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 The Core Of Sing: Enter The Devil Of Sound Perception - The Root Of Everything [SING OVERHAUL SERIES]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Core Of Sing: Enter The Devil Of Sound Perception - The Root Of Everything [SING OVERHAUL SERIES]   Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:53 pm


  • Name Of Character: Sing Iramasha
  • Link To Character Profile:

  • Reasons For Upgrading: Now that I have taken control of Sing from Chaozi, I want to do some improvements to her. Essentially, I'm doing a major overhaul on Sing's power. Being that she has been in training a bit, I'm going to have her return to the scene as K-World's Princess. And to fit the title and bill, she is gonna need her newly evolved powers to do so. Henceforth, I spent a bit of time coming up with the items below and I'm hoping I can get them approved for her to use.

    What Are You Upgrading

    Class Title: The Devil Of Sound Perception

    Class Power - Subjective Reality: Going even deeper than the roots of Universal Sound, Subjective Reality grants Sing the gift of being able bring about her alternative reality to the surface. And as misleading as the title is, the true origins of this power leave within the depths of Cognition itself. That is to say, Sing essentially projects her Perception into the world and thus supersedes the likes reality warping altogether; as the likes of that ability is even based on one's consciousness. Subjective Reality allows her to control, generate and manipulate various forms of interpretation through this Iramasha Class. It's something that even her father stated was a rather unsettling ability; as it holds the capacity to even reject or create new beings into existence or non-existence altogether if pushed far enough.

    Once Kin was able to understand the likes of her Iramasha Class, he thoroughly explained to her that the foundation of her Iramasha Class is one of pure reality. When her form of Precipitated Reality encompasses itself within our understanding, or enters one's point of view in other words, it fundamentally encompasses the concepts of time, space, probability and other perceived notion of existence on a physical and metaphysical scale to those whom she engages battle with. Granting Sing to be able to take her powers to the grand extents to which they have gone through over the recent months through Kin's perfected training of his daughter.

    To give an illustration of what this aspect truly means, say one is in the area of range around Sing's Subjective Reality. If they were to attempt to negate her attack, sure they may be able to negate a decent deal of it, but through controlling it's perspective; if she is fast enough or detects the negation taking place, she can make an attempt to null that aspect of the target's attack and holds the potential to either cancel out the negation or limit it's effect on her. Or, in the case of someone attempting to manipulate reality around her, if Sing were able to sense this taking place; she could release her Subjective Reality and disrupt the opponents perception around her body in order to lower the effects on her or negate it altogether.

    In these two examples, you can see where this is going. Most fundamental laws that can be perceived on any level or ones that Sing herself can perceive are affected by her Subjective Reality. However, this does not mean it's absolute in nature. For it's incredibly powerful, hence hard to maintain at time when pushed to Sing's limit. So there is obvious strain on her body to prevent her from misusing it in the first place. This can be done by headaches, physical exhaustion, dizziness or a general sensation of feeling "unwell" in Sing's body. Furthermore, she is often only limited to being able to perform moves related to Subjective Reality two times per post to prevent overworking herself. She may crank it up to three or four, but these are only during critical moments and come with a two to three post drawback after that point of going beyond the two move limit.

    In addition to that, she must be very careful not to disrupt the balance around her; as if her own focus is not in tune with her power, it can backfire and damage Sing entirely. This happens when she is under critical damage or suffers some form of trauma mentally. Lastly, each move that is made with Subjective Reality can usually take a good deal of energy from her if she isn't carefully in how she utilizes this power. Henceforth, it is something that is absurdly beyond most people's understanding, but is not something to be so carelessly used by Sing. For if it is abused, than Sing shall suffer dire consequences as a result.

  • Any Extra Notes: It's worth noting that is very difficult to negate this type of effect, but it is possible to just destroy it or to get away from it's range; as it's effects aren't absolute in nature. If there are any problems with this type of power, please let me know and I will correct them right away or explain how the functions of it work to get a better understanding of it.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Core Of Sing: Enter The Devil Of Sound Perception - The Root Of Everything [SING OVERHAUL SERIES]   Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:38 am

No issues here, I'll give my approval.


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The Core Of Sing: Enter The Devil Of Sound Perception - The Root Of Everything [SING OVERHAUL SERIES]
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