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 A Deadly chance(Confined, Red Candy)

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Watch the video.

"EH......... abit much sir? Dont you think this will alert the shinigami faster, and pinpoint are location also." He sighed,"Well then let's get this party started if the shinigami are going to be here faster....... BLACK WINGS SOAR!!!!!! MORRIGAN!!!!!!!!!!" His back pushed out abit from the middle it started to split, as a bone structure split from it. The bones pushing through his back and skin covering the bone and feathers covering the skin. His muscles structure got stronger, and his legs changed abit more. He turned to look at zefonse kicking him in the back of the head before jumping into the air and sencing the females spiritual pressure surrounding her in a earth box, as he charged a cero quickly and fired it at her. "NOW DIE YOU PATHETIC HUMAN AND LET ME SLEEP AGAIN!"