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 Magnolia's Ziamichi [Will add to app if approved]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Magnolia's Ziamichi [Will add to app if approved]   Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:28 pm


» Name: leviathan Annihilator Clixx

» Titles: The Great Serpent, Being Of Despair

» Age: Around 400.

» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Rinyūaru at the moment

» Shifter Appearance Written: It’s hard to say what her appearance is , she looks like a black shadow with horns at first, cloaked in a Extremely massive coiled snake. This snake is if you want rough estimates around a mile in total length if stretched out. However when coiled it takes up 300 feet and is around a half of a mile high. A massive serpent that is the size of a small mountain, eyes glowing pure purple, as such the appearance of it in its weakened and sealed state is very much so stronger than what most people will say, as that size and strength is not just for show, it is sincerely something that shows just how strong it is.

In the center however will be the form of Magnolia herself, as she is the host body. So around it is the massive serpent, which seems to not have formed from her, but taken shape from both her shadow and the massive aura around her, which hardens and creates from particles in the air this massive snake. Which again is the Shifter Form Of The Great Serpent Leviathan Annihilator Clixx. When rising to its full height it can be called nothing short of just purely monstrous in both its size, and the strength that it actually possesses, due to innately how big it is, and just appearance wise how it looks.

» Shifter Appearance Picture: (If you have an image, feel free to post it here. If not, remove this)

» True Appearance Written: Quite honestly she looks mostly like Magnolia does. The only different would be a rather different dress up style, due to her body being covered by a coiling snake instead of perhaps all the dress’s and other kind of old Victorian clothes that magnolia is normally wearing.
» True Appearance Picture: (If you have an image, feel free to post it here. If not, remove this)


» Personality:

The Dark Being: Leviathan is the kind of spirit which has a dark sense of humor, the kind that you could say is in the best of times, alright and in the worst of times is just down right frightening. Given the fact that she is the end product of all of Magnolia’s suffering, it wouldn’t or shouldn’t come as a shock that she acts pretty dark in some situations, not even in being brooding or in how she behaves, it’s just she has this kind of “Presence” about her which makes you feel like something is going to happen. Given the fact that even though she can be perfectly reasonable the way she will act in the midst of battle often leaves something to be desired, even if this is contributed to something as blaringly simple as her ignoring you well it is easy to say that her actions speak louder then her words, and in this situation that means, this chick well, is pretty spooky.

The Guardian Angel: Because of being the darker side of Magnolia which was split due to recent events. Leviathan understands the horrors of this world better than most people will ever be able to understand, as such of course she does not want in some cases for those who she is sworn to protect to have to feel the pain that she has. Which is why she has a undeniable guardian angel complex, when in her good mood. Making it so that she wants to of course protect those she cares about, and to make a world in which there will be no need for her, where pain will be some kind of figment of the past. Even though that is a far-fetched dream and one that is insane, it is one of course that is what she strives towards and the one that she feels that she needs to be able to accurately achieve despite the impossibility of it all, she can’t help but reach for the light in the darkness, to try to make the world better, it’s just who she is, and she wouldn’t try to change it, as it keeps her from feeling the darkness again.

Pandora’s Box: In very many ways she is a good metaphorical representation of Pandora’s box in how she acts. She knows the sins of this world, and she isn’t afraid of them but like pandora’s box when all the evils had been unleashed on the world, even though she is a entity born and created from overwhelming despair the one thing that never left, is pretty simple that is hope. In her body there is hope and warmth, which is important to her, she will not loose hope, even in the hardest circumstances, when everything seems lost, even though she is supposed to be someone who brings despair to this world, she will keep striving hanging on to hope, hope for something better, that this is not her fate. That she can do something to break this cycle, and make things better , so that she doesn’t have to endure this torcher anymore she holds on to the hope that one day that will all change, and that she will be able to be free to live and walk free without the worries of darkness, or the weight of her regret, she keeps that hope inside and pushes forward.

Sense of purpose: Generally she in her personality which can be seen quite clearly, displays a sense of purpose, everything she does she feels like she does it with a specific end goal in mind, not just for the sake of doing it. As such she rarely will try to second guess something when she does, it instead she will just keep going, and if it turns out that she did something wrong? She will learn from it and do better next time, that’s just how Leviathan works she isn’t trying to placate anyone or do anything that has no purpose, needless destruction is something she doesn’t feel has any purpose, and as such she will not hesitate to actually stop it she feels that needlessly destroying things shouldn’t be done, and that there is certainly better ways of dealing with things. As such while she will destroy things if she needs to, she rarely will do anything without a purpose, as everything she does she knows both has a positive and negative side to it, and for this reason she just does the best she can to stop fights and to stop wars, and if she can’t she will just do the best she can as said before.

