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 Nue Revamp

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Nue Revamp    Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:16 pm


• Name: Nue Gremory Iramasha
• Age: Unknown
• Gender: Male
• Appearance:

• Branch/Position: Nature Iramasha branch: Nature shaman
• Race: Nature Iramasha


• Personality:

Detached/Shell: Nue is a detached individual that sometimes will act strangely, he has an odd outlook on things rather than getting himself into the fray , generally the guy is all for staying back and watching for a little bit at least to figure out how things stand , as such he interestingly enough doesn’t have much he can do in these moods, generally being the kind of person that is going to take the back seat and see how things work themselves out, he’s not the likely fellow to be actually joining into the fray, instead being the kind of guy that is going to see how things are so far, and then hopefully go from there. The other side is A shell, which is the fact that he isn’t going to be that interested, but sometimes he has weird mood swings that leave him acting like he is just a husk reacting on instinct and insight, rather then actually working with theory, and fact. So omitting the general 99.9% of the time that being a shell doesn’t do this, in some instances being a shell can turn him into a man who isn’t going to recognize anything at all.

Trustworthy/Loyal: Nue is a trustworthy individual who isn’t going to generally back down from what he’s being tasked in doing, rather he is going to keep his word and go through with it, not one for lies and deceit he tries to be as blunt and honest with others as he possibly can so that he can get back to what he needed to be doing in the first place, making him ideal when it comes for reports, or even just being plain blunt on stupid plants and decisions, that is all in regards to that side of him, he just is a guy who tells the truth. He’s also a loyal guy, not one for betraying those he has deemed to be worth protecting, he will instead work towards making what ever unfavorable outcome is present, become favorable, and by doing so, he is able to make the impossible seem fairly possible, even though in most cases, it’s probably not going to be anything special , when in terms of actually working towards his main goals and his main ideals in the first place, so Nue is very loyal, infact he knows what its like to be alone, so he doesn’t make others endure that.

Ideals/Honor: To nue, ideals are important in fact if he was to choose between lobbing his arm off or protecting his ideals? Chances are that he would protect his ideals so that he wouldn’t have to actually compromise who he is, his sense of self is keen , he knocks his own character and he won’t betray it , to cross over his ideals would to make him a failure and a waste of space , at least in his opinion it most certainly would, because his ideals again are important to him, extremely important. Nue also has honor, honor to protect his kind, and to help out others in need, he is not the likely candidate for the job, but he has a code of honor that is perfect for the nature shaman , in the first place, making him without a doubt, a likely person for actually taking on jobs of protecting or serving others, as he is suitable for these tasks, given he almost has a white-knight complex so to speak, of protecting what he’s told to protect and to live each day at a time taking in stride towards his goals.

Realism/Facts: He doesn’t deny reality he accepts it and takes it in stride, if the outcome is realistically impossible he won’t do it, rather he will figure out the best plan of action, one that brings him as close as possible to the ideal goal but at the same time, isn’t something that is impossible, which is precisely why he is also suitable for tactics, given his mind is well built for taking in both facts and truths, he doesn’t stop there he does process them but he is also thankfully able to take reality for what it is due to his time at darkwing mental asylum. Nue however also is good at understanding even the most complex facts and diagrams, even with his short time in the modern age he was able to amass and learn a wide range of knowledge rather quickly, by doing so he felt he could be of more use to his kind, and so far because of his knowledge he understands a lot about humans weapons guns, and so forth, which is of course precisely why he is able to understand the mechanics of the modern world, and is able to learn from that with ease.

Cunning/Intelligent: Nue is cunning, able to devise strategies and counter tactics on the fly, even the most unorthodox situations he will still manage to find some way to learn from it or counter act it, so he is quite suitable for learning and executing things on the fly, he is rather the kind of person you would consider to be good at field work rather than being good at actual “Book work” even though he does have high retention for books he is better at learning things of course hands on, as that’s one of the best ways in his mind to learn something. Nue is also however pretty smart, being have to deduce encryption, and gain the gist of something he doesn’t even know a fucking bit about, you could say he is more so smart in terms of being able to put two and two hundred together, and puzzle it out so it makes sense in his mind at least which is why he is able to at the very least learn something new from each of his battles, even if it is something small, he is able to learn something new, its just how he is.

Adaptability/Higher Understanding: His adaptability is astound, well it had to be because if it wasn’t Nue would have most certainly gone insane a long long time ago. Being that he was of course locked in a mental prison before he fully understood what he was, it is easy to see why he is able to adapt so easily, after being in hell that is you would as well be able to understand how to adapt to almost any situation, almost any kind of problem he is able to adapt to and go with the flow, that kinda got to be one of his specialties in the long time of confinement. However also Nue in that time confined learned to understand thought and reasoning at a higher level of understanding, deducing tiny clue’s from the guards and reading them like books for over a hundred years was his form of entertainment , I mean there was nothing else for him to do beside sit down and stare at a wall all day, which of course as you would think, is most certainly not the most entertaining thing to do at all, actually as you may of guessed if he had done that, again he would have gone insane.

Mental Age/Untold Sorrow: Nue has a high Mental age due to his years in darkwing, he was confined for hundreds of years so to him seconds seemed like days , it was almost like his mind had to process data because there was nothing else to do. So of course nue has some doubts on his mental age, even he doesn’t know how old accurately he is when compared to mentally how old he is, because of course his mental age, is in the 5,000+ range, even though he himself may only be 1000 or so years of age. Nue Also experience untold sorrow in his time at darkwing, locked in the middle of nowhere in a box for god knows how long is certainly not the best way to spend afew hundred years at all, which was why he had developed an acute understanding of pain, and an acute understanding of sorrow, as these things of course went hand and hand, without sorrow, he probably would have turned into a zombie due to a lack of any other emotions going through his head , which is why in a way sorrow saved his mental health, rather than destroyed it.


• Background:


• Seishin Buki Name: Gray Bounds
• Seishin Buki Appearance:
Nue Has a peculiar appearance in his seishin buki , it is a gray expanse. By this I mean the surrounding field of his body is completely in a 50 foot radius surrounded with a gray hue that taints the ground, and surrounds his body in a strange kind of bubble, the gray has many shapes , many tones however it mainly seems to have a feeling like its alive to it. Being able to react in different situations even when the outcome isn’t favorable, this Seishin has no appearance by itself, just this gray expanse which floats freely, a direct construct that reflects on his own inner light. Which is why The gray color isn’t overpowering nor is it weak, it merely there floating around until it is used. Because of this though it commonly can be mistaken for a liquid or a solid, when In fact it doesn’t have a state of matter perhaps, it is a combination of a liquid, a solid and a gas, being able to diffuse into these separate elements. So the Seishin buki could be in one moment a liquid-like substance and at the next moment? It could very well be a extremely hard wall or even a gaseous cloud that is surrounding him.

• Seishin Buki Abilities:

Atomic Breakdown: Nue’s seishin buki has the unique skill of being able to break down the bonds in the surrounding area of 50 feet, in this way you could consider that radius his own little sub domain, completely due to his rot nature and his seishin buki. Giving him the potential to break down and dispel a wide variety of attacks even of stronger levels, given he had the balls, means and the know how to get it done this is why atomic breakdown is quite interesting, it holds the aspect of rot, which is decay, being able to simultaneously do things like completely decompose a tree , but if he decomposed it with his field, it would be different then if he used his normal rot powers to decompose it, as while his rot powers might leave some trace of the tree left, using this skill it becomes possible to completely decompose, break down and then absorb the substance.

That being said, even this skill has some things that aren’t fully understood, such as its full powered function. It is however widely speculated that Atomic break down can be applied to a wide range of objects being able to separate the composition of Spiritual entities such as a cero, or a hollow so long as it got within the radius that was present, he could effectively end up using atomic break down to completely break down the compact substance though that is if he focuses on it, break down occurs only in that slight field. You see by using it, he can also effectively turn his seishin buki into a bottomless pit, such as if you walked into it, and then ended up slowly sinking through it into the ground.

