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 Halo Lagi [Nozomi, Sagumi]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Halo Lagi [Nozomi, Sagumi]   Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:49 pm

Hello again.

She merely chuckled, her shoulders shaking with slightly in tune with the laughter. He had always been so suspicious of her because all was not what it seemed around her. Even her greatest love whom she told many a secret to, and was capable of reading her fairly well, could not always get her to speak entirely bluntly. It was not so intentionally to keep secrets from him so much as it was just Nozomi's nature to put up an act. Because, as Sagumi would know, her past was not all butterflies and dandelions. She was a pretty messed up kid, with a pretty messed up head, and not entirely the sanest person to exist. For all her intelligence and wisdom, she tended not always to do the perfectly right thing because of an irrationality that infested her mentality. So when he indirectly accused her of assigning Hadelinde to him as a supervisor over his actions as opposed to one of their proposed business, her laugh should have told him that straight answers were as elusive as ever. ''I know you don't, love, I know you don't. But seriously, you're really thinking too small. I'm not talking about a single class of students here, I'm talking about a school; a chain of schools. You have more than enough to pass down as far as martial arts go... Truth is, even if you don't want to expand it on a grand scale, Hadelinde is a good assistant. She can handle any job you throw her way, and it'll be nice for you to get a break once in a while.'' Truth be told however, one of the many trains of thoughts that had gone through the back of mind was indeed whether or not he had flirted with other women before finding her again. It was hard for her to be blinded by her love for him when it was in his nature to be an excessive coquette... so she admittedly had considered that ulterior motive.

But it was most certainly not the main purpose of Hadelinde, as she was rather honest about that. One of the Rustung Streiter were more qualified to watch over Sagumi if it came to that, as Hadelinde could be run circles around by her beloved husband. Her elite forces that she has yet to reveal? Not so much. But aside of that, Hadelinde was meant for what Nozomi explained, even if he would insist on being able to take care of everything himself. After all was said and done—for there was quite a large chance that he would persist on the subject—they would be able to move on. The giant hulking suit of armor certainly had to capability to be adorable, politely insinuating that he should get out from inside of her helmet while she picked him out like a wee baby. He didn't really protest, but he complained about the act of being treated like a hairy purse full of change. He was witty as ever, but Hadelinde's response would outline exactly what type of person he was dealing with. There was a long pause of silence and stillness, with her just holding him in the air away from her like a package that was to explode at any second. She only finally said anything after a brief moment of contemplation. ''Master Sagumi, was that an attempt at humor?'' she asked, not insultingly but genuinely curiously. ''If not, I can tell you that if cartooning is something you'd like to take on then I could certainly assist with the with the conception and artwork. I already have developed some possible storylines for a series if you're willing to listen to them. Studies show that humor captivates the masses''

Hadelinde finally would put Sagumi onto his feet, still rambling on about potential endeavors into the cartooning business. As much as he'd enjoy it, Nozomi would walk up to him and wrap her arms around his neck. Using him like a sturdy post, she'd swing herself around in front of him and hang from him like an ornament, pushing her lips against his and drowning out her servant's ongoing rant. After a good several second she'd break it and look up with her smiling eyes at him. ''One thing's for sure; you're not going to escape from these eyes any time soon. Now that I've got you in my sight, I won't let you out of it. It's up to you whether you want to consider that a creepy gesture, or a sweet one.'' She was being rather provocative with her legs now he would soon realize, as one hooked it's away around his knees. Oh boy, did she know his weakness, and how much he wanted to just take her after being apart for so long. All that problem solving capability, all that critical thinking, and all that raw intelligence he possessed didn't help him when it came to the primal desires that so swayed him. He wanted her, and all it took was one excuse for him to go off on her. ''You have a nice bed in there... not a couple steps away for you...'' she purred, teasing the and tugging at the strings of his desires with mere words. In a previous incarnation, Nozomi would have been able to layer her voice with a hypnotic effect to get him to do what she wanted... but she knew that at one point he had become resistant to the influence. Still, he did as she said when it came to these things, not because of her power but because of how much he desired her. He pretended to fall under her spell, but took her in full consciousness of her actions. The same still applied. Soon, if not immediately after speaking, she would be spirited away into the most enjoyable experience she'd had in an eternity.

''Hadelinde?'' Nozomi called out, not taking her lustful eyes off of Sagumi, and interrupting her servant in the middle of her tirade. ''Take the rest of the night off, okay?''

