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 Wareyasui Moroi [APPROVED, 0-4++]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Wareyasui Moroi [APPROVED, 0-4++]   Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:41 pm

» Name: Wareyasui Moroi
» Titles: The Last Wareyasui...ish
» Age: 19
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Rogue

» Appearance Description:

Moroi, the man beneath the armor, while still suitably creepy looking, is not quite as grandiose or intimidating as his metallic alter ego. Moroi is, for all intents and purposes, an oddity in his family and considerable care and special treatment was put into raising him. Most children diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta don’t make it to five feet and five inches tall, much less the impressive six feet and two inches that Moroi reaches. Outside of his startling height for his condition, an ailment he tries to distract attention from with the majority of acquaintances, Moroi’s physical appearance still suffers due to his condition. He lacks a good deal of muscle tone due to the lack of type-I collagen production and as such proves to be a rather diminutive looking individual. Also due to his condition, Moroi will often be shown staying very erect, with his back straight, giving him a rather proper and regal air about him. This isn’t the intention of course; he just wants his spine to stay straight to keep it from shifting out of place and turning him into a rather good looking Hunchback of Notre Dame, a newly learned reference for him.

Moroi, perhaps as a trade off for his impressive height, was not spared his family’s crippling and typical hideousness at birth, unfortunately. With the telltale discoloration of his sclera, a result of his osteogenesis imperfecta and the insufficient collagen production, Moroi is further plagued by a severe discoloration in his right eye from compounding medical conditions and the general affliction his people are typically put under and his hair was not any luckier, sitting atop his head with a nearly translucent white hue. Despite these pretty obvious and pretty glaring imperfections, Moroi is actually rather attractive. Moroi’s good iris is a stunning, baby blue color that somehow manages to even make the light blue schlera discoloration seem attractive. His face is equally perfectly framed, almost as if it were sculpted or drawn by an artist of some sort and holds a perpetually stoic and almost calming quality to it. Outside of those features, Moroi doesn’t have much else about his face that stands out. His lips, nose, ears, nostrils are all appropriately sized and all in the right place.

Moroi’s typical clothing is, well, just that, typical. The boy often is clad in his school uniform or, when not required to endure infantile lessons at the place known as high school, a rather simple get up. They were the only clothes the boy had latched on to since his arrival to Karakura, tending to stick with a light gray hooded sweatshirt with an accompanying white undershirt with equally white pants, the boy rather intently trying to blend in to what he feels society is most akin to. Beneath the normal clothing however, Moroi wears a skintight, black suit. This is used while piloting the Sankishin Susano’o Akagai, to allow him to interface with it as seamlessly as possible and to avoid uncomfortable bundling of the looser clothing apparel. Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tries to blend into society and hide the glaring deficiencies of his birth, Moroi is forced to utilize a wheelchair while outside of his Akagai. He is capable of walking, and in a controlled environment he will frequently do exercises to maintain what little muscle mass he has, but in the outside world, there are too many variables that could or otherwise would cripple the boy.

The Moroi that the world actually gets to enjoy the pleasure of viewing is the exact opposite of Moroi himself, almost to the point of overcompensation. Where Moroi is light, the Sankishin is heavy. Where Moroi is diminutive, Sankishin is imposing. Where Moroi is tall, Sankishin is...well...taller. What Moroi is not, Sankishin is. Adorned from head to toe in a stunning white armor, Moroi is no longer Moroi. Again starting from the top, Sankishin has a long flowing mane of pristine white synthetic hair flowing out of the suit’s headpiece. The front of the suit’s face is a solid metal piece, completely obstructing the boy’s face from view. The “helmet” itself is adorned with multiple spikes that could potentially be used as a desperation stabbing tool, but are mostly in place for aesthetic value. The Sankishin’s body, standing roughly three and a half meters tall, is a beautifully constructed mass of lithe armor plating. The Akagai’s shoulders, arms, pelvis, shins and quadriceps and hamstrings are covered in reinforced plating. Every other part of the body is insulated with a material strangely akin to muscle fibers, at least visibly speaking. Attached to the Sankishin’s back is the Ookami module, a massive sword and sheath.

The remaining major notable feature of the Sankishin Susano'o is the numerous red orbs littered about the Akagai. Twenty-eight in total, sixteen red orbs reside in the Sankishin’s shin plates, eight per shin and four per front and back. Two red orbs reside at the end of each arm plate while a total of four reside on the Akagai Unit’s shoulders, two per shoulder and one per front and back. There are three along the Sankishin Unit’s pelvis, one on each side and one on the tail bone. The final orb is on the back of the Sankishin Unit’s neck, often hidden behind the hair. The suit itself stands at eight foot four and weighs three tons.


» Personality: Manic barely begins to describe the Wareyasui and in particular, Moroi. The boy is hyperactive in every sense of the word. Everything about the Wareyasui is ten times faster than the average person which tends to make him appear rather jittery whilst talking. The boy’s words often seem to run together as if he spoke exactly as the words came to mind. Of course, that is not true, but comparatively to a normal person, he might as well be speaking his thoughts simultaneously. This occasionally makes him difficult to follow, especially given that he sounds as if he is speaking through a cup whilst wearing the Sankishin. The only area of the boy’s personality that does not reflect his entirely manic sense of thought process and analytical thought is his facial expressions. The boy often carries a stoic, calming…perhaps even soothing look to his face.

Beneath the immediately noticeable quirks of his personality, he is ultimately a good person with a strong desire to save not only his people, but others as well and to uphold his sense of justice. Some would consider him ruthless, but to the boy there are multiple ways to save people. Killing an enemy or squashing a threat before it has the chance to fester saves just as many people as curing the sick or bringing life into the world. Given his lack of aptitude with either of the latter two, he’s determined that eliminating threats to people was the most suitable course of action. This gives Moroi a strange sense of efficiency when dealing with threats, often times coming off as merciless. With that in mind, Moroi has always felt certain romanticism accompanied him in his actions and theatrics were certainly not below him. Monologues, usually terrible ones, often precede any foray into the unknown and the boy almost always has a quote befitting the situation, also often horrible. In addition, he has a tendency to vocally work out problems, often speaking quickly and haphazardly in muffled tones as he tries to work out a scenario.