When you consider key factors, One of the Logical things about it, is that it functions in that compact radius, given the variable factors and how hard that it would be to control such a technique on a wider range it certainly makes sense why even though the technique itself may be powerful , that the radius of control is so short in the first place, giving him a comprehensive skill rather than one that is wide and able to reach a wide radius, this is why though if an attack is thrown at him he either can weaken its compounds and bonds or if he had enough time to prepare, he could once a post , completely assimilate that is to say completely break down an attack every other attack would be weakened by 40% from coming into the field, just due to of course how it functions, not precisely because of how it is going to actually be used.

Other Facts, Include that this unlike rot, is not decomposing it is instead doing something along the sorts of deconstructing the object, dismantling it back into its base functions before then devouring them completely, that would be the easiest way to explain this skill in simple terms, by using atomic break down, this skill’s uses include the ability to stop spiritual effects, and in the radius generally generate enough strength in terms of break down that he could do something like completely break down a tank , in fact he can break down npc objects as much as he likes as long as they are in this radius , given the fact that non player controlled objects are going to have a problem with this field.

The Only problem is you see, this skill doesn’t have an off switch, he can control some factors, like complete breakdown, but other than that it is quite difficult for him to actually control major aspects of it, which is why even though its comprehensive and a good technique it most certainly is not something he can control, it’s almost a subconscious thing you could say, as such it is only shut off when the Seishin buki is sealed again . As such it is one of the reasons that he doesn’t use his seishin buki, that and if he over exerts this skill even he would begin to find some serious problems going on in his body, such as bleeding or even fatigue and in extreme cases he could faint, for a long period of time if overused.

Rotting Imagine: Nue has a peculiar thing about his Rot-Based Seishin buki , he can reconstruct the atomic structure of the seishin buki at will, generating a vast arsenal of weapons that can be drawn from the seishin buki at any given moment, these weapons however wouldn’t be like the normal counterparts. Instead they would hold a gray hue discoloration and have some principles of rot within them , so this is thought of as rotting imagine, as he uses his mental capacity to pick out and then bring the object of his choice into existence, these are directly fed by his seishin buki. Given his seishin buki has no shape, it is considered rotting imagine is what gives it shape and makes it able to be used in practical day to day use.

By Practical I mean that while things are formed, a peculiar thing known as recovery can occur. Recovery is the aspect of regenerating the damaged Imagine object, so long as it is within the 50 foot radius, he can assimilate tree’s he comes into contact with to fix or regenerate the damage done to a weapon so long as his seishin buki is active, these weapons are by no means indestructible. Instead they are quite destroyable, the only thing is thanks to Recovery he is able to regenerate or Re-Construct the damaged part of what ever weapon he imagined in the first place, By doing so well it allows weapons to become more reliable and also makes use of the seishin buki’s lack of form or actual uses.

Speculatively, at least Nue could in theory create multiple constructs in a short period of time, such as shields walls or even offensive projectiles, the only problem is that if he over uses this he is going to be in some pretty deep shit. By deep shit I mean of course that he probably is going to be tired as hell and possibly having a rough time recovering from the techniques used. Precisely for this reason he doesn’t use rotting imagine to create more then 10 weapons that he can actually hold at a time, of course he can create more projectiles then that but projectiles take considerably less time, and resources to construct given they are one time use – things , such as the fact since you should take into consideration projectiles are going to be leaving the field of scrimmage.

After Objects leave the circular radius of his seishin buki, they become unrecoverable meaning that if it blows up or is destroyed well, then it is going to be past the point that he could easily replicate or fix the damage done. Which is precisely why of course if he fired a bunch of tiny orbs out of his seishin buki, if you say blew them up one by one, the orbs wouldn’t regenerate, instead they would explode and it would be done there, for this precise reason projectile objects are designed with a 1 time use life-span in mind, and are going to in terms of resilience be inferior to any hand held , “Multiple Use” items that Nue generates from this skill, so remember the difference in amount, that is to say, he can create over 10x the Projectiles then he can generate multiple use, hand held items, so that’s the differences.


• Powers:
Cells of Nature: Black Snake
Freely Rotting Spiritual Connections: By using His Rot-Based Powers , Nue has made it possible to freely rot and fully within a certain radius erase spiritual connections, such as decaying the reishi in the air, or even going as far as in some cases to being able to damage connections such as for short periods of time being able to completely destroy or stop connections with outside sources such as damaging a demon’s seal and making it so that for a temporary time 1-2 turns at most , they would have completely no access to the skills that they would normally have, such as say if a demon came into direct contact with any part of his body, he could use that contact to temporarily disable the connection via contact, which is why this is a risky business.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, complete decay of reishi fields isn’t that hard for him, as long as his skin is touching the air around him he can assimilate it by rotting the bonds that hold the reitsu together, completely destroying it. That is how his skill works, he can in essence decay or destroy what comes into direct contact with him, as such you could see the vast applications that the skill has. But mostly it also shows how limited the skill is as well, This is why unless he gets into direct bodily contact with the opponent, he can’t cause damage to the energy system inside their body, however that is just one of the flaws in this skills design, as nothing is perfect certainly this is the case here.

However this does come in useful when it comes to AOE based attacks , it doesn’t completely destroy them ,however he can with the part that directly comes into contact with him, assimilate it, so long as it comes into contact with him first. This is where things can get tricky, while he can assimilate the object there has to be proof of the physical contact taking place, such as if he was punched he could if he was bruised use this skill. That is the criteria for using it, proof of bodily contact when It’s concerning himself, but when concerning an opponent, he just has to come into contact with him for this to work. This is why of course the skill has a wide range of drawbacks, given it is a contact-based skill.

Yet, A peculiar side-affect is that this renders reality warping in his general radius, as well as manipulation of any kind, as you see while he has to touch it, affecting him is another proof of contact, basically meaning if you tried to affect something about him or in the radius of his seishin buki, that would be considered to be touch , and would be assimilated, Of course that would mean that he would be using energy to assimilate the skill itself, by completely A. dismembering the source of power , and then B: Completely breaking down the skill itself through assimilating its concept and decaying it. You see his rot doesn’t concern physical aspects perhaps, instead the rot is quite contrary, It rather focuses on the action of rotting, and applies it on a multi-leveled scale, meaning that this skill doesn’t particularly rot it, but instead it is going to completely erase the foundations in the area surrounding him as long as its within his seishin buki or affecting him directly at the very least.

ASU:Backup: (Alternate System Utilizer) : Back up is as the name suggests, it is the back-up for the rotting skill above, say it malfunctions? Nue is able to use this back-up to supplement the time that he is unable to completely use his main power, by doing so he makes it possible to maintain strenuous use of the technique without worry of it generally breaking, as you see the alternate system Utilizer works the exact same way as the original skill, but only can be active for short periods of time before it is over worked, so you could consider it a temporary generator, given that the main skill has malfunctioned on occasion the back-up is not only there to protect him from the effects of the malfunction, but it also is there to supplement the skill until it is fully back online perhaps. Thanks to that this doesn’t activate all the time, only in specific situations.

Thanks to its limited use, the Alternate System, has a life span of 4 turns at max before it goes offline, as this is the secondary sub-system it isn’t going to last as long as the original system will. Generally repairs are done in that time, however on occasion it will take 6 turns instead of 4, leaving him with a 2 turn gap in this skill, however in that time he can use (ASU) to reduce the damages that might occur to him, from the opponent for a majority of the time that the skill itself is being repaired and reapplied, as such though the skill doesn’t have offensive purposes it negates in a sense, such as the main system does. Quite honestly the fact that these skills work through direct contact makes them useful in countering, which is the specialty of ASU and The original main skill.

Through these factors ASU could be considered the last resort in dire situations so that Nue will not be at too large of a disadvantage. The only problem is that ASU is the sub system and lacks the finesse that the main system has, as such that is why it has a limited life span while the main skill does not, 4 turns is the max a thread the ASU backup can be utilized , but that is in proportion to the likely hood of his main skill breaking down, as it is likely due to the vast versatility of his main skill, that it is going to break down at the very least once in the period of time that he is using it, such as in the duration of a fight, it is likely that the main skill will break down or overheat at least once.