Natural Leader: She displays constantly that she has had what you could call a natural born affinity for being a leader, unlike Magnolia she doesn’t try to beat around the bush, she will do what she can to get in and then get out, she doesn’t try to waste the resources she has, and most certainly she will if she can; get the job done with the least amount of casualties possible as if there is one thing that she hates, it is casualties as there is no purpose for it needless slaughter has no purpose , and as such it just needs to be stopped, she takes care of her men, as they are not tools they are loyal individuals that are there for her, and as such leviathan is going to be there for them, there is no if- and – or buts, that is just a fact, they help her with the goals she wants to accomplish , so she will help achieve the goals that they want to accomplish , and will keep them alive, that’s just how she works, and how it is supposed to be .
» Likes: (This is self explanatory. What does your character like?)

» Dislikes: (This is self explanatory. What does your character dislike?)


» History[i] Three paragraph minimum of your characters history; also include how they became a demon via birth or they were changed to one though a deal est.


» Natural Abilities:

Aura Of The Snake: Naturally the great serpent is able to summon and control snakes. Which are its lineage; as such the aura of the great serpent can summon massive snakes, at will. Of course though when summoning these snakes to the field of battle, they are not massive in numbers, but in either strength or size. Meaning that after waking the great serpent from its slumber, two minor snakes naturally form. These snakes themselves are a mix of Demon summoning origin, but instead of taking blood and incantations, the aura means these snakes are automatically summoned after awakening, as these two snakes, which are nothing more than over grown monstrosities, while not as strong as the great serpent, are synced with its will, and mental capacity and are the Avatars of It, meaning while they are not as strong they are still very powerful and should be handled with some sincere caution, as they are still very powerful beings that are brought onto the field of battle, and can fight on their own.

[Enter the Avatars Of the Great Serpent]

These Snakes are around the tier of 0-5+ when summoned and there are two of them. Each one is roughly 200 feet in length, and very strong, and not to mention they are very fast. Having high durability they are the physical avatar of the great snakes strength. They can use and be used through to actually fight and can independently fire or attack if needed. Collective Consciousness if you will is something that these great snakes have. So the massive snakes are able to directly cause mass amounts of damage in the battle field. Not to mention these snakes when formed have basically the capacities of minor demons and can harness and use the demonic abilities that are naturally allowed for a demon to have. Of course because of her hollow Lineage though these snakes are also affected by the hosts condition too, and are a mix of demon and hollow, a hybrid race that has some abilities from both as such they are nothing that can be taken lightly. Below is the characteristics physically and the skill break down of them.

1: Cero Fires Of Hades: These snakes naturally can breathe fire which behaves a lot like a massive overgrown cero. As such the snakes mouths can open and when they do, get ready because a massive blast of fire can extend down and out of their gullet, this fire roughly burns hot enough that it can clock itself at 2000+ degree’s F; and not to mention it is also cero based, just instead of it being a normal cero, it has been distorted by demon magic, and zao ka, allowing for this fiery blast to instead of being a projectile ball, to come out quite literally as a stream of fire, which can cover a wide dispersed radius with extreme temperature based damage instead of just the normal concentrated explosion of the cero itself. However it uses more energy than a cero would, and is able to burn through both spiritual and physical obstructions. The only difference is that of course this massive fire is going to take time to cool down after the inferno has been blasted. The cool down is around 1 turn after its use as they need to be able to take a breather from its destructive onslaught

2: Demon Barrier Scales: The Snakes Scales are super strong, being able to take onslaught from those of up to a tier higher than they are (0-4+/0-3-) Without much of a problem, even though they are tiered at 0-5+. So this means that the snakes if they are one thing, are certainly strong defensively. Given the fact they have the Demon barrier that all demon’s usually have directly fused with the scales on their bodies, it makes for a interesting, and very powerful High density barrier. The only down side to this barrier is that it means they are unable to move as quickly as they would like, that is one of the downsides to being practically unbelievably hard to injure; it’s a price though that is well worth it, as for example of the strength that these scales are at, it would be hard for a 0-5 using a gran rey cero at near point blank range to do more than put a nice big scorch mark on the surface of the great serpents Snake avatars. As such it takes time and power to fully take these snakes down, even though they are weaker against physical and spiritual attack combinations, it takes time and power to actually make a dent in these creatures its not impossible though it’s just very hard.

