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 Ziamichi Magnolia Clixx [0-3+ normal/0-2 masked state]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ziamichi Magnolia Clixx [0-3+ normal/0-2 masked state]   Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:41 pm




permission for characters that have been mentioned in history are provided in the link below.

Previous App links:

» Name: Magnolia
» Titles: The eternity Flower
» Appearance Age: Teens
» True Age: over 400
» Gender: Female
Affiliation/Rank: Rouge for now

» Appearance Description: N/a

» Appearance Picture: Above in the main picture

Magnolia has a philosophical side, one which ponders why things are. What makes them that way. Also she tends to find herself often in thought, thoughts which tend to flux and ebb. These things make her distant and yet also very understanding, this side has a thirst for knowledge which is a kind of addiction in itself. Many people want many things, the thing that she wants would be to understand, to be enlightened on the situation, that is one of the things, that really does make her feel alive and free. So in that regard she just wants to be able to understand things for what they are, not for what they become. It also is for that reason that she wants to become someone who knows a lot about everything, someone who is able to ponder and wander about the world as we know it. It makes her tending to go out on her own adventuring into the unknown discovering new things about her self, and other people.

It’s not a bad thing, but it’s also not a exactly good thing either. It just is what it is without a doubt, but it greatly influences her making her do things that she normally would not be caught doing. Or it affects what she thinks about the situation, how the situation is affecting her. It makes you could say her mind a battle field of warring concepts, she wants to understand for many reasons. She wants to actually know things for what they are, not for what she thinks they are. That is one of the main things which drives her, it makes her want to learn all she can about what she can. Magnolia is kind of like someone who is a sponge, wanting to learn for many reasons, the main being to understand. Ever since before she could understand her own mind, she wanted to learn, to become something more which had actually known things not for what they appeared to be.

But instead for what they seemed to do, and how they seemed to interact with her, and with the society as a whole. It made her want to become someone that was enlightened on the situation, who could take charge of her own destiny and with her own two hands seize it and go on and basically work towards turning it from imagination to reality.

Magnolia’s mind, it is a steel trap which thinks about things with a precise way to it, thinking on how it can be used, and more importantly how what is used can be then put into action. Made to benefit her and allow her to further her goal. So she has thoughts which are not like a human, with compassion. Her thoughts regress often into something that has not a shred of human emotion, nor demonic compassion, instead it tends to be more like a place which is cold, without any form of free roaming movements, thoughts or probably you could say even processing capabilities. It finds the best course of action even if it’s something which will cause trouble later on, she is not afraid to dirty herself if it means to be able to actually further her own goals and aspirations. That is one thing that you should understand right now, she is not someone which is going to run away if it means that she lost the race or came out in last place.

That’s just not her, she will instead use everything that she can, thinking cool and calmly without much care for the safety of herself and even others, so in short she is just not going to bend down and pick someone up from the depths of hell if they have no more use for her. Na she would rather let them burn and then go on and move onto the next objective, meaning you could say that she is not going to help someone who cannot save themselves. This also means she has no qualms with killing people if it means she can do what she needs to do. Actually its quite the opposite, she just will go on and do it , because it is what she needs to do, what allows her to actually go on and come about the goal that she is wanting to do, even if it means that she is going to be a monster. She does not really mind it, she just will move on, keep going and trucking through until she finds her final destination.
This Steel trap, also is something which remembers even the smallest details without much difficulty. Actually it is that it is harder for her to forget then it really is for her to remember, meaning even if she wants to forget, it tends to usually be burned straight into the depths of her mind, without much actual care for the bad or the good it just remains as it is. Not saying that they are going to change, but once something is stuck in her memory, that steel trap is like a strangle vine it will not let anything go, not allowing one shred to escape. That’s just how it is with her, it does not make much a difference, once its in its in.

Magnolia Has an ominous aspect to her, not intentional. But through her actions her personality can be seen as such from time to time, even if it is not going to be a good thing. Her cryptic behavior tends to be something that marks her apart from others, while she does not fear death she instead is fascinated by it, she just seems to go about looking for it when she can. Kind of like she wants to learn more about it, to become more knowing about it. Just by these behaviors alone, she tends to seem like she has a screw loose, and is very strange to be around, even if you don’t at first get it , you eventually do feel what that means, because of the fact that it tends to be really strange to be around her. more than that, her actions tend to give up very little knowledge about her, which tends to lead people to believing that she is some kind of mad person which is better left alone.

This is true up onto a point, her actions are a small kind of warning of how she acts, as she tends to not be very sociable and have a way of putting people on edge even when that is not something which was intended to happen in the first place. So, yes she does tend to make people go over the edge, not the best person to meet in the middle of the night, as she acts like a walking corpse it tends to have an off key tempo when she talks, like she is detached, like she’s speaking through water, or from a messed up phone. That’s just how things are in the first place, it’s one of those things which makes her who she is, that is something that is without a doubt true. No matter how disputed, this is just who she is but it sets people on edge.
Finally though, the fact that she has an ominous feel to her personality, is also because of many other aspects coming together in the personality, it’s definitively something which can’t be attributed to any one thing by its self. Instead it can though be called something that is true thanks to all the combined factors of her personality in the first place. That is why Magnolia’s personality tends to be slightly unhinged in the first place, it’s really not anything but that. As that is just how things are with her nothing really else can be said about it.

Asexual Vibe: Her personality is kind of in the gray area, it has no real mix of feminine or masculine. Its really without much feel at all, which is how you really can identify it in the first place; not by how she reacts or how she behaves. She just tends to think about things indifferently, if you want to go blow your brains out? She will probably just walk off and into the sunset and leave you to do what you feel like doing. To her you are just another person, because in the first place she just does not like to deal with people who are not going to take care of themselves, as she has no time to be babysitting people, it’s just not part of her plan for life. So because of that, she really can’t see a big need for actually dealing with people that are not going to help themselves before she helps them.

This kind of makes her feel sometimes like a woman, but also some times like a man. She has the kind of manner of speaking and working those words which can land her in either stereotype, but she is not a tomboy either, as she does not tend to dress up in a boys clothes, nor displays any desire to do so. She just does what she does best, which would be kind of looking at the options and going from there. She doesn’t dress like a girl either, not finding the fruu fruu shit to be her thing, tending to dress in asexual combat clothes, that’s just what she likes. It’s kind of because of this she can be landed in either actual category in the first place.

Another thing, is that she is not diplomatic she lets you know what’s on her mind and doesn’t beat around the bush all too often either. Direct and to the point that she is trying to get across to the person, you could also call it blunt-ness which makes her not quite a feminine figure. Nor though is she overly aggressive in her pursuits in actions principle or verbal display, she almost has like a free flowing calm dialect which does not really go into either category of sex, or gender. Instead being something that can be categorized as either or the other. Which is why she does have this kind of vibe.

The Vampire Magnolia, acts a lot like a vampire. She enjoys being in the dark, and shadowing herself to not be in the sun, also she has a strange kind of addiction to blood which boggles the mind and the body in most cases, it is almost like what you could say to be an unnatural habit which perks up many people in most cases being kind of like her charm. Compulsive around blood, is one of the other things that she likes to indulge herself on, commonly she is tempted around warm blooded figures to partake or dine on their blood , it’s unnatural that is for sure but it is kind of like a sick twisted desire of hers which is not going anywhere.

It quite often though is going to extend down into other aspects like liking to bite people. Sucking blood, or enjoying the color and smell of that rusty salt like life source which blood actually is, even though she is like a vampire she though is not weak to things vampires are, no matter how close she does behave to one, it actually is not going to be exactly the same, because she is not a vampire. She instead is a demon, not one thing or the other, she really just acts like this.

Unwavering, is another thing about magnolia, she is not going to pause and think about all the ways things might go wrong. Instead she will go ahead and go with the situation, making adaptations in regards to the situation, because that’s just how she is. Magnolia is not going to spend time worrying over it, instead she is going to get down into the point of the matter, So she does not care if she’s covered in blood, instead she will continue with it, because the fact is that would have been the decision she made, and because it was the decision she made? She will go along with it, and just continue walking forward, not dwelling in the past choices that she made and only looking forward to the new choices she is going to make.
Another thing is, she will not bat an eye lash even if she is hurt or injured. That’s one of the things about unwavering ,it does not mean she is going to stop for a cut, instead she just will keep going forward and onto the task at hand


Sweets: Magnolia has a fondness of sweet things, it’s pretty indiscriminate as well; meaning: Magnolia just loves sweet’s in general. It’s not hard to fathom why, because sweets are comfort food; and that’s no exception here. It’s a lot like one of her crutches; it helps her get through the day; This is one of the main reasons she is “Fond” Of sweets.

Solitude: Despite that she loves company; magnolia also loves solitude. Possibly because when she’s alone she does not need, to monitor her own actions: throw up a façade; or anything of that sort. Magnolia loves her solitude, not quite as much as company but; nearly as much. For one of the times, she can get the most done; or figure out her own feelings, is when she is well alone. It allows her to be herself; to recharge her “People” batteries so to speak. So it’s needed for her to stay in a working, or “Sane” state of mind.

Company: Despite, how she seems a, good majority of the time; Magnolia does in fact love having some company. It might stem from the fact she used to be alone in that hospital room for so long. Now, even though magnolia loathes to openly admit it: company is something she just, loves.

The Night sky: It’s kind of weird, but magnolia is utterly obsessed with the starry night sky. It could be because magnolia for the longest time; was unable to see, or grasp the sight of stars. With this in mind, magnolia could if she had no other obligations; sit and watch the stars until they ceased to shine and she would be content. With that said its quite obvious when you think about it; her fondness of stars that is. It’s one of the things she finds comfort in, magnolia loves the stars they are a work of; well art to her. So yes, one of magnolia’s likes would be the starry jet black dome of the night sky.

Emotions: Magnolia is captivated by emotions; how they define a person, shape a person, and break a person. Maybe because her own emotions have a hard time; coming to light due to her dominating pain. If you think of it this way, it is quite natural for her to be attracted to others emotions; it’s interesting for her to see how people normally interact. That is, without the burden of pain equivalent to magnolia’s; there’s no real logical reason for this, its just something that fascinates her.


Her power: Magnolia hates, her own powers they are nothing but trouble for her. They cause her pain, misery and on a daily basis are a crippling presence. Probably This is one of the things, magnolia dislikes most; she dislikes what limits her life; what paints her life in a shade of agony, a shade which has permanently become entrenched in her mind. This is why she dislikes, and down-right hates her own powers.

