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 Alexander The Great Revamp Former 0-5

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Alexander The Great Revamp Former 0-5   Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:51 pm

Sugiura Template


Name: Alexander The Great
Real Name: Iskandar
True Age: unknown
Gender: Male

Alexander is noble and physically overbearing. He is not pragmatic, but is a person who lets history run its course and acts according to his impulses. While he is wild and somewhat inconsiderate to others, his greed inspired his subjects and ultimately resulted in their happiness. He is always jovial, values friendship highly, and he regards the bond with all of his followers in Ionioi Hetairoi as his greatest treasure. They all, being inspired by such a magnificent king, in turn gives him their undivided loyalty and adoration. He also admires people who treat friendship with sincerity. He is compassionate to those with whom he bonds. And is sicken by atrocities and that he would strike anyone who would feel nothing from the sight.

He was adventurous and had the goal of reaching the edge of the world during his life, and he looks forward to conquering the world now that he has found out it is a sphere, and how small his empire that he spent his life conquering was compared to the size of the world. He desires to conquer the world as a human. He is not overly cruel as would be expected from a tyrant, but tries instead to keep bloodshed to a minimum despite his love for battles and destruction. He is fine with not actually winning the battle outright, and even attempts to recruit the people he faces. as his followers after witnessing their prowess for himself. He prefers to conquer his enemies by winning without killing and controlling without humiliating them.

He is seen as a unique individual with strange ideas unbefitting of his legacy. He views his name as deserving of title of "King of Conquerors" because that which he strives to conquer most is not lands or material wealth, but the hearts of people, the toughest conquest that can be undertaken by anyone. His way of kingship is his greatest pride and as such, he despises the direct antithesis. He calls them naive for considering sacrificing themselves to save her kingdom, and goes so far as to denounce them as a king. He insists that a king should be setting vivid examples to be followed, bond with his subjects at personal level, and his way of living should be something inspiring to and envied by all under his rule, not a distant ideal or martyr whose deeds would be praised yet whose path is so full of sorrow and pain that it would only inspire a sense of dread. To him, a selfless king who isolates himself from his people to die for ideals is nothing but a fool, which is worse than a tyrant. He is also in opinion that a king should be vibrant, a figure who is inspiring and leading his people, instead of being a distant loner who concerns himself only with protecting and saving his people. Ultimately, he would grieve and weep over his losses and mistakes, but he would stay true to himself and never regret decisions made as a king.
General Appearance


Alexander is a tall man standing over two meters in height. He has large muscles that give the impression of being able to kill a bear with his bare hands. He has sternly chiseled features with eyes that give off a dazzling glow, able to overtake people's soul in an instant with their sharpness, and burning red hair and beard. He wears bronze armor with cuffs and greaves with fringes that leaves his arms and thighs unprotected. He wears a thick mantle, with fringes like his cuffs, dyed in a similar red to his hair. It is luxuriously decorated, and looks like a curtain wrapping the stage of a theater.

While historical records called him short because he couldn't reach the foot stool of Darius' throne after conquering the Persian empire and had to swap it for a table to sit on the throne, he claims that it is because he was truly short when compared to Darius. Towering over three meters tall, Alexander calls him a emperor of majestic caliber and figure, fitting as a ruler over the mighty Persian Empire. In the end, he considers that history written by random people cannot completely and accurately describe the situation back then, so he has no problems with the inaccuracy.

During life, Alexander took the lead in wearing Asiatic clothing due to his interest in cultures of his conquered land, causing his followers to avert him like the plague. He does the same in the present, changing into contemporary styled clothes while in public because of trying not to lag behind the current generation. He orders an XL sized t-shirt based on the "The Admiral’s Great Tactics" videogame he takes to playing in his free time. It is white shirt with the logo of the game imprinted on top of the world map, looking much like a cheapskate product from the games segment published on the front page of the special edition a magazine.

