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 ∞:The Queen's Crux: Mana's Atma Vatou Upgrades:∞

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: ∞:The Queen's Crux: Mana's Atma Vatou Upgrades:∞   Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:18 pm


  • Name Of Character: Mana Asthavon
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: The reason I'm upgrading and adding this into Mana's app is because she is starting the steady progression into the Danava. As such, with some of the recent threads she's been in recently, I believe it's time for another addition. Henceforth, I'm going to be adding in these Atma Vatou to utilize in the next fight she is in.

    What Are You Upgrading:

    The Sword of Rapture

    » Atma Vatou Name: The Sword Of Rapture

    » Atma Vatou Appearance: The Sword Rapture is quite a peculiar looking weapon. For starters, the outer edge of the blade is engulfed in what appears to be a emerald gem flame. While, within the inner edge of the sword, a purely charcoal shaded flare can be seen; with a hint of white sealed into the center of it from time to time. Extending down to the cross-guard, this section of the sword is also engulfed by a blackened fire. Turning attention towards the pommel, one would then notice a similar gem-green flare as the outer-edge. Being that this is summoned by Mana's own essence, it also does not require a seathe to hold; as it is stored somewhere within the contents of The Demonesses being.

    With all of that said, it's worth noting that Mana is capable of extending the blade itself to an impressive length. By focusing her energy into a precise location of it, it's possible to extend The Sword of Rapture to a staggering one mile length in a single direction. Making for devastating slashes if she so decides to push herself to that level of destruction and warfare during a battle. For the origins of this Atma Vatou, Mana believes it was comprised out of a desire for destruction, but within a moderated dose. As to ensure the eradication of all life was not possible, but a flourishment of contained chaos could be produced

    » Atma Vatou Abilities:

    Chaos Core: Infused within this blade is a small energy core which has enough power invested in it to allow the effects of this sword to take place without wearing down on Mana much. Of course, Mana could add her own force into the Sword of Rapture to make it's effects that much more potent and effective, but it isn't necessarily required. For as long as this embodiment of chaotic energy is embed into the blade, there will generally be a source of fuel for this blade to devour. All it will take for The Demoness to carry out it's abilities if some form of mental communication with the blade and envisioning the attacks in mind. Though, like anything else, The Sword of Rapture will eventually run out of juice if too much of it's energy is used in one go. It will eventually restore itself back to normal, but it isn't practical much in battle unless Mana finds an external fuel source to feed into the sword.

    Lethal Cutting Ability: As a failsafe in case someone were able to disrupt her other attributes, this blade has an absurd amount of striking power vested within it's contents. For, Even if this weapon was striped down to it's bare natural state, it would still retain it's immense cutting power. The blade itself, even without any sort of power or Mana's own special enhancements, is capable of slashing through reinforced steel as if it were nothing more than butter as a testament of how powerful the average blow can be on something physical. It's potential can even go as far going toe to toe with some of the masters of hand-to-hand combat should their blows come into contact with this weapon. Making it quite the durable piece of equipment to have when nothing else is left to spare on the battlefield.

    More than that, though when Mana focuses in onto the sword with her strength, she is capable of easily dicing through a barrage of cero's and bala's being thrown by her influence upon the Sword of Rapture. This is due in part to the fact that it was crafted by highly potent forces in it's conception. By investing the powers which Chaos reigns upon, this gathering of calamitic energy resulted in an immensely precise and very thorough blade being produced. One able to slash against the likes of spiritual or physical based attacks that happen to come into it's way. Therefore, when combating Mana while she is armed with this blade, heh, you better be on your toes. One false move and she'll easily ensure that your entire platoon of men and you yourself are wiped out in a single strike.

    Catosphere Based Summoning: This is where the true power of The Sword Of Rapture comes into play. Taking strong elements from Mana's Chaos Affinity, this blade is capable of unleashing it's effects onto the world around her in many sorts of strange ways. However, to understand this fundamental aspect of this Atma Vatou, you must first be able to comprehend the concept of Discordia and the Cataclysms it brings. When there is a great surge of Chaos in the world, there is always great disaster and destruction in it's wake. The Sword of Rapture, for all intents and purposes, contains these transpiring events into one simple blade. Ranging from the rage of an Earthquake in the wake of a chaotic natural disaster, the overwhelming nature which is the lethal Tsunami wave, the venom of Pestilence following a great plague that leaves a nation crippled or even the likes of devastating cyclone; there are many sorts of different elements which can be associated with The Sword of Rapture. Henceforth, so long as Mana can piece them together, it's quite possible to harness the strength of this blade to summon them to the field in a variety of ways.

