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 [Sugiura] Ketheldrein Leonhart :: Encore of Eradication

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Sugiura] Ketheldrein Leonhart :: Encore of Eradication   Thu Aug 15, 2013 9:17 pm

Ketheldrein Leonhardt
The Elder Sister of the Royal West

Lesson One
Keep your eyes on the target.

• Name: Ketheldrein Leonhardt
• Alternate Names: Beldrein Aelir, Brand Aelir
• Titles: Warden of Aelir, Euclidean Knight, Black Child, ARC Unit One, Princess of the West.
• Age: 4,000
• Birthday:
• Gender: Female
• Race: Sugiura : Knight Sub-species
• Origin: Eradication
• Blood Type:

• Affiliation/Rank: Sugiura Hierarchy; Euclidean Knight
• Relationships:
-- Uther Pendragon [Birth Father]
-- Beatrice Castiglioni/del Testa de Oro-Leonhardt [Birth Mother]
-- Kakeru Leonhardt [Younger Brother]
-- Arturia Leonhardt [Twin Sister]
-- Jeanne Leonhardt [Older Sister]
-- Alicia Leonhardt [Younger Sister]
-- Nicodemus Leonhardt [Younger Brother]
-- Hana Leonhardt [Older Sister]
-- Feraki Leonhardt [Younger Sister]
-- Firvanna Leonhardt [Younger Sister/Clone]
-- Kyirelisihel Leonhardt [Younger Sister]
-- Siianaeviayn Leonhardt [Younger Sister]
-- Kethaelrae Leonhardt/Natsumiko Yoshiaruiki [Younger Sister/Descendant]
-- Firanis Leonhardt/Shizuka Yoshiaruiki [Younger Sister/Descendant]

-- Brand Aelir [Adoptive Father]
-- Evalynn Aelir [Adoptive Mother]
-- Immanuel Aelir [Adoptive Older Brother]
-- Colby Aelir [Adoptive Older Brother]
-- Beloth Aelir [Adoptive Older Brother]

-- Belgarein Aelir [King of Aelir]
-- Cassandra Skuld [Midwife]
-- Sensaiki Yuudeshi [Colleague/Friend]
-- Seishi Yuudeshi [ARC Project Manager]

• Theme: One Reason by Fade
• Colour: Amethyst
• Quote: ''Don't run; don't give up. If you lose.. you lose. Just get back up.''

Lesson Two
Know your oponent like yourself!

Remember their look!

• Appearance: Ketheldrein is a woman that could be considered easy on the eyes of many. Standing at a height of five feet and nine inches, this shows that she has surprisingly considerable height for a woman. However, her body is built in a lithe and graceful manner, leaving few to doubt the true authenticity of her Caucasian heritage. Her skin is a shade of pink that is inviting, neither too tanned or too pale, and leaves the distinct impression of a soft satin on touch. Her body shape is also inviting, with the hourglass like measure of her hips and waist, and the muscles that adorn her body in a thin looking manner. The muscles aren't readily visible, but easily felt if one were to run their hands over the girl's body. She may seem slim and delicate, but yet there is nothing short of strength in her very structure; her bones are quite solid, and that is noticeable by the sheer amount of shock she can absorb. One of the more remarkable feat of her body is the cleavage that she has present, considering her most famed family's consistency of being flat chested. In fact, they are a little larger then she would like, hitting something along a D-cup. Even though she dislikes how large they are, she seems to have adapted to their weight and such, and even seems to have used them to help in her capabilities. This is when one realizes that Ketheldrein's family does carry a resemblance to her; the fact that her face, next to the king's, looks like two peas in a pod is undeniable. This is done by the high, pointed aristocratic chin, and the piercing eyes. The frank, open and honest visage is really enrapturing if one were to see it as is.