Physical Section:

Speed: Normal: His speed is nothing to brag about, its actually quite normal, most of his skill comes from his abilities and just how he naturally is, so because of that while he may move quickly in actuality the speed that he’s using of course isn’t going to be as fast as someone who perhaps had a sole purpose of being extremely quick. But he’s not slow either he is most certainly able to be considered in the range of normal in this area, not to weak but not too strong, a mix between the two If you will would be a pretty good analogy saying that he’s absolutely not the fastest but he’s not the slowest person in the world either, so case in short? He’s definively again somewhere in the middle of the scale, and that’s because he doesn’t again, focus or work on his speed as much as he should, in fact he hasn’t trained his speed, rather he just goes with the flow and keeps going from there, nothing more of course and nothing less of course , if you want to think about it.

Strength:Normal: Nue has normal strength, not too shabby though. This is because his skill type isn’t really offense, instead he’s using his defense, with this in mind he is certainly capable, but he’s not actually overly powerful or ridiculously strong when it comes to his physical strength, in fact there are quite a good deal of people physically more capable then he is, that’s just a fact of life, however there is a good deal of people at the same time that he is stronger than as well, making it of course a give and take situation, and in this case that most certainly is the truth. If he had focused on his strength he might be a-bit stronger, however he didn’t because he was focused on other things than his strength, which is why of course the strength skill he has is just average, not too much and not too little, in short well you just could say if you wanted it summed up he’s average and plain jane in this field, that’s just as easy and as simple as I could put it atleast, not flashy, he doesn’t stand out, merely normal but normal isn’t bad all the time is it?

Durability:High: Alright, Nue here has high durability, due to his criteria when in combat is to maintain contact with the object being affected with that in mind, he has quite the durability so that he can handle a rather absurd amount of damage before he would even begin to go down, think of him like the punching bag from hell, or a regenerating wall on minecraft that’s been set to mob greifing, that should give you an idea, of how his defense is, being able to keep getting up hit after hit no matter the situation, is something that his guy is really good at, there is no getting around that , so if you want to hit him, chances are he won’t stop you from hitting him, however at the same time he most likely isn’t going to be affected too much by the hit in the first place, which is also why he has pretty high durability, the kid could probably take a jumbo jet to the chest and walk out of it with some minor cuts bruises and scrapes, so again he has some pretty intensive durability which is in short pretty amazing.

Weapon Skill:Medium: He has medium weapon skill, of course people are out there better then nue, but he isn’t stupid either, actually the fact is that he is quite smart, so the fact remains that he of course does have a pretty good weapon skill, knowing whats what, he in short most certainly knows his way around a blade, or any modern weapon without much difficulty which is one of the things that makes him who he is , being able to deduce and discern things without much problem well that’s just one of his specialties plain and simple short and sweet.

Chaos Energy section:
Chaos Warp : Normal: Nue of course doesn’t have a chaos warp that is honestly worth noting, actually it is quite mundane and normal comparative to others that use this field , which is of course why at the moment he has only chaos warp on a level which you may have considered to be normal or mundane, not really something worth reporting home to your mom and dad, that being said, he doesn’t suck in this so if you taunt him prepare to have a boot shoved clean up your ass, as again while he’s not the best at it he’s not the worst either, so he’s most certainly not going to be someone that you can push around that easy.

Gem Creation:Normal: Nue is okay at this, though he could most certainly be better at is, the same with his chaos warp skill, nothing special nothing worth writing home about, however he can create gems if he absolutely has too, the only thing is that it will take him time, and it will take him skill to actually get it done. Needless to say because of this well he well isn’t really going to normally rely on things such as gem creation, which is precisely why of course he doesn’t really use it nor does he perfect is, as he has his own power and he has his own strength there is nothing more then that and of course there is nothing less then that when he’s involved at the very least, to be blunt.

Chaos-Fighting Style: Normal: Nue is average at this, nothing special, but again he can use it if he needs too, the thing that makes him different with this in mind is that he doesn’t really use the skill itself but uses his brain to make up for the lack of actual talent in this field, so nue himself doesn’t use as much chaos energy as he should, in-fact his fighting style is lacking , but at the same time, he does know how to use it, which is why of course he is normal at this, As again while he may not suck, and may not at the same time be good at it, he is just somewhere in the range of normal , how everyone generally is at it. Although he probably would be much better at it if he tried, to say the very least, but sadly he just can’t be bothered.

Chaos Energy Skill: Very High: Nue has a very high chaos energy skill, being able to manipulate and use chaos energy like its second nature to him, although of course he is a nature iramasha his power set makes it so he absolutely must be able to control and know how to control energy , both extremely well and with very high levels of success. So thanks to those two facts, Nue without a doubt is considerably better than the norm, or even some skilled members might be, just because he has trained in it, and he learned the tricks of the trade inside and out, so to be short and frank, yes Nue is very good at chaos energy manipulation, short- sweet. To the point and fairly on topic, and because of this in battle he is seen to be able to both use, and discern chaos energy fairly accurately.

Nature energy section:
• Nature Control: High : To make up for his lack of outstanding skills, Nue has shown himself to have a very high knowledge base when it comes to his nature control, being able to control and use his element to the fullest of his powers, as seen by his power set he is most certainly able to use these skills to the fullest of their capabilities, which is one of the things which makes him able to do what he does, his nature energy control is robust, and makes it so that he is fairly easily able to do things that most people would find impossible with nature control quite easy, so in short he has pretty much mastered this skill outright, with not only a good margin of thoroughness but as well with a complete knowledge that is unusual even for a nature shaman

• Nature Spells: Low: He doesn’t really use nature spells, which is why he is a low skill level in them , given the fact is his power set in the first place makes it so that he doesn’t need to use the conventional spells as often, however the fact is that he is of course able to still use them, just the fact is that when he does use them ,it is so rare that it’s not his skill with using spells that makes them useful its high overall high skill in nature energy that makes it useful in the first place. So of course with this in mind, it becomes pretty easy to see just why he is able to use nature spells , although again its rare that he uses them, as he has plenty of other means of fighting.

• Nature Energy: Very High: Now his strongest quality in his nature skills is by far his nature energy, it is easy to detect by nature iramasha even from great distances, given that he is a nature shaman who protects the earth, from harm and from destruction, it’s a no brainer that he would have to be able to do his job and do it well, Which is of course why his nature energy is able to back his position, making him not only able to fight and expend ridiculous amounts of nature energy without feeling too much drain, but at the same time, also allowing him to be pretty hard to kill.

• Element Control: High: One of the other things about him, of course is that he does have a high level of nature control too, seen first because he is a nature shaman, and second because of his attack style, its of course a no brainer as to why he is able to both use the skills that he can use, and at the same time control Rot, to the level that he can apply its concept in other forms, which is why again he is very skilled in element control, as seen in his fighting style, he uses rot in unconventional and pretty intense manners, that takes a lot of control to back it up, so he does have fairly high Element control.

• Chaos Moves: (What type of Regular or Custom Chaos Moves does your Iramasha know?)


Return: Rotting Despair Appearance: – Well his appearance looks like his base appearance, no real change here

•Return: Rotting Despair abilities

Connection Severing: Another Rot given concept much like his normal power. Instead of the assimilation this skill is a support for it being used in simple terms, to sever the intended target from its energy source, unlike the previous skill which deals with just assimilation this works by continuously rotting the connection for up to four turns if physically contacted by this such as if he physically touches you he can disrupt and weaken spiritual or energy based power by up to 20% , because the fact that connection severing takes time, the more times he comes into contact with the opponent, well the more likely in short the skill is going to work.

In many ways you could consider this to be very similar to the previous skill the only difference is that this time its not perhaps being used to merely destroy or decompose an object it literally is decaying the connections reality, by severing it completely he can for short periods of time even shut down skills, techniques, or possibly even a persons entire spiritual Or energy connection all together. This is how he is able to fight on par with much stronger opponents, as his specialty is decaying and rotting away , with that in mind, it is without a doubt a no brainer as to why this skill itself is so useful, a skill which is decaying and cutting connections from each other is perfect means of offense , while using defense, through this manner instead of merely stopping attacks as before such as Reality, or other area of affected based skills, these can instead if they are affecting aspects about him be severed from the main flow of energy, I.E if someone tried to put him in a pocket dimension he could use this to sever the connections of the area around him and that pocket dimension, by destroying the foundations and blocking out the energy needed to sustain it.

