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 Kita Kyoto Unabara [Approved, 2-1+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Kita Kyoto Unabara [Approved, 2-1+]   Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:40 am

Name: Kita Kyoto Unabara
Age: 18
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Affiliation/Alignment: Unabara Clan
Titles: Genius of the Unabara, Unabara Clansmen
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


Tsubasa Unabara: Kita's relationship with her father, Tsubasa Unabara, is a quite unique one. Whilst she doesn't outwardly express her emotions to him or her family a lot, Kita is the type of person who is extremely devoted. She doesn't tell him or his sister that she loves them, nor does she ultimately spend a lot of time with them - but in the end she would do absolutely anything for them. If they were in trouble? She was in trouble too and would help them with anything. Not only this but as a whole Kita respects her father on a soldier level more than a parent. Kita respects the fact he is a strong warrior, but a father a secondary factor. Never the less, the love is there -- it is just not often felt or shown outwardly.

Chidori Unabara: Over the years, Tsubasa and Chidori had always had a major impact of Kita's life as a child. Being only 18 years of age, Kita has always looked up to her older sister -- not because she was powerful or extremely skilled in many areas, but rather that she is the prime example of what a sister should be. She had always been there for Kita since birth, her very first memory is that of mucking around with Kita in their family manor. In the end, Chidori is a major part of Kita's life and she adores her very much; even if the whole world was to turn against her sister, Kita would get involved purely to stand by her sisters side and face the world with her. No matter the situation.

Sagumi Sumashuu: Sagumi is one of the only people that Kita has full contact with outside of her family. Like her sister Chidori, Kita considers Sagumi to be her superior, her teacher if you will. Because of this teacher-student that they have, Kita is often found to be training in both agility and hand to hand combat with him. Despite most of their relationship being professional as a teacher would to a student, Kita sees Sagumi as a very close friend and someone whom would be there for her in tough times. Respected is probably the best way to describe Kita's feelings towards Sagumi, respecting not only as a superior warrior, but as a person and someone she looks up to.


Kita is a rather interesting figure. Like many within her clan of Unabara, Kita has shown that she remains to hold her father's, Tsubasa Unabara's, enigmatic personality. She is a mystery if every meaning of the word, think you have a hold on the way she acts? She will change it within the click of a finger. Due to ever changing personality, Kita's emotions are almost disconnected from her work, holding the two separate apart but continues to know when to let those emotions in. She has no interest in being a ruler or such, but when she is called upon to work or fight, she can throw those emotions aside to do whatever it is she wishes. This isn't to say that she is incapable of having her emotions toyed with in tough situations, but to completely distract her from the objective and tear her apart to the point of crying or breaking down on the field is not a likely thing to see. A woman of duty, a woman held together by her resolve, yet twisted in her own way. To cover the full extent of her personality would take a lifetime, to cover all the little nicks and tricks she has up her sleeve, so a few of these radical changes will be placed here. Like her father, her base personality is shown to be calm and almost dormant or uninterested in what's going on around herself. Disconnected from society, from the world, she feels like she is the only one there for herself and her personality reflects as such.

One of her more shifted into personalities is the seductive and charming woman. Using her appearances to her advantage, Kita has shown to be able to switch from silent, annoyed, etc, to seductive almost instantly. By doing so, she uses this to her advantage in often acting as an assassin like figure, crushing the opponent when they least expect it because of her attitude constantly shifting. This trait of her personality also shows the kind-heartedness she keeps within herself. This isn't a fake personality for Kita, rather it's juggling between those she knows how to control and act with. If someone can win their way into Kita's good side without her attempting to use it for her advantage in a mission or assassination, she has been known to open her heart to the person who does. Her silent treatment to those outwardly becomes complete heart-filled joy, her love over-extending to this person. To reach this point is incredibly tough, for one would have to share her ideals and her personality to actually see why she is like this in the first place. Understanding her, in essence.

