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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 It's Time to Finish This

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: It's Time to Finish This   Sat Dec 07, 2013 6:02 am

This was kind of odd and funny at the same time. She didn't realize how awkward this was, but at the same time he had no strength to do anything about it. This was a reverse on every typical situation. Normally his pride would be hurt, but at this moment Shinwoo didn't care. He was still in pain, but he found this to just be a funny situation especially once she started dragging the oaf around. Once she apologized he smiled and said

"There is no reason for you to be sorry. If it wasn't for you my life would be forfeit."

As she gently sat him against the fence he enjoyed the sun that was shining down upon him, and the slight breeze that brushed against his body. A mix between a constant warmth and a slight cooling made him comfortable. She told him to stay and he wasn't going to fight her on it. Matter of fact he probably couldn't get up at this point if he wanted to.

He barely noticed her disappear, but a moment later she seemed to reappear. As she finally answered his question he sort of understood, but not fully. He knew that Yoruichi had a hand in it some how from how she was able to order Fantasia around. Out of all that Fantasia said when she said that he might have that kind of power inside of him as well that's when his attention sparked a bit more.

In a moment though she jumped so high and went so fast that he could not see anything but her. It was amazing that they went at such a speed that it seemed like air itself was in their way. Once they landed though he wasn't really paying enough attention, but the area they ended up in was completely different from where they were. She said someone could help him so he just deferred to her judgement. At this point he was along for the ride.

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Hidden Potential

It had been minutes—several—of just standing there amidst the caressing winds and the warmth of the sun. The soul within, the man inside, was the owner of the shop before them. He seemed so simple, and yet was quite the enigma if you tried to get to know him. His first deceit lied therein the fact that he was no shopkeeper, but a legendary Shinigami who's played a massive role in the Soul Society as a scientist, and was a close friend to her mentor. He was Kisuke Urahara, and there was not a doubt in Fantasia's mind that he could tap into the potential that was within Shinwoo and bring it out. After all, his tinkerings had spawned several great heroes and powerful figures before, most notably the kid Ichigo Kurosaki. The story was somewhat of a blur to her as it was told secondhand, but she knew enough to understand Urahara's place in it. It was clear why he was Fantasia's first thought when she thought about trying to make Shinwoo stronger, but the question was whether he would even help. The longer Fantasia stood out here alone in the awkward silence, the more she looked a fool for doing it. She could sense his presence inside definitely, but that presence was not moving the slightest. There was a point in which her frustration outweighed her patience, and she would move on ahead. Still carrying Shinwoo in her arms, she strode to the sliding door entrance with a sense of purpose, a light frown on her face.

''He should be here...'' the blonde muttered to her charge, trying to explain away the reason they had been standing there for so long. When she finally made it up to the front of the shop, she would lay the boy down again like before, leaning him up against the wall so he didn't have to rely on his own strength and exude himself too much. She proceeded to place her hand on one of the sliding doors and inch her fingers into the crack between them. Her first exertion only widened the seam of the entrance by an inch, before stopping with a wooden clack. Her eyes finally deigned to notice the sign that was plastered on the front of the building which said that it was closed, and she internally chastised herself for being as oblivious as she was. Still, despite the doors being locked, she did not take no as an answer. Her second tug snapped the lock apart and sent the one door flying rapidly to the side with a bang. Splinters of wood pattered to the ground, having broken off of the lock most assuredly, while a light film of dust was disturbed to briefly obscure her vision. When it cleared she was greeted with the familiar aisles of the odd merchandise this place was apt to sell, straight down to the clerk's counter at the back of the store.

Fantasia sighed. She was greeted with an ridiculing sight, bested by the childish antics of Urahara. One thing Fantasia was bad at was her ability to sense spirits, and thus mistaking the man she was looking for with a mere Gigai was an easy mistake to make. There, standing idly behind the counter of his shop was a blow-up doll in Urahara's likeness, but certainly not the person in actuality. Pouring salt into the wounds, it mockingly deflated with a high-pitched whoosh of air not long after she discovered the deception. It disappeared behind the counter into a crumpled pile, and Fantasia could only bite her tongue and shake her head in disappointment. She knew what it meant; Kisuke wasn't interested in assisting them, and this was apparent to the oblivious girl only because she knew the man well. After collecting her expression to something more normal and pleasant to look at, she stepped out of the shop and turned to Shinwoo. ''Nevermind...'' came Fantasia's resigned voice, a note of dissatisfaction present. ''The man we thought would help us isn't interested. We're afraid, that you're going to have to unlock your own potential. It's there, somewhere within you, but it's something we can't do for you. For now... we should just get you to the hospital so you can get your injuries look at.''

It was not the optimal path she wanted to take today, but she saved a life and eliminated a criminal force from the city of Karakura. She could not complain about how the day turned out to be. With her vast strength she would pick Shinwoo up again, her grip on him gentle but secure. Her knees bent slightly, and then shot straight like pistons to lift them into the air. The world around them was a blur again as they flew, and would soon arrive at the hospital in curt time. Then after this... a bowl of ramen would sound nice.


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It's Time to Finish This
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