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 [Sugiura] Ketheldrein Leonhardt :: Eradication's Encore

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Sugiura] Ketheldrein Leonhardt :: Eradication's Encore   Mon Oct 21, 2013 7:58 am

Ketheldrein Leonhardt
Sugiura of the West; Princess of Eradication

Basic Information
Let nothing hold what makes you exist back

• Name: Ketheldrein Leonhardt
• Alternate Names: Beldrein Aelir, Brand Aelir
• Titles: Warden of Aelir, Euclidean Knight, Black Child, ARC Unit One, Princess of the West.
• Age: 4,000
• Birthday: November 20th
• Gender: Female
• Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
• Race: Sugiura : Knight Sub-species
• Animal: Wolf
• Origin: Eradication [Sub: Order]
• Blood Type: B
• Western Zodiac: Scorpio
• Eastern Zodiac: Dragon

• Affiliation/Rank: Sugiura Hierarchy; Euclidean Knight
• Relationships:
-- Uther Pendragon [Birth Father] [NPC]
-- Beatrice Castiglioni/del Testa de Oro-Leonhardt [Birth Mother] [NPC]
-- Kakeru Leonhardt [Younger Brother]
-- Arturia Leonhardt [Twin Sister] [Unavailable]
-- Jeanne Leonhardt [Older Sister] [Unavailable]
-- Alicia Leonhardt [Younger Sister] [Unavailable]
-- Nicodemus Leonhardt [Younger Brother] [Unavailable]
-- Hana Leonhardt [Older Sister] [Unavailable]
-- Feraki Leonhardt [Younger Sister]
-- Firvanna Leonhardt [Younger Sister/Clone]
-- Kyirelisihel Leonhardt [Younger Sister]
-- Siianaeviayn Leonhardt [Younger Sister]
-- Shizuka Yoshiaruiki [Younger Sister/Descendant]
-- Natsumiko Yoshiaruki [Younger Sister/Descendant]

-- Brand Aelir [Adoptive Father]
-- Evalynn Aelir [Adoptive Mother]
-- Immanuel Aelir [Adoptive Older Brother]
-- Colby Aelir [Adoptive Older Brother]
-- Beloth Aelir [Adoptive Older Brother]

-- Belgarein Aelir [King of Aelir]
-- ?????????? [Midwife]
-- Sensaiki Yuudeshi [Colleague/Friend]
-- Seishi Yuudeshi [ARC Project Manager]

• Theme: One Reason by Fade
• Colour: Amethyst
• Quote: ''Don't run; don't give up. If you lose.. you lose. Just get back up.''

General Information
The small things that eventually became me

What is it that you see?

• Appearance: Ketheldrein is a woman that could be considered easy on the eyes of many. Standing at a height of five feet and nine inches, this shows that she has surprisingly considerable height for a woman. However, her body is built in a lithe and graceful manner, leaving few to doubt the true authenticity of her Caucasian heritage. Her skin is a shade of pink that is inviting, neither too tanned or too pale, and leaves the distinct impression of a soft satin on touch. Her body shape is also inviting, with the hourglass like measure of her hips and waist, and the muscles that adorn her body in a thin looking manner. The muscles aren't readily visible, but easily felt if one were to run their hands over the girl's body. She may seem slim and delicate, but yet there is nothing short of strength in her very structure; her bones are quite solid, and that is noticeable by the sheer amount of shock she can absorb. One of the more remarkable feat of her body is the cleavage that she has present, considering her most famed family's consistency of being flat chested. In fact, they are a little larger then she would like, hitting something along a D-cup. Even though she dislikes how large they are, she seems to have adapted to their weight and such, and even seems to have used them to help in her capabilities. This is when one realizes that Ketheldrein's family does carry a resemblance to her; the fact that her face, next to the king's, looks like two peas in a pod is undeniable. This is done by the high, pointed aristocratic chin, and the piercing eyes. The frank, open and honest visage is really enrapturing if one were to see it as is.

Her lips are the right shade of pink, often the girl having no need for a lipstick, but she can put some on if she wishes. In fact, her gaze is almost as piercing as the King's; her eyes tend to be the colour of amethyst, as many may seem to almost be caught by tricks of the light to say other shades. However, her gaze is drifting to other shades, depending on the situation; this is mostly because she's using a power, or perhaps she's restraining her power even further then she already is. However, some colours seem to come out regardless of using powers or not; such a colour is red, as the light of the human world requires her to adjust her gaze a little bit, since she's restraining her power on immense levels. Her eyes do narrow slightly because of this at times, thus making people a bit.. uneasy with the unusual eye color and the unusual eye pattern. Another gleam to her eye colour is actually a yellow colour; no one is sure what this color means, but many tend to take a step back when it is present; this is due to the fact that the eyes themselves become slitted, like a cat's eye. This may cause others to become uncomfortable around her. Her face is not necessarily one expression or the other; it seems like it could shift at any given moment, almost like the course of a river. Her face has shifting changes depending on her emotions, and Ketheldrein doesn't necessarily have subtle signs on her face; so her feelings tend to come across quite clear most of the time. Ketheldrein's movement are not necessarily trained ones, but most that watch her can tell she was trained in combat; this is because she always has such precise footing and grace. Relatively, it allows her to move along with any clothing, and she just seems to have that knight like aura about her most times; even casually, people tend to be caught towards her. Her beauty isn't necessarily jaw dropping, but it's enough to at least catch a person or two. One trait of Ketheldrein that seems to catch the attention is the lack of letting her hair down; most of the time, the long strands of blonde are wound up in hair designs, like ponytails and such, to keep her hair out of her face. This is usually reflected by her clothing as well, which is the reason why she often has a high collar.

Ketheldrein's taste in clothes vary; it honestly depends on the situation she needs to find herself dressed for. As such, she has several different outfits for several different situations. The first outfit presents itself mostly in her base form; this is for formal Sugiura affairs, royal or otherwise citing her authority in the matter. The main colours in her outfit are a deep slate blue shade of purple, mixed with an amethyst colour, along with gold, a wine red, white and silver. These colours seem to fit Ketheldrein as a whole, and thus she wears them with a large amount of pride, making sure that the entirety of her outfit is seamless. She does wear black things as well, as to help contrast with the entirety of the outfit. She starts with a pure white bra and solid black panties. Her bottom is covered with jet-black stockings, as they are pretty solid to the point of not showing her skin, but are very tight on her lower half. She wears silver armored knee high boots, the length of these also making them heavy. She wears a white blouse on her chest. Her body is covered by a unique coat, having white sleeves but a trench coat like bottom, along with a corseted middle section. The colours on this is generally the slate blue amethyst fusion, bu there is some wine red cuffs with gold in-lines, along with golden edges on her coat's bottom. She has silver pauldrons and a chest-plate as well, with an insignia for the Royal Western house on it. Her collar is high, reaching around her neck, and has a gold embedded amethyst keeping her top shut. She also has numerous golden and orange coloured belts on her hips, to hold in which ever blade she wishes to carry around with her at the time, and wears white gloves on her hands. Surprisingly, she wears a hidden blue ribbon in her hair, to keep it up in the style she normally employs when wearing these clothes; that is to say, a braid that winds in the back of her head, into an upheld style. She also has clips in her hair to make her bangs fall elegantly, and maintains a close appearance to that of her sister-King, Arturia.

However, there is a variation of her Sugiura outfit, generally used for missions in the human world, or even as diplomatic or guardian functions. It is of very similar design to her first outfit, but instead is a mite different in some ways. It is comprised of a white shirt that is tucked into within a blue overcoat, whom is closed. There is a gold and and black lining along the overcoat, giving it a more refined look, and is also quite prominent in design. She wears a dark blue mini dress under the outfit, letting the over coat lanyards float around. However, some have noticed that the mini skirt barely covers her behind, and tends to show a bit more then intended when she bends over or some such. To this outfit, she adds a pair to thigh high black socks, covered with thigh high black boots. These boots have a metallic tip on the nose and end, along with reinforced heels. The boots also have two silver bars around knee level, mostly used to support her actions and such. She also inputs a silver designed comb like item in her hair, to support it in a more relaxed, but still proper version of her usual style. She looks still pretty strong and refined, but this is more relaxed, allowing her less strict interactions. This is often the outfit that her soldiers will see her in, or that she will don for a simple brace of missions; the really important missions require mobility of course.. which this outfit provides.

A secondary appearance that Ketheldrein uses often in her missions, or sometimes around strangers to ease them to what she wants to do, or in specific places, is the clothes she assumed before she found her true name. Most of the Leonhardts of 400 years and older would recognize the outfit as belonging to their maid, Beldrein. The outfit itself is simple; Ketheldrein wears a black bra and white panties, but no stockings. She can put on a long black sleeved shirt under it if it is in a cold place, but she typically doesn't add a shirt under her outfit. She then dons a long red dress, with white under skirts and frills, along with a white apron and maid head band. Her apron makes a large white bow in her back; she may add full white clothes, or fingerless gloves depending on what she is doing, but may forgo this all together to just remain barren on her arms and hands. She wears also bright red high heels. At times, she may wear long black stockings and a garter belt with attached garters; she may also have belts to place needles and other weapons on her legs for easy access, considering the lack of pocket space. Generally, there are other small changes that she may do to the outfit, like a mid corset under the apron, a lap only apron, and other such designs, but generally? She keeps to the general design she has acquired. The apron is typically white, and has no patterns, but she has several different ones, and one of them is pink.. and known as Ketheldrein's nude apron. Generally, when she is wearing these clothes, she unties her hair, and lets it flow relatively freely; however, she locks some of it to hide under her hair, giving it a wavy pattern. Like this, her hair reaches about mid back level. Typically, when dressing like this, Kethel's eyes turn yellow, which is possibly surprising for many people, but also somewhat attractive.

Ketheldrein does participate in a school level activity, however, it's more on a college level then a high school level. However, she still tends to wear a uniform, simply because it is more fitting to do so when going to school. As such, this uniform is comprised of black slip on shoes, that have a light white border on them, and a good grip, in order to keep up with Kethel's use of her body. She also wears marine socks, the socks going half-way up her legs, ending a good couple inches before the knee. These have two versions; made of wool for the winter seasons, or of light cotton for the summer one. She wears white panties and a pinkish white bra with a design on them, because a college girl gets to be frisky, right? She has a red skirt that she can adjust the length of, but it's generally around mid thigh level, in order to not flash anyone accidentally, but not be too long and in the way. The skirt is a bit thicker during the winter months, and tends to be left longer then, in order not to freeze her pretty legs off. She wears a white blouse, that finely covers her body, and seems to be made of good material; it's the same on either season. She has a red tie much like the shade of her skirt, with a golden mark going through it, even forming almost a cross at a point. Her blazer is a very dark turquoise blue, almost darker then marine, and seems to cover her arms as well. It is made of lighter material during the summer, but is a much thicker material during the winter, in order to keep her body warm. Her hair seems to be cut short, but this is not a problem due to how with a simple burst of energy, Ketheldrein can grow her hair back. She also has a small ahoge, as it seemed to crop up when she cut her hair short.. leaving some semblance to her family still. She has two silver cross shaped barrettes on each side of her head, leaving her almost perfectly accessorized; surprisingly, however, her eye colour at college seems to shift to a deep red, almost catching many off guard. Not many of the people at the college have seen Ketheldrein's other appearances, and she goes by a different name when she attends school. This generally tends to be her normal appearance in the human world, since it offers her anonymity, and a cover to keep herself out of trouble.. most of the time. When at school, she also dons a regular fencing uniform for the fencing club, often changing her panties and bra to a black color in order to fit with the style she wants to do.

However, Ketheldrein does have another alternate style for when she wants to visit earth. This is more so for Kethel herself to unwind, and not have to maintain her student identity. She tends to dress super casually; with band t-shirts, and other such relaxed clothes, that just sometimes peak over her belly button, just to tease people. She often wears jeans, and long boots that just feel comfortable when she walks; the jeans tend to be of a blue colour, and the boots are steel toed black ones. To add to this relaxed look, she wears a black collar like necklace, with a silver shaded dog tag hanging from it, but not too much. It seems to very much fit her look, as she also has a wrist band, that looks more like she strapped a belt there. But it's black shaded in color, and has metal lumps of silver on it. These lumps have a coloured center; it's not necessarily stones, but it seems a lot like some sort of cover. Whatever is inside tends to glitters whenever light hits them, but not in a overbearing manner. Ketheldrein also slips on a silver coloured belt, just to accessorize her pants. One of the more notable things about this appearance is the fact that Ketheldrein's nails are actually adorned with nail polish, all of a black colour. She also does wear light make up on her face, but nothing too obvious in order to appear relatively natural. The biggest difference about this look is her hair; Ketheldrein has a lot of it cut and such, to appear natural, but frames her face almost like it would naturally. And more so, her eyes are of her natural colour like this, along with the braid at the back of her hair actually be a small ponytail that drifts all the way down to her mid-drift. In one of her bangs, she has a hair clip that's of two bars, gifted to her by someone precious, or so she says. In fact, this appearance looks almost like Ketheldrein from the court, but not, so it makes it easy for those in the human world to recognize Ketheldrein in the court too. This is why she uses it; to be able to travel as herself, but in the human realm.. and not stand out like a super sore thumb to boot.

