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 Chidori Unabara[Approved 3-1++]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Chidori Unabara[Approved 3-1++]   Tue Nov 26, 2013 3:19 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Basic Information

Family Matters Chidori is the daughter of Tsubasa Unabara the current head of the clan, she is known as the gentle fist of the clan. However she's earned nicknames and titles from performing tasks her father can not do simply because his power is far to great to accomplish it. She's a smart girl capable and strong, she doesn't bow easily, however she has inherited her father's resolve and strength that come in extremely handy. Her prowess at Hakuda is something that Tsubasa has stated even Nis would have trouble facing down the red eyed girl. The name they've given her in the Clan is the Lotus of Death, she's on the prowl normally. But beyond work she's a lazy girl at times, not desiring much more then a strong foe. If the people are too weak Chidori often refuses to battle them. As she doesn't see any amusement in beating the weak up. However if push comes to shove for the Unabara Clan she will kill when needed, she's one of the best trained hand to hand killers the clan has. The only reason she was put ahead of Nis as the fist was simply that Nis wasn't a direct relative. Chidori's relationships are complicated in the family, as the girl shows often two sides of herself. She is a capable killer on the battlefield, capable of shutting off her emotions and completely setting to kill. However the true her is far more careful and fluid, she likes to be evasive about fighting. Not often bothering to throw a punch unless she believes the foe will be a problem, the Unabara Clan's next leader is most likely the daughter as she is extremely skilled. In ways her father has acknowledged, she is one student he taught everything he could. Teaching her the way to become a fierce Dragon of the clan, but she claims a Lotus is twice as deadly as the strongest Dragon. Chidori's nature in the clan is something of both a person whom does little till her father asks. Her main role is to ensure he doesn't have to go out, as she has seen first hand what that leads too.

Name: Chidori Unabara
Alias: The Lotus of Death, The First Fist of the Unabara
Age: Two Hundred Years
Height: Five foot, five inches
Weight: One hundred and thirty pounds
Appearance: Chidori is a female of red hair and a rather thin build, her body doesn't appear to have large muscles or show signs of her strength hidden away. She's a quick person by appearance, her hair and body are all built for hand to hand. Her lacking a Zanpakutō to use has made her such a way, a story is behind that but unlike her father and sister, Chidori's very expressive and shows her feelings very clearly. Her facial expressions are good source of information, she's a very expressive person in this aspect. Chidori has shown a great body build for the art of hand to hand fighting. She's trimmed her hair short, she's even gone far enough to make her peace about having small breast. Considering them a hindrance when they are overly to large, the ideal that people fight with large obstacles in their path bugs her. Chidori believes martial artists are a breed all their own much like swordsman. Those who master the art of the fist are a one of a kind person. So she's devoted her entire soul into the process of developing the style and form she has taken to using within the female. Her body is built for a mixing of grace and speed making her appear like the wind almost, she holds a graceful movement and strength that few fighters can grasp. At two hundred years old, her fist are tough as nails but in all of this Chidori is a beautiful girl with red eyes. Showing her true nature rarely to those whom look at the female's beauty are often surprised by the strength of will and honor as an assassin she has shown. Chidori is built and appears to be in all aspects a light weight warrior among the clan of the Unabara. The Apple of the Gotei 13 now has it's Lotus.


Tsubasa Unabara: She is the adopted daughter of Tsubasa Unabara, born to the wife whom betrayed her father. She was born to a member whom betrayed the Unabara completely, aiming to kill her adopted father. Tsubasa silenced him in one move without effort and put an assuring hand on her shoulder, telling her she could kill him if she wanted but he would be her father because it was his fault. That he was capable of such kindness made her heart ponder, her father is an odd man whom does show little softness to anyone. But beneath it all the warriors heart that beats within the chest of her father and she respects him completely, holding her father in a high regard not questioning him. Tsubasa's power and his kindness won her over from her vengeful anger that her real father failed. It dawned on her that Tsubasa had suffered a betrayal far greater then her. His wife betrayed him, as did a family member. So now she believes she is lucky to be alive and able to do as she does.

Kita Kyoto Unabara : Her sister, younger to the female. She has a high opinion of Kita and believes her sister is one of the very smart people in this world, she's not much for things beyond the world of killing. Her and her sister both are excellent assassins, some of that comes from their father and the lessons he taught them. They both have strengths that make them great members of the clan, though the Unabara Clan is a special clan they do not care much for the blood of races. Kita being a human did have a natural dislike at first, but Chidori was very optimistic and trusting of her father. Tsubasa so rarely made choices in her eyes that were bad for the family. Even if he was excessive at times, Chidori in the end loves her sister very much and would help her regardless of the enemy. She would fight God himself for her sister and father without a single care in the world.

