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 Summits Peak: [Advised to only enter if in 0 Tier.][Open 1-2People]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Summits Peak: [Advised to only enter if in 0 Tier.][Open 1-2People]   Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:02 am

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“Jesus things are boring I mean is there anything left to interest me out there in the slightest?” A small cloaked girl had said slowly her mouth was moving showing her boredom the distain that was going on, just how everything lately had played out? Well it had been just stupidly boring, I mean even among the past incidents nothing seemed to have found a way to interest her, just more and more predictability the mundane order of things, it just wasn’t cutting it for her, she was in one of her fouler moods, the kind she got into when she had nothing to do, in more ways than one you could say this is how things got when she was in the peak of her perpetual boredom, even as a member of shadow fall, something which normally guaranteed something interesting would more likely than the case not, would be going on, things had been surprisingly slow for the Black King lately. That bugged her more than anything else, which was why she decided to spice things up for herself, to make things at least a little bit interesting, to give her a chance to actually let loose and go wild, that’s what she honestly wanted.

Which was why the little girl had landed on the top of a mountain, one that had already seen a lot of mayhem and destruction from previous battles, it was what you could call mount Everest, the highest natural standing point on the earth, somewhere which had been kind of what you could call, in the past year, low on luck, between a previous battle which broke one of its taller peaks, and what probably was going to happen now, I mean that place just could not catch a break could it? No It seemed it really could not get any break I mean with all the snow falling though, it was the perfect place for what she had in mind, to the point that it was well what you could call ridiculous , so the small girl didn’t really have to worry about blowing anything up other than the mountain and this high up? Well it was as if she could taste the ozone, and radiation that was filtered down from the stratosphere and ozone layers. None of that mattered but it was a pleasant smell to say the very least, that was for sure.

For now though she had done something that probably would get the attention of someone at least in the surrounding vicinity, by focusing on her knowledge of the Environment, she had gleaned the fault lines in the center of this summit peak, the cracks and ridges that the rocks had formed with one another along, she gleaned all of these factors in a second, and in one movement, gently made a fist, clenched it, and looked down at what she decided was the best point for this to take place, and then she had pulled her arm back slowly tightening her banded muscles, before then moving it forward quickly, her arm momentarily vanishing from sight, and then connecting hard with the mountain peak hitting the fault line, which was shredded and sent a shockwave though the rest of the mountains peak, breaking rocks along the particular fault line that she had chosen, Allowing her to of course break off a large chunk of the summit in one quick punch , a loud sound like a thousand bombs going off, that was the sound of the left half of the 1500 foot tall sheet of rock that was this summit, breaking off at the fault line, and smashing its way down the mountain.

It broke apart which each impact, but the force of this massive falling ice encrusted rock, was enough to caught more debris and rocks to fall down in its wake, taking and building speed as it fell off another massive drop, the mountain was alive shaking with the thunderous avalanche that would have fell all the way from this top summit, and smashed into the ground below , not that it mattered how it happened or why it happened but, the force and power was enough that it stripped the snow completely off the mountain in its path, leaving just the jagged rock, and bare bone features of the looming giant that was mount Everest its self. Not the snow, nor the ice just the rock itself in this rather large collision of falling rock and extremely hard ice, so it was easy to see why this was again so hard in the first place, it was in essence 7 miles of accumulative falling rock debris and god knows what else that smashed down the side of the mountain and eventually crashed into the lands below.

She sat down, slowly her eyes opened not all the way but, enough that she looked bored, one hand pressing on her knee as the roaring winds seemed to be blasting everywhere the force of winds the feeling of the storm, it was exhilarating but it wasn’t enough not for her not right now, she needed something truly worthy something that would alleviate her boredom, to give her some fun. As the current situation had left her bored, bored out of her fucking mind, and there was very little that Demonica Hated more than this kind of intense boredom, I mean this kind of boredom it drove her crazy made her want to rip her hair own, and then scream as loud as she could. Although she did none of these things, she instead contemplated what would come, what kind of opponent would come this time, and what would ultimately give her some fun, as last time she had a lot of fun on this mountain, she hoped this time, she would be able to have even more fun, to feel that adrenaline in her veins again. That’s what she wanted, and that’s what made her heart race, so she waited. . For someone of come and join in the fun.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Summits Peak: [Advised to only enter if in 0 Tier.][Open 1-2People]   Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:58 am

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Summits Peak: [Advised to only enter if in 0 Tier.][Open 1-2People]
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