Her lips are the right shade of pink, often the girl having no need for a lipstick, but she can put some on if she wishes. In fact, her gaze is almost as piercing as the King's; her eyes tend to be the colour of amethyst, as many may seem to almost be caught by tricks of the light to say other shades. However, her gaze is drifting to other shades, depending on the situation; this is mostly because she's using a power, or perhaps she's restraining her power even further then she already is. However, some colours seem to come out regardless of using powers or not; such a colour is red, as the light of the human world requires her to adjust her gaze a little bit, since she's restraining her power on immense levels. Her eyes do narrow slightly because of this at times, thus making people a bit.. uneasy with the unusual eye color and the unusual eye pattern. Another gleam to her eye colour is actually a yellow colour; no one is sure what this color means, but many tend to take a step back when it is present; this is due to the fact that the eyes themselves become slitted, like a cat's eye. This may cause others to become uncomfortable around her. Her face is not necessarily one expression or the other; it seems like it could shift at any given moment, almost like the course of a river. Her face has shifting changes depending on her emotions, and Ketheldrein doesn't necessarily have subtle signs on her face; so her feelings tend to come across quite clear most of the time. Ketheldrein's movement are not necessarily trained ones, but most that watch her can tell she was trained in combat; this is because she always has such precise footing and grace. Relatively, it allows her to move along with any clothing, and she just seems to have that knight like aura about her most times; even casually, people tend to be caught towards her. Her beauty isn't necessarily jaw dropping, but it's enough to at least catch a person or two. One trait of Kethel that seems to catch the attention is the lack of letting her hair down; most of the time, the long strands of blonde are wound up in hair designs, like ponytails and such, to keep her hair out of her face. This is usually reflected by her clothing as well, which is the reason why she often has a high collar.

Ketheldrein's taste in clothes vary; it honestly depends on the situation she needs to find herself dressed for. As such, she has several different outfits for several different situations. The first outfit presents itself mostly in her base form; this is for formal Sugiura affairs, royal or otherwise citing her authority in the matter. The main colours in her outfit are a deep slate blue shade of purple, mixed with an amethyst colour, along with gold, a wine red, white and silver. These colours seem to fit Ketheldrein as a whole, and thus she wears them with a large amount of pride, making sure that the entirety of her outfit is seamless. She does wear black things as well, as to help contrast with the entirety of the outfit. She starts with a pure white bra and solid black panties. Her bottom is covered with jet-black stockings, as they are pretty solid to the point of not showing her skin, but are very tight on her lower half. She wears silver armored knee high boots, the length of these also making them heavy. She wears a white blouse on her chest. Her body is covered by a unique coat, having white sleeves but a trench coat like bottom, along with a corseted middle section. The colours on this is generally the slate blue amethyst fusion, bu there is some wine red cuffs with gold inlining, along with golden edges on her coat's bottom. She has silver pauldrons and a chest-plate as well, with an insignia for the Royal Western house on it. Her collar is high, reaching around her neck, and has a gold embedded amethyst keeping her top shut. She also has numerous golden and orange coloured belts on her hips, to hold in which ever blade she wishes to carry around with her at the time, and wears white gloves on her hands. Surprisingly, she wears a hidden blue ribbon in her hair, to keep it up in the style she normally employs when wearing these clothes; that is to say, a braid that winds in the back of her head, into an upheld style. She also has clips in her hair to make her bangs fall elegantly, and maintains a close appearance to that of her sister-King, Arturia.

A secondary appearance that Ketheldrein uses often in her missions, or sometimes around strangers to ease them to what she wants to do, or in specific places, is the clothes she assumed before she found her true name. Most of the Leonhardts of 400 years and older would recognize the outfit as belonging to their maid, Beldrein. The outfit itself is simple; Ketheldrein wears a black bra and white panties, but no stockings. She can put on a long black sleeved shirt under it if it is in a cold place, but she typically doesn't add a shirt under her outfit. She then dons a long red dress, with white under skirts and frills, along with a white apron and maid head band. Her apron makes a large white bow in her back; she may add full white clothes, or fingerless gloves depending on what she is doing, but may forgo this all together to just remain barren on her arms and hands. She wears also bright red high heels. At times, she may wear long black stockings and a garter belt with attached garters; she may also have belts to place needles and other weapons on her legs for easy access, considering the lack of pocket space. Generally, there are other small changes that she may do to the outfit, like a mid corset under the apron, a lap only apron, and other such designs, but generally? She keeps to the general design she has acquired. The apron is typically white, and has no patterns, but she has several different ones, and one of them is pink.. and known as Ketheldrein's nude apron. Generally, when she is wearing these clothes, she unties her hair, and lets it flow relatively freely; however, she locks some of it to hide under her hair, giving it a wavy pattern. Like this, her hair reaches about mid back level. Typically, when dressing like this, Ketheldrein's eyes turn yellow, which is possibly surprising for many people, but also somewhat attractive.

