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 [Demon] Danava of Fantasy [WIP]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Demon] Danava of Fantasy [WIP]   Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:22 pm

Danava Demon Template

Basic Information

• Name: True name is unknown since it was long forgotten.
• Titles: Danava of Fantasy, the Demon God/Goddess of Anor Vida Na Terrath
• Age: Like the name, it is unknown as to how old it was, but it can change its aging.
• Gender: No identifiable features to determine true gender and sexuality.
• Affiliation/Rank: There was no known loyalty about this demon, so it is assumed independent.

• Shifter Appearance Written: Based on eye-witness accounts, which was believed by scholars in Japan to be very unreliable since they seem to be exaggarated or biased by the witnesses's imagination caused by fear or arousal. Though it is believed that the demon is capable of taking any shape and soul being at will to confuse and elude seekers, investigations about this demon continued to fail to find any solid evidence or a recognizable pattern of orientation and behavior. Some witnesses believed that the demon was actually an angel with an appealing body that was bare. Some believed the demon to take form of animals or people they may know just to infiltrate their society and cause chaos from within. The pattern was recognized, but brought dismay to those who tried to exploit it; the demon always stick to the shadow, concealing its identity while goes along normally like the others if it takes a form of another person. By the time investigators manages to get a break when hearing about a demon taking the identity of a specific person, they are left empty handed and frustrated. Coincidentally, the investigators kept asking about the meaning about this demon's existence.

• Shifter Appearance Picture:

• True Appearance Written: The true form of this demon is unknown as it consistently changing and switching forms and being that it is difficult to even consider the demon even a demon in the factual notation.

• True Appearance Picture:



• Personality:

Background History

• History:

Demon Powers

• Natural Demon Traits: It can perform naturally advanced shapeshifting that can be in-depth enough to copy or fabricate a person's form, gender, race, personality, age, abilities, voices and habits. Abilities while shapeshifted are not as strong as the original (maybe weaker or stronger, based on the demon's understanding of the person's abilities) and is always based on a copy. Even still, if the demon could try to copy someone, it would require it to study the person's soul. One of the ways that the demon could do to study the person's soul is to perform a soul invasion, which the demon turns into a mist and enters the target's body, acting similarly to gas or reishi. Within the body of the target, the demon does not show any intention of taking control, but remains inactive to the point that the target would hear strange sounds from nowhere. The other sign that the target is possessed by this demon is when the demon's atma vatous are avoiding or even defending that target; that means if the target dies, so does the demon. For any person with an inner world, they can tell if they are invaded when their inner spirit warned them.

As to prove a difficulty, the demon has a habit of substituting the landscape of the inner world, which means that without affecting the actual inner world, the demon can add its conceptual world of Anor Britannia as to confuse the inner spirit and its master/mistress. When it is observed long enough, the demon expels itself from the target's soul and body, and uses the knowledge create something new, more likely a replica of the target. Note that soul invasion is touch-ranged and takes the next post to perform, meaning if the person is mobile enough, it is impossible to be invaded by this demon, but if restrained, the second line of defense will be a strong burst of reiatsu. Willpower alone is unable to block out the technique or to expel it. By Out of Character perspective, the player of the target can choose to negotiate with the owner of this character about avoiding the soul invasion if both staff and the owner sees it as avoidable (providing that the target followed the three criteria; it is not restrained, it is not exhausted, and it is not snared.) Regardless of circumstances, the demon requires itself to have a special accessory crafted by itself to use its essence from a soul stronger than the person intended to invade.

Unlike other demons, this demon has no affinity for demon magic and was normally defenseless and powerless on its own, but it was normally accompanied by tall beings, presumably atma vatous or minions on top of being highly analytical and intelligent with a canny sense of wisdom.


Origin Powers

• Origin Name: Fantasy

• Origin Power: The powers of its origin remains unknown because all of its abilities are performed with tools alone and atma vatous. Even still each tool and atma vatou possessed unrealistically diversed and varied abilities like the ability to fly without wings and obeying weight, the ability to turn a cero beam into a beam of harmless flowers, or even kill people only to have the victims revive on their own with their wounds healed and no memory of what happened. On top of that, due to the demon's viable powerlessness, the atma vatous are acting on their own will and possessed some history among themselves.

