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 A Quick Beginning (Hijikata and Yoruichi)

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: A Quick Beginning (Hijikata and Yoruichi)   Mon Nov 25, 2013 6:27 pm

Toshizo Hijikata~The Demon Commander~0-3+

As the slender ebon arm took the haori from Hijikata's grasp, something dawned on him that he had not quite thought about; Yoruichi was devoid of any clothing. Well, he didn't actually see this fact for himself in its entirety, as the veil of smoke was still obscuring her form, but from the glimpse of her form he could see and the fact that her arm was bare... it wasn't hard for him to piece together. That being said, he hadn't been intentionally trying to look through the smoke, and as soon as he realized this fact he quickly averted his gaze so as not to be rude. Of course, this was definitely not the first time Hijikata had been faced with a naked woman, and while he did admire the female form, seeing as Yoruichi had already threatened violence against him once, it was best not to push his luck. Though, while such a situation normally wouldn't affect him much... well, this wasn't quite a normal situation. To put it simply, her speed was not the only reason Yoruichi had earned the title of a goddess, and while there may not have been any attraction on a conscious level, it had already been proven that she was no normal woman. Still, while this revelation had garnered a bit of a reaction from Hijikata, it would be incorrect to say that he had become flustered by it; just that it did affect him. Of course, given that they would be training in speed, Hijikata assumed that his haori would only serve as a temporary cover for her; but before he could ask if they would have to stop somewhere for her to pick up some proper clothing he heard the unmistakable sound of cloth being ripped.

It really didn't take long for Hijikata to deduce where the sound was coming from and what was making it, he didn't actually turn his gaze back to Yoruichi immediately. Sure, he didn't want to have his haori ripped up; as not only was it a symbol of his rank as Captain but also a specially crafted article, but even more then that he did not want to piss Yoruichi off yet again so soon. So begrudgingly, he had to hold back any comments of "the hell are you thinking?" as she worked, and could only count himself lucky that old man Yamamoto wasn't around to see what was happening to his haori. Still, given what the earlier price had been... well, let's just say that one wasted haori was a much better deal. As such, Hijikata waited until the sound of ripping fabric subsided before he turned his gaze back to Yoruichi, hoping that enough time had passed for her to be fully clothed. And... well, while she definitely was fully covered now, her current ragtag attire didn't leave too much to the imagination. Sure, it probably was more modest then if she were to simply have worn the haori draped around herself, as that could lead to some awkward explanations, but still... it wasn't much. Thankfully, though more for himself than for her, Hijikata wasn't just some slack jawed neanderthal incapable of nothing but staring at the admittedly appealing image before himself; though once again it did affect him enough for there to be a few seconds pause.

Luckily once again this pause did not last for long, and soon Hijikata's attention was directed firmly away from Yoruichi's body as she spoke. Actually, he had to admit; the change in her tone was actually quite welcome. It wasn't as if he disliked her normal, more "playful" personality... much... but all things considered it was actually refreshing to see her being so serious. Hell, Hijikata actually kinda liked this side of her, even if that wasn't what was immediately on his mind or something he would so openly admit. Even as her very aura seemed to shift in an attempt to... well, maybe not intimidate him per say, but definitely show off her severity, Hijikata could not fight back the genuine grin currently crossing his face. Not only was this exactly what he had sought Yoruichi out for, but in all honesty, the prospect of fighting someone, even if only in training, who surpassed him in at least one area was quite exhilarating. Sure, it was nothing like the insanity apparently possessed by every Kenpachi when it came to a fight, but more an enjoyment at being challenged; as well as bettering himself. Even with her final words before adopting a fighting stance, that same grin had not gone from Hijikata's face. Sure, she may have been the Flash Goddess, and while he was here to train, this day would not end until it was clear why he was known as the Demon Commander.

"You're right, words are cheap" Hijikata said in response to Yoruichi's last statement; as in reality nothing more need be said. Without wasting another moment, Hijikata's right hand soon griped the hilt of one of his two sheathed swords; and in a seemingly single fluid moment extracted the blade and held it before himself, arms extended with both hands upon its hilt. Oddly enough, however, the katana that Hijikata had produced was not actually his Zanpakutō. Now, it was in no way a weak blade; as it had obviously been masterly crafted and indeed had a spiritual signature, but once it was actually inspected it would be quite clear that it was not his Zanpakutō. Along with this, the actual edge of the blade had been left dull; a step taken on purpose so that it was safe to use for simple training purposes. Of course, this was no indication that Hijikata would take this training lightly, and there was a very specific reason he had opted to use this blade instead of his own Zanpakutō... but for now that was only for him to know. Readying himself, Hijikata bent his knees slightly, preparing himself for the momentum of his first strike. Thankfully, as shown by the earlier exchange of his haori, the two were still relatively close, meaning that he would have much less ground to cover in his approach; giving Yoruichi much less time to react to it. Sure, he was here to train... but the training would do no good if he were not able to push her to the limits as well. Stepping off, Hijikata was suddenly holding his sword above his head, still with both hands and arced slightly over his right shoulder. Of course, in the next moment he was upon Yoruichi, his sword already beginning its powerful arc downwards at a vertical angle. While this whole sequence of events would take barely even a second to accomplish, the fact that he was attacking with a powerful stroke meant that it would obviously not be the quickest strike. However, Hijikata himself was quite aware of this, and to simply assume that his plans stopped at the first attack would have been a grave mistake. Should Yoruichi evade the initial strike, he would be able to either follow it up with an upwards cut to make use of the positions leverage, or, if she had plans to move around him and attack from another angle, the momentum of his initial strike would be easily capitalized upon to bring the blade around in an arc to strike at the new location. However, if she were to simply attempt to block the attack, Hijikata also had further preparations; as his style was not solely contained to the blade itself. Should it be halted, Hijikata would follow up by a quick jab with his left hand at what would then be the exposed side of Yoruichi, taking advantage of the close proximity. Of course, these were only the possibilities, and Hijikata's next course of action would rely solely upon how Yoruichi reacted to his first strike, and how his style would be able to cope with high speeds.


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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: A Quick Beginning (Hijikata and Yoruichi)   Wed Dec 04, 2013 3:27 pm