3: Unbelievable Strength: These snakes are able to crash through and destroy whole cities if left unchecked in the rampage. Because of this of course the snakes themselves have very little need for things such as using projectile attacks, as for an example of `the strength they have, well by roaring, they have enough strength in their lungs, and vocal-cords to be able to blow up a building, or take out a city block, and have enough strength to slap Ocean Liners out of the way like rag dolls if needed, though such strength is usually not put on display, these snakes have massive strength, able to totally decimate the battle field when its needed, meaning that of course These snakes are able to not only change the tide of battle, but have the strength to go up against or fight people of either the same or higher tier without much problem, So these snakes are able to fight and destroy things without the need or control from the great serpent either.

4: Independence: more a rule to make things fair then a negative, unless in a event situation the avatars of the great serpent cannot be in the same thread as the great serpent itself. However because they are independent serpents that share the collective will of the great serpent Leviathan Annihilator Clixx, they will be able to act, and go off of what is in her best interest, such as helping allies in other threads that need it, or being sent out as messengers or just as battering rams to wear down the foe’s defenses themselves. As such the snakes hold their own personalities, and are able to behave accordingly. They are by no means what you would call “Puppets for the cause” they are participants who are able to make judgments, though this is only partially true because they can never betray the Great serpent, because of the fact if they do, they will be erased and permanently banished back into the darkness from which they first original had come from. As such they are independent to a point butare still unbelievably loyal.

5: Deceptively Fast: The Avatars Of the Great Serpent are not to be thought of as slow, even though ther are bulky and large. These beasts of war are able to clock upwards of Mach speeds because of the fact that they are able to use shadow burst and at the same time, something similar to how demons slow stuff down and speed stuff up in a general area. This of course is to say that they themselves are entirely equipped to do just that, as by slowing down the area around them but speeding themselves up, these large behemoths are able to move as fast as a veteran speed user might be able to use. However that’s only after they get going, more often than not, the beasts are just using this to counter vastly faster people, by slowing them down marginally and of course at the same time speeding up the movement of their own attack so that they can actually well hit them, or at the very least try to peg them instead of just sitting there as some giant target that is just waiting to get blowing to living utter fucking hell. So the beasts themselves are pretty freaking Damned Fast for a 200 foot long snake at the very least they are very fast, in ratio to the size that they actually are in the first place.

6: Intense Cunning: The duo Of snakes are very smart, having almost as much mental deduction as the host body itself, being of course that they are linked in a collective Consciousness meaning that they can piggyback off her own mental deduction to further boost and be able to use it to help them in their endeavors as well. Think of it this way, as the host body is the main computer and the Avatars are using the main cpu as a Piggyback device to enhance their own innate abilities. If you think of it that way it is a pretty good comparison as to what they can actually do.

7:Telepathy: These snakes are able to Communicate with allies, and enemies alike using a given form of communication known as telepathic communication. Such as quite literally being able to convey their own thoughts as words into others minds; though this cannot be used offensively, it is used instead mostly as a means to communicate and get the point of the matter.

8:General Immortality: This does not mean they cannot be physically banished, because they can be killed. What this means is that if they are slain they can be reformed over time, not in the same thread , as they originally where so in that thread they will be banished for the remainder of it instead of being killed. And then they will not be usable unless in event situations, in which case at that point they will be recalled to the main thread, or just kept on standby until they are needed for a released state.

[Enter the Unique Abilities of the Avatar]

Kinesis: Kinesis means that the snakes are able to fluidly manipulate and control the kinetic energy in a given area, as such the snakes hold the unique potential to be able to stop objects as long as the power behind them is of a relatively similar tier level to the snakes themselves, such as (0-5/0-5+/0-4) those tiers could have energy stolen from them, and possibly even redirect the energy. However the fact is that energy cannot be completely robbed, such as if an attack was done, passively they have the combined potential to actually go about doing something like well robbing around 80% of the kinetic energy out of a attack, meaning that they could seriously reduce and negate the energy present . If given the time and means, this also means that they can use this to do some simple stuff which will be explained below in a few bullet points, just to well get straight exactly what these snakes can do with this Kinesis of theirs, and how effective it can be in the field of battle. Note the power they have is diminished when they are not in the main thread as the host.

1: Slow: The kinesis can be used to for a time period of a specific number posts before needing the rest of the thread of cool off, to slow down speed drastically to perceived enemies within a half mile radius of the snake itself. Given that though what I mean by slowing them down is that if the speed of the foe was originally of a master rank, it would be dropped down to an Adept standing for those two turns or until it got out of the field of effect. Likewise though this does not affect warping meaning that you can warp in and out of the radius without much of a problem, as its effecting kinetic speed, not actually effecting other more noticeable forms of speed. So thanks to this the snakes slow ability works only for a grand total of 5 turns before consecutively , before it would become impossible to use anymore, however with this in mind, if the snake only used it for say 4 turns and then stopped using it, every turn it doesn’t use it would turn back the clock on how many turns it can use it for total. Meaning if the avatar uses it 4 turns then doesn’t for 3 turns, the turn number would have turned back to 1 turn of use , meaning it could use it for 4 more turns.

