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 Magically Binding Parchment

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Magically Binding Parchment   Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:56 am

• Item Name: Magically Binding Parchment
• Item Type: a tool used by Suzu and others with her permission to use.
• Item Use Description: This item’s use is almost unlimited as it is a blank omnipotent contract. The terms, guidelines, stipulations, agreements, in fact all conditions of the omnipotent contract must can and will be followed perfectly to the wording in the contract. Being omnipotent the Parchment is incapable of making mistakes and once the contract is signed it can no longer be tampered with unless the contract itself has a part that allows for revision, in which case all signed parties must be present and agree to the changes before they can take place. Loopholes in the contract however are possible as the Parchment follows the wording and conditions of the contract, if something is excluded, left out, or not covered then to the Parchment it doesn't exist or is not a problem there for cannot violate the agreement if it is not an absolute contract.

The Parchment forces compliance to the contracts terms. If violations are not covered in the contract then it becomes impossible to go against it as to the Parchment you have made a deal that is absolute. Adding in conditions of violations is in fact opening up the ability to violate it along with other guidelines that may follow. Such as but not limited to making a set punishment for violators, nullification, contract exit clause. These are some normal examples of some terms but you could wright down any within you’re contract. In the event an absolute contract's terms are violated, broken, or failed to complete fully the punishment is worse than death. This punishment is complete existence termination. The violator’s soul and all traces of them will be completely destroyed. All memories of them will be changed to memories of a person that they can remember what actions they done, yet not who they was what they look like or anything else about them. Knowledge of what the violator said however will only be erased if it involves the contract or its other parties, along with all memories of them the day of it being violated. Punishments are done immediately upon violation. The only exception is the other parties that will retain all the memories/ but immediately know who violated it.

One example of how an absolute contract terms are violated is if they agreed to be somewhere at a set time but are unable to get to that place in time. Rather it be physically incarceration or any other reason. BUT this only happens if fulfilling the contract becomes impossible. If it is possible to fulfill the contract and the person has become unwilling to do their part of the agreement the Parchment will take control of them forcing the contract completion. It is for this reason that it is strongly urged to add in such details to the contract such as punishments if violated.

• Obtained From: Made with magick by Suzu.
• Yen Price:
itself as it is only an enforcer to an agreement that all parties approve of be for hand and thus fully/knowingly consent to its terms.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Magically Binding Parchment   Sat Mar 22, 2014 4:15 pm

Since I'm not sure if this is finished or not, I'm going to archive this. I haven't seen heads or tails of Zet either and I think this should be moved out of WIP Equipment to help clear it out. o.o

[ T H E P R O T E C T O R ]

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Magically Binding Parchment
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