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 [Ziamichi | Human Host] Ellifain the Glacial Shard [W.I.P]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Ziamichi | Human Host] Ellifain the Glacial Shard [W.I.P]   Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:30 am

(Youmu's Theme - Mystic Oriental Dream ~ Ancient Temple)

"Kyahahahaha! This insanity.. It's overflowing.. How can I possibly stop!? "

| The Host |
| Basic Information |
Name | Ellifain, or Elli as a short-form.
Titles |
Akai Kaze: Akai Kaze or red wind is an alias that Ellifain gave herself. Her reasoning behind it is scarily simple... She loves painting her winds with the crimson hue of blood.
The Glacial Shard: This is the title that Ellifain treasures most. Why? Because it was something decided upon by both herself and Bellona. The two came up with this title after coming to the realization that Ellifain was taking after Bellona in several ways, but still followed her own path. As such Bellona saw her as a shard of herself in a sense, thus the two decided upon the title 'Glacial Shard'.
Second Coming of Bellona: The Second Coming of Bellona... A title that Elli had never wanted, and still wishes she could be rid of. Ever since becoming Bellona's host the young human, now Ziamichi, was thrust beneath the shadow that was Bellona, the Devil of the Glacial Blade.
Race | Human
Age | Fourteen
Gender | Female
D.O.B | August 24th 2409
Affiliation/Rank | Unknown / Mercenary

Appearance Picture |

In addition to the picture directly above there is also the App header, and the images in the spoiler below.
More Pictures:

| Personality Information |

"The true me is no more, lost forever beneath what I have become... "

False Smile | At the very surface of her being Ellifain may occasionally seem like a cheerful young girl, with a small elegant smile gracing her facial features. Unknown too all but those whom can truly read a person, the smile upon the young girls face is a complete fake. Generally the girl finds everyday life extremely boring and would rather spend her time training, speaking with Bellona, slaughtering foes, or generally bettering her swordsmanship when possible. During said times are the few times one may be able to catch sight of a real smile upon the young teens face.

Quiet/Keeps to Self | Due to a combination of her parentage, how she grew up, and her near endless training, Ellifain has become quite detached from society. This doesn't she reached a level of detachment that would cause her to be unfamiliar with the world or her surroundings. Instead Ellifain has simply become detached from having a social life, as she more or less see's having one as a waste of time. It likely doesn't help much that the only person Ellifain truly opens up too would be Bellona, the Iramasha sealed within her. When it comes to Bellona the two share ties of friendship, siblings, and sometimes Bellona even shows a motherly side too her. It's quite possible that this interaction with Bellona is the only thing preventing Ellifain from descending deeper into insanity and madness.

Aside from having little to no social life it is also rare for Ellifain to be outspoken, at least in the case of strangers. Essentially unless your close to Elli in some way, shape, or form, you will likely never see the more straightforward & focused side of Ellifain.. Unless you were to become her foe that is, at which time you would also gain heavy insight into her Sadistic nature.

Overall one can say two things about this portion of Ellifain's psyche. The first is that this portion of her psyche was created to protect herself from the unfamiliarity of a social life, and social interactions. In essence the young teen subconsciously fears the pain of heartbreak, having trust broken, etc... She simply has yet to consciously accept such a thing. The second opinion some have is that the teen simply uses this side of herself as a way to avoid everything unimportant too her, and allow her to continue her life in the way she is used too(training, combat, and loneliness).

Straightforward/Focused | Despite the fact that Ellifain prefers too keep to herself, there are instances in which she cannot help the contact with other people/beings. In such instances Ellifain, while hiding most of her emotion, is extremely straightforward in what she shows. An example of this would be if someone were annoying her, or getting into her space. In such a case it would be rare for Ellifain to not make her discomfort known, whether it be physically or verbally. In other words she may simply tell the person off, or she may just give into her sadistic self and lash out(though such a thing happens rarely).

Ellifain is also straightforward in the sense that she feels little, or no need to lie about anything. As such most may find her to be quite blunt, and may even take such a thing as an insult in some cases. In fact this straightforward nature has caused Ellifain some trouble in quite a few instances.

In addition to her straightforward nature Ellifain is also an extremely focused girl. Though the level of focus she has obtained in life is mostly due to her past, and how Bellona raised her. The young teens focus can be measured in numerous different ways.

The first, and earliest seen of these ways would be the young teens thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn. Whenever it came too learning a new subject, no matter how complex, the girl was always at attention and absorbing everything like a sponge. A brief example would be human anatomy, which the teen had nearly memorized by the age of nine after only a few weeks of study.

The second measure of her focus would be during training. During such periods the girls attention never strayed from what she was being taught, or refining. Only ever stopping for breaks when absolutely necessary, pushing herself further and further with every day. Injured? No matter, the pain means nothing when compared to bettering herself. Cannot walk? She will find another way to train. It is this level of focus and determination that has allowed Ellifain to reach her current level. And it is the same that will push her further and further.

The third measure would be combat. Through training, and experience Ellifain has learnt 'balance of focus' so to speak. One knows that in combat it is always dangerous for ones focus too leave the foe, but at the same time it is also dangerous for one to be unaware of their surroundings. It is these two things that had inspired Ellifain to further her combat awareness. No longer does she focus solely on the foe. Instead through training, trail and error, and combat the young teen has found the balance. The balance, in her opinion, is the point in which one can focus on everything and nothing at the same time. What this means is that Ellifain has obtained a level of focus where she is almost constantly aware of her surroundings, while also keeping focus upon her foes. Yet at the same time she pays attention to nothing but her own skills, her blade strikes, the speed behind them, etc. This is the balance. Focusing upon everything, but nothing. Focus upon oneself, their surroundings, and their foe.