2: Kinetic Energy Robbing: In a given radius, the Avatar snakes can do something along the lines in their relative tier (0-5/0-5+/0-4) are able to rob up to 50% of total kinetic energy from a physical attack, though this is dropped down to 40% if they are not in the same thread as the great serpent as then they are having to use the demon seals that are present on each of the snakes to draw power. Meaning that of course by doing this they can use that kinetic energy to oppose the attacking person in its 200 foot radius, or just disperse it all together. However doing this like anything else is going to use energy, as such if perhaps this was used for 5 turns straight, the snakes would not be in a position that they could actually keep it up anymore and because of that the snakes themselves are while this is effective, unable to spam it without consequence.

3: Redirection Kinesis: Another thing the snakes can do , is that in their relative tier (0-5/0-5+/0-4) they can fight and redirect the kinetic energy that is closing in on them, as such they are actually able to in many cases change the actual trajectory of attacks, if they put their mind into it. As such though it is able to in most cases, do things such as say if a rocket was about to smash into the city? They could of course do something along the lines of redirecting the direction of the rocket so that it wouldn’t hit the city, of if perhaps maybe someone of equal tier tried to punch the snakes, they would have the potential power to redirect that attack else-where so that it wouldn’t cause massive damage to them by redirecting the direction of the kinetic energy in the attack , although the problem is this redirection can only be used 5 turns consecutively until it wouldn’t be usable the rest of the thread, but it behaves like slow, if the avatar only uses it for 3 turns then lets it cool down for 3 turns then it could use the technique again another 5 turns before it would be useless the rest of the thread.

4: Acceleration: The Avatars can at the same time of course do things such as accelerate the movements of them or boost physical attacks in their allies. By changing into a support role it means that while the redirection kinesis and slow will be cut in half by its effectiveness, it will allow for the kinetic force behind allies to be boosted by 20-40% depending on if they are in the same thread as the great serpent or if they are just by themselves. As such because of this it means that the snakes by themselves can also be used to temporarily boost or aid allies without much trouble, and it means that they can be used more as a defensive role then an offensive role, and in battle this can be used to change the tide of battle. However beyond that what happens is that this can be used for 5 consecutive turns before its unusable the rest of the thread, however like the previous skills like this, it can if its used for only 4 turns then it’s not for 4 turns, reset itself, or at least turn back the number of turns it has been used, meaning it can be used more.

5: Stop: This is by far the most interesting thing the avatars can do. Which is while they remain still and shut off all the other kinesis abilities, they can for up to 2 turns completely stop all movement for relative tiers, such as (0-5/0-5+/0-4) and severely slow down the movement speed of higher tiers. By doing so however this ability unlike the others can only be used 2 total turns, and then it becomes useless, and at the same time it will put great strain on the energy reserves, and as such they will need to wait 2 turns after using this to be able to then use any of the other Kinesis abilities, so in this way the technique itself can completely stop a battle field, or slow it down atleast, however it is not without its major setbacks, as explained above, it makes the kinesis skill unusable for 2 turns after this, putting the avatar back in terms of just what it can do in the middle of battle. So this ability is extremely powerful but it comes at a price a pretty hefty price.

[Enter the personality of the Avatars]

Cunning: These snakes are not like what you think of, as animal. They are able to think and reason, and do it quite well. They have tongues which can work both to deliver harsh truths and silver tongued lies, which are hard to distinguish from each other. So if you want honesty here, the Snakes well are certainly able to make someone’s head hurt, as they more often than the case being not, Actually do know what they are doing ; even sometimes more than what they actually let on , as such of course these snakes are in battle truly something that should be taken and considered with great caution, instead of actually doing so with a sense of oh they are just snakes, well you will probably end up regretting it if you do that, because as snakes go, they have one thing in common, through their cunning, they can break a person, through silver stroked words, that will bite harder than any sword , they are beings that will cause pain and destruction in their wake, and of course they don’t care if it gets the job done, that’s all that will matter to them.

2: Beings Of Despair/Hope: The snakes are beings of despair, they don’t care what happens or if the world is ending. To them they are also there for another purpose; to cause despair to enemies to make them regret the actions that they had done to awaken the great serpent. This is the mandate that they follow; they don’t care how they go about doing it, either they will go where they are told and then those who are ever perceived under the name enemy, will be shown the full might that they have. They are not forgiving , and they never truly will forget, as such these snakes will as tools of Leviathan Annihilator Clixx bring despair amongst the battle field for some, and hope for others, as the snake is both a symbol of death, but also of a new beginning. As such the moods are different between allies, and enemies. Allies will be treated as if they are children, not in how they fight but in how adamantly the snakes will guard and protect them. And enemies well they are treated as things that need to be erased and they will be shown no mercy.

