction speed to the mask, and cuts their cooldowns by one in the array. The eye opener can only be used twice a thread, with 10 posts in between each use. When worn, the mask simply renders Sai very agile, letting her keep her balance and land on her feet at all times, even allowing her to pull impressive feats such as jumping up high walls, and speaking to cats. When the third eye opens when worn, it allows Sai to preform a single psychic blast. What this singular blast does, is act like a hurting echolisation; it will bounce off living things, and predict some courses of possible actions; when it contacts with a living thing, it leaves a headache and then returns. This would allow Sai to better understand her battle situation. However, this technique may only be used once a thread in it's current stages.


~|| Ethamziel ||~
-- Ethamziel; this is Sai's jewel. Why? Because of her rapid learning curve, she was able to achieve a Vollständig within a few months, which may have surprised many considering how rare this ability is. Considering however, the wealth of masks that she obtained, controlled, and learned, it made sense that she learned it so fast; in fact, this is why she is in the Drachen division. Her natural combat adaptability made her learning this form entirely too fast and dangerous for most quincies; and she agrees. This form is not one she would like others to see; it is too dangerous for them as of yet. Sai's clothing melts away, revealing a small tank top that holds no arms, and a semi-transperant skirt. She has long thigh high socks, with an open toe end, and mirror sleeve like fingerless gloves on her arms. The strangest is that the material is white gray in colour, and ends in a bubble like pattern. Her hair is very long in the back, but it shortens in the front. The most notable thing? The steel like items all over her body. One is on her neck, like a choker, with two small blades; one is on her arm, looking like a cross bow with a transperant wing; she has a ring too. There is one around her waist, like a belt, and one on each ankle, though the left one has a wing like boot look too. Finally, there is one on her shoulder, also on the left side. The most notable thing about these items, the emerald green stones that lay in them, glowing with a mystical might.

|| Dance of The Evanescent ||
-- Sai is a very graceful girl; this is obvious. Her Vollständig brings this out even more. Since it enhances several parts of her abilities, this got upped quite a lot. However it was upped to the point of becoming a special ability; why? That is because of one reason; Sai learned to channel her energy through her body, which is odd for a quincy. But this said, she's only using her body as a giant weapon. The steel like items on her body? They can all function like a quincy bow; in fact, the one on her arm is closely considered one. This means that she can disengage these sorts of attack from anywhere around her on a whim; and she infuses her moves with this, thus allowing her a sort of dodging defense system, considering she loses the use of her masks in this state, apart from the ones already out. This allows her to keep from toe to toe with someone, and lets her not get overwhelmed due to lacking her matrixes. More or less, this allows her to release slashes that have the same effect as quincy arrows onto the general area, letting her become a defensive dodging machine.

|| Wish of the Emerald City ||
-- Sai has also developped another ability in her prototype of her Vollständig. Due to this being the first form, it is the least developped. The gems all laid in the steel items can hold massive amounts of energy, thus allowing Sai to amass energy using her increased capabilities, and to store them for later use. This more or less allows her to keep massive amounts of energy at her finger tips to restore her if she dips out before Ethamziel Viu, or if she goes towards the next stage. It also remains within those gems, and the energy stored stays in there until released. Sai has a feeling she can do more with this prototype, but hasn't used it enough to say.

~|| Ethamziel Viu ||~
-- Ethamziel was Sai's jewel; Ethamziel Viu is the second stage of this. This is due to Sai's forced training as a quincy; although this is still considered her Vollständig, and thus she doesn't get an increase in overall power, there is something definitely different about this form. Her looks changed; she still has all of the steel items before, but now some of them are more intricate; as the one on her arm has now two smaller wings, her waist also has two wing like plates, and the one on her feet look more like a bow. In fact, this is not the only thing; now the steel items are all reflected; they are both on the right and left sides of her body, thus giving her a strange set of weapons. The most obvious mark is the fact that the jewels, instead of being Emerald green, are now Amethyst Purple.

|| Dance in the Sky ||
-- Sai can now freely fly around the place; she has four pairs of wings to do so with, giving her quite a powerful boost. This allows her to have altitude, and flexbility in the air; the wings are made of a very strong material that is resistant to the troubles of flight and weapons; thus it's hard to take her down. Due to their bug like construct apperance, Sai also has complete control over her movements in the air, allowing her to take several directional changes at once, making her a completely adaptable fighter in the air. The final detail is that each of these wings are as sharp as blades, along with all bladed parts around her body. Generally, she can fly with little to no cost in her energy, and even rain attacks from such height with precise measures. To compound with her flight, her eyes have become more refined and adjust depending on what level Sai set them at conciously. This allows her to adapt to the distance, and not loose things due to crappy eye sight.

|| Field of Bubbles ||
-- Sai is.. probably a bit unique. When she enters Ethamziel, either original or Viu, she releases these bubbles. However, in the prototype, they do nothing but float there. Generally, she produces 50-100 bubbles per post, each about the size of a basket ball. They can float around, and fuse at Sai's comand; but generally they float there and are harmless. They are unpoppable by anything, and are very cute, with sometimes different colours or shapes to entertain people. However, there is only one thing that can pop them; Sai's very own steel items. One one of her wings, blades or anything of the Vollständig touches the bubbles, they pop. And once the bubble pop? Around 100 arrows PER bubble explodes out, splitting out in a radius around the area of impact. These arrows go right through Sai, not harming her, but harming friends and foes alike. Each and every single one of these arrows are a Heilig Pfeil arrow; and as such they hold all of the propreties unique to a quincy. This makes this ability severely frightening, should Sai be able to glide through several of them at once. In fact, she can even direct the tragectory of the blast, thus focusing the arrows into a particularly area on impact. Relatively, it could turn an entire battle field right into rubble.. thus making this a very dangerous ability.



- Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

- Marksmanship: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Blut: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Hirenkyaku: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
- Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


- Roleplay Sample:

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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced


Tier: 1-1


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Due to prolongued inactivity and a missing activity check, this is being sent to the inactive characters section.
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Archiving because at this point it's pretty clear that this member has left.

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[Quincy] Sai Eostre :: The Lucid [APPROVED, 1-1]
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