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 The Evolution of Sing's Seishin Buki [SING'S REVAMP SERIES]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Evolution of Sing's Seishin Buki [SING'S REVAMP SERIES]   Sun Nov 03, 2013 6:04 pm


  • Name Of Character: Sing Iramasha
  • Link To Character Profile:

  • Reasons For Upgrading: Now that I have taken control of Sing from Chaozi, I want to do some improvements to her. Essentially, I'm doing a major overhaul on Sing's power. Being that she has been in training a bit, I'm going to have her return to the scene as K-World's Princess. And to fit the title and bill, she is gonna need her newly evolved powers to do so. Henceforth, I spent a bit of time coming up with the items below and I'm hoping I can get them approved for her to use.

    What Are You Upgrading

    ☩ Seishin Buki Name: Uchū Eko (Universe Echo)

    ☩ Seishin Buki Appearance: It's a rather simply appearance for a Seishin Buki, but one that is a common staple in Sing's wardrobe. They appear to be as what most would describe as a pair"headphones" and earmuffs that have a purple hued color. On the sides of each headpiece is the chinese character meaning "Harmony". This is what essentially connects her to the echos of the universe around her.

    ☩ The Melody Of Existence: This is what Sing essentially calls her Seishin Buki's powers. In it? It allows her to be connected to the varying layers of the universe and abstract concepts that go beyond it in the metaphysical realm. By adjusting her headphones as needed, Sing can listen in to all sorts of different frequencies, sounds, vibrations and other tunes in the world around her in order to manipulate, sense or otherwise generate effects within her area. For the headphones serve as a connecting piece, while any form of energy can act as fuel to generate it's effects; which in turn are enforced by a vicinity range that varies from encompassing the entity of Sing's body, to covering roughly a small city if there is enough fuel to the fire to be had. As within this field, it is not the energy that is attacking you. Far from it, in fact. The true essential art behind is that Sing's subjective reality is being imposed upon the world from it's effects becoming external instead of internal.

    So as you'll find below, there are many sorts of applications to a power like this.

    However, before going into that, it's advisable to know it's limitations. One of the first is the fact that there is a limit to how many melodies she can alter, generate or manipulate at a time. Being that she already has a large sum of power, it's safe to save that she comfortably handle roughly a few dozen at a time, but as they progress pass that, there may be more difficult. Which in turn leads to complications as the more complex the melody becomes. If it's something straight forward, there probably wont be much strain on her body, mind and energy. Whereas if she begins to become bigger, more intricated and heavy in it's effects; that's when her mental strengths can become taxed and energy is siphoned. Which is important to remember because she has to manually perform all calculations done with The Melody of Existence, and this can become a tiring effort to repeat over and over and over again within her mind.

    So, with that much explain, let us get into the abilities, shall we?

    Uchū Eko's Applications

    Passive Effects

    ☩ Self-Sustained Morality: This the beauty of Uchu Eku; given enough time, and provided she isn't in danger or constant threat; Sing can essentially come back from anything. It does NOT MEAN she cannot be killed, not in the slightest. However, if the opponent does not finish her off, eventually Sing's body will begin to repair her automatically by devouring different sounds in the area and sustaining Sing's life force by converting it into different minerals and energy to preserve her life. Which means that even if she went without rest,food or water; she would not die as her body could easily take sounds from inside of Sing or her environment to repair her.

    Another feature worth noting with Uchu Eku is that it is used to keep Sing in a state of non-aging by taking trace amounts of sound within herself or environment, and then using it as a form of sustenance to prevent her from aging through further conversion of sound. Although if that fails, than her body will simply just use her Chaos Energy to do so.

    However, more notably, on a more advanced level this type of immorality can be used as a form of supernatural regeneration in combat. If she allocates enough resources to this passive feature in Uchu Eku, than she can easily be able to bring back limbs, organs and other parts of her body; provided her brain is still in tact. Since as long as Sing's brain is still in one piece, it can even survive her heart being cut out; as her body would automatically react and reform a new heart...provided she had the energy to do so and her body is in suitable condition. As, in other words, if she has anything below twenty percent of her energy reserves, than she wouldn't be able to reform her heart. To make things more clear, depending on the level of energy you beat out of Sing, she can come back a few times in a battle; as it takes roughly 10 to 20% of her energy to remake a heart as that is her source of life. It is possible for her to reform a heart at 20%, but then she would have little no further energy to engage in combat.

