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 Terminator Vs. Vampire...Nightfall Emerges[Fight Night 2013]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Terminator Vs. Vampire...Nightfall Emerges[Fight Night 2013]   Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:18 pm

Sid had destroyed many innocent people in the housing district but mostly their were some survivors and then the termination protocols were activated. He attacks the survivors with his seishin buki powers then all of them well the humans were dead but one vampire girl was crying for help the cyborg pointed his gun at her. "Your life functions will cease to exist don't worry this will be quick and bring great discomfort" He said. The cyborg opens fire killing the vampire still their was something within the cyborg's memory that he couldn't throw within the recycle bin and it was bothering him the most. It was really Ketsu Iramasha the cyborg believes that he had a part in what his father did to the young iramasha the cyborg doesn't believe his father was that evil. Sid 6.7 believes that Ketsu was manipulating his father somewhat and it was by that devil actions and the young iramasha was ejected by his own clan. Sid wanted revenge and his termination objectives were reformatted to find some what of making the head of the devil iramasha's life a living hell for him.

"Reformatting Complete...Termination Objectives saved and secure. Beginning new mission search and destroy all vampire and vampire related iramasha from this world" He said.

This has been a long time coming still the cyborg was thinking of removing the vampire threat from the iramasha clan all together, Sid was thinking that he needed to start low. Before the mecha iramasha should fight something up in demon iramasha ranks like Alucard Iramasha or defeating someone like Ketsu Iramasha no that was a lifetime goal. The stench of the devil iramasha may be the thing that drove his father to banish him fro the iramasha clan. Sid can't believe how well they believed his father's lies. The devil iramasha all of them needed to be purge away from the iramasha clan truthfully they were a virus and this mecha cyborg was the cure but before doing that. The cyborg needed to make a statement something that would piss off a vampire enough to come challenge , Sid was scanning for targets looking for the proper bait to drag a vampire out of hiding. The main threat that the cyborg was looking for that damn lapdog for Alucard's mostly she has been known as the draculina of his better yet police girl. He thought maybe that would be the most important objective on his mid fighting her to see what upgrades needed improving, Sid wanted to test police girl's power. If she had the same strength as Alucard if he defeated her in battle that would prove that maybe he could go up against that monster of hermes and defeat him for all devil iramasha to see. "Scans for fresh targets looking for any abnormal signatures within the outskirts....Level 4 Targets identified starting extermination mode" He said. Sid locks on to two unknown vampires in the outskirts of town and starts flying over to their location hoping not to leave a mess the cyborg wants to sent a message to police girl and fight her.

Sid spots two targets and started attacking them as kills one of them leaving the other one alive for special purpose hoping more would arrive and they'll be terminated. The cyborg pins the guy to the wall ripping off his arm and writing a message purely in vampire blood for everybody to see in was encryptic in vampire telling any vampire iramasha to come and being their A-Game. The cyborg hopes that anybody would receive his message in blood mostly, Sid waited for anyone to show up......

"Security measures active....Let them come and face me" He said.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Terminator Vs. Vampire...Nightfall Emerges[Fight Night 2013]   Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:57 am



When it came to clan-types, those who'd give their all to defend those who they were allied with, there were two carnal mistakes one could make.

The first would be telling them that they cannot protect their clan.

The second? Threatening or killing those within it.

The "vampire" traits seemed to be more and more rare among iramasha these days. Moreso now than ever. So when word traveled around that, not only was there some impertinent being killing them off, but CHALLENGING any who would fall under the "Vampire" header..

Some tended to get a bit.. irritable.

One such irritable Iramasha was the Vampire Beast herself, the berserker, the Draculina.

Seras Iramasha.

Now, anyone who had known her for any extended period of time knew that she never, ever, left her Master's side. Not by a long shot. This wasn't just due to her loyalty, but to her fear as well, and her.. some would say delusional emotional state in that regard.

However, there were exceptions. Most of them vendetta-based.

And if you were on the receiving end of one of these exceptions?

Hoo boy.

That being said, one of those exceptions was here, and now. Some upstart who had taken it upon himself to play Hitler. Or, more appropriately, Van Helsing.

Seras couldn't have that. And it was thus as she approached the challenger, having watched him take out two of her kind, and sensing the after-effects of deaths all around her. It made her eye twitch, her fists clench, and her teeth grit. She stood exactly one-hundred feet away from the man, growling throatily before barking at him.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Terminator Vs. Vampire...Nightfall Emerges[Fight Night 2013]   Thu Aug 22, 2013 1:29 pm

The iramasha was sleeping for the moment as his supercomputer systems was numbering up the death toll of the many vampire iramasha that he killed. Sid couldn't reached the number that the demon killed known as Kade Hiroshima their is no telling what many missions that demon of legend how many vampire iramasha died at his hands. Then without warning, Kade was kicked out of special missions it felt the same like when he was thrown out of the clan altogether still it was unthinkable what his father did.

"Reactivating systems.....Deactivating security mode" He thought.

This was a wake up call that the cyborg needed reactivating his systems hearing this vampire woman as she asked why he was doing this and that was simple. Sid looked at her thinking this was the first time seeing another vampire woman after that incident from so long ago, he didn't care much about vampire iramasha to the iramasha cyborg. These so called vampires were the dreaded disease in the world thinking they run a muck with their bloodsucking ways and killing innocent people but really the cyborg had a dark side among things. The cyborg was taking violence and brutality to a next level but now the terminator was hunting vampire iramasha, Sid 6.7. was just looking for revenge among the devil iramasha clan that was his prime objective couldn't be deny anymore and really the cyborg could never stop until this was complete. This vampire woman looked really angry but the cyborg didn't care yet the terminator thought about cracking a smile, Sid thought about giving an apology but really judging by her mood. Sid should give his explanation about why he brutally murdered these vampire and his reasons into getting revenge upon the devil iramasha clan she wanted to know why and he was ready to give his answer.

"The vampire iramasha have been terminated that is none of your concern. My objective was carried out and completed but alas you are also a vampire iramasha sticking their noses where it doesn't belong. Now scram before you become a new number to the death toll which is 500 vampire iramasha that I killed....vampire men, vampire woman and vampire teens. They all been silenced and turned to ash by me......" Sid 6.7. said.

Sid was focused of fighting someone else but it would be nice for this vampire iramasha to take his advice and leave quietly like he told you do. But if this woman was going to be a ignorant sonuvabitch, Sid might have to take the vampire iramasha by force if he needed to. She seemed powerful then that only mean one thing that this vampire iramasha maybe serving someone well she was called police girl, Sid Iramasha thought this might be the vampire girl.

"Wait-a-sec, Police Girl isn't it??? Why should you care about low class vampires anyway???" He said.
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Terminator Vs. Vampire...Nightfall Emerges[Fight Night 2013]
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