He is very happy with it because it gives him "the effect of having the whole world on my chest" and goes well with the conqueror outfit. Due to his pride in the shirt, he first attempts to move around in public without any pants or undergarments, which he doesn't find to be strange in the least. He refers to pants as "that thing that causes you to stumble", and hates the idea of having to wear them. Feeling like a loincloth may have been suitable for him. He eventually buys himself very large jeans, so that he can actually go out without troubles.

Animalistic Traits: None
Appearance Age: Mid 30's
Height: 9'8 ft
Weight: 130 kg

Natural Abilities


Genius Tactician: Alexander has been noted on numerous occasions to be a genius when it comes to forming battle tactics as well as analyzing others battle strategy, well shown during his battle with numerous warlords, but also due to his consideration as Supreme Commandant of the Suriga Army, during the War . He can deduce the nature, power, and effects of an opponent's technique simply by seeing it once, as he did against countless warlords skills, and effortlessly come up with a countermeasure to defeat it. He is easily able to recognize danger and prepare himself well ahead of time with the proper knowledge and tools. One of his greatest skills is to create several strategies before entering the fray and executing them flawlessly, switching to a different strategy if his initial one fails to meet his expectations. This was, again, readily apparent in his battle against some warring kingdoms, where he had several strategies in play to defeat the rogue Shinigami's tremendous fortitude with his magic and skill, which allowed him to counter several mass combinations of Kidō they would use.

Charisma- Alexander has been be said to have achieved the greatest level of popularity as a human being and it only gotten better with time, and its at a level Suitable for a king of a country. Charisma is a trait found in certain personalities usually including extreme charm and a 'magnetic' quality of personality and/or appearance along with innate and powerfully sophisticated personal communicability and persuasiveness. Though very difficult or even impossible to define accurately, charisma is often used to describe an (elusive, even undefinable) personality trait that often includes the seemingly 'supernatural' or uncanny ability to lead, charm, persuade, inspire, and/or influence people.

Many are considered an extremely charismatic individuals due in large part to attractiveness, wealth, intelligence and the ability to command respect in social circles.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Because of the nature of his scared, much of Alexander’s actual combat relies not so much on these “supernatural powers”, but instead upon his own skill with the sword. Because of this, along with just his general personality, Alexander has become quite the accomplished swordsman; and as such he has access to certain techniques that others would find impossible to pull off. Although some of these sword techniques use his own reiatsu, they are not related to any power of his actual scared; instead they are all his natural skills. Because of this, Alexander is generally well known for his skill with the sword within the easten clan, and it is rumored that he has enough skill to rival even some of the more powerful Captains in the Gotei. Alexander is ambidextrous, meaning that he can effectively utilize his sword with either hand and still retain a similar level of strength and ability. Although, he can also shift the strength of each swinging arm, in order to throw off an opponent's initial deductions. He is capable of using his speed for flawless precision and to inflict lethal attacks without much effort. A simple swing of his blade is strong enough to easily cut an opponent, even at a longer distance. Alexander prefers to wield his sword with his right hand, leaving the other hand free though it usually for grabbing and tossing his foes. He is quite adept at blocking while his offense is capable of great precision. Alexander's general method of sword fighting involves evasion and attacking an opponent either in the front using instinct. He has a tendency to use a "wait-and-see" approach, often countering an opponent with lazy-yet-skilled actions in order to gauge their level of skill and their fighting intent. In other words, Alexander draws his opponents in, fighting less than his true capability, and then striking the fatal blow when his opponents believe to have the advantage over him. Alexander has shown an ability to easily mimic the techniques used by other master-level swordsman with little effort. His unpredictable nature allows him to change his fighting style on a whim so as to keep his opponents unsure as to his next move. Those who witness Alexander's prowess state that Alexander uses a rather brutal fighting style whenever he grips his blade; appearing to hold nothing back as he hammers away at his foe, slicing at them like a maniac without any restraint nor remorse, hacking away at them. When wielding his blade, his attacks appeared to be unconnected, his motions seemingly unpolished to an untrained observer. With his speed, it seems as if he is wielding many blades at once, moving too fast to see.