• Origin Abilities: Generally unknown other than being able to naturally create atma vatou and objects through manual work, not with magic or powers. All of the mystical properties on objects created by her are imbued through essences extracted from other people with powers. Whether it would replicate or just be a fuel for the objects, it is only assumed that it is possible since the demon is capable of replicating other people into atma vatous or a natural shapeshifting option.


Conceptual World

• Conceptual World: Called, "Anor Vida Na Terrath" (roughly translated as "Another View of Earth") by the demon, it is both a prison and an inhabitable world within the powerless demon's soul. While it is very possible to live in it permanently, no one outside of that world was able to make permanent residency due to the duration which the demon could afford during a soul invasion or a mass soul invasion, an area-effecting variety of soul invasion where the demon can set up an invisible parameter around a vast space with the use of spikes infused with the essence of people whom it deemed to be a strong soul (it does not strictly mean it is based on tier; it means that the character is strong at heart and brimming with energy while it does not necessarily has to be a good guy or a certain race.)

Anor Vida Na Terrath is a fantasy world which contained many sites of breathtaking proportion, which would be surprising for outsiders as it was not the powers that made this demon strong, but by its expanse of its spiritual control over a very large world and its inhabitants. Each site spans for miles while having different climates and a culture that varied between settlements that have a network of only dirt roads and airways for airships and hot-air-balloons. While there are keeps and strongholds, it is evident that the world is never entirely at peace as wars are made frequently, but in few locations, thus not all the lands are caught in the war and made safe havens for their allying military forces or was doing both ways as a neutral land that forbades violence. Typically, the war are between two primordial serpents, claimed to be the first of the Terrathian by the natives; Nexus of the Seekers and Volition of the Keepers. Should an outsider enter this world because of the soul invasion or the mass soul invasion, they would often meet one of them for advice as the natives of Anor Vida Na Terrath revered them as absolute guides and killing one of them is a goal for either side as it would enforce their allied primordial serpent's ruling as the only one truth. By far, none of the two primordial serpents are killed yet.

Special note: the pictures are overall very big, so you can only get links instead.
> (the smallest of them all)

• Rilīja Attributes: When the spikes are in place, the trap is set and anyone who stepped in it will fall for the effects of the mass soul invasion. What sets it differently from the normal soul invasion is that people without an inner world will disappear instead of just hearing strange noises while those with an inner world will hear their inner spirit warning them; on top of that, when affected, they all share the same world, meaning that they are allowed to find their way out and cure their invaded world in a jolly co-operation. Accompanying them will be the inner spirits acting as companions for their masters as they too are taken from their inner world. For those outside the effect of mass soul invasion, they would see the person without an inner world simply vanish from sight while those with an inner world remains before doing what they can to access their own inner world. Each spike is half a foot long and a quarter of an inch in diameter while identifiable by its butt end glowing like an ember to show that the trap is active.

Those who touched it or tried to take it out will not fix the problem, but instead gets teleported into the conceptual world in a different location due to distorting the orientation for the trap's teleportation; note that by doing so will also prevent the inner world and the inner spirit from joining the person, in fact, the person will not hear their inner spirit at all and will have to rely on raw talent and abilities instead of powers of their inner spirit. The main objective of this is to find a way out and a way to stop the soul invasion. If they try to leave before that, they are still affected by the soul invasion, just no longer trapped in the trap aspect of the mass soul invasion. As time moves on while invaded, the demon learns more and more about the person, including memory, abilities, personalities, physical appearance, flaws, natural aspects and spiritual aspects; thus if the people trapped are taking too long, it will become more and more likely that their copycat (atma vatou or the demon's shapeshifting itself) will be accurately capable of portraying them, but more inclined to be against them with possibly better knowledge of their abilities than the originals are.