-- Images --
Ketheldrein to the human world.
Kethel in her more relaxed sugiura outfit
Kethel's nude Apron [NSFW]
Kethel's school outfit (after being molested.) [NSFW]
Kethel in a training uniform at school. [NSFW]

Tell-tale signs of one's self

• Personality: Ketheldrein has an immensely complex personality. As a person, she seems to be relatively unstable, perhaps due to the origin that she holds within her. With further messing around with Kakeruru Leonhardt, her younger brother, she also now has a branching Origin as well. This does almost no good to her mental and emotional stabilizing, and thus, she is relatively more unstable then the average Sugiura. In fact, Ketheldrein is duly noted amongst the Sugiura for her excessively hot temper, and her fiery passion. This said, Kethel herself refers to certain traits and tendencies to ''modes''. These modes, in general, seem to hold many composing aspects of her personality, and as a whole, comprise the entirety of Ketheldrein. These modes tend to be situational, and often work on the synergy of people. A perfect example is that, even in a court setting, she would still react the same to Kakeru and Feraki.

Ketheldrein has a few general traits that she seems to keep no matter in which personality mindset she is in. First and foremost? It is her ever present will. She is an extremely stubborn person, and unless she understands things, she may buck and not give ground. However, the girl has an easy comprehension; not necessarily logical, but Ketheldrein is capable of easily assimilating new concepts, ventures and ideals within mere seconds. Her mind is quick, as she often seems to understand things faster then most, and has no trouble applying knowledge she has just learned. The Leonhardt is also known for her purity of heart, as her feelings are always genuine, no matter what she thinks. Her heart is pure in a way that no matter if she loves, or hates, those feelings are just that. Kethel is also known for her overwhelming pride; although initially, she doesn't seem to have much pride, being pretty shameless in most of her attitudes, she actually does. She holds pride in her family the most, and can be easily incited to anger by insulting them. Protective generally of her family, Ketheldrein has demonstrated a strangely unusual technological comprehension. Considering her family's lifestyle, one would assume that they know next to nothing about technology. And in most cases, they would be right. However, Ketheldrein herself seems to cast this to the winds. She has enough technological knowledge to construct an advanced, sentient motorcycle. Of course, she asked for the help of Sensaiki Yuudeshi to help further her motorcycle's abilities, but the base frame, adaptation and software writing was Ketheldrein's own.

She has a fast reading pace, and a fast writing one, and seems to be able to do this in concise, precise manners. This is because Ketheldrein has an easy capacity to remember things; the blonde is capable of remembering some of the weirdest things at times. It's not that she has an eidetic memory, although she's extremely close to it. The blonde actually had done many memory exercises as a child, and learned how to generally adapt to constantly absorb new knowledge, as if that child like sponge of learning things had never cleared. And her absolute stubbornness in learning does help with this. The girl is definitely not afraid to go out and learn something, and loves doing things hands on so to speak. She has a generally kind perspective on things, even if she seems a little bit harsh as a person. She tends to think good of people, regardless of what her other things say, and has unbreakable faith in her family. However, even with the faith, she still has a lightly fragile psyche, remembering being abandoned as a child. This is a fear that Ketheldrein hides; in fact, almost all of Kethel's negative emotions are hidden by her. She dislikes to display her weaknesses, and thus only a few people get to see the actual things that hurt her the most. Unfortunately, the girl has an expressive face when her guard is down, such as around her family. She also has a hard time showing proper love and affection, often resorting to relatively questionable methods to show her feelings. Ketheldrein also has no concept of personal space, having no fear to walk directly into someone's face if she has to. The girl seems to be also sometimes extremely oblivious, depending on what's going on. In all, Ketheldrein's family seems to be an Achille's heel.

However, considering how fast Ketheldrein adapts to new situations, problems and areas, one could say she's almost capable of anything. That isn't true, but she has a personality that she'll try it at least once or twice, to get it down. Even then, she might just keep going until it's really obviously not possible. Even though Kethel's modes tend to be more cool-headed, the girl is still a very emotional person. She tends to react first, think later. Working mostly on intuition and instinct, Ketheldrein seems to have an almost sharp instinct for certain things. Such as lies, secrets or someone with an ulterior motive. In many ways? This easy way of understanding people's reactions and how they work tend to make others ill at ease. Ketheldrein seems to often point stuff like this out, no matter who it is or what the situation is. She cannot seem to stand flaws that are obviously there, ready to be fixed, and that no one seems to see them. However, if it concerns herself, this scrutinizing radar seems to collapse on itself, and disappear. In a way, Ketheldrein doesn't think of her existence as worthy to be aware of, and concentrates mainly on her family, or people she cares for. Kethel is also known for being rough, and sometimes rude. She doesn't seem to hold back her punches, even when she should, and is very brutally honest. To her, if one doesn't hear the truth, the brutal reality of it, one will never be able to change and improve. Constantly willing to help, even though she hides her own emotions, Ketheldrein seems to have a vibrant expressive way of being.

She likes looking pretty and having a few luxuries; she cannot deny that. She does get quite irritated if she's not allowed to bathe, or at least make herself presentable for a while. At the same time, she has a relatively lax hold on herself. What looks presentable to her, and what it is to others tend to be vastly different concepts. The girl also seems to be quite unique, considering that although she loves to look good, if she is committed to whatever she is doing it doesn't matter. As said early, Ketheldrein doesn't pull her punches; that is meant quite literally. Kethel doesn't seem to understand that her passion, and her intense will may be overwhelming to others. Surprisingly, considering the way she acts at times, Ketheldrein has a high set of morals. Many people don't necessarily understand exactly what Kethel will not do, but the girl is not necessarily afraid to do what most considering morally wrong. However, Ketheldrein has problems with things that seem to be almost bothersome to most. For example, she judges people that choose to hide their real selves for a mask. She also has a hard time understanding people that quit things easily, or people that tend to abandon things that they justify logically. It just seems so ridiculous to her that people are like that, that sometimes it comes out in blunt judgement, and tends to taint her attitude towards seemingly hate. But Kethel doesn't hate, or hold grudges, unless someone has given her a good reason to.

This is the first of Ketheldrein's many modes. It relates to her title as the ''Rose of May'' the best. This one in concept seems to be related mostly to Kethel's personal opinion of herself. She is a lot more studious and quiet in this mode. In fact, one could say she's almost unexpectedly gentle and soft. But the truth of the entire design is beneath the skin; Ketheldrein, in this mode, doubts her very own existence. This said, she is intensely depressive, and tends to push away help more so then normal. Where as before, it is out of pride, now it is out of self-loathing. She seems to be mostly abusive to herself in this state, and relatively leaves herself to be harmed, or hurt in anyway she can think of. Although she may have faith in her family, Kethel doesn't trust their words. In this state, speaking to her, trying to appeal to her via words, works next to nothing. She would rather see actions. This is the side of Ketheldrein that constantly doubts, worries, and even quits at things easily. Almost a 180 of her normal attitude, often many tend to say she is out of character. Yet, this self-loathing gets so intense, to the point where she can become suicidal. The girl is slightly emotionally dependent on her family, and when she gets into this mode? This becomes more then obvious. She cries a lot more as well, and seems to cling to just about any family member that crosses her path. Unfortunately, combined with her almost advanced perception, the girl seems to be capable of manipulating her family members, and generally makes them feel guilty about not taking care of her, or another false failing. She is also often seen as the type of girl, in this mode, to become almost an attention whore. But this is done in such a way that many might consider this almost Yandere-like in nature. This is because she becomes very possessive, and focused on a single target, devoting so many things towards them that eventually, she feels unappreciated and starts lashing out. In general, Ketheldrein doesn't get into this mode often, but it's very stressful in general. She also seems to show signs of an extreme guilt complex.

This mode of Ketheldrein's mind seems to be related to her title as Brand of Aelir. This is a mode that few get to see; however, when it comes out, most understand that things are not bad, but very dangerous. Kethel becomes almost completely clinical, and is capable of assembling and disassembling strategies within moments. Her mind becomes almost a tactical machine, as she churns out and forms strategies at the drop of a hat. Even then, she has this easy way of understanding a flow of battle that seems almost unnatural. She is generally calm, but with the right triggers, she can unleash a lot more with her anger. She is not rash, but calculating in this state, to the point that she even factors in her own emotional instability. Unfortunately, she tends to still hold that protective coat to her, and doesn't really regard her life as part of the equation. She tries to the do the most efficient thing in the most morally high way. However, if she needs to? Ketheldrein can discard most human morals in her strategies and go for the most effective methods if need be. She seems to have an unusually high level of charisma, capable of rallying anyone working under her with her sheer force of will. As Arturia's twin, she seems to have adapted the capability of holding her soldiers with her sheer force of will, and carry them into great battles like a king would. With her strategies? This is a great advantage. However, Ketheldrein's emotional understanding seems almost muted when it comes down to it. Although she can calculate reactions based on emotions, she doesn't seem to be effected or even care for them in any such way. Also in this mode, Kethel is almost silent, and only speaks when it is absolutely needed. With this, she has developed an easy to read body language, and seems to be generally willing to jump into fights that she may not be involved in. In general, she seems to seek glory, and does her utmost to always win, showing more of her competitive side. This is Ketheldrein's leader side, and she seems to know this, having no problems assigning orders. She also has utmost faith in those under her, never expecting betrayal and seems to be actually hurt when such a thing happens. Almost innocent in that way, she is also very fair, and seems to resolve disputes quite easily, without much of a regard to the emotional context. If it is material? It can be solved. As such, she tends to be more oblivious to the hearts of others, other then understanding them in a logical way.

This is a third personality and mental mode of Ketheldrein's. In fact, this one seems to relate to her status as the Arc Unit One. When the girl begins this mind mode, one immediately notices the shift in her personality. She becomes a lot more detached, some might say unfeeling, towards everything. It's like everything shuts down inside of Kethel, and she just acts on base instincts more then anything. This simply means that Ketheldrein has shut out all of her logical thoughts, and reacts only. This is a very dangerous state for not only Ketheldrein, but the people around her, due to the girl not identifying with simple concepts like friend or enemy any longer. In essence, this is when Kethel has been broken; her mind had suffered enough mental damage to the point that her personality breaks,and she is left with simply a sort of blank state as she tries to cope with it mentally. This makes her highly dangerous as she does not judge the use of her force in any way, excessive or not. Her entire being is focused around reactions to herself. If one leaves her alone? She will simply stand there, doing nothing as her mind and heart begin to cope. During this duration, anybody with an ARC System Connection will be able to sense the waves of her mental state. She will become more mechanical, and only follow simple logic. She can listen to others, as long as they have an ARC Unit or are capable of transferring a set of electric signals to Ketheldrein's. But she will only be able to listen to simple commands, and doesn't have any conversational abilities. She is just a machine, as she is forced deep inside of her own inner realm in order to cope with whatever has caused her mentality to shatter. However, her fighting skills are still excellent; in fact, one may call them even better, as she does not have necessary thoughts clouding her head, and she is purely reactionary, meaning her instincts are sharper then a katana. When she does speak, it is a machine like tone, and with machine like words, as if she had let a primary process of her arc unit to take over.