3: Beings Of Creation: Despite the background of the great serpent; and the background of Magnolia prior to the birth of the great serpent /The being of Despair Leviathan Annihilator Clixx, these snakes are beings that prefer to create then destroy. Commonly they will try to avoid destroying buildings when they can, and if the snakes cant well they will fix it afterwards and make sure that they are back as they previously had been, or even making sure that they are made better than they had been before. This is the main reason that even though the snakes can be seen as monsters of destruction, they are not going to be trying to intentionally destroy things, instead they will try to reason and simmer the situation down, then they will destroy things.

4: Beings Of Reason: The snakes Serve another purpose besides beings of despair and hope. They are beings of reason, and see reasons behind the actions that happen in the battlefield , they do not think about the bias side of things, they try to feel what the opponent is feeling, to better understand the world around them, and to be able to fight better because of it, this is why they are considered beings of reason, they do not go on instinct, nor are they the savage beasts you might think a snake would be. They are beings that are able to reason, and go off of that reasoning, which in many cases makes them even more frightening then the actual thing, so because of this, they are considerably stronger than what you’d think a massive snake avatar would be, and are able to make tacticians calls if needed.

5: The Ruthless Enforcer: The snakes finally are Ruthless in enforcing the will of the great Serpent. Which means that they will not stop if it is what Leviathan Annihilator Clixx wants done? Then it will be done, even if it kills both of them in the process, as avatars it is the whole purpose of their collective existence to both serve, and at the same time back up the great serpent, even in situations such as through things like war, or just enforcing the rules of a given area, these are all things that they will do. Even if you are an ally if you break one of those perceived rules while they won’t kill you they certainly will knock a bitch out, and make sure that they specifically know not to actually do it again, and because of that of course they are considerably different than a normal run of the mill snake, as they are again beings of higher reasoning, and at the same time beings that are made to serve one greater power, if you will they are heralds of it, and as such? They need to make her look proud instead of making her look stupid, that’s how they look at it at least.

[Enter the Information On The drawbacks]

1: Diminished energy: Leviathan Annihilator Clixx, instead of being of equal power as her host, or slightly stronger when these snakes are summoned is weakened by a entire tierbase. Because of the 0 tiered level of the snakes, instead of being a 0-3+/0-2 or higher tiered spirit in base, she is instead on the 0-3-/0-3 tier in base. Because of the fact that the snakes themselves take energy and take some of the demonic energy that is coming from it. So because of this fact the great serpent is not going to be as strong as it could be because of this aura. Although this has purpose, one of the major draw backs is that it does pretty severely weaken her so that she is weaker than the host first of all, and then it also means that Leviathan Annihilator Clixx, is unable to fully use her powers, until either she unsummons the snakes, or she goes into a higher state that what she is in such as moving from her base state to her Synced Genesis Merge State, so until then she is weakened from the snakes.

2: Thread Restriction: When summoned outside of Event situations they cannot be in the same thread as the main spirit (Leviathan Annihilator Clixx) and will have to go to their respective threads. In fact outside of event situations, or mini event situations both snakes cannot be in the same thread either. Meaning that unless they have other threads to enter, they cannot even be used; such as to use them in non –event level situations 2 new threads have to be created or at least 1 new thread must be designated for them so that they will be able to be used without making things too unfair. So while these Avatars are strong, you do not see them in the main thread unless in event situations, other than that they must be designated and used in other threads instead of say having both in the main thread, you could summon one and have her be 0-3, and the snake in another thread at 0-5+ , or summon both and have Leviathan Annihilator Clixx Tiered at 0-3- instead of 0-3. Meaning that each one drops her a half a tier total, as with both out, Leviathan Annihilator Clixx, goes from being 0-3+/0-2 to a tier of (0-3-/0-3).

3: Avatar Weakening Restriction: While the avatars have so many restrictions on them, they have even more restrictions present even after those requirements. As while not in the main thread, the snakes are not at full power, as explained before. Meaning that they are instead of 0-5++ at a tier of 0-5+, now that might not be a big jump, but it is a difference in power that should be explainable in a second. As when in the thread with the host body and Ziamichi spirit, they are enabled to increase their power even further, at the price that instead of her (0-3-/0-3 tier ) the Spirit Ziamichi Leviathan Annihilator Clixx, is tiered at a (0-4/0-4+ ) tier range, meaning over all in the same thread the tiers themselves are all but evened out, because of the fact they all merge into a full state, it means that the main body’s ziamichi spirit is going to be splitting the energy almost in a perfectly even 3 way split, although the Ziamichi spirit will be of a slightly higher tier then the snakes themselves are.