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Halo Lagi [Nozomi, Sagumi]   Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:14 am

Her response was about what he expected and it brought a smile to his inverted face. Apparently, six millennia did not change a whole hell of a lot about his wife. Her answer was a classic Nozomi answer, in which her answer did not in fact answer a damn thing. Nothing she said was inaccurate, of course, he did tend to think on a smaller scale of things, if only because that was where he believed the small things where were the largest impact was possible, and he did have copious amounts of knowledge and experience to pass on to the younger generation. However, none of that was even remotely related to how he was going to accrue more students or how she was going to help him accomplish that. He loved her with the entirety of his being, but a people person she was not. She was more likely to build something to be a people person for her...which in retrospect might have been exactly what she had done. While he was sure that she meant for Hadelinde to be the assistant she promised, Sagumi knew her well enough to know that there were all sorts of ulterior motives behind each of her actions. She wasn’t the kind of person to abide by risk, even in love, and if Hadelinde wasn’t what he was going to use to keep him from infidelity, he was sure that there was something else that was waiting in the wings.

Before he could further inquire about the tin can’s duties in supervising Sagumi, the aforementioned tin can spoke and quickly righted Sagumi and put him on his feet. Sagumi’s eyebrow would raise and his head would tilt slightly to the side as he looked up at what Hadelinde used as a face, unsure if his new personal shell was getting snarky with him or if it was genuinely that clueless, Sagumi honestly would enjoy either one. It was difficult to tell from the tone of voice, Hadelinde’s voice effectively sounding like a little girl was trapped in a well...if the well was made of tin...and shaped like a can, but from what he could infer it seemed like she was blissfully ignorant to the reference he was making. Perhaps Nozomi was right, Hadelinde would be a great fit for him, he’d be too frustrated at her inability to grasp his humor to have any drive for sexual misconduct. She was a crafty minx indeed.

Before Sagumi could respond to his new caretaker, Nozomi was on the move and apparently time had not dulled her senses for knowing what Sagumi wanted. Of course, Sagumi’s mind functioned quite similarly to a perverted old man so deciphering what he wanted was not remotely difficult, but still, credit where credit is due. As she wrapped her arms and spun around him, not all that unlike she was using him as a makeshift stripper pole, Sagumi quickly wrapped his arms around his love, helping her keep her balance as her lips pressed against his, the man happily reciprocating the kiss, the feeling just as amazing and comforting as the previous one as his lips let her know just how much he adored her. As she broke away from him, a soft whimper of disappointment escaped him, not wishing her lips to depart from his, oxygen was irrelevant. She did know him in a way that no one else could though and she knew exactly what buttons to push to completely erode the miniscule amount of self-control that he did have. Her words also brought a smile to his face as he softly kissed her lips again.

“It fits you, all sorts of sexy, sweet, and creepy all rolled into one.”

He didn’t comment on the fact that he was inevitably going to put that to the test, simply because she challenged him and he was inherently a hyper competitive individual. Telling him that he couldn’t escape her vision, ignoring that he didn’t even sort of want to, would compel him to try simply because he was told he couldn’t. That didn’t really matter right now though, what did matter was that she had said the magic words and Sagumi’s mind was already on getting her to that bed and showing her that he had certainly not lost a step in the six thousand years that they had been apart. There was one small matter of horridly pressing import that he would need to take care of first though and as he held his wife in the air, her body pressing against his, the man’s neck craned to the side and very quickly whispered to his new robo-ssistant.

“Hold on to that idea, we’ll make a killing off of webcomics, I’m sure we can bring those back, people are desperate for crappy regurgitated humor.”

And with that, Sagumi swept her into the bedroom, really emphasizing his ability to open the giant door and close the distance from where they were standing to the bed in quite literally a few steps. Gently, he laid her down on the bed and gracefully crawled on top of her, a beaming, gently, and tender smile showing on his face as his hand found hers, their fingers gently locking and entwining together. He loved this woman with his mind, body, and soul and he intended to show that to her with every breath he took from here on out as his lips slowly descended upon hers, engaging her in a kiss that fully encompassed six thousand years worth of passion and would serve as an opening act to multiple lifetimes of happiness and a night full of ecstasy as the best night either of them had enjoyed in millennia would finally begin.

[Thread End]
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Subject Post 13PostSubject: Re: Halo Lagi [Nozomi, Sagumi]   Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:53 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Halo Lagi [Nozomi, Sagumi]
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