Ketheldrein has many modes, but this one is by far the most deadly. This mode, related her augurs as a new-born, refers to her as the Black Child. This said, it's often considered the pre-cursor to her Corrupt form, and is the most identifiable source of her Origin. In this form? Ketheldrein is extremely emotional negatively. Anger, hate, destruction; all of the negative, violent emotions are the most prevalent in her like this. It is often triggered by fighting too long, as she slowly starts to mentally unravel. In a sense, she becomes utterly insane, loving to fight to the highest degree to that the point that she is extremely selfish and possessive of it. She will not hold back, and use every ability she has; this mode shows her extreme competitiveness to the point of killing other people that may walk into her fight. She hates help, she hates anyone that dares interfere, and even more so? She has no problems killing. She loves causing the area to be destroyed, and she loves fighting head on without a damn care in the world. She has a fouler mouth that normal, and typically seems like a down-right bitchy person. When she has this mode and isn't fighting, she seems more rude, arrogant and cocky, and doesn't seem to give a damn care about anything that may or may not harm her. In fact? She says ''bring it on''. Kethel doesn't have a single thought about emotional values of others, or even her own physical state, and simply pushes everything to the extreme. Almost sadistic in nature about the whole thing, she has this almost wild-eyed look that makes her look a little bit psychopathic. She doesn't mind if her opponents get broken or killed; as long as they offered her a good fight. She is extremely chaotic, and may harm friends and enemies alike, if they are strong. She really doesn't care who it is, but she just wants to fight dammit. She also becomes extremely manipulative, and has no problems using emotional, mental or physical weapons against an opponent. A fight is a fight right, no matter what weapons are used.

This last of the current mode seems to have come into existence more recently, but ties in with her title of Euclidean Knight. In a way, Ketheldrein seems to combine aspects of several other modes. However, there is something much more different about this sort of mental state. The girl becomes extremely cold and distant, and is absolutely and utterly loyal to whatever cause she has devoted herself to. She doesn't seem to bend from her morals or will even on emotional matters, and is utterly devoted to doing everything she can. She is not afraid to use force, and many assume this as her courtly attitude. She is almost unreachable, but she does have gentle smile and touches, that often make people wonder. Like this? Kethel seeks to only further increase her family's desires, and is extremely, if not crazily, protective of her siblings. Many of her attitudes in this form resembles a Yandere; she has a hard time swallowing that her siblings may part from her, and clings to her family almost constantly. However, in the presence of others? She is a calm, calculated individual, if not a bit haughty. But she has grace and gentleness when needed, making a great knight. Often she speaks in a very cold tone of voice, much like a teacher, and seems to even have traits of when she was Beldrein, but evolved in some ways. She has no issues in doing what she must, and is absolutely trusting in her family. She welcomes strangers on the surface to their family, but secretly tests them. In fact, this side of Ketheldrein is a little bit more secretive, capable of lying and manipulating in order to do what is needed to be done. Almost like a snake, she finds what openings she can, and then snaps her jaws around her prey. She can also be seen as very voluptuous in her personality, if one were to gain her trust and affection. Almost closely guarded, this is one of Ketheldrein's main attitudes. However, when dealing with courtly matters or work, she seems a lot more ordered, methodical, very much like Kakeru's Power of Order almost.

Paper Trail of the things before

• Background: Ketheldrein's past is full of twists and intrigues. There are many things that nobody even knows, including herself; the entire story is fragmented with many individual events and clauses. Each of these are as unique to each other then the last; together, it makes the entirety of events that chained Ketheldrein into the Leonhardt that she has become. Each thing was a part of that story; and of course, as with all stories, it starts with her birth, in the Western Castle all those years ago.

It was said that within great light, there was great darkness. That was particularly true of a beautiful pair of twins, born on a cold, but yet sun filled day. This was the day that the future king of the West, Arturia Leonhardt, would be born. It was a greatly remembered day; for this was the king that would bring them glory, much like the legend of King Arthur. But the birth itself was a private affair; the King and Queen, along with their midwife. Uther Leonhardt was of course worried for his beloved Bice, whom's full name was Beatrice Castiglioni/del Testa de Oro-Leonhardt. The midwife remains nameless to this day however, for reasons further on. The girl was very soft hearted, which pleased the mother. She had two children before this; an elder child that held not the capabilities of the king, and a second daughter that had been ousted, and locked up in the basement due to terrifying powers. It was a quiet, but pretty long affair, as the Queen screamed none, but the birthing process was difficult. Why? Because there was not one, but two children; this had surprised and stunned the King and midwife. As a private affair, of course, there was one other person present; the court mage, the great Merlin. Perhaps there were even triplets, but nobody is sure. There is fact that there were twins; and that's what most go by. The children were named Arturia and Ketheldrein respectively. Of course, auguries were rolled on the birth of the two girls; and the information there was stunning.

For Arturia was the grandly sought new king, the one that would lead them to further prosperity. However, the auguries showed a dark shadow, one that could overwhelm and destroy the very future itself. That darkness was seen to be in Ketheldrein, whom's very ways of moving were strange. Merlin noted that the auguries that the midwife had rolled, from her own home and ways, were actually different. Instead of predicting the future, it touched the Origin of a child; predicting what very nature they had. And Ketheldrein's was easily identified; Eradication. A troubling origin indeed, as the King went deep into thought. There were many options; but one was natural to all nobility. He decided to have the child murdered; killed by dumping it to the wild nature, letting any that came across her to devour the babe. It was perhaps a cruel way to kill, but it also spared the family suffering, as they would not have to watch the death of their child. As the births were quiet, it was decided that the Magus Midwife be the one to carry out this task; as no one knew of Ketheldrein's birth? It would be easy to dispose of the child. But the reason for the midwife having the task, is that the babe cried the instant that it was separated from mother or midwife. It was like it had known exactly what would happen.

In the dead of night, she set out. For it was best to kill the child when the origin itself had not fully manifested. There was a worry in the magus girl however, as she had seen more in the auguries. A powerful, unbreakable bond with the family, and a heart pure. A heart that would love so immensely and freely and a fierce protector. But that would be destroyed, and the family led to naught, if such a child was just easily disposed. This was heavily weighing on her mind, as she continued to travel. Taking her time, and slowly going through the towns, the girl had hoped that the small baby would be able to see the world, and take those memories within itself, to learn and survive. Although the child was so young, it had been named, in honour of the fact that it would not live long enough to learn it. Perhaps it was a mercy, the only comfort that could be offered to the child; and the midwife used the name freely, trying to install a bit of into the child itself. The map that the King had drawn, brought the midwife to a convenient location; there was no one present, but it was very close to Guardian Beast territory. This worried the magus girl, as she was to put the child in a basket, and drift in the river until a beast fished it out. It did not sit well within the Magus, so she decided to perhaps aid the child.

The Magus was often thought of as a witch, due to her natural affinity to the craft of potions and spells. Softly humming, she brought her own guardian beast into existence. This beast was a beautiful bird, almost stunning in plumage; the Magus softly spoke with it, telling of the situation. The bird deployed it's wings, and sought to find another Guardian Beast it knew very, very well. As the creature flew into the skies, it found it; a wandering child, her long white hair slowly reverting to a myriad of colours. As the bird landed near this wondrous guardian beast, they conversed. The conversation was unimportant; all that was discussed was the child's plight, and the bird's soft askance that she intervene in the inevitable fate of the child. This guardian beast had once been attached to the current Queen, or someone near; it is still untold which, but learning that a small child had begotten such a dangerous origin... then it was a decision made. She would aid the child.

As the guardian beast returned, the Magus sung one last lullaby, before leaving the child. Knowing that it would be in good hands comforted the Magus; she would not tell the family however, as she knew returning would be the death of her. Why? Because the family would like to keep the secret; and as such, when she entered the forest once more, the midwife disappeared. The soldiers that had been waiting outside to take her in, told that she was a kidnapper and a traitor, waited three days.. but never found a trace of the woman. Only the small babe would ever be able to find the midwife; for she had told the small child a location, and one that only she would know.. and find when the time was right. With all of these secrets heavy on the child, a pendant the only reminder of her family, Ketheldrein was left at the river bank, not quite in the river. And this is where fate, that dictated that the child die, was thwarted.

Ketheldrein began to cry. Her small, baby voice echoed in the woods; it wailed and wailed, and wailed. As if scared, and alone. Luckily, the child had been born a healthy one, and could cry for a time; this was necessary, as a figure crashing in the woods heard the cries. This person headed towards the babe; and thus, the male soldier named Brand, arrived on the scene. Seeing a small basket, he walked towards it. It was obvious that there was fear, but when he saw a fully healthy, baby girl crying, part of him was relieved. Perhaps because the child was still in one piece, and perhaps because the child was still alive. But the thought that someone had abandoned such a precious child was almost terribly hurtful on it's own. The male looked around, as if to find some trace of the child's parent, or someone. But there was nobody, as he debated picking up the basket. There was just something about the child; as if something was inside of her, dark. That was the source of his hesitance.

Not long after, a smaller, brown haired male walked behind him. Carrying a large broadsword, a blue stone glowing in the middle of it, he stopped short. The stone on the pommel glowed a fierce red. The boy seemed startled, as both him and the male looked at the stone. And then it glowed a soft, rainbow colour; which was inherently confusing. Turning back to the basket, there was a sudden surprise. A small, doll seeming girl was before them, her hair shifting into rainbow shades. In fact, she looked inhuman; but there was something so utterly pure, and gentle about the presence that neither men could or would feel angry. The doll began to speak, beseeching them; to take the child, and raise it. Despite them feeling the evil, the doll spoke to them of Origins; and how her own would help control the child's. They were surprised, as the magical orb in the boy's sword began to hum audibly, as if anxious to be near the child. The doll then spoke of other things; how her lineage was parallel to the male's, and how her name was Ketheldrein Leonhardt. Knowing of the temporal displacement from the other world to this one, controlled by the orb itself, the doll asked another favour.

She asked that they raise her for fifteen years in their world; and that the temporal displacement be only five years after this day. This surprised the broadsword carrying male, as his face betrayed his feelings. The doll like girl smiled, and gently picked up the basket; giving it to the first male. The one that she named out; Brand of Aelir. The other male, the King of that kingdom, would not raise the child. She wanted this girl to see things through eyes of a protector; she was certain of this girl's traits, but she wanted them to be fostered. The doll like girl also explained that she would be the guardian beast inside of the girl; that she would be able to temper that Eradication with a purity, and a sense of control. But she would require help some day; the Guardian Beast knew that. But the two males seemed receptive to her needs, and she smiled. With a flash of light, she disappeared, softly glowing the child in a rainbow hue before it stopped. Confused about where the spirit one went, Brand looked questioningly at his King; whom seemed buried in thought, muttering about weird coincidences in strange worlds.

The two headed out towards a shabby stone tower; it seemed decrepit and not very well kept. But it was a relic in this land, and a Guardian Beast, owning this place, guarded it. It was actually a creature in service to Aelir, not an actual Guardian Beast, but it served it's purpose well enough. As the King approached, it let out a soft coo, rubbing it's face against him. He petted the creature, as Brand went ahead inside; and then followed the King. The orb glowed now, a beautiful shade of blue; and the baby girl that had been quiet for a little, giggled, and reached her tiny hands out of the basket, almost waving at the item. For a small child to be that adaptive.. well it was rather unique. The portal began to open, one of the doors now having a blue film covering it. The King and his loyal General stepped through, carrying the small child of this world to theirs. The tunnel was not strange, but simply a normal looking tunnel. The blue film disappeared when they closed the door behind them, and walked down the path.. ended up in a similar, but more pristine looking tower. They were now in Aelir.

Aelir was a beautiful country; set in a place that seemed white, the mountains marble and the city itself melting into the mountains. The kingdom was niched on a small island; but it was big enough to hide secrets, and secrets there were, with this strange tower that linked itself to another dimension, or world. The servant and his king walked from the tower, landing on a dirt path that led them back to the city from the wilds. The city was anticipating the return of the men, as the King's wife and his several daughters, along with his only son, were eagerly waiting. The same with the General's wife. She waited anxiously with her three sons, hoping that husband was alright, along with their duty accomplished.

They didn't have to wait long, the males overwhelmed by their respective families; and as they had talked about on the road, Brand showed the small basket with the baby girl inside. He explained it to his wife, and she debated for a few moments. But once the small, blue eyed child opened her eyes, and reached out, wrapping a small hand around the woman's finger, her heart was sold. She had always wanted a daughter and thus, she decided to adopt the girl. The next issue was a name, as they knew not what the child was called. But the wife had a sort of flash; a connection perhaps, as she had always been sensitive to such things. She looked to the king, and smiled, asking if they could name her Beldrein. It surprised the male, but he held no though against it, as the child was from then on named Beldrein.