    It is also this force that goes to work instantly attempting to rid Sing's body of most types of impurities once UE's Field picks it up. For instance, if Sing were poisoned, her body would attempt to expel it out and filter it from her body without Sing's consent; as she may or may not be aware of the change occurring within herself. Or if she had gotten sick, her body would attempt to locate the parasite or germs causing the illness and swiftly bring her back to good health if possible.

    ☩ Sound Resistance & Empowerment: Due to the UE's Field constantly being in effect around Sing's body, she has become nearly soundproof thanks in part to her deep rooted origins in sound and vibration. The bases of this is achieved by simply readjusting the properties of Sing's body to be able to withstand all sorts of sound waves, vibrations and other external sound which has not been generated by her body and null them out upon contact. This way, if someone were to produce a massive burst of sound across her, Sing may bat an eyelash, but she wouldn't suffer any sort of hearing loss, the damage done to her will be barely visible; if effective at all and sometimes she may even be able to absorb the sound to make herself temporarily stronger.

    While this Sound Consumption does not have permanent effects, nor can it raise her tier; it can be directed to make her attacks faster, stronger and more potent than before. Or, she can redirect it into the field of Uchu Eku to make it's field of range stronger or to give it more fuel to sustain itself in battle so that she can use it for prolonged periods. Which is why it's generally a bad idea to use most types of vibrations or sounds against Sing; as it can serve to either make her stronger or have little to no effect at all against her.

    Furthermore, once a sound comes into UE's effect, it's possible for Sing to even convert it into different energies; albeit their life-span is short. For instance, if a certain vibration came into contact with Sing through someone raising their spiritual pressure, Sing could take that, alter it into Chaos Energy and either empower herself or use it against them. Which means in addition to that, Sing may also be able to convert it into other areas of energy she has knowledge of: such as Spiritual Energy, Raw Energy and the four basic elements of Lightning, Air, Wind and Fire; and potentially moving over into Kinetic Energy as well.

    ☩ Otherworldly Hearing: Given the effects done to her, one would assume she'd have some sort of enhanced hearing -- and they'd be correct in this case. Thanks to Uchū Eko connecting Sing to the sounds of the universe, she can potentially hear different sorts of vibrations and sounds for miles on end. In fact, if Sing were to focus hard enough, she could even hear sounds from the Soul Society; despite being in The Kokuryuteshi's Universe. Which implies she has a form of dimensional-hearing and a filtering system set in place in order to decipher or cancel out specific sounds. However, she has stated that doing that is extremely taxing to her brain; as it can cause immense headaches, strain to her focus and eventually burn her out. Which is why this form of Augmented Hearing is mostly restricted to a city to country base.

    So while fighting, most opponents can be given quite a surprise when they find she is extremely difficult to catch off guard. Due in part to being able to selectively choose what layers of sound she wishes to hear in, zoom in or out into different areas and essentially locate the source of noise within a area; Sing is generally on extreme guard and can be quite the pest to deal with. Therefore, more direct approaches are recommended when fighting her unless one can heavily distract or disrupt her focus; as this takes a bit of concentration on her hand to perform, but she has trained herself internally over the years to handle it better.

    More dangerously, on a spiritual level, Sing has even stated she has the potential to feel the frequencies of a person soul. What she means by this is that she can sense disturbing patterns within a persons energy, feel any sort of modification to the area based on some sort of special ability and essentially hear sounds on a metaphysical plane. Making her able to tell more easily if the opponent is baiting her into a trap; such as if there was an invisible barrier, chances are Sing could sense the changes in frequency within the area and avoid going into the area by her detection. Making this level of hearing extremely useful in battle as she can hear vibrations, sounds and other anomalies on a very complex low beyond the normal hearing range; even amongst those with super-sonic hearing.

    (Note: If it weren't clear enough, some of the more advanced features of this can be quite draining on her focus and brain. So bare that in mind)

    ☩ Sound Based Teleportation: Sing is very capable of travelling through waves of send. By using her Otherworldly Hearing, she can filter out the waves of sound, pin-point a location and deconstruct her body into sheer sound for moments at a time in order to ride a wave of sound to that vicinity. It's even possible for her to do this for other beings as well, but it becomes increasingly difficult when you factor in the number of people she is transporting or the mass of them. Which is why Sing generally tries to avoid doing that, as it can cause great strain on her mind, body and energy if the numbers and size are large enough. She also cannot limitlessly do this in a short-range, as much like a runner, she'll essentially tire herself out if she goes too fast or repeats it too much in one post.