The final measure of focus would be her ability to recognize and deal with illusions. Fortunately for Ellifain the various levels of focus she utilizes in her daily life, combined with her Cyber Eye(seeing reiatsu flow), allows her to be extremely perceptive when it comes to spotting illusions. Escape them though is a whole different matter as it would depend how they were formed, and what they affected. An example being an illusion that affects the surround area vs one that affects Ellifain directly or mentally. If an illusion were to affect the surrounding area, say hiding an object in plain view, such an illusion while easy for her to find would be hard for her to break. When in comparison an illusion that would put Ellifain to sleep, would be much less effective unless used by a much more powerful foe.

Heart of Ice | Herself and Bellona. Those two things are all that truly matter too this young teen. Anyone else can essentially be nonexistent for all she cared. She hardly ever interacts with others, and with she does she rarely shows any true emotion. The teens lack of caring for others extends so far that she doesn't even except her birth mother as just that.. In her eyes she has no true birth mother. It can easily be said that the only one thus far to successfully worm their way into Ellifain's heart would be Bellona. The young teen has been on her own for so long that things such as friendship, allies, and comrades are foreign but not forgotten. In other words if one were to approach her with the offer of friendship, she would understand what they wanted, but would not understand how to react herself due too how she tends to isolate herself.

Sadistic | Above all else Ellifain is extremely sadistic, especially when compared too the vast majority of human's her own age. The true source of the young teens sadistic nature is unknown as there is two possible roots that could have resulted in it. It has been determined that her sadistic nature has either been there since birth, a possibility due to her mothers own mental instability. Or Bellona's sealing within the child was the cause. The reason why it cannot be found out for sure which is the cause, is because of the fact that Bellona has been sealed within Ellifain her entire life. When it comes down too it the one solid fact is this: Bellona being sealed within Ellifain has definitely impacted how quickly the young teens sadistic nature came forth.

Coming down to the sadistic nature itself Ellifain seems to exhibit three of the four different sub-types. These three sub-types are as follows: Explosive sadist, Tyrannical sadist, and Enforcing sadist. Despite the display of the three sub-types it is quite rare for all three to impact Ellifain at once. In fact there has only been two points in her entire life thus showing just how rare it is for the three different sub-types to take hold at once. Essentially picture the all the sub-types rolled together, without the drawbacks or side effects of the sub-types, and then add Ellifain's overall sadistic nature as well as Bellona's... that's a rough estimate of just how twisted the girl becomes. Bellona herself, after the first time such a thing happened, admitted that Ellifain was the first human to ever stir fear within her being.

Explosive: This sub-type is one that generally effects those whom are disappointed or frustrated with their lives. Looking a bit deeper its generally when these types are feeling humiliated, or hopeless, that they truly begin to lash out. At this point this sub-type will loose control too an extent and seek revenge upon those whom instilled such feelings upon them. Generally this will result in violent behavior such as fearsome attacks on others, tantrums of sorts, or an uncontrolled rage. Additionally in the case of the explosive sub-type the changes can be completely sudden, shocking others whom may be witness to the explosive change. Essentially it's severely hard to know what will set this sub-type off. Finally, while extremely violent towards others, said violence is an emotional release, allowing the person to let out everything held inside themselves.

How does this affect Ellifain? Quite simple actually.. The young teen, while still experiencing the rare bout of uncontrolled rage, has brought this aspect of her sadistic nature under quite the level of control, albeit not complete. As such Ellifain is able to use this sub-type to her advantage in a sense.. Meaning that in a fight while the young teen may already seem joyous in causing pain, etc, she could suddenly become even more twisted and sadistic. Essentially when brought forth at will the explosive sub-type serves to deepen Ellifain's concentration in a fight, bringing out the best in her in order to put her foe through the most pain possible. It is also this sub-type that may stir the teen to continue fighting when all hope would seem lost, though in instances when all hope does truly seem lost Ellifain may lose herself to the uncontrolled rage that is the explosive sub-type.

Tyrannical: Of the four sub-types it is said that tyrannical sadists are among the more frightening and cruel of the sub-types. This is possibly because of the seemingly special sense of satisfaction they get by forcing their victims to cower and submit to their will, in addition to how menacing and brutal they can be. In all actuality this sub-type resembles that of explosive sadists quite a bit aside from a few key differences. Said differences being that tyrannical sub-types are more selective in their victims, and are generally methodical about the use of violence, terror, and intimidation.

Above all other sub-types this is the one that seems to have a hold on Ellifain the most, though she may not exhibit all things this sub-type would. An example being during combat, Ellifain throws selection out the window and focuses purely upon everything else such as causing pain, crushing her foes will.. Essentially complete domination of the foe. Though when she can be the teen is quite selective in her targets.

Enforcing: This sub-type is generally applied to those in positions of power, or any sort of control over others. These sub-types usually believe themselves to be acting in the common interest of others, though they have deeper motives. These types of sadists generally seek out rule-breakers, whether in their domain of authority, or in society in general. Upon finding such rule-breakers these types would then exercise the most severe of punishments they could. Its more common to find these sadists in positions where they have great freedom to victimize, dominate, and otherwise destroy others at free will. In the end though these types of sadists end up blinding themselves to reality as the satisfaction, and power they feel reinforces their views of right and wrong, while increasing their ego.