Her Shikai: Though magnolia does know she needs it, she hates her shikai. Magnolia tries to avoid its use at all, possible costs. Probably because it causes her to drown in her pain, and it needlessly destroys everything ; I mean everything in its path. Magnolia hate’s how deplorable it is, how detestable fate is to pin her with such a burden; this is why she without a doubt does hate her shikai.

Harming others: Magnolia, for a fact, hates having to hurt other people: she has to live with the conscience of doing it for eternity. With this weighing on magnolia’s mind, she hates having to harm, or maim others; and will avoid it, if there is any possible way to do just that: avoid it. This is why she loathes hitting, or slapping to the point of that magnolia: Will not harm others unless there is absolutely no other option. This is, something that causes her heart to hurt: knowing that she’s hurt other people. This is why she down-right dislikes, harming people in the first place all together.

Immortality: She loathes her immortality; it stops her from being able to: Run, to hide to escape the torment that, she has to endure. Magnolia hates the cage, that her immortality has cast on her; how it limits her and forces her to keep living. Magnolia also hates that she can’t die yet can feel the pain of wounds; which would normally, strike her dead. This really why if Magnolia could; she would kill her immortality and sink into the pleasure of non-existing.

Running away: Because she can’t run, Magnolia hates to see other people run from their selves. Magnolia will usually get extremely angry, for a pacifist anyways; when she sees people denying themselves and trying to suppress who they truly; are. It is for many reasons that she hates it; but its most of all because, she accepted her life long ago; she might not like it, she might hate it; and wish it dead. Though magnolia sticks to it, and finds it disgusting that other people run from it.


» Zanpakutō Name: (What is your characters Zanpukto name?)

» Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: She looks like many things, but to be frank the Zanpakutō takes the general shape of a little girl. While her appearance shape and form usually chance with the ebb and flow of the state of magnolia’s mind. She is generally the mirror image of magnolia. In most cases looking like a younger form of her, while sometimes it changes slightly with variation. As a whole this spirit looks a lot like magnolia. Which means, she has one gold cat like eye, and alabaster skin; blond hair like that of a doll and a dainty damsel in distress like all in all appearance.

Also, this Zanpakutō spirit likes to wear old world, type clothes. Such as large ball room styled dresses, and just over all she has the “Queen” Vibe like a queen you would picture sitting in a throne room. This is coupled with her “Delicate” Features giving this Zanpakutō over all a nice and reserved; but drop dead gorgeous appearance which is both formal and just plain sexy.

Lotus though, prefers mostly to wear those old- world oriented dresses, but sometimes you can find her wearing more; “Risky” clothing, such as tank-tops and short cropped blue jeans which show off; a rather well formed ass. When wearing this “Kind” of clothing, generally one will begin to notice that lotus does have: a pretty good-sized pair of breasts, which all though she does not flaunt , she is proud of them. She does also on this note, wear bikini’s once in a blue moon; that’s about as risky as she will get though; as for the most part a “bikini” consists of a thong and a suggestive small top, which hugs her body and reveals a decent bit of her breasts; and her ass.

Though, the few things that stay the same are her defined features; her breast size, ass, eyes , body size , hair color and complexion. So basically while she does granted have more wiggle room to tweak her own appearance; her core traits displayed above no matter what are pretty much always there, even if she tried to hide them she would fail spectacularly at it.
Anyways that’s lotus.

» Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Lotus (nickname Maggie)
Maggie is a sassy little tuna roll, she loves to get into trouble. To cause people to get flustered and frustrated that is one of the things that she tends to in the most part get a real kick out of. It makes her just have fun in the general sight of things. Likely to talk back to those who are worthy of respect she tends to taunt and tease the crap out of everyone and anyone she comes across. Not particularly the softest individual her sass tends to contain both the bark and the bite, physical and verbal taunts are weapons that flavor that little quirky mouth of hers on a daily basis. Her mouth is a kind of double edged sword, degrading others opinions of her and at the same time causing mental or physical stress for other people. It is thanks to this her personality tends to vary in the first place, being pretty damn saucy with both her comments, which are not all the time appropriate, as that mouth often can spout lewd remarks, ones which could be incriminating and at the same time condemning.

This extends to humor, her humor is quirky iffy and just plain non sensible at best, and utterly just oh god why at the worse. Meaning that her humor may not be the best thing, but mostly it tends to bring things out of her putting it all out into the open, her humor reflects her personality. Thanks to this she finds the humor in the pain of others, not the pain such as verbal but the literal pain and suffering of others especially if its love. She finds love hilarious some times, because of the reason that it is such a weakness which brings people together, and lets them die together. It’s just the ultimate joke to her, “Till death do us part” in her opinion should be changed to “Till we fuck up and cause our premature deaths” which in her mind is much more accurate.

She laughs also at threats and in the midst of battle, as this is where she most often will be instead of worrying of what happens if she becomes a corpse, she will be laughing. Her snarky side comments and sassy nature extends the most into how she fights, using both leading and taunting remarks to annoy and distract the foe, while she is fighting, to make it so they are under both kind of battle fields, wit and physical it makes Maggie joyful like no other, and it also makes her stand out thanks to how she acts in these situations.

Mania: She tends to get highs in the pinnacle of her sassy emotions, this is known as Mania. The opposite of depression it causes her to act like she’s going to orgasm, it brings her brain out and stimulates it to cause in short it to act like she’s on a sugar rush. Often this gives her as well an unsettling way of speaking or talking. She will talk like she’s looking forward to it, or with a compelling feel to her voice. That is something which is because of her mania, it makes her act like she’s not bothered even in the grimmest of situations, bitter sweet the sadness turns to cruelty or eerie fascination with disemboweling them, which is why the manic disposition tends to make her get violent or extremely provocative. Acting in ways that will definitively draw attention to herself, and also that will just make people think she has no manners what so freaking ever.

Maggie also tends to have a leaning disposition towards people who know what they have before they lost it all, or people who get angry very easy. She loves idiots because they make the world interesting in her opinion and without them the world would not be the same, it would be rather drab and boring. So this is why she loves to be with the people from the wrong side of the tracks, and is pulled towards places full of those which obviously do not know how to behave, the immaturity tends to give her a good hard laugh, for reasons that may not really be fully understandable. That still is a fact which is odd about her, as she doesn’t tolerate idiots, she just enjoys them because they are stupid, they make her laugh and she feels they understand simple things better than the ideal normal people.

She tends to enjoy it because everything is also so simple around them, it is quite easy for her to mix with them, and to understand them, for the reason that they are not that complex to begin with, they are actually kind of stupid. That stupid is simplicity, it brings her to them like a moth to the light , she specially loves to teas and mess with them, because of the fact that they are going to react more visibly to it than people that have known better then to do so for a very long time. Which is why she messes with them in the first place, they are quite easy when it comes to messing with. So she does have a abnormal love for idiots, and a fascination with them that could be thought to be unnatural at the best of times, instead of hating them she finds them amusing.

However this also comes from the fact she has a underlying yearning to have the simplicity that they are graced with every day. So in some ways she does envy them more than she does anything else, they may be oppressed but she finds them blessed to their ignorance being unable to actually understand the severity of their situation, is like a blessing for them, being able to be innocent of the worse things that go on in the world that is beyond their common comprehension, making it so that they are protected in some sense from it all.

Maggie loves to be a Houdini, going with the wind, dominant and free she has a persona which makes her naturally love to ponder and go through lands she does know nothing about. It makes her want to go and find something new, and then keep going live as she wants to a day at a time and go where she wants to go, not wanting to be held down, and just wanting to keep moving. To do things that no else has done yet, and make a name for herself, to go to distant worlds which have only been thought of in the dreams of many, and seen yet by none what so ever. That is the thing she loves, not the locations, and the places, but the journey itself as a whole, being able to move without being restrained that is what she wants to do, more than anything else.

The feeling that is her waking up in a new location, that is what brings her and breathes life into her, makes her want to do things new and without much of a thought for what has already been done, to be able to wonder and think of the possibilities of being somewhere she has no clue of as a whole, that is what makes her so wander lust prone, it’s what brings her actually the most interest and joy out of the whole situation, making her be able to decide things without hesitation or even a moment of wait or hesitation, she naturally because of this is laid back and goes with the flow, taking situations as they come, making it so that she does not question what is going on and why it happens. It just happens and that is what it is. This also means she hates to be detained if she wants to go somewhere and wander around she will be pissed if you try to deter her from doing that because in short that is exactly what she wants to be doing, not something else or someone else. And if that’s what she wants to do, she will probably more likely than not find a way to do it, and make it happen.

So yeah she loves to wander about, and to the point she really does not see the point in people staying in one place, rather she likes the nomadic tribes which had made their lives about moving from one place to the other, exploring places and just taking what they needed, not a bit more or a bit less, just going around and having their life be how it was, without trying to avoid it. Those where the people she just really loves, they inspire her and makes her just want to continue on her path, and when Maggie gets going she tends to keep going without stopping she just enjoys moving about staying mobile, she would hate it if she was stuck in one place. That’s a fact. In short, she is not one which will calmly stay in one place, instead she is the kind of person which will more likely be going and gone before you can explain why you want her to stay. She also does not make many ties, she hates things which will keep her in one specific place, instead she will keep going and in that way she is indifferent to foods, and people, she really does not hate anything or like anything to make it easier to keep going and wander about. This air of indifference is the secret allowing her to wander to her hearts content, as she keeps no ties, which might detain her.

Prodigal, is another thing Maggie is being a person who loved movement she excels in foot work, it shows because her body language is always airy, rather more than that it is as well going to be more mobile, quick and move with her actions to make her body language almost pop off the page. It is also as apparent as night and day is when she is not pleased with someone. Instead of yelling or verbally chewing them out, she will rather go about things such as asking them to dance, or challenge them to try to trip her, this way also makes her giggle and just go into a laughing fit, when they end up fat on their asses with the blank sort of expression that will generally belong to something like a baboon or an ape which is why in the first place she gets such a kick out of this. More than that she does not only get a kick from it but it helps her tease other people, by staying just out of arms reach it allows her to go about taunting people with a ease and accuracy, which I may add makes her rather adept.

