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 Akisame Growth for 2013

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Akisame Growth for 2013   Thu Oct 31, 2013 10:37 pm

  • Name Of Character: Akisame Hashi
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: I felt like it was time to add a more complex layer over Akisame for the year, as well a birthday gift to myself, with a random two fold power set.
    What Are You Upgrading: Adding to Personality, and two new fighting styles to Akisame to go with his Grandmasters.

    "His appetite is unparalleled, even among individuals enhanced with otherworldly powers, to the point that an entire island of bones and food waste actually accumulated under a his facility. As a result, even the most delicious and amazing foods of any World no longer interest him or excite his Nature cells. Akisame's cells barely responded to the legendary food, for instance, and eating it did not even causing him to smile.
    Inside Akisame heart is a "Deep, black emotion that would not disappear". This emotion is what grew inside him as a child and he felt that even with the ever changing time, his mind can never be clear of such thoughts and that he is truly a beast as he attacked people in his younger years for food, his hunger has no end, no matter how much he eats. The only time he feels alive is either killing or eating."

    New powers

    Nature Cells: Akisame possesses a very distinct ability of blending which are usually unique to animals, mainly a chameleon. This ability allows him to literally mimic the very scenery around him, changing the very colour of both his body and his clothing to match the very environment around him as if he were a part of it, being able to flawlessly move around any places with incredible ease without threat. He hides his spiritual pressure while in this state, and once he attacks, the blending effect ends.

    Meteor Strike (メテオスパイス, Meteo Supaisu): A bombing raid of chaos that flutters down like a meteor shower spreading as if like dashes of spice. The impacts of the “meteors” cause dramatic explosions, totally devastating an enormous area in an instant, to the extent of affecting to the point it can be seen from space. This move is perhaps the strongest Nature Spell, only two people know it, James and Akisame, since it takes on traits from the type of Nature that cast it. The effects of it are drastic, as already stated. Basically, he activates a small ball of nature energy to build up in his hand, which then instantly starts sucking the light out of the area, the more light it sucks in, the more powerful it will become. As the ball becomes larger, he will typically throw it away from himself usually into the sky. As the ball continues to suck in light and more energies from the surroundings, it become more apparent that this Void of darkness is not too dissimilar to that of a black hole as it flies into the sky. One it gets larger, it then becomes powerful enough to suck in buildings and even people. The basis of this is that it feeds on light, it almost acts similar to a solar panel, using the light as it's energy source. Although, it will continue to suck until it is at it's peak; which is when the ball is said to cover an entire kilometre of land. The ball, when this big, can suck up objects and people from up to ten kilometres away, being able to drag them into the void of darkness and completely destroy them. Once an object or person makes contact with the large ball of energy, they will be torn to shreds; their entire being ripped apart. Although, for powered people, it is more than simply tearing them apart. They can pull away from it with enough pressure. This attack isn't an insta-kill if they are hit, but it will drastically put them near death if it is capable of touching them with enough force. It then falls down into the world causing a blast of ungodly size. The damage of this attack is massive, and Akisame himself is not immune to it, as he can be caught in the blast radius.

    Hungry Thread: Akisame can use his thread as a weapon like a spear or whip, similar to the way the frog used its tongue, but consuming everything it touches. He can control its length, size, direction and form. All other Thread powers is already explained under Seishin Buki Abilities

    Thread Thorns : Akisame multiplies and changes the shape of his threads, which gains an appearance of thorned whips. He can use it to attack from every angle,

    Tongue Shield : Akisame uses one of his threads as a makeshift shield by spinning it rapidly enough to make it seem like a shield. It withstood Dr.Hebis Dust Release.

    Mountain Tongue : Akisame enlarges his thread to a huge size and uses it as a flail to counter incoming attacks and smash the opponent with its tip to the ground. It could obliterate many of city blocks in a single blow, even spanning across a full city scape in rare cases.

    Machine Gun Tongue : Akisame releases a branch of innumerable threadss from his hands that have a widespread range of attack. This has the same effect as Moutain Rongue and Thread Thorns.