In the case of Ellifain this sub-type is not fully displayed. What this means is that the young teen has most definitely displayed the nature to seek out rule-breakers and the like, but she also seems to have never lost herself to the power and ego trip generally cause by this type of sadistic nature. Rather she simply finds a much more intense joy and pleasure than usual when it comes to ending rule-breakers.

Overview: So how does all of the above effect Ellifain overall? Well its turned her into quite the violent, twisted, little bitch. Control, the fear others have for her, the pain she causes, the pleasure she gets from it, everything.. She loves it all. But we mustn't forget the young teens obsession with the crimson hue of blood, above all else this is what she feels she gains the most pleasure from. Not causing pain, not destroying someone completely, not even the control over someone... None of it matches up to the pleasure and joy she feels upon spilling, and seeing the crimson liquid that is the blood spilling from the foes veins.

In combat the girl is quick and efficient, only ever torturing her foe if necessary or if she has the time. Outside of battle is a whole different story, the teen allows herself all the time in the world when it comes to defeating, torturing, and eventually killing her targets.

Hell the girl has become so twisted by her sadistic nature that she's even begun to share Bellona's Algolagnia, a tendency in which one finds sexual pleasure in their own pain. Albeit Ellifain's few displays of this tendency don't even hold the candle to Bellona's own.

All in all, Ellifain's sadistic nature would be enough to cause any shrink to toss her in the mental wards, if they could that is.

Slightly Compassionate | Despite how all of the above may make things seem, Ellifain does indeed possess compassion of some degree. The primary issue here is that Ellifain's compassion is something rarely witnessed. The second issue is just how deep within her own soul she has buried her compassion. In other words due to how deep she has shoved her compassion down, it has allowed the rest of her personality to become dominant, forcing her compassion even deeper into her soul.

This is why most claim that Ellifain has such a cold heart. Because they never see her act out in kindness, or any other sort of compassion. At this current point in her lifetime there may only be a single reason that Ellifain's compassion still exists: Bellona. Despite the various changes that having Bellona sealed within her has brought, forcing Ellifain's compassion into the depths of her soul was not something she had wanted to happen. This could potentially be the primary reason for Bellona's motherly & sisterly behavior, the hope that Elli's compassion will one day rise back too the surface. Until then it's quite a rarity for Elli to show compassion to anyone but Bellona, but the young teen is definitely working on it.

| Natural Traits |
Nukanu Tachi no Kata | While not her strongest style Elli is still quite capable in this form. Utilizing the Style of the Undrawn long sword Elli has shown that even with her lack of skill in this style she can still overwhelm a foe with numerous, lightning quick strikes, which will wear down a foe before breaking through their defenses. The main thing holding Elli's skill in this style back is that she prefers the feeling of blade cutting flesh, and the look of her blades coated in blood. If she could simply focus and push herself through this self imposed wall then her skill in this style would be on a similar level to her Ittōryū.

Ittōryū | Although not her preferred fighting style Elli does possess a highly advanced proficiency in Ittōryū or one sword style. The level of skill the young teen possesses has come from a combination of training from an early age, and the knowledge that Bellona has passed onto her since the beginning of their shared path. When it becomes necessary for the teen to utilize Ittōryū she prefers her right hand over the left, although she can utilize both with the same amount of skill.

As an young child, roughly seven years of age, the results of Elli's training were already seen. Despite being a human, and her at the time new bond with Bellona, the girl was already displaying skills similar too that of Zaraki in his childhood. An example being the eerily similar position Elli had once been found in after some 'training' as she called it. After happening upon a bank that was being robbed the girl had proceeded to slaughter everyone within before being found sitting upon a bloody pile of corpses, her green dress utterly saturated in blood.

Elli's current level of skill with Ittōryū could potentially put her on par with some newer Captains in the Gotei. Though she may possess said skill she may not be able to physically stand up to someone of such power, this could be due to her own inability to take the potentially more powerful hits, or the simple fact that she cannot withstand their heavy spiritual pressure. Despite these things that hold her back from truly fighting foes at such a level Elli's skills shouldn't be doubted, more so when considering the knowledge Bellona continues to pass onto the girl.

Yakkōdori: This is a technique that releases a powerful crescent moon-like projectile of compressed air, spiritual energy, or chaos energy. Upon being launched the projectile travels with enough speed behind it to equal Elli's own enhanced speed. When used with compressed air this technique is capable of cutting clean through a small armored vehicle, and this is before Elli applies the full force of her strength or speed to the strike. Spiritual or Chaos energy will result in a much more destructive projectile, one that is capable of feats Elli is not capable of normally; such as slicing through a large business building several stories tall. These spiritually or chaos enhanced projectiles also create an explosion covering an area with a 5 meter radius, or 10 meter diameter.

Ryōdan: Normally a technique where the user would grip their blade with both hands, before initiating an overhead swing meant to bifurcate a foe from head to toe. When used by Elli she utilizes both this normal Ryōdan and one in which she begins by holding her blade outstretched in one hand before charging the foe. Using the momentum gained Elli will bring herself into the two handed grip before initiating the Ryōdan as normal. This added momentum strengthens this already powerful slash, enough that Elli's strike will leave a large trench in the ground even after slicing through her target.