Her ideals, one of her strongest motivators in her life. Kita holds a strong set of idealization within this world, that of which would see all men who are enslaved free. She is a very tough believer of free will and if anyone opposes that, she will cut them down. Whilst the right path is there before all people, Kita wishes to guide them all in the right direction - away from the area of enslavement, whether they be a Demon, Iramasha, Shinigami, Human or whatever other race. Among these is also her sense of loyalty to her family, she is a firm believer in sticking close to your family and being there for them when in need. She feels she takes on these traits from her father, Tsubasa, but never the less becomes a tough factor to maintain. Whilst she is on the neutral spectrum, walking the edge, Tsubasa and Kita's sister are aligned with the Gotei 13. Why is this an issue? Kita has honorary spots within places such as Gotei due to her family, agreements that allow her to access certain items that only Gotei operatives would have. This makes relationships tough to follow, and whilst she remains neutral, Kita often finds herself opposing the decisions that her family makes as it opposes her agreements with other organizations and groups.

One of the biggest factors in Kita's life is her constant analysis, as well. This analysis has always been a part of her, she is constantly studying, figuring out her surroundings right until the last molecule. There's always plans and ideas going through her head, no matter what place she is in, and being able to look through her surroundings and analyse in depth is a powerful tool not only in fights, but in almost any situation. On top of this analysis like mind, Kita's intelligence is also considered to be high. By 'high', Kita is almost at the peak of human brain activity, unlocking a great portion of intelligence and potential intelligence. Although this intelligence is high, automatically, there comes downfalls in her personality. Due to undergoing experiments on her brain and being able to access areas it could not before, her personality was changed. This is how her silent attitude came about in the first place. She sees the world as irrelevant, stupid, diseased. She also feels that the world is too noisy, so she will be the quiet human that it deserves. People are too noisy, so she needs to remedy that, even if it's just by being precise and silent in what she does.

This attitude somehow shifts in battle situations though. When it comes to hostile environments, Kita isn't held back by her silent attitude, she has been shown to be quite cocky and almost intensely provocative. In most situations, she knows exactly what to say to dig under the opponents skin and get to them on an emotional level or perhaps even trick them into making false mistakes. This attitude is also stemmed from her intellectual advancement, there is nothing better than being able to dig under someone else's skin and crush their dreams in a battle, Kita thinks. Alongside the mocking attitude in battle, Kita has a deep and desiring thirst for battle. As most Unabara struggle with the thirst for battle, Kita's is quite dormant. To completely unlock her thirst and get her to go crazy in any situation is near impossible, however when it happens - bad things tend to follow as a result. So even if someone is capable of getting her to this point, it often backfires as a result, becoming something that turns against them and overwhelms the said opponent.

In terms of positive aspects of her life, Kita has shown to come to the liking of many things. Whether it be the calm whispering of trees as they rattle in the breeze or the birds chirping. She likes these sounds, the natural noises of nature. Nature is one of her biggest loves, but in terms of consumption and appreciation, Kita Kyoto has shown appreciation towards chocolate. It is a simple thing - but it makes her have something to indulge in, despite barely having anyone there for her most of the time. It's more of a comfort factor. On top of this, her appreciation extends to more important parts of the world, such as the appreciation of people trying to change the world. For good or for evil, she appreciates the efforts that they put it. This does not mean she supports good or evil, or even condones it, it is simply the appreciation of them having an ideal, and they have done so much to find it. In a weird sense, she appreciates that. Although her outward attitude about dislikes is one of her largest features. She is quick to speak out about what she dislikes within this world, or will always search for the negative aspects of most situations, ideas and goals. In this way, Kita has shown to be a pessimistic realist, believing that both pessimism and realism coincide with one another.



