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 Blooming of the Flower, Neviah's Development into the Path of the Monk...

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Blooming of the Flower, Neviah's Development into the Path of the Monk...   Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:40 am

  • Name Of Character: Neviah Clixx-Kimura
  • Link To Character Profile: Neviah Clixx-Kimuraa
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Multiple

      The Art of Killing
    • Before Neviah was taken by the Curse of the Rosaries, she watched as London fell. The pain of watching all that suffering hurt, but slowly caused a change. When Neviah played witness from Soul Society to the fall of London, she saw her own Aunt cause the carnage and it lead to a change within Neviah, and entered the ego of Malice. From there, Unohana noted the change within her Adopted Daughter and took her to a secluded area to better know this change. From within, Unohana also revealed the secret within her, and thus Malice Neviah was introduced to the Art of Killing by Unohana. From there, Neviah learned what her Father wouldn't and that's the smell, the taste, and the beauty of the blood that falls from their enemy. This change brought light to Neviah and thus lead to her martial skills growing, swordplay improving, but most of all, it allowed the relationship between her and Insidious to improve and allowed Neviah deeper power into her Zanpaktou.

    • When Claire, Ceon, Senna, and Neviah awoke from their slumber within the realm between realities, Neviah returned as the focal point between Claire, Senna, and Ceon. She returned whole, and as a real Soul once again, but with more. She returned with a necklace around her neck known as the Jewel of Rosaries which was a key to unlock the Memory Release Trinity. She didn't know how to make it work, but what really mattered was that Neviah also returned with Memories that weren't her own. She returned with the Memories of her Father, Mother, and Aunt. She returned with the Memories of Claire when she destroyed London, Killed Iori, and served her Master, as well as when she almost obliterated Existence the first time. She remembered when her Mother first met Ceon after their first rebirth and when they had to run and dodge from capture for many moons till they were caught, but what she remembers most is her father. His training, his constant thirst to learn, and his ability to move. With that, Neviah took in what he learned upon martial combat and hand to hand, as well as his ability to work Aura of the Shamans. Neviah hasn't fully taught herself these tactics, as it will take time to fully understand them, but what it did was change Neviah's path. She changed, and took on the path of the Monk. She now looks to serve life, and deliver death.

      She's still a skittish kid though...

  • What Are You Upgrading: Upgrade to 1-3 tier and a couple of additional abilities. The abilities are as follows:

    • Energy Flow
      When Neviah has Scars of Eternity active, the blades now not only cause unhealable damage to her enemies, but will now even absorb energy. Any Cero's, Kido, or forms of energy that are launched her way, if Scars of Eternity comes in contact it will absorb the energy and be taken into Neviah's chain to be used for Energy Harvest within her Shikai, or her Bankai when it calls for it. Neviah can absorb and relinquish all the energy within her chain, and if she receives too much, she can just remove some and level out the energy absorbed.

    • The Chains of Life

      Neviah will be able to see the Chains of lives while in Bankai. Not only that, but she’ll be able to summon an unlimited amount of Chains and control them freely from the source of her Soul Chain. These chains are black and unbreakable as well, and will attempt to restrain targets or protect her from potential blows. Neviah can even root her chains, so that if they manage to grab onto a limb for example, she can root the chain causing it to become immobile and trapping her captor. While the Chains are attached to a living source, it will begin to draw energy from it and fill Neviah’s Soul Chain.

    • Ring Suppression

      Insidious or Neviah when in control of the rings can use an ability called Ring Suppression. What will happen is any number of 1 to 4 of their rings will disappear, and reappear with their target in the center. The rings will suppress their target in a motionless zone. The Zone gets stronger the more rings used, but the danger of touching the rings are that Scars of Eternity are in effect and they will cut those trapped by it. This Motionless Zone is used to allow Neviah a more steady target for her Soul Chain or Chains of Life.

    • Bankai Improvement

      Null Aura has finally unlocked it’s full capability and is able to target up to 10 enemies or allies. The effect now lasts as long as Null Aura is active, and the Suppressed beings cannot be released.

    • Aura of the Shamans

      Due to Neviah gaining a mass of her Families memories, she was able to see and recollect when her Father learned and obtained the Power known as Aura of the Shamans. Due to this, Neviah studied it fiercely and tried to obtain it’s powers. She became successful, but not to the full degree. She is able to sense all elements, and speak with them, as well as obtain their aura and she is able to do it well, but she is not entirely able to wield all elements yet as she needs the guidance of her father to help her complete the training.