On top of that sense of justice is a strong, almost overbearing sense of pride that frequently, and dangerously, borders routinely on arrogance. Moroi is proud of who he is, he is proud of where he came from and he is proud of the Wareyasui name. he has a very strong attachment to his family, its legacy, and its future. His life is devoted to returning the Wareyasui to its former glory and any insult, intentional or otherwise, is almost always met with hatred and more often than not, violence. This is not to be confused with the run of the mill, everyday, rough housing violence either. The quickest and most efficient way to force Moroi in to utilizing deadly force is to, in any way, insult his family. Once such an act occurs, Moroi does not stop until his assailant is destroyed, completely and utterly and considering he’s only a few squishy parts away from being a machine, that is something to genuinely be afraid of.

Apart from that, Moroi is ultimately a kind person with a marginally compassionate soul, if a little withdrawn. Once he attaches himself to a person or group, at the present time such attachments being restricted to his family, he is a terribly loyal creature. The boy instantly becomes a lifelong friend should his trust be earned and happens to provide a handy amount of protection. Not many people wish to upset a seven foot tall metal monster. However, living in seclusion for the majority of his life has not left him without some blemishes on his personality. The boy has trouble empathizing with people, instead preferring to restrain himself to numbers and figures, primarily because they make sense, and is massively oblivious to the majority of the outside world, not fully understanding or appreciating the complexities of it.

» Likes: His Family, the Sankishin, Himself

» Dislikes: Other people, other people, insults toward his familial honor.


» Background: Moroi hails from a clan of spiritually aware and evolved humans known as the Wareyasui. The Wareyasui rose to prominence roughly around the same time as their cousins, the Quincy. They were not as developed then as they are now, in multiple facets, but at the time, they were among the foremost scholars and thinkers of the world. They had supernatural cognitive powers and the ability to house, manipulate and utilize their internal Chi in a way that no one had seen before. They were not much for fighting however, the method in which they manipulated Chi was not suited for fighting hollows and other manner of beasts that plagued the human world. At the time, the full extent of the Wareyasui super-human prowess was their over-develop cognitive capabilities and the ability to use Chi to move small objects. The Wareyasui did not have any offensive methods of striking out at their opponents and were unable to do much to halt the advance of the strange creatures that plagued their world, the Wareyasui only able to notice just how in danger they were right before they were eaten. Their powers were, however, suited exceptionally well for medical and scientific applications and as such, they found their cousins, the Quincy, and struck up an accord. The Wareyasui, historically served as combat medics to the spiritually aware humans as they fought the hollows, namely the Quincy. In a matter of centuries, the Wareyasui name was welcomed with love and adoration and their accomplishments brought untold amounts of glory and prestige to the Quincy halcyon days.

Of course, those days would be short-lived. If there was anything to say about the Wareyasui, it was that they evolved rapidly and, unfortunately, not always positively. While their cognitive abilities constantly evolved, becoming more and more potent, other genetic mutations began to take root in the bloodline. Osteogenesis Imperfecta developed in the Wareyasui, fifteen percent of the next generation being afflicted. One hundred years later, sixty five percent of the clan was afflicted with the Brittle Bone Disease. Given the now rather failing, pathetically, health that the majority of the clan endured, they were forced to withdraw from the forefront of the fight against the hollows, which may in fact have spared them from the genocide that crashed down upon their cousins’ heads. Unfortunately, they had their own form of genocide that they needed to contend with. Stillborn deaths due to children affected by Lobstein Syndrome occurred in seventy percent of all pregnancies and what was once a proud, flourishing family was shrunk to barely a tenth of its former glory. In addition, the severity of their condition caused plenty of accidental deaths and crippling injury, further increasing the body count of the diminishing clan. For a long time, the Wareyasui disappeared entirely from public view and were assumed extinct by anyone who had heard the stories of their accolades. It was not an unusual assumption given the constant stillborn deaths that Osteogenesis Imperfecta tended to inflict, but it would prove to be an inaccurate conclusion. For many centuries leading up to the present day, the Wareyasui dedicated their extraordinary cognitive prowess to overcoming their weaknesses. Eventually their research bore fruits and the Akagai and the Shinkeikairomou were designed, two inventions that finally allowed the Wareyasui to overcome their crippling aversion to movement and, as an added bonus, fight. The Wareyasui compensate for their inability to function in normal society much the spiritually aware society by fully exercising their substantial intelligence. Every Wareyasui is equipped with an Akagai or shell. The Akagai is what the Wareyasui is commonly associated with as it is the most immediately distinct feature of the family. Each Akagai is inherently designed with multiple layers of cushioning and insulation to allow the Wareyasui to absorb attacks, fight, and occasionally sneeze without fracturing every bone in their bodies. Akagai also come with numerous protective measures. Armor plating effectively makes the pilot immune to conventional weapons that do not connect with a joint and most models offer protection against lower scale spiritual attacks as well.

Every life is precious, every Wareyasui more so. Given the mortality rate of child birth in the Wareyasui family, any child surviving to autonomy is a gift from the heavens. Moroi was one such gift given to one of the more prominent families in the Wareyasui cluster. Surviving child birth with Osteogenesis Imperfecta was always a sign of greatness to come and Wareyasui Moroi was no exception. Whenever it was apparent that the boy would survive, he was taken and placed in protective custody of the clan to ensure his survival; his parents then began working on the Akagai that would protect their son. The retreat from society was not complete devoid of elegance and prominence…and clean water, but such commodities were certainly luxuries at best. Moroi’s specific cell within the Wareyasui was set up in an expansive cavern with homes ingeniously built in to the sides of the cave. Most of Moroi’s early childhood was based around learning about the lost history of his people and working with increasingly complex machines that the most brilliant of human minds would struggle with. Moroi was particularly adept, even for a Wareyasui, in interfacing with machines more so than actually understanding their workings. He understood eventually of course, a Wareyasui understands things remarkably easily, but the boy was always more interested in how to use something rather than how it worked.