Sword Techniques:
Increase Strength: A rather simple and self explanatory technique, this is one of the few Zanjutsu techniques that can be used by any Shinigami. There is no verbal command to use this technique; instead, all the user must do is allow for additional reiatsu to flow into their Zanpakutō or desired weapon. By doing this, the actual striking force of their weapon is increased by an amount equal to the amount of reiatsu added to the weapon. By doing this, the user may be able to both cause and defend against damage of Shikai level opponents at the lower end, and Bankai level opponents at the higher end without even having to release their Zanpakutō. Of course, because the user must provide the additional reiatsu from their body, they become more vulnerable to any other attacks that they are not focused upon: such as counterattacks. Not only this, but when on the defensive, this ability can only help the user block against an actual sword strike or other physical attack, and is unable to stop any of the other effects of a Shikai or Bankai released opponent. Simply put, this technique is only useful against other sword-based opponents, but the boost it provides can easily help the user catch the opponent by surprise.

Extended Cut: Another one of the simpler Zanjutsu techniques, the usage of this one takes a bit more practice. As with many of the other techniques, this one focuses on supplying additional reiatsu into the user’s weapon, and is not activated by any verbal command. Once the user has channeled the desired amount of reiatsu into their blade, they are able to use this technique simple by slashing their sword. Upon usage, the actual slash will actually extend further than the blade itself is able to physically reach; the amount of said extension depending upon how much reiatsu the user channeled into their blade. This technique’s main purpose is to either catch an opponent off guard by slashing further than they believe the user is able to, or to give an attack that last-minute few centimeters to reach an opponent who is just barely dodging the users slash. Although there aren’t many drawbacks to this technique due to its simplicity, it is only able to increase the reach of the user’s slash by an amount equal to the reach of a normal slash from their blade.

Number One: Nadegiri (????, "Clean Sweep" or "Killing Several with One Sword Sweep"): This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place.

Number Three: Aragari (??????, "To Kill a Mockingbird"; "one step, sudden death"): Placing the sheathed sword upright and listening to the "heartbeat" of his opponent, the attack rapidly unsheathes, attacks, and sheaths the sword. This technique is done with with incredible precision and speed, as he cuts down his opponent in a matter of seconds. This technique is capable of leaving deep, precise wounds in an opponent's body in a matter of milliseconds.

Number Four: Kamishini (????, "God Killer" or "Cutting down God with a Single Slash"): By swinging the user's sword across, they can make a sweeping motion that cuts everything within 4 m of the user. The force behind this technique is great enough to defeat even Adjuchas-level Hollow with little effort.

Number Eight: Kujira Shogeki (???, "Whale Crash" or "Crushing Whale Impact"): A technique that mimics the motion of a whale's tail that rises above the ocean and then crashes back onto it. While lacking speed like other techniques, this technique has been noted to be exceptionally powerful. There are no direct descriptions of the technique. Hence, the "Crushing Whale Impact" has been reconstructed as a technique involving a slight upward slash, following a demolishing slash downward , the force of which was able to create a giant crater and destroy the surrounding buildings.

Riding-A talent that is most useful, Alexander can pilot, and ride , any creature and vehicle with masterful skill, if it can be ridden or controlled he can use it as if its apart of his body, able to do things normally seem impossible, such as riding a horse UP a wall and on air, and can even keep up with jets.

Enhanced Strength:

Immense Durability: His physical strength is matched by his durability, Alexander has been shown to easily ignore most of the injuries he's sustained in battle, not suffering any debilitation despite having multiple slash wounds in his body.