As well this does help her when it comes to moving from place to place, she loves to take the tricky routes or the ones which usually are not even thought of being traveled, such as mountain faces, using her foot work to dance about them like they are nothing but bunny hills. Meaning that she is going to use this to sate her feeling and love of exploring by going to the harder places it means in short she is unlikely to find a place that she can be kept from when just the terrain is in the factor of obstacles, because she is going to go through most terrain, with her airy spirit like demeanor which is a lot like a animal or free bird in its kingdom. Which is the simple fact which makes her just so happy when she’s wandering she uses all her foot work to go about having the most fun, dancing or doing stupid things like hanging from a stop light, or tight rope walking on the top of a gondola wire up a windy mountain without much of a problem.


» Background:

On earth, Magnolia was never born. It was never known what time period she was going to be born in, or what life she might have actually had. Her only experience as a human was.. well nothing, it was a long labor in which both her and her mom died. . . Though if that was only the case it would have been, well a blessing but it was not, the woman was tied to the stake and crucified with nails many of which punctured and killed this unborn child. It was after that she got set ablaze while still alive, and slowly burned to death. The death was quick for the babe, but the mother she slowly was burned to death, over a period of 3 months.

No one knows how the mother lived that long, but she did she burned and burned they had to keep relighting her keep the flame going, and she still burned. Screaming crying begging for mercy the mother still was burned, longer and longer to no avail She continued to be burned. It was strange though, why she did not die, no one honestly knew, but what they did know was . . She failed to die, no it was more like no matter what she just kept burning, And burning , and burning .. and burning. No matter what she seemed just not to die, the mother kept being burned and kept screaming in agony. Though no matter what she just did not seem to die it was pain which ruled the mother as she was being killed and murdered. Crows ate her flesh in between the periods in which kindling was being collected.Nothing mattered though, they just kept burning her, trying to kill her. They wanted to kill her, and where determined to do so.

Eventually it worked though, she died 3 months later and literally exploded in a huge cloud of ash and Mist, hollows and the mother’s soul was devoured by a hollow destroying it, reducing it to nothing . . .This babe was never born and sent to the soul society , so in essence she never was a human in the first place. She was born a spirit in a sense, though, also magnolia was a unborn child. Killed by violence.

After that, she was born in the world of the soul society. Though she was a sick child, going into a coma seconds after being birthed into the world. She stayed that way for hundreds of years on a far hill miles from the districts that souls resided in. Her life consisted of memories of a dark place, and excruciating pain. She for those hundred years relived the pain that her mother had endured that was , the pain of never being born. It replayed over. . and over. . . Never ending nor beginning .

Her first life was an eternity of torment, damnation and even extreme pain she would have never woken up, if it was not for the fact she was found by toshiro hitsugaia of squad 10. It was the kiss, of solid ice which awoke her from the eternal damnation that was her sleep. She never could wake up before though she always endured the pain, trying to find something to live through she often in her sleep dreamed of a life without pain, without misery without torment. She often was held in the iron grip of sadness at never being born a human, that her first moments in life was being ran through by the cold, cold kiss of steel and being burned to death within her mother’s womb.

She never got to play with other kids, she never learned to love or to hate. Her life was a life of pain, fear agony, she was born with the desire to die. Though it was the one thing magnolia found out would never happen. When she found out though, is a pretty good question, but she was within the throws of madness, screaming. Dreams that she was slowly being burned alive, that she was something not pure something that did never deserved to exist in the first place.

Repeatedly she would pound in her dream try to die, but that was the one thing that would, sadly enough never happen. She was burned executed and scarred but she never could seem to die. No matter how much she wanted to, or how long she tried this fact remained absolute: She would not die. It haunted her, and tormented her as her life was a prism in which she could not escape, Magnolia felt like she was a bird in a cage, being sentenced to eternal pain with no end.

Toshiro was the one who woke her up, he thought she was dead, and went to pick her up. It was a touch which shook Magnolia from the clutches of her nightmares. She woke up, and saw something sharp, something which was extremely sharp. Needless to say,what she did was she grabbed instinctively and tried to run herself through in the chest. It was a spray of blood, which sent her into the illusion of death she felt like she was dying though it was weird rather than feeling relieved , or a lack of pain she just felt more of it.
She screamed and thrashed trying desperately, to find a cure to the pain she was enduring.

No avail, she was picked up by Toshiro, who began to rush her to the medical ward of the soul society it was a tough journey though, as she was trying constantly to get free or kill herself. She wanted to die, though she quickly found out she couldn’t, that is what she found out, after she blacked out. Basically, she went into yet another coma, in she, was subjected to pain, misery death pain. These things looped in a continuous cycle, she cried she screamed but most importantly she just wanted to be free. Free of the never ending nightmare , though that was the one thing that never, happened.
Truly though.. when she woke up it was a nightmare people thought she was going to die, to become dead to be dead. But, there was one person who managed to save her.

Kisuke urahara who was puzzled by the conundrum present in this situation, created pills to suppress the power which he speculated was causing all this damage. It was not by any means a 100% cure, Magnolia soon found out it was in many cases just more like a band aid than anything else. It made it so, she was not constantly enduring the pain that is given with death and for that lessening of pain, Magnolia was extremely in debt to kisuke. Even though kisuke told her sternly “This is by no means a cure, it will suppress but never eradicate understand this” Magnolia of course who barely understood emotions took a good amount of time to grasp the meaning.
When she did though, she was slightly disappointed but it could never suppress the gratitude she felt towards this man, who gave her a way to lessen the pain.

Magnolia came to terms with her pain, but always was burdened by it, it was heartbreaking to most people to see how happy. . How extremely happy it made her to even have a slight amount of the pain removed from her life, that’s just though how it was. There was a side effect though, the pills where extremely strong, so strong in fact that she had to be put into a state of vegetable ism so that she could adjust to the pills , in which time she underwent several transfusions and six stomach pumps because of the , strength of the pills in question.

So she Constantly was in a state of pain, pain which was so dementing that it caused her to break down, and scream for a month straight, she in this time, was hugging her knee’s crying puking blood as her body was reacting to the strain of such a minor action. Her power also flared up, making it so people could only stand her for long enough to get her pills in her mouth and then exit. Even then it was heart breaking to the point most people avoided her, in this time her “power” that kisuke mentioned had begun to assert itself, to the point the genius had to take measures to keep the soul society’s safety in check.
What kisuke did was, he put magnolia under with a product which, Magnolia to insanity yet again, she was reduced to a delirious state, crying screaming though the pain was less and she was kept under constant sedation so that her body could maintain under the immense strain of her own energy. Even then it was to the point that she was often in and out of awareness unable to control her power, puking up blood crying and shaking. Hoping for death even though she could not die.

It Was around this point in time she heard the whisper of her other self, her Zampucto which reached out to her in her misery. It came one day when she was in the worst fit ever, she had wounded countless people who where decently strong, not by physically hurting them. No it just was by them being near her that they had become injured, She had slipped once more for the 3rd time, into one of her extremely long coma’s. She this time though fell and fell, fell past the icy oblivion that greeted her at the surface.

She fell into a strange world, a world which was just pure black, a world of black with white pillars on either side it was strange but elegant, black tiles which beneath was nothing but the eternity which was her life. And to the sides where white pillars pillars which radiated with the hope that still resided in her heart of hearts. It was a world with no noise, not even her own voice, a world where everything was stripped away. Normal people would go mad in such a world, but it was a welcomed change for her. For once magnolia was free of her pain and petty thoughts of suicide , It was well. . . a world with the warmth of familiarity a world which seemed like the caress of a mother. It was everything she had, well never known and probably never would know pain had no purchase here, its concept was lost in the ebb and flow of an eternal tide.

She had no clue what this place was . . . she was not frightened though despite the fact she could not speak , She wandered about aimlessly for the first time, she was free of the crippling and pain inducing condition of her own powers. She if she had her way would have never left it, in fact she stayed in it for a long . . .Long time, searching for the strange owner of a strange world, a world such as this one was. Instead though she did find someone, a small girl, a girl that looked like her but not like her, it looked like a mirror image. By now though Magnolia had found out sound had no concept in this world, it failed to even work, or hold meaning. Though there was a feeling in her mind. . she heard words, words which sounded like the warmth of the sun, and the love and familiarity that she had, for so long been looking for.

“You finally have come, I Was wondering when your power would drive you in here. . .I am Lotus . . . you may not know me.. but I know you.. for you are me and I am you do you accept us? look deep within yourself.. we are you.. you are us.. We are always in your heart. .. “

At a loss for words, Magnolia nodded slowly unsure of what it would entail or what it would bring. Of course though she seemed to begin to rise to the surface it was strange, she thought the words said where merely a metaphor a trivial joke which seemed to take place, but in fact it was not there was a hollow in the base of her chest.. with the slight tattoo of a lotus, a spot which was warm.. familiar much like the girl. Magnolia reached out.. and caressed the shape.. and with a shout of surprise felt her hand slide into her bare breasts. Even more surprised to find something that felt like a hilt inside, quickly she withdrew, her hand shaking in fear. In confusion and disbelief , she was scared and unsure what the hell it was that resided inside her, and she had a feeling she just did not want to know.

After this episode she went quiet curling up and crying for a long, long time with no solace she took her medication as seasons changed . . . The flow of time went on, and on with little reason or rhyme and she began to feel intense pain once more, sure she was heavily limited but there was the feeling of pain that was always lingering beneath the surface, raw power that had yet to be unleashed.

It was many years after that she had met another . . . her first visitor in a very long time. He was a man, who if she had been a normal woman not driven crazy by pain, would find quite attractive. She gazed up at him shyly still she was unused to speaking, so ZX, perceived her as being a mute, someone who could not speak. It was embarrassing but, her lips failed her and her mind just seemed to stop working. In the end she was asked a good deal of questions.. ZX seemed quite interested and genuine , though it freaked her out intensely , she was traumatized and scared.

To be honest she dissolved into a fit of screams which, where fit to raise the dead. As she curled up and shook, her body trembled and her eyes shone like disks she was scared. Frightened , in many ways she just wanted to die, and be erased from existence. Even though it was something that, well could not happen it was something that was her reality. Her pain, a pain that never would go away , often she now was depressed extremely depressed. She just would stare out the window watching seasons and years go by, even though she would take her medication, she often succumbed to her episodes of puking up blood, throwing fits, even causing people around her to be injured in her fits.

As rough as it was, though it was nothing compared to how she now lived she was hurting inside, hurting outside.. her body burned she wanted to be of help, but knew that such a thing surely would be impossible , so with nothing else to do, she began delving into her mind.. determined to unlock her hidden power.. or reach the place that so long ago she had found. It was folly but she tried anyways it was the one place she could be herself, a place she was free of pain and could truly be at peace with herself.