What Moroi particularly enjoyed were the stories about his people. About how Wareyasui legends of old were the pride and joy of the human race and were renowned the world over, about how, inMoroi’s mind, they were the strongest people on the planet and beyond. The boy even enjoyed stories about the clan’s fall as the elders always managed to lace optimism for the future within the stories of misery and desperation. His favorite stories however, were of the future. Every day the boy was told of how the Wareyasuiwould return to power and retake their world, retake their rightful glory and begin establishing themselves in the world once more. They would no longer be a whisper in the annals of history. Moroi wanted nothing more than to realize the elder’s dream.

At the age of eight, the Wareyasui reach their first coming of age where they are given their Akagai, their means of survival and combat. The boy had been trained in numerous different forms of chi molding and puppet manipulation up to this point, but now he was finally ready to take his first step in to Wareyasui adulthood. The boy was ready to receive the weapon that would define him for the rest of his life and given the status of the boy’s parents, it was the best the clan could provide. Moroi became bound to the Sankishin Susano’o and he loved it with every ounce of his being. For two years, Moroi spent literally every waking moment inside the Sankishin unit, learning how to pilot it as if it were his own skin. Even the elders noted that very few people in the Wareyasui lineage had that kind of dedication. Everyone had high hopes for the young boy, fully expecting him to be the one to lead their clan to providence and prominence. He was put in to accelerated courses, well beyond his age to get him ready to serve as the messiah of sorts for the Wareyasui people and he attacked each one with a successful fervor.
While Moroi couldn’t possibly be more proud of his heritage and the Akagai that came with it, the boy couldn’t help but feel trapped in a prison that he could walk around in. Moroi, being one of the most powerful prodigies his clan had ever seen, found a way to use his vast amount of Chi to break free from that barrier. By utilizing the same physics and technology that his family had been using for centuries before his birth, Moroi developed a way to solidify his Chi around his bones, creating the most miniscule of films to coat each bone in his body. The ability allowed Moroi to walk around, even run for a bit, outside of his Akagai…the first of his family to do so in a millennium.

Next came a challenge that Moroi was not remotely prepared to handle, he was going to have to be…normal. When the Wareyasui leadership came to know of Moroi’s accomplishment, a consensus was reached and a decision was made that had not been considered for the longest of times. Moroi was the first selected to act as a proper representation of his people to the world. While they were remiss to lose him, Moroi was ecstatic. They had decided to use the small fortune the family had accrued, many modern inventions have uncredited, Wareyasui minds behind their inventions, Robert Noyce in particular developing all of his greatest masterpieces through Wareyasui assistance, to set Moroi up in a modest house in Karakura Town with enough funds and connections to acquire any resources he would possibly need and enrolled him in the high school. He was going to get to go out into the world that he would one day reclaim for the Wareyasui. He wasn’t ready for it. While the academics themselves were easy enough and more of a formality than anything, he had already learned all this garbage at the age of four, the social intricacies of everyday life were difficult for Moroi. He did not grow up in an environment with the heavy shades of grey and the myriad of meanings inside meanings, otherwise known as lying. Consequently, the first year of the boy’s high school tenure were spent learning that no one ever meant what they said and that taking anything anyone expressed at face value tended to lead to disappointment. As such, there was a certain sense of resentment he felt toward the people he simply couldn’t understand. Externally, Moroi was as pleasant as he was taught to be. He was there on a mission after all and showing himself to be anything but the model human being would shame his family, but internally, the boy loathed the normal humans.

Consequently, Moroi’s time outside of the classes he was required to attend was spent in a state of social recluse. His general sense of detachment from his “peers” and the limited amount of time he could maintain safe motor function outside of his Akagai made it completely undesirable to spend much socializing with the children his own age. Instead, Moroi did what any proper Wareyasui did to entertain themselves. He built something. At night and in his Akagai, Moroi would carve a second home in a secluded cave outside of Karakura Town. Calling upon those contacts of his and using the considerable wealth at his disposal, Moroi decided to mimic the American Comic Book writer’s idea and make himself his own, personal, secret little hideout, a Moroi cave if you will. For the better part of his first two years of High School, Moroi spent every waking moment either in classes or in his cave, being able to move freely about in his Akagai out in the wilderness without the humans around and with the considerable amount of time on his hands, Moroi had developed a rather ornate and accomplished laboratory out in the forests of Karakura as he was constantly upgrading the lab, himself, and his Akagai. Thus we're led to the present day, where Moroi continues to live out the monotony accompanying his foray in to the rest of the world as he, patiently, awaits a chance to showcase the Wareyasui back to the world for what they really were, humanity's zenith.


Natural Abilities:

=Manic Cognitive Function=

The Wareyasui brain is substantially, for lack of a better description, more evolved than those of every other human being on the planet. To prescribe a quantitative value to their cognitive capabilities, Wareyasui brains are roughly ten times as effective as their peers. For example, the Wareyasui process information and react to stimuli ten times quicker than a normal, the word used very loosely in this world, person. Many traits that are deemed rare and exceptional amongst the rest of the world are inherent in a Wareyasui. Every Wareyasui has a perfect eidetic memory, is a near perfect mathematician and possesses astronomical analytical and critical thinking skills. For a practical application, a Wareyasui could perform a perfect physical and geometric analysis on an incoming arrow and calculate the necessary reaction in the time that anyone else would realize a weapon was drawn. By extension, the Wareyasui tend to be exceedingly proficient in mathematics and its sub-branches.