Brand then explained to his sons that this would be their little sister; and that they could protect her for as long as they were capable. The boys, excited, all agreed, and the family went home. This is the family that Ketheldrein had her formative years with; it was a nice family. The mother, Evalynn, was a kind and gentle woman, but knew how to be strong for she was surrounded by men. And yet she managed to appear, if not be meek for a general part, teaching grace and elegance to those around her. Brand himself was a strong, serious man, with a quiet demeanor and a sense of justice and duty that few rivaled. Then came her brothers; Immanuel, the heir that would try his best to be like like his father, but had a more hardworking side then serious. He was about a good fifteen years older then Beldrein. Colby, the wanderer of the group, not necessarily social but still quite strong, but mostly the one that liked to help their mother the most. He, as the middle child, ended up somewhere ten years older then Beldrein. And finally, Beloth the youngest, the one that loved to be mischievous and play jokes, but was perhaps the most loyal of all. He was only five years older then Beldrein and loved her dearly, particularly as a partner in crime.

Beldrein was raised with a good moral standing; what was right, and what was wrong were clear, and duty was very important. Learning of their hearts, and how to feel, and playing with friends that she met, she had a pretty happy childhood. However, something began to seem wrong around the age of ten, as Beldrein's jokes were a bit more violent, and she got into a lot of fights. She was pretty good at fighting, despite never having learned the first thing about it; but it seemed like she had a natural talent to fight, and be strong. Many of the children of her age, and lower rallied to her strong presence, but quite a few were scared too, since Beldrein seemed to have quite a nasty temper. It was a bit hard then, as they could not understand what the girl was doing, or what had happened within her to turn her from the sweet, innocent child they all knew. They were just heavily worried about the girl and the path it seemed she was taking.

Beldrein's attitude was slowly causing lots of problems; and the worry, when the girl hit 11, hit it's peak during the accident. Someone decided to call Beldrein an unwanted child, an aborted boy, and the rage that the blonde flew in caused her to sail in, and attack the target aggressively until they passed out. The damage done to the other child was severe enough to require intense medical care; this incident is what convinced her parents to go talk to the king, to see if they could get some training in for the girl. Generally, a girl training with the king would be frowned upon; but seeing how Beldrein was becoming more and more violent amongst not just her fellow children, but to adults as well, it became a concern. Considering how Beldrein had swung at the adults trying to restrain her, and the sheer power that was amassing in the girl, it was necessary to conference with the spirit inside of her.

Hence the training with the King. The girl was led into a room with just the male, as he sat her down. Softly, the Orb started to glow in hypnotic colours, as the male set the girl to meditate. Slowly she started to fall under the effects, and the spirit rose out of her; the Guardian beast smiled at the King, as they held a discussion. It was mainly about how to deal with Beldrein's rising powers, and the need to restrain her before it was too late. The girl struggled to awaken, as it became obvious by the orb's glows, as then her eyes snapped open. They were a swirling red, and then she smiled, and reached out, a dark energy swirling. The Guardian beast touched the girl, and slowly, the darkness eased away, melting into the girl once more, restrained. From then on Beldrein listened to the conversation. She gave some opinions, but was willing to try several of their suggestions. Once the discussion was over, the Guardian returned inside, to help keeps the inner balance, and Beldrein along with the King set up a training regimen.

So Beldrein began to train in the art of fighting, and in the art of being a servant; the deadline, present in the King's mind, was looming ever closer The training was hard, as the girl learned a great many techniques, and was even assigned extra tasks. She went on missions with her brothers, and even more so with the rest of the kingdom's army, and even the king himself. It was quite the program, but Beldrein's natural blood seemed to be able to provide herself a path; she accomplished many things with flying colours, even besting her father in numerous occasions. Even the King seemed to have a hard time against the budding girl. They decided to give her an immense gift, something to remember them by, as her fifteenth birthday had become soon. They had to send her off on that day, to travel towards the Western Castle, in order for her to take her place; that his what the King had agreed to, long ago. As such, they granted her the diplomatic title of her father; Brand of Aelir.

The next step, was to begin the Ceremony of Blades. This was a ceremony that the King bestowed a gift, a blade to each knight made of his own hand. However, these blades were not normal; they each held a soul, an actual manifestation of the person. In a way, these blades heavily resembled a Shinigami's Zanpaktou, in the fact that the person's soul imprinted on them. In either case, setting the ceremony took some time; blades that had no master were selected, and the girl herself was purified, in order to enter that chamber. Entering, she was faced with a large array of blades, and types. Everyone held their breaths as Beldrein touched one after the other, but none of them felt right. None of them felt whole or pure. After passing the entirety of the blades twice, it became obvious that none of the blades, diluted from the sword, fit the girl. It was almost frightening, but the Orb itself glowed a strange colour; it hummed in the blade. The King, heeding the stone, took it out.

And then, to the great fear of everyone, deposited the stone into the girl's hand. It was said that this stone would kill anyone but the King and his son; however, Beldrein's royal bloodline kept her safe in a way; as well as the Blood Share ritual that the King and the Guardian Beast had done with the girl. The orb glowed, and rampaging blue flames covered the area. People held their breaths, as the beautiful stone let out a bright flash, a smaller stone floating. The Orb was taken back, as the stone plopped down into her hands. With another blast of blue flames, the stone began to form a blade of the flames. And then, it solidified, as Beldrein's own energy fused within the blade itself, granting her a unique, beautiful sword. It fell into her hand, and felt.. perfect. Like it was meant to be in her hand or some such. The Ceremony was complete, as the King blessed the sword with the Orb, the two stones glowing to each other, as if content with the development.. to the wonder of everyone present.

The blade itself needed a name; so the girl named it Besavel, the Oath of the Sword. For it was the blade that the King of Aelir had granted to her. As she trained with the blade a few more days, she was then given a mission by the King. To leave their dimension, to re-enter the world of the Sugiura; for her life lay there. The King told her of how he had found her, along with Brand, and of what happened then. He gave her a singular pendant, something she had needed to see for a long time; and even though the news was shocking, the girl simply smiled. She was ready to enter the world. On a suggestion, the king wrote up a diplomatic letter, to send her to the tutelage of the Royal Western Family, in order for the girl to have time to search for her roots, and to have a teaching of their world.

The leaving of her home, the place of her childhood, was heart wrenching; but with a basket full of provisions, a map, and many wishes, Ketheldrein walked the dirt path that the King and Brand had walked on. She was returning to the roots of her past, to the tower that held everything and nothing; it was where her destiny would lie, felt the girl. Despite knowing only her name as Beldrein, there was a feeling of another name. That feeling she had squashed for ages, but it still showed shadows in her heart. Arriving at the tower, she felt nervous, but the familiar presence of the Orb, flowing through Besavel, comforted her. With a few steps, she opened the door, and stepped into the strange tunnel. She felt distorted but it was alright; the excited feeling in her chest would not go away, no matter how hard she tried to make it happen. She couldn't be calm, as her mouth went dry; and then before her, a door. She stepped through it, and felt.. a different air. A new place.

Somewhere to explore, all by herself. This excited the fifteen year old, as she stepped out of the dingy tower; and a creature flew, landing beside her. Remembering the words of her King, she petted and comforted it, letting it know her presence, and her bond to the Kingdom. It seemed to make the creature happy, as it resumed guarding it's post with enthusiasm at this point, allowing the girl to move forward.. and into the wild. Feeling her body shake, the girl, no the woman, took a moment to steady herself. Despite being only fifteen, she felt very much an adult, as she took out a map. She needed to find the nearest town.. which shouldn't be too far. With light feet, the girl began to walk, the wind of the cool night almost a blessing. She was almost glad it was night, as it meant she could blend in better; despite the land being unfamiliar, she could summon a light to help. Doing so, she found the adventure much, much more alluring. It was perhaps an unnecessary risk, but one she wanted to take all the same.

And as dawn broke, she found herself at a river bank. Something in her heart yanked, and for the briefest of moments, she saw a shape, a bird, and a basket. Kneeling down to the ground, she saw no traces, but there was a certainty. It was here. She had been here, as a babe, offered up to die. With another breath, the girl pulled herself to her feet. She wanted to find her blood family, and show them the same kind of love that her own family had given her. With this in mind, she emerged from the forest, soon landing to a small village. For a few moments, the language seemed to catch her off guard. But with a smile, she switched to theirs, asking some questions about the castle, and where she was to go. It seemed a little bit difficult for the peasants to guide her, so she asked for their police force; and from there, she was led to the King and Queen. For the first time, unknowingly, Ketheldrein was going to her home, her birth parents waiting. But something within the girl was almost.. stirring.

When she arrived, she was surprised to see a great many servants; the Queen had given birth not long ago, and was searching for a competent maid; and she was led to her, the mother holding two small babes in her arms. Seeing how difficult that was, the girl leaned forward, and took the first babe, a small young male. He seemed to calm down within the girl's arms, as she cooed and rocked him, being used due to helping a lot of the younger children. The mother looked grateful, as the girl of Aelir gave the letter, and then took the little girl into her arms too, rocking the adorable twins. As the Queen read the letter, she handed it to her husband, whom had just show up. The entire time, Beatrice kept an eye on her children, but they seemed to be comfortable with the girl. As the two discussed it, Beldrein was rocking the small children, even singing to them a song of her own childhood. It was pretty peaceful; and the girl seemed to be more then comfortable with the two babes. And perhaps, it was that ease, and how much her face resembled the rest of the family, that perhaps put the finally nail in the coffin.

The Queen, Beatrice, offered Beldrein a post as the Royal Caretaker; she would help the wife with her children, even becoming their tutor if needed. This was a surprise to the girl, but she felt a small smile on her lips. That.. could be immensely worthy. In fact, there was a strange protective in Beldrein's chest, at protecting these babies. The woman nodded, and then the Queen took the girl twin back; the second the male twin was about to be taken, he started to cry. But with a few soft shushes, the girl had managed to get him to snooze. And that's when her life began; she followed the Queen on a tour, taking care of the little boy, dubbed Kakeru, and learned of all of the children.

Jeanne Leonhardt, that was already gone; Hana Leonhardt, put in the basement. Arturia Leonhart, the Heir to the entire family, barely five years old; and now these two, the twins of Feraki and Kakeru Leonhardt. They were adorable, even as Beldrein introduced herself to Arturia. It felt like there was a bond between the two girls and she found it relatively pleasant. But the small boy needed rest, and thus she put him with his twin; a fond smile spreading on her face. Immediately, she went to tend to Arturia, that needed some help. This would easily become Beldrein's life, and to be fair, it didn't bother the girl all that much. She quite enjoyed the moments in this life. It began as simple, as she learned how to feed, dress and talk with the three children that were outside, and even when Alicia joined the family, she stayed with them. During their birthdays, their growing days, everything, Ketheldrein was like their secondary mother, particularly to Kakeru and Feraki, the pair of twins always being with her.

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The twins remained with Kethel for quite some time; mainly because the woman was pretty efficient at managing both, and perhaps because Queen Beatrice was quite a bit busy with her husband and such. Although, the girl had noted how similar she looked to them, but thought nothing of it; instead, she continued to attend Arturia as a lady in waiting, and care for the twins as much as she could. The other children seemed to be less ported to be bound to Ketheldrein. However, the woman noted that Arturia, although female, was being treated as a male; concerned, the Aelir diplomat went to the queen, and asked her if this was on purpose or some such. The Queen seemed surprised, and for a second Beldrein thought she had done something wrong; but a soft smile graced her lips, and she told the maid that yes, it was on purpose. It was also a way to tell Beldrein to act with the charade, and as such she did, treating Arturia as a male, and helping with the feminine aspects only when needed.

And soon, Beldrein was granted special tasks, such as providing Hana with books, or seeing Kyirelisihel's condition. It was several things like these that brought all of the sibblings closer and closer to the Leonhardt family. Even though she was their servant, within no time she was easily their most trusted. It was easy to tell, because Kakeru and Feraki went to her for everything, and she was a good source of support for Arturia. This happy kind of life was almost touching; what's more is that Beldrein's birthday was on the same day as Arturia's. And the twins learned of this, consipiring with Arturia, and gave the woman presents, and a small party. She was touched, as it seemed Kakeru had worked the hardest, wanting to get this idea off the ground for the woman. He called her often big sister, and she didn't mind that very much, as time continued to pass.

For about fifty to seventy years, she watched over the children and their childhood. But soon, there was an order. One that she should train Kakeru, the only male child, in combat. It was a surprising order, framed as a suggestion; curiously, Beldrein asked as to why her. But Beatrice made the girl recall their promise at the start - that eventually, Beldrein would become their teacher. But for this to be realized, Beldrein had to train herself with their best knight, and pass a test. So for the next twenty years after that, the girl trained relentlessly, waiting for the challenge day to approach. She felt odd waiting for these long periods of time, as it felt.. disjointed then say, the time on Aelir. But Beldrein was getting used to it, and thus when the test arrived, she passed it with flying colours; even impressing young Kakeru, that watched her fighting match. It had been set up like a gladiator bout, and lucky for Beldrein, she had quite some skill behind herself. So she was now in charge of young Kakeru's training.