The Terrathian are natives of Anor Vida Na Terrath and are actually special atma vatou that are created in a sheer quantity through an unknown mean as it is known that the Danava of Fantasy has no known powers. They can be original in their own rights, or they are replicas or counterparts from other characters in the outside universe. Unlike their original counterpart, the Terrathian version are often not aware of the world that is outside of Anor Vida Na Terrath, thus it is likely they suffer from culture shock upon discovering where their counterpart lived. Some counterparts can have the same powers and techniques as their original, but not all of them while they often do not appreciate seeing copies of themselves except for their original, so they are likely to clash if one Terrathian Shadin encounters another Terrathian Shadin, but will not engage the original. They can tell on instinct which is the original and which one is the one they must destroy. Regardless of who won the clash, the newer or the older version will treat the original with reverence, but may behave differently if the newer one won because despite their connections, they do not share their individual memories and if one counterpart is killed by their older or newer version, they are killed permanently because the Danava of Fantasy had cut off their revival ability so they can replace one or another permanently before the revival ability is returned.

While in Anor Vida Na Terrath, the characters and inner spirits still have their own powers, but if the character died, they can be resurrected by any healing method as along the members of the party are still alive; inner spirits can revive their master/mistress without needing a healing method as they can simply infuse some of their energy to restore the spirit of their fallen master/mistress while it is also possible for the vice versa by the master/mistress to their fallen inner spirit. If the entire party is wiped out or the fallen character perished by being denied of resurrection or by a finishing blow after being "killed," the character or the party will be teleported back to the last settlement they entered. Should an inner spirit died by such method that prevents resurrection, that inner spirit cannot be resurrected until its master/mistress returns to the last settlement they entered. Should the master/mistress died for good, both the master/mistress is sent back to the last settlement he or she entered before, but will be separated from their inner spirit, who remains with the party unless it chooses to go back to retrieve their master or mistress.

To simply say, death does not allow the player to escape Anor Vida Na Terrath and does not cure them of the soul invasion at all, it will only make the inevitable worse for the player. Should a Terrathian die, they follow similarly as the characters, but are not considered part of the party, so when they die, they die and will be sent back to the last settlement they been to; if a Terrathian died outside of Anor Vida Na Terrath (like on Earth or in the Soul Society,) they are sent back to Anor Vida Na Terrath to start over in struggling their way back out of the world to return to the outside worlds.


Atma Vatou

Special Notes
  • Due to the diversity and variety of abilities, appearances, personalities, and backstories, all Terrathian-based characters are made as NPC's to begin with while racially marked with "Terrathian [Race]" while tagged with "Terrathian" before the name. They do not refer each other or themselves as Terrathian in character, so identifying them as a Terrathian in character will be considered metagaming unless the character learned about the character being a Terrathian either by secret confession or by meeting them in Anor Vida Na Terrath before meeting them again in that world or while the Terrathian is outside Anor Vida Na Terrath. Should they become an actual character, they are awarded with an actual character template by the staff themselves.

  • Staff members, site assistants and NPC controllers are allowed to have access to them as NPC's, even with an actual character template due their pseudo-NPC nature. All active members can create a Terrathian and each normal member can request the use of only one of the NPC's (more if staff allowed it,) based on the criteria fulfilled for Canon Characters. Staff members and App-Checkers are fully allowed to determined if the normal member should have that Terrathian or not.

  • Those who wanted to make a full-fledged Terrathian character can use any template provided by Platinum Hearts Staff while they must talk with a staff member or a site assistant for a check to see if their proposed Terrathian character fulfilled. In-depth details or details as to how the Terrathian ended up outside of Anor Vida Na Terrath will have to be negotiated and checked with UHCM, so he can grant approval as proof to staff that the details are legal; without the approval will automatically deny the application.

  • UHCM reserved the rights to ownership of materials related to Terrathian and the Danava of Fantasy, but cannot invoke the right to relinquish a character or to assume control of the character from another player unless the staff sees it as necessary for that character to be passed onto another person as part of the rights to share as proposed by UHCM. UHCM has no real authority compared to staff and cannot act unless staff asked him to do so as it will concern him as well.