=Osteogenesis Imperfecta=

The heavens sure enjoy their balancing irony. While the Wareyasui were gifted with the tools to perform above and beyond exceptional in this world, life is rarely so simple. Every Wareyasui is suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, otherwise known as the brittle bone disease. This disease is a genetic disorder stemming from the inability to create or connect tissue and bone matter due to insufficient or absent Type-I collagen production. The Wareyasuis’ bones fracture easily, their joints are loose, and muscle tone is poor. This condition has rendered the Wareyasui completely unfit for normal work in their natural state, much less fighting off the myriad of super natural monsters in the world, as simple training was more likely to kill them than teach them anything. Osteogenesis Imperfecta is identifiable by the discoloration of the sclera (whites of the eyes), usually giving them a blue-gray color. The blue-gray color of the sclera is due to the underlying choroidal veins which show through. This is due to the sclera being thinner than normal because of the defective Type I collagen not forming correctly.

=Centuries of General and Medical Knowledge and Understanding=

Moroi, being the shining light for the future of the Wareyasui, was trained in everything, and that really does mean everything, that the family has accrued over the course of its existence. He has been drilled constantly from a young age on the different spiritual beings and their capabilities since a young age and in addition the boy was trained extensively in the medical field, having undergone enough training to be considered an expert physician and combined with his highly analytic and fast acting brain makes Moroi one of if not the finest medical experts on the planet. Of course, this knowledge is limited to humans and his knowledge of anatomy for spiritual beings is not equally expansive.

Sankishin Susano’o

Again starting from the top, Sankishin has a long flowing mane of pristine white synthetic hair flowing out of the suit’s headpiece. The front of the suit’s face is a solid metal piece, completely obstructing the boy’s face from view. The “helmet” itself is adorned with multiple spikes that could potentially be used as a desperation stabbing tool, but are mostly in place for aesthetic value.

The Sankishin’s body, standing roughly six and a half meters tall, is a beautifully constructed mass of lithe armor plating. The Akagai’s shoulders, arms, pelvis, shins and quadriceps and hamstrings are covered in reinforced plating. Every other part of the body is insulated with a material strangely akin to muscle fibers, at least visibly speaking. Attached to the Sankishin’s back is the Ookami module, a massive sword and sheathe.

The remaining major notable feature of the Sankishin Susano'o is the numerous red orbs littered about the Akagai. Twenty-eight in total, sixteen red orbs reside in the Sankishin’s shin plates, eight per shin and four per front and back. Two red orbs reside at the end of each arm plate while a total of four reside on the Akagai Unit’s shoulders, two per shoulder and one per front and back. There are three along the Sankishin Unit’s pelvis, one on each side and one on the tail bone. The final orb is on the back of the Sankishin Unit’s neck, often hidden behind the hair.
Every weapons used by the Sankishin Susano’o is laced with the user’s Chi, consequently permitting them to be damaging to both living and dead entities alike.

=Magatama Engine=

Magatama Engine: An attempt to make use of the constant Chi drain that befalls the use of an Akagai, the Magatama Engine uses the constant Chi permeating the Akagai and turns it in to a weapon. The Magatama Engine is, in and of itself, akin to a battery. As Chi is used and processed to power the Sankishin Susano’o, The Magatama engine recycles this energy and stores it in the suit, permitting its use for the myriad of special techniques that Moroi has developed to use in conjunction with the Akagai. Every post, Moroi will gain one Magatama, up to eight. This is the core function of the Sankishin Susano'o and is the component that allows Moroi to be a truly terrifying opponent.


  • Ookami: A massive weapon with a sharp edge and a blunt tip, The Ookami is the first and most imposing weapon in the Sankishin Unit’s arsenal. The behemoth weapon is black stained metal connected to a foot long, light blue hilt. The sheathe is a long red container meant to house the length of the blade, the tip hosting two red orbs on either side. The weapon itself is staggeringly heavy, reaching almost seven feet long and weighing well over two hundred pounds, despite being swung as if it were a twig, permitting blows from the weapon to cause absolutely terrifying amounts of concussive damage and allowing the Ookami to serve both as a cutting or bludgeoning weapon depending on the situation. Like all of Moroi’s weapons, the Ookami is perfectly capable of hurting living and dead souls alike.

  • Attack Cables: The Sankishin Unit has been outfitted with four mechanisms dubbed Attack Cables by Moroi. Located in in each of the suit’s shoulder and hip spaces, these mechanisms can be shot from the suit at a startling speed, equivalent to that of an equivalently ranked Bala, and can be controlled remotely. The cables themselves are outfitted with a small claw mechanism at the end, allowing Moroi to punch through structures and enemies alike while the cables themselves can bind all forms of creature known in this world.

  • Chi Expunger Module: The Chi Expunger Module is a simple device that allows Moroi to leak his Chi out through small openings on the bottom of his Akagai’s palm. The Chi Expunger Module allows the user’s Chi to seep out through the module, the primary function for this module is to allow Moroi to execute the Zanshin technique.

  • Psycho-Frame: In an effort to ease the burden placed on the Shinkeikomori, Moroi developed the technology to mimic the effect. When integrated in to the Sankishin Unit, this eases the burn on Moroi’s Chi to operate the behemoth machine and significantly lessens the burden on his concentration. Consequently, Moroi can focus his powers outward as well. In its simplest stage, this allows Moroi to utilize a weapon called a funnel. These funnels are stored in the Sankishin Unit’s upper back, the unit itself stored twelve of them, and are able to operate completely independently of the actions of the main suit. Each Funnel is equipped with a high density particle accelerator, which fires a high density, focused laser, equal to the strength of an equivalently ranked Cero, but in a far more compressed form, drastically increasing its piercing power in exchange for the wide scale devastation that Ceros usually generate, allowing it to function as an incredibly deadly anti-personnel weapon. In addition, Chi can be focused throughout the entirety of the funnel, giving it the durability and strength to be used as a bludgeoning weapon, blocking, deflecting and injuring any sort of weapon, Zanpakutō included. Additionally, each funnel has a camera installed on it identical to the ones used on the Sankishin unit, permitting Moroi an even wider field of vision.

