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 ♣The True Price of Change♣ [P r i v a t e]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: ♣The True Price of Change♣ [P r i v a t e]   Tue Aug 13, 2013 3:22 am

Artist: HanStone - Song: Constellation of Falias - Word Count: 874

At one point in time, The Gotei 13 might have been known as one of the more formidable forces for good.. They stood for balance, aiming to exorcise spirits and hollows to protect the world of the living, while also keeping the peace among the spiritual realms, governing and preventing as necessary, wherever and whenever they were needed. The Thirteen Court Guard Squads were known for honor.. for integrity.. for respect, and valiance. So.. what happened?

One would expect for any force, that a constant would remain: The longer it exists, the more it learns, the more it grows, and the more that it truly improves. For major groups, strategies and allegiances can be created, crafted, and worked toward. Major plans can be made. The members within the organization? They can learn, and grow, as well. They can be trained further, they can develop themselves, they can learn, grow, and mature into the best warriors and most capable leaders within themselves.

This, however, was not the case for the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.

Instead of progressing, they seemed only to digress over the past four hundred years. Since the winter war, the leaders and members had... slowly and surely degraded in quality.. The standards for those who were the face of the organization, the captains, had drastically lowered, to the point where it seemed anyone with a Zanpakutō could be a captain with little to no problem at all. The honor? Gone. Many of the members had no regard for their image, or their representation of the Gotei. Many of the captains as well seemed not to care in the slightest that they were supposed to be setting a positive example. The valor? Gone. Members had been deserted in their times of need. They had been left, scrambling for themselves, while enemies threaten the very center of what it meant to be IN the Court Guard Squads. The integrity? Gone. The defenses of the Gotei had lowered, it seems, as many a member who didn't belong anywhere near a positive or organized grouping such as this were right in the middle, and LEADING squads no less. Beyond that, the lack of a Captain Commander had sent everyone into disarray, proving further that it seemed people were unable to think for themselves in the slightest. There was no organization, no goals, no desire for peace or balance. There was only discord and chaos now.

Changes.. needed to be made. Immediately. There was no other course of action. However, with so many people who had no desire for change, opting to use the current situation as an excuse for a practiced and infuriating apathy, how is one expected to bring about such changes? Through words? Certainly not. Good luck attempting to get anyone to listen to reason or logic under such conditions. There was only one method that was... truly effective. Drastic and.. unorthodox action.

And so it was that the leader of Zero Division itself decided to take such an action. Without so much as council, or discussion, he had put himself on "assignment", leaving the monitored and tight working conditions of the Gotei to observe... other options. There was only one person in the Archives of the Court Guard Squads that he found that he believed would fit the bill for the action he desired to take.

With this in mind, Xaver Chayton von Bréanainn went on an expedition. A.. quest, if you will.

First, to the country of Brazil, where he met with one who had been exiled from the Gotei 13. One who committed drastic action due to the corruption and disarray within the very organization she had sworn her life to. He needed to find Mizore Yokin.

Although, when he DID find her, and the massive ice palace that she had constructed, he discovered something that the archives didn't know; that she had tied the knot. And not with anyone ordinary either, with the former Monsuta leader, and the one who was a part of the incident with eighth division that had sparked this whole commotion: Hakai Chikara.

With them he discussed... a specific type of strategy. Something that would be unexpected... something that would be sneaky and yet.. obvious. It had taken a few days of discussion, and some convincing to get the two to trust him, but the course was set. Their interests coincided. And so.. there was only one preparation left to make.

Which is what brings Xaver to the here and now: London. Smack dab in the center of Shadow Fall territory. The blue-hair vizard looked around as his highly trained flash step took him directly into the center of the main floor of the massive palace that MUST have belonged to his target at the moment. He had to admit, this place was rather grandiose. It would've out-shined the entirety of London, were it not for all the improvements that had been MADE to the city as of recent. Xaver ran a hand through his hair, taking in a deep breath before yelling out, his voice resonating through the palace as he did so.

"Yo, Mana! I have an offuh' fuh' ye'.. One tha' I think ye'r gonna' wanna' listen te'" He smirked, crossing his arms. Now.. let's see if this plan could truly come to fruition.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: ♣The True Price of Change♣ [P r i v a t e]   Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:11 am

Artist: Jordan7792·- Song: Eye of Mystery [Arrange] - Word Count: 1241
All was silent throughout the The Queen's Palace, but the supply of armed guards more than made up for this all too quiet night. As the bright glare of the night's moonlight shined down upon the city, prior to the entrance of Sir Xaver, it had been a rather tense atmosphere around New London. With talks of a highly dangerous experiment taking place within the depths of this well established fortress, the tension within palace had been growing steadily. There was a sense of beefed up protection all throughout the compound; with detection systems set in place to analyze any target before it could reach the immediate vicinity.