Ketheldrein does participate in a school level activity, however, it's more on a college level then a high school level. However, she still tends to wear a uniform, simply because it is more fitting to do so when going to school. As such, this uniform is comprised of black slip on shoes, that have a light white border on them, and a good grip, in order to keep up with Ketheldrein's use of her body. She also wears marine socks, the socks going half-way up her legs, ending a good couple inches before the knee. These have two versions; made of wool for the winter seasons, or of light cotton for the summer one. She wears white panties and a pinkish white bra with a design on them, because a college girl gets to be frisky, right? She has a red skirt that she can adjust the length of, but it's generally around mid thigh level, in order to not flash anyone accidentally, but not be too long and in the way. The skirt is a bit thicker during the winter months, and tends to be left longer then, in order not to freeze her pretty legs off. She wears a white blouse, that finely covers her body, and seems to be made of good material; it's the same on either season. She has a red tie much like the shade of her skirt, with a golden mark going through it, even forming almost a cross at a point. Her blazer is a very dark turquoise blue, almost darker then marine, and seems to cover her arms as well. It is made of lighter material during the summer, but is a much thicker material during the winter, in order to keep her body warm. Her hair seems to be cut short, but this is not a problem due to how with a simple burst of energy, Ketheldrein can grow her hair back. She also has a small ahoge, as it seemed to crop up when she cut her hair short.. leaving some semblance to her family still. She has two silver cross shaped barrets on each side of her head, leaving her almost perfectly accessorized; surprisingly, however, her eye colour at college seems to shift to a deep red, almost cathcing many off guard. Not many of the people at the college have seen Ketheldrein's other appearances, and she goes by a different name when she attends school. This generally tends to be her normal appearance in the human world, since it offers her anonymity, and a cover to keep herself out of trouble.. most of the time. When at school, she also dons a regular fencing uniform for the fencing club, often changing her panties and bra to a black color in order to fit with the style she wants to do.

However, Kethel does have another alternate style for when she wants to visit earth. This is more so for Kethel herself to unwind, and not have to maintain her student identity. She tends to dress super casually; with band t-shirts, and other such relaxed clothes, that just sometimes peak over her belly button, just to tease people. She often wears jeans, and long boots that just feel comfortable when she walks; the jeans tend to be of a blue colour, and the boots are steel toed black ones. To add to this relaxed look, she wears a black collar like necklace, with a silver shaded dog tag hanging from it, but not too much. It seems to very much fit her look, as she also has a wrist band, that looks more like she strapped a belt there. But it's black shaded in color, and has metal lumps of silver on it. These lumps have a coloured center; it's not necessarily stones, but it seems a lot like some sort of cover. Whatever is inside tends to glitters whenever light hits them, but not in a overbearing manner. Ketheldrein also slips on a silver coloured belt, just to accessorize her pants. One of the more notable things about this appearance is the fact that Kethel's nails are actually adorned with nail polish, all of a black colour. She also does wear light make up on her face, but nothing too obvious in order to appear relatively natural. The biggest difference about this look is her hair; Kethel has a lot of it cut and such, to appear natural, but frames her face almost like it would naturally. And more so, her eyes are of her natural colour like this, along with the braid at the back of her hair actually be a small ponytail that drifts all the way down to her mid-drift. In one of her bangs, she has a hair clip that's of two bars, gifted to her by someone precious, or so she says. In fact, this appearance looks almost like Ketheldrein from the court, but not, so it makes it easy for those in the human world to recognize Ketheldrein in the court too. This is why she uses it; to be able to travel as herself, but in the human realm.. and not stand out like a super sore thumb to boot.

-- Images --
Ketheldrein to the human world.
Kethel's nude Apron [NSFW]
Kethel's school outfit (after being molested.) [NSFW]
Kethel in a training uniform at school. [NSFW]

Remember who they are!

• Personality: Kethel has an immensely complex personality. As a person, she seems to be relatively unstable, perhaps due to the origin that she holds within her. With further messing around with Kakeru Leonhardt, her younger brother, she also now has a branching Origin as well. This does almost no good to her mental and emotional stabilizing, and thus, she is relatively more unstable then the average Sugiura. In fact, Kethel is duly noted amongst the Sugiura for her excessively hot temper, and her fiery passion. This said, Kethel herself refers to certain traits and tendencies to ''modes''. These modes, in general, seem to hold many composing aspects of her personality, and as a whole, comprise the entirety of Kethel. These modes tend to be situational, and often work on the synergy of people. A perfect example is that, even in a court setting, she would still react the same to Kake and Feraki.