Chapter One: Growing as an Unabara

During the early stages of Kita Kyoto Unabara's life, she was always found to be a very quiet and self-contained girl. A lot of her emotions, even as a child of only five years old, were contained within herself to the point of where she would have constant emotional breakdowns leading up to her teenage years. Due to this internalizing of her emotions, it often lead to very unstable mindsets. As a child, even when she injured herself, she would not show outwards pain other than perhaps a few tears dropping down her face. Yet, she wasn't bad off throughout most of her early life. She was an Unabara, and on top of that had an unusual ability. Once she reached the age of fifteen, she was actually quite interested in the organizations around the world. This went from everything such as Coca Cola, to Gotei, to even such things as Shadow Fall. But the one that stuck out most to her was K-world. They were a group of remarkable people, something which she found herself enthralled in. In a weird way, despite her father being leader of the Gotei, she always wanted to check out and see K-world.

Never the less, Kita had a loving family growing up, but she did suffer from many mental issues such as depression for the first half of her teens. They were a wealthy family living in a manor of Unabara, yet she couldn't help but feel depressed throughout most of it. Like she was missing life, in a sense. The days she spent at school were draining her of the energy she had, most of the time found to be abusing her power of Collision, making entire humans slam into each other or against metal or brick walls, tearing open flesh or even breaking their bones. Due to this temperamental attitude from when she reached thirteen, Kita was often shifted between schools due to 'aggressive behavior', despite most of her actions being against people who were rude or bullying her. She didn't care if she got in trouble, she just cared about keeping her head on right -- and if that meant she had to break the bones of people to do it, she would. She was never really 'in trouble' with her father or family when she had to move schools, in fact she was even considered to be brought into the Gotei and just go through the Shino-academy as a human, studying their knowledge and stuff regardless of being a human. It seemed redundant to Kita though, so she just abandoned that path.

Chapter Two: K-world?

Kita had heard a lot about K-world from her father, yet she never really knew what kind of life they lead or why they fought their battles. She wanted to find out herself. Not caring about the re-procussions, Kita had decided, one night, to sneak out of her house, abandoning all her duties and travel to K-world on her own. She had no way of getting there however, but she had heard of many K-world members scattered throughout the realm of Earth, which she began to seek out. Upon finding some, she was questioned on sight. It seemed she had ran into the wrong group. Due to Kita's aggressive nature, she had began to grow hostile towards the K-world members questioning and pushing. Raising to the point of battle, Kita ran in, grasping the skull of one of the members and proceeded to make one side of their skull collide with the other. Within the blink of an eye, the man's head exploded in on itself, blood spraying onto Kita's body and the surroundings. A blank expression covered Kita, almost like she was shocked about what she just did. One of the other members lundged forward, bringing forward a massive cleaver and chopping her entire right arm off. Screaming in horror as blood began to pore out, Kita soon lost consciousness and faded away into the darkness of night.

Upon waking up, her eyes flickered, a sharp pain still being shot out through the left side of her body. A bright light shown down from the ceiling, a soft yelp could be heard from her. Held down onto the middle of a table, strapped in like a mental patient, machines began to dig their way into her body. Her mouth was gagged and her body was completely held stiff so she couldn't use her powers correctly and escape. Staying awake throughout the entire procedure, Kita witnessed the pain, the intense agony and gore or a cybernetic arm completely made up of a compound that was neither conductive or magnetic attach to her right arm. There wasn't much she could say about it, she had completely lost an arm -- yet due to her power, K-world deemed in necessary to bring her in and replace it with an even more powerful, unique metal coated arm? It seemed weird. She just killed one of their soldiers, yet she was being worked on to become better, faster and stronger? A weird thing for her.

Ten days had passed since she had the experiment, she was still pumped full of drugs to keep her alive and just standing. In a dazed state, she could barely talk, let alone walk. Moments passed before more scientists came in, flicking open her eyelids and checking for damage all over her body. Snapping the cufflings that held her down, Kita raised her body in a weak state and held a scalpel to the neck of this K-world member, threatening if he didn't open a portal for her to get back to Earth, she would slit his throat. Eventually, after some convincing, Kita was shot back to earth and rid free of the K-world clutch. She wanted to see them... and she got her wish in the end, just not likely how she would have expected it. Stumbling through the doors of her house, Kita felt her body grow weak as she simply passed out in the door frame as soon as the front door opened to the Unabara Manor. From here, she was taken care of by personal assistants. It has now been three years since incident occurred.