Sagumi : He is one of the martial artists in her life she has a ton of respect for those whom devote themselves to the art of the fist, this is a figure she can learn from and grow upon learning the secrets of martial artists has been a portion of her life, she believes that those who study the fist are worth learning from. Despite her nature getting in the way at times, she's firm in the belief that a closed fist is not the answer to the mystery of Martial Arts, that their is a world beyond the world of knowledge in the fist and the way it focuses into the realm of belief. Sagumi is a teacher without knowing it, despite not meeting him just yet she's a firm student of those whom are known practitioners of the fist. Chidori spends her time searching and watching so she can learn about fighting that show signs and Sagumi is one she will meet someday soon. Chidori knows well enough in her heart that the fist must evolve to something deadly and new. The palm and finger shall be a weapon for now.

Nistelkov: Chidori's second father of sorts, after her own father trained her to the limit of where she could go with him. She trained under Nis and became a far better hand to hand fighter, it's here she refined her own style and developed it. Nis was one of her more impressive figures growing up. While her father helped her in area's that Nis could not. Nis helped her where Tsubasa couldn't this was something that allowed her to have two fathers. One in Nis and one in Tsubasa, each brought their own things to the table. Nis was more of the uncle by many respects, this allowed Chidori to attach to the family better as she had someone to talk to when ever it bothered her. Her maturity has been shown time and time again, not allowing her father to do all the battles by himself. She also learned what Nis meant by trying to save her father from the darkness that had enveloped him. She as well did her best, deciding to take a burden from her father and place on her own shoulders.


Chidori is a complex yet far more simple girl then her father and sister, those two are complete creatures among themselves. Tsubasa and Kita are special in her eyes, people whom are beyond simple answer. Well she falls under the category of a simple compared to her family, she is a cold blooded murderer this is true. But despite that she has a sense of humor and does enjoy rather corny jokes sometimes. But she is a rather lazy person compared to her father and sister, she would much rather take a nap then do work. She's not as prone to the whole burden thing that her father is. This makes her a rather strange one to deal with when working with her. However among the Clan she is the specialist sent in to perform kills that are nearly impossible and damage must be kept low. This makes her a rather strong figure in the clan showing a calm and cool nature on the battlefield making her a Lotus. The changes of personality come after a short while of training. Chidori may show a lazy nature due to the nature of her situation. Lacking a Zanpakutō may of been the best thing for her, due to the nature of her power. Though those whom see her realize that perhaps among the family her perception is something that cannot be lied too. However unlike the father and sister, Chidori isn't a genius. She's far from such titles, she doesn't believe in geniuses or stupid people. People are people and they either try and become something like that. Or they simply travel in the wind of life. This allows them to become more then they could ever dream. Chidori is a special person all her own, able to tell when the time for talk is over and the time for fists is upon them. She's an extremely effective person as a fighter and will show no mercy to those whom come upon her family without the willpower to stand their ground against her. This is a reason why unlike her father and sister she is just a normal person.

Despite this though Chidori does long for things, she wants deeply to know what the secret of Martial Arts is, though she believes she has figured it out. She believes that the truest secret to Martial Arts and the greatest thing that all could know. Is it's just you, nothing special added in or anything like that. Chidori believes firmly it's all you and depending on what happens that's all that is needed. But her longing to know this does keep her wondering, sometimes when she's alone she dreams about the day she can rest easy and not kill anymore. Much like she thinks her father does, she believes deep down her father feel's a tremendous guilt that can't be lifted by any hands. This has made her wonder if such a thing exists. Chidori feel's she owes her father for sparing her the pain of death she deserved. The fact her mother and father inflicted such pain on such a kind person is unforgivable. Chidori killed her own mother for the crime it was something she did free of guilt, knowing that it was what needed to happen.

To claim she felt guilty for doing it would be true, she's not the type of person whom could kill her mother without no remorse. But the more she thought upon the betrayal of the man whom meant the world to her, killing her mother was as easy as flicking her finger. This was the way of the world and Chidori was a woman and she needed to take account for her actions, she'd more then once asked her father to kill her so her family would repent for such a grievous crime against the family she'd come to love, but he would simply smile and pat her head. Like so many years ago the two seemed separated from the world, Tsubasa often thanked her for being a pillar he could lean on when the world was a place he couldn't stand. Tsubasa and his daughters share a bond that are beyond the understanding of most people. Chidori though adopted loves him as the center of the world for her. This makes her a figure whom will take care of what he deem's needed to be handled. But also she knows his life is important to the world and must not be risked needlessly. Though perhaps it's simply that Chidori see's something others cannot, she's one of the few whom perhaps can read both Tsubasa and Kita's emotions that's the only thing that makes her special in Chidori's mind. But a daughter and sister should know her father and sister otherwise it's pathetic. Chidori is given a name by her father the eyes of the Unabara. She see's what so many can not, the true nature of the Enigmatic family members whom cannot be read normally. This isn't to say that she can see through the inner piece of their hearts. Chidori just is well placed with her father and sister's hearts and understands them decently. Chidori as a person is a wall of complexity to many whom see her, she killed her mother that her father spared with no thought at all. She'd not been asked to do it, but did it none the less to simply show her father she loved him and needed no mother for such a thing. Chidori is a girl whom is more then meets the eye.