4: Avatar Seal Restrictions: Unlike normal summons of this kind, the avatars have only the energy that they possess as in direct proportion to the tier so when they run out of energy they run out of energy and then will be just about nothing more than a massive freaking Paper weight that will sit there until it eventually will disappear, and until that point there really isn’t anything else that will be useful about it, that is another one of the major downsides about it in regards to when it is in the field of battle.
[End Draw Backs Section]

» Unique Abilities:

[Enter the Great Serpents Abilities]

Apocalyptic Zao-Ka/Energy Presence/Merged [Miasma]: Leviathan Annihilator Clixx, has a presence that can be describable as massive. Because when awakened she not only has her own power which is large, but she has all the power of the host body, being they once had been a complete soul. As such the Main body is able to wield the power equivalent to fighting both a 0-3+/0-2 and a 0-3-/0-3 , both of which have massive energy reserves present even for the respective tiers that they are. As such it should be known that in normal situations her presence is large enough that in some cases it can cause for the entire span of a city or even most modern day battle fields to be completely engulfed in what could be called “Miasma” As it not only reduces visibility but it is bone crushing and very hard to deal with even on its own you could call it nothing short of absolutely monstrous and out of its world. As such her reserves are Absurdly large .

More than simply reserves though When Leviathan Annihilator Clixx is displaying her immense power she has more than enough to be classified as an insanely powerful entity simply because it is able to be both a hindrance and slow down those even of higher tier standings in the midst of battle. Reducing mobility and even being able to in some cases [Such as if someone was a 1-2 tier or lower ] they would have a high possibility of just completely passing out from the immense strain standing in such massive amounts of energy. So thankfully because of this it should also be shown because even with her energy split 3 different ways she can still retain a tier of roughly in the range of 0-3. So Leviathan Annihilator Clixx, certainly has more than what would be considered a normal energy level for her tier, or just in general it can be considered as Titanic, Large, Overwhelmingly powerful, all those words can accurately describe it, which is why of course is why she is able to do so much in the midst of battle even when she is fighting enemies or allies alike.

Possessing what could possibly be an energy source that is vastly greater than what magnolia would currently have in masked / final release state, by herself without the seals from that of kisuke urahara , this amount of energy can be classified while not probably the largest, certainly outside of actual energy networks, such as the yuudeshi network, or the one in Australia, to be probably closer to the range of maybe the top 16 or so in terms of just how much energy she has, however this is of course though while massive and looming, and even ominous also having to do with the fact that while in this state , she is not a single being’s worth of energy, she is using 3 energy sources in unity, which is the source from the ability of her hosts hollow mask, and from her hosts own energy, and then finally the energy that she herself is in possession of from her demon magic, so again it is pretty potent, because of the fact, it has again even with the snakes, 3 sources of energy which in any single situation could be considered as pretty massive, as it’s not just a single energy signature alone.

So with all these reasons, it should be honestly not a surprise that she is able to have such a singularly immense energy level. As in this state while it starts out as three, the energy levels are used to piggy back off of each other, and such it increases each power exponentially while being able to handle the strain of it all. So the power that is possessed in even that of a base state is going to be enough that she is going to probably be able to have greater total energy then even some of those who are say on a tier level of 0-2+ or 0-2 . As speaking they only in most cases have a single source of power, and unlike that this source allows for 3 different places that are able to be gathered from so again as stressed before, logically this would mean that since they aren’t acting individually that the amount of power present is just going to be staggering and in many cases it could truly cause massive damage when it is brought into full swing, as from the high tiers of both the host, hollow, and the spirit will be contributing to a final energy level.

However as such this merged conjoined energy level means that the Ziamichi when awakened can do some interesting things which will be of course listed below for organization’s sake.

[Enter The Perks]

1:Use Of Host’s Entire Skill set [Event/Designated Threads Only] This is when the Zaimichi rather than having taken over is allowed access to all of magnolia’s own abilities and skills. As such of course doing so not only severely would increase what the Ziamichi is able to do, but it would also mean a pretty hefty increase in just how powerful Leviathan Annihilator Clixx, herself actually is. As such this can be only used of course in Major Events/Events, plus of course this can be at the same time used in designated threads, such as important or major plot arcs in her own timelines, or in major fights that warrant the use of it. Though these situations must always get given explicit permission from the people in the thread to actually use it, and then a moderator to okay the use of this in the fight, as again this severely increases the powers present.