Ionioi Hetairoi Army of the King :

Ionioi Hetairoi is the primeval army used by the King of Conquerors, Alexander. It is his ultimate weapon and a sign of his ultimate leadership. It can be used with the Sword of the Kupriotes which is used to connect him to the “The Kingdom of Macedon” Allowing him to access the units easily. It connects the space of reality to the “vault”, opening an "invisible door" that allows for his people to pass through upon his command. The units that pass through, the soldiers slowly appear as mirage-like images and completely manifest as a diverse fighting force with the fierceness of a true army. The units stored within this mass of incredulous army, can be summoned from anywhere at any time, either directly in his hand's, or anywhere within the direct vicinity though only within one hundred meters. In fact, when an opponent appears to charge recklessly towards him, he can even defend himself by summoning his army to either defend against their attack or execute a flawless counterattack. The army is fueled by nothing but respect and his friendship with the units. It embodies Iskander's dreams and philosophies as a king and his bond with his subjects. Though he isn't a magus, through the combined efforts of his personal guard, who vowed allegiance to him after many victories and defeats, even after death and becoming legends And as this friendship and respect grows, so does its power. In other words, as long as the dreams and respect of the owner increases and he continues to accumulate a wealth of valuable friends and allies then Ionioi Hetairoi becomes even more absurd. The army inIonioi Hetairoi become titans on his command, and then no sooner, fired off orders at an exceedingly imperceptible rate of speed. During battle, he generally readies numerous units at a time. He usually starts out with lower numbers (10, 17, 30, 47.) But depending on the respect, anger, or joy he feels towards the opponent, he can increase them at his leisure. Upon ordering his divine array of units, he can allow them to fight on, Once the battle has been decided, upon closing the power, any unit left on the battlefield will instantly dissipate and return to the “vault”. The only real energy usage lies with the Ionioi Hetairoi's activation cost. He generally fights at close range. He makes use of the many unknown abilities of the army, and constantly switches them to keep his opponent off guard. Against opponents who are capable of manipulating the momentum or gravity within the battlefield, he left at even more of a disadvantage. To explain in further detail, what this primeval army houses is the people from all over the world. The “vault” contains all of the kinds of army of the world that he collected over the span of nearly his entire life, divine mysteries from nearly every legend. With the infinite amount of army’s at his disposal, he is capable of defeating and equaling almost any opponent who comes up against his magnificent might. Besides storing his army and some armaments, he appears to use trivial items as well. Such as kegs of wine, some minor weapons.

They and their king recreate the land in which they once marched and shared many joys and sorrows, as it is imprinted upon the heart of each soldier, allowing them to bring about a sand-filled expanse roaring with hot and dry desert winds under the scorching sun and cloudless, clear skies without anything to obscure the everlasting horizon. The generated land is Alexander's preferred battlefield due to the wide plains allowing him to best display his numerical superiority and his preference of facing enemies directly. He generally leads the army at the front of the vanguard while atop Bucephalus, but he can also freely use Via Expugnatio within the confines of the Reality Marble if he wishes. Their battlefield, sublimed into eternity, can be actualized anywhere, and if he were to again set forth in tyranny, all of his servants would hasten to him no matter his location. He can freely organize the positions of those that enter Ionioi Hetairoi, grouping them to keep allies safe and align enemies directly before his army. It is within the boundaries of ordinary space to summon a single soldier into the normal world without them being crushed by its corrective impulses. This allows Rider to summon Bucephalus without needing to deploy the Reality Marble, and if he needs to communicate with the outside after it has been deployed, he can send a single soldier, Mithrenes (ミトレネス, ?), outside of it briefly to receive and relay messages.


Hoi: Designates a person as the target of the spell.
Joso: Designates an area as the target of the spell. Needs a high focus (Sacred drawn) and more Reiatsu.
Sekkai: Developed to be used against Suigara techniques and Bakudo, this can disrupt barriers by quite a bit, making it easier to break free.
Shuufuku: A healing spell that heals wounds and restores damaged objects. It first creates a weak barrier around the object or person, and then restoring Reiatsu is funeled into the barrier.
Shikigami: This creates small paper dolls that the user can use as measures of spying on enemies, since the user sees everything the small papercut does.
Musou: A technique to highten the body of the user. Pumping Reiatsu into the muscles, they get faster, react better and stronger, but give up capabilities with magic casting at the same time. Lasts for about 20 minutes