  • Given to the idea that some Terrathian are replicated counterparts of another character, rules and protocols regarded in sharing face-claims are not excepted and will always be in effect. However, legendary claims are not immune to sharing face-claims only for the Terrathian if it fulfilled one specific criteria; "Did the Danava of Fantasy studied the specific character long enough to deem possible to attain the specific character's appearance at the very least?" Powers, Transformation and Inner Spirits are excludable along with personality and history if the Danava of Fantasy specifically did not invade the character entirely. If the Danava of Fantasy did perform soul invasion or mass soul invasion on the character(s), it is considered inevitable that the Danava of Fantasy would at least learn a little bit of their history, personality, powers, inner spirit and transformation, regardless if they used them or not as the Danava's soul is temporarily merged with the target(s) soul.

• Atma Vatou Name: Terrathian

• Atma Vatou Appearance: It is probably the most mystifying kind of atma vatou among the Danava because there are so many that it is very hard to tell how many are really there. Most did not realize how many and assumed that this demon only had like one and a dozen of them are minions created by a summoning spell; few believed that it was not a summoning spell that created that many, but the idea that each atma vatou from this demon is capable of detecting each other immediately when they are in the same area and even possessed a hivemind and the sense of individuality, a confusing conundrum for scholars from even the demon race as to how they could organize and discriminate each others' thoughts and behaviors to possess sentience.

An overshadowed theory was made and was debunked by higher scholars that believed that all of this demon's atma vatou are actually one continously divided and developed individually on their own, thus by their numbers and by their diversed and varied strengths and weaknesses, this demon's atma vatou could be both the strongest and the weakest of atma vatou because of its ability to divide itself into potentially thousands of different sub-atma vatou as they each grow towards accumulated strengths and weaknesses overtime. The only things that debunked the theory were the absurdity of the idea that there are potentially thousands of them stemming from one atma vatou when the cases of finding one of them was often one in a thousand people worldwide along with the idea that this atma vatou--owned by one of the weakest of demons and danava alike--could outclass its owner exponentially by that much.

It is noted that there are no possible way to find a way to determine if the atma vatou actually belong to this demon through finding similarities.

• Atma Vatou Abilities: It is rarely believed by demons that the Terrathian are capable of possessing a hivemind and sentience, thus the Danava of Fantasy is unable to control even one of them while it is mostly a speculation without any evidence since it is so difficult to identify a Terrathian from an actual person either due to their similarities or having no basic pattern to determine its properties. It is originally speculated when a discredited scholar claimed to have experimented with two Terrathian and have noticed they shared a similar brainwave that allows them to detect each other quicker than any master spirit detector while thinking alike while thinking on different topics easily as if they are trying to fool the scholar on his experiment. Other scholars mocked that the scholar was already fooled by two mangy humans. As though they are capable of sensing each other's presence quicker than any master spiritual detector, they are not keen enough to locate them without playing a game of hot or cold. They are also considered impossible to permanently kill them unless the Danava of Fantasy created a newer version of themselves; if that happens, they are both vulnerable to permanent death until one of them are killed and if both of them are killed simultaneously, they are forcefully merged upon resurrection, so the older version gets the upgraded version while the newer version received the development and memory of the older one. The main ability of theirs are entirely unique among themselves as they have very high diversity and variation count, so it is entirely impossible to generalize their offensive, defensive or supportive abilities from even a small group of them.



Special Note: The Danava of Fantasy has no actual feat for its tier considering it as powerless and a special case among demon society either in positive, mutual or negative connotations. Only the will sheet is excepted unless the checker would see it as a special case as well.

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Special
  • Demon Magic: Special
  • Shadow Movement: Special
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Special

General Skills
  • Durability: Special
  • General Speed: Special
  • Strength: Special
  • Weapon Skill: Special

  • Plays as [?-?] Jiyūna Seishin
  • Roleplayer
  • Gamer
  • Writer
  • Employed Full-Time
  • Zodiac: Earth Dragon
    (Year 1988)
  • Sign: The Virgin
    (6th of September)
  • Blood Type: B-Negative
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [Demon] Danava of Fantasy [WIP]   Thu Nov 07, 2013 1:28 pm

Get it together slowpoke!
This has spent a lot of time here, therefore it's moved to OLD wip! Don't worry, when you're done, you can just post Here in order to get your file checked! >W<

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: [Demon] Danava of Fantasy [WIP]   Mon Aug 25, 2014 9:32 pm

Archiving from Old WIP due to member inactivity.

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[Demon] Danava of Fantasy [WIP]
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