In this way, Thanks to this skill he is highly adept to face People much stronger than he is in fact that is the specialty of this skill, the more power present In the flow of energy the easier it is for him to sever it, as he’s severing the connection and rotting it away, it becomes the main aspect of his Return state, because as he ascends down into it further more skills like this are regularly accessed , used , and unlocked. However for now I should explain in detail about how the severing occurs, or rather the concept that can be applied to how once its severed if its not a mainstream flow of energy, such as energy flowing directly into an energy circuit, it can be severed completely and isolated from the flow.

This works in two steps, first by severing the energy flow and rotting away at it , the technique or even effected reality, such as distortions, reality changes, any form of technique or skill based alteration you could say, is rendered isolated from the main source and becomes uncontrollable, next though this skill works by using the assimilation power that he naturally has, it uses this of course to do something fairly simple, it assimilates the Affected area in his seishin buki’s radius after the desired objects have been severed, in this way it becomes suitable for facing even much stronger opponents as you see this first step has an interesting catch, the Larger the source of energy, the stronger the opponent, the easier it becomes to sever and assimilate the skills and techniques they use, in this way even barriers can be negated, the only problem though is that while this can sever and negate skills it cannot be directly used in attack, as the nature of rot, is used to defense in essence, which is why of course it is so useful in the first place. By severing the key factors that keep skills alive, he can change the course of battle using this energy severing skill.

There is a slight problem with it though, this is also like the previous skill likely to break, and when it breaks it has the same repair time of the previous skill.

(ASU Core Backup: (Alternate Severing Core backup): Nue also possesses a backup for his severing ability too, again like the previous skill however this one lacks the finesse needed to keep it activated all the time, it’s more like putting a band aid on the situation, and fixing it temporarily, by doing so it allows him to be able to repair the damage and fix the bugs, or whatever the cause of the malfunction in his skill is from. So quite honestly The ASU Core is important in this stage, given the technicality of his skills and the immense level of variables in them, they are also likely to break down in a thread at least once, which is again what this is for , it is a means of holding on until the skill itself has been fully fixed, given processing takes time, and energy. So this backup provides a buffer so he can continue to fight for up to 4 turns using this skill, and generally by then the original skill should be fixed. However again there is times that the repairs for the original Power can take up to 6 turns to fully repair, so keep in mind in rare situations, he might lose this power for the duration of a 2 turn gap period, however this is very unlikely.

However you should understand that the ASU Core backup like its predecessor is not going to be able to last forever, as shown above it does have a time limit of 4 turns in a thread to be used, as a supplement to keep fighting even when things look dire.

•Strike: Necropolis Appearance: They look the same as before.
•Strike:Necropolis abilities:

Neutralization Decay: Nue in strike gains an interesting skill, which is the ability to Neutralize Barriers and seals, as well as Opponents , it Works by instead of completely assimilating the Targeted object, it is removing a equal amount of negative and positive power and assimilating that, leaving a small disruption in the energy frequency by this means, it allows for him to in essence completely Neutralize or negate spiritual powers, however this works in another way , by using Neutralization, it also is commonly used to counteract negative energy flow, by assimilating equal amount from both sides, to leave a balanced product in the end, by doing this, to allies however this is used to further boost Control of techniques, by balancing out power or throwing it out of whack this is quite a interesting skill given it has both the properties of the previous skills but a different intended purpose.

You see this works on the Energy in his general radius, by assimilating certain qualities of it, it makes it unsafe for use in skills or consumption, for example in a quarter mile radius he could turn perfectly good energy into something volatile, this is the perfect method against a quincy by making it imbalanced energy absorbed when he uses this has negative effects. It works though mainly by using the concept of balance, and either fixes that balance or throws it out of whack. So this skill is both a support skill, and a skill which can be used certainly in combat, as you see the stronger the energy draw skill, the stronger the potential for serious damage occurs, so in essence while it doesn’t make it impossible to draw in energy , it makes it so that when energy is drawn in , it’s going to be much harder to control than normal, in fact it causes the person who uses the unstable energy to take twice as much energy to form the skill that they are trying to use , in this way it is used to wear down an opponent.
On the flip side, when used on an ally, he can use it to clean up impurities and even enhance a team mates spiritual pressure, by removing unneeded aspects and balancing out both sides of it, so in short it can be devastatingly bad or amusingly helpful depending on which side of the battle you find yourself on. When used to boost an allies balance, it allows skills to be used quicker, it also works quite well with Quincies, actually when its used to boost the balance, it if a quincy was in the radius and it was done on them, they would find it that they could draw twice the normal amount of energy in, and use it in the same amount of time they would normally use the regular amount of energy they had. In this way it is very useful to Quincy’s but it also very Bad for them if used against them, it’s a double edged sword no matter how you look at it, which is why while the skill is useful, well it is going to be tough to gauge what it can really do, unless you face it in the field of combat.

Yet like the previous skills it’s not without its faults, while its able to completely disrupt attacks, it will break down from time to time, like all the rest of them, this is a pretty severe underlying problem, as when it breaks down you will certainly notice it given the fact it is a pretty active skill like the previous ones, it most certainly will take time to fix, around 4-6 turns to fix it once it breaks down.

(ASU Command: (Alternate System Unit Command) : This is like the previous skills, it serves as the backup version of the main skill above, if the main skill was to break, this is there to provide a means of backing it up, and keeping the skill working for a temporary amount of time while the bug itself is being fixed. In this way you could think of these as patching , for the system while its being restored, as such they undoubtedly don’t have an unlimited run time, actually its quite short, a run time of around 4 turns is what you would expect from this, making it able to handle a majority of the situation when his skill broke down. However the fact remains that in rare situations complete restoration is not achieved when this skill has run out, which is why in those cases you would see the main power momentarily go offline for a period of 2 turns following, and because of this it is speculated that the small breaks are quite natural, happening once a thread more likely than the case being not, but it is also speculated that the Large breaks are exceedingly rare, making them of course unlikely to be found in the first place, it is thanks to that fact that the command unit is a 1 time only use per thread. For the duration of the thread it will only be able to be activated once, given the fact being that of course this is a back-up and a last resort for if his main skill has jammed or malfunctioned somehow and is here for the purpose of giving him time to get it back online without losing any of his potential defensive skills. Thanks to that of course the ASU command has the same functions as the main skill, just it lacks the longevity needed to back it up.

• Purity: Rotting Bonds Appearance: They look the same, as before strangely enough.
•Purity: Rotting bonds Abilities

Rot Jamming: In essence Nue has another special skill (Funny huh) It is known as Rot jamming, and it does some pretty special shit, in regards to when compared to the previous abilities which is by completely working on the situation at hand, it has the capacity to jam a spiritual signal or energy that comes into contact with him, causing unforeseen complications and beyond the stuff he already can do, it can go as far as to disrupt skills and cause unintended side effects of occur that hadn’t been intended in the first place, such as if it gets within 200 feet of him, by generating this rot jamming skill he can in essence jam or screw up the energy within an attack , either halting or causing damage to it in the first place. It of course can’t specifically be used for offense however, the interesting thing is that this can be used to jam attacks and even energy tracking, not in a wide radius but in the direct radius of his seishin buki of course.

However because it takes such a short radius of manipulation it makes up for that due to how comprehensive it is, being able to jam magic skills or even reality based anomalies, such as trying to effect his aspect, it doesn’t completely blow it up, but more causes the skill to malfunction, and in that way it has a really similar effect to assimilation which is to cause the negation of things under certain criteria, however the fact is that while the criteria might be the same, the effects themselves are different, this is generally used because it doesn’t stop the ability but it causes unintended side effects that would be more effective as a means of countering then actually using a skill itself, thanks to this as well of course, he is widely able to use these skills to actually stop and generally cancel out the attack , however with all skills the criteria and function can change, but the outcome is the same its made as another means of causing energy to become messed up, making it both harder to control, and also so that the more energy that’s present, the more volatile it will get, meaning higher tiers suffer more from this skill then a lower tier would, just given its basic effects and simply what its geared towards, thanks to these factors this is for combatting higher tiered opponents.