During this time, she met with her zan spirit and learned where other people chance she remains constant. She learned to tap into that amazing amount of power. Even though it nearly destroyed her inner world in the process, she slowly learned, in what in her inner world was probably millions of years but in her exterior world, was only a few months.Yes, in this time she began to discover the extent of her power, and it scared her, scared her to the point she made her zan spirit Lotus promise to erect a prison to seal 95% of it away.

She eventually made it, she enshrouded with the subconscious mind: locking it up so tight, that there was little to no chance of it getting out. This was sunk deep within magnolia’s inner world though that 95% was of both, there was still much power left it was strenuous but she was trying to ease the pain, ease the power she was not yet truly ready to take charge of. It was hard, it drove her near mad, but she managed to do it, with lotus and magnolia focusing on it, they eventually sealed it.

Though, through this time she did learn shikai while it was simplistic , she had learned to control better, allowing her was just her tapping into her power, allowing her to use a small, small fragment of it, Even then she could not use this, as that small amount of power caused her a great deal of pain,Pain which seemed to never go away, this development made her vow she would not ever use it, unless the reason was just and she had no other option.
Shortly after though she did go into remission, She was passed out for several months in this time, she was in a state of limbo so to speak, she could not speak. But she was still trapped in the ever present torrent of pain which seemed to never lighten its unyielding grip. More or less you could say it tormented her it gnawed at her and fucked her over like a bad bad hangover from hell. It reduced her once again to a fit of screaming crying and just a extreme mess.

It was after that she was given notice that kisuke urahara had left the soul society some time ago, that was one of the major moments in which her life began to slide into the endless cycle of depression. A cycle that would not stop, she was in her blackest mood, this was the first time in a while that the cage her zan spirit had made the chains rattled and it wanted to be free.. but this was unknown to her at the time, as magnolia was as oblivious as ever.

It was around this time that she had, awoken to find, rather a man who looked like a doll distinctive azure eyes, and blond hair the question would probably have been out of a normal persons mouth “Who are you” But not magnolia she just kept her trap shut, and continued to play with the hem of the bed sheets in her room, it was not a man who seemed to be kind.It was rather a man, who felt cold as ice, dangerous heartless. The kind of man who frightened her, he frightened her, to the point she lost it and threw the iv stand at him. It was not the prettiest of sites, but at least it got the man out of her room, but he just came back in it was not exactly like he was enjoying it, but he seemed to have some deeper sense of caring within him.

That was something different after so long, that someone caring actually showed up it was a first. But still she was quite freaked out, and in pain. Pain which brought down her reason, and made her seem like she was mad, so even though the man had come back, she had said absolutely nothing for so long she was not about to start now. She retained her silence, held onto it like it was her lover, eventually it seemed to infuriate this cold and hollow individual who seemed to rather give up. Not to say he had cared all to much in the first place but magnolia still, was silent hugging her knee’s silently crying and puking blood yet again from the effects of her own power. It was because rather a good many of things that she remained silent, taking her medication and just wanting to die. Pain which consumed her kept eating away, eating away at who she was. It was like a sickness, but a sickness that she just could not stop, or get rid of. Which is why she remained stoic crying in pain grasping for some kind of comfort in the misery that was her life. She was constantly in pain , pain from who and what she was .

After this episode It took, a long time but Magnolia eventually recovered and accepted who and what she is; and what her fate has ultimately brought with it. Magnolia was, in fact discharged from the barracks intensive care ward; half a year ago. From there magnolia began to explore. . for the first time getting to know the world around her.


[center]Summarizing Paragraph Section

And this would be where the summarizing paragraph, would go. So look here for the general idea of things if you get lost in the complexity of a post.


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Post Section

» Inner World:
her inner world, is quite simplistic for the most part; it is summed up as a endless horizon in which the center of resides a “Bridge” over the gap. The whole thing is uniform, retaining the same base color tones though it does have a rather- stream lined look about it. Though other than this, the world is much like a expanse of “Nothing” it just stretches on and on, and on. Rather redundantly actually, as it is the same uniform color with white pillars poking up from the bottom of the path. The pillars themselves just extend going up, and up, and up some more before vanishing into the black depths beyond sight.

The floors generally look like they are flat, flat and smooth like they have no texture to them; at all. They also are pure jet midnight black, like slabs of obsidian perfected and molded into a 3by 3 foot symmetrical square, by some otherworldly presence. These also, seem to give off a strange light luminescent and dim. Lights it only just barely, enough to show the intricacy of their; simplistic yet breath-taking structure, and design.

The pillars, seem to hold the same, elegance; though if you scrutinize on them enough, they are actually covered in a fine layer of images; more precisely they seem to be memories. Not just good memories or bad ones, but a mix matched collage of both; which is both interesting about magnolia’s inner world. This is interesting since, quite literally the story of her life; the ups and downs can be gleaned from these pillars.

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: a lotus tattoo on her center of the breasts. Its slightly white. Bleached of color it looks quite strange compared to the rest of her. All though within this lotus tattoo rather, is a rather standard katana, like most of the lower ranked shinigami sport. There is one acute difference thou, the blade itself has an eerie presence about it, because it generally has the feeling of nothing, which is a pretty peculiar feeling for the grand scheme of things
Sealed Zanpakutō Abilities

The partial immortal factor: Quite simply put, she is Immortal in a general sense of the term- though not quite 100% fully immortal as that would be another thing all together. As she can be killed in the field of combat just like anyone else could though if would take slightly more effort. As while she can be killed through a mortal injury she can live through 1 or two fatal wounds, such as being cut in half and so fourth. This is because of the matter being to actually "Kill her" means you would have to eradicate her with fatal wounds on both the spiritual and physical level. Eluding to having to destroy both her "Soul chain" and her body before she would die.

This of course being the case it is rather useful, as while she can be "Killed" it has to be a combination of both spiritual and physical means to actually bring her down. Its due to this that her body perchance is strong and at the same time durable. Meaning you could render her in a state of half death for all her life by hacking away at her "Physical body" But if her spiritual soul chain was not destroyed by spiritual means, well she still would be firmly anchored into the roots of our society.

This gives her the illusion of being fully and truly "Immortal" but when you look at the manner of which her condition is within her body you would see that basically unless both spiritual and physical fatalism is dealt it would be a rather tricky business indeed to actually finish her off perchance. This is by no means her being immortal but, it is a way that makes her rather a good deal harder to kill and makes it so she cannot die by aging, but as well it must have destroyed her soul chain and her physical self before she would truly be "Dead".

So you could stop her by chopping her up, into tiny pieces and spreading her across the globe but unless you actually killed her on both levels she would still on some level be considered to be actually "Alive" though not in a state where she would be a threat to anyone in the grand scheme of things. So with that in mind, she is by no means immortal, but it takes a combination of spiritual and physical wounds to bring her to a state where she would die.

Spiritual pressure: She has colossal spiritual pressure for her tier, in actuality it could be considered like a plume of gravity which expands and explodes over the field when combat is taking place, though this spiritual trace is volatile and destructive, it breaks down compounds around her much like rotting or something being shredded to itty bitty pieces. Because of both its presence and the density of it, it makes a slight halo around her and is able to break surrounding buildings when released into a form that could be felt "Physically"

When it first is released it is staggering able to physically knock back foes who could sense it from the trauma such power would induce, in a nut shell this massive amount of deadly spiritual pressure is able to cause damage to both her and the foe's she fights on a daily basis. In fact because her spiritual pressure is so high, well it causes her to to sustain injuries such as things like internal bleeding and external injuries in general, both of which are generally quite often a annoyance to her but not quite something that could become a. deadly problem.

To be honest her spiritual pressure in itself is quite staggering , but normally finds itself to be self contained. Focused in a small radius around her it generally is like a gravity bomb in the area it flocks to like bee's to their respective queens. Of course because its focused it generally causes her not to break things unless they come into direct contact with her meaning like if she touched a building chances are the pressure itself could "Break" the buildings structure through a release of pressure which in the end would cause a decent amount of destruction. This is why her pressure could be though of much like an embodied force of shattering, because the force when it radiates outwards? Well it can become so much that basically it causes the things it comes into contact with to shatter.

This means, really its amazing against rigid structures and hard defenses , being able to shatter objects that she directly touches , its kind of like a focal point when she touches an object. It would shatter on the sudden release of maybe a fragment of her whole amount of bottled up energy.

So when she touches an object? for example if she was hit by a falling boulder it would explode into a million fragments from the force of her own internally compact energy structure. Which releases the pressure built up not the energy but the pressure as the spiritual energy itself is focused on her body and if I may add her spiritual pressure all of it is focused in this slight area, which makes it like walking through a slow motion area. Its quite hard to navigate through then in proximity.

With this said, of course it cannot instantaneously shatter things such as foe's of higher tier then her, though the stronger the defense the more susceptible it would be to the shattering affect that presents itself, so say if you came in direct contact with her fist? well it would make it rather deadly because the punch would have a release of pressure on impact which would be added to her own power which already would be quite the problem .

Density: it is in a nut-shell rather dense to begin with, being able to physically be felt and damped the attacks that are present around her, though this is part of how it naturally is. From this density all though is the fact that is boosts her physical capabilities even though physica lly she is quite frail it works to help her rather nicely with things such as boosting her speed and strength and to some degree her stamina as well.

Because of the density as well, it generate its own kind of field where non player controlled objects could find themselves to be rather broken up because of the fact this spiritual density has such a pressure radiating in every direction that it shatters breaks and compacts things that come in contact with it in the general scheme of things Making it so that the density is a key factor in how will it does what it does. Even more so it works towards slowing down foes in the general area of it. This spiritual pressure in actuality is so dense truth be told that it doubles the weight of foe's that come in contact with this extremely compact and dense field of power.

The density also, has the affect of compacting the ground around her making it in a sense a rather solid feature, hard and compacted it does change the terrain she walks on quite a bit when used in the scheme's of combat and in the applicative ways it can be used in general. So in a short nut shell this is the benefits of her spiritual pressures "Density"

Amplifier: The dense spiritual miasma also acts as a amplifier for her Kidō skills. meaning say for instance if she fired a Kidō #30 technique it would have the power of a #35 Kidō technique, boosting it a couple levels, makes it rather useful for her; but in general Kidō itself becomes potent stuff when fired from her compact form, because of the reason being that well. The density that the spiritual pressure is compacted; well it makes for a excellent soup which is harvested and put to use in the Kidō skills.

