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 New Forms & Upgrades [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: New Forms & Upgrades [WIP]   New Forms & Upgrades [WIP] EmptyTue Aug 20, 2013 5:26 pm

  • Name Of Character: Eric Zarathos
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: During the battle Madness Vs. Supreme power, Eric managed to unlock the final level of the madness transformation but due to his injuries. The mad demon could fully control the power until ater healing himself and escaping the demon queen's wrath. Throughtout battling and controlling his DE energy the mad demon was able to create and ultimate form from his anger power.

    Demonica and Eric face off again...In the Fight Night Thread
    Two Pages...

    Eric's Ultimate Form
    » Ultimate State Appearance:

    » Ultimate State Benefits: Immortalized Demonic Knight Strength: The strength of a Fallen Demon Knight; this also the unknown level of the mad demon. Eric's physical strength is really shocking and superiorly fierce of such an unbelievable level that even his actions cause great destruction and deadlier damage. Very stronger/powerful attacks might hurt him but they wouldn't have power of defeating him, Eric can actually block attacks depending on their strength. He's able to overpower an person's bankai and othee powerful & stronger attacks with his one punch/hand slap yet it hurts when does but thanks to his ultimate strength. With mad brute force behind it, he's able to break or destroy through the walls to destroy buildings and structures with his true demonic rage.

    Perfected Demonic Speed/Reflexes: Unlike his other forms, Eric's speed and reflexes have been greatly augmented to the point where the demon knight can move faster. Yet his agility and reflexes to dodge oncoming attacks that have do him harm. Eric is shown to used his quick speeds along with his reflexes to gain the upper hand on a enemy or find ways to outsmart their combat strategy. Eric has become fast enough to outrun his own energy attacks, allowing him to strike and enhance them or launch simultaneous attacks. Eric can keep up with a shinigami's shunpo speed, iramasha's spped or arrancar's sonido speed yet the guy can appear to be 250% more faster in this demon knight state. He can actually match a captain's shunpo or espada's soindo speed, vizard's speed or ziamichi's speed depending on the enemy's speed.

    Intensified Striking Power: Because of the demonic gauntlets of the demonic knight armor, Eric's striking power is increased by 150% percent. Because metal rings & demonic claws kinda lock the demon fingers which improve his fists allowing his enemies to feel his punches effectively. Also each punch is imbued with the flame magic which increase the power with some deadly pain.

    Warrior Demon-Knight's Durability: Due to many enhancements & demon knight armor fused within the demon knight body. Eric has a unstoppably strong resistant to damage all due from the body which happen when the mad demon unleashed against the demon queen. Most of the defensive powers of the knight demons combined within the ultimate demon form. It would take a whole lot of attacks well stronger & powerful ones which may hurt the mad one perhaps worse. The demon knight armor can be destroyed leaving the demon open for damage for attack.

    Higher Demon Ability Knowledge: Eric Zarathos was trained constantly to use his demon abilities when he was a child he started fully understanding a demon's natural abilities. Throughtout this knowledge was helpful throught his battles yet he started studying the many other benefits of different demon abilities. He constantly uses the Affinity Of Hell with his normal form and demon states for stronger and new powers. The demon uses Curse Effect to implant curses when he has a good chance of winning a battle or wants to make his enemy's life a living hell. The Sacrifice Incantation is used whenever he wants to upgrade and enhancing his body with deadly and destructive powers. The best demon ability that he likes using is the Black Inferno Blast which is one powerdul blast of destructive energy the best thing he's ever seen. Yet the demon is good learner and powerful warlock in the use of the Art of Demon Magic when it using it powers to heal himself or using different magical demonic powers and effects in battle.

    Body Manipulation: This is a natural ability that all demon's possess if they wish to activate it or perform it. Most Demon's have full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, able to stretch themselves to obtain insane heights such as being thirty foot tall, being able to change their skin color, having the ability to shape-shift into different people that they are able to remember and, on much more powerful levels, being able to even detach, generate or fuse body parts together in order to increase odds of surviving. Though, this does not occur until at least one tier, and even then it's weak compared to the 0 tier version. Additionally, it can even be used for offensive or defensive purposes. For example, a demon can use Body Manipulation in order to generate a layer of steel-like skin around their body in order to increase their defense and block out outside sources from entering their body by clogging every pore on it. Or, for another instance, they could use it on the offensive side by hurling body parts at their opponent that are extremely hot and turn into acid blood, using their increased height to smash down on most opponents and the same may even apply for some more powerful demon's attacks; or finally, in an avoidance way, more powerful demon's could even control their body in order to be broken down into a liquid, wind or fire type form in order to gain more ways to escape or evade attacks. [In this Ultimate form, Eric really likes using the body manipulation to create something like a multi arm form which gives him four arms.]