Among other things though, this is used to instead of stopping the flow of energy, to destabilize it, to cause further damage later on, which is why when he makes direct contact with a foe, he can use this rather easily to cause effects like destabilizing the energy network within the body, making the outflow into attacks for the next 2 turns become 50% less controllable, literally making it so the energy system is going to be what is screwing itself over, of course it works by using the concept of rot to corrode at the energy system not fully destroying it, but enough that the energy that takes the place of the old energy is going to be destabilized by the unstable timing that the technique will produce within a person, either causing too little power to go in 50% of the time, or the other half for the energy output to become erratic and much greater than what was intended which generally causes for it to go out of control, that’s how this works, by using these factors it makes him able to generally use these skills to the best of his abilities, but this also is used not for damage but again to destabilize the opponent.

So this being how it works its easy to see why being able to touch the opponent and due to his power type, when put together are going to generally be the reason that he has this skill in terms of how good it is at least, being able to do these things destabilizing and unbalancing is pretty much child’s play for him, and with that in mind it doesn’t really take much for him at all to cause the disruption to be either intense or hardly there at all, of course this takes many more variables then the others, which stop and destroy the attack, given the fact that this one is disrupting it’s more active, and because of this of course, it does have more risks involved, and is more likely to break then the rest of the powers that he has, infact it is likely to break twice in a thread instead of once, each time for 4 turns, even though likely is rare for him, given he has the devils luck , it means he could potentially go without this skill for 6 turns due to the back up only working A; once, and B: for 4 turns max.

ACU Jammer: (Alternate Control Unit) Nue ‘s back up has again the same functions as the original and natural skill would have, however it does have some differences, which would be the fact that instead of something being easy to use, it makes the jamming last for around 2 turns max instead of the regular amount. Thanks to this of course, the jammer is not only a limited time skill, and a once use, but its also inferior to the original and natural skill. As such again it is a back-up in the case that the skill itself had Broke down, which should make sense, given the fact that if his skill breaks down its going to break down for a time period of 4-6 turns , mostly 4 turns but on the rarer occasion it can be for a period of around 6 turns leaving a 2 turn gap in which he can’t use his skill, while he has others to fall back on, it is a pain when his skills stop functioning, which is why this is here, however. When used and the use is up it cannot be used for the remainder of the thread.


•Angel Of Necrosis : (What is your Angel, Devil or Hybrid Title? For example, one could be The Angel Of Ice, The Devil of Fire, The Hybrid of Memories and etc)

• Class Traits:
Hard Healing: The problem is with wounds he inflicts due to him being the angel of necrosis , it means that the wounds are going to have a harder time healing, such as taking up to 3 times the effort to heal. Of course this makes sense given the fact that decay can take in normal circumstances a lot of effort to stop, rapid decay of course not over time decay. So this works on a lesser level like the quincies arrow, by causing the cells themselves to begin undergoing Apoptosis, which means they are killing themselves of course. Thanks to that it means that say he cut you across your chest? It would more likely than not take 2 times as long as normal to heal, making even the fastest regeneration become visible, as at max wounds inflicted will take an entire turn to regenerate given the fact that you’re not only regenerating the wound, but you would be halting further damage from occurring via Apoptosis in that turn.
• Skills:


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Racial Skills
  • Chaos Energy Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Warp: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Chaos Fighting Style: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Gem Creation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

  • Nature Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Nature Spells: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Nature Energy: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Element Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


• Roleplay Sample: (If this is your first application on the site, please be sure to show us a post from another site or make a new one to show us how you RP. If you have already made a character, you may remove this!)


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The Beginning

When this was no one really remembers most importantly Nue gremory has no clue. He was born or .. should i say he existed eventually in a small town outside rural russia. Where the winters where harsh and rations where scarce it was the text book definition of a hell on earth in Nue's opinion. He had few freinds and those he did had, could account him as laid back withdrawn and very rational. As this is who he was. Ever since birth he had a high IQ scoring over all in the 150 or off the charts gifted range. His highest score being his mental reasoning. This is why he was usually chosen for important desicions in the small town he lived in. As when their was a important subject. Nue was usually the one called to be the person whom actually would deduct what should be done and when it should be done. It was who Nue was, And he was fine with that, though he was impatient on smaller things when the big things came around he could always have been counted on to pull through. Nue may have been many things but someone who did'nt keep his word. that was not one of them . This is what gained him major respect from his peirs and, more importantly his elders, which was in Nue's opinion a major Plus to being who he was.

One winter he had to go on a hunting trip to the northern forest, to gain some much needed hunting supplies, it was a strange trip since unlike others what they where hunting was, a simple northern kodiac which unlike other things actually was harmfull in the manner that they where one indangered and two, these where the biggest bears known, besides prehistoric ones, which made it a overly risked hunting trip. Despite the fact yet, it was cold as hell, probably a good analogy, and aswell to the fact it was dangerous as it was rewarding.A single bear could make ten coats for the new children in the village. Ten which was a huge number at that time. It was not for the adults that Nue Gremory was hunting, it was for the children he was hunting for. So that they could infact have a good warm winter, Though Nue Gremory could not ever remember being born, he was found one day in a rotting pile of human bodies. So he was a mystery to everyone he knew, though he was aswell someone who aged very slowly in their opinion, making him feared by some of the more superstisous People of the town, which was barely bigger then a tribe. So in its nature it was decently tribal. Having the same hiarchy and marks. Which Nue Gremory had gotten his early for his increased acts of valor of helping people. and Doing what was needed to Make lives easier for the villagers. Unknown to him though everyone had decided he could be dangerous and had called the SCS, or the Soviet Castroph System, and had reported the existance of Nue Gremory. Which was now going to be picked up, after the trip was done.

Nue Gremory, looked up in the snow to the growling face of the bear. before he had then crushed into it after a intense 4month hunt, they grappled causing some scrapes to form on his legs and arms, though he had brought a blade down in the Back of the bears neck, right behind the fith and fourth vertibray which severed the spinal cord aswell, so that now The bear shuddered then fell down dead, its huge form spraying blood into the snow turning it red. Now, As the people around nue had set to work, skinning the huge 14ft 5 inch tall 3ton bear. being they had ment to face A Normal kodiac but somehow had found a elusive shortfaced bear which where all but extinct. though this was a good thing as-well since these gave much better hides then the average bear would in its self. Since the short-faced bear could survive in much harsher conditions then most other bears could. Nue aswell after the slain bear had been skinned begin cutting the usefull meat and, other items, into a huge pouch he usually carried, before tying the string shut. He aswell was much stronger and seemed to have inhuman stregnth and endurance. Which made him even more alienated then he was in previous times. So he had now began to trudge back to the village , his hair whipping around him in the snow. It was more of a Harsh winter then most had been making it simply a blizzard. Which as common, but none was as harsh as the one that winter. So now they had begin the trudging to get out.

So now, He had been making conversation, though what the villagers did not know was that when people actually called the SCS the town was wiped out so that their was no record of the individual existing they would get some bogus Praise for benifiting their country then they would get blown to bits by the Missile force. It was just how the Russian goverment handled these kinds of tihngs. It was a horrifying truth but this is how it was. So about the time that nue began to make the trek back to town, The SCS Retrival Squad alpha had Made it to the town. Though they where a pretty big infantry the commanders where the Alpha Retrival Squad, which was a secret Co-Op team which rounded up nue's kind and inprisoned them. So when the Squat team Arrived they said one thing to the Elder of the town.
"Thank you for calling us, and here is your reward again you have done a great justice to your country."