Nitōryū | Nitōryū or two sword style is Elli's preferred style over any other, even more so than the Santōryū which Elli is able too utilize thanks to Bellona. The very fact that this is Ellifain's preferred style can be seen in the way she fights. Her strikes come more elegantly, at a faster pace, and even stronger than when using Ittōryū. An example of the difference would be the number of strikes Elli is generally capable of in what appears to be a single slash. Normally when using Ittōryū Elli can land roughly five to ten strikes in what appears to be a single strike. When using her Nitōryū Elli is capable of doubling if not tripling those numbers due to both her comfort level, and overall superior skill in Nitōryū.

When using Nitōryū Elli's level of skill while superior to that of her one sword style, has yet to reach the realms of a master. Despite this the young teen is still capable of taking on some more advanced opponents, whom have had the time to allow their own strengths to grow & be honed. An example of an opponent Elli could likely overwhelm in a fight with weapons would be Horus Sariel, the Lt Commander of the Jade Cross. Though she may be able to overwhelm such a foe with her blade, a foe like Horus would likely outlast her, less she were to tap into Bellona's powers & her own as a Ziamichi. Due to her varying skill depending upon which style she is using it's hard to state her true level of skill, which is why Elli's weapon skills will be assessed further in another section.

Nitōryū Iai: Nitōryū Iai is a draw and re-sheath based technique utilizing two blades. Of any specific sword technique Elli utilizes this one is both the most powerful in sheer raw power, and speed. While Elli normally holds quite a high level of concentration normally it is a different story when utilizing this technique. This is because Ellifain's focus climbs to immense levels in the few seconds that pass before, during, and after this technique. Such a level of focus is what allows the finite control over her body to obtain both the power and speed behind the strikes. Almost faster than a blink of an eye Elli lashes out with a technique powerful enough to topple skyscrapers, before re-sheathing her blades almost as fast as they appeared. The only true flaw of this technique is the intensity of Elli's focus as it is centered on a single target while she momentarily blanks out the world around her.

Summary of Weapon Skills | When looking at Ellifain's overall skills with a weapon one must consider things aside from a katana or wakizashi. When it comes to other weaponry such as spears, halberds, pole-arms, knives, or just about any other bladed weapon Elli's skills barely fall short of what they are like with her normal blades. In addition to such weapons one should consider that Elli is more than capable of utilizing anything that could substitute for the weapons she knows the use of. Examples of such substitutions would be sticks, pipes, poles, crowbars, and so on.

Delving into the realm of blunt weaponry Elli's skills aren't all that much different as the only real difference to her is the potential size and weight of the weapon used. In-fact Elli figures with her skills behind a blade applied to a blunt weapon she could likely rip through some foes, or otherwise turn their internal organs into mincemeat and bones into dust. After-all its only an issue of applying the same skill, strength, and speed to the blunt weapon as she would her blades.

Going even further from her basis of bladed weaponry Elli is even slightly efficient in the use of ranged weaponry. Examples of such being bows of all sorts, handguns, rifles, and that's about it. She uses such weaponry so little there's not much else to mention here.

Inhuman Strength | Even before she had become a Ziamichi Elli had always displayed strength beyond what normal human standards were. At the age of six the young girl was able to physically shift a car a few feet from it's position. By her current age of fourteen Elli became capable of further feats, such as being able to lift the front/rear end of a vehicle and drag it elsewhere, or punching a hole through reinforced walls. When putting this inhuman strength behind her blade Elli is capable of cutting clean through a bus(lengthwise) before applying any sort of spiritual or chaos energy. When applying her superhuman speed into her strikes their strength leap further up the chart, now capable of leveling a two story house.

Superhuman Speed | When it comes to the speed of her movements, such as moving her arm, a slash of a weapon, or running, Ellifain does so with speeds beyond that of human capabilities. Meaning that Elli, if she wished, could run faster than the worlds faster non-supernatural human. Which mean clearing a distance of 100 meters in less than roughly nine seconds. While this may not be an amazing feat to beings such as Shinigami, or Arrancar, etc, whom possess movement techniques such as Shunpo, Sonido, or Chaos Warp, it is quite impressive for a being whom normally would not possess such a technique. Elli's natural speed is even enough to keep a good pace with a race car, though she cannot hold such speeds for very long.

Near Superhuman Agility | When it comes to matters of her overall agility one could say that she is on levels normally only the top athletes would be able to obtain. With such agility it wouldn't be surprising to witness Ellifain perform feats such as scaling a building without any type of support, or navigating through complicated obstacles with apparent ease and elegance. In addition to raw agility Elli also possesses superior reflexes and flexibility to normal humans, and in the case of her reflexes this is before considering her Phantom Tech brain. Overall it wouldn't too complicated for Elli to perform feats such as acrobatics, risky evasions, and other various feats in the middle of a battle.

| Unique Powers & Abilities |
Aerokinesis | Aerokinesis is the first of Ellifain's own unique abilities that she has possessed since birth. While this ability was not fully evident at her birth aside from the odd gust of wind in the entirely closed off room, Ellifain does possess quite the versatile and powerful ability.

Using Aerokinesis would allow Elli to complete such tasks as controlling and shaping wind, which is simply the movement of air around the planet. Going deeper Ellifain could potentially be capable of feats such as controlling, or even generating weather patterns. Another feat could be controlling the very atmosphere around a city, thus allowing her to sense anything in the area, leave areas with no oxygen, and so on. Wind, the very thing that is quite the important factor in everyday life, is at the control of a young girl, whom also is an excellent wielder of blades... The two skills fit together quite.. no, extremely well.