Boundary Field of Alert: A basic spell not suited for combat. It can be erricted around a rather large area and will alert the user of anyone entering, unless they can completely mask both Reiatsu and visibility, since the field checks for both things. Nearly all Sugiura are able to at least protect their own home with one of those. If the user is asleep, he/she will instantly wake up once someone intrudes the field

Sacred Weapon:

Sword of the Kupriotes: The sword that Rider wields is a spatha (スパタ, supata?) referred to as the Sword of the Kupriotes (キュプリオトの剣, kyupurioto no ken?, Sword of Kupriotes), gifted to him in life by the King of the Cypriots; its hilt was decorated with the likeness of a lion. Strong and light-weight, the blade can be wielded with great dexterity, and in the course of the story, it was able to deflect the Assassins' dirks with demonstrable ease. This blade holds a power unlike many other sacred's, it only grants him one special ability, and even then it is only a passive power, not something he can actively use,

It should also be noted that this passive ability is completely useless in some fights, so while it may be powerful, it has limited usefulness. This ability works on the simple concept of "Higher Input equals Higher Output". Now, time to actually explain that. Normally when a fighter takes damage, they begin to weaken as their body would have difficulty keeping them up and running, especially as they get damaged even more. This ability sort of steps on that rule, and crushes it out of existence.

When Alexander takes damage, such as a cut on his body or blunt force trauma, his sacred emits a higher amount of energy than it had previously, and sends this power to Alexander without him even knowing. However, the power boost has a direct positive correlation to the amount of damage he receives. If he were to get a thin cut across his chest, he would only become slightly stronger, perhaps not even to a noticeable degree; now if he were to get a potentially fatal wound across his chest, he would gain a massive power boost to the point of being much stronger than before. Because this boosts his spiritual pressure and power significantly during combat, what may have injured him early on in the fight wouldn't be enough to do so later, because his natural reitsu armor would become more durable. This also increases his physical strength, which then, logically, makes him able to move even faster than before.

This ability is "limitless" in that it continuously makes him stronger as he receives damage until either A. He is knocked unconscious, or B. He dies. This ability is "limitless" in that it continuously makes him stronger as he receives damage until either A. He is knocked unconscious, or B. He stop fighting and places his blade away. However, after every fight, it resets his power is brought back down to its normal limits. The primary downside to this ability is pretty obvious: he needs to take significant damage before this ability makes him significantly more powerful. This makes facing Alexander in close combat very hard to deal with

Guardian Beast

Element: Military

Guardian Beast:


Zeus takes the form of Two bulls pictured above, Zeus can be summed up as a loyal and trusted guardian spirit. with and old and busy voice, he nags on Alexander for not killing his foes, saying its to dangerous. Often he loves to tell story's about other hero's, but is glad that Alexander was able to master his power, and dreams, and used them to fuel the powers of Zeus blessed on to him.

Guardian Beast's World:

Sacred Unleashed

Enhanced speed, physical strength, endurance.

Gordius Wheel- is a large antique war chariot with two prows that is led by two divine bulls. It's dimensions are greater than that of a average truck and it has two large, curved sickles on its sides used to demolish surrounding obstacles and hurl the debris at enemies. Rather than touching the ground, the bulls and the chariot travel atop lightning strikes, manifestations of Zeus, allowing it to also move through the air by traveling on the lightning. They create thunderous sounds and webs of lightening with each "stomp" as they travel, and each lightening strike generates the amount of a near bankai level lightning. the actual move trampling attack used by the chariot, Via Expugnatio (遥かなる蹂躙制覇 Haruka Naru Juurin Seiha?): Distant Trampling Domination (遥かなる蹂躙制覇?). The damage is decided by the two factors of the damage from the eight strikes from the hooves of the bulls and the damage of being struck by the wheels of the chariot with both physical damage and the effects of the lightening strikes taking effect with each attack roll. If the target is not strong enough and fails a strength check, additional damage will also be dealt. The basic attack was enough to easily cripple Berserker, and the power rises even more significantly after Alexander calls out its true name. The bulls' charge is capable of reaching upwards of 600 kilometers per hour, not slowing at all while the scythes easily cut through trees and only slightly losing acceleration while tearing large chunks of concrete and asphalt. people compares it's destructive power with that of a strategic bomber, predicting that it could easily turn the entire area into scorched earth if Alexander was allowed to rampage for less than an hour

Zenou: ("Almighty")

His Enhanced speed, physical strength, endurance. from last stage is increased yet again.

