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 Motherly Aid...

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Motherly Aid...   Tue Nov 05, 2013 10:31 am


"I have returned after understanding what I really am..."
Memory Rosary Senna Clixx-Kimura


Senna watched as the tears slowly fell from Shani's beautiful eyes. Senna at first was hoping she didn't offend or upset the little girl, and was sincerely hoping that Shani was not going to hate or confuse what she had just said, but instead, Senna was given quite the surprise as Shani dived onto Senna hugging her deeply. Listening to Shani attempt to explain herself, Senna just smiled sweetly while wrapping her arms around Shani to accept her into the embrace. Shani didn't need to explain herself honestly, but Senna was quiet allowing the girl to get what was bugging her off her chest. As the embrace only went on for a small moment, Senna noticed a change within the girl and took notice of it. There was a sudden growth in a different kind of energy as it shot from the lass and began to pour into the room. Senna could tell it was different from how warm it felt against her skin, bringing a remedy to the once burn the miasma brought before. Senna noticed Shani separate herself and become worried, but Senna just lightly chuckled watching Shani. She was growing up, and this is just what happens...

Senna smiled and spoke softly so Shani could hear her while she was experience the change...

"You're growing up Shani. We all have powers we've not tapped into yet, and you are just beginning... Ceon, could you come in here please?"



Memory Rosary Ceon Clixx-Kimura


As soon as Senna called Ceon in, around the corner entered the same man that brought Shani back to their cabin. He looked the same as always, sporting the same Shinigami outfit with the top open for his bare chest, but this time he was holding something in his right hand. It was a sword, but not just any sword, it was Shani's from when she left it behind before at their last stage of conflict. Ceon had a smile on his face as he entered the room looking at the young Shani all dressed up in Neviah's clothes, and glowing a beautiful radiant white. He knew what she was going through as most humans who possess a power normally do. Of course, he would be proud to explain to her what's going on, but not only does Ceon NOT talk to those he doesn't trust, but it was more time for Senna to talk to the girl since she was more comfortable around her that he would be...

Senna took the sword from Ceon and looked at it carefully. She was inspecting it for damage to ensure it was still in tact, and it seems it was. It looked never better, and it was like Ceon cleaned it before returning with it. She let out a sigh and looked at Shani, smiling and presenting her sword to her, as if it was a gift from her own family...

"You're growing up, and this is a new power for you to learn about. This is your sword, your tool for using how you see fit. You aren't evil, unless you use this tool for evil. But I believe that white power growing from you means something other than evil dear..."

Senna expected her to take the blade, and was hoping she'd be willing to stay to learn more, but even more, Senna wanted Shani to stay for dinner! She cooked so much and hoped that the girl would stay and not run off...

Ceon and Senna smiled at Shani, as if they were a welcoming Mother and Father...



Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Motherly Aid...   Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:55 am

Shani looked up at Senna as she seemed to be reassuring her that the white energy was just another part of her powers. She looked towards the door as Senna called in Ceon, watching as the man entered. Her eyes looked over his every feature, then the sword he was holding. As her eyes looked at the sword, they widened, realizing what it was. It was her sword, her blade that she had forged from the techniques taught to her by her father. She watched as he walked over and handed the blade to Senna. Senna began to look over it, and Shani could not believe how nice her sword looked. The metal, blackened by her death energy, shined brightly in the light. The Senna held out the sword to Shani and began speaking. Hanging on to every word, she waited for Senna to finish what she was saying to take the sword from her. Tears rolled down her eyes as she held the sword in her hands, the death energy that had been leaking from her now being absorbed by the blade, empowering it with the deadly nature of the energy as she held it. Clutching it close to her chest, she wept tears of happiness. Looking up at Ceon, the tears flowing freely from her eyes, she smiled and opened her mouth.

“Thank you… thank you so much….”

Flecks of the white energy could be seen flickering within the death energy surrounding her blade. Rocking herself on the bed, the tears continued to flow for a couple of minutes before Shani calmed down, the blade clutched tightly in her hands. Looking up at the two of them, Shani took a couple of calming breaths before opening her mouth.

“I… I would like to stay here for a couple of days, if that’s okay with you. I need to learn how I can use my abilities for good, to help people, instead of harming them like I used to. I also wish to learn more about this new power of mine… to learn how to control it… please… can I stay with you for a while?”

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Motherly Aid...
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