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 Dark Kakine Yuudeshi [NPC SHINIGAMI- APPROVED - 0-2+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Dark Kakine Yuudeshi [NPC SHINIGAMI- APPROVED - 0-2+]   Fri Nov 22, 2013 8:16 am




Dark Kakine


The Darkness of Yuudeshi


Name: Dark Kakine Yuudeshi
Age: 500, as old as Kakine himself.
Gender: Male appearance, although questionable - will be referred to as male throughout the duration of this application.
Titles: Darkness of the Yuudeshi

The first thing that must be noted about Dark Kakine is that he acts like a dormant Ziamichi. He is not active as a being sealed within his body, but at random times is capable of taking over the body of original Kakine without any warning. A dormant Ziamichi which has been spawned from the Yuudeshi curse.


The personality of Dark Kakine is a rather... intense one that has been spawned from the darkest places of Kakine's mind. As original Kakine has been haunted by many ghosts of his past, and as spawned from the Yuudeshi curse, Dark Kakine has shown that his personality has been quite cold and uncaring. Dark Kakine has shown, once taken over Kakine, that he is a very horrible and demeaning person to the point where he will humiliate even people he loves, as he has lost all sense of friendship, foes and simply lives for himself. Dark Kakine would be comparable to fighting or being around a wild animal that only knew how to hunt, it would simply attempt to tear everything it came into contact with apart. Dark Kakine has shown he has a feral sort of mind, which is probably the best way to describe him in essence. As the Yuudeshi curse had taken all of his pain, anger, sadness and blood lust and thrown it into one solitary being, it is no surprise that this Dark Kakine has shown such ways of behaving.

Although Dark Kakine's feral mind is one of his biggest aspects, analysis and appreciation isn't totally wiped out once Dark Kakine has control. Analysis has always been a huge part of both normal Kakine and Dark Kakine's personalities, having the ability to constantly break down situations in his mind before reacting. This same aspect has been transferred over into Dark Kakine, he has shown to constantly, despite his feral mind, analyse these situations simply and make it so that even when going crazy, his analysis of situations is at the top of the podium. Not only the analysis, but when considering the other aspects of appreciation, that can also become a mocking effect for Dark Kakine. Through radical sarcasm, Dark Kakine has shown to undermine peoples abilities and attempt to make them feel worthless as a whole, as if their powers and nothing before his and their existence is nothing but a pawn on a chess board waiting to be wiped out. Appreciation, however, is one of the many secret flaws of Dark Kakine's wild nature. He has shown to appreciate people's powers every now and then, showing a small hint of humanity in him and analysis that was mentioned earlier.

Never the less, Dark Kakine has shown a liking towards nothing but battle. No friends, no enemies, just purely the power to wipe people out with his immense power in itself. Being born of darkness, hate, anger, depression, all of that, stacked onto create the very being that Dark Kakine is today. Filled with nothing but hate, anger, sadness and loneliness, this is all that exists within him. All of these aspects that created him are the core driving force behind his personality, hate and anger fuelling the battle hungry beast within him, as such the sadness and loneliness fuels the dark attitude and sarcasm side of things. When a being is purely made up of those things, no redemption or moments of happiness or joy, only terrible things follow as a cause. Dark Kakine also seems to be aware that his being was created through the Yuudeshi curse and spawned by the darkness in Kakine's life, he's aware that all he is is darkness that resides within Kakine's body. He uses this to his advantage, in fact. As he tries to claw his way to control normal Kakine, Dark Kakine's objective is simple: If he can regain control of Kakine's whole body, perhaps he will not feel so empty and get to experience happiness, joy, fun and all emotions that are considered positive.