2: Partial Use of Host skills [Normal]: This can be used in combat threads, basically though what it does is that the Host Magnolia Clixx, gives permission to the Ziamichi (Leviathan Annihilator Clixx) to be able to use up to a certain level of her skills. Meaning that in this state, the Ziamichi can use masked states and up Bankai in a fight, however this excludes the complete use of bankai class skills, such as The rail gun cannot be used, this also of course though means that our Ziamichi Spirit cannot use any Kido over the number #50 , because that is also in the restrictions. Not to mention in this state it prohibits the complete use of certain skills such as of course the Bankai skill she can use, so when in use the power of her lightning manipulation type skill is only at 75% of its full power. Meaning of course that there are restrictions but it means that the Spirit is able to use a wide range of weapons from the host that aren’t even in the spirits arsenal. This is partially due to the merged energy, but its further more because originally the Spirit and Host had one soul instead of two.

3: Immense Supernatural Durability: The Base State because of this immense amount of energy, is noted to have a pretty substantial Supernatural Durability, As when focused her immense levels of energy can be layer on top of the akuma kyodo to actually create or in this case Replicate if you will, armors or shields. Not to mention that the Giant snake itself is able to from this infuse absurd amounts of energy into its hide, allowing for both the akuma kyodo and a hardened layer of energy to infuse and strengthen the scales on the body. So in this case the Snake itself or the great Serpent is massive and able to of course from this fact use this high level of defense to make up for the fact that it is not of course that quick, meaning that in this way it is unable to actually move as fast as the host could or even as the avatar snakes can. So this durability is there to make up for a very substantial lowering it the speed state, so that it can have some intense breathing room in battle, and when need to scare the crap out of someone.

4: Boosted Demon Skills: Demon magic, and the effects of Zao ka, because of the immense amount of energy, generally speaking find themselves to be increased marginally. In this way the normal power of attacks is around 20% stronger than how it would normally be. So in this way it means that the Energy Signature definitively is going to boost The performance of the magic and other demon energy related skills used on the battle field by Leviathan Annihilator Clixx. Making it so that the snakes massive energy is not just for show, it also means that its able to for the most part completely overwhelm or destroy the landscape with wide spread manipulation and over all boosted supernatural offense and defense in the middle of battle. SO again Demon Skills are boosted for the main body because of the massive energy signature present and just how it works in general. Such as the pro’s and the cons of this ability being able to potential be enough to upset or improve the tide of battle, when in use and when it is needed to be in use.

[Enter the Drawbacks]

1: Unable to Mask presence: Because of the release the host and ziamichi become unable to actually hide the spiritual presence that they possess in the middle of battle, making it so that of course it is easy to pinpoint where it is, and at the same time makes it easy to track it if the snake say tried to leave it would be easy to follow, both due to its size, and at the same time due to the fact that it is just over all too big to generally speaking hide or to go without notice, and for that reason one of the draw backs is it becomes impossible to actually hide the energy signature itself.

2: Restrictive use: Because of just how powerful it is, the energy cannot be used in non-combat threads, and cannot be fully used against those who are more than 2 direct tiers below (Such as if she’s 0-3, it’d be unable to be used against a 1-1) So this means that it cannot be used against lower tiers because of the potential risk that it would bring about unless it is in event situations. As such of course this means that when in use it is not going to be as powerful as explained above at the same time because the total amount of energy, also is split to the 2 separate avatars when in use, by splitting and putting a demon seal on each of them it means that outside of events as well she can only use a 3rd of the full power present even though that is large it does severely limit the total amount of energy she will have at any given time. So while it is large remember she is not wielding and using all this energy by herself, its being split amongst two other creations which means that while it still is certainly large it is not going to be, well as large as it would be in an event thread, so the amount of energy that she can use is heavily restricted so that it makes things fair and because unless there are special circumstances she shouldn’t need to use more than a 3rd of her total power, just of course due to how massive it is.

3: Limited Uses: Because the host is willingly giving the spirit its energy, there are placed restrictions that limit just how much of the host’s abilities / Powers can be used, and such this means that first off all, while the ziamichi does get a wide range of powers, there are again limitations, in place that reduce either the abilities she’s allowed to use so they aren’t fully powered up, or restricts the ziamichi spirit from using certain forms. So while this also does grant versatility it is not just a open free range use of the abilities, it is a restricted and pretty well thought out amount of magnolia’s abilities that are able to be used outside of an event thread. So again the Spirit does get a lot of perks, but they are not without strict limits, and also explanations/ energy use caps, on them so that things are not completely over powered. That being said though there still will be a lot the spirit can do, its just again that what it can do is limited.
[End the draw backs section]
[Enter the True Demon Form Section]
Kyodai hebi: Behemoth Snake
Appearance: Behemoth snake looks like an inverted version of the Zanpakutō that magnolia is usually using. Instead of a normal blade it has a gray-black tone to it all the way through it, and seems to have the marking for snake enscribed into the blade, showing that it is indeed a part of the snake. Although when in true demon the massive bulk of the Snake seen in shifter form is sealed into and forms the whole entirety of the blade itself; giving it a strange greenish glow to it, which almost looks sickly and poisonous when actually looked at close. Further though besides this it seems to give off an odd vibe to it, like its watching the opponent and tracing each and every move that they take, which wouldn’t be of course a bad example of that it is actually doing if you thought about it.