      Quote :
      Aura of the Shamans:

      Aura of the Shamans is one of Ceon's last learned techniques. Like Ceon's signature that he can place into those he loves or into his opponents, it will tell him everything he needs to know about his opponents movements/vitality. He can feel them move through the air, shift the wind, go through water, walk on the earth, and the flames of life in general. If it involves the spirits or the elements in anyway, Ceon can feel it and sense it. With Aura of the Shamans and his martial arts/weapon masteries, he is without a doubt a deadly weapon and can even fight multiple enemies at once without a problem. Especially seeing as this also allows him to speak to the elements, and communicate with them and make requests...

      The powers within this aura are: Life within the Flames, Slicing of the Wind, Flow of Water, Shifting of Earth, and Rupture of Spark. The Life within Flames tells Ceon about the life forms around him. It will tell him either if they are alive, dead, or almost dead giving him a reading on their status within the battle. It works on friendly and non-friendly targets. The Slicing of Wind tells Ceon what he wishes to know about the alterations within pressure and atmosphere. If someone is flying/moving within the open air, Ceon can read it and perfectly. The Shifting of Earth is the same as it reads what is causing movement on the earth and below it. The Flow of water reads movement and condensing/expanding of water molecules. The air has water within it, so it works perfectly with slicing of air, and as well as reads the shifting of water, and finally the Rupture of Spark is an effect that takes time. When Aura of the Shamans takes effect, it will absorb the elements around him pertaining to fire, water, earth, air, and ect. After a while, the aura will change colors around Ceon and shift to a predominant color pertaining to it's element allowing him to have abilities/effects of the element selected. Once the Aura glows yellow, Ceon will now hold a personal nuke to which causes an AoE effect and shoots outward. The effect of the damage can alter between fire, water, air, earth, lightning, or a mix/different ratio of each. To activate it merely takes seconds, but to use Rupture of Spark takes a while to put into effect
    • Hanki Sosai

      Hanki Sosai (Reverse Demon), This technique, an ability used during Shunko, nullifies an opponent's Kidō by hitting them with a perfectly opposite amount of Kidō, and can even neutralize an opponent's movements. While Neviah isn’t able to use Shunko to it’s full potential, she has the understanding of Hanki Sosai down, and has it’s understanding nearly perfect being able to counter even level 90 Kido’s without much effort.

    • Combat Master

      Due to Neviah’s personal discipline as well as her Father's teachings, she was able to tie and understand all her Father had taught her when she suddenly gained access to his memories. Neviah's Kidō use is very refined but not on par with the Kidō Corps General. Neviah being taught by Ceon who is the Ninja pro he is, needs to be very knowledgeable on all combat types. She now casts Kidō by hand signs since her Father doesn't talk, also since Neviah has such a cast Spiritual Power pool she can last nearly forever in Hoho. Because Ceon has mastered all techniques to the Onmitsukido knowledge as well as carried private training from Former Captains Urahara and Yoruichi, Neviah remembered it well. Hakuda which is Hand-to-hand combat is not elaborated upon by most Shinigami, but Physical strength and skill is determined by this class and is mastered and refined for those in the Maggots Nest. Due to the combination of Ceon’s teachings to Neviah, and her understanding of it, Neviah’s physical powers have nearly tripled, allowing her to lift five times more than the average Vice-Captain. That in with conjunction with her Martial Arts makes her a Hand-to-Hand threat. Due to all this, Neviah has taken the Path of the Monk, instead of the Path of the Ninja...

    • Stage 2 Bankai

      • Shatter the Chain:

        When Neviah’s Soul Chain has filled, she has the option to Shatter the Chain. When this happens, her Soul Chain will shatter and become individual pieces, but the biggest change is with Neviah. Serenity and Insidious will disappear, as well as their tools, and they will end up becoming a part of Neviah once again. A white feather tattoo will appear on her right ankle, and a black feather tattoo will appear on her left, as set of chains will attach themselves to Neviah’s wrists. Not only that, but the 5 Ton spiked weights on each end of the chains will become gloves and attach themselves to Neviah’s hands. A Battlefield will begin to emerge from the shattered chains that now take the shapes of millions of thinly shaped and bladed pins. They will glow purple and surround the battlefield while Neviah takes center.

      • Stats Triple:

        The Feathers that appeared on Neviah’s ankles are the elements of speed that were provided to Neviah from each of her Zanpaktou spirits, and they are within her now tripling her speed, shunpo, and reaction time. Her Strength is off the charts now, that her base strength is higher due to the Maggots Nest memories within her mind, but each 5 Ton weight attached themselves to Neviah’s firsts and add the impact of 5 Tons to each of Neviah’s punches.