The amplifier also works towards natural skills too , because the density of spiritual energy makes for a useful "Booster shot" it can increase them by 10% above what they naturally would be, not being much of course. Though it is something when you think about the grand scheme of things its quite handy when in a tight squeeze as well. By making it not only more potent but stronger and faster. when fired its like being shot through a sling shot, as projectiles are amplified from the release of pressure that follows behind them.

That release of course shoots it forward, and makes it so that it is rather useful for damaging and affecting the outcome of battle. If not through the means of power or spiritual pressure, through the means of speeding up and acting as the Amp to a electric guitar , it takes the power already present and boosts it. That is another benefit of the compact spiritual pressure that she benefits from since she knows how useful it can be. And that is the insight into the amplifier affect.

Electricity: from the colliding particles electricity is formed arcing around her body, in a kind of "Haze" making it rather jolting to be around such a extreme pressure as well. Making it so that she is also a generator of electrical energy, not quite in a manner that she can use, but all the same, it is a source of energy that could be utilized, it works freely though cause both her burns and scorch marks on the ground around her. This is why she usually after a fight will have burns and so forth.

The pay off is that all though it harms her, it allows for a charge which crackles throughout the spiritual field that is compacted around her, running at low amps in damaging quantity though still it gets up there as a source of power for others making it quite useful for electrical allies in the heat of battle. this is the benefits of her sealed form its not much as it only focuses on her spiritual pressure but it is rather useful in the scheme of things.

Accelerator, the latent ability that she uses along with her Immense spiritual pressure. This is a quality which uses not only the force generated by her massive concentrated energy. But also will then use this to boost, or speed up physical objects or velocity. Think of it as taking the energy there and applying it to another object in the term of raw force. As long as her hand or energy field comes into contact with it, the application of this is basically it can be used to accelerate the velocity of that object, by a great deal of force and speed, and utilizing the latent affect that Magnolia uses in the first place.

The Conversion takes place on the point of contact, turning spiritual explosive power into raw kinetic force, in essence physically affecting the rate of speed through a controlled acceleration of that item itself, and by compiling it, the result is something that brings up speed rather quickly. It can be applied though to things other than random projectiles, although when this is done, it causes damage or strain on objects which are unable to hold that normal rate of speed for a decent duration of time. By doing this, the accelerated area or items, well they become pushed outwards and sped up, think of it like her being a controlled epicenter and the surrounding objects becoming repulsed outwards.

When it’s done the properties or result is much like if you put a rocket on a baseball to start it only after it was hit and moving away. It would take the speed present, and add onto it, and by doing so it causes the speed or terminal velocity margin to be increased and in this way it can influence and affect the way that objects move or the rate that they move with rather adept ease, allowing for speed to be increased, though the rate of increase in a sealed state would be rather low, give it about a rate increase of 50% .

When used, objects are not the only things that can be sped up, if injured or caught in the radius of spiritual energy, it tends to allows indirectly for speed to be increased through concentrating a blast in a certain area, however the speed increase itself would be far less or have half the affect that it would on objects or inanimate objects which are used effectively and on a rather quick basis itself.

The radius itself is present within the 40 foot area around her, which she can directly manipulate the rate of speed increase. Any farther and the concentration is not enough for her to use and increase the rate of acceleration of the object. Though the intended affects are going to be increase in the velocity of an object when thrown or swung, giving it extra speed and power behind it, to allow for extra force.

Another thing though is when used, the velocity reached will only last the turn its changed, or until the object exits the 40 foot radius of affect around her, because in that area it can be continued to be fueled and in this way it will make it so that its source of speed will be increased or continuously powered until such a time that it left the actual 40 foot radius of affect , until then it would generally make it so that there would be little possible to be done about it.

When used defensively it can serve as a force of outwards acceleration of the inanimate substances or particles caught up within it, or in short it will cause a minor shockwave to go outwards from the acceleration rate itself, and that shockwave will be able to not actually stop an attack, but give enough opposition that there might be a decent enough opposing force to slow it down marginally. [/size][/color]

When in use though it drains minor amounts of energy , the accelerations themselves drain energy, and if there is no energy reserves left it will not work, what so ever.

» Release Phrase: Rip and Rend Shred this petty fate: Eternal Bloom

» Shikai Appearance: She is the same, as before all though her sword has changed. It now is a hand and a half-handle sword; which is curved up like a scimitar. Though this blade is glowing pure blue, and seems to have a great deal of pressure vibrating in the blade. The blade itself is extremely heavy making it nearly impossible in shikai for someone other then her to pick it up.

The blade also is double sided, though what normally would be the flat of the blade, is really instead actually a saw back, making it look like a massive combat knife more so then anything else. Of course though, the blade itself is extremely volatile because of the fact it has been compacted and fused with a great deal of spiritual pressure.

Because of this, when slicing the blade can cause, a kind of interesting side affect, literally releasing a burst of pressure which is both disorienting and at the same time, good at knocking foes down. It has explosive power, which is extremely useful in the heat of battle which is pretty useful for knocking foe's back.

On her other arm is a shield , which has a massive gaping mouth on it, this mouth looks like a hellish contraption that belongs on something from ones worst nightmares. This in itself is extremely hard, and has a dense vortex of her insane spiritual pressure compacted around it, making it quite useful in the heat of a fight. Not to mention the shield is pretty damned durable.

» Shikai Abilities:
Bash: Her shield can use bash, which is in fact a high level version of her natural spiritual pressure's ability. It is a slam skill that has not much power damage wise, but is amazing in repelling. This skill itself works by on impact releasing a burst of pressure which ripples out on the face of the shield like a reactive armor, her spiritual pressure amplifies it to make it so that the force it emits is both extremely large but also extremely explosive being used specifically to force foes back into their place.

Of course bash is a skill that does little damage, as said before, this is why the skill is used to get some breathing room in a fight. This is why the force is so large though being suited not for damaging but as a knock back. A means to get some distance between her and who ever she finds herself to be fighting at the moment in time she is fighting at.

Repel: Another shield skill, using her massive quanitity of spiritual pressure, slightly stronger then the bash skill, what it does is quite simple and can be used as a second to the bash skill, by condensing a mass amount of pressure and using shatter from the original skill , given to her by her spiritual pressure it makes for a useful attack stopper though it takes a turn to recharge after use due to the fact it uses a slight deal more then her bash technique .

So this one uses around 3 cero's worth of excess condensed energy, which is projected outwards around 2 feet from the original skill, by doing so it increases the defense and is a negating force towards a attack of the same tier, meaning that on impact what it would do would be negate the attack if of equal power tier wise, before the shield's impact would then finish off the job itself. Because of this repel though is a skill that's not to be used often , its used when things get slighter tougher and also is the second chain to bash.

Chain means that if the preceding link is used in this case bash, the move could be used after in the same turn if its recharged, making it so that, bash then repel could be used, in combination to throw a foe back, then negate an oncoming attack making it quite useful.

Deflect: deflect is stronger then the preceding skill repel, and it works by making a wide area surge replicating the shield several times, and is a chain attack that is well suited for fighting multiple foes, it takes a long recharge time all though having a 3 turn recharge due to the strength and prowess of the skills defensive capabilities.

When deflect happens is basically is used through the tuning fork affect, from her sealed form. It amplifies the repel skill, and puts it into use into a multi combat repel skill, this can be used to deflect up to 7 attacks of equal power, though this only works when the preceding chain move repel is used,

For that reason this is more of a defensive move that will only see the light of day when in multi person combat not in a simple 1 on 1 bout.


Thrust: This is the weakest in the chain of her blade skill and is known as thrust. It works mainly by using her spiritual pressure on the center of the blade in a thin destructive layer which is skin tight to it. On impact this attack is high penetrative able to weaken armor by 3.5% on the hit, besides the damage that is being already done in the first place. Of course, this skill requires no cool down, but the weakening affect maxes out at 7%.

This skill as I mentioned is very weak though, as it is the starter and the most often used of her chain attack, also when initiated the blade hums and a black veil forms on it quickly, the attack is precise to the point and allows very little reaction before it takes place.

The attack itself is more like a anchoring move, here to set up the rest of the chain that follows it, though the attack itself can be used in combat as fighting. It is though in primary use a starter or initiator of the chain attack as a whole thing in entirety.

Rapid Slice: this is the second in the chain, and it can be used in battle though it takes a 1 turn cool down after its use, because this one is also like the first completely about speed. It follows after the first in a split second accuracy, being the strength of a cero. And due to this the slice itself uses the saw backed side of the blade being rather useful for the action of quickly striking out at the foe while they would be recovering from the first attack. This one also is known as the gate way slice, as it opens up the following skills in the chain making it so that the next skill could be used .

With this said, this attack does not have that much brute force in it either; as this one is all about the speed, being able to execute it with speed which is not only extreme but also very useful in the scheme of things. This is why it is the follow up attack, and is faster then the attack preceding it. To make it more likely to throw off a foe, this attack is used to inflict a precise and deep wound, and further would shatter armor from her pressures affect, though not by much.

The strike in itself, is good at penetrating due to the jagged edge and speed it is going, it is more of a thrusting slice though, as it comes in quickly and with deadly precision, this attack can be used in harmony with her bash skill when need be, which is also something that makes it well, even that much deadlier.

Feinting Slash: this slash comes in lightning fast after the gate way slice or Rapid slice, and is stronger then the other taking 2 turns to recharge after its use. Of course this skill in itself can only be used after the previous one is used. the slash starts out with a feint, making the blade momentarily disappear from the speed its going, so that the main attack is lightning fast delivered right after the feint.

This attack is meant to disorient the foe, and by employing the feint, it is a lightning fast counter move which does a good deal of damage, because of the pressure of the blade and the focus though, this blade becomes rather like a snake, slippery and dangerous. Though this attack in itself is not exactly one of the stronger ones, it is though one that should be looked at with worry. For this attack is meant to cause bleeding, and further will weaken the armor of a foe if it hits, while also the attack causes minor fractures on the cutting site from her previous slice.

This attack can be used right after the preceding chain skill, because of the fact this chain move is meant to be quick fast dangerous, and able to do a lot of damage in a short amount of time if the situation called for such a thing to happen. Of course this attack is known as a opener or the preshow attack as it usually will be used to introduce the continued chain attacks which follow the first one, this is also used to disrupt the flow of her own movements making her harder to "Predict."