Chapter Three: The Modern Era

Currently, Kita Kyoto Unabara is found to have continued on with her life. She changed her style of thinking and adjusted to this new enhancement she was implanted with. Currently residing within Karakura High-school, Kita does not keep much attention to her old life. She left the Unabara way of life in the Gotei and began living on her own, being funded by many sources in Karakura Government by completing jobs that she is hired for and simply to keep her living. She doesn't have a lot of friends at Karakura, but since the K-world incident around three years ago, Kita has found out how to move on and not be so immature that she has to fight or break bones of those who tease or bully her. Right now? It seemed her life was getting better, although it was impossible to tell int he long run.

Natural Powers

Supernatural Agility
It has been shown throughout Kita's history that she is an incredibly agile, sleek and fast person. The agility that she has is often undermined, being able to do flips without so much as a run up, bending her body to almost completely impossible positions and running at incredible speeds. Mixed in with all of these incredible running speeds, flexible body and agile body - Kita's reflexes have shown to prove absolutely amazing. The main reason why she is able to react so fast to all attacks or anything that is coming to her is due to the cybernetic enhancements that fill her already interesting body. The unlocking of her brain activity has also proved to be a cause of these insane reflexes, as it allows her to react, strike and deal damage to enemies whom may be striking her. Her reflexes are so strong that she is even capable of dodging bullets, simply by moving her body in the said directions she wants.

Hand-to-Hand Expert
When it comes to fighting, hand to hand combat is the preferred style of Kita. She is mainly focused on the idea of hand to hand combat because it works extremely well with her power, being able to perform strange and unique tricks with said collision inducement. Not only this, but it strays down a different path from her fathers - in her own unique way, it's similar to making a statement of: "I'm my own woman who doesn't need to fill my fathers shoes." Her hand to hand skill has been shown to grow in many situations, through trainings with her sister and father even, she began on the road to perfect her hand to hand fighting. She could even use her strikes to pin-point vital locations on a persons body and know intense areas which are normally hard to strike by any other means. When this is mixed in with her flexibility, and overall agility, her hand to hand proves that there is not many other people who can match her skill.

Genius intellect
The keen intellect is a major part of Kita's powers which she had been able to build over her time of being a spiritually aware human and building her power. The main factor of her keen intellect is the knowledge she has in sciences, mainly physics and electrical engineering. As she is currently out of studying, she has been shown to excel in both of these classes in her past (physics and electrical engineering) and even create her own networks rather simply - alongside this developing her own massive network that can run between herself and who she allows to receive the network data. In short terms, she is a genius in this regard. Although the keen intellect and major knowledge in how elements and matter reacts with one another, it allows her to even further her collision power. By knowing what can happen in colliding different types of elements in physics, she can create a billion different effects, as long as the desired particles/elements she need are there. Although she excels in these areas, Kita has shown to adapt and pick up on things rather quickly - in some cases, only having to show her one or teach her the fundamentals before she can adapt to the task or subject. For example, teach her the fundamentals of English, and she could understand and pick up on all the problems/grammar techniques within it easily.

A mentioned previously, she has been shown to have a rather interesting knack when dealing with electronic based appliances or run on a form of energy. As she is a prodigy in the areas of electrical science, along side her physics, she has been found to often build her very own devices and construct new and unique materials for her to use - both inside and outside of battle. By combining the knowledge of science and ingenuity she has, creating, as mentioned, mass networks isn't out of the question. This also allows her to repair many appliances within her home, area, even if she left her path now she would have a sure job in the area of repairs to mechanical objects or something similar to such. This also allows her to frequently make her own form of communications other that telephone, and by understanding electrical engineering even to the point where calculations and solutions can run through her head like a rocket taking off into space.