Breezes, squalls, gusts, whirlwinds, gales, tempests, twisters, tornadoes, hurricanes... Ellifain is capable of causing all of the things with but a flick of her wrist. Of course it's not that simple, depending what type of wind being formed she will need to either drain more of her own energy, or gather enough wind from the surrounding area: which is also taxing, just not as much as using her energy on its own.

Overall there are immense capabilities behind what Ellifain can and could eventually do with this ability of hers. It's simply a matter of does she have: A) The energy needed. B) The skill, or C) The knowledge. For example eventually Ellifain may be capable of controlling the separate periodic elements within the air itself, creating plasma via massively condensing/compressing the air, creating illusions, controlling the finer aspects of the weather such as air temperature, size of storms, etc. As can be seen from the examples this ability, if trained properly, and if given the time for said training, can be an immense force to reckon with.

Some skills aside from generating various types of gusts would be: Creating blades of wind, false telekinesis through use of air, enhancing speed, flight/levitation, creating solid walls or objects of air, etc.

Crescent Dance: This dance of blades is one that utilizes Ellifain's Aerokinesis in order to generate incredibly sharp blades of wind around her swords. Rather than simply compressing and shaping the air around her blades Elli utilizes her abilities and energies in order to keep the wind in constant movement, each finite individual layer of wind grinding against the next in order to create the extremely sharp blade of wind. Said blade is in all rights sharper than Ellifain's own blades, and is capable of travelling at speeds a tier higher than Ellifain's own.

When used Elli will launch an large storm of these blades, each taking on a large crescent shape roughly 2/3's of Elli's own height. The winds of these crescents are also infused with Ellifain's own energies thus making all that much harder to either dissipate, or even deflect. When used with her Ittōryū Elli is capable of launching from one to ten of these crescent blades in the span of a single strike. When used with Nitōryū it wouldn't be surprising to see Elli send out an array of up too thirty of these in the same time-span.

While these blades aren't truly durable aside from possessing a mixture of wind and Ellifain's energies, it is the speed and sheer sharpness of these blades that makes up for that. These blades of winds are capable of slicing through average level defenses of all kind with moderate ease, while they are capable of doing the same with advanced defense albeit with slightly more effort. Though if Elli were to land every single blade in the same spot it's possible that she may be able to pierce defenses at a masters level, though such a thing would be a rare occasion as she would need to be able to surpass their speed & reaction time. Overall this is quite the dangerous and devastating ability if used properly. Although such power and speed does not come without risk.

Such risk being that when used Ellifain herself can very well feel the backlash of every single blade launched. The more blades launched the worse the backlash. Essentially by the end of a full thirty crescent strike Ellifain herself would receive enough backlash to equal roughly three blades landing direct hits upon herself. As a result the young teen may experience lacerations of various sizes and depths, some of which could potentially be deep enough to render a limb useless until healed.

Falsified Telekinesis: While not yet on a level in which Ellifain could create vectors and control vectors, her skills with Aerokinesis are high enough in which she is capable of falsifying telekinesis by wrapping an object, or person in the very air itself. If focused enough Elli is capable of lifting large vehicles from the ground before sending them rocketing through the air, with air cannon-like effects. Otherwise the young girl is capable of controlling pretty much anything not influenced by another spiritual power equal to or greater than her own. She is also capable of controlling large numbers of objects up until each individual object weighs roughly three hundred pounds. At which point she can then only control roughly fifteen to twenty objects. Five hundred pounds and she can ow only control up to seven objects. A thousand, three. Anything beyond, and up to roughly five thousand pounds takes such focus she can only control one such object.

Pressure Wave/Blast: This skill is one which Ellifain will use for both offensive and defensive capabilities. On the defensive side this ability is capable of rendering such things as electrical or sound based abilities near-useless depending on the strength. Or if given enough density the wind can be used to defend from physical attacks, kido, cero, and other such attacks, once again depending upon their strength. Generally the defensive capabilities are able to deal with average level skills, while advanced level skills are quite a bit more difficult to defend from, and beyond that masters make the wind defenses appear as nothing.

In the case of offensive capabilities this skill is utilized to create pressurized bullets, or waves of wind to launch at the foe. Depending on the size and compression of such constructs they may be destructive enough to level a portion of a city. An example being that if Elli were to take all the air in an area of 400 meters, and then condense it all into a small sphere roughly an inch across.. Said sphere would have enough destructive power within it to potentially wipe a small village off the map. Of course condensing such a volume of air would take both time and energy, something Elli wouldn't always have. Thus to make such levels more efficient she will need to further her training.

Lesser sizes and levels of compression are capable of enough concussive impact to cause anything from fractured bones, to broken bones and heavy internal bleeding. This is before applying the cutting damage which on some levels may resemble what a blender could do if a limb were put in it. Essentially with the offensive side of this skill it's all a matter of the foes defensive capabilities, and durability. Additionally Elli may also use larger variations to surround the foe before compressing the air around them, onto them, and eventually causing them to either explode or be flattened by the pressure created.