Wolf Slash: This slash is chained along after feinting slash, because of the fact this one is about savage speed and damage. It uses the saw backed edge projecting using her monster-like spiritual pressure the fangs of wolves, this attack slices down quick and is more about lacerations then wide spread damage. This also punches through defenses, much like a pack tears down the their prey, It is one of the more deadly slashes in her arsenal due to the fact it causes a high amount of trauma and a great deal of bleeding.

Though this is a intense slash it can only happen the following turn if the chain manages to reach the previous one, this slash will follow near instantly and is known because it brings the more serious slashes into play, this skill itself is one which requires a 3 turn cool down because it uses a good deal more energy then the preceding slices that are present.

This attack is also much stronger then the preceding slashes, using brute savagery as explained before to obtain its goals as a whole matter.

Bear slash: This slash is the one which follows wolf slash, its not quite as fast but it uses the disruption from wolf slash to its general advantage. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in brute power this is one of the most physically damaging slices that are in the chain, the blade slices with the sharp normal blade side, though this skill is deep penetrating and produces deep cuts when it hits, it also is useful for breaking through tough armor which would be weakened by the point it was used.

This attack also, is strange in the fact that it produces a extreme amount of bleeding if it was to land a hit, this is generally because of the fact being it is one of the finishing slashes which not only take up a massive amount of energy, but are highly unlikely to be reached, and because of this the slice in itself takes around 4 turns before it could be used again.

Cheetah Slash: This slash is insanely quick, and follows up the slash before it known as "Bear slash" because of how it works it causes a great deal of damage in a polar opposite manner to the bear slash. It actually causes a thin jagged line of damage, its not a producer of big cuts, but instead narrow "Paper cuts" though these paper cuts tend to be not only extremely deep but also bleed more then the larger cuts in the general scheme of things.

With cheetah slash it generally is used as the finishing technique because the slash itself can cause a shockwave around her or a sonic boom from the speed that the blade is going at this point, its said to seem to lag in and out of view at the rate it finds itself going momentum wise from this point forward.

Electricity Pool: Her spiritual density at this point also generates a immense general amount of electricity, which still she has no real use for at this point in time. Though it is more contained and is like a white hot flame of lightning crackling in her compact spiritual energy. It is not still something that she finds of use, but it still can be used to "Charge" up people who are electricity users, and it quite frankly other then that is considered to be a nuisance to her. In reality it actually does more damage then it does help.

This electricity field will effect general electronics and cause electricity circuits to go wild and fry themselves, from the general voltage and energy presence of the electricity which is constantly being generated from the pressure that is around her thanks to shatter. For now though it still causes burns and so fourth, generally having not much more about it that would be even remotely helpful when you think about it.

Though the electricity will give a major boost to electrical allies in the general area, making it so that they will find a easy supply of energy in the heat of battle, this also though is attracted to metallic objects much like a lightning rod would be, which is rather annoying when you generally think about it. Its beyond annoying and tends to hinder her.

Accelerator Field: Accelerator Field, is a build off of the accelerator. It uses the limited power present and adds onto it, by allowing for the field’s manipulative potential to be increased. The range remains the same, but the fluidity and level of the acceleration speeds are increased on a high margin which was not present before, allowing for much of the same things but instead at what you would say is a much higher rate of variables. When you do this in particular it allows for a field to be established where instead of minor affected changes in the acceleration of objects it becomes further increased in its strength.
In this stage, the accelerator field is something which builds off, and is much higher, being able to further accelerate something to 3x the force that it was going at in the first place. This is done through further compaction and control over the externally affecting force that Magnolia’s spiritual energy presents in the first place. When harnessed this increases the potential to accelerate objects at a much higher rate and further increase how it actually can be used.

Of course the increase is not the only thing, because this is a field, unlike before when it was through the reitsu itself, now in Shikai it has been able to establish the field of affect for the acceleration which is taking place. Introducing this structure basically works to improve the overall general stability of the skill in the first place, allowing for an increase in the ease of use for it. This of course has allowed the threshold in which the skills power level sits at to be increased exponentially.

The area of affect or the field, itself sits just at 40 feet still, being it is compact. But because of that it has great stopping and acceleration power. Working again in a similar way to the Accelerator itself, by boosting its principles, it’s in essence a further refining of the power, of course doing more than the power did in terms of force and the energy that is put into it.

Stopping force is another one of the key variables that was boosted from the field itself as the speed or rate of acceleration is increase the amount of force that is increased becomes greater as well. Doing so has allowed for both the rate of acceleration and the defense itself to have gotten an overhaul which is allows for a wider margin of manipulation.

The Complexity and control over the manipulation of Acceleration is increased , allowing for a finer tuning of the rate of Acceleration in that small area itself, meaning that Magnolia can do more with it then she could before, in the simple way it works.

Accelerating Force: Accelerating force is Built off the same base as her Accelerator field, the only difference is it compiles the power of opposing forces in her own power, and controls that for a small base which is going to start off the main conversion of this. It Adds a tense boost in speed which does not actually come from a heightened level of speed. Rather it accelerates the functions present by a margin, and by doing so allows for the force or rate force and kinetic energy is built up around her to be greatly increased. In essence its going about harnessing the left over tension from her massive levels of spiritual energy and its affects which are pretty strong in the first place.

So by doing this, It levels out the spiritual power, draining off the excess which naturally would dissipate think of it as a means of getting the most out of her spiritual energy’s quirk, which is the explosive potential that it actually has in the first place. By doing so, the explosive kinetic force is utilized in a way which allows her to gain another edge in a fight. As well this is why in shikai her speed gets a heavy boost in the first place, being sped up greatly.

It’s the fact that energy can be converted over into another means of usage, in this case it follows the principle of Accelerator by converting it into a means of increasing the threshold for terminal velocity and the kinetic force behind an object. However this does so to the user’s body, and accelerates a wide range of things as a basic thing .Despite the useful ness, this presents a minor strain on the body in the first place, and is only in use as long as the user’s energy is at safe levels.

When energy becomes depleted though what happens is the Accelerator will shut off, due to how this uses her main ability as a base which is going to then go through and basically, allow for the abilities themselves to become greatly reworked. By doing so this technique itself serves as a booster, accelerating things passively such as the speed she moves at and the rate in which she can swing her blade.

The Rate of acceleration itself is not as great as one actually might think it would be, only around boosting the speed asset by 60% Allowing for the speed increase to be used and possibly gain a predetermined edge in the middle of battle. Thus the Accelerating Force is something that can be used for Magnolia’s own purposes portraying to her own body.

Of course the downside is that this ability is only in use as long as she has ample reserves of energy, once that is depleted it would be rather useless.

Electro Magnetic Field Manipulation: Magnolia is able to fluidly manipulate the electricity she generates, using it to generate an electro- magnetic field which is used to control or distort magnetic fields within a set area of around a city block. Manipulation can lead to loss of gravity, or even causing objects like buildings to float due to repulsing polarities. Through electricity turning into a magnetic force it allows for the smaller magnetic polarities such as between minerals in the ground to be changed manipulated distorted and reconfigured.

When doing so it works in two ways, by turning attracted fields inside out to make them opposing fields, or turning opposing fields into ones that are attracted to each Other, in this way she could cause the ground to float or two buildings to smash against each other because their magnetic poles or fields have become attracted to each other in a very short period of time. This is the general way that the technique itself works, because of that it tends to be useful in manipulating the inanimate objects around her area.

One of the side-affects though is that when in use the whole thing causes for electronic components to become fried implode or explode. Because of the disruption that it causes to their electric current upsetting and ultimately destroying them , kind of like a EMP’s effects on electronic objects when launched in the upper atmosphere, this allows for the same result though in a smaller area of affect. Metallic objects are especially weak towards the effects of the field, because they are going to be the most susceptible to the electro-magnet’s affects, and will be the easiest to actually move around such as changing the minute magnetic fields or magnetic poles on a sword and a tree to cause the sword to smash into the tree at a high rate of speed or even make the magnetic poles within the core and exterior of the tree become opposing so that tree would spontaneously explode.

Heat, is generated in high quantities because of the electro-magnetic fields current, which in turn as a byproduct much like her spiritual pressure, it causes a physically discernible bi product in this case heated temperatures which can cause metallic and manipulated objects to become super-heated through the quantity of actual electric current that flowed through it in such a absolutely short period of time.Interference for other electrical currents also become present, as if the electrical current is of another and is a tier below them the energy will be partially dispersed causing the electrical current to be readjusted into her own electro magnet and as such it will not completely destroy the like charges but it will however because the weakening of the opponents current and if weaker then 2 tiers under such as 1-1 and a 2-1 their manipulation would be completely and utterly dispersed.

As well as by using this she can cause manipulation of the electrical particles in the air, such as in a thunderstorm she could plug into the lightning running through the air, and redirect it if it is within the city block radius that she can use the technique itself in. Though if outside that radius the immediate manipulation of the electrical current will be not possible , rendering the manipulation useless.

How ever though the manipulation present, does not auto hit, she has to do the action before it can take affect, and at best it can only have a chance of shutting off cybernetics. Objects physically that are of other players are also not going to be affected as much, more so it is non player controlled objects which are going to be affected. As to her fields affects, they can be overpowered if of the same willpower and close to the same tier.

» Bankai Appearance: (What does your character look like in Bankai?)

» Bankai Abilities:
Electricity Manipulation/ Standard Execution: Magnolia in her bankai state can generate and create electricity on a large scape. This electricity is enough to free form manipulate and create voltage on par with what would be needed to actually power a lethal damage over a wide radius, And the likes. So in standard practice it is most certainly a fact that her Electricity manipulation and the generation of electricity within her is more than enough to cause substantial damage. Yet she adeptly and quite often will both display raw power and pristine and masterful control over this electricity, making it both something that is very dangerous, and yet most certainly a feature about her that is going to be in essence not something to turn a general blind eye too. Given that her energy manipulation is enough to span multiple miles when it is brought into terms as a casting range, supplemented by a vast energy reserve that is both probably hard to comprehend and equally as hard to deplete, it becomes easy to see why right off the bat her energy manipulation and execution itself is in general just so strong in the first place, and its certainly not lacking.