      • Touch of the Reaper:

        Neviah can touch the Chain of LIfe if she gets in close to her target, and not make physical contact, but actually reach in and touch the soul. She damage the soul directly, as well as grab the chain that attaches that soul to the physical being directly, and pull it out causing misalignment. This Misalignment will cause severe pain to the internal body and doing more damage to the ones willpower than physical. The side effects of this caused will also make the target lose a part of themselves. What they lose is up to them, but that lost part will now feed Neviah and become a part of her, and heal her. Basically it takes energy to heal Neviah, but what it takes is a part of ones Soul. Soulless beings are not affected by this ability.

      • Nullification Chains:

        The Chains around Neviah’s wrists are special as they not only are able to create additional Chains in which Neviah can use to restrain her targets or slow them down, but they have a special Null Aura laced into them. This Null Aura actually comes from Serenity and it Nullifies any abilities, racials, or anything that is considered special when it comes in contact or within 6 inches of a target area. To use this as an example, if a Cero was launched at Neviah, she can have it nullified by her Chains, instead of absorbing it or attempting to dodge/block it. Also if she throws a punch and if a racial ability takes hold to put to flames whatever comes in contact, the Chains will Nullify that and thus her punch will be made successful. The purpose of this is that Neviah is no longer a distance fighter, but now a close range fighter, and this gives her combat advantage.

      • Storm of a Million Needles:

        The Millions of Pins that now surround the battlefield are the barrier. They stop anything from getting in, as they will absorb incoming energy, but the are also Neviah’s storm. They can be controlled with hand motions and will fly at Vice-Captain Shunpo speeds towards their targets. Neviah can control individual Pins, or batches of Pins, but she cannot control the collective Millions of them unless she calls for her ability Iron Maiden. The Pins when they make contact can be pulled out, but their wounds cannot be healed as they contain the same Scars of Eternity as Insidious’s blades.

      • Dance of the Lifebringer:

        Dance of the Lifebringer is how Neviah is able to bring the Feathers of Vitality back while in Stage 2 Bankai. When Neviah has no need for her Storm of a Million Needles or anything like that, she will begin to perform a dance. This dance is a ritualistic dance, and is also a channel that cannot be disturbed otherwise the ability will fail. The dance takes about 7 minutes to complete, and cannot be sped up for if it lacks grace or detail, it will not complete. Once completed, every single Pin that was a part of Neviah’s Soul Chain will turn into one of Serenity’s feathers and fly throughout the battlefield. They will fly, and when land, will return life and energy into the dead and beaten beings that were brought to end. The feathers will only bring life to those Neviah approves, and will return them to their prime condition. This can also affect Wildlife, Vegetation, as well as the lives of all Races. Once the ritual is complete, Neviah will be drained of all energy and will fall back to her normal self, and most likely pass out.

      • Iron Maiden:

        The Final Combative ability under Neviah’s belt within her Stage Two is called Iron Maiden. What will happen is when Neviah is able to grab onto the limbs of her enemy and attach the Nullification Chains and root them, Neviah will then disappear from the Battlefield, in which the Storm of a Million Needles will all take into Neviah’s control. Neviah will have an open palm, and when she closes it to make a fist, the entire collection of Pins will then fly and penetrate into Neviah’s suppressed target, and refusing to heal the wounds inflicted. When the Pins make contact, they will drain their host of their energy and life as it will be fed to Neviah. Neviah tends to shy away from this ability as she prefers to use her hand to hand combat as her offense and defense, but when able to use it, Neviah will use this ability to finish her targets.

  • Any Extra Notes:

    Skill Level: Kidō: Advanced
    Skill Level: Swordsmanship: Adept
    Skill Level: Shunpo: Advanced
    Skill Level: Hand-to-Hand: Master

    Skill Level: Durability: Adept
    Skill Level: General Speed: Master
    Skill Level: Strength: Advanced
    Skill Level: Weapon Skill: Adept

    Willpower/Determination: Advanced
    Mental Deduction: Advanced
    Pain Endurance: Adept
    Focus: Master


Neviah Clixx-Kimura
Link to Moose's Characters

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Blooming of the Flower, Neviah's Development into the Path of the Monk...   Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:24 pm


I don't have a problem with some of the power upgrades I saw posted here. Therefore, I'm going to go ahead and approve this Bankai to be used along with everything else listed in the upgrade. Go ahead and add it into your app.


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Blooming of the Flower, Neviah's Development into the Path of the Monk...
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