Kethel has a few general traits that she seems to keep no matter in which personality mindset she is in. First and foremost? It is her ever present will. She is an extremely stubborn person, and unless she understands things, she may buck and not give ground. However, the girl has an easy comprehension; not necessarily logical, but Kethel is capable of easily assimilating new concepts, ventures and ideals within mere seconds. Her mind is quick, as she often seems to understand things faster then most, and has no trouble applying knowledge she has just learned. The Leonhardt is also known for her purity of heart, as her feelings are always genuine, no matter what she thinks. Her heart is pure in a way that no matter if she loves, or hates, those feelings are just that. Kethel is also known for her overwhelming pride; although initially, she doesn't seem to have much pride, being pretty shameless in most of her attitudes, she actually does. She holds pride in her family the most, and can be easily incited to anger by insulting them. Protective generally of her family, Kethel has demonstrated a strangely unusual technological comprehension. Considering her family's lifestyle, one would assume that they know next to nothing about technology. And in most cases, they would be right. However, Kethel herself seems to cast this to the winds. She has enough technological knowledge to construct an advanced, sentient motorcycle. Of course, she asked for the help of Sensaiki Yuudeshi to help further her motorcycle's abilities, but the base frame, adaptation and software writing was Kethel's own.

She has a fast reading pace, and a fast writing one, and seems to be able to do this in concise, precise manners. This is because Kethel has an easy capacity to remember things; the blonde is capable of remembering some of the weirdest things at times. It's not that she has an eidetic memory, although she's extremely close to it. The blonde actually had done many memory exercises as a child, and learned how to generally adapt to constantly absorb new knowledge, as if that child like sponge of learning things had never cleared. And her absolute stubbornness in learning does help with this. The girl is definitely not afraid to go out and learn something, and loves doing things hands on so to speak. She has a generally kind perspective on things, even if she seems a little bit harsh as a person. She tends to think good of people, regardless of what her other things say, and has unbreakable faith in her family. However, even with the faith, she still has a lightly fragile psyche, remembering being abandoned as a child. This is a fear that Kethel hides; in fact, almost all of Kethel's negative emotions are hidden by her. She dislikes to display her weaknesses, and thus only a few people get to see the actual things that hurt her the most. Unfortunately, the girl has an expressive face when her guard is down, such as around her family. She also has a hard time showing proper love and affection, often resorting to relatively questionable methods to show her feelings. Kethel also has no concept of personal space, having no fear to walk directly into someone's face if she has to. The girl seems to be also sometimes extremely oblivious, depending on what's going on. In all, Kethel's family seems to be an Achille's heel.

However, considering how fast Kethel adapts to new situations, problems and areas, one could say she's almost capable of anything. That isn't true, but she has a personality that she'll try it at least once or twice, to get it down. Even then, she might just keep going until it's really obviously not possible. Even though Kethel's modes tend to be more cool-headed, the girl is still a very emotional person. She tends to react first, think later. Working mostly on intuition and instinct, Kethel seems to have an almost sharp instinct for certain things. Such as lies, secrets or someone with an ulterior motive. In many ways? This easy way of understanding people's reactions and how they work tend to make others ill at ease. Kethel seems to often point stuff like this out, no matter who it is or what the situation is. She cannot seem to stand flaws that are obviously there, ready to be fixed, and that no one seems to see them. However, if it concerns herself, this scrutinizing radar seems to collapse on itself, and disappear. In a way, Kethel doesn't think of her existence as worthy to be aware of, and concentrates mainly on her family, or people she cares for. Kethel is also known for being rough, and sometimes rude. She doesn't seem to hold back her punches, even when she should, and is very brutally honest. To her, if one doesn't hear the truth, the brutal reality of it, one will never be able to change and improve. Constantly willing to help, even though she hides her own emotions, Kethel seems to have a vibrant expressive way of being.

She likes looking pretty and having a few luxuries; she cannot deny that. She does get quite irritated if she's not allowed to bathe, or at least make herself presentable for a while. At the same time, she has a relatively lax hold on herself. What looks presentable to her, and what it is to others tend to be vastly different concepts. The girl also seems to be quite unique, considering that although she loves to look good, if she is committed to whatever she is doing it doesn't matter. As said early, Kethel doesn't pull her punches; that is meant quite literally. Kethel doesn't seem to understand that her passion, and her intense will may be overwhelming to others. Surprisingly, considering the way she acts at times, Kethel has a high set of morals. Many people don't necessarily understand exactly what Kethel will not do, but the girl is not necessarily afraid to do what most considering morally wrong. However, Kethel has problems with things that seem to be almost bothersome to most. For example, she judges people that choose to hide their real selves for a mask. She also has a hard time understanding people that quit things easily, or people that tend to abandon things that they justify logically. It just seems so ridiculous to her that people are like that, that sometimes it comes out in blunt judgement, and tends to taint her attitude towards seemingly hate. But Kethel doesn't hate, or hold grudges, unless someone has given her a good reason to.