The Squat team Officer said as he raised his gun and when he said reward had fired off around into the elders head, blowing his brains out. Then the town broke out into chaos, Blood flying everywhere while People screamed. The infantry moved in now, burning and Massecuring anyone in the town. Before now the guns which had'nt been heard besides in hunting, blared out, from infantry man, discharging full magazines of bullets into the crowd, Letting the bodies pile up, as the clean up crew trailed behind pouring gasoline over the bodies, and tossing them into the houses, breaking windows and chucking grenades in. As they walked by, teir gass seemed to form mushroom clouds from the town. The stench of bodies now having come into the point it had Easily been smelt by nue's decently sensitive ears. which made him gag. Though this is not what worried him
it was the direction of where it came from. The Town he had grown to love was in trouble. This is when He dropped the meat, And broke out into a dead sprint for the town, Which he now saw Later more he felt it first. The dull boom of a explosion going off, as he then saw the huge pillar of flame from the bomb that was dropped on the town, leveling it. By the time he got their, nothing was left but ruins. This is when Nue's mind snapped. Then he saw the people who did it, the SCS and in rage, he picked up his knife and ran at them. As they tryed to shoot, the bullets grazed him and harmed him but he did not stop. Before slitting several throats then He was dog piled. before being subdued by several hundreds of bodies, now, being chained he was dragged off. Nue did'nt know where because a bag was roughtly shoved over his head. So now nue had blacked out.

Nue Never knew how long it was untill the bag was tooken off. But what marked the time was the sound of the people around him talking and laughing. Like they never had a care in the world. And for all he knew, people may have been truely not their, this could be a dream. but this was one he could not wake up from. No matter how hard he wanted to wake up, He could'nt this is when he finally realised this was reality. This is when truelly his mind became unstable. And he Began to mutter to himself, a dam breaking in his mind, and a exstention of his concionce seemed to come after this. As people around him began to get sick, most being pulled out after a week of extended guarding him. Getting to throw up blood, , and some died from bleeding inside them. This is how hard it was. Though aswell, This is when they moved him again, a bag on his head. Untill he was then opened to what looked like a living hell. Guards where beating inmates, some even where eating eachother, they looked like the living dead from the frostbite and injuries to their milky white eyes. Hell some of them where half dead to begin with. And these where the inmates who where not so dangerous they could'nt be allowed outside. these where the low Level Mental Patience's, and Even here, grenades where needed. as Nue watched as he was transported, four guards getting their throats ripped out, then eaten by the inmates. These being known as the caniiballes Which where low level patiences. This is not where nue was being transported, he was being transported to the Cavern district, which was some miles under the ground, he had the worst cell too, The one which was Extending Miles away from the rest, as everyone around him kept bleeding and bleeding. he had more guards killed just by being around him then any other inmate their.

Hell even the inmates feared him his first week their. He was simply known as Inmate X, which made him a legend to the harsh people their, even guards would kill themselves if they where to be on the guard list for Nue, At this point his mind, snapped again and again from lonelyness and the now perminant stench of blood and Decay around him, which seemed to give him strength but he did'nt escape.. maybe just maybe.. in nues opinion. He was a monster after all . And if he was, he definitivly did not deserve to escape. He watched the bodies pile up, and began to not care hell it was entertainment to him now. To see how long the guards lasted without throwing up everything and bleeding to death. The longest guard with him, lasted the first two weeks. Even they, died the worst death, they bleeded from theitr pours, even their organs where thrown up. it was just gruesom, This was the beginning oif his stay, but it was'nt something nue liked at first, it was the conditions themselves that drove him to not care. And find it interesting, The way he looked at it, it was their fault for inprisoning him, so they can suffer more deaths. If they want to put guards their. Nue's fine with that, they will just die sooner or later anyways. It was'nt him being a ego maniac, it just was the truth of it all, and that is how nue and everyone else perceived it. No matter how good a guard was taken care of medically, they could only live around nue, in guard duty 2 weeks tops. By then they where beyond saving, and just would die, and decay, no body was removed though, since those who tryed, got sick aswell and would die in a month, So guards by now had to wear scrubs on their arms and hands to prevent themselves from getting what ever it was even from the blood around him. Such was the serverity of just being around him for the guards and people alike.

BlackWing Mental Asylum

After the first week, guards that where with him would simply talk to him they knew they eventually where going to die anyways., So why would they Delay the inevitable? They would simply ask him things like how he was, and if anything interesting was going on as if they cared at all. Which in nue's Opinion was pretty hilarious, He would though get Gossip From the yard from his guards since they found that talking to him, made it more bearable before they died. He understood them and would listen, since well What the hell else did he have to do? it was either they die and talk with him, or die and be in silence not knowing what to do untill they died. It Was something all guards after awhile just figured out, they would simply just let him know stuff, when he asked, though he truthfully could not tell the guards when they would die. It just was how ever long their body could take it before they began to decompose and then die. It was not if nue cared when they died. The guards knew this, but they also knew, he was taken from his home so he had every right to find them diing amusing. They hated him for they would die always after being a week or two guarding him. but , That was not something he really cared about. They where guards and where who they where. If they hated him their was nothing Nue himself could do about it. Their was few interesting things going on that he heard about but when their was something interesting to be learnt. He would Listen intently, enjoying the knowledge as the stupid shit that went on, was interesting as it was amusing. Since some places Had borning prison breaks. This place had rave like riots, Which would cause a dozen guards and 50 inmates to usually be eaten before their bodies where hung by the intestines from the tops of their cells. Which was something that was disgusting. But it was aswell natural for this to happen. Since after all the inmates where pretty Damned crazy. This gave nue some Amusement, But it still left him with time between which drove him crazy, One thing he learned fast, was that Patience is what kept you sane, if you lost it, you would surely loose your Little mind, and what sanity you retain, Not only was the Cell, dank and had blood stains from previous prisoners, the Featurless Hall which streatched for miles infront of it, which was just how isolated he was, gave him nothing to stare at, it drove him crazy, since every little thing which would give him interest in the features of the place was stripped down. To leave him with a plane exspanse which had nothing different in it, not even a bed, he had to sit, hugging his knee's while he listened to guards, and Not even could he eat. Though it was funny, since every guard that died, seemed to fill his belly, and rejuvinate him untill the body was decomposed to a point it could'nt any further. Odd yes, but atleast he did not starve. he actually got a decent amount of meals thanks to the guards.

Though their was some reports that where more interesting then others like the one that came on the aniversary of his stay at black wing Mental Asylum known as the Riot Of the Wires. which was something that happened in a week period. Where inmates where Found cut to ribbons and their organs eaten or hung by wires. over the torches that lit the outside. Some guards themselves where hung upside down with the Patiences gnashing theiur teeth untill blood Spurted from their eyes from the pressure. Then they would drop the wires and eat them, Some of the More mental ones, aswell would dance around in circles with a dead nurse or something untill they where beaten. Hell some of the Idiots Died from eating the Night sticks of the guards. One even had a Tazer in his Intestines when a biopsy was conducted to see how he died. Yes it baffled the people that worked their but , at the same time it was something that was funny and strange. Even the guards where mistifyed when someone had managed to hang someone by forcing A pair of thongs through a inmates ear and out the other one before being ted to the guards office fan. Which rotated him like a grotesque disco ball. Hell 4 inmates and guards, had their heads removed then shoved into their stomaches, Like some malformed Horror show. Which was not one of the worst things. but it still was pretty bad in the manner of how it was. This lasted for a week and he heard afew accounts from the people who guarded him when he asked. and they where in a good mood anyways they would answer him with remarks such as.
"It was like a Rave gone to hell, fire bombs everywhere screaming inmates laughing inmates Guards trying to get order, Hell infront of my eyes i saw a inmate, grab a dismembered head, and Shove it down their best freinds throat, untill it was in their stomache by using another bloody ripped of arm from the inmate. then proceeded to sing happy birthday to the inmate who now fell over dead before now, Seemings began to poke his freind with the hand, And say, I love you buddy. "

"It was a nightmare, some bastard decided to get to close to an inmate, his eyeball ended shoved into his ass crack and the testicles where in the dudes eye sockets. While the head was cracked and turned all the way around before the person danced the hokey pokey with it, higgling and Saying mental pick up lines like, i could just eat you up to the guard. It was hell on earth you could say hell they probably would have been true aswell. "

And another account of it from a guard was, Something that could'nt be documented due to the Graphic nature of it and the fact half of it was cussing and the other half was screaming, before the guard after recounting had shot himself in the head, and fell over onto the pile of bodies around him. Yes it was guesome, but nue Found it amusing to the point he actually giggled. Because he had seen worse and he knew they would die anyways but in his opinoin it was just stupid for them to end up killing themselves over something that was that stupid. They could have atleast, went insane and given him for intertainment. But no They had to go and shoot themselves in the bloody mother fucking head. like a retard.. But then again, everyone here was alittle unhinged , or they would'nt be in this top secret mental Mad house in the middle of the antarctic. Would they? Well some things really just could not be answered.. But nue To pass the time, would think up some things that could be happening in the normal lives of humanity .It was something he craved though he knew he would never get it. This is what made him long for it even more. And for months on end, he would day dream he was a normal person carring out a normal life. Where he was loved and appriciated for who he was and not what he was. which was a dream of his which never really went away. Hell sometimes he would be counting the dead bodies around him or guessing when the next guard would die. It just was something he could'nt change as it was what he was.