Increased Ionioi Hetairoi, "Companions" soldiers limit increased to 500, the same weakness apply, and range

Kyuu Kyou:("Ultimate")

His Enhanced speed, physical strength, endurance. from last stage is increased yet again, now in his final form he has reached the max level of his strength, endurance, and speed.

Full powered Ionioi Hetairoi the number of soldiers on the field is 1000, as it shares the same weakness of the other stages, but this time, when one solider dies, two more take its place, giving the feeling of an never ending army. but there is a stress limit on how much the power can take after 30 turns have passed all soldiers summon must return and allow Alexander to rest.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

Iskandar, Alexander the Great, Al-Sikandar, The Lord of War, the Maharaorajah. The King of Conquerors who almost ruled the world. Usurping the throne of the small country Macedonia in the far west country of Greece, the young king had since then subdued the neighboring countries in the blink of an eye. His ambition crossed over the Straits, and he had wanted to extend his insolent neck into this great empire of Persia.
The King spoke of his reasons. His goal was the end of the world. His destination the furthest border of the East. He wanted to behold Oceanus with his own two eyes. He wanted to leave his footprints at the beach beside that endless sea. No one believed him, but this man brought his army away with him continuing towards the East. The defeated generals finally understood... the tyrant wasn't lying.

Even looking pitiful and deplorable, the soldiers suddenly thought. What would they see behind that mountain –? What would they see at the other side of the sky –? And they went after the back of the great king traveling to the east. The army of the King increased endlessly with his victories on his road of progress, towards the east, towards Oceanus, the endless sea. Until, together with the king, they behold the legendary beach. Across boiling deserts, over chilling snow-capped mountains, fording billowing rivers, chasing away ferocious beasts, and fighting for their lives for times out of count with those alien tribes never seen before and the unknown weapons and strategies they deployed, they continued towards Oceanus.

Even when they died in battle after giving all they had, their faces still held a proud smile until the end. They’d be able to return to the image in their dreams, the evening-mist-covered seashore that they had once seen. A scene that they continued to long for in their hearts during their heroic crusading lives.

Their bodies may return to ash but they are loyal followers, they’re true friends, one flawless cooperation with their king. The king had stronger desires than anyone else, was more magnificent than anyone else, was more easily angered than anyone else, pure and chaotic, a man who was more real than any other man.

At his death, Alexander's kingdom became four separate warring factions that quickly disappeared into the sands of history. He can grieve for it, he can shed tears for it... but never regret.

When he entered the fabled Sugiura Dimension he learned that his soul was a what was known as a Sugiura, this news didn't even bothered him, he accepted the fact. He was glad he got a second chance to "live" as he made a name for himself in the Sugiura Dimension as the man single handily fought off many hollows, and leading many successful missions into the hollow world and back. his skill was massive, Zeus became his guardian spirits after Alexander, forced his way into the guardian spirit world to walk to him in person, earning the respect of Zeus and his power, he quickly mastered the powers to learn Joushou

As a man of great skill he was sought after to be in Misaiko army, after many efforts to get him to come along, a knight with great honor and skill showed up and asked Alexander to join. Only to be surprise that Alexander has master both Zenou and Kyuu Kyou but literary had an army all by himself. Alexander accepted the offer, but when acted about the dangers of his alter forms. Alexander simply reply that his alter form does not exist anymore because he scared it out from existence. which is proven true.

He became queen Misaiko top general and commander of his own army made form his power. he was since then lead many great battles and gained even more allows to the Sugiura race, time to time, he is fond in the human world, experiencing it many times over, becoming a fan of video games and sweets.


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Alexander The Great Revamp Former 0-5
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