    Hungry Space (ハングリースペース, Hangurī Supēsu): A technique born from Akisame's Earth Grudge Fear that is so powerful, it consumes not only simple matter such as objects, but every atoms that revolves around the "space" that it touches, consuming even air itself, rendering any ability to manipulate atoms around it useless. The ability is, in its simplest description, a form of ability similar to that of the Death Energy Breakdown, however unlike the latter, this ability does not take a corporeal form therefore it is invisible to the naked eye, leaves a vacuum in it's wake and it is unknown whether or not Akisame gains nutrition from the "bites" he takes out of his prey or opponent. Another difference to the latter is that this ability is made from a trail of paths which Hungry Thread makes, meaning that if the thread has made even the slightest contact with even the smallest area, this ability will form itself in that area, therefore acting as a form of a snare trap to any atoms that it comes in contact with. The only time one will know if this attack has struck is when the ability makes direct contact to its victim, to which by then, enormous bite wounds will have formed around the area which the ability has touched, ultimately consuming every single atom around the area it has touched. If one attempts to directly attack Akisame, who has formed this ability, they will highly likely be consumed because Akisame's Hungry Thread has already created a path around him from when he has used his ability, therefore acting as a sort of consuming shield around Akisame. It is also noted that anything that touches the "space" where the ability resides, Akisame is able to instantly taste whatever it touches regardless if his own thread has even touched them or not and the next time he can attack using Hungry Space directly, giving the stationary targets more "bites".

    Minority World (マイノリティワールド, Mainoriti Wārudo): A mysterious power which seems to work on both physical and conceptual levels, Akisame somehow takes the strange minority of micro-scale particles observed to behave in 'deviant' ways (sometimes in apparent defiance of physical law) and amplifies and imposes their behavior or properties on a maximum of 50% (anymore and they become a majority and the new minority particles take over reversing the effects desired) of the particles in a structure or organism. This can generate a variety of effects. Akisame's ability to fly, for example, stems from his manipulation of the minority of his body's atoms which do not straightforwardly respond to gravity. He imposes their gravity-defying behavior on the rest of his body's atoms, and thus can fly. The technique can generate a variety of difficult-to-predict effects as organisms and even the battlefield itself rapidly lose their properties or develop new properties completely opposed to their previous ones. Rocky terrain can suddenly become soft and malleable as its constituent particles suddenly all start resisting the solidness of their form, for instance. The most deleterious effects of Minority World are on living beings however, and strike at both mental and physical levels. Mentally, even the most confident foe will find their movements and accuracy thrown off more and more as any tiny minority of unease or fear comes to overwhelm their mental 'majority' of confidence and strength. Meanwhile, within the physical body, Minority World works busily to increase error rates in vital cellular processes, and gradually turns the body's systems away from the 'majority' goal of "keeping the body alive" toward destructive 'minority' behaviors of killing the body, this can also work in reverse by turning the 'minority' of atoms healing the body into a 'majority', thus allowing them to completely regenerate at incredible speeds. Once this effect has taken hold the victim finds that their body will no longer listen to them, and even their best efforts to attack will fail or miss inexplicably. The technique ultimately begins to reverse vital bodily functions, from the lungs beginning to reject oxygen intake to the heart pumping blood the wrong direction, ultimately leading to death. The technique can only be resisted by taking advantage of this 'reversal' property. For instance, when dying from the most devastating of Minority World's effects, A foe can intentionally struck themselves a deadly blow to the chest. By redirecting their will to go along with his body's intent to die, dying became the new 'majority', and thus Minority World's "favor" switched to the new minority of 'living', allowing him to survive Akisame's final blow and even counter attack despite their injuries.

  • Any Extra Notes: (Anything else you want to add?)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Akisame Growth for 2013   Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:39 pm



Everything seems legit with me, after reviewing everything on the list, I don't see a problem with Akisame getting that.


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Akisame Growth for 2013
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