Given time and her current level of power in bankai so to speak it becomes evident that of course her powers have increased beyond to normal levels that you might find them to be previously, this is of course the main reason that her power outage, and the versatility of her lightning control is going to go far beyond the canon, well in her case canon manipulation of magnetic fields, which is a skill that was gained early on in her shikai stages. So with this in mind, her manipulation as example has far exceeded the norm or at least the feats of her vastly weaker stages such as her shikai , and sealed states. As this is of course the first opening state where she can really gain full use and the potential to manipulate her vast quantities of electrical discharge to a more standard and direct form. Unlike previously where she could just generate and manipulate the ions and standard features in the air, this time it has increased to what you could say is a much higher margin, in terms of both power, and execution of that power, but there are some KEY components below which are explained in a list format.

1: Wide Range Electric Control: It should be duly noted that not all of her electrical power is coming from her direct generation, as she uses more then she can generate, The rest of it however comes from minute and most certainly adept control over ions, and even protons electrons and the like in the air, in essence in a field of let’s say 5 miles max she is going to be able to augment herself to the electrical energy latent in the environment, such as thunderclouds thunderstorms, and in general the natural static in the air. By controlling this mass quantity flow, she is able to supplement the remaining 20-35% of her electrical energy bank, this is to say that in essence her manipulation and ability to control the electricity levels in the air is Very high , and only matched by her minds capability to focus and deduce levels that range in the millions to trillions, in terms of space, so her processing speeds are intense, given in essence the amount of control needed to harness all the electricity in her wide range radius for ample and suitable use.

2: Minute Control, and Flow Variance Mastery: Magnolia given the WIDE level of immense power that her electricity carries, has adapted a means of controlling the minute and highly varying flux or change between static electricity and the currents that she uses in attack . This takes a minute and very masterful level of control in both the variance in her electricity’s flow and the control over the minute changes aspects and differences between frequent current types, such as DC, AC, and Static. Which is why her mind if sharpened off the charts for dealing with the consequential strain of these Multitude of calculations and altercations within her own electrical current, it is no doubt one of the reasons that her control is so fierce and near-absolute over the electricity that she harnesses. Because of the level of difficulty it would take to harness it any other way, the key feature here is the control of key factors, to keep her electricity in check when push comes to shove, it’s important in tight situations, since without it, if it came to over exertion a melt down of catastrophic proportions would probably ensue after the melt down event.

3: Mental Reasoning, And Calculation Factoring: Needless to say from massive metaphysical and physical calculations in place for this it is without a doubt a reason for a high state of mental reasoning and deducing for the reason that, one minor miscalculation is all it would generally take between a perfect execution and a hasty and very dangerous demise. Due to varying factors and immense metaphysical strain it would have on the normal mind, she has adapted to the information flow, and is quite adept at reading and categorizing it, meaning lightning fast calculations have to flow through her mind in order to keep the lightning, and the state changes as well as motor control, and even faculty senses , not to mention higher reasoning all functioning properly even with the high onslaught of information.

4: Converging Calculations And Predictive Reasoning: Almost the deciding factor is the higher reasoning in her mind which is working on converging calculations, meaning the merging of prior calculations with real word scenario’s that are happing at the moment of conception and reapplication. It is without a doubt these calculations which are rapid and fire like lightning are one of the driving forces behind her lightning’s success and mainly the ability to adapt so artfully to rapidly changing situations, Without it you could say that she could have problems with creation and even wholly the manipulation of her lightning . And predictive reasoning plays a huge role in factoring the attacks trajectory and reasoning out the potential sideaffects in a class order which is filed into the mind, this is to prevent over use and possible death for the lightning and electricity scale attacks she is using in general.

Rail Gun : It uses the key principle of electromagnetism , by taking a held object and then super charging it with a high voltage stream of energy allows for the object to work as a ammo or shell, which will be launched through the air at a rate of velocity, close to 5000 mph when launched from the central point. It’s an object that because of the magnetism and velocity quickly gains key kinetic force on pretty insane levels. Noted to be highly destructive it can be quite easily used to break through dense objects as its specialty is not direction or force it is pure destructive potential that when harnessed properly decimates a wide area with very little problem at all.

The key component of the rail gun would be the force or just abruptness that it accelerates, warping and causing the object that is shot to move at speeds that even water can cut through objects or blow up a building perhaps. This Itself is due to the rate of speed and the kinetic force friction as well as shockwave that it brings with it in the first place. This is however the main aspect of a rail gun which gives it the high level of destructive power that it has in the first place. Only here it is taken quite a bit higher by using aspects of both natural electricity and metaphysical electricity, or spiritually generated electricity, when this is done it allows for the object to gain a metaphysical edge to it.
In the first place this devastating attack uses velocity and the key components that allow high rates of damage in the first place. The only difference is that this attack allows for both metaphysical or supernatural and physical damage to occur, physical from the physical objects impact itself, and the spiritual or metaphysical damage results from the spiritually generated electricity which is imbedded within the brief period of ferromagnetism. So the control that is able to be gained from this is to be desired, because of the raw power once its launched it cannot be controlled directionally or in terms of slowing it down or speeding it up.

This rail gun works at hyper velocity. Causing for the speed and kinetic force in comparison to the mass of the object to become extremely increased, penetrative force is generally going to be a key factor of the rail gun itself, due to the fact of how both it operates and at the same time, how the skills and techniques work in the first place as a whole. Due to both insane velocity, and force behind the velocity it is strong and able to punch through most objects with little to no problem, that is inanimate objects anyways.

Even with this all being true, the fact is a Rail gun is something that causes recoiling damage from the intensity of the electrical discharge needed to generate the level of ferromagnetism that shoots off the Rail gun in the first place. It can cause the arm to go numb from the amount of electricity coursing through it at a given time, though that generally will only happen after a good number of shots have been done. Another thing is that with a rail gun the rate of velocity is able to cause damage alone, so the damage present will be powerful but it is not a explosion or AOE style shot , the stream or line of fire which the railgun fires the object down will have the entirety of energy sliding behind it in the slip stream. That is what generates most of the damaging force in the first place.

The distance for the rail gun is a 100yard range.



» PhatomTech: (Does your character have a PhatomTech brain installed? If so, you'll be able to qualify for upgrade at the Cybermind or add other Cybernetic parts to your character to make them stronger. Click here for more information about Phantom Tech)

» Phantom Tech Abilities: (What can your character do with his or her's add-ons? This applies to any upgrades your character has gotten from places like The Cybermind as well.)

» Phantom Tech Powers: (This refers to things outside of Add-ons unlike Abilities. What Phantom Tech Powers are, in a sense, is basically what kind of power did your character gain from having a Cyberbrain? For example, Shadin Yuudeshi gained Imaginary Computation with his Cybernetic upgrades and has the ability to bring tangible things into existence with his computers Quantum Calculations.)


[center]General Skills
  • Durability:Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Cero/Bala/Kidō: Master
  • Zanjutsu: Master
  • Hakuda: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Power Augmentation Master
  • Mask Protection:: Advanced
  • Hollow Control: Advanced


» Role Play Sample: (This is to test where your level of role playing is at. Please paste or create an example how you role play if this is your first app on the site. If this is not your first APPROVED app, then please remove this section of the app.)


Summarizing Paragraph Section

And this would be where the summarizing paragraph, would go. So look here for the general idea of things if you get lost in the complexity of a post.


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Post Section


» Inner Hollow Description:

» Inner Hollow Personality:
Sickening: Her inner hollow is quite sick in the mind. It was of course born from the corruption that destabilized her, and made her unable to cope, and because of this, her inner hollow has a sick sadistic side which is normally going to cause a lot of problems. They love chaos and destruction for the reason that, the destruction itself is a lot like pleasure and desire. The hollow thrives off it, makes them feel just purely happy, almost like they want to go and fuck themselves silly on it. So the hollow as you can tell has a very sickening side , one that is almost like a agent of chaos in the making.

Chaos, can extend to many meanings, in this case it means the hollow loves to cause disorder strife, death and not to mention cause people to feel unsafe, and unable to go about their day. More than that it means love for causing the state of destruction which can end up in a world war or something like it. In the simplest terms this hollow is a agent of destroying only wanting to rip to shreds not exactly heal the injuries and wounds inflicted on others.
Chaotic: A spirit which is chaotic not wanting to do anything but cause dystopia, this being wants to cause everything to end up in the black abyss which is madness despair and strife. To create a world in which everything is just like she wants it to be, something which will be able to cause joy, and at the same time, despair, for the hollow itself, which is why this hollow loves the idea of everything being part of this strife and hell, that will become the world as they know it.

Chaotic in mind too, no regard for one’s self is a big part of what means actually to be chaotic, no regard for if death happens, it just would be another thing for this hollow something else to add to the amusement that is what life is to him. How it is something simple to this hollow, the chaos in its mind, is something that Is always there, not going to change nor is it going to get any better.
Beta complex: this hollow despite the madness loves to be a instigater, not taking things over but working behind the scenes to make things truly a living hell for anything and everyone that is involved, that is just simply how this hollow likes to operate without any real problems to it what so ever. This means it is not a hollow that’s going to fight against someone, instead it is a hollow that wants to enjoy watching from the back seat.

» Inner Hollow Powers:

General Physical enhancement: The hollows physical perimeters seem to be enhanced by a great margin, being above and beyond the norm for most normal hollows. With this said, the enhancements work on the physical traits such as speed strength, durability, stamina and even hierro. These things precisely have found to be boosted rather largely. The boost itself is one of the main things that the hollow has, because it does not use superior skills or techniques, instead it uses superior base techniques themselves to actually go about winning or gaining something, keeping this in mind you may understand how the boosts themselves work. Now the amount that it boosts it makes it about a half tier higher than someone with the same skill stat as the hollow themselves has.

General Cero Enhancement: The cero enhancement is another thing that the hollow does have under its belt. A cero enhancement means the cero’s structure has been compacted and refined. In the process it has allowed for the fire power of the cero itself to become encased in a more aerodynamically friendly package. Both this had been proven to greatly (up to 200%) increase the explosive power and the rate of velocity that the object itself can be delivered at. Also the cero enhancement allows for cero’s to be manipulated slightly in two types, one would be a penetrative cero, which will be compact in a cone shape, the other is the regular cero which will have more explosive power, but less speed and penetrative might.

Condensed Cero: The condensed cero, is a version of the cero which is very thin, actually it takes the shape of a marble which is going to be condensed about 50x the normal size of one of this hollows cero’s. Because of the condensing properties it becomes rapidly apparent that its punch is delivered with a larger bang due to the compressions rates of expanding outwards once detonated, giving more of a radius or AOE (Area of affect) type damage output.