    For instance, if she were to take the element of a massive seismic release from an Earthquake, Mana could attempt call upon this force in the universe for Discordia's name. In doing so, The Demoness will attempt to redirect this force it into the opponents blade when they clash and attempt to shatter their by unleashing it's immense vibrations from that element upon the opponents blade. Or, in another illustration, if she summoned the attributes from the force produced from something like pestilence, she could use these elements in order to generate a series of sword strikes meant to invoke infestation of the different object it touches. What this means, in other words, is that if she were to channel this plague-based effect into something like a nature user who uses wood, then she could essentially rot out that plant-type creature with the effects of her blight formulated from the sword.

    So as you can see from those two primary examples, this sword can craft a wide variety of effects as it is. To add more fuel to the fire, it has some alterations on the environment as well. Say if Mana were to pierce this blade into the ground beneath her feet. From it's chaotic effects, it could be very probable that she could summon an immense eruption of lava from out of the Earth; one which could begin melting everything in it's path along with scattering flames and rubble across a large area roughly the size of a few city blocks if she so desired. Or, in another instance, she could strike her Blade into the waters of a murky ocean in order to corrupt it with her chaos element. From there, the waters would be under her control in order to create a massive burst of waves which will produce a Tsunami to swallow most targets in the line of fire with acidic effects within the liquid itself for further damage.

    With all of that said, something this massive isn't without it's drawbacks and limitations. One of the first limitations of The Sword of Rapture is that it is generally limited to two to four chaotic effects per post. This means she cannot continually spam something like a meteor produced by the blade; for it will eventually drain the energy inside of the blade out or the energy from Mana if she decides to channel her force into it. Furthermore, if sufficient enough damage to Mana is generated, then the potency of this blade's attack will eventually lower and become more a bit more bearable to endure as the battle continues on if she does not figure out a way to heal the damage done to herself. Making it essentially something connected towards Mana's own being, more or less.

    The Essence Of Turmoil

    » Atma Vatou Name: The Essence of Turmoil

    » Atma Vatou Appearance: This Atma Vatou is a rather different one. Being that it is infused within Mana's Blood, it definitely has no shape. And while other abilities may craft Mana the capacity to forge different weaponry from her body, The Essence of Turmoil is a rather different one. Being that it has no one form, this is a weapon which most come forth out of The Queen's own mental command and environment of the power; so that it is no mistaken for anything else. From there, she may generally craft the shape of The Essence of Turmoil as she sees fit. Generally, however, it takes the form of a emerald-green, amorphous mass of shadow's that appear to have razor sharp edges to them. Most of them also seem to generate from the back or sides of The QUeen's body.

    They are as durable as other parts of The Demonesses body as well; meaning that they also seem to possess her immense regeneration and shapeshifting capacities. Making it quite the lethal weapon to encounter on the battlefield. She can often use them for extra appengeda when needed in order to overwhelm the opponent by producing large quantities of them and infusing the effects of Tainting Claw into them. Adding more to the dangerous capacity this weapon possess within it's depths.

    More than that, from what she has also gathered by the construction of this particular Atma Vatou, Mana has also deduced that the reason it obtained it's very peculiar shape is based upon he meeting both she and Ashlei had. In their union, the transfusion of each others blood took place within the core of The Hollow Queen. Being that this meeting induced such great feelings within The Demonness, the resulting form of her Atma Vatou was crafted. Henceforth, it took some of Ashlei's bloody elements, the passion The Demon Queen felt for her and merged it into one unholy weapon for Mana to use.

    » Atma Vatou Abilities:

    Tainting Claw: Tainting Claw's origins lay deep within the notion that Madness spreads like a virus. Tapping further into her Danava instincts, this ability is awakened by the need to further increase the amounts of lunacy in the world around her. So, as you can tell by that and the name alone, it obviously has a tainting nature to it. Henceforth, it's quite a fearsome ability to have, The Essence Of Turmoil gives Mana quite the edge when it deals with a range of opponents varying from pure-based targets, holy beings and those with weak determination or willpower. Being that she inhabits the concept of Madness, it has morphed itself into a Corruption based form where it is able to taint traits ranging from the physical, metaphysical and even mental realms.