And thus began the harsh, and difficult training of the young boy. He was put in a hell that only Beldrein knew how to conjure, testing the utter limits of his body and then some. It started with just physical exhaustion; and when he started to get used to that, she began draining his energy too. Each day, he would go to bed exhausted beyond belief; she made sure of that. And when she was not driving Kakeru into the ground to increase his stamina, she was teaching Feraki and Arturia the knowledge she knew, even training the two, albeit lighter. Her orders were to primarily train Kakeru, but she couldn't help but pass on some of her knowledge to the rest of the sibblings, such as giving pointers to Alicia with her sword, or showing Kyire a few crappling holds. Jeanne and Hana were out of reach, but she wanted to teach them too.. if anything, Beldrein felt quite accomplished as she took on a great many challenges to teach these Leonhardt siblings what she knew.

However, someone tried to do something foolish. A traitor in the castle attacked Kakeru and Feraki in their rooms, Kakeru fighting off the intruder briefly, but being exhausted, fell. Feraki only had the time to scream, which Beldrein heard; and without hesitation, she kicked down the door, and cut the assailant to pieces; the blood splattering as she ripped him limb from limb for touching those she cared for. Feraki would only stare at her in shock and faint, as the maids hurried. Barking orders Beldrein got the room clean, and reported to the Queen. It had been surprising, but Kakeru felt himself weak after that; so where as he had taken her training light heartedly, now he could throw himself entire into it. It was almost satisfying, even as she noted another brother, Nicodemos, beginning to be of age, and adding him to the training too. Even when it came to spars, the two boys could not defeat Beldrein. She was strong.. and getting stronger just as they.

It was surprising; Beldrein had been training the boys for quite sometime, learning even more by herself in her own spare time. It was strange, how she always had something to do at any time, and it was.. pretty hectic, but she didn't seem to hate that kind of feeling. In charge of their education, she did a lot; teaching them basic survival tactics, fighting, strategies and a whole bunch of things that few would think of. She would put herself in the same training as them, never letting them do it by themselves. However, the training was pretty light still; when the boys beat her in the very relaxed spar, she congratulated them, and then told them that this meant that their training level would advance. With an almost sadistic smirk, she said this pretty neatly, and their terrified face when they learned this training was the easy part, was almost worth it. And that's when Beldrein's training from Hell level Two appeared; and let's just say the boys, or anyone else in that training apart from the woman, were seriously thinking of just dying. It was that harsh.

Eventually however, the males were growing more mature. One day, she walked into a conversation, where the boys were discussing babies and what they heard as sex. Scolding them, she told them to ask her those questions next time. They kept quiet about it, but Kakeru was always the more curious one; catching her alone in her room, he asked her to tell him, no even better, to show him. He wanted to know what it was, and how it felt. This made Ketheldrein hesitant, as she took a week or so; but the boy was pushing, serious about this. She explained the act, explained virginity, but the boy was even more stubborn then. She blushed, but relented, and that's why.. it started. It was soft, almost loving at first, but over time it became more and more sexual, until one day, Kakeru took Beldrein's virginity. It was special, and there had been an almost happy smirk on his lips at knowing that he was her first.

From then on, the two would engage in such activities, the sex drive of the boy pretty damn high; for she was his servant, and was to do anything he wanted, even if she was his mentor. It was only during a teaching situation she could deny him. Not that she would deny it, having found herself falling in love with the boy she raised, which was weird in feeling. But the Sugiura policy of free love was quite charming, as she just kept falling deeper and deeper into her love for Kakeru. Noting that he spent far too much close time with Alicia, the servant had to qwell her feelings of jealousy, keeping them deep inside of her bosom. But she also found a lot more free time, due to the training being shorter. There was more and more aggression within Ketheldrein, as she began to lash out, the Origin of Eradication clashing amusedly with War, thus spanning large fights between her and Nico. And then Kakeru's Order wanted to settle it, and it started to get pretty bad for fights.

Beldrein had begun holding back less and less, the rage clouding her mind; and it proved to be excellent training for the boys, losing all the time but they were gaining an advantage, if they worked together. However, they had started to awaken their abilities; Kakeru began to use something on her, something that made her blood boil. Without warning, she would become even more violent; to the point that Nico was knocked out, and Kakaeru was panting. Feraki was walking by, and just as Beldrein was about to execute her twin, the younger girl threw herself in the middle, calming the two down.. it was impressive, as Beldrein began to realize something was wrong with herself. The Guardian Beast within herself began to call out, for the two pillars she had prepared a long time ago just for this occaision. The dreams began then.

Dreams that showed Ketheldrein places and things; dreams about events that could have never happened, but felt real. These were in fact her memories at a young age, filtering through to herself. On one such dream, the woman rose, and gathered Feraki and Kakeru, as Nico was out doing something else and the rest of the sibblings were busy. She went on a trip with them into the mountains, to give Feraki some new air, and train Kakeru on the slippery, dangerous paths. At that point, the boy had picked up a Katana, and never to be left behind, so did Feraki. She was joking with them, saying something about finding a twin pair of swords, when there was a strange feeling. The trio ventured deeper in the forest, and found two shrines. The children tried to touch them, but were repelled. Beldrein walked up to them, and took each blade, eyeing them. Ignoring the tingling, she gave one blade to Kakeru and the other to Feraki, telling them happy birthday.. as that day had been their birthday. That was the first time that Beldrein had not done what the Guardian Beast inside of her had planned.. so it was surprising.

Beldrein could even go against Fate's mechanics. It was vastly interesting, considering that nobody else had done such a thing before. The twins seemed to be happy, and Feraki hugged Beldrein, along with Kakeru doing some.. pretty naughty things later, despite his twin being there. She felt it all anyways, so it didn't matter in the end. As they returned down from the mountain, Nico seemed to be pouting immensely, and Beldrein promised more training. So she was getting more powerful, and the strange origin inside of her was doing this sort of thing. What was the most surprising, is that this kind of daily life went on for two, to three thousand years, as the ones she was training soon were going out on missions with her, and they began to rise in power. It became even more obvious when Arturia took the throne, and began to rule the Western half of the Sugiura land. Of course, their parents celebrated, and ended up with another child. That kind of happened often unfortunately, as several more children were probably made. With a sigh, the woman didn't really take care of these ones, as there were more maids now.. and Beatrice had more time. But she did help where she could.

However, with Kakeru and Nicodemos well set off, along with Arturia taking the throne, Beldrein found herself with far too much free time. She asked, at that time, to be allowed to go to earth, to learn of the human culture. With a smile, she was granted that permission, and first landed on earth sometime in the 1980's. She found herself fascinated with the humans, and as there was no limit on her vacation of sorts, she stayed there for quite some time. In fact, perhaps this was the first time she had been away from the Leonhardt household for quite some time; but she found herself enjoying being around humans, loving how they were growing stronger.. and the concept of technology was fascinating to Beldrein, that had a bit of it within Aelir. Luckily, she kept letters with the Leonhardts, having borrowed one of their messenger birds. She found herself almost aimless, loving to wander around until 1991, when she finally settled down somewhere in America. At some point, Beldrein had found a motorcycle, much like the one Arturia had.

Without much debate, she bought it, and loved riding it. However, technology began moving fast the second it hit 2000; and Beldrein was keeping up, finding herself at a convention for.. well not natural people let's say that. The threat of war, and the open technological fiasco that may happen was a menace. But that's when she met her; Sensaiki Yuudeshi, a scientist hell bent on understanding the supernatural before the war. That name of a famous clan in Japan, that was known for their technological advancements, and even more so their scientific experiments, was pretty much almost guaranteed for Beldrein's interest. As such? Beldrein followed Sensaiki back to Japan, without telling anyone, and agreed to help Sensaiki research something quite unique. The construct of several races, as Beldrein realized that this Yuudeshi was spiritually aware. The woman hunted down the targets, and Sensaiki experimented; however in the late 2010, it became obvious that it wasn't enough.

So they began to talk about a different type of experiement; accessing a type of energy that at the time, sounded ludicrious. That was to say, a source of nearly limitless energy, that was not manipulable by any race, due to the fact that the energy itself was quite unique. Sensaiki needed a live experiment; and the energy discussed was, in fact Carnelian energy as the Yuudeshi called it. It was energy that was made from when something became completely nothing; what was left the energy needed, had to come from somewhere, and go to somewhere. That's what the two would begin to ressearch, finding themselves in a huge, if not deadly trap. It was almost impossible to access the energy; it corrupted all sorts of things that they sent, even the one human volunteeer. So they had to create an anchor to this place, in order to even access the energy. It was possibly the most dangerous thing they had to do, but nobody was suitable as a host. It was quite difficult to figure out, but then Ketheldrein suggested something insane.

To use her. She had an origin that felt interconnected to that energy; so she could be a host right? But it was highly difficult to pull off without any sort of damage. So as a safety precaution, Sensaiki took a piece of Beldrein's DNA, in order to store it and help her if needed. Once that was done, due to the Yuudeshi's biomedical knowledge, they began to set up the experiement. Slowly, Sensaiki attached the engine, the one that would allow Beldrein to slip into the Carnelian energy and the Boundary between Existence and Non-Existence. Then, the teathers to this reality, along with a bunch of others things; needless to say, the process is guarded by Sensaiki alone and not even the Yuudeshi network had access to it, due to it being erased into non-existence when activated. But whatever they did, it was dangerous. A pool of Carnelian energy swallowed Beldrein; and for a moment, it looked like it had killed her, or worse, turned her into the experiment of before. But yet, her Guardian Beast kicked in, and stabilized the entire thing, making Beldrein into.. something else. A dangerous, powerful creature.

They dubbed it an ARC Unit, an Anti-Rejection Core. It took some time, but Sensaiki worked on Beldrein, and managed to put some restraints; but by that time, the Sugiura was antsy to return home. Once she was stablized, she went back home, in order to greet her employers, and was greeted quite happily by Kakeru and Feraki. In fact, the happiness in which they welcomed her is akin to siblings. Not that the woman minded, but after a few days, she went and visited Aelir, rekindling the bond with her raising family, spending a bunch of time there. She didn't bring any of the Leonhardts with her this time, but perhaps in the future she would bring her pupils. In any case, it was quite wonderful, as when she returned to her post she found a letter from Sensaiki herself. It had been barely three months since their parting, but the two were still on good terms, as Beldrein began to read the missive.

She had sent Kakeru towards the objective; about three quarters of a day from the castle, a sighting of danger had been reported. The Yuudeshi had lost her experiement, and asked Beldrein to go look for it. Believing Kakeru up to the task, she sent him with a time limit of three days. In that time, Beldrein herself went on another mission. This one was to clear something or the other, and was done quickly, arriving at the three day time limit for Kakeru. The first sign of something wrong was that he had not returned. Walking into the castle, she found several of her siblings, including small Ivy, asking for Feraki to come out. She still hadn't come out of the room, and seemed to be refusing to see anyone; one of the maids said that the girl had screamed, and then collapsed. That was wrong as well, so without gathering further evidence, Beldrein went to the mission point, faster then she should have, cutting it to half a day. But when she arrived.. she saw a strange scene.

In the middle of the ground, there was Kakeru's blade, the one Beldrein had given herself, named Yukianesa. It was in the hands of a blonde girl, her sobbing noises loud and clear. Around her? Blood. Huge amounts of blood, as if someone had died, or was close to dying. Beldrein's heart dropped, as she felt something within her quiver. She had loved Kakeru, like any woman loved her man. She looked at the girl, and the blade, and could no longer even feel Kakeru. That.. was just too much to take, as something boiled over inside of Beldrein. Her origin reared it's ugly head, and broke out, as a scream of rage, pain, and grief escaped her lips. It started the blonde girl, but by then, it was too late for the Sugiura. Her origin had awakened, and began striking at the land, the very fabric of there. It was bloody, as the area became flattened, the power almost too great. The blonde haired girl held onto the blade, as if clinging for dear life.