    Hellborn Telepathy Powers: Because of his demon knight power, Eric has very strong telekinetic powers to moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. Which means he could stop an Kidō attack and send it off to another direction or back to the enemy. Also having the ability to talk in people's minds when important information or tricking a person comes to pass. Eric is able to stop an stronger shikai attack but stronger bankai takes a lot of mind control to stop it can blow up in his face if not careful. Eric can only his telekinetic powers only about eight times because to large drain of powers it does to his demonic spiritual power and his demonic mind.

    The Final Berserker's Eyes: The final level of the bloodeyes; Unlike the other two levels, Eric has finally unlocked the ultimate & powerful level of the blood eyes. The final berserker grant the user various berserk & stronger abilities. Once activated the Final Berserker are activated will give the user augmented strength, stamina & speed. For a person to gave this power a person must experience something like a near death and a losing situation. During his battle, Eric was powerless but found a hidden power inside the madness.This level of the Final Berserker's Eye had the berserk-like qualities of a devil knight demon thus giving the user something of an devil knight's personality
    Final Berkserker Eyes Abilities
    1.)Immense Wild Senses: An greater augmentation of the wild senses at a immense level. Unlike the warlord bloodeyes, Eric has learned many new tricks of sensory skills of the six deadliest animals of the known world with the final berserker's eyes. This immense power focused of sense of the animals allowing to sense & point an enemy's movements at a very high and great augmented speed. With the wild senses, Eric can quickly detect any of speed the enemy is using examples like flash step, sonido, chaos warp, quincy's hirenkyaku or powerful high speed of the enemy. A dark combination of shadow movement & greater energy manipulation of zoa koa in an new devil hunter sort of way.
    2.) True Exodus Fist: The ultimate power of the Exodus Fist. The original power has seven elemental magic powers this mega version give the two elements the force of 400 small ones, they will infuse themselves in the demon's right hand making it stronger almost into an augmented burning metal fist. Eric rushes at the enemy attacking when the punch is deliver the impact actually the elemental magic themselves attack the enemy's pressure points in the arms and chest. At first nothing happens. Then a large nuke explosion erupts inside the enemy's body destroying vital organs and some bones in the arms and legs. This can be blocked if it is the enemy will feel 95% of the attack and something inside the enemy will be burning. If it dodge the enemy will feel 45% of the attack almost like a shockwave hitting him.
    3.) Ultimate Destroya: This is an Demon-exclusive technique that hardens the user's zoa koa and releases it in a swift yet potent giant flame blast within the fist. While similar in function to an arrancar's Gran Rey Cero, the technique is not nearly as powerful, though thanks to its composition its speed is 50 times faster and allows for it to be fired in quick succession. In addition, it possesses more concussive force than a typical Gran Rey Cero does.
    4.) True Demi Archangel of the Justice: The true ultimate ability. Eric splits himself in half as unknown kage dimensional gateway forms inside unlocking to an hidden dimension. Eric opens up his body and a fallen archangel with appear as the demon archangel starts to awaken. Eric will dissapear and the demon archangel with emerge from the remains of the mad demon's flesh. The Demi Archangel will have all of Eric's powers and abilities. Yet Eric's skill set will be boosted by one but it can't exceed master. The Demon Archangel's name is Joshua Iramasha. Once Kade Hiroshima's original first and true name. The final attack of the Fallen ArchAngel is Last Rites the ultimate megadeath attack. With one finger, the fallen one summons both angelic and demonic energy as massive spiritual energy spear imbued with arrancar's spiritual power, iramasha's chaos power and finally demon zoa koa power. The demon archangel grabs the spear and then starts crying a tear of a human and of a demon enhances the power of the spear even more. Which turns the spear both white and black. Once thrown and if it hits the target the blast radius is shocking nothing human would survive it. The enemy would need a barrier or strong defense to block the massive blast. Actually the blast radius is 25 miles long. This can be blocked by a stronger attack but the enemy will feel 95% of the attack.

    Ultimate Shadow Razor Punch: Eric will take a deep breathe as his zoa koa power will engulf his fist with pure shadow power empowering the fist for an attack. He unleashes his shadow energy into a mighty flaming red aura, before punching the ground with his fist gaining elemental energy. The fist once again absorbs both shadow energy and flame energy making the fist strong and ready for attack, Eric flex his fingers as the demon's fist turns a demonic gauntlet. Eric charges with the flaming energy and his shadow movement which the demon inflicts a giant of exploding shadow damage when the attack connects or hits an enemy. In truth it almost like a nuclear explosion to a person's face and it hurts like hell.It a combination of shadow and lava and this can hurt and enemy this attack the ultimate form of the shadow claw from his previous shadow claw techniques and most strongest of them all. The only flaw is that the attack can be dodged depending on the enemy's speed.