This is the first of Kethel's many modes. It relates to her title as the ''Rose of May'' the best. This one in concept seems to be related mostly to Kethel's personal opinion of herself. She is a lot more studious and quiet in this mode. In fact, one could say she's almost unexpectedly gentle and soft. But the truth of the entire design is beneath the skin; Kethel, in this mode, doubts her very own existence. This said, she is intensely depressive, and tends to push away help more so then normal. Where as before, it is out of pride, now it is out of self-loathing. She seems to be mostly abusive to herself in this state, and relatively leaves herself to be harmed, or hurt in anyway she can think of. Although she may have faith in her family, Kethel doesn't trust their words. In this state, speaking to her, trying to appeal to her via words, works next to nothing. She would rather see actions. This is the side of Kethel that constantly doubts, worries, and even quits at things easily. Almost a 180 of her normal attitude, often many tend to say she is out of character. Yet, this self-loathing gets so intense, to the point where she can become suicidal. The girl is slightly emotionally dependent on her family, and when she gets into this mode? This becomes more then obvious. She cries a lot more as well, and seems to cling to just about any family member that crosses her path. Unfortunately, combined with her almost advanced perception, the girl seems to be capable of manipulating her family members, and generally makes them feel guilty about not taking care of her, or another false failing. She is also often seen as the type of girl, in this mode, to become almost an attention whore. But this is done in such a way that many might consider this almost Yandere-like in nature. This is because she becomes very possessive, and focused on a single target, devoting so many things towards them that eventually, she feels unappreciated and starts lashing out. In general, Kethel doesn't get into this mode often, but it's very stressful in general. She also seems to show signs of an extreme guilt complex.

This mode of Kethel's mind seems to be related to her title as Brand of Aelir. This is a mode that few get to see; however, when it comes out, most understand that things are not bad, but very dangerous. Kethel becomes almost completely clinical, and is capable of assembling and disassembling strategies within moments. Her mind becomes almost a tactical machine, as she churns out and forms strategies at the drop of a hat. Even then, she has this easy way of understanding a flow of battle that seems almost unnatural. She is generally calm, but with the right triggers, she can unleash a lot more with her anger. She is not rash, but calculating in this state, to the point that she even factors in her own emotional instability. Unfortunately, she tends to still hold that protective coat to her, and doesn't really regard her life as part of the equation. She tries to the do the most efficient thing in the most morally high way. However, if she needs to? Kethel can discard most human morals in her strategies and go for the most effective methods if need be. She seems to have an unusually high level of charisma, capable of rallying anyone working under her with her sheer force of will. As Arturia's twin, she seems to have adapted the capability of holding her soldiers with her sheer force of will, and carry them into great battles like a king would. With her strategies? This is a great advantage. However, Kethel's emotional understanding seems almost muted when it comes down to it. Although she can calculate reactions based on emotions, she doesn't seem to be effected or even care for them in any such way. Also in this mode, Kethel is almost silent, and only speaks when it is absolutely needed. With this, she has developed an easy to read body language, and seems to be generally willing to jump into fights that she may not be involved in. In general, she seems to seek glory, and does her utmost to always win, showing more of her competitive side. This is Kethel's leader side, and she seems to know this, having no problems assigning orders. She also has utmost faith in those under her, never expecting betrayal and seems to be actually hurt when such a thing happens. Almost innocent in that way, she is also very fair, and seems to resolve disputes quite easily, without much of a regard to the emotional context. If it is material? It can be solved. As such, she tends to be more oblivious to the hearts of others, other then understanding them in a logical way.