There was even more pain, more rage, as the aura of Eradication began to overwhelm. The screaming, begging words of the blonde reached not the monster's ears; only the monster's screams and thoughts were audible to it. She had begun to cave, and become the monster that the augurs had predicated. It was then that her Guardian Beast, after all this time, had to make a choice. Restrain the system or restrain the beast; and as such, she appeared, signing to the beast, cleansing it. However, the system took over the Alter, that had started to come out; and the alter was forced into the corruption of the beast, becoming independant in a way. The chaos, and the pain was soothed away by the song of the Guardian Beast, but it wasn't enough. Once the beast was asleep, the system repelled the Guardian Beast, and began smashing the area. Until the blonde haired girl showed herself a Unit like the alter, and the two fought, nearly to the death. And yet.. they stopped.

Why? Because the Guardian Beast, Yukianesa, shoved the blade within Ketheldrein's hands; and suddenly, it created a vacuum inside of her, allowing the echoes of her self come forth. It summoned the guns for which Ketheldrein is famous for, sealing away the massive amount of energy that had scarred the land. And that was the first trigger to her Unleashed for, hiding away all of the feelings, stabilizing the woman for a brief, but hopefully long time. The blonde haired girl carried her back to the castle, the Aelir girl unable to let go of the Katana; the Guardian Beast faded, returning to her master supposedly. But the girl was asleep for a good month; passed out in a coma, as many changes had been forced onto her body. There had been no choice, as her powers had gone berserk and threatened a large amount of land, people and even fabric of existence. It had become imperative that Beldrein be restrained, if not controlled in some form.

The girl awoke, finding herself alone; slowly, she noticed a note to come and speak to Beatrice, the former Queen. She dragged herself to said location, and softly sighed, finding herself unable to explain what had happened to Kakeru. But when she entered the room, she noticed all of the Leonhardt children were there. Every single one of them obtained a sword; a single holy sword, and Beldrein was the second to obtain one. Fragarach, the Sword of Air, come to Beldrein's possession, the woman confused as most of them got a blade. But then it became clear, when Beatrice hugged Beldrein. And without a warning, the woman spoke, welcoming back her daughter, Ketheldrein. And the name.. it felt right. Pure. Perfect. Surprised, the servant looked at them all and realized one thing; they were all family now, together. And then it made sense; the rumour of Arturia's twin sister, kidnapped and killed at birth by the midwife at the time; that was her. That's why she was in a basket, in that one area. That very realiziation; that this entire time she had been with her birth family.. hit her hard.

And then she remembered her love for Kakeru and lamented it deep inside of herself. Something.. had happened to Kakeru. She needed to save him, no matter what. When Nicodemos learned of this, he angled a fight with his sister; and of course, taunted her with the lack of keeping her promises. Without knowing, her unstable powers opened a rift, and she plunged Nico into it. She felt even more guilty then, and refused to use any other weapon then Kakeru's Yukianesa, despite the Guardian Beast not being inside of it. Ketheldrein found herself needing to find him, as she abandonned her family, and searched for him. She returned at times, but was exhausted, as her searches brought her everywhere in the Sugiura realms. She found everything that she could, and even fufilled another Guardian Beast contract, to the pushing of her first one. It was to help balance her capabilities, as she even went to Aelir, but found no traces.. and then she realized she would have to go to the mortal realm.

The realm where a third world war was raging. Going in knee-deep, Ketheldrein sought her beloved brother, using his blade in his name, to give him the glory she had failed to give him. Her heart was in turmoil, and her very being felt achey, empty. She searched, those long years, for Kakeru, fighting in all wars, fighting everything, searching everywhere. She was mindless, like a beast, searching for the one that she had wanted to see most. And then one day, it happened; arriving back home after a long journey, she was face to face with the man she loved more then family, the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, despite it being wrong now that she was revealed as his elder sister. Despite that.. Ketheldrein yearned for him, as she ran to the boy, enfolding him into a loving, needy hug. And yet.. something was very, very wrong.

Kakeru did not remember a thing, despite her handing back his blade. She realized that the memories he had held, had transferred over to the clone of herself, the one that was an ARC Unit. Keeping this truth to herself, she introduced the family, including Firvanna, and then herself last as his sisters and brothers.. if Nico had ever come back which of course was a no. That worried her too, but Kakeru's amnesia was worse. So despite that worrying fact, Ketheldrein decided to do something only she knew how. She would spar with him, in order to try and bring back his memories; in order to try and bring back that sense of self that had been Kakeru, the man she fell in love with. And she would show him her love once more.. if he would have it. But only time would tell that.

Would tell if Ketheldrein could bond with him once more.

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Base Combat
The bonds that I can always touch

The natural skills

• Animal Traits: Ketheldrein's animal traits tend to shift around, due to her number of Guardian beasts and her own family line. Were as Ketheldrein's natural animal is hard to distinguish, she has two very obvious ones. The first is a Lion; the second is a Wolf. The Wolf was inherited from part of her nature, but her childhood as well; it was a gift from the King of Aelir, that has the magic to turn into a Wolf. The Lion is from Kethel's blood itself, the link to the Leonhardt family. They both intermix in a strange way and flow within Kethel. These traits do give Ketheldrein some passive intermixing bonuses, as they are naturally part of her system.

--• Enhanced Strength [Lion]: Ketheldrein has a natural strength higher then most of her rank. It is passive, but allows her to do a lot more with sheer amounts of strength then most would. There is no way to measure this strength, due to other traits and inhabit her body, but even should her energy be cut off theoretically, her strength would be above the normal of her status. A simple example is to say that if she could lift a five foot boulder normally, she could lift a boulder of ten to fifteen feet easier. It gives Kethel not a mega level of strength, such on the level of a pure physical master, but it does give her surprising strength, especially to deliver blows to her opponents. This works in well with using her weapons as well.

--• Intense Durability [Lion]: Ketheldrein is durable; more so then the average human. Some of this durability comes from the lion part of the bloodline; it makes Ketheldrein more durable to the changes around her, such as traveling or long exercise sessions. This helps feed into her indomitable stamina, and even can increase it. But this on a purely physical level, not ability level; so physically, Kethel is a bit more long lasting then most at her scale. It does feed into Ketheldrein's overall self of course.

--• Fear Overwhelm [Lion]: Ketheldrein has a strong personality; however, there is an extremely important passive ability that hides within that bloodline, and explains most Leonhardt's strong disposition. The Lion blood allows of the Leonhardts to overcome their fears; in a way, this allows them to more easily fight against the things that they fear, and fight with courage, to overturn their adverse emotions. This is strong in Ketheldrein for the most part; however, this may make her much more stubborn then normal; which may negatively effect her too.

--• Vocal Brutality [Lion]: Ketheldrein has a stronger, rougher voice then normal. She has a vocal range that is capable of going much lower then the average Sugiura, dipping into keys that some may not even hear. She can also give her voice a powerful, strong edge. This edge is passive, but increases the sense of Ketheldrein's very own solidarity; it is a strong voice to use to command, as the Lion's nature is to take charge, and be at the head of all things. This is one of the things that people do associate as the ''royal'' Leonhardt voice.

--• Flexible Agility [Wolf]: Ketheldrein, having the traits of a wolf, given to her by the bond with the King of Aelir, has also adapted something very strange. Their capability of agility; where as in a flat foot race, Ketheldrein may not have the most insane of burst speeds, or sustaining speeds, she has something quite unique. She would be best describe as an obstacle course runner; her body has a nimble agility to it. She can dodge, weave, and adjust her bodily movements to whatever she is doing. This is also aids in some of her other passive, as her body is naturally disposed to do exercises of agility and timing. This allows her a more pin-point physical agility, hence why she's capable of doing chain actions in easy commands. Though not as controlled as a cat, it is a good balance between flexible speed and pure strength of speed.

--• Unrelenting Tracking [Wolf]: Ketheldrein's wolf nature is a lot more subtle that most would expect. She has the instinct of a tracker; that means that Ketheldrein is a lot harder to lose, or to trick then most people would expect. Particularly on worthy prey; she will find herself aiming to keep up with them, using that agility to get around obstacles. But her tracking capabilities are, as of these traits, mostly on instinct, as she can find, and locate targets of her wishing. This is the instinct, and the easy capability she has in understanding how to track things.

--• Survival of the Fittest [Wolf]: Ketheldrein's survival instincts are majorly power; they drive her subconscious being on a level that few would understand. It is to the point that Ketheldrein, even under mind-control or even unconscious, will move and fight, or run if she is threatened. This is a level of instinct that prevents the death of the body at all costs; it is a last resort, but the instincts are still strongly present in her normal states. This warns her of danger, and gives her an almost uncanny capability to avoid dangers. This is an instinct, but not refined as of this trait alone. This naturally enhances all of her senses, from her sight to her sensing, if she needs to survive, whilst parsing the negative effects that come with such things.

--• Howling to the Moon [Wolf]: The languages of wolves; something that all canines can understand. From humans with dog traits, to hyenas; anything that has an ounce of a dog trait will be able to understand this language. This is a language that is universal for all canines. That means Ketheldrein could communicate with any such related elements. Such as canine souls, items, summons, pets, people with traits, so on and so forth. It also affords Ketheldrein a unique method of gathering information as well. It also allows Kethel to use a different vocal range in her voice, speaking in a tone where humans cannot hear, and also add a sort of mysticism to her voice, the illusion of many in her voice.. she likes to use this tactic to leave a sense on other people, particularly when she's entering a battle.

• Magic Resistance: Ketheldrein is a Leonhardt Knight; therefore her blood is of a knight Sugiura. This offers her a passive resistance to all external energies; it is quite familiar within the family of knights. Therefore, Ketheldrein's capability is highly adaptable, and even strong amongst the knights, due to her absolute training on both Aelir and in the Western Castle. Generally speaking, it means that effects that would both harm, and help Kethel would be greatly impaired, due to the nature of her resistance to all energies. This is hard to describe in a singular ability, as there are many to derive off of it; however, the main core of the ability is resistance to all foreign energies but her very own. These resistances are all natural resistances that Ketheldrein holds; items that she has to increase these resistances are put aside for these traits.

--• Sugiura Magic Rank A: Ketheldrein's resistance to other Sugiura's magic is very, very high. In fact, one might think Ketheldrein is nearly immune to her kin's magic and capabilities. Why? Perhaps because she has trained and sparred with a great number of her kinsman, some extremely gifted in magic, and yet continued as if nothing happened. In essence, any magic lower then her current grade easily gets pushed aside; and even those of her own tier will see a hard time trying to use Sugiuran magic against her, because she easily brushes it aside.

--• Reiatsu Based Rank A-: Ketheldrein has a high natural resistance to the Reiatsu based abilities in the world; due to several experiments by Sensaiki Yuudeshi, which unveiled some further powers within Ketheldrein, the Sugiura are also former Shinigami a long, long time ago. There are traits of the Reiatsu capabilities that once inhabited the Sugiura; so in a sense, Ketheldrein has fought against such things all of her life. So Reiatsu doesn't effect Ketheldrein as many would think it does. This resistance is almost on par with her Suiguran Magic Resistance, but not quite there. It's however, definitely noticeable.

--• Nullifying Energies A-: Strangely enough, Ketheldrein has a high Resistance against any energies that attempt to erase or destroy the target on contact, such as the Quincy arrows themselves. This is seperate from any other resistances, as it targets a specific series of energy types; namely, those that try to erase, change, destroy or otherwise effect Ketheldrein. Examples of such energies as this are Quincy arrow tactics, Death Energy and other energies that are primarily made to destroy, such as Carnelian energies and Void based energies. This could be said that Kethel's natural resistance comes from her Origin, Eradication, and the very experiments on her that made her the productive hub of all Carnelian energy for the ARC System.

--• Blast Resistance Rank B: Ketheldrein has a natural high resistance to all sort of blast of energies; this could easily fall in line with Cero, Bala, Chaos blasts, etc. Generally, independent of her other resistances, this deals with a large blast of energy coming at her. Ketheldrein has felt, and dealt with many of these types of energy attacks, and as such are much harder to effect her then say, more intricate uses of the energy. Ketheldrein can knock away such blasts with her hands if she adds in some Ischyrion particles to the mix, but generally such attacks won't phase her as much as they should. Like she says to her opponents; ''Charging in won't get you a victory against me.''

--• Chaos Energy Rank C: Ketheldrein has a resistance against Chaos energy and it's counter-parts; however, not as strong as other bases, due to the fact that she hasn't really interacted with Chaos Energy. However, she has a natural resistance, due to the overall resistance capability of her sub-race Sugiuran class. She can naturally push aside and block, even be unaffected by most Beginner and Adept Chaos magic elements, and has an easy time against advanced. However, Masters and Grandmasters would have a much easier time fighting Ketheldrein on equal grounds with their Chaos energy.