  • Left Hand: Spurt Shell: There is an opening in the palm of the Akagai that will be revealed when the weapon is to be used that contains a firing mechanism for an improvised fragmentation grenade. Three shells total are stored at any one time. This weapon fires a spring loaded, small, cylindrical shell that will break apart after traveling thirty meters or until it contacts a hard surface and explode in a rush of shrapnel. Particularly effective for dealing with multiple, weaker targets.

  • Right Hand: Gaisou Grenade: There is an opening in the palm of the Akagai that will be revealed when the weapon is to be used that contains a firing mechanism for an improvised gas grenade. Two grenades may be stored at any one time. This weapon fires a spring loaded, cylindrical grenade that activates upon impact. The grenade will begin to rapidly filter gas out in to the air, reaching max width in two seconds. The gaseous field remains for two posts, in addition to the post it was fired.

    • Gaisou While his family’s medical background was not particularly Moroi’s forte, he was expected to learn everything there was about his family to learn and with that comes a significant understanding of medical knowledge. Instead of using it to save people however, Moroi found a more interesting method, weaponizing it. Using a common formula, Moroi developed the Gaiso, an irritant. The Gaisou poison irritates mucous membranes in the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs, and cause tearing, sneezing, coughing, and if enough of the dose is taken in, the victim may begin vomiting. The poison looks as if it were a white colored smoke bomb.

      Turn 0(Post when gas is introduced to victim’s system): Tears well up, breathing becomes slightly labored
      Turn 1: Tearing, Sneezing, Coughing onsets
      Turn 2: Uncontrollable Tearing, Sneezing, Coughing, potentially vomiting
      Turn 3: Uncontrollable Tearing, Sneezing, Coughing, potentially vomiting
      Turn 4: Tearing, Sneezing, Coughing declines
      Turn 5: Victim is free of all symptoms.

  • Back: Extending Spike: A large opening on the back of the Sankishin Unit, located between the shoulder blades, holds Moroi’s large, major projectile. The projectile is a long spike with segmented parts, allowing it to condense whilst stored and expand when fired. The projectile is extremely heavy and fired at an equally extremely fast speed, and the telegraphed nature of aiming it tends to interfere with its practicality. When a shot is lined up though, the weight and speed of the projectile allows it to smash through all manners of barriers and shields serving as a perfect anti-heavy shield weapon. Moroi holds three of these spikes with a revolving mechanism to reload the weapon situated at the bottom of the suit.

Utility Modules

  • Highly Cushioning Integrated Insulation Module or HCII or Hickey: The HCII is a layer of highly shock absorbent material that effectively protects the user from bone fracture whilst performing tasks that would be considered common place. It offers some protection inherently against bludgeoning and concussive forces, but the defense is negligible at best. It’s general purpose is to permit the user to walk, run, fight, or sneeze without fracturing their skeletal structure.

  • Multi-faceted Optical Module: The Multi-faceted Optical Module of the Sankishin Susano'o is the numerous red orbs littered about the Akagai. Twenty-eight in total, sixteen red orbs reside in the Sankishin’s shin plates, eight per shin and four per front and back. Two red orbs reside at the end of each arm plate while a total of four reside on the Akagai Unit’s shoulders, two per shoulder and one per front and back. There are three along the Sankishin Unit’s pelvis, one on each side and one on the tail bone. The final orb is on the back of the Sankishin Unit’s neck, often hidden behind the hair. Given that Moroi cannot see through his eyes while wearing the Sankishin Susano’o, he requires a different method of vision. Using his overdeveloped brain’s increased capacity for information processing allows the Sankishin unit to integrate numerous small optical lenses throughout the suit. Moroi is capable of seeing through every red orb as if it were his own eyes, a feat only made possible due to his family’s specific cognitive mutation. There are numerous blind spots however, particularly on the unit’s backside, but it does effectively provide a wider range of vision than the normal person is typically accustomed to.

  • Purifier and Filtering Module: This module blocks out foreign contaminants and draws the oxygen from water, allowing the user to breathe easily in any situation and circumvent many airborne poisons, specifically his own. It does require oxygen in order to work however and does not allow Moroi to function in environments without the necessary amount of essential gas.

  • High Energy Wing: Installed on the shoulder blades of the Sankishin Unit. When in use, two metal plates will unfold from the back of the Akagai before stretching out at a forty-five degree angle from the shoulder blade, reaching a wingspan of three feet. When ignited, four translucent feathers, per wing, made of pure chi will fire from the plates. When used, the High Energy Wing will afford Moroi complete, omnidirectional control of his movement, effectively negating the laws of physics upon himself in terms of gravity and inertia in addition to drastically increasing his speed, elevating him up two tiers in speed. Unfortunately, Moroi’s energy reserves are not nearly vast enough to maintain this module for any extensive length of time. Consequently, the High Energy Wing can only be operated for three posts before needing an extensive recharge time, typically barring it from use more than once per thread.

  • Energy Absorption and Adaptation Module: After the Akagai itself, this is the invention that Moroi is most proud of. The Energy Absorption and Adaptation Module is the method in which Moroi most frequently finds himself charging his Magatama Engine. This module utilizes the glass orbs in the Sankishin’s palms as receptacles for energy, spiritual or otherwise. Whenever an energy attack is intercepted by the Module, Moroi’s Akagai will absorb the energy and convert it into energy for the Magatama Engine.

    Moroi himself does need to convert the energy into Magatamas however and, consequently the boy needs to understand the form of energy in order to effectively absorb and convert it. Given his people’s ridiculous capacity to analyze, process, and understand...everything, it does not take him an exceptionally long time to analyze and process things he sees, usually being able to analyze and process a new form of energy after seeing it utilized twice. The gravity of the energy he is absorbing also plays a large role in how much the Magatama Engine will stock. For simplicity’s sake, it will be measured in terms of Cero levels, with a basic Cero granting one Magatama, a Gran Rey Cero granting two, a Cero Oscuras granting three and any energy attacks above and beyond that point granting four.