Tier: 0-2+, the same as normal Kakine
Position: N/A
What race?: Once taken over Kakine, Vizard. As normal - Shinigami


The very essence of Dark Kakine's being is a troublesome one. From the first day that Kakine had been put on this Earth, the being known as Dark Kakine had dwelled inside of the original Kakine since he was born. The thing about Dark Kakine is how he actually came into being, it is rather unique as it is all made from within his head. From birth, and as a Yuudeshi, the Yuudeshi Curse had always had effects on his body. Unlike most Yuudeshi's who experience immense anger, hatred or other symptoms from the curse, Kakine's effects of the Yuudeshi curse were the inner-materialization of the hatred, malice and sadness that existed within his body and put it into a physical being, acting like dormant Ziamichi of sorts. The curse itself brought about the possible existence of this Dark Kakine, if he wasn't a Yuudeshi? It is likely that he would have never experienced or had this Dark Kakine sealed inside of him in the first place. If he was belonging to another family, Dark Kakine would not exist and the Yuudeshi Curse would never had taken effect and materialized this being. None the less, Dark Kakine exits now - the original Kakine does not hold any grudge against him family for the curse giving him such amazing power, he still loves them with every fibre of his being.

Not until Kakine was around 20 did the first signs of Dark Kakine start to show. It happened first of all when he was sort of living on his own in between periods of the poverty stages in which he lived. He was working a nine to five job just trying to keep himself on the ground, yet his anger issues did prove to be troublesome. With his anger issues piling up, Kakine would often flip off the handle and hurt someone in the workplace, often nearly being fired. Yet he didn't get fired. One time, being in the workplace got too much for him, the other people there constantly teasing him for having a poor background or having to do extra-shifts just to support himself. These were the major things that set him off, but now, for some reason before any others, he snapped. During this snap, a darkness grasped hold of Kakine. His body turned pale white, his outfit changed to a paleness he hadn't seen before and almost string like aura began bouncing off of his body. Simply lifting up his hand, he'd pick up one of his co-workers and crush his throat in his hand. A few seconds after, the picked up co-worker would be released from his palm, almost as soon as this happened, Kakine being turned back into his normal state. Obviously, he could never return that work again or even in that town. He didn't know what happened, and he couldn't remember. But that was the first time Dark Kakine had shown himself and his existence to the world.

Associated Character/s: Kakine Yuudeshi


Soul Corruption
With CreationConstruction, Kakine has experienced a type of corruption to his immediate soul. With this corruption came a new aspect of his life, a male forming named Dark Kakine. Dark Kakine is a corrupted version of Kakine's already living self, and has his own part to play when it comes to dealing with outside forces and Kakine. Dark Kakine is able to speak, interact, and facilitate the actions that Kakine can take. If Kakine were to do something that Dark Kakine did not approve of, Dark Kakine would make it clear by exclaiming how much of an idiot Kakine is within his own mind. Essentially, Dark Kakine is a separate Personality that resides in both Kakine's mind and soul. One large drawback that has been shown to appear with this Soul Corruption is that when Kakine overuses any of his powerful abilities, he is at risk to unsealing Dark Kakine from his Soul and allowing him access to Kakine directly, taking over anything and everything that he could possibly want to. When Dark Kakine is in control of Kakine's body, all drawbacks that come with Kakine's abilities are still active but do not effect Dark Kakine, they just further manipulate and pain Kakine himself while out of control, making it easier for Dark Kakine to maintain control over Kakine's body. With the corruption of his Soul, it means that if Kakine were to ever also get near a state of extreme pain or death, his soul itself could simply die. The power to Create and Construct almost anything has worn Kakine's soul into a state of dis-repair, making it a quite fragile part of him. Also: It finally must be noted, to get to his angel state - Kakine must be in a feral frame of mind.

Malevolence Embodiment
Similar to the way that Dark Kakine was born, when he has taken over Kakine, he now has access to this newly profound ability. As Dark Kakine was made through the hatred, sadness and most negative emotions by the Yuudeshi Curse, Dark Kakine is capable of creating even more copies of them. As he is a being driven completely by these negative emotions, Dark Kakine has shown that he can make clones spawned from this hate by taking advantage of the Yuudeshi curse, temporarily summoning copies of himself on the field which wield all of the same powers that he currently does. They have the speed, creationconstruction, energy control, bankai, shikai, etc. The problem with these copies, however, is that they lack intelligence and also are limited in defence, meaning that simply by one attack they could crumble to pieces. And not only this, at one given time, Dark Kakine can only summon two of these clones. Yet they are not to be underestimated, just because they lack intelligence and also have weak bodies in comparison to the way Dark Kakine has, this doesn't mean they lack fighting instinct and the reflexes to fight back. This is often done to overwhelm an opponent, but also when Dark Kakine simply wants to mock a foe.

