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 Nightshade in the Antarctic

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Nightshade in the Antarctic   Fri 20 Sep - 5:42

Antarctica a place covered in snow to the point that sometimes it’s all you can really see. In this cold place where daylight hours are growing shorter with each passing day a being of the night has come to play. Charlotte had come here to test the water so to speak. She did not really need fun or food but wanted to see how humans lived here and to see if it could be a future hunting ground. The idea was promising, after all how many people get lost in the snow or freeze to death and would it really matter if she added to those numbers?

Charlotte landed her hover car just outside of a small town and got out. The temperature here being Easley -50c she was wearing a one piece thermal snowsuit. She would be in her human form as she walked in to the town’s tavern. Charlotte smiling at the people in side it as she went to a table and sat down in a chair. Charlotte appearing human to all senses and only a 5-0 would start her little test. Like any good trap it needs bait so she yawns slightly. But this Yawn would also have Charlotte’s voice power in it making any and all who heard it feel an attraction towards her. This was her most powerful hunting tool for no one could stop them-self from feeling its effect, But at the same time she never knows how people will react to it. Some are sweet and nice, some just try to act like they did not feel it and other have tried less than noble things to her all because this power. now the game was set and she just had to wait and see what happens next.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Nightshade in the Antarctic   Fri 20 Sep - 6:04

“… Sueki. .. “

A lone girl mumbled at the back of the pub with her cloak over her body she had begun to walk, not to the girl with the sense of attraction lingering like a sweet perfume, even in this state where she seemed every bit of a human well there was a dead give –away she would be if the girl was paying any given attention the only inhabitant that had been simply able to brush away her sultry display of intoxicating sexual provocation and while everyone else had been staring at her? The other girl that is, this lone cloaked girl had walked through the door, disrupting the love fest with a blast of icy wind, before the snow whipped in her front turned to meet the girl that had just entered, the billowing cloak blasting in disarray but then the next sign, a kind of dead give-away would be present the kind of thing that you without a doubt could spot generally in a heartbeat nothing more and generally nothing less if you wanted to be perfectly honest and crystal clear.

That was the fact that one second she was there and then one second she wasn’t like she had just up and vanished all together into the icy snowstorm and tundra outside, when in fact she had weaved within the storm using it for cover and slipped back her feet moving quickly, lightly and obviously in control making her way through ancient cobble stone streets,as you see it was too cold for normal cars in this middle of no-where town, and she had quickly kicked up landing on tiny gaps too little for the average human to traverse and ran up the side of the building in the light of the moon she had landed lightly on the top of the tower as the bell’s toll echoed loud and clear, the moon was out crystal clear between the snow drifts as the cloaked girl bit her lip, throwing away the billowing cloak to stand in the frosty temperatures, as her body functioned quite a deal different then a normal humans, the cold was merely an uncomfortable sensation along her back and body as she looked at the moon a girl as pale as snow her hair billowing out and a black sheathed katana at her hip, though she had even though she was in a state of absolute lack of power well, she looked like a vampire.

Now though standing there she looked up, the bell had struck the resounding cord which had for this town meaning since the dark ages, given they lived outside protected zones it had a clear meaning, which was “Lock your doors the curfew is enacted” As around this time well hollows demons, other beasts of the night came out of the lurking depths, this was the dangerous hour of the night, but she stood there the familiar cold rushing down her nape and tickling the gentle hairs on her head, she shivered in absolute delight at the sensation her usually gray eyes looking out against the white washed snow strewn landscape, her hair dancing around her with each coming gust, white powdering her hair with its frigid kiss before it would melt off her and then ripple down into the finest stream of water around her, she thought back to the time she had to fight for her life and how far she had come but she looked at the moon, her eyes, they looked stoic and solemn while her hand was resting lightly on her blade, softly without much reproach.

“40,000 Brothers Could Not Account For My Sum, Of Hatred and Envy For this world”

She looked down waiting as if expecting the vampire or sueki to be naturally inclined to check things out, if she had wanted to vanish she probably would have been gone, so she bided her time, and she waited, as she did want to converse with her kind.


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Nightshade in the Antarctic   Sun 4 Oct - 17:58

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
┣▇▇▇═─          ☠          ─═▇▇▇┥

It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Nightshade in the Antarctic
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