  • Psycho-Physical Homeostasis Module: Spending life encased in a metal suit tends to be incredibly difficult and trying. The Sankishin Unit was upgraded with the Psycho-Physical Homeostasis Module in order to deal with the trials and tribulations of life. The Homeostasis unit regulates the suit’s internal temperature and maintains a comfortable environment inside the suit regardless of the potential extremes outside. In addition, the module is capable of regulating the user’s mental process and spiritual energy to a certain extent. If the user of the Sankishin realizes he is under the influence of a illusion, he can send a “spike” of his own Chi through his system to dispel the illusion by expelling the outside influence.

  • Kinetic Resistant Plating and Stabilization Module: This module greatly enhances the survivability of its wearer by absorbing and diminishing incoming physical forces. The module serves to enhance the structural integrity of the armor itself, permitting the suit to take a multitude of physical attacks with little ill effect by hardening the armor itself and diffusing the impact from attacks. However, it has no effect whatsoever against spiritual attacks that do not cause concussive damage, limiting its overall effectiveness. Moroi is however capable of funneling his Tekkai through the outer layer of the Akagai with this module, greatly, greatly increasing the durability of the Akagai.

  • Special Module: Volume Control Being able to utilize all five senses is important to anyone and when the Sankishin unit was constructed, the headpiece was modified to permit ease of hearing. This module is used to improve upon that system and allow the user to “tune” into far away noises and to overall increase the user’s sense of hearing in addition to allowing the user to differentiate and isolate decibels and to pinpoint noises that would otherwise go unnoticed. Moroi, however, using his ingenuity and general distaste for other people talking, upgraded to module…so to speak. Moroi can invert the effects of the module and consciously and effectively deafen himself for a time.

Chi Abilities

Sei Abilities:


The Secondary genetic mutation present in the Wareyasui, the Shinkeikairomou is the primary reason that the Akagai are such dangerous weapons. The Shinkeikairomou is the Wareyasuis’ ability to completely interface with an object. The Wareyasui will generate millions of chi strings from their body and effectively link an object to their consciousness and neural system. The most common application of this skill is to fully control the Akagai as if it was their own body. It takes a severe amount of practice to fully refine the skill, but most Wareyasui can control their Akagai easier than they can control their own bodies. The one weakness of the system is that the interface cannot always keep up with the reaction time of the Wareyasui, consequently they move only slightly faster than equivalently tiered beings, but far more precisely and quickly than a typical being would. This skill is only possible for a Wareyasui given the hyper-manic nature of their brains. It would be impossible to manipulate so many things without it.

=Naisei Shinkeikairomou=

An ability unique, thus far, to Moroi, the Naisei Shinkeikairomou allows Moroi to focus and manipulate his Chi in to an extremely fine membrane that coats his bones and joints enough to the point where had can function almost like a normal human being. The membrane protects and cushions the bones and joints from outside influences and allows him to walk around, run, play, etcetera almost like a normal child. However, it does need to consciously be maintained and at present has a time limit of two hours before Moroi is required to release the effect and rest. Moroi uses this to function in classes like a normal student, using the time spent stationary in a seat to recuperate before he needs to move once more. Use of this technique permits Moroi an increased level of strength, speed and endurance above that of a normal human being, enough for him to seem exceptionally strong and healthy to people who do not know any better. The boost afforded does little when stacked against the spiritually aware or spiritual beings however.

=Magatama Engine Techniques=

  • Zanshin[God Slash] Requires 0 Magatama to use.The Zanshin, Moroi’s namesake outside of being massive, is an incredibly potent defensive technique. Using the Chi expunger module, Moroi will allow chi to seep out of his arm plate before manipulating the expunged Chi in to a large seal. The seal itself, standing roughly five feet tall and two feet wide, will expel any physical incoming attack by sending an equal amount of force back in to the blow, effectively halting it entirely and leaving the victim wide open for a counter attack, typically in the form of a grapple. There is a notable start up time for the technique however, so using it on the fly is nigh impossible as the user will be hit before he really has a chance to counteract an attack. Successful use of this technique grants one Magatama.

    Additionally, the Zanshin has a second application. When assailed by an attack of pure energy, Chi, Reishi, or otherwise, Moroi can activate the second form of Zanshin. Similarly to the first, Moroi will expunge Chi in to the air and manipulate it to form the seal. This seal however will absorb the incoming spiritual attack and convert the energy in to Magatama, granting 1-3 magatam depending on the intensity of the energy absorbed. Like the previous application, there is a noticeable start up time making it impossible to use on the fly and requiring considerable premeditation. In addition, both forms of the Zanshin cannot be used simultaneously, consequently techniques that combine physical and spiritual elements are able to circumvent the Zanshin’s protection.

  • Zanshin Dome: Requires 0 Magatama to use. Using the pre-existing Zanshin technology, Moroi has adapted and upgraded the effective field of viability. With this module, Moroi is able to generate a Zanshin dome around himself, emanating from his palm and stretching out into an ten meter radius dome. Using the Chi Expunger module, Moroi will allow chi to seep out of his arm plate before manipulating the expunged Chi in to a large dome. The dome will expel any physical incoming attack by sending an equal amount of force back in to the blow, effectively halting it entirely and leaving the victim wide open for a counter attack, typically in the form of a grapple. There is a notable start up time for the technique however, so using it on the fly is nigh impossible as the user will be hit before he really has a chance to counteract an attack. Successful use of this technique grants one Magatama.

  • Fuumajin [Demon Sealing Formation]:Requires 1 Magatama to Use. Moroi, having spent a considerable amount of time with the Sugiura, has delved considerably into understanding their reality altering capabilities. While he lacks the proper genetics to fully utilize their unique form of spellcasting, Moroi has been able to glean some insight in to how they see the world and the influence that has upon their abilities. This has, in turn, taught him ways to simulate the partial effectiveness of their abilities.

