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 Dayalu's Concept change [Major App & power change] [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Dayalu's Concept change [Major App & power change] [WIP]   Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:30 pm

  • Name Of Character: Dayalu Seishin
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Dayalu had his suicide origin erased from within him and this was instead replaced by the concept of Hope.

    What Are You Upgrading:

    Hope's Origin Power:

    Sharing Hope/ The Power that Dayalu's Hope Origin, is as it is stated by the name. This cocncept comes from Hope and as such has quite a unique ability, to which, all character present in a thread are connected to Dayalu by choice if they are within his Zoa Koa Influence. He may also allow a transfer of power to certain individuals based on this power's effectiveness and the amount of individuals within it. The one thing that prevents this happening however is that the following individuals must have the same hope for the world or situation, maybe even a certain individual. So long as they share this hope, a transfer of power is quite possible with Dayalu's capabilities under this Origin.

    Hope's Origin Abilities:

    Hope's Gift/ Dayalu may use his influence on the environment to increase another's abilities regardless of the other's form of energy, as the environment becomes more suited to them. Quincy will find their abilities on Earth being on level of what they may find on earth and Iramasha may find that more outer chaos energy is flowing around them than usual. This extra energy may improve abilities or allow abilities to act quicker or lower charge time on the user. This can be cancelled so long as one can break his influence on the target individual.

    However this may also be used for alternative effects, as he separates an Iramasha from their outer chaos energy and Quincy, from the reitsu needed to form their quincy bow with a constantly shifting environment of his Zoa koa. Bringing about the opposite of Hope, Despair.

    Spirit of Hope/ Dayalu as a spirit of Hope, stands rather well on the battlefield against others that utilize spiritual energy or reitsu, it is noted as one attempts an attack on him, that as the attack will severally weaken and even disappear from his fusion, of his Hope Origin, his skill in Zoa Koa and Reitsu Drain. It is something that is constantly active on him so long as he is within this Origin.

    Saving Hope/ Dayalu can use his control over hope to focus his energy into a single attack (about every post) where it maybe a blast of energy, a blade of energy, or any shape that he could conceive within his mind. This specific energy can be used to heal others that are living beings, however this energy can also b used against other attacks in which case this energy becomes a much better counter against it. Utilizing this correctly, Dayalu could give himself or an ally, an aura that makes them more resilient to being damaged or influenced by a specific type of energy. Overall, the use of this energy is meant to be used in assisting allies defensively or damaging opponents offensive capabilities.

    Dayalu can't use this so often because focusing the energy on multiple targets correctly cannot be accomplished by him yet. (Upon reaching advanced Mental Deduction he can use this upon three targets at one time)

    Giving up Hope/ Dayalu focuses his entire power under his offensive capabilities as his energy disabilities all abilities that are not passive for the time being and increases his offensive output. His use of demonic magic, his physical attacks, and even his simple uses of Zoa Koa will be at a 3x output rate allowing him to deal with defnsive enemies while in this state and have his energy flow better for offensive purposes, he can also use this to reconfigure his body's flow, for if he was damaged and unable to use his powers properly, this will allow his body to reset in a way and fix this problem. However, after the change, they can be taken down once more by the same or other effects.

    This state must and will typically last a total of three post unless Dayalu releases, even if he switched his origin for a moment, this effect will still be in place.

    Reincarnation's Origin Power (to replace the old one):

    Cycle's Calling/ Dayalu can within this origin perform a move that he refers to as reforging the soul, he can identify traits about a person based on if they are within his Zoa Koa Influence or not. He can tell of their race, almost as soon as they enter and if they possess any other spiritual traits even if they try to hide their reitsu do to the fact that all have a soul connected to the cycle of life & death, in which Dayalu holds the Origin of, there however could be a few that could escape this if they can uncover how it works.

    With this in effect he can also figure out the feature of some abilities that they may possess within them. As to show an example, with someone like a Nature Iramasha or another Davana, he might be able to decode from this ability that they are a Davana of Fire, or a Nature Iramasha of Water.

    Atma Vatou (To Replace the Suicide Blade):

    Pandora's Box/


    Abilities: Pandora's box is very unique Atma Vatou, as within Hope their is many other things that come with it. As Dayalu uses this Atma Vatou, he will actually use it when the time is right as he keeps this Atma Vatou on the battle field in a thread it will slowly be influenced by the powers present there. With this energy, a weapon or object can be forged, but the only noted this about this item is that it cannot be used by dayalu himself as it becomes the bane of Hope and whatever else has been fighting up to this point. In which case if this was used in a battle between Dayalu and another demon, the blade would specialize in uses against Zoa Koa and Demon Magic. In another case, if Dayalu were fighting a Vizard, the blade would become the bane of Kidō along with enhancing itself to most likely to deal with hollow traits. This could also be reached in a fight against both a hollow and a shinigami. But it that case it might gain more though the hollow than the shingami, giving it better traits against the hollow.

    (All weapons created though this object will require approval before they can be used.)

    Weapons can only be forged after the box has been present and untouched by anyone beside Dayalu. This instant that it is touched by another being, the box will cease to function until it is returned under Dayalu's control. A weapon can be forged only after a eight post period following all of the rules stated. If it takes a direct it from energy of another being beside Dayalu this is shortened by a post and is more capable of countering their type.

  • Any Extra Notes: Please don't try to give him a power tier boost for this because he is also losing all of his Suicide Concept and abilities in his released state in return for this.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Dayalu's Concept change [Major App & power change] [WIP]   Thu Aug 22, 2013 6:58 am

Moved to WIP Upgrades.

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Dayalu's Concept change [Major App & power change] [WIP]   Sun Aug 25, 2013 2:42 pm

Approved with a tier boost, since you ever clearly want one. :(SMIRK2): 

Nah, just approved.

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Dayalu's Concept change [Major App & power change] [WIP]
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