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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Lost

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Lost   Mon Sep 16, 2013 1:44 am

Tsubasa had been saddened by the task he'd recently taken up, he'd cried this morning surprisingly. Nis would never let him live it down, the cold and emotionless Tsubasa Unabara had a heart. Something he couldn't deny, how does one tell people that a person is just a piece of information. Tsubasa felt such a sadness in his heart that he couldn't really bring into thought. This was perhaps things coming from Kakeru, but he sent out each letter to the people whom had fought or knew Jaeden. Making one thing clear, acts of hostility wouldn't be tolerated by either those who claimed the title of hero or villain. He would kill them without judgement of their role in the world's systems, even members of the Gotei 13 were warned this was not a Gotei 13 matter. But a matter of restoring balance and bringing those whom have been playing the shadows into the light to be fought and killed. Tsubasa looked at his hand, his expression was certainly gloom filled. His body guards had rarely seen him this way. "It's sad you know, to tell a man he doesn't exist or isn't real..And to tell family and people....Sometimes, I wish I could just stay out of the limelight...but balance demands him returned..." Tsubasa's only friend Nis had not seen him so emotional in the time they'd known one another, not to the degree of tears.

Getting the information conformation he wanted from Michael of the Shadow Fall had come in handy, so it wasn't an imposter but a living thing. Tsubasa walked further into the home he'd claimed here, members of his clan were everywhere that one looked. Each were skilled assassins, but few had seen Tsubasa so furiously upset about something. He needed to compose his emotions before they began arriving. He walked outside going further into the wastelands were little stood tall. Lighting shot out violently into the sky, before the male simply returned to the building. Jaeden Crow was a being whom impressively fought to protect the Gotei Thirteens, Eighth Division so tirelessly that he came to the point of turning into a hollows.. " I swear...when I get my hands on them....I will butcher them on such a scale...that hell itself will shudder in terror.....How dare they...fuck with people this way.." Tsubasa's reiatsu trembled with fury, he was trying to cool himself off yet.

He felt his hands release the pressure, Byakko appeared beside him now the cat spoke to him as Tsubasa petted the cat's head absent minded as his digits rubbed across the creature's head softly. "Byakko, is what I am doing ok? I am destroying someone's life, not like normal where I kill someone...But I am taking a role that I don't want, turning a man inside out and telling those whom he loves he's not real...That he's just a creation of the original meant to act and think perfectly like the original...Byakko your fangs will find those who did this..I swear this.." Tsubasa's trembling rage seemed to fade away, this issue was closer to his heart due to his sister. She was partly to blame for how he was, they'd once ran into a similar situation and Tsubasa always kept his composure on most subjects but this one. Nis would be telling him to calm down now, but honestly as he walked to the meeting room where the guests would arrive should they choose as he sat down.
Letter sent out to all of them were marked with a Crow feather, the clan obtained them as well all members of the Crow clan had been given invite to the Unabara Estate in living world. Tsubasa was a famous writer in both worlds, but he mostly kept this as a meeting zone out in the desert to keep people from entire civilizations. All but one or two had been sent, he hadn't decided on if bringing in Zefonse Kaizme and Hakai Chikara at the same time was wise, so he decided to deal with Chikara first. Meeting with Monsuta's head dog was not a wise idea and some part of him knew this to be true. But his choice was limited and honestly, to find the lost he had to meet each person. Before letting them know the tragic truth, one thing he didn't look forward to was simply explaining this to Jaeden Crow himself the current one or his family. He knew Jaeden had a son from Ringo, but how does one go about telling them their father isn't real and was kidnapped ages ago. They simply can't do it, Tsubasa looked to be lost in thought from here on.

The letter's delivered and the feathers along with only the time would answer the question, would the birds return to find out what was going on. Each letter had a special reasoning to bring them along but it explained the situation somewhat, he doubted any of them would come to an extent or perhaps it was hope? Tsubasa exhaled as his bodyguards walked around waiting rather eagerly for people to arrive.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Lost   Wed Sep 18, 2013 8:15 pm


The voice stated simply, the male standing on top of a nearby pillar as he looked down with a sigh. "This is depressing." He stated, looking down from his point on the pillar. His flowing blonde hair was the most striking feature of the male, his orange eyes the second most so. His third was the white garment he wore around his torso, and the fourth were the hiking boots that were around his feet. Wrapped around his legs were a simple pair of jeans. As he was standing, or rather crouching on a pillar, his big boots were standing on top of a single point, light as a feather, his eyes looking down at the male below.

"It's sad that this is at the top of my schedule for today, though! Ahahaha!" The male chuckled, his body leaping off of the pillar as he descended, his body moving fluidly as he touched down onto the floor below, next to the scientist. "I mean, really... yaknow that as an Organization Leader I really should have more important things to do than secret meetings in the middle of the desert! Ah... But it involves one of my men... So naturally I'd like to find out what's up!" He exclaimed with a small smile, before his hands reached across his back. "...Sorry if I'm a bad reader... but could you please explain everything, in detail, from the beginning for me?" He asked, tilting his head to the side as he spoke to the male, his eyes inquisitive, curious, and above all, saddened.

After all, this was Colin Washi after the recent disappearance of the Monsuta Commander and his best friend, Stefan Soan.


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✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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The Lost
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