Expert Marksman
Despite her intense hand to hand combat, she is not a weak marksman either. In multiple situations, she has shown that by wielding guns or sniper rifles from a long distance, she can be accurate in shots - being able to even hit a target from kilometres away with a sniper rifle. This much said, she doesn't rely on her guns a lot in fights - if so mainly using using small guns, especially pistols. Unless such things as power disruption devices are present, she normally wouldn't turn to her gun in a fight as to her it's 'unethical' and abuse of power. Never the less, she has trained in the arts of ranged weapons alongside her martial arts training for a better chance at self defence, which also fell under her being a much more effective fighter and warrior if need be.


Cybernetic arm
The robotic and cybernetic attachments to Kita have extended to areas such as her right arm - with this allowing many attachments to be added onto it as well as different devices that help in, not only every day life, but many other situations that she might find herself caught up in. The significance of this cybernetic arm, first and foremost, is the durability and strength that is amplified into everything she does. As her arm is now cybernetic, this means that her strength with the arm was amplified to extreme amounts, meaning if she could grasp a persons head with it, with little effort, she could shatter their skull simply by clenching her fist. On top of this, it also means that the arm is much more durable than the rest of her body, any damage taken to the arm does not reflect damage on her body and can be fixed if need be. The overall durability of the metals used in the arm are intense, in fact, the metals used in her arm are the same type of material that has used to construct Mecha Neo, found HERE. The same metal that was used on the experiment on Metal Neo was used to re-create Kita's right arm after she lost it, meaning that the metal is not steel, it is not magnetic in the slightest either.

Virtual Analysis
Virtual analysis is one of the many attachments that come along with her cybernetic arm, one of the most useful tools of analysing everything she wants. Simply by activating it, facing her fist towards the target, a blue light will seep through the skin and scan an object or device, whatever it may be, and give plausible details based on what's presented. This can go for things such as the types of energy signatures or elements that are making up an object in the atmosphere, rocks, attacks, etc, if there is recorded history of it? It is likely that she will have access to the data needed to analyse and give updates. Not only is the virtual analysis capable of analysing this, but it gets the information from a set-up of information storage. Managed by Kita alone, the storage area has access to data from the internet and also any data that Kita Unabara herself had put into the system. The storage facility will be explained below.

"STORAGE" is the name given to the area which is operated and managed by Kita as a source of constant information. "STORAGE" stands for Special Tactics Operation and Reconnaissance General Extranet, and has access to files within the internet at any given moment. By having this data chipped into her brain by a nano-device, she can allow her mind to access the STORAGE area and immediately search information based on her surroundings or at any given time. When used in conjunction with the Virtual Analysis, Kita proves that instant analysis can be possible. Through intense speed and precision, the Virtual Analysis and STORAGE work together to pick up the information on scanned device almost instantaneously, directly feeding the information into Kita's brain as a thought. A rather handy system to have when on the move or in need of information quickly. STORAGE doesn't allow anyone else access, as it is a chip inside of Kita's brain, but it is possible for her to make copies should she find someone worthy of having such information instantly transferred.

Supernatural Powers

• Collision Inducement: The power that Kita Unabara has is a rather unique and interesting one. Rather than being something elemental based like manipulation of fire or electromagnetic fields, her power is based upon, what the name might suggest, collision. She can make different types of ‘collisions’ among different types of objects. It is rather interesting ability, but upon touch, she is capable of making anything from the size of particle matter to the size full-blown objects collide together, even spiritual based elements. This means she could cause effects such as repulsion and attracting, full blown collisions on a high level scale. This is a similar way in moving two different objects or pieces of matter together or apart. However, it must be noted that she is only capable of making this happen upon the touch of one object, being able to send it into a collision with any object that she could imagine within a kilometre radius. By simply touching an object, Kita is capable of sending it in a place of repulsion. This isn't to be confused with something like telekinesis or vector control, this is on a completely different level; rather it is much more based around the manipulation of matter and particles that can fill even energy based attacks. This means that even upon touching an enemies attack or touching things such as fire, it could redirect the flames to attract towards another object to collide. If surrounded by fire, all Kita would have to do his put her arms into the flames to and she could direct the amount of flames into a different object that is surrounding within a one kilometre radius. Although there is a limit to this power, though, the limit for this power is that there are a few blind spots in which parts of her body cannot reflect the matter.