Nue aswell, when he was bored, had taken to a habit of spening days on end, fingerpainting with the blood of his dead guards, making obscene offensive grafitti on the walls, and doing math and other stupid shit, once he had gone to the point of making a naked lady on the wall, which was dancing with a dead baby jesus who had a unidick on their head. Yes he did this because he was bored, not because he was trying to be offensive. Because the long time now between new guards coming was increasing. he got guards now every other.. week.. which make him slightly hungry from time to time, but he still had plently of decaying guards around him that sated his hunger. Now, when they came, they had on haz mat suits. Which would prolong them diing for around 4 days untill the poor bastards took them off since they where too sweaty, then they would begin getting sick . which then took the course that it used to, of them slowly then having to die after in the period of time that usually took place. It was sad yes. stupid yes. But it was something nue used to mark the passage of time. reach guard diing was usually 3 weeks of time passing and for nue it was a pretty affective way of telling the time , and how long till the year was over. plus.. 1/5 of the guards usually lasted only 2 days then shot themselves in the head. Which was amusing to nue because of their stupidity, since they thought they would have something better if they shot themselves in the head. it was rediculous. Really this made guards in a sick way, decide that guns where no longer to be carried to the cell where nue was. They now where only permitted by the warden to carrie night sticks

This though proved just to Give Nue more amusement, as the guards frequently would beat eachother as a passtime when they got on eachothers nerves. Which would reduce nue to tears as he laughed, watching guards do this, though they usually did'nt always do it, it still was something that was pretty hilarious to Nue, given the fact that they would beat eachother up when they where supposed to be the sane ones! It was just.. friggen stupid to the point, nue wanted to just roll around and laugh till his lungs gave out. but he restrained himself, some, since if he found it too amusing the guards probably would stop. since, they know they are not supposed to Give a patient any amusement They where their to guard and that was pretty much it, but this was the funny thing to nue. Because They guarded but they aswell did stupid shit like above , and sometimes would just get into brawls on who had to enter the vicinity of Nue's cell first. Which again Nue found pretty Damned hilarious to the point most of the time, he was on the ground laughing his ass off. Which was to the point He could be heard by the Level directly above him which was only 400 ft above him because of the fact that sound echoed Alot in the Asylums underground. Which was one of the reasons guards did'nt yell or scream, since this aswell would arrouse the lust of the Crazed Patients that where their, they would simply have cackled then began to bang on bars and wail, gripping any poor guard that got too close before pulling so hard that the guards head would usually be crushed and pulled through the bars while the patient ate the corpse, Gruesome but thats what usually happened. When the guards desided to yell at eachother, which is why it generally was not done so that they would'nt get killed early or anything. Because the mortality rate was at 60% but why make it higher? It was just stupid to yell because thats exactly what it did, it made mortality rate soo much higher that it was just stupid. So people as i've said generally did'nt yell because they valued their lives more then they where to value their testosterone and need to feel superior.

The Month when it snowed

When it Snowed the weeks after, what began to happen , was the place began to get snowed in, the Prisoners in the lowerst securities began to Make killer snowballs and usually would kill eachother with them by, shoving them into eachothers throats till their stomaches burst. Which was gruesome but the guards at this point did not care, the less of them in their opinons the better chance they would be able to retire from this damned place. Nue himself now, had gotten bored, and would just meditate in his cell, but he noticed the place was emptying as prisoners where being Shot and slaughtered , The souls though seemed to not leave, wandering the place, since Their was'nt any shimigami in the remoteness of antarctica Slowly though as the bodies mounted people began to simply allow the stupid prisoners to kill eachother, though the guards that where guarding them, where becoming kill in highly gruesome and even worse ways then they had before. If you could have seen a place breaking down in the ways things where run you would get a common idea of how this place was breaking down. Guards where being found in snow men, their bodies being frozen their till dead, as iff the prisoners where preserving them to make a good snack out of them later. It was concerning but what was worse. Was the snow which came down in a blizard before began to pound down even worse then recorded snow storms in the past.

It was like mother nature had decided that this place had annoyed her long enough, and she decided she was going to bury the damned place to give herself some peace and quiet. Though now guards where assigned in huge numbers down at my cell, mostly because it was warm and moist down their and the heaters had stopped working after the power plant had been snowed in, And now their was even riots between them and people eating eachother, as they had ran out of food soon after this incident had began , The guards who survived began to loose their minds Being just as bad as the patients, though these where worse because they would let the patience out to just crush their brains then eat them as food. which made sickness besides the thing around nues cell, spread rapant, though sickness never got down to where nue was. it was sickening for him. It was the very definition of hell . And he hated it , It was as iff someone had decided it was time for the world to have blown the fuck up or atleast for where he was captive to stop working. People screamed now not caring, and this just enraged inmates. Who now where allowed out of their cells from the fact not enough guards where around to keep them at bay, Nothing mattered to them now, it was like, the world was ending, one the Door had become snowed in, the prisoners outside, now having died under mounds of snow, though their spirits stayed wondering around looking like they did before they died. being no shimigami's where around they stayed and where constantly wondering around, and no hollows where around either from the sparseness of life. so it was as iff nothing would stop the souls from wondering around .Some where harmless and insane but others. Could Drive people to kill themselves from the wailing they had endured from the past. making it something out of a horror story though the only difference was this one was real. Now, the next weaks passed, pantries where raided the huge reserves of food began to dwindle as people just simply died. Those who had sense huddled around the cell of nue, and died eventually anyways. This was the time when nue was always full

While now Nue watched as the bodies mounted people had began to go crazy in every sense of the word. While Guards where found now hanging by their tounges. Inmates somehow having lungs filled with checkers. To boot the worst was somehow, Someones body had been stuffed with Dehydrated food rations, then filled with water. So their body burst open with the food now being rehydrated Bloody spraying everywhere. Those being still around hiding and scavenging what they could off the dead bodies, though the insane people still would find eachother and then each eachother. Someone was collecting tounges aswell now, Having a hundred tounges being ripped from dead bodies. Someone was collecting eyes, Hell bodys where being torn apart an tossed places bone marrow was being eaten, If you could imaging it , it was happening to them from the fact of the matter being. They where beginning to starve. Even the child ward now was breached. Nurses being Drained of milk then slaughtered, Ho bo fires becoming common in the massive underground complex, By now the high Level patients got out, and began to slaughter everything in sight, Beating eachother to the point if a skull was cracked, brains and organs would be stuffed into the cavity then stomped to make a mush that would then be drank liek a milk shake. It was hell on earth in their, nothing could stop what was happening, To make things worse the more things that died, the More insane souls where found wandering around the Asylum which drove Inmates to begin eating themselves. Being found later mising limbs and having their own hands shoved in their mouths from eating them. It was a horrible place.

Nothing was worse though as when everyone truely ran out of food. Everyone but nue that is ran out of food. They went crazy killing eachother at a fevered climax which seemed to grow higher and higher, which eventually was going to crash from the fact, that their was not enough human bodies to keep up this fevered killing, and eventually it was going to wear out and become something that was all dead. but soon nue, had his cage opened, by the last guard which grinned at nue, and said which blood spattered lips

"This place is doomed, no reason for u to be locked up anymore.. have fun in hell buddy."