Aerokinetic Aura | A separate branch from Aerokinesis, the Aerokinetic Aura ability is one based upon an aura of air or wind that is almost always present around Ellifain. Thus ability first and foremost affects Ellifain's movements and travel. Via this ability Ellifain is able to control the density in the air within 1 meter of her person, by doing so she can either make it lighter, giving her flight capabilities in addition to enhancing her natural speed. Or she can make the air heavier, effectively making her own body, and thus her strikes heavier, albeit she can combine the effects to allow her to move normally, but allow the air to weigh down her strikes. In defensive terms making the air denser would slow the foes movements, and potentially disrupt energy based attacks. Via rotation on the spot she can strengthen the defensive qualities of this ability, allowing her to defend from attacks she normally would not be able to. Eventually Ellifain may have enough talent with this ability to create and manipulate various vectors around her, though such a thing, depending on its strength, would require a Phantom Tech brain on the same level of Shadin Yuudeshi's.

| Phantom Tech |
| Phantom Tech Abilities |
Inhuman Processing Capabilities | With the addition of a Phantom Tech brain Ellifain is now able to process any information she intakes at immensely higher rates than ever before. While no where near the level of a cyber-brain like Shadin Yuudeshi's, Elli's own still possess quite high capabilities, such as processing information about the very air around her in order to allow control over its temperature. Due to this new processing speed, and brain Elli is capable on focusing on so much more than before, for example in battle she may find herself much calmer than before, able to think clearer, see things clearer, and act out with more efficiency. Every single thing Elli takes in, whether she pays attention to what she has seen or not, is processed quick enough so that she is aware of what she may have not seen. For example, if someone was using reiatsu to cloak themselves. Normally Ellifain may sense it, and be unable to see them. Thanks to her cyber-brain and Cyber Eye, such an issue is no longer existent. Lets say she scanned over the area with the eye, and wasn't paying full attention. While she may not initially notice the source, the cyber eye, and cyber mind would. The source would show up as once of the various colors in her eyesight, and the cybermind would register such a thing, making Ellifain aware of it before she even moved her eyes from the area.

Another example of her new found processing capabilities would be the utmost accuracy and efficiency Ellifain has in her blade-strikes, despite their sheer speed. Whenever she may be off the mark even by the slightest her cyber mind notices this, and processes the corrections quick enough for Elli to correct the flaw before even landing the strike.

Hack & Download | Not one of the most used capabilities of her cyber mind, but Ellifain is capable of hacking into servers and then downloading the information from them. All it takes is somewhere that she can physically contact some part of the database, or any connection to it. From there it's just a matter of hacking, then quickly finding and downloading any information needed. The capabilities of this ability could potentially be much greater with the aid of electrical based abilities, something Ellifain is working on harnessing through her Aerokinesis.

Cyber Eye Model 2000 | It's the same as the previous model expect now The Eye can now decode computer information and translate it, Flare suppressors react instantly to bright flashes of light. Blinding effects produced by bright lights have no harmful or debilitating effect on the recipient. It can also scan for spiritual pressure in a 10 mile radius.

As an added bonus, you can also perceive how strong a being is (if they are not cloaked or hiding their spiritual pressure) by a color system. If the person has a blue glow around them that means their reitsu is low (So if your in battle this will be useful to see how much of your opponent's reitsu has been drained), if it's green that means it's moderate, yellow means that it's strong and red is dangerously strong.

It can also be adjusted to where it can read your body's overall strength and adjust these color systems to see who is weaker then you or stronger.

Cyber Eye Model 1000 Details:

| Phantom Tech Powers |
Atmospheric Adaption | With her new Phantom Tech brain Ellifain no longer needs to breath in the air around her. This is possible because of the capabilities to constantly monitor her internals, in addition to allowing her to subconsciously control her abilities internally. Something she was not capable of is now available to her, and more beyond that. With the ability to internal regulate her Aerokinesis Elli is now her own source of oxygen, able to constantly refresh the oxygen running through her body. Thanks to this if a poison was let loose in the air Ellifain could simply stop breathing in the external air, thus preventing poisoning, while subconsciously relying on her abilities to regulate the oxygen in her body. In addition to this Ellie is now able to manipulate the air in her lungs for use with skills such as her pressure bullets.

Volatile Air Constructs | Thanks to her Phantom Tech brain Ellifain is now capable of some finer control over the air. More specificly Ellifain is now able to control the temperature of the air, either making it hotter, or colder. Examples of the extremes that she can cause are the following: Flash boiling water via contact with extremely hot air. Melting flesh via the same. Creating flames in a dry enough location/with dry enough materials. Or in the matters of cold, Ellifain could cause water to flash freeze, contact freeze, she could cause it to snow, hail, etc. Lesser examples would be simply making a foe uncomfortable, overheated, or cold, thus causing their body to expend more energy regulating their temperatures as they wear themselves out. Other examples could be causing a wind that numbs the body as it blows over, or warms the body, etc. There's quite a few capabilities with this, it's all a matter of imagination & control.

| The Sacred Release |
| Sacred Release |
Sacred Release Appearance | ?????

| Sacred Release Powers |
-Power- | ?????
-Power- | ?????
-Power- | ?????

| The Ascended Sacred State |
| Ascended Sacred State |

Ascended Sacred State Appearance |?????

| Ascended Sacred State Powers|
-Power- | ?????
-Power- | ?????
-Power- | ?????

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: [Ziamichi | Human Host] Ellifain the Glacial Shard [W.I.P]   Tue Nov 19, 2013 3:49 pm

| The Hosts Background History |
| Background Information |
| Born of Insanity & Ice |
Everything leading up to who Ellifain is today started in August of 2409, a mere two weeks before the unborn child that was Ellifain would be born. In these weeks before the unborn child's mentally unstable mother would make an inconceivable decision, one which she would never live to see the effects of. But what would bring a mother to make a decision that would forever change their child's future? In this case none can truly say, though some stated that the mother seemed to act out on impulse, unable to even understand what she herself was doing.