The spots of blindness are, first of all, that she can only direct the flow of her power into two sections of her body at a time. This means that, despite her power being so immense, she could only be able to direct it into her arms at a time. At most, she’d be able to push it into one of her arms and her entire body, excluding legs. It’s not that it isn’t possible to, but if pushed into one part of her body for more than one second, the body begins to repulse the matter construct in itself apart. This is why being in two parts of her body at a time is most beneficial for herself. When she’s not even aware she’s using her power, it automatically redirects to being put into her right arm and head. When something that is considered threatening or potentially harmful is shot at her, even merely touches these areas without her knowing, the matter will be repulsed to the closest other physical object around, instead of what she’s standing upon. If standing on a road, it’d be directed to the closest building which is the automatic setting. Although reminder: aim at her arms or legs when she is unaware, and she'll be completely hit with it. Only the head and the right arm are the protected part when unaware. Never the less, once she applies this power to one section of her body, it has to stay there for that entire post; rather than constantly switching it between body parts. As it is the manipulation of matter and particles, anything that doesn't follow the laws of reality in all known realms is able to penetrate her collision based power.

When in a barren area with no other physical objects around, other than the ground, Kita is only capable of sending the said object/power to collide with the ground; which could provide dangerous for even her; especially if an explosion based attack. As this is the attraction and repulsion of matter based particles, if there is clouds built up in the sky, by attracting the object/matter to the clouds in the sky becomes possible. As clouds are the mass of matter and element based particles in the sky, as long as it’s within a one kilometre radius, the repulsion and attraction of the object upon touch could be aimed towards the clouds above. The same applies for fog and dust. As long as there is something physical, or visible to the eye made of matter from this world, it can be collided together with said object. On top of this, this also encompasses any type of element as they are made out of the matter she can manipulate. This goes for sticking her hands in water/liquid based substance, and being able to change the repulsion and attraction of that body of liquid that she touches. It is a rather interesting ability, meaning she could even cause large bodies of water to cause a tsunami. Note: The speed in which the collision takes place can be extremely fast, or slow, depending on the speed that Kita wishes. In all, she can make the matter collide with almost anything that extremely fast paces, sometimes even faster than the eye could follow.

•Abilities: There are an abundance of different applications abilities in which Kita has been shown to be able to use, each of them is by applying her power of Collision inducement to different powers. For example, as said above, she is capable of repulsion by means of collision, as long as there is some form of physically seeable matter, but this also works for retraction/attraction. If she can control the collision, it works in the same way that as long as she touches the matter/item that’s touching the object, she can cause an attraction to her own palm or body.

•Destruction: Destruction is one of the more… intense abilities that comes along with Kita’s powers. As collision inducement is possible through repulsion and attraction, by using repulsion AND attraction at the same time, she can disperse the matter within an object upon touch; meaning that a soon as she touches is; by manipulating the molecules, she can disperse them so far apart that the item will look to have disappeared into thin air. Obviously, the bigger the object is, the more raw power that needs to be pumped into it through her power. It is an interesting part of her ability, by using this the matter making up the object will scatter into many different areas around the area, colliding with other objects in such a minuscule matter that it appears to simply disappear. Although it must be noted; her power is SIMPLY collision. She can create collisions based on what she touches, it isn't dispersing it into the air; the matter MUST have an object to collide with, even if it doesn't have a dramatic effect once colliding. The matter MUST attach to something. This can also be done to people who do not have reiatsu or any form of spiritual essence within them, as being able to have a reiatsu or a similar energy within them disrupts the ability working properly.