    Demi-Flame Powers: From accepting his new powers, Eric has been given unique ability from his madness powers which he can enhance even augment attacks with dark red flame energy giving much more powerful & deadly effect. Initially this was uncontrollable, but after enhancement by some training. Eric can mostly control this bone power creating attacks and defenses from his powers, creating weapons, attack and defenses with his dark red flame powers. When using dark red fire power, Eric's arms can transform taking on a different attacks when using flame weapons or lightning attacks. Also Eric's dark flame attacks can be defeated or counter by a stronger defense or strong energy barrier depending on the strength and defensive power of that enemy. However, Eric's defensive powers can be weaken if his dark flame weapons are damaged by other stronger elemental attacks by his opponents depending on their attack strength.

    True Summoning Power: From Engra's training, Eric the demon of madness was trained into an advanced form of necromancy how to summon things with his necro summoning power. The mad demon lost control of the power and his summon creations. At the time. Eric couldn't control the power of summoning all by himself but through hours of training the mad demon finally gain complete control of his summon creation. Over the years, Eric has defeated a number of stronger opponents now with his summoning power the mad demon has harness the power of five warriors. Each warrior if of an unique race and unique ability which they can use in battle. But their is one rule that they must be follow and this is the important rule that the mad demon brought them back into this world and they must serve him period. The demon of madness call each summoned member of his new team called "The Fallen".

    Jack Krauser

    Jack Krauser: An experienced quincy-ziamichi who died in combat yet the bad ass quincy never did like his heritage as being a member of bunch of bow and arrow freaks. Jack has been known to use his quincy bow on many occasions causing large amount of damage with his quincy arrows that he creates with his reishi power. Krauser can change his left arm into mutant weapon a gift from his ziamichi partner it the mutant arm is activated when his left arm starts glowing red. Then his arm will full mutate and it can only make a straight speed dash from his fixed location, but it will almost pierce anything in the path of the dash length. He loves using his knife version of an steele Schneider in close combat almost like a military veteran on the battlefield but he'll never use the Schneider with his bow. [Krauser's tier is 1-2++ He has many quincy based abilities. But the guy been known to have and use grenades, machine guns and flash grenades in battle]

    Hollow Venom Brothers

    - The Hollow Venom Brothers: The Hollow Venom Brothers that were well known hollow family within Hueco Mundo before they were killed by an espada group. Their dreams of becoming a vasto lorde class level came to came to end then the mad demon revived them with his power. Each hollow brother was at a adjuchas class hollow level and had great brute strength into attacking enemies that stood in their way. They were well known in using hollow based powers like cero and garganta and their unique ability requires all three of them. Which is the Triple Cero Vemonas which is a multi group cero blast. [Each hollow brother has a tier is 1-4+ Each of them have hollows based abilities.]

    Zorin Blitz

    - Zorin Blitz: In life, Zorin was one of the three twisted sisters known as the "Twisted 3" until she was defeated by the mad demon in one of his past lives. Now as a summoned demon, Zorin has been known as a formidable fighter and yet she may have the same strength and speed as the mad demon but her speed has been cut in half because of her holding her scythe weapon. As a former twisted sister, Zorin was known to be a dangerous sister of the group because of she can utilize many demon abilities like the demon of madness. She can use her demon scythe to cut enemies in half with her scythe blade even defend herself in battle even protecting her master from attack. The scythe weapon is stronger then any Zanpakutō based weapon and she can fend off against any weapon that she comes into contact with. The third eye within her hand allowing to create illusions a person can catch themselves caught in one of her illusions depending on their mental deduction. [Zorin's tier is at 0-4. She has many demon abilities like Eric Zarathos and some flame based attacks and she's a scythe weapon master]

    Final Punisher Barrage: When the mad demon unleash a barrage of final punishers onto a opponent when the mad demon is in one of his rage-like states. It almost like lava ball energy barrage which each energy lava ball has the same powerful strength as Eric's final punisher technique. The mad can use this technique up into the air on down on the ground yet whenever the mad demon knight chooses to. The attack starts when the mad demon starts growling and then he launches multiple energy lava spheres toward the opponent, inflicting high amounts of damage. Unlike the Final Punisher, The barrage can be dodged depending on the enemy's speed but it can be blocked it would be painful. Enemies would 85% of the attack if the attack is blocked.

    Final Heaven and Hell:

    Madness Final Demon Overdrive Buster:

    What Are You Upgrading: Akuma Kyodo to Master
    DE Barrier to Master
    Weapon Skill to Master
  • Any Extra Notes: My ultimate goal is to get Grandmaster in Strength, Magic & Breakdown. But I'm not ready for this priviledge or the right yet. If I have to fight and continuing training so be it....I will get this soon enough it just a damn matter of time.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: New Forms & Upgrades [WIP]   New Forms & Upgrades [WIP] EmptySat Nov 30, 2013 10:05 am


Being that Kade did not post any status update on this power upgrade thread, and myself falling under the assumptions that these powers were approved somewhere else based on seeing Zorin Blitz in another thread, I'm moving this into archives to clear up space in power upgrades.

New Forms & Upgrades [WIP] WVMWLOu
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New Forms & Upgrades [WIP]
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