Further though it has no guard, instead it seems to have a live snake which coils around where the normal katana guard would be. This snake looks like it has bitten its own tail, forming the guard itself, and showing of course that it has a strange kind of living presence to it.

Sealed Demon Sword Abilities:

Snake Bite: Snake bite is interesting and is tricky at the same time, as when the sword is swung the end of it turns into a massive snake, which instead of cutting the foe can clamp down on them and throw them. Though when the sword is cut or the snake is lobbed off the sword end will become clearly visible from the end of the dead snake head, clean and pristine as if it was new. Doing this has a lot of other abilities and useful perks, however the most noticeable one would be that this can be used to also gain distance on the foe, or to surprise them. It is not meant to be a power attack, as it just uses the concept of the great serpent to turn the tip of the blade into a massive slithering snake which can smack down or strike to opponents, until it is either terminated By Leviathan or killed by someone else, of course though if it is killed well it will take 2 turns before this can be used again.

Dark Tremble: Dark tremble is interesting as when it slashes it does something unlike any other normal damaging attack, what it does is that when the blade strikes it causes the user to be able to duplicate the strike zone so that if this normal black glowing blade actually hits when using this, well instead of one singular slash, 10 slashes will open on the opponents body in the relative same vicinity as the first strike was, of course though this move is seen when she draws the back of the blade across her hand then brings it down into a quick slash, it will glow black and be fairly easy to see, this is the actual easy to see sign as to when this is being used. It is not the energy, but also its that she will mouth as the blade is going across her palm “Let them repent “ and then after that is mouthed it activates although dark tremble can be used once a post, after the first use, the way to tell is because you will hear a hissing sound, like a snake on the dark tremble strike, giving it away if you actually pay attention.

Serpents Shadow: What happens is that the blade will be pushed down even in the air the effects become immediate, which is that it will seem to sink into a black portal partially as then what happens is easy to see, as after this several large snakes which will be the size of skyscrapers will expand from shadows in the ground and strike those that are targeted, or they will stop once they hit something after its use it takes 3 turns before Serpents Shadow can be used again as it uses a large amount of both energy, and at the same time uses a large amount of power to actually work, as the massive snakes are going to be able to in most cases take out city blocks if they say smashed into the ground , or if they smashed into a person they would be able to perhaps cause some pretty significant damage to them, as in the first place this would mean that it wouldn’t’ be that unreasonable for say one of these snakes to sink a cruise ship for example.

Sword Warping: When this is in use, passively speaking it will cause her and the sword to vanish in the direction of the slash, this means she can appear in the shadow of the opponent, through a mixture of demon magic, teleportation, and a kind of interesting means of channeling the target of the blade through the sword meaning that say if she flips her blade around and sliced it down, well it means that she will be able to vanish in a flash, reforming in the shadow behind the opponent, or around the opponent. In doing so though it behaves in the same way any normal sonido or similar technique works, but instead of targeting a location, it targets a being to allow for quick travel going through one side and appearing out the other. In this way it means that she is able to quickly catch up or overtake certain fast opponents, and then at the same time be able to then strike at them without much of a problem, this uses the same amount of energy as a normal equivalent to a flash-step/sonido type technique.

Reverse Snake Fang: This attack is a fluid secondary, after a first strike comes, the blade will twirl and almost seem to teleport from a normal grip to a reverse grip, and then savagely strike in a reverse fashion which is going to be very fast. The problem is though this attack uses lightning manuvers to then throw out a sonic wave from the speed of it striking the air, and shattering while cutting through will mean that it in short, is cutting the air and causing a vacuum cut. This cut has enough power to when used properly to cause some decent damage on the battle field, such as being able to cut through small cliffs, and mountains because of how it travels, over a 3 mile radius before dissipating, having the strength to cut through large objects .


» Note: Feel free to change "Adjustable State Appearance" to any title you'd like for your Demon's Stages.

» Adjustable State Appearance: (What do they look like if there is any kind of stage? If they have stages, feel free to repeat as necessary.)

» Adjustable State Benefits: (Do they get any nifty powers, abilities and things of this nature? Put all of that here in seperate sections and feel free to repeat as necessary for other forms.)

To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


» Role Play Sample:(Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you role play. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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Magnolia's Ziamichi [Will add to app if approved]
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