Master of Hakuda: She has shown extremely high levels of skills, her prowess in this field makes her a deadly fighter. Though she lacks a Zanpakutō and any skills within the art form wielding of a weapon. She's deadly proficient with her hands and capable of making art of simple moves of her fist. She is known to be extremely powerful in this aspect, training all her time into this art form instead of the practices of the sword. However other things make her a genius in the aspects that go into it. Chidori is a capable and deadly warrior in many ways. But her understanding and genius timing make her the steel trap when it comes down to fighting a hand to hand brawl. Graceful and poised deadly accuracy make her a strong and capable woman whom few could question. She is known to be one of the best fighters for her clan. Perhaps not the best, but she can easily settle matters her father is not capable of doing.

Her training into the form of fighting has gone into two hundred years of study that has been spent on looking at the many uses and outlets of martial arts, the form of fighting known to defend from larger enemies. But not only that to show that true strength doesn't come from simply being bigger or larger, she also seek's to prove and show off her own style of martial arts. The Lotus is something she has designed to painstaking and blood, building it upon learning from all she can. Nis and the family have helped her build a deadly form of style of death. Capable of dealing blows with her hands and fingers that are shocking, the amount of training put into the body of Chidori could be considered insane. Tsubasa has taught her all he knows letting her surpass him in the world of Hakuda long ago. Chidori has sought to train her weakness away by studying Martial arts and other things, this is but one aspect she has taken in One last detail that is often over looked is the fact she can make Hakuda moves on the fly, performing them as she see's fit.

Killer Intent: She has tapped into the power her father has shown on rare times, Chidori is a very studied woman on the effects of using this move, her's unlike her fathers is weaker and not quite as potent she does have guilt in her heart. But Chidori doesn't show signs of being the female to linger on a single topic for long. She's a studied person in the aspect that she's shown a strong amount of power in the field of fighting this way. Chidori, though is not as mastered in the form of using her prowess is capable of doing it, the death of her mother at her own hand left a scar. But what made it worse was the fact that she found later her father had let the mother go to bring peace to Chidori. She was unable to accept the fact that this had happened, her speed and strength had made the female's own prowess become something new. So far she is the only one other then her father whom can use this move. However as stated Chidori's only manifests partly creating less blood less and killing intent, where as her fathers can cripple you with visions of being killed in the worst ways possible.

Shunko Expert: Due to her lacking skills in weapons and having no control over her Zanpakutō she was solo trained in only the art of Hakuda and learned shunko fairly quickly, her power and speed in this form are drastically increased. But something else exists for the young girl with, she is able to pull and push energy on a person's body thus drawing them towards her and allowing her to proceed with a strategy on how to kill them. Using her Shunko in this manner opens up a world that is far different from most users. While she is far from a master of this. She can use his freely due to her lack of a Zanpakutō for mysterious circumstances that surround it. Chidori is one of the few whom can use her shunko freely and also is quite precise with her control with it, almost like water. However she can pull and push energy, meaning she is able to send energy attacks and other such things back at a person. She doesn't use energy for the Zanpakutō due to Chidori's special nature, she is a capable user of Shunko only due to this fact. It allows her to show tremendous control over it that many others even masters do not often show. This form increases her speed and allows her Hakuda to become more dangerous then most people would expect of the female's strength, despite being small in stature she's capable much like her sister. She uses her size and training to her advantage. Chidori's training in Shunko came in part from her father, but her own genius showed after she quickly understood it. Shunko was the one element her father could never control, while she has a natural control over it. But due to her complex nature Chidori see's little reason to bring forward such things.

