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 A Simple Talk! Violating the Queen's Airspace!

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: A Simple Talk! Violating the Queen's Airspace!   Sat Sep 14, 2013 9:09 pm

The Ruler of World

"...This place… is crawling with…NOTHING!"

The voice of the male snapped, his right hand pulling out a set of cards from a black deck box as he shuffled them in his hand, repeatedly throwing them forwards as they mixed themselves up. "But still… Ahaahaaha… To think this place would be so infested… It's ironic." He stated simply, before throwing out his right hand, the male looking downwards at the city below him as he threw out a single hand, as from it a single card dropped. The card descended, falling straight downwards as without warning a Queen showed, flashing as a massive castle tower appeared, a large throne appearing as Shukenja leaned his right elbow onto the right arm of the chair, using his hand to prop up his head. His gray features showed against the dark London sky, even as he smiled, blinking as he turned his head to the side, seeing the garganta appearing.


"So you accepted my invitation then." He stated simply, as if stating a fact, even as the male who he had been waiting for appeared… in addition to the green haired girl. "eh… I'm just here because Lilynette forced me to get up and wouldn't stop bothering me about it…" He stated simply, Coyote Starrk reaching a hand back and rubbing the back of his neck as he looked up into the sky blankly, his feet touching down onto the surface of the tower, standing there.


"MURR! SO BORED!" Another voice called out, a much younger one, even as the age-old vampire turned his gaze, looking as one of his kin appeared, the blonde haired youth appeared, Schrödinger Yuudeshi making the scene as he blinked out at the space in front of him, both of his ears twitching. Shukenja didn't really understand the fusion of vampire and cat, but he knew that this male was the main communicant to the demons from the city of Karakura, the Immortal Messenger, Schrödinger's cat.

"Calm yourself, youth. We have business to attend to…" The Ruler of the World stated simply, his hands forming a small table for his chin as he smiled to himself, still looking out at the space in front of him, at London. "There is only one member of the party I have assembled to arrive…" He stated simply, his eyes locked onto the space in front of them. "In fact, he is already here." He finished, blinking as in front of them space shivered, as another male appeared, light shimmering as the final male appeared.


"My, my. This level of gathering has not been seen in… far too long." The voice stated simply, as the male appeared, wearing a white lab coat, the large screw showing in his head as the cigarette in his head leaked out more blue and gold smoke, radiating off of the tower like a massive signal, even as he smiled, Doctor Kabuto Hebi making his presence on the scene as he smiled widely, looking at all of them. "The strength of these souls… These neutral souls… lawful, Neutral, Chaotic, Insane… They've all been gathered… But for what purpose… Only the Essence of Playing Cards has that answer…" He stated simply, his eyes looking down at the city below as every one of their souls began to echo, their reiatsu that had been collected emitting from their bodies as it emanated throughout their bodies, the entire British Isles becoming aware of the power of the gathering, as the man known as Shukenja Tenka, lifted his head, leaning back in his throne. Human, Shinigami, Iramasha, Demonic, Arrancar, and Ziamichi all gathered in one location, able to distribute the information from this meeting to every part of the world.

"MY purpose, let it be known plainly! I seek the attention and the meeting with Mana Ashvaton, the leader of demons and the ultimate decider in most dark acts on this planet, as well as the final guardian for a great part of it! I seek an audience with all who desire to redefine what it means to be in our world, and the collective persons who have been summoned all have the ability to likely survive if they are attacked, in addition to being able to attract the attention needed for this event!" He announced simply, standing up as his coat tails billowed out around him, the crystal red ruby in the center of his chest shining as he held out both hands, one of them still gripping his deck as he smiled widely.

"Then let all those who have a presence on this planet rise! Let us embrace the union of souls, and discover what we can do for this world whose hope is draining faster than a bottomless bucket!!"


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: A Simple Talk! Violating the Queen's Airspace!   Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:22 pm

Artist: Imagine Dragons - Song: Radioactive - Word Count: 1145
There was something in the air that no one could place a single finger on. No one could find the words to describe it, no one could give the visuals to guide them and not a single soul knew what to do as the mists of change would soon be raining down upon them like an unforgiving storm. The skies above the infamous isle of London were darkening with the steadiness of the utmost potential. Many beings, many powerful beings were gathering into one spot. It caused the others in the city to simply stand in awe with the otherworldly energies they were presenting in all of this. Yet, at the center of it all, there was one being who stood the terms of being utterly shocked by this ghastly strength.