It would be that impulse that would lead the mentally unstable mother to a meeting that would change her unborn child forever, and in ways she would never imagine. It was also that impulse that led to the pregnant mother escaping the mental ward of the hospital before ending up deep in the woods nearby. Deep within the woods the mother would encounter something she had never experienced before in her life. She would encounter a spiritual being for the very first time in her life, a being that without even lifting its fingers could end her life. But what neither part knew, was what would occur upon their meeting. One led by impulse and insanity, the other led by the need to survive.

Footsteps and ragged breaths. They could be heard throughout the woods coming from two different beings. One a mentally unstable human mother, the other a mortally wounded Iramasha. The meeting between the two would change the Iramasha's life, as well as the unborn child's forever. The odd compulsion the mother felt would end up leading her to the injured Iramasha. The first thing the mother had spotted was the light blue, elegant hair of the Iramasha, which was tainted with the crimson of blood. From the mothers view she could see the other female breathing slowly, each breath coming harshly and slowly as the blood beneath her continued to spread.

What the human mother didn't expect was the woman to still be conscious let alone able to speak. And speak the fading Iramasha did. She briefly explained just whom and what she was, upon doing so a look even more crazed than before entered the mothers eyes. The mother, whom had never experienced the spiritual world, and now being revealed too it, wanted that power for her family.. More specificly her unborn child. The woman asked the Iramasha if there was a way she could survive, there was. A ritual would need to be done, and a sealing would take place. When the mother asked what this sealing was about it was explained that the Iramasha, would be sealed within an intended host.

It was at this point that things took a turn. The mother, in her insanity, essentially forced the dying Iramasha too seal herself within the unborn child still within her. When the Iramasha, Bellona, refused the human threatened to leave her to die. Unfortunately for Bellona her own will to continue living, and her current state, prevented her from thinking things through too much. As such the sealing would progress, albeit with some troubles.

Eventually the mother would be found in the woods, seemingly fine aside from the blood in the area. If one looked close enough they would have noticed that the blood nearest the mother had begun to freeze. Once back in the hospital it was then they noticed irregularities in the mother. She was dying, and they couldn't explain why. All the doctors could figure out was that some sort of foreign substance had entered her system and was now killing her. They had also found that the mothers blood was slowly freezing, potentially caused by whatever entered her system. Unknown to the doctors this was the side effect the mother was suffering for the sealing, and using herself as a medium for it.

In the end the mother would perish, though she survived long enough to give birth too her daughter, whom was born in perfect health. Though what ordinary human doctors wouldn't know is that the child was born superior to humanity from the start. The child was born with high amount of spiritual strength, which was only enhanced by her being a host to a Iramasha Ziamichi spirit. This single child, whom had her fate changed before she had even been born, would one day grow to be a significant force in the world.

| Young Prodigy |

| Innocence Lost & Truth |

| Sadistic Nature |

| Wondering Soul |

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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: [Ziamichi | Human Host] Ellifain the Glacial Shard [W.I.P]   Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:18 am

(Not Ready to Die by Avenged Sevenfold)

| The Spirit |
| Basic Information |
Spirit Name | Bellona
Previous Title | Glacial Blademistress
Spirit Race | Iramasha
Spirit Gender | Female
Spirit Age | Physically: 20 | Current: 451.

Written Spirit Appearance | ?????
Spirit Appearance Picture | See the header above.

| Personality Information |
The Strong Live & the Weak Die | ?????
Twisted Vision of Pain | ?????
Algolagnia | ?????
Kindness of the Frozen Heart | ?????
Confidence | ?????
Motherly | ?????

| Natural Traits |
Inner & Outer Chaos Energy | ?????

Master Speed | ?????

Extreme Swordsmanship | ?????

Mistress of Torture | ?????

Sixth Sense | ?????

| Chaos Abilities |
Chaos Flurry | The user summons chaos energy and molds them into bird like forms. These birds can be sent to attack the enemy with amazing speed. Their power is low but the speed in which they attack is blinding. Upon impact the birds will explode. Many birds can be summoned at once and one can combine them into bigger versions to increase the power. However, the speed of which will decrease.

Chaos Web | The move takes a lot of concentration. It creates an invisible web of chaos energy. When an opponent is trapped in this web their speed is drastically decreased as well as slowly decreasing the amount of reiatsu the opponent has.

Chaos Javelin | The user focuses chaos energy into his palms and forms it into a lance like weapon and hurls it at his enemy. The power and destructive speed of the lance is defining. Upon impact to an area or person the attack destroys a large area.

Chaos Impact | Chaos Impact is a rather simple move Iramasha can use if they need more physical output for their punches or kicks. By summoning just a small amount of their Inner Chaos Energy, they can use that force in order to make most of their physical blows two times stronger then normally depending on how much Chaos Energy is infused with the blow they are trying to make. More skilled Iramasha can even make use of the chaos particles in the air in order to combine inner and outer Chaos Energy to make a more effective punch that can even make their hits four times stronger then usual. Therefore, even on the most basic level, Chaos Impact is a rather deadly technique if it is used in rapid succession for those who have a good mastery over Inner and Outer Chaos Energy. It is recommended for those who wish to use for prolonged periods to have a large base of Inner Chaos Energy or have knowledge on how to control the flow of Outer Chaos Energy as this can tire a person out if they intend to spam this technique.