Presence Distortion Chidori is able to disappear far more then just as her father does, for 30 posts she can disappear completely leaving no trace at all. at all. She distorts her very own existence to a point., letting her move freely and sneak into places other people cannot get into. Her high skill in the art of doing these things have made her a strong Shinigami despite lacking her Zanpakutō, focusing on the art of the assassin has made her a capable Shinigami. Capable of doing things that few people have seen before, she's not detectable by any known means. Only a couple people who could get the feeling of someone being near them could tell. Chidori specializes in assassination to the point some believe she will someday surpass her father. This makes the next fate of her clan something to look forward to. As the Unabara step out of the shadows she steps further into the darkness. To ensure the enemies of the Gotei 13 fall and die without mercy. Those who under estimate her will end up dead. Chidori's use of Shunko and other powers have made her the capable killer that she is. She's far quicker then most realize, she's considered one of the fastest in the clan for her lacks. This is a non-combat based power, it will not work when hostile actions are taken.


The Unabara Lotus A style she built in training with Nis and her father, this style uses a gentle palm and very skilled approach to things. She's able to use two fingers and completely destroy a muscle on the inside of a targets body. Chidori's skill at moving and getting in close makes her a deadly fighter that few people could even imagine. However other insane moves are available to her as well, using the energy of her enemies attack she can redirect all the physical damage on to those whom aren't prepared for the coming attack. Chidori's Lotus are is capable of killing in one strike for those whom are not prepared well enough. She's able to bring down many people whom don't quite sense the danger the girl is. The Lotus style allows her to do things a bit different, as she's a student of the body for hours. She knows just were to hit to shut down things, she even has moves that will shut down a person's body completely. This however requires she hits the correct points.

The Lotus has many deadly secrets to it, though some are known simply as the facts at the age of two hundred years old she has much to learn compared to her father. Chidori has done her best to become what she considered a lethal member of the family, someday she believes her father won't be able to go out as much. Her speed is extremely hard to read when using the Lotus moves. Chidori's able to mask her intent completely up till the strike, she's got a long way to go. But much has been learned by the young girl and much will be shown someday when she's completed her trials. However the world is a place of tests and Chidori's are only just beginning. The Lotus is but the beginning of a great journey for her, Chidori's own style will grow and become more as she get's older. As training begins and the journey commences her form can only grow and become more then most have ever seen. Her form is graceful and almost like the water fluid and deadly.


Chidori was born to her father's first wife Tsukina and to a member of the clan named Kuro. The two had decided to betray the someday adopted father of Chidori, they both set out to take power from the Crimson Reaper whom was known to reap death with just a couple strokes of his sword. Kuro seemed confident in the fact he could defeat the Enigma known as Tsubasa, but he drastically underestimated himself. He'd gone in to Chidori's memory and challenged Tsubasa to combat. Her father Kuro went in with Tsukina's full blessing she sat with a gloating expression as she thought her husband beyond his years. They both were mistaken, they'd forgotten something important. Tsubasa was a man who showed little, Kuro drew his sword and took a step forward. He raised the blade the last thing Chidori remembered perhaps the same of her father. Was a sound like a whip with a hiss, it had been instantaneous that Kuro fell dead. Chidori's emotions were hollow at this she was but a child, her mother did not take her. She left running away, not caring thinking herself better then the one whom just killed her lover. It was here that her father the real one in her heart. Told her he would be her father and care for her. Should she ever desire revenge she could take it, that was the promise Tsubasa made to her. Thus becoming her adopted father this allowed her a new path. However despite being adopted by the man whom killed her real father, Chidori's growth was less towards killing the man whom many believe would be her target she became devoted to making her real father Tsubasa Unabara. She knew well enough that he was indeed a person whom should of been her father. At a young age she decided to kill her mother, something her father hadn't planned on. Perhaps it was due to honor, but she came home and was simply patted on her head and told she need not try to make her father happy. For her very existence made him happy. Chidori decided from then on to study and become better, she's spent many years educating herself on the body of most creatures. She's studied them all very carefully. However as she grew things in terms of body began to change, she needed to step out of the shadows. Chidori knew her father was making the step now and she didn't want Nis to handle this alone. Her strange lessons and odd training style she built from both her father and Nis had paid off in her mind. She would show the Gotei 13 soon what it truly meant for girl power. She didn't plan on doing anything that was to odd, after all she wasn't cut out for that. Chidori had been trained since she was able to walk for the purpose of killing. By her own request, she'd spent time and energy to become a great master of Hakuda. Despite her problems with the Zanpakutō, she believed she could overcome the burden of lacking one. Her story is short for she still is growing, but Chidori believes her duty lays in her father and sister firmly and she will do her best to make both proud of her. These things are absolute, the maiden of a thousand birds will become great.


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Chidori Unabara[Approved 3-1++]   Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:46 pm

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: None

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: None
  • Hakuda: Adept


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

Tier: 3-1++
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Arching Due to Request.
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Chidori Unabara[Approved 3-1++]
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