Standing upon the tallest point of the Palace, The Queen of it all was seen licking her lips in great anticipation for what was going to occur here today. The air was amp'd, the tensity was heavy and the potential for utter madness was great. For the sheer shades of discordia herself that resonated so greatly within these souls caused a pulsation within Mana's own essence. One which made her delighted, enhanced and overall more manic and into the zone than ever before. Even the fair Lady's own Royal Guards could sense the sheer ferocity radiating from The Demoness's being; moving away from her as they figured she could more than hold her ground with her infamous history of taking on multiple combatants if things got ugly.

As the winds of the land whipped all around The Wicked Witch's body, her wavy and lengthy shaded brunette hair swung every which way but loose before pulling it back to unveil her gem green eyes which shined and stood out promptly through her ghostly pale skin. Holding out her right arm which seemed to have a black hued gauntlet covering it, Mana could nearly feel the chaos within the palm of her hands. It felt enticing, it felt euphoric and she wanted it all. It's the reason why those two vertebrae shaped horns gave off a brief luminous glow before unleashing a strong burst of spiritual energy erupting from her body; causing the skies around them to become entirely engulfed within a green-shaded hue. While, at the same time, those with weaker bodies were seen falling down to the ground and screaming in light of this sudden release in power. It felt overwhelming, it felt like an endless cosmic storm devouring them and the echo's of madness itself could even be heard ever-so faintly.

Placing her high-heeled shoes firmly in the ground like the ruler she was, The Queen removed the shadow's around her body and unveiled her blackened and gothic-styled dress as her wings flapped in the air; giving off quite the royal look to go with her prestigious title. Clapping her hands, letting out a wicked laugh and submerging herself within the pure waves of jovial emotion which surged throughout her being; Mana proceeded to take a great leap from her position in order to appear within a flash, out of a cloud of smoke and in front of the castle with her very esteemed guest. Slowly raising from the ground with a demented expression displayed for all the see, The Queen of Demon's let out yet another burst of cackling laughter before setting her eyes upon all of the visitors which laid out before her.

"My, my, my, my OH MY! It's not often I get quite the audience such as this crashing at my footsteps. It's charming, it's amusing and it serves to peak my interest on such a drab day." Licking her lips, she was in a state of utmost pleasure at the moment as there was something in the air, a mysterious force which lead her to believe today was going to be quite the delightful encounter to have.

"So with all these wonderful men assembled here, do tell, what do you intend to do? I hear that you are envisioning some kind of peace, am I right?" Chuckling ever so slightly, Mana would simply stare at what she assumed to be leader. Screw sticking out of his head, glasses covering his face and an oh-so-psychotic aura to him; this gentlemen must've been the real deal. The Queen felt he'd be quite the interesting doll to tinker with. Putting her hand upon her hip and letting loose yet another chuckle, she'd go on to press deeper into this whole crazed scenario that was taking place before her.

"Tell me, oh Vile One of Chaos, what does ye desire? Do ye desire my power? DO ye thirst for my death? Are ye here to ally with me? What is making ye's heart tick with such daunting desire? We all can feel it, I know it. The beat which is the heart of Madness pulses strongly within you, so we are entwined in ways you can't even begin to conceive, Dr.Hebi." Now turning her gaze towards the likes of a certain feline-male in the group, a festive laugh escaped the lips of The Queen as she smiled at his appearance. "I can tell you are quite the lively one, deary. Rest easy, be easy and relax. The entertainment will come in due time. Ye cannot rush such events; for they must naturally occur."

Flicking her hair and turning her eyes towards the likes of Starrk before focusing her attention back on The Mad Scientist before her, Mana would let these words escape. "With such powerful souls resonating within the same location, there is nothing but interesting tales to be unfolded into this new age we seem to have found ourselves in. Only good times, virtigurating tales and gratifying exchanges await us here in this revolutionary day. Perhaps it's the lunacy raging deep within myself, but I can feel a great force ready to set itself off for the world to see and I'm more than interested to become apart of that catalytic event." Now placing her hands out before them and clenching them, the Queen grinned out of sheer excitement before parting with these final words. "So show me, boys, what you came here to do. Change my viewpoint. In my hand lays the potential to destroy this world, and in the other holds the capacity to morph in such a way that will stun all those who've known me until this point. Enlighten me, invoke me and enact this change you so desire."

All those around her were indeed shocked, at a lost for words and otherwise standing in silence as they watched what occurred between these groups of powerful warriors. What was going to occur here? No one knew that. Yet, within all the hearts and minds of those assembled here, they knew something was brewing that they couldn't ignore.


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A Simple Talk! Violating the Queen's Airspace!
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