    Offensive Effects

    ☩ Solidification: This is a rather simple trick Sing has learned to do with her sound control. Essentially, by taking Sounds in the vicinity or ones generated by herself, Sing can produce an assortment of varying equipment, weaponry or extending body parts from herself by solidifying the sound around her. For example, if she produced a loud enough sound from herself, she could generate a dense shield across herself to block an attack. If she wanted to fool somebody? It's very likely Sing could produce a duplicate of herself through this method as well; though it wouldn't be anywhere close to Sing's actual strength unless she sacrificed more of her energy into it.

    What's notably special about this ability, however, is that if it takes the sound from something with a peculiar effect to it; it may be able to mimic the source in question. To be more objective, if Sing were to take the sound from something such as a energy attack infused with fire; than she could attempt to siphon off that sound and generate a blade which is infused with sound and flames. However, these don't generally last forever and are often used for one battle only. It takes stronger energy to make something long-lasting; and some things cannot be copied if they are beyond Sing's power or they put measures behind them to make them unable to be duplicated so easily.

    Vibrokinesis: Essentially, this allows Sing to otherwise generate, control, manipulate and sense all sorts of vibrations on a physical and metaphysical level. What exactly does this entail, though? To give an example: if someone were to shoot off a massive projectile towards Sing, she could easily generate enough vibration around it to disintegrate it before it even makes contact with it by vibrating the matter to shatter into pieces. If applied to the metaphysical, it could even do the same to a cero-based projectile by applying the same to it's energy. Which is why most tend to approach her with caution when Uchu Eku is in effect.

    It's also very easy for her to produce destructive Earthquakes with it, as she can rip apart entire cities once her mind is put towards the directions of manipulating the seismic plates beneath the Earth itself. It also holds great potential for producing destructive Tsunami's if she is fighting in a coastal area, generating horrid landslides or obliterating entire islands off the map in other cases.

    More than that, in terms of defense? This Capacity of Uchu Eku is rather potent. For it can also been used to push or reflect all sorts of objects of physical, spiritual or abstract concepts away from her by tapping into to either the metaphysical, physical or spiritual realms. Which means that if Sing manually activates it, it can have the potential to block out or reflect physical strikes, magic strikes and many types of special abilities. Ultimately making for a very strong durability in her case; for if she went purely defense based, it would take quite awhile to pierce through these defenses if they were ramped up by her power.

    In more advanced cases, if she feels the need to evade or escape an area, she can even vibrate her body to the point of becoming intangible by vibrating her molecules to the point of phasing out of this dimension by syncing herself to the vibrations of the world around her and exiting herself from it; creating a form of Chronolock where Sing can essentially exist outside of space and potentially time itself; but she generally cannot affect anything while in this state and CANNOT attack in the same time within a post. Meaning, that if she activates this, it's primarily used to evade, buy more time, think out a plan or escape a nasty circumstance.

    It's also worth noting that she can even do this to objects or living beings; but when it comes to actual characters, they will eventually sink back into the universe after a bit of time. Rather it be a few post, or a few threads. As she can use it as a source of sealing to either defeat an enemy or buy further time. They can also be aware of it, as unlike herself, there is usually some sort of glow or sound heading towards them to push them back and they can have the potential to either dodge, overpower it or try to counter it. As it's effects are never absolutely, nothing in this ability is absolute in nature. But it is much easier for her to push objects or attacks out of space and time, as opposed to people.

    However, with each strike that is released from this ability, it takes a bit of energy away from Sing. So she tries to avoid going overboard as it can tax her out heavily after awhile. Which is why this power needs to be used with sensibility, purpose and direction.

    ☩ Sonokinesis: This is the trait that comes most naturally to Sing out of everything else from her Seishin Buki. With this in her arsenal, Sing has the capacity to generate, alter, copy, silence, warp, strengthen, weaken, speed up, slow down and manipulate most things in the area of sound. These have lead to a wide range of effects. To give a simple illustration? One of the most basic things Sing can do with her Sonokinesis is unleash a defying burst of sound through her move, augment the strength of it and turn it into a raw physical and high-speed force to flatten and decimate an entire force of men before her.

    As it's very likely that even through that alone, she can take out entire small armies if enough power is generated behind it. Making her a very lethal threat on the battlefield when she decides to get more serious. To further make a point: in that example, it is even possible for her to become more precise by syncing her filtration system into the mix. By pinpointing the exact locations of her enemies sounds, she can then direct that burst of sound towards the appropriate location and fixate the damage in a guided path; making sure her own allies or property isn't damaged in the process and weed-out any hidden moles in the area.