--• Demonic Plays Rank C-: Ketheldrein has a natural resistance against all types of demon magic; however this could be the arguably weakest resistance that Ketheldrein holds. This is due to the very nature of her Origin, Eradication; as it has enough of a pull to give Ketheldrein a corrupt form, it is plausible that, that is where her weakness lies. Once could say that all demonic magic tends to pull on the heartstrings of that origin, and empower it; it can even seriously damage Ketheldrein in some cases. Relatively, Ketheldrein has no issues from Beginner or Adept grade demonic magic; however, Advance may show an effect, and those above it are much more damaging.

• Combat Master: Ketheldrein has a natural ease of combat; this is prevalent to all knight sugiura. This stems from the rigurious training, and capabilities that they require to handle their armor, and often their bond with their Guardian beast; in essence, this is the capability of fighting on high terms, despite their lower tiers. It is a sort of catch all for combat, as this generally influences each Sugiura different; however, generally, the Knight Sugiura are best at medival warfare, then more modern weapons. However this can change from person to person, barring on how they live.

--• Bladeswoman: Ketheldrein is perhaps one of the most skilled people in her entire family when it comes to the sword; she taught a few of her siblings the basics of the sword, and how to fight with it. She can fight with any, and all types of swords; and this extends to not only just swords, but bladed weapons too, such as knives. This is rather Kethel's ease of using these kinds of weapons, to the point that few will be able to match blade with blade with her. The only downside one could say is Ketheldrein would be outdone by a specialist; her mastery of bladed weapons would put her as a slight disadvantage towards a master of the katana per say. However, the difference is often very slight, and Ketheldrein can compensate for it with her other capabilities.

--• Physical Powerhouse: Ketheldrein is quite apt at physical combats; a lot of her traits allow her to take a position on the front lines, such as how generally she can take a lot of hits due to her various bonuses, or how her strength is generally enhanced due to the use of Ischyrions. To add to all of this, Ketheldrein has taken a few lessons to improve her physical prowess; although she could never be called anything more then a brawler, having no capability of Martial Arts unlike Kakeru that served in the East for a while, she is still surprisingly good at fighting hand to hand. It isn't her best trait, but it's often used when someone tries to close in the gap on her. She's well aware of people wanting to do such a thing, but often surprises them with how much she can keep up; she can even give a well-experienced Martial Artist a bit of a hard time, due to how adaptable her strikes are. This trait seems to have been fostered in her descendant, Natsumiko. Despite it being part of Kethel's general teachings, her natural adaptability to physical combat may have made her a close range fighter.. if her talent was there.

--• Modern Strikes: Ketheldrein, although she typically uses items as a night, has a true hidden talent. Long range fighting; this seems to carry over to her other descendant, Shizuka. Ketheldrein's ease of understanding modern components, as shown with her bond to the Yuudeshi scientist Sensaiki, and the experiments that forcefully connected Ketheldrein to the Yuudeshi network, one could say that nothing of modern weapons escapes Ketheldrein. Although she prefers to fight as a knight, a lot of her more efficient, and powerful combat involve long range tactics. Where as Kakeru is easily the type to flank the enemy, Ketheldrein in her forms starts to show how much she can be a supposed ''glass cannon'' however, she has none of the glass. Generally speaking, Ketheldrein can use many modern weapons, but her favourite are guns. She can easily set up, use with immense accuracy such weapons, to the point she could even fight a sword user at close range with a gun! Needless to say, Ketheldrein's mastery of the modern weapons is highly unusual amongst her Sugiuran peers.

--• Bash'em Out: Ketheldrein also has an affinity for bashing weapons.. or using anything as such. That means generally Kethel has a good capability of using weapons other then her modern, physical or bladed weapons; but these are not some of her best fighting weapons. It's just that Ketheldrein will never be without a weapon; as she can turn things into weapons by applying enough force to bash them with. She does have a lot of knowledge on a whole whack of weapons, such as staves, bo-staff, nun chucks, shields, and what have you. This is Ketheldrein's adaptability to other weapons. It allows her to fight on part with most advanced users of these weapons, but she will never match a master, unless she uses more then just the core weapon knowledge.

• Riding: Ketheldrein has a natural skill of Riding, as do all Knight Sugiura. Rather, the skill of riding is simply being able to ride things; and no, not sexually. Though it may help.. in either case it's the knowledge, understanding, and general adaptability towards things that others can use as transportation. This discounts things in the nature of Shunpo or Teleportation; it needs to be a mountable thing. This skill comprises a variety of things, so it's often divided into smaller sections to be much more efficient to catalog and process.

--• Fine Tuned Muscle Control: As the name implies, this is a rather thin and easy parsed control of the body. Rather put, Ketheldrein has an amazing control over her muscle's minute reactions, such as twitching to keep balance, or tightening and loosening her grip or control. Yes, it sounds really dirty, and yes, Ketheldrein has used this for seduction or sex.. it's very satisfying alright? But in a combat function, it extents just beyond her riding, by increasing her body's own control. However, primarily, this remains as a riding skill capacity; where as she can use this fine tuned control to help her natural combat, her specialty of control lies in riding aspects.. such as being able to stay on the stubborn bull until it calms down.

--• Mechanical Logistics: Ketheldrein, holding access to a private section of the Yuudeshi Network, Haal's own network, and then having established her own Sugiuran network, has access to a lot of information.. and rapidly. This allows her a giant databank to parse information on subjects she needs to ride; such as motorbikes, horses or other rideable animals. She isn't stupid either, and knows enough theory to be able to apply it in practice; this allows her to assimilate and adapt to what she needs to skill wise. As such, she could theoretically pilot a Helicopter, since she knows what the switches do, and how to make it work, but hasn't of yet done it.. or done extensive training either. But it gives her a large advantage, allowing her to become more adaptable to changes in her transportation method.

--• Travel Sickness Immunity: Ketheldrein cannot get sick by traveling or any sort of sickness attached to movement. That means she never gets dizzy either; simply put, she does not get sick if it is related to her movement or perception of such. This makes her actually entirely adaptable, such as suddenly going to high altitudes, or deep under water, and not suffer what would most for doing these kind of things without a preparation. This gives her a nice flowing change in between transitions, and keeps her from being off her game when she suddenly hijacks a flying bird or something.

--• Beast Control: Ketheldrein has one skill that comes off of riding; Beast control. If it can be ridden, Ketheldrein can handle it. That means if one can summon a 300 foot long serpent or something, Ketheldrein will be able to ride it. Her ability to ride things is just that high; however, anything matching her own tier in power will be harder to ride, then say something of a lower tier. Also on this subject; Guardian Beast and Mythological creatures, along with Ziamichi, Zanpaktou and other types of Spirits are much harder to ride then just supernaturally powered mortal creatures. But Ketheldrein can do this, so long she can exert a force equal to them. However, this is to be used with common sense; but in theory, if she finds a horse hollow, she can ride it.

• Sugira Traits: Ketheldrein has a slew of natural Sugiura Traits that do not fall into their own category, but could be called a general make up of the race. Such as the natural trait of their bodies, along with other small things such as the variable state of unique traveling, and traits handed down by their old Shinigami roots. All of these varying traits will find themselves in this section.

--• Body Makeup: A Sugiura's natural body make up is neither spirital and neither material. In fact, under any other circumstances, a Sugiura's existence would not be able to be touched in any method or form other then things from their own home dimension. That would be true of another type of Sugiura; however, the Sugiura that populate now, are all descendants, in some fashion or another, of a mutated Shinigami. This gives the Sugiura's body an unnatural make up; they have a natural Spiritual Body, much like their ancestral race, however, they are not purely Spiritual. They are capable of being seen by powerless humans, and other such things; however, one immediately notices that physical arm cannot be done to the Sugiura. So where as they are material enough to be seen by all in the physical realm, and even by those lacking of any spiritual awareness, they cannot be harmed by the items of that world, much like a Shinigami. It is a strange balance, but it serves all the same. [this means picking up a rock from the ground, and chucking it at a Sugiura without any energy in it will not do a darn thing.]

--• Spirit Form: Where as most races use a form of interdimensional travel, the Sugiura need no such thing. Why? Because they can become completely uncorperal and undetectable. Rather, they can seperate their entire being by turning into a sort of particle, that is invisible and invulnerable during travel. However, this is not usuable in battle, hence why they kept the use of Shunpo. This is because it takes a huge amount of concentration to disperse and reappear in a location using this method, due to wanting to guide every particle.. and not lose any on the way. But it is very useful, and a well advanced practioner can even take along non-Sugiura for the ride. Ketheldrein is very well versed in this technique, and thus can take along quite a few people with this skill if needed.

--• Shunpo: The use of Shunpo is still well known amongst Sugiura. Rather, all Sugiura have the capability of using this, and all of them do, as they do not have a high speed race movement skill, like most other races. The only sub-class that may differ is Liners, due to their God Mosaic. As such, Ketheldrein is well versed in the use of this technique, due to her brother Kakeru being one to frequently use and abuse high speed movements, and this is relatively her make-up for that. It also helps during a battle, but Ketheldrein has not developped anything other then a great use of a basic shunpo.

--• Kido: Kido; the art of Shinigami. The Sugiura, being a far distant relative of a Shinigami, can use these arts as well. However, only Magus tend to typically study the link between Kido and Sugiura magic. Kido is simple to pick up as well, as it can even throw off opponents into thinking that they are a Shinigami. Ketheldrein is relatively okay with Kido, but isn't an expert, as she herself isn't involved in the Sugiuran magic as well.

• Guardian Beast:

--• :

• Origin: An origin, part of every Sugiura. Where as it is the true nature, the absolute essence of one's self, to many it becomes an imperative of life. An instinctual compulsion that cannot be erased no matter how hard one tries. It's a long, and hard thing to explain, but that is the gist of it. Ketheldrein is immensely unique, if not extremely special; she has her own Origin, the one that she was born with.. and then one that she has been bathed and touched with. This other Origin belongs to her brother Kakeru. This is symbolic for the two; it shows that their bond is not just by blood, by love or by any defining characteristic of the world, but in fact so deep that nobody can touch it. In a way, it is a permanent bond that linked Kakeru to Ketheldrein and can never be erased. This offered each them something; a new form tapping into this origin, and some abilities derived off of the secondary origin. However, the secondary origin is subsidary in nature, and therefore follows in the line of the thought of the original Origin. It seems very complex but is inherantly simple.

• Eradication: This is Ketheldrein's birth Origin; Eradication. Eradication is a total, mass destruction of something. This origin is very dark, dangerous and difficult to control; hence a lot of Ketheldrein's more excessive traits for one, and secondary, the necessity of a trinity of Guardian Beasts. What's more is that Ketheldrein's origin is not matched; it has pure, raw destructive power that is ruthless. The Origin itself drives Ketheldrein's urge to destroy, annihilate and rip apart a large number of things. It allows her access to a form called her Corrupted Form. Her origin is as such that Ketheldrein can never allow herself to become fully overcome by it; as she would lose herself and the very being that makes up her personality, and become a vessel for the very sense of Eradication itself, the Black Beast. Eradication itself offers a slew of skills for Ketheldreins, along with a few powers as well. What will be written here are skills associated to her origin.

--• Five Keys of Eradication: Due to the Origin being two powerful by itself, there are five existent ''keys''; fractions of Ketheldrein's origin. These five Sugiura are naturally drawn to Ketheldrein herself, and serve her faithfull, unconditionally. They are actually parts of Kethel herself, and thus are inherantly bonded to her soul. These five keys are : Annihilation, Gilyndrein; Oblivion, Garyndrein; Ruin, Jaryndrein; Destruction, Kayndrein; and finally, Extermination, Gaeldrein. Should all five of these keys be killed, or destroyed, it would unlock the full potential of the Black Beast within Ketheldrein herself.

--• Chains of the Five Keys: The Five Keys are bound to Ketheldrein; this was mentioned before. To clarify; Ketheldrein can partake in all of their abilities if she so choose, and they may use some of hers on demand. They are linked via a telepathic bond that is impossible to block, due to them being essentially the same soul in different bodies. This bond is instantaneous, and can relay immense amounts of information; Ketheldrein can also temporarily possess the body of a Key if she so wishes. The Keys can also converge within Ketheldrein's mind and vice-versa. The full bond of the Origin in between the Keys and Kethel is unknown, as it hasn't been quite tested yet.. however, this capability is a skill offered by the Origin.