•Unique Energy: As the name suggests, the prime area of this ability is the unique type of energy and matter that can be brought into the universe by her power. Her ability can actually utilize her own type of energy and matter which doesn't exist of this world. Although this isn't the same as Kakine’s internal energy of Construction Spheres, this is much, much more different. Basically, upon touching an object, she is capable of filling that object with a different type of energy that reacts differently according to the object she is colliding the matter with. Similar as to how a hadron collider works, but utilising her colliding powers, she can cause the collision with another object to cause an effect such as an explosion of ice over an area, or a technique that allows something similar to an anti-matter bomb. As she has trained herself to have extensive knowledge in the area of particle and quantum physics, she is able to determine what type of effect her unique energy can create. On top of this collision with other elements in the proper reality, she can also use the collision to combine two separate types of her own energy together. By pumping two types of energies into, say, the ground and her arm, by touching the two to make a collision, she could even go as far as melting through the ground to turn the very ground into a boiling hot liquid over a desired area. Obviously, making the ground itself a very hot liquid is tiring to her, but her energies she can utilise make it possible to shift the matter in these physical objects, or visible items/clouds/dust/anything. The limits of this are that she cannot forge anything to do with another persons body or her own, so she couldn't melt off a limb by combining energy and colliding it with her arm if it was being eroded away slowly.

•Airborne Matter/element manipulation: This power is pretty self explanatory once given the understanding of what it means. As a part of her body is constantly touching part of the air/atmosphere around the body, she is capable of colliding the very oxygen and nitrogen in the air for a variety of different desired effects. As a main focus, her airborne matter/element control is capable of combining the atoms in the air to take control of things such as hydrogen atoms and other flammable gasses that may be in the air to collide them into each other for sources of ignition. Accumulating large amounts of hydrogen atoms or other flammable gasses,  by lamming the two together, it can cause a point of ignition by heating it up with the colliding, to cause an explosion. This explosion size depends on the amount of flammable atoms pushed together and collided. Note: Kita simply can’t ignite it out of thin air, there needs to be a collision with another atoms as a form of ignition. On top of this, it also allows minor oxygen control, meaning she can pull the oxygen out of a sealed off room so that someone will slowly suffocate as opposed to fighting. The only way she can evacuate the room is if there’s an open door and there’s an object/ground she can make the oxygen heap collide with. It’s an unlikely thing to happen, but it is possible.

Sacred Release

•Sacred Release Appearance: Not yet achieved

•Sacred Release Powers: Not yet achieved

Ascended Sacred Release

•Ascended Sacred Release Appearance: Not yet achieved

•Ascended Sacred Release Powers: Not yet achieved


General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Physical Augmentation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Coding by [THEFROST] :: Graphics by TEITOKU


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Kita Kyoto Unabara [Approved, 2-1+]   Wed Dec 18, 2013 6:37 pm

Moving this app to Old WIP since it has been 2 weeks. if finished please refer to This thread or ask staff to move it.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Kita Kyoto Unabara [Approved, 2-1+]   Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:29 am

Finally finished this app
This app is finished and ready for checking, moving to unchecked now.


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Subject Post 4PostSubject: Re: Kita Kyoto Unabara [Approved, 2-1+]   Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:01 pm

Application Checklist

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced.
  • Mental Deduction:Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance: Adept.
  • Focus: Advanced.

Comments/Notes: With Great power comes great resexability. Once her First release of sacred is done she jumps up to 1-1+ The her second release we'll go from the power set and see from there. 2-1+ is because of no Sacred Release.
Tier: 2-1+

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Archive Upon Request!

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Kita Kyoto Unabara [Approved, 2-1+]
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