    The Sugiuran magic, by nature, involves rewriting the rules of reality itself to generate a phenomenon. Moroi, a point that is quite agitating to him, does not have the capacity to see the world in the same "code" that Sugiurans by nature do and cannot fully see how to reprogram reality to generate the desired effect. However, knowing the theory behind Eidos has, with much practice, given Moroi the ability to directly attack it.

    Moroi can not fully reconstitute reality, like a Sugiura would, and instead of manipulating reality itself, Moroi attacks it. By forcibly inserting his Chi in to a particular space, Moroi is capable of distorting and perverting the fabric of the universe in that particular, small space. The universe, in an attempt to return to an equilibrium, will fold back in on itself and appear, for a moment, to be generating a visible distortion akin to a miniature black hole before it will vanish, effectively resetting reality in the space.

    In a practical sense, this allows Moroi to, in essence, delete something in a particular space. When any object enters the space in the time the black hole is active, it will be severed from the general understanding of reality, effectively removing it from existence. What is capable of being "deleted" is not restricted outside of the confines of the pocket of space and time that is being distorted, which can typically not exceed a six meter diameter.

    There are several more drawbacks and interfering concepts that come with this however. The first and foremost is that, for a non-Sugiuran to genuinely rip open a ripple in reality and, even for a Sugiuran, to not kill themselves in the process from the sheer energy requirement to do so, requires an immense amount of concentration. Consequently, this is not an ability that one can do on the fly or when pressured. This requires a substantial amount of focus and preparation and any attack it is used against must be appropriately telegraphed and, primarily, the area of effect that Moroi is able to exhibit this ability is restricted to any space he can physically "cut" with his sword, mandating a physical interaction as well. In addition, unlike abilities that typically cause destruction, objects and abilities affected by the Fuumajin are not technically "destroyed." The closest analogy would be that the victim of the attack is placed in what is tantamount of a computer's recycle bin. They are, for all intents and purposes, removed from existence but anyone substantially powerful enough and with enough knowledge of Eidos could theoretically return the victim of the Fuumajin back to reality.

  • Kishuu [Demonic Leg]: Requires 1 Magatama to use. The Kishuu is, essentially, Moroi’s equivalent technique to the Hirenkyaku of his quincy cousins and the Shunpo or Sonido of the Shinigami and Arrancar respectively or even his own rudimentary available Crescent Step. It is however immensely more powerful and potent than any of the aforementioned techniques, operating at about double the speed and efficiency of an equivalently tiered practitioner. However, Moroi is not capable of utilizing it without the Magatama Engine, consequently limiting just how frequently he is capable of moving at those speeds.

  • Guren [Crimson]: Requires 1 Magatama to use. A simple maneuver, Moroi will focus Chi around his feet and jettison himself forward with startling speed and ram the butt of Ookami in to the opponent’s gut, most likely fracturing ribs. The technique itself is used for a quick surprise attack from an unsuspecting position, being able to unleash this attack from a myriad of awkward and compromising positions and generally ignoring physics in terms of propulsion, consequently making it very difficult to react to when initiated at close range. There are two spots on the body that the Guren is typically aimed at. If it connects with the opponent’s gut, they will most likely double over and be open to further attack, but given the Sankishin’s size it takes longer to get that low and the chances of the strike hitting are reduced. The second target is the opponent’s sternum, which will propel the target backward, ultimately causing more damage but removing them from immediate danger.

  • Enma [Hades]: Requires 1 Magatama to use. A technique utilizing momentum in order to inflict damage via a punch, the Enma can create transfer the body’s kinetic energy to the fist of the Akagai, creating a rather devastating strike if properly utilized, but is barely worth noting if not. Consequently, it is best used in conjunction with a high speed technique or if the user is in some way rocketed at a target, giving Enma a frightening amount of damage potential.

  • Renka [Lotus]: Requires 2 Magatama to use. By releasing Chi from the Magatama Engine out through the Chi Expunger Unit, Moroi will coat parts of his Sankishin Susano’o with an immense amount of energy, visible to onlookers as a black glow, oxymoron not withstanding, encapsulating the suits limbs. The technique drastically increases the destructive power of the boys punches and kicks.

  • Hotaru [Firefly]: Requires 2 Magatama to use. Moroi will, using the Chi Expunger Module, leak Chi near his foot before causing it violently explode downward, in turn, violently rocketing the suit’s foot upward and delivering a powerful kick in to whatever happens to be in the way. Given that this technique has almost no indication that it is being initiated and is incredibly quick, it is almost impossible to avoid if used properly. However, if baited or used improperly, the way the attack is delivered makes it incredibly difficult to recover afterward, leaving Moroi more than open to retaliation. At times, even landing the attack against those with superior defenses tends to leave Moroi in trouble as well.

  • Zantetsu [Rending Steel]: Requires 3 Magatama to use. Similarly to the Renka, the Zantetsu will leak Chi from the Magatama Engine and Moroi will shape it around an object, drastically increasing its destructive power, just this time he encapsulates his sword rather than his limbs. The Zantetsu drastically increases Ookami’s destructive power, making it nearly impossible to block with a sword alone and really forcing evading it to be the only feasible option.

  • Tsubaki [Camellia]:Requires 3 Magatama to use. The Camellia is a simple, but devastating attack. By channeling substantial amounts of Chi to the Ookami, Moroi will perform a devastating overhead chop down on a target. The weight and sheer magnitude of the blow is more than enough to completely obliterate unreleased swords and most Shikai and Shikai equivalent weapons.

  • Kokuujin: Shippu [Empty Sky Form: Summer's Advance]: Requires 4 Magatama to use. Moroi will take the collective reserve of the Magatama engine and insert it in to the seal at the base of Ookami, his sword. Moroi will then perform a powerful overhead slash, and expel further Chi from the blade, the combination creating a devastating wave of energy, extending out in to a fifty meter long, twenty meter wide cone. The energy wave itself provides a destructive concussive force that is capable of punching through buildings and breaking bones in addition to generating a lot of heat, enough to cause major burns and scarring and otherwise cause great discomfort.