Chaos Burst | Chaos Burst is essentially a fighting style that increases the speed of a users punches or kick's in order to create devastating blows to anything that they happen to hit. By summoning a decent amount of Inner or Outer Chaos Energy, an Iramasha can make use of Chaos Burst in order to make each of their hits have an immense amount of swiftness and impact force that it can blow through an Arrancar's Hierro, shatter barrier's in stronger opponents or even outright blow through someone's defenses if they aren't on guard when this attack is occurring. Potentially, this technique can even be used to fight on par with both speed and physical based opponents as they are essentially getting the benefits of speed, with the devastating force of a physical user in one sharp blow. This can be used as often as an Iramasha wishes, though they should keep note of how much energy they drain from using this much like Chaos Impact and other similar techniques.

Chaos Warp | When this technique is activated it allows the user to teleport from short range distances at first, then when they become more master this move more they able to use to technique to teleport from long range distances along with being able to warp anywhere as long they can sense someones spiritual pressure or reiatsu. When they become more powerful they sometimes able to slow down within a limited range and gain the upper hand on their opponents. Advanced and master's can also teleport through dimension's and create pathway's to other world's. Adept can do it, but it takes much longer and drains them.

However, Chaos Warp is not just limited to that. It can also be used for teleporting things and other beings. It starts by firing a burst of Chaos Energy from either your finger tips, palm's or anywhere else you can think of in your body. Then you can create it in any shape or form you want and try to have it attach itself to the thing you want to teleport. For objects, it's almost instant to teleport. However, to move massive land masses and things along those lines it would take a bit more time. Between one or two post for master's, three or four for advanced users, five or seven for Adept and 20 for beginners.

To teleport or beings it would take 1 post for masters, 2 for advanced, 3 for adept and 5 for beginners.

Note: A very common way to utlize Chaos Warp is for it to be used to control the flow of time around a certain area. For example, Time Control can be used to speed up the time. So if you have a slow attack, you can apply the Chaos Energy to it and speed it up. You can also increase your opponents speed as well. Another example of time control is by slowing down the flow of time around you or on a certain object. Say for instance you were about to get punch. Well, you can apply Chaos Energy to the punch and slow it down so it won't hurt as much. The same applies for energy attack's as well and pretty much anything else.

| Background Information |

(Blood On My Hands by The Used)

| Classification of an Iramasha |
| Devil of the Glacial Blade |

| Class Traits |
Mistress of Ice | ?????

Ice Age | ?????

Sub-Zero Blade | ?????

Glacial Sphere: Dance of Death | ?????

(Youmu's Theme - Hiroari Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?)

| Ziamichi Powers |

At this point in time Ellifain has yet to develop her Ziamichi powers. The reason behind such a thing is the agreement made with Ellifain's mother during a brief period of sanity she had. Ellifain's mother wished for Ellifain to be able to grow on her own, with her own power, before coming into her power as a Ziamichi. Bellona agreed that her influence would remain little unless it came to physical and mental training, or anything of importance. The two agreed that it wouldn't be until she either felt Ellifain was physically and mentally capable of handling the abilities that would be pushed upon her. Or Ellifain would turn fifteen, at which time she would slowly begin to gain, and show powers based on her being a Ziamichi, and Bellona's own powers. This will be further explained in the Background of both Ellifain & Bellona.

| Change in Appearance |
New Appearance | ?????
New Appearance Picture | See header above.

| Unique Traits |
Physical Enhancement | ?????

Vastly Enhanced Swordsmanship | ?????

Santōryū | Three sword style.

Ice Age: Senjinryū | Ice Age: Thousand blade style.

Sub-Zero Blade: Snowfall | ?????

Glacial Sphere: Crimson Snowfall | ?????

Improved Atmospheric Control | ?????

Enhanced Aerokinetic Aura | ?????

Sixth Sense | ?????

Chaos Combat | ?????

Chaos Warp | ?????

| Drawbacks of Use |
-Drawback- | ?????

| Strength of a Bond |
Control | ?????

(Black Widow by Dolores O'Riordan)

| Host & Spirit Classes |
Ziamichi Host Class | ?????
Ziamichi Spirit Class | ?????

| The Host's Skill Sheets |
| Human Reiatsu Sheet |
Power Control | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Energy Usage/Regeneration | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Energy Resistance/Endurance | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Physical Augmentation | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

| General Skills(Host) |
Durability | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

| Ziamichi Skills(Host) |
Skill Of Ziamichi Powers | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Control Over Spirit | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Seal Strength | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Sync-Rate | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

| Will Skills(Host) |
Willpower/Determination | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Mental Deduction | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Pain Endurance | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Focus | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

| The Spirit's Skill Sheets |
| Iramasha Racial Skills |
Chaos Energy Skill | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Chaos Warp | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Chaos Fighting Style | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Gem Creation | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

| General Skills(Spirit) |
Durability | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
General Speed | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Strength | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Weapon Skill | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

| Ziamichi Skills(Spirit) |
Skill Of Ziamichi Powers | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Control Over Spirit | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Seal Strength | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Sync-Rate | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

| Will Skills(Spirit) |
Willpower/Determination | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Mental Deduction | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Pain Endurance | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
Focus | Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Original Coding By: [THEFROST]
Changes & Gfx By: Horus Sariel
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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: [Ziamichi | Human Host] Ellifain the Glacial Shard [W.I.P]   Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:31 pm

Moving this app to Old WIP since it has been 2 weeks. if finished please refer to This thread or ask staff to move it.
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Subject Post 5PostSubject: Re: [Ziamichi | Human Host] Ellifain the Glacial Shard [W.I.P]   Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:39 am

Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to old wip please feel free to post within this thread

Staff Help Thread


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[Ziamichi | Human Host] Ellifain the Glacial Shard [W.I.P]
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