However, at central command of this estate, The Queen herself didn't seem to be bothered all too much. Compared to earlier in the year, various assistants to The Royal Demoness had made great notes about her; stating that had even been downright and quite cheery based around the events which occurred not too long along with the likes of The Hollow Queen, Ashlei Clixx. Exchanging sentiments tender love for one another, swapping their blood like tainted vows of iniquity and embarking into the unknown charts of history; their meeting changed quite a few things within The Queen of Demon's heart; slowly bringing her back to her contorted senses from the enveloping chains of madness, insanity and chaos which consumed her like a never ending blaze; decaying her innermost self at a rapid pace before this gathering of sisters.

Despite Ashlei being on the brink of death upon their meeting, when all was said and done, The Royal Demon Queen had turned The Reagle Hollow...into a Visera Demonio. This adverse effect had resulted in the birth of a new Sub-Race and new secret weapon for the likes of Shadow Fall, The Mischevang and all other factions which are tied to them to have possessed within their very sinister hands. Though, before Man could sink into these loving thoughts any further, her otherworldly detection skills went to work and swiftly picked up the energy of a very worthy vow; seconds before the alerts across the palace went off in the chambers of her manor. There was commotion scattered all about the Palace as the many servants whom worked under The Queen were able to intercept a powerful energy signature approaching the vicinity. Fixating on his position, these henchmen were soon able to decipher the strands of spiritual energy pulsating from The Mongrel Vizard; leading them to scan the male's body on a more complex level in order to discern that he was indeed of Hollow and Shinigami origin.

With the security systems of the Queen's Palace locking on to a visual location of The Vizard Male, they soon identified him to be the likes of Xaver Chayton; former Leader of the Gotei 13. With this information in mind, this intel was swiftly sent towards the likes of Mana Asthavon, the ruler of this fair palace, and advised her to seek immediate action or give them accurate orders to hopefully deal with this bizarre turn of events. Chuckling like a madwoman within the depths of her throne room, this surprise visit didn't frighten The Demoness, but rather, entertained her to hell and back. After all, what in the blue hell could an esteemed figure such as Xaver be doing with the power of a Vizard? Surely it didn't make sense, and surely one whom is aligned with the likes of the Gotei 13 wouldn't just mindless waltz into Shadow Fall land, could they?

All of The Royal Asthavon's followers eyes were The Queen and from what they could observe, she was in quite the festive mood for the time being. As presently she was in quite the flattering attire, as one of the first articles of clothing that could be seen was her luscious pair of three inch, black shaded high heel pumps. Together with a onyx shaded bolero and slate dress which extended downward to her knees, the garments which The Demoness wore were quite in sync with her traditional sense of Gothic-Lolita based fashion. There was even a nifty white ribbon attached to the right waistline of Dear Mana. And when blended with the set of brunet hued gauntlets across her hands, it gave off quite the eerie appeal. For with her black colored horns that blended into her wavy, raven shaded hair; the theme of obsidian nature itself rang strong throughout The Queen's being; despite her skin looking nearly as pale as the winter snow.

As Mana's emerald shaded eyes fixated on the visuals before her, nothing but a sinister grin could come into view across her lips. More posing questions burned into the female's mind about this strange predicament they were in. Had the male gone AWOL? Did not he not realize what section of the World he was in? Perhaps he went utterly mad? This was Shadow Fall terrority, and for the likes of a Gotei 13 scourge such as himself to arrive here, alone at that, was quite entertaining for The Reagle Demoness. Henceforth, instead of vaporizing him on sight, The Queen gave orders for all of her men and followers to stand down.

For this would be a threat she'd tend to personally. Slowly standing up from upon that royal throne, with a mere wave of The Demonesses hand, an accumulation of shadow's enveloped The Queen and she was gone within the blink of an eye. In a matter of moments, she'd soon reappear outside of the palace manor; roughly around the same time Xaver laid out his....intriguing ideal for a proposal that The Queen should be dying to hear from him. Raising a curious eyebrow at the fellow, there was a sense of interest growing within her to figure out just what this little arrangement had been. If it was enough for the likes of someone like himself to venture out into one of the most well guarded sections that Shadow Fall has to offer, it surely should be a fascinating tale to hear, could it not? For to endanger his well being in such a gesture, there had to be something more to it than simply coming by to say hello, nay?

"Oh my, for someone of such nobility, surely ye' must have a purpose for being in the prime vicinity of such wickedness as ourselves. And with that being said, my sweet Dearie, you have my full undivided attention towards whatever endeavour brought you here to my fair kingdom. Therefore, I suggest you make your next words as clear as possible. Do your best to amuse me, and I may just provide you with a treat. Displease me....and may become a very beautiful piece of splattered artwork for my palace to become decorated in."

With those firm, ominous and sinister sounding words echoed throughout the field; the stage had been set between The Queen of Demon's and The Mongrel Vizard. Where could their meeting go? This was up to destiny herself. There is no telling what the consequences of these two's words would have on the universe around them, but if it's one thing that always unveils lifes sectrites, it's the power of time. For in due time, the two monstrous beings of power would soon unravel, little by little, the intent behind their words and formulate something truly devastating if the stars of the cosmos would so align this meeting to go beyond and above it's current level.


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♣The True Price of Change♣ [P r i v a t e]
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