» Hollow Mask Appearance:

Her hollow mask is plain white, having no real markings on it what so ever. All it has is eye holes and the teeth. Generic it looks exactly like that which a normal mask will look like, instead of with all those designs, its plain jane simple and basic.


» Vizard Powers:

Dual Cores: When in Vizard Mask state, a peculiar thing happens, Given the fact that magnolia has a hollow that is equal to herself in power, plus the trying situations they both have been through, they have a pretty deep mutual understanding between each other that goes beyond Canon Hollow control, it’s a partnership built on mutual trust and overall good terms that had to be built, Of course because of recent events, that have come to light and experiences such as Claires memories, and even mutual feelings that have been acted after, like of course the recent fight with shadin that for once finally aligned the Motives of both Magnolia and her hollow, Has allowed for a rather Unusual Relationship to have formed between them. So because of this She is able to Use both her own energy and the hollows energy reserves, Which means of course that while she is in a state of using her Mask, you will see vast improvements in her powers, and the level of power that she uses, is going to be on par with as if you had been fighting two of her instead of one of her.

Thanks to this though, Dual Cores means that She also is able to fluidly function with all her hollows abilities and powers. Not to be confused with a Hollowed state or the Vizards Final form, it means that of course while she is in a masked state, Uncommon things such as using Sonido, or even other abilities like say High speed regeneration, are not uncommon, as well as of course the use of Canon Hollow abilities such as well Acidic Touch and the likes, have been able to be used quite easily thanks to the dual core Aspect that her mask has granted her. Thankfully because of this as well she finds boosts and rather insightful information on her hollow skills and the capabilities that she actually has while using these skills in battle. So if you had to give it a basic Name, or concept, it would be in all honestly, something along the lines of two entities working together to get the job done, and because of this unlike most she has what could only be considered as a Near Unheard of coexistence with her hollow, which has been of course obtained after a very short and rather eventful period of time.

Though because of this she does have some differences That make it so that while in this state her voice, and her outward appearance does change more than what would normally happen. This is a given byproduct because of the Unity that they share in this Given Masked state, which allows most vizards to share and make use of a larger portion of the hollow within them, skill and power wise. So its not be generally Mistaken for a normal Masked state, Heightened and thankfully because of this the masked state is not only generally speaking going to be different than what someone might be used to , but the changes you are going to see in it, certainly are by no means what you would call normal. So other then this general Explanation, below I will be certainly going further in depth to explain what this allows, and what this doesn’t allow to clear up some things and better explain what it does give her.

1:Massive Increase In power/Possible Tier Increase: Because of this Rather Expansive Power hike, she is able to increase in tier due to the Over the top energy boost from these dual cores that are taking place. Think of it this as the fact that in essence she is utilizing both sides of her, Hollow and Normal In perfect harmony , So because of this fact her power level when she dons that mask is increased beyond the normal point in which you might think it would be increased too. As such when she dons her mask even for Minimal Periods of time, She is able to be boosted to a higher plain of power then what she was previously at. If you wanted an example of this, if she was say 0-3+ and she donned her mask, She would have a tier increase causing her to enter a state that would be 0-2 , and if she was 0-2 it would boost her to 0-2+ , just to give you an example of how this would work, So thanks to this fact her energy is not only Rather Boosted by a large amount, it explains as well why she would have boosted skills to reflect the fact that of course her vizard mask itself is very unusual and this again is due to the strange agreement that is made between them, in light of previous events.

2 Use Of Hollow Skills: Of course thanks to her harmony with her hollow, or at the very least the agreement that they have with each other, She is able to more so than most would be able to; make quite literally a good use of her hollows skills. Such as she would be actually able to use things like High Speed regeneration, and other given skills. Again though this is by no means normal, and is more because of again the situation she has with her hollow, and more specifically because of in light of recent events How things have of course Managed to work out between her and her hollow. Though the one thing that is different is, Hollow exclusive things, or Arrancar Exclusive like of course something along the lines of a grand rey cero, or other things like that, most certainly cannot be used Due to again the fact that, even though she is able to use her inner hollows skills, she is not however able to fully and completely use every single skill in a hollows normal arsenal, So because of that she is unable to actually use certain hollow exclusive techniques.

3 Soul Devouring: Although like a hollow, when her mask is present she holds the ability to devour souls, and actually bring them into her body, because again of the unique Agreement between her and her hollow, She actually can do certain things that hollow are able to do, such as of course eating and devouring souls as a means of actually feeding herself, So because of her Masked state being different, she is of course rather unluckily if you think about it in certain ways, going to have a bad knack for either eating or devouring Pluses, or even going as far to as like hollows commonly will do, to devour and eat other hollows . So yes her skill itself is rather weird, and at the same time, can be considered something that again will set her apart from normal vizards. Although limitations to devouring can occur, such as she can’t perhaps devour another person that belongs to someone without that persons, actual given permission, though when souls are devoured they do not come back, as the soul itself will completely be destroyed , so keep that in mind, if you actually would think about allowing that to happen.

4 Vizard Step: Unlike normal Hollows or Vizard’s because of this when she is in masked state, she uses a rather specific form of travel, which is a mix between a Sonido and a Flash step, this again is because of the dual energy that is gained from this. So if you wanted to be honest it holds true to both the skill level guidelines of Sonido, and flash step, However if you wanted to be more precise as to what it uses from sonido, is that it is able to completely slip through someones Pesquia, and because of that is able to in most ways use or make utilization of this in combat, However the difference is While it can slip by pesquia it works very much like a normal flash step, besides the fact that it moves marginally faster, and at the same time will have a small distinct Crack to it, which is going to be able to be utilized against her because it is again a means of locating her generally speaking in the midst of battle. Which is something that is kind of a downside to this actual Skill itself, and at the same time is pretty useful.

5: Hollow Spawning/ Hollow Army: In her masked state Magnolia because of her interesting situation, has another thing given to her by Dual core. That would be the ability to spawn and bring hollows onto the battle field, Although these are going to hold to the same tier levels as NPC Hollows would actually possess, and there are limit restrictions. As because she is bringing hollows to fight, it should be noted that they only will listen to her as long as she is in her Masked state, or resurrection they will not however listen to her if she was say in her Shikai State, or in her Bankai state alone, so because of this the ability to either spawn, hollows or rally up an army of them to fight is a masked state Exclusive Perk that she can use. However doing this will actually limit her use of abilities, so because of this when she summons hollows, she cannot summon over a Gillian level, because of the fact that hollows above that level have what you would generally call “Free Will” and because of that she is unable to actually control them, or in many cases actually get them to behave.


[strike]» Resurrección Appearance:

Simple state: Her Resurrección seems to retain the same look at her previous forms, however the difference between these forms is something simple, it is the addition on her person of a tail which is of course of a rather decent length, this tail doesn’t have extensive intentions or uses, that and horns on her head, and a change from gray to white pigmentation seems to have accented the full amount of what had changed quite nicely in essence, you could say that the changes that are taking place are easy to discern and at the same time not as hard to control as one might think.

» Resurrección Abilities:

Cloud Nine: Cloud nine is interesting, given the control she has displayed in all her previous forms, in this form she gains something that is referred to merely by the name “Cloud nine” the purpose of cloud nine is a display of the epitome or pinnacle of her electricity control, and polarity change manipulation combined, perhaps in general you could say cloud nine is akin , to the combined efforts of fusing polarity control that was granted in shikai within her electricity control that was shown to be a prominent driving force in her bankai. With these two combined in the elevated state of ressureccion it becomes a prominent force, arguably one of the more dangerous components of what is her resurrected state.

Given time, and power Cloud nine is able to do many things, however for simplicity and ease of explanation it is certain that these functions and manipulation can be broken down in four major key categories that both explain and highlight the functions and purpose that Cloud nine itself has been built off of and tailored for in the first place, Then there will be a section devoted to cloud Nine’s General Example Execution which will explain some of the things that cloud nine allows and grants the user when in the state of Ressureccion.

1: Conforming To The Lineage: Cloud nine, while it has a whole round of new and spunky effects, It still has the base functions that where granted by its lineage meaning it can behave fully under both guidelines of The skills from shikai and bankai that make it up. In this way it is not only a new skill but it is a merger and continuation of the previous skills that she has had in her Disposal from the very beginning, this of course makes it something that is formidable and not be messed with, however because it carries over the traits of the previous skills, it should be noted that they have been refined and furthered , so even base functions of the skills for magnetic field and her electricity control, are going to find revisions and standard increases in both their power, but as well as their main functionality in this form.

2: Polarity Warp/Electrical Tendencies: Given the electrical and polarity change aspects of her power, it should be said that her electrical discharges hold the potential to both change but completely skewer polarity and utterly distort magnetically induced fields. So in the radius she can strike and fight with lightning, she can both gather energy but also destroy and warp the polarity. The main function of this is allowing magnetically induced anomalies or electrical anomalies. Such manipulation and execution is easy to see from the fact that manipulation and creation together are able to cause feats such as creating craters or raising the field of battle, by complete polarization, or depolarization in terms of attraction/ Repulsion.

3: Cloud Nine Manipulation of effect: Given the states increase it raises the limits of manipulation in specification for cloud nine. It could be seen from both the change in radius from shikai to bankai. However the changes here are entirely different, given the fact that it cannot be as large as her normal electrical control, cloud nine sits at a sturdy 2-3 mile radius, it is the ample pinnacle of her power, which is precisely why cloud nine has ample coverage to get the job done, however it also possesses the control that is needed to actually function as a whole.

4: Adaptability: Cloud nine, not to mention its previous skills by itself has amazing versatility and the ability to conform to rapidly changing situations. Given this fact, it is the main reason cloud nine is a double threat, while being useful , practical it is also adaptable and hard to pin down, given the means of its construction and the means of course of its execution, in general , these all factor into the fact of both its strength and its general power.

[center][size=13]Summarizing Paragraph Section

And this would be where the summarizing paragraph, would go. So look here for the general idea of things if you get lost in the complexity of a post.


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Approving the mask and res. With her mask donned or Resurrection activated, 0-2 tier is approved. Also note that the Ziamichi is incomplete, but this app is RP ready - the ziamichi is in process. I also feel that this app deserves a GM in Mental Deduction due to the abilities and powerset (especially in bankai), so after going through my review, I'll give this an approval.

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Ziamichi Magnolia Clixx [0-3+ normal/0-2 masked state]
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