Transcendent Being
The Transcendent Being part of Dark Kakine's power has shown to be one of his many unique sides. Unlike the feral mind where it is shown that he has a wild nature and loses all sense of friend and foe, the Transcendent Being perk almost shows a sort of purification in the sense of Dark Kakine. The Transcendent Being is a light that shines from within his chest, a pure white light that seems to illuminate at will, but sometimes without willing it. Dark Kakine is capable of ripping his very chest open with this white light and purify his surroundings. It almost acts like an angelic ability, but it allows the light emitting from his chest to burn open anything it touches or shed it away into nothing. This goes for almost anything, when used against people, it is shown to even melt the very skin off, and even eliminate reiatsu signatures within the area. This means that any spiritual based attack that comes into contact with this blinding white light, it will be instantly annihilated. The white light stretches from up to a kilometre wide, and can generally be shot forward up to fifteen kilometres away. This shows the purfication that exists within Dark Kakine's body, it shows the angelic power living within him.

Feral Mind
Due to the sudden change in Kakine's dark side, known as Dark Kakine, when Dark Kakine is active, there are a few buffs that come along with it, but also a few downsides. One of the most notable power ups is his enhanced pain suppression that Dark Kakine has shown to reveal. Due to his feral mind and wild nature in Dark Kakine state, there is generally no stopping him, no matter to what extent that overcomes him. He could have entire limbs chopped off or even entire stab wounds, he wouldn't stop. That is the idea of the Dark Kakine feral mind, in fact it's more like he's a wild animal hunting down it's prey or an animal fighting for survival, taking everything it can out to simply keep itself alive. This is the key to his Dark side, a loose control of his mind.

Finally of all, it must be noted that Dark Kakine, once taken over Kakine's body, has all of the same powers that normal Kakine would have, which are shown in the spoiler below.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Dark Kakine Yuudeshi [NPC SHINIGAMI- APPROVED - 0-2+]   Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:42 am

Do not worry nya! The Pawesome Aikuko-Nya is here!
This applications is minesh, nya~! So's let's get down to the ameowzing checking nya!

Applicashion Checklist nya~
  • Namezies Nya~ [X]
  • Appropriateded Age Nya~ [X]
  • Gender Nya~ [X]
  • Appearancu Presented Nya~ [X]
  • Appearancu Described-nya in Appropriateded Lengthzies OR Picturies is Visible Nya~ [X]
  • Appearancu is Not Claimeded Nya~ [X]
  • 10 sentencus for personalites Nya~ [X]
  • Histomi is of appropriateded lengthzies Nya~ [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered Nya~! [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough Nya~! [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person Nya~ [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow) Nyaaaan~ [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) Myan~? [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences Myan~! [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Master

[b][center][u]Will Skills[/u][/b][/center]
[list][*][b]Willpower/Determination:[/b] Master
[*][b]Mental Deduction:[/b] Advanced
[*][b]Pain Endurance:[/b] Advanced
[*][b]Focus:[/b] Master
Comments/Notes: I'mma just go ahead and stamp this nya, so enjoy dis NPC hurr Kyle~
Tier: 0-2+ as asked~

a beckoned run away leisure

List; Comm; Perm;Temp
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Dark Kakine Yuudeshi [NPC SHINIGAMI- APPROVED - 0-2+]   Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:28 pm

I'm going to move this to archives as I've placed this within Kakine's app.


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Dark Kakine Yuudeshi [NPC SHINIGAMI- APPROVED - 0-2+]
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