    To give an example of how this transpires on the field of combat, imagine, if you will, there was a massive burst of energy which had a strong core of holy energy infused into it. Should Mana activate Tainting Claw, then she'd be able to otherwise corrupt it with her form of Madness. Depending on if she is stronger than the blast in question, she'd very well be able to assume control of it and either reflect it at the opponent or break down the energies within for an attack; such as if she stored away the energy from that illustrated attack into one of her many weapons to augment it's effects. Meaning, she can't possess any long-term force of power into herself an enemy attack with this ability.

    However, from that example, if the blast was equal or near her level power, then she would not be able to perform those two acts. Instead, in order to have a form of counter, there is a high chance the two forces would simply cancel each other out in order to result in a proper form of negation. Being that two equal powers of Holy and Satanic nature are colliding, that's the most logical conclusion to occur in most instances. They'd simply create a neutralization point and destroy each other in a glorious haze.

    Moving on to the mental side of combat, Tainting Claws also allows her to infect others like a virus whom seem to have weak willpower against her. Ranging from beginner to adept, most of these people will generally have heavy effects from this surge of lunacy raining down upon them. One of these effects can be a lost of drive to combat against the likes of Mana. This is because the amount of Madness being produced within their psyche can have heavy effects on their physiological state if they are unable to fight against it and eventually lead to them submitting to the Queen if they aren't carefully and easier for her to attack.

    In some severe cases, they may even lead to a total collapse of their mental state and revert to a purely psychotic state where they become utterly mad by Mana's influence. This tends to happen to NPC's quite a lot if a powerful force isn't there to protect them. When this occurs, there is a chance Mana can give suggestive commands to have a slight form of control over them, but it has to be in order with Madness. For instance, she cannot simply say: "GO ATTACK HIM FOR MY CAUSE!". It has to be within a reasonable extent of the order, or rather, disorder of Madness. So, if she were to inject voices which suggested maiming the target in question to devour their blood and strengthen the madness in the air, then there is a higher chance this action could go through.

    Meanwhile, those with Advanced willpower will generally be able to weather this storm with moderate difficulty. They may notice it's rather hard to withstand the force of Mana's Madness, but they'll still be able to fight. However, their reactions may be delayed if they are unable to keep the fight against her lunacy. For instance, depending on the personality of the person, they may have a flip grip of internal strife producing some sort of fear or hallucination which will give Mana the opening she'd need to perform some sort of attack. On top of that, if they loose some of their morale while fighting her, it may become easier for her to corrupt their mind further and attempt to induce this insanity on them to break their willpower and leave them in a comatose state for the duration of the thread.

    Which means it's of the utmost importance to keep your drive to fight her strong in combatant or she will use it against you. Finally, when it comes to the likes of those with Master and Grand Master will powers, they may notice little to no effect on their psyche or the effects of her Madness. This is because these are the type of people with heavy resistance of mental based attacks and have a strong enough resolve to fight her impulses based on the constructs of the will system. Those with mental disorders, mental illnesses and other psychotic complications will most certainly face some difficulties with this fearsome ability and they should use critical caution when doing battle against Mana when this move is activated.

    Lastly, in special beings, she is able to bestow the ability to manipulate Madness if she so desires. Being that she is a representation of Discordia herself, this would be rather simple for The Queen to do if she desired. Depending on how strong they are and where their strengths mentally are, they will either be consumed by this Madness or learn to wield it properly. Either way, the chance of success is a game of luck varying from person to person. The Demoness never quite knows the effects this transference of power will have a person, so it's best to simply take it as it comes: case by case.

    With all of that said, the limitations of Tainting Claw start to become apparent. Being that these effects are generated from the mind, Mana can tax out her focus and mental fortitude by abusing this or overdoing the ability. For instance, if she were to spread a cloud of Madness over a city, she may be able to perform that feat, but it would begin to drain her mentally and physically. For, when each move is produced from this ability, a bit of her energy is taken away as well. And as her head begins to ache with a pain she cannot easily quell, this serves to rattle her nerves immensely and detours her from constantly using it. Furthermore, this can sometimes act like a double-edged sword; as it may be able to influence Mana to an extent and cause her to act irrationally in combat from time to time. This can be from taking more damage then she should, attacking when she should be dodging and the like.

  • Any Extra Notes: FITE ME


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: ∞:The Queen's Crux: Mana's Atma Vatou Upgrades:∞   Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:07 pm

You and your word walls...BUT

But yeah Approved Nice skill set.

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∞:The Queen's Crux: Mana's Atma Vatou Upgrades:∞
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