This is a third personality and mental mode of Kethel's. In fact, this one seems to relate to her status as the Arc Unit One. When the girl begins this mind mode, one immediately notices the shift in her personality. She becomes a lot more detached, some might say unfeeling, towards everything. It's like everything shuts down inside of Kethel, and she just acts on base instincts more then anything. This simply means that Kethel has shut out all of her logical thoughts, and reacts only. This is a very dangerous state for not only Kethel, but the people around her, due to the girl not identifying with simple concepts like friend or enemy any longer. In essence, this is when Kethel has been broken; her mind had suffered enough mental damage to the point that her personality breaks,and she is left with simply a sort of blank state as she tries to cope with it mentally. This makes her highly dangerous as she does not judge the use of her force in any way, excessive or not. Her entire being is focused around reactions to herself. If one leaves her alone? She will simply stand there, doing nothing as her mind and heart begin to cope. During this duration, anybody with an ARC System Connection will be able to sense the waves of her mental state. She will become more mechanical, and only follow simple logic. She can listen to others, as long as they have an ARC Unit or are capable of transferring a set of electric signals to Kethel's. But she will only be able to listen to simple commands, and doesn't have any conversational abilities. She is just a machine, as she is forced deep inside of her own inner realm in order to cope with whatever has caused her mentality to shatter. However, her fighting skills are still excellent; in fact, one may call them even better, as she does not have necessary thoughts clouding her head, and she is purely reactionary, meaning her instincts are sharper then a katana. When she does speak, it is a machine like tone, and with machine like words, as if she had let a primary process of her arc unit to take over.

Ketheldren has many modes, but this one is by far the most deadly. This mode, related her augurs as a new-born, refers to her as the Black Child. This said, it's often considered the pre-cursor to her Corrupt form, and is the most identifiable source of her Origin. In this form? Kethel is extremely emotional negatively. Anger, hate, destruction; all of the negative, violent emotions are the most prevalent in her like this. It is often triggered by fighting too long, as she slowly starts to mentally unravel. In a sense, she becomes utterly insane, loving to fight to the highest degree to that the point that she is extremely selfish and possessive of it. She will not hold back, and use every ability she has; this mode shows her extreme competitiveness to the point of killing other people that may walk into her fight. She hates help, she hates anyone that dares interfere, and even more so? She has no problems killing. She loves causing the area to be destroyed, and she loves fighting head on without a damn care in the world. She has a fouler mouth that normal, and typically seems like a down-right bitchy person. When she has this mode and isn't fighting, she seems more rude, arrogant and cocky, and doesn't seem to give a damn care about anything that may or may not harm her. In fact? She says ''bring it on''. Kethel doesn't have a single thought about emotional values of others, or even her own physical state, and simply pushes everything to the extreme. Almost sadistic in nature about the whole thing, she has this almost wild-eyed look that makes her look a little bit psychopathic. She doesn't mind if her opponents get broken or killed; as long as they offered her a good fight. She is extremely chaotic, and may harm friends and enemies alike, if they are strong. She really doesn't care who it is, but she just wants to fight dammit. She also becomes extremely manipulative, and has no problems using emotional, mental or physical weapons against an opponent. A fight is a fight right, no matter what weapons are used.

This last of the current mode seems to have come into existence more recently, but ties in with her title of Euclidean Knight. In a way, Kethel seems to combine aspects of several other modes. However, there is something much more different about this sort of mental state. The girl becomes extremely cold and distant, and is absolutely and utterly loyal to whatever cause she has devoted herself to. She doesn't seem to bend from her morals or will even on emotional matters, and is utterly devoted to doing everything she can. She is not afraid to use force, and many assume this as her courtly attitude. She is almost unreachable, but she does have gentle smile and touches, that often make people wonder. Like this? Kethel seeks to only further increase her family's desires, and is extremely, if not crazily, protective of her siblings. Many of her attitudes in this form resembles a Yandere; she has a hard time swallowing that her siblings may part from her, and clings to her family almost constantly. However, in the presence of others? She is a calm, calculated individual, if not a bit haughty. But she has grace and gentleness when needed, making a great knight. Often she speaks in a very cold tone of voice, much like a teacher, and seems to even have traits of when she was Beldrein, but evolved in some ways. She has no issues in doing what she must, and is absolutely trusting in her family. She welcomes strangers on the surface to their family, but secretly tests them. In fact, this side of Kethel is a little bit more secretive, capable of lying and manipulating in order to do what is needed to be done. Almost like a snake, she finds what openings she can, and then snaps her jaws around her prey. She can also be seen as very voluptuous in her personality, if one were to gain her trust and affection. Almost closely guarded, this is one of Kethel's main attitudes. However, when dealing with courtly matters or work, she seems a lot more ordered, methodical, very much like Kake's Power of Order almost.

Remember what they have done!

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[Sugiura] Ketheldrein Leonhart :: Encore of Eradication
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