    More applications to this ability is that on a metaphysical level, Sing could even attempt to weaken an attack. How so? By applying UE's field to it, she could sync the attack together with how strong the sound is. Henceforth, by weakening the sound, it can essentially weaken the attack until it's critically limited or negated altogether by Sing. It's also possible to apply this in reverse as an enhancement to either herself or her allies as well; but each one can take it's toll on Sing as well. It's also possible to apply this to living beings, but she seems to have a harder time focusing on them and they are harder to cripple than objects or attacks. Which implies it's often hard to perform because the user will usually counter it if she doesn't make sure to damage hard enough. Though, she can easily flatten most types of NPC's this way.

    And, in terms of effecting people once again, it's also very possible for her to induce confusion, vertigo, disorientation, nausea, vomiting and unconsciousness through a distortion of one's equilibrium. She has been noted to easily render large bodies of people in a daze by ripping apart their sense of balance from the inside-out.

    Though, a more sneaky method to use this power is to utterly mask all sound from her and hide her spiritual energy. This makes it extremely difficult to trace or track Sing unless one had visuals on her either in the air, or through other sorts of supernatural senses. This can even be applied to her allies, and can make for very swift invasions if planned accordingly; as she can encompass a large body of people within this effect if enough focus and willpower is summoned from Sing.

    And on the note of determination, if Sing is feeling nasty enough, it's even possible to produce a Sonokinetic Layer around her. When this is activated, it can engulf Sing's entire body within a defense layer of sound. It may sound like nothing new, but when activated, it can automatically deflect most types of blunt forces, a large range of attacks and projectiles that come into contact with it without Sing having to think much; provided they don't blow through this form of defense. However, when dealing with that, she tends to only keep it up for limited periods of time as it can be a bit draining or taxing on her body after a while when it comes to the deflection function. Hence why she doesn't keep it activated all of the time.

    More importantly, it can produce a form of sound-based armor capable of shielding her entire body; potentially even being infused with vibration to make it that much stronger. It is than that she can control the form, shape or amount of energy that is vested in it to use as she wills on the battlefield. Such as using this armor to augment her durability by creating multiple layers of sound across her body automatically to make it further difficult to make a dent in Sing's defenses. Or, she can extend the range of it to knock out a large body of people by creating a massive arm produced of sheer vibration and sound. And if she is feeling gutsy, this can be extremely dangerous if she decides to infuse it with different elements or energies in the air; such as combining it with electricity or Chaos Energy.

    Luckily, as with most things associated with UE, this ability is limited heavily by physical drain, mental drain and energy based drain. Meaning the more hard she tries to hit back, the more strain can occur over time with this power. As these attributes of her Sonokinesis or not unlimited or absolute in nature by any means.

    ☩ Universal Sound: While Sonokinesis may be Sing's most favorite feature, Universal Sound is the strongest. By harmonizing herself with the space around her, she can create a connection to the field in which Uchu Eko conpmasses. From there, by adjusting her headphones, she can mentally adjust herself to cause various changes to the environment and alternative reality itself by tapping into a large variety of internal sounds she has encountered over the years and generating the different melodies to produce it's affects on to the world. An example of this can be that if she has heard the sound of an F5 Twister, than in turn, by over-viewing her memory banks, she can then bring down a tornado upon her opponent. Or if she has heard the sounds of an explosion? She can create explosions seemly out of thin-air by reproducing the frequencies of one throughout the area of effect in UE's Field.

    It's worth noting, however, she does not use this to duplicate, copy or otherwise clone other peoples techniques, abilities or powers. Instead, she simply observes them, monitors their sounds and attempts to produce metaphysical construct that use similar values to create a variety of effects. Such as if a person studied a persons coding on the computer long enough, they would be able to than create similar, but different functions after mastering the compensation behind it and then create new operations once they had fully gained an understanding it. This is what essentially occurs with Universal Sound.

    A large database of sounds are stored within Sing's mind and she can connect herself to the vicinity in which UE Field is active to unleash them upon the world in her subjective reality. Making it one of her most lethal abilities; as it's potential is very high. And being that she has trained under the likes of her father, the inventor of Burning Star, she studied under him long enough to even apply similar patterns from that ability to incorporate into herself. Meaning that she most definitely has some form of reality bending under her belt from him. The full extent of Universal Sound is even unknown to Sing, but she hopes to learn it's limits, capacities and strengths in due time as she develops it's chamber of abilities overtime.

  • Any Extra Notes: N/A


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Evolution of Sing's Seishin Buki [SING'S REVAMP SERIES]   Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:41 pm


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The Evolution of Sing's Seishin Buki [SING'S REVAMP SERIES]
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