--• Unholy Monogamy: The origin of Eradication is considered evil. Therefore, when any other thing tries to hijack Ketheldrein's soul, the Origin rejects this and eradicates it. Relatively speaking, it protects Ketheldrein's very existence within itself; as Eradication reaches in between the line of existence and non-existance, it has a passive affect to protect Ketheldrein's being from being effect by either side. However, it does not only that; it also rejects all evil marks on Ketheldrein's soul but her own. As such, curses to effect her soul, or demonic magic to bind her soul, so on and so forth, of an dark or evil nature, are rejected over time. The Eradication speed is dependent on the strength of the curse and how much of it gets through to Ketheldrein; this is relatively done on a case by case basis.

--• Emotional Overwhelm: Ketheldrein seems to not necessarily be aware of this particular segment but; when her emotions become strong, and passionate, the Origin itself lends it's influence in her words and movements. In essence, one could call it an Aura, or another a Pressure; whatever it is, it's very overwhelming. Ketheldreins' strong, passionate emotions overwhelm the area passively, overriding other emotional responses or communications. It is particularly effective on empathic or sensitive people, as it gives Ketheldrein a overwhelming presence, depending on the emotion. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the presence; it can even, if strong enough, blot out some functions or cause certain powers to activate automatically, due to the origin trying to eradicate all other emotions but Ketheldrein's passionate emotion, thus passively causing a mental and will attack. The longer one is exposed to this skill, the more it will effect someone. General, people holding Willpower equal or above Kethel may hold on for about 3-5 posts, depending on their own personality. This passive only engages on a strong, passionate emotion to the point it clouds Ketheldrein's other emotions, and begins to enhance it.

--• Sinking Away: This is the singularly passive that is given by her origin that is not beneficial in some way. The more that Ketheldrein uses her active Eradication abilities, the more she accumulates the origin's energy. This could, at critical mass, destroy Ketheldrein's personality within itself, and transform her into a raging beast that obeys only the directive of the origin. Also, an important effect to note is that they will not only effect her negatively, but cause holes in the stream of existence, thus alerting all of those that have a sense of that stream, and further increase possibilities of corrupt existence mechanisms. Such as accidentally crash one timeline into another, and possibly spawning beings that erase the existance of the world on touch. This makes sure that Ketheldrein does not abuse her origin, as it not only puts risk to herself, but everyone around her. The general time of the Origin Energy being able to overwhelm Ketheldrein's own is on a case by case basis; but Eradication passives are capable of being turned off by Ketheldrein as needed, due to her Guardian Beasts, her secondary Origin and her Keys' intervention. But there may be other negative effects as well; these have not been discovered due to Ketheldrein's next to no use of her true Origin.

• Order: This is Ketheldrein's secondary origin, Order. It was not inherant to her birth; however this origin was fused within her system, due to a unique contact with her sibbling Kakeru, whom has this Origin. Relatively, they managed to part-way connect their very souls, concepts and existences together for a brief moment. This allowed each to carry a piece of the other's Origin, thus allowing them some minor capabilities with the said Origin. However, one important note; this secondary origin follows all primary focuses of the first, but rather, refines the first Origin with a more concise secondary. For example, as Eradication is vague in itself, it allows a multitude of facets to Ketheldrein. However, when it's channeled through Order, it gives a sort of Order to her nature, and thus forms a specific instance of Eradiction through that. Also, this split origin can be pure in only the so called ''purified form.'' (where as with Kakeru, it would be a ''corrupt form'' due to the nature of Order being on the good and Eradication considered evil.) Only then can it transcend the meaning of the first Origin.

--• Self-control: The Origin of Order allows Ketheldrein to add some self-control to her Eradication; with the help of diffusing the major impulses through the Keys and the trinity of balance offered by her Guardian Beasts, this is the final piece of the puzzle to allow Ketheldrein to consistently fight against her origin's wild impulses. This allows her to more consciously control the use of her origin, such as shutting off the passives when she needs to, and preventing herself from using the active abilities. This is a small gain, but it helps a lot in keeping Ketheldrein from accidentally turning herself into a monster.

--• Unyielding Presence: As Ketheldrein's Eradication allows her a stronger presence depending on the passion of her emotions, this passive takes that and refines it. It allows Ketheldrein's words to carry more weight, as her presence is constant, but powerful when she inflects emotions into her words. In a way, this allows Ketheldrein to keep up with her will department, allowing her to stand up to several opponents that normally would have her beaten. The self-conviction, and the very strength of Ketheldrein can come through in a sort of aura, allowing her to motivate her allies along with herself to keep going, and not fall to the darkness around them. It's very difficult to control, but is rather useful should she be at the head of her troops.

• Energy Horizon: Ketheldrein has a.. well let's just say it plainly; Kethel has more energy then most would ever dream of. She could power a city for an unprecise amount of time without rest. And this is a city the size of Karakura town; let's just say she has massive amounts of energy so she basically never, ever runs out. It's ridiculously stupid how much energy she has; and that generally causes a lot of problems, because there's few that can even keep up with her, and energy costs mean next to nothing to her. Relatively, this capability is rather well ingrained into who she is via the untold amounts of bonds, and other such things that make up part of Ketheldrein's make up. General, Ketheldrein's huge amounts of energy may seem like a good thing, but it is relatively thought as negative by the girl herself.

--• Too much Burst: This is the first, and most noticeable aspect of this skill. Ketheldrein has not only a lot, but in fact TOO MUCH energy. What does this even mean? It means that if Ketheldrein does not drain a portion of it from her body all the time, she may end up killing herself from the sheer amount of energy she gathers. However, absorbing items or techniques don't aid; Ketheldrein has to dispense the energy herself with her own techniques and capabilities. However, luckily for Kethel, the amount of energy is drastically reduced depending on her form. Each release of energy must be done within the next 5 threads. For each thread in basic, she needs to release 1/10th of her tier's energy within a thread. For her other forms, increase the first part by one per form; therefore Joushou is 2/10, Zenou is 3/10, Kyuu Kyou is 4/10 and Unleashed is 5/10. Her Alter, Corrupted and Purified forms take the same amount of energy as her Unleashed.

Now what are the consequences? For each level of energy not released, it actually damages Ketheldrein, and weakens her other abilities; due to the excess of energy, it becomes much harder to focus. This means for 2 energy needs not met, she looses all of her focus skill to beginner. If she misses 3-5, all of her capabilities are a full tier below her normal ones (this means if she's 0-2, she drops to a temporary 1-2.) from 6-7 threads gone unattended, Ketheldrein also begins to accumulate damage. It starts with 5 tier damage at 6 and 4 tier at 7 (this damage cannot be healed with her passives, and thus takes the normal human time to heal.) From 8-10, she drops down two tiers (now if she's an 0-2 she goes to 2-2). It goes on within that sort of format, but the most currently available is a total of 10. (that would mean that Ketheldrein owes 10/10 parts of energy of those her tier.)

As a note: if Ketheldrein releases within a thread, the thread will take the highest amount of energy needed and apply just that number. This means should Ketheldrein go from basic to zenou, it would take the 3/10 needed from Zenou only, and not add the extra 1/10 from her base form. Also, Ketheldrein can release only a total of 1/10th within one post. The thread in which she releases can be a solo thread, as long as proper links are presented within the thread itself. A reminded that the /10 is the amount of energy one of her tier has; generally, Ketheldrein has a much higher amount of energy then that, but that is what is required to top off her situation.

--• Gift of Enhancements: Ketheldrein has such high amounts of energy that it actually enhances her naturally bodily functions. Due to the ease of energy available to her, she actually has a large amount focused within her body to improve it; this lampshades to higher speed/strength/defenses then the average Sugiura of her rank, unless they are specialized. She is just a general type of all rounder with these. This is not accounting for her other capabilities. This is part of why Ketheldrein can be such a treat in a battle, due to the fact that she is generally an all rounder buff wise for the most part.

--• Instant Recovery: Keeping on the thread of thought of earlier, Ketheldrein's natural overabundance of energy allows her to heal much, much quicker then the average person. In fact, some of this is present in the experiments that Sensaiki conducted on two of her descendents; therefore it could be considered a family trait on Ketheldrein's side. Her recovery time is nearly instant for all wounds; however, the only wounds that seem to truly effect her are internal wounds that progress over time (such as ice infecting the insides of her body) or instantly fatal wounds. Although, Ketheldrein isn't sure on the last, but there may be a possibility she could recovered from even instantly fatal wounds, such as beheading. But this is not tested. So generally, her entire self is mostly immune to battle damage, barring over-time internal damaging effects. (yes, that includes poisons.) As this works with her physical healing, but not her immune system.

--• Close Range Sensing: Due to Ketheldrein's abundance of energy, it's very unlikely that she is missed; her energy is like a flare on a night vision. Generally, there's so much of it that it may blot out weaker or suppressed energies; this has also wrecked with Ketheldrein's actual sensing capabilities, allowing her to sense energies only within a short distance. Generally, she has to be in the same area as the person in order to sense them; the longest she's managed to sense was something around 100m or so. So generally it gives Ketheldrein little warning against stronger energies, due to her own being entirely too strong for herself, and generally others to handle.

• Seals: Ketheldrein, having been around a great many elements and other such, has quite a few number of seals marked amongst her body. Relatively, it fulfills a large number of functions; as these seals inter-link to states, and other useful things across her ability map. However, all of the seals here are generally passive, and serve more often then not to stem or limit something for Ketheldrein.

--• Reason of Restraint: Ketheldrein's best, and arguably most powerful seal, is the one that limits her power output. Due to Ketheldrein not having a limit due to her energy, she has a relatively limit of active energy. She can spend mountains, if not worlds amount of energies, but this seal helps limit that power a lot more then it should. This seal governs that Ketheldrein cannot exceed the amount of power usable by one of her tier all at once. Should this happen, her energy will not regenerate until the next post. Generally, allowing this seal to slacken, or even temporarily shutting it down allows Ketheldrein acces to her Unleashed Form. The seal itself is a mark on the back of her neck, only visible when she's using a lot of energy (at least half of the typical of her level energy). The mark itself resembles a circle, with runes inscribed in the circle, and a single rune in the middle.

--• The Grace Within: This is another seal, this time inscribed over Kethel's heart, a beautiful symbol with runes of purity. Put in the shape of a tear drop with wings, it seems to be heavily layered with these runes. The color it glows is blue and white, almost peaceful colors, and heavily reminiscent of Kakeru. No one can see it unless they have access to the Origin of Order in some method, or if Ketheldrein herself is using Order. The seal itself regulates Ketheldrein's use of any support like capabilities, such as recovery, barriers, and so on and so forth. Generally, it helps Ketheldrein make those things stable for herself, as her large amount of energy and passives can impede on each other. This provides a more restraining, if not stemming the flow of her natural chaotic formation into a more controlled environment. She can also forcefully activate it to enter Purified Form.

--• Boundary of the Best: A third seal, and another seal specifically linked to her forms, this time the corrupted one. It is located on Ketheldrein's forehead, in the likely place of a third eye even. The runes themselves are black, and the middle runes form a pattern that heavily resembles an eye,and is red in color. This isn't visible unless Ketheldrein is using too much of her Eradication Origin, to the point that her corrupted form becomes entirely too close. She can also use it to forcefully activate said form. The seal itself is used as a counter to show how close Ketheldrein is to be overwhelmed; the more visible and clear the runes are, the closer she is, until it begins to activate the corrupted form by itself.

--• Carnelian Clouds: A forth seal, and this one is directly tied to the mutation of her alter, the ARC Unit. As Ketheldrein is the first of the units, she had become the main support beam for further units to develop. This seal is the regulator of that. As Ketheldrein cannot access Carnelian energy in her basic forms, this seal grants that permission on a low level, but allows supports the network of energy that is built on Ketheldrein's frame. It allows her to produce, and then send back to the generators Carnelian energy, where it is stored for ARC Units to awaken and preform duties. ARC Units connected to the system, and nearby Ketheldrein could connect to the seal directly and draw energy from there. Think of it as internet; generally, Ketheldrein is wireless, but sometimes people can connect directly. The seal itself is relatively unknown, and placed on Ketheldrein's lower spine, seeming like a circle of blades with runes of the ARC Unit's names. Each time a new ARC Unit is created, the name appears on the seal. It is invisible to all but ARC Units and the Network Manager.

The Power within

• Name: Ketheldrein Leonhardt

The Armory

• Name: Ketheldrein Leonhardt

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[Sugiura] Ketheldrein Leonhardt :: Eradication's Encore
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