Then the guard fell over dead. Though the next week got to the max it could. The little that was left began to scream and pound on walls, making hand prints with blood as they where eaten by their fellow inmates, as now they began to fall over puking up blood, some of them diing from their diets themselves. before now, soon the last of them died in a fevered race of survival, though by now the bottom most levels where empty, bodies littering everywhere blood forming grotesque mush like things as running had pounded every last dead corpse to mush which by now was naturally decaying, till finally the last of them the final one fell down dead, from starvation looking like a walking skeleton , as no rats where there t clean it up, and the ripe smell could'nt grow fungus accept in the lower levels. where fungus was growing around wild, and few corn seeds had planted and where growing in dirt patches in the ground, and by now.. the blizzard had left a 400ft mountain of snow above the asylum, covering it this is when Nue became the only living resident, and insane souls still wandered around wailing about their lives well what they could remember. it was hell. then came the Era of silence.

Era of silence

Nue had looked out, his eyes growing accustomed to the dim light of the Asylum once more, everything was slaughtered and decaying, And the immensity of it, sent his mind into its sanity once more, all this life should'nt have been lost, the guards.. to save their own skins had caused this to happen.. It was what happened when you ran out of food, and had this many people.. what had they been thinking, Nue did not know. It was a hell for him of a different kind. A hell where everything had changed.. a hell of the dead not the living. as he was the only one left alive. It was something for him that drove him crazy in some manners. but cleared his mind in others. He for once after his stay their, had a breif and needed moment of peace, where he was'nt the subject of fear or hate, he was alone, truely alone and this humbled him, and taught him what he had lost. His humanity, his Sentimence for human loss, of life, it was something that made him realize how bad he had been when he had living people around him. He had laughed at the loss of life like it was nothing but a game. But now he realized it was not a game it was reality, and he had to wake up, before he could though awake had came crashing down on him. And it had done so with a brutality that was unparalleled to him to describe.

Nue had now wandered around picking his way through the bodies and bloody mush that was decaying and harboring fungi around him, like a battle feild he had'nt known existed, though it had been infront of him this entire time. now he was alone, and he may be that way for along time.. What started as his prison had now became his tomb.. it was as if someone wsa punishing him for what he was. though that he was'nt sure about anymore. He doubted even that he was human, as he could see the souls of his guards and inmates wandering around the halls, babbling and looking at him, with a kind of sadness not for them being dead and trapped. They had company themselves, but it was worse then the living rushing him, for atleast he could have felt it, but they moved through him, and wailed in frustration.. This hurt him more then anything else he though could in the world. For even though he was alone, he had to bear the pain of those around him.. This pain was unbearable for awhile, as he walked down the hall that was infront of his cage. Bodies littered it like a bad texas chain saw massecur movie, though it was no movie it was reality. And this really pained him more then anything else. The loss of life was unforgivable. And the pain.. at first was so bad he could not do anything about it, it drove him crazy, made him cry plead begg. Like his humanity had come back to him in earnest right when it could haunt him the most. And it made him appriiciate what he had before and this drove him even crazyer he shook dead bodies getting blood on himself, his shirt becoming stained red. He still had the markings which by now where burn on his face. he was crazy.. though not in the realistic kind. He wanted conpainionship now more then ever.

He Looked at bodies, now and saw people not things that where moronic.. As he walked up the stairs he refrained from using the railing that was slick with blood. it was slow going as he had to pick his way through mounds of dead bodies, and slick brain mush and other internal organs. This being a horrifying thing all together that drove him insane

Insane days

[color=Firebrick]Nue now, was could be considered insane but was not, he screamed and cried, though he tried to help souls when he could., but all he got as his reward was more pain and misery as their cracked minds, would bable and cause him to have to literally move away from the soul till it stopped following him to save himselve from going crazy. He could barely sleep and when he did he would just be out, and i mean He would be out for days on end, before walking around more of the place. Though the blood Used to give him pleasure now, it just made him sick to his stomache not because it repulsed him but it drew him in, he liked it, but at the same time hated himself for liking it because of what that ment to him . It drove him crazy he even prayed to what ever messed up god that was out there to let him be free. It was something he needed Bably he wanted to get out so that he did'nt have to endure the suffering of being in this hell hole anymore. It was almost a Lust now, that made him drool, the concept of freedom was so good he drew about it in blood on the walls, this was to exhaust his sense of dread by focusing on something else that could take his mind off it. And it worked some times but most of the time it did not work at all, Cause nue to just go even into a worse state of his depression, making him draw smily faces of blood on the wall, and wander the place to learn the lay of the land.

Through this though nue always avoided any of the gas chambers and he was afraid he'd kill himself or the blood lust would make him go crazy and over extert himself. As it was one of the few fears and feelings nue still had. He had come to apriciate these feelings though over a long period of time finding it so that. they had A place in his head, he could think around them oh yes he had enough of a brain to do tht. and enough room in his head to do so. But most of the time he chose to dwell in them because this was one of the few times he even felt anything at all. It was almost iff he loved the emotions because they where soemthing known to him. Something that showed he still existed. Maybe in a hell hole from screwed up satans ass crack .But he still existed, But not knowing what he was or what he would be was worse then barely feeling anything. Time became nothing to him after awhile. Aimlessly wandering the halls looking for any signs of life, maybe he was naive but it gave him purpose something that was one of the few reasons he was still alive. What was the purpose though? It was to find anyone that might survive and learn what it could do for them. Something that was his yearning and lust for some time was to find someone else in this hell hole. So he kept searching Nue sometimes would double back over a floor more then three times though this ment going over thirty miles down some of the hallways just to get to another iscolated string of cells. It was gruesome it was sickening to smell, but it was what he did. Just because he needed a purpose to figure out what he would do. Just because he existed he needed sometrhing that would keep him from going crazy again. that was the last thing he wanted was to go crazy again.

Nue aswell would some times stop and rest sleeping in some random cell, listening to the babbling of the spirit that inhabited the cell if they where sane he might actually hold a conversation with it but more then likely they where not sane so he just simply ignored or tuned them out till they where nothing but back ground noise, so what he would'nt have to listen to their insane babble which more often then not would drive him insane and utterly crazy because of the fact of the matter being, it would not shut up and would just try to elicet some pain from him which they usually did, then he would fall asleep and have nightmares thanks to the obsessive babbling more often then not , making his sleep troubled but some times he slept like a rock having no dreams at all. These where blessings to Nue since they allowed him to regain his energy to go back to Wandering around , he had not seen daylight for a long time now, so it hurt his eyes more then it would to a normal person if he saw it. He could see well in the dark not being accustomed it it. But , Nue still could see spirits which at first he thought had been mirages of his own insanity, but now he knew they where their and where what they where. But this really did'nt matter to Nue, he would ignore them mostly unless they had something usefull to say to him in which he might listen or just wander off and allow the ghost to babble in his ear. But Nue then would find a place to sleep then get up, this way he made it to the second stairwell to the main cell block after a month of treking, Though the stair well here was littered with over 5 ft tall mounds of bodies which he had to now walk over where A body was showing its torso or another body part. This is when he eventually got up and shoved the door open to the main cell block, and sent around 100bodys sprawling out to see the true extent of the horror , Their was bloody graitti, tounge arms body parts strewn everywhere as some people where missing heads and organs which where found as mush inside of skulls of another person which was just disgusting. It hit nue though the amount of dead mangled around and souls wandering about, Bloodied hand prints everywhere aswell as Snow having blocked the exites turned to ice, aswell as the windows stalactites hung from the ceilings, this is when nue realized his efforts where nothing but futile, he was truely alone here, and probably would be untill he died. .. this humbled nue as he then learned the best thing black wing could teach a person, The true value of retaining ones sanity so that they will not loose it. Aswell as not caring of being alone, aswell as.. putting up with the stench and the horror. This is when Nue learned the true value of sorrow, and the extent of truely and undoubtedly being utterly and entirely alone. Something that weighed down on him like nothing else he had ever experienced before it was hell on earth.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Nue Revamp    Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:39 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 10 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is of appropriate length [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [o]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [o]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [x]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


due to issues with some abilities i am talking to shizuo about them to clear up any issues i might have and also what can be done to fix them.

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I'm move this to inactive WIP

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Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to old wip please feel free to post within this thread

Staff Help Thread


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Nue Revamp
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