  • Kokūjin: Yukikaze[Empty Sky Form: Winter's Reposte]: Requires 6 Magatama and one successful use of the Zanshin during the fight previously to use. Moroi will leak the Chi from the Magatama on to the ground around him, forming a circular seal identical to the Zanshin in configuration, just containing a thirty meter radius as opposed to a two and a half foot one, on the ground. The seal erects an invisible barrier around the edge of its area, preventing anything from leaving the area of the seal. Once the seal is formed, Moroi is capable of instantaneous movement to any spot on or above the seal placed on the ground, essentially teleporting to wherever he sees fit within the area of the seal. The seal itself lasts for seven posts and each instance of instantaneous movement requires 1 magatama.

  • Kokūjin Ōgi: Mugen [Empty Sky True Form: Light of Judgment]: Requires Eight Magatama to use. Moroi, once his Magatama Engine has reached max capacity, is capable of overloading the system with Chi for a brief period, the battery like component of the Magatama Engine going in to, in a sense, an overdrive state. While utilizing this technique, every Magatama Engine technique has its Magatama Cost set to Zero. This technique lasts for 5 posts. Once it concludes however, the Magatama Engine will fizzle out and no Magatama techniques will be usable for the remainder of the thread.

Past & Roleplay Sample


General Skills
  • Durability: Grandmaster
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Master
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Grandmaster
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

Chi Skills
  • Sei: Master
  • Dou: Adept
  • Buzhou: Master
  • Chuxian: Master


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=Kyutetsu Shinkeikairomou=

Moroi's Chuxian is unique in many respects and the first and most obvious is the somewhat accidental nature of it and how it conflicts with Moroi's personality on the whole. Moroi, typically, is very much grounded in "reality" in so far as that he is very much in adherence to what is normal and predictable. Moroi's entire personality and life outlook is very much in the "Sei" category. It is such so very odd that Moroi's Chuxian is much less of a balance between the two and more that his repressed "Dou" energy proceeds to fully and utterly overpower its opposite and Moroi no longer maintains a lot of the logically "correct" conventions of his typical form...which goes so far as to include having a proper physical form.

Manifesting Moroi's greatest internal wish, to be free of his wretched body, in a way that Moroi would never truly devise on his own, Moroi's body breaks down in to pure energy. In this form, Moroi does not have a physical body and is, in essence, a completely self-sustained mass of energy. As such, Moroi is completely impervious to conventional damage and injury whilst in this form and while Moroi's intellect and processing speed is not necessarily reduced, Moroi's id will greatly supercede his superego, and as such while he doesn't necessarily lose his dramatic reaction and processing speed, a lot of the higher strategical and critical thinking skills are no longer present in this form and his fighting style is instead heavily dependent upon instinctual impulses. Unfortunately, energy as a whole will, perpetually, attempt to disperse and typically in to heat. As such, Moroi's Chuxian requires a container.

What this container is can vary depending on the situation but the object needs to be a relatively closed space such as a building or a cave but the more open the environment, the more limited Moroi is in traversing the area. This is not to say that Moroi is incapable of traversing in to the open world however as his form is still able to leave the container for a brief time for a variety of purposes, but his main form still needs to be inside the container and unlike most Chuxian, who typically have a post limit of five, Moroi's Chuxian can only be active for two posts, however during the extent of that time frame, Moroi effectively, for lack of a better term, "possesses" whatever he is contained within. In a similar vein to his Shinkeikairomou, Moroi is able to control the contents of his container similarly to a puppeteer yanking on strings, able to turn whatever he is contained in to his own puppet.

The most typical container that is utilized however is the Sankishin Susano'o Akagai and due to the bond that Moroi has with his Akagai, a variety of different phenomena transpire when the suit is used as the container. The first and most outwardly apparent is that the form the Sankishin Susano'o takes is somewhat drastically altered. Moroi's Akagai, which is typically clean, processed and no longer any of those things. The pristine shimmering silver is perverted in to an ominous, shadowy green to match the form Moroi's physical body takes as Moroi's form will seep from the container. The Akagai itself also becomes considerably more animalistic in tone, the head becoming more wolfish in nature as the shoulders echo that transformation and hair adornments become more wild and unkempt and, perhaps more noticeably, Moroi has an entirely new set of skills while in this form as his physical abilities and temperament are dramatically different. In addition, due to the drop in mental faculties, Moroi is not able to consciously maintain some of the more complex features of his Akagai, namely in this form Moroi no longer has access to the Magatama Engine or any of the abilities associated to it and Moroi instead adopts a new set of abilities and techniques for this form.

The first and most notable shift from convention is that when Moroi is contained in his Akagai, he is not restricted to the typical time frame that Chuxian usually presents. Instead of the typical 5 post limit, Moroi's Chuxian instead operates on a charge system. Moroi's Chuxian begins with two charges or "Ryou" when he enters in to the form. Each post that the form is active beyond the initial activation will expend one Ryou. From there on, Moroi's Chuxian techniques can either gain or cost Ryou on activation, forcing Moroi to maintain an up tempo form of combat to not be forced to revert out of his Chuxian, but also possibly affords him more time than a typical Chi Human would get to enjoy. When Moroi is reduced to zero Ryou, his body needs to reform and he loses access to his Chuxian for the remainder of the thread.

Setsudanki Biyou [Air Cutter Chi Form Expulsion]
  • Ryou Gain: 1 on Hit or Block
  • Ryou Cost: 0
  • Moroi himself, in this form, is energy in and of himself. With this and most attacks on this list, he is literally jettisoning portions of himself at his opponents. The Setsudanki Biyou is the most rudimentary form of that concept. Moroi's true body can snake free from the confines of the Susano'o unit and strike out at his opponents, capable of both piercing and bludgeoning anyone who happens to get within his range.

    The mass of energy that is Moroi can be interacted with via concussive and kinetic forces while in this form as such this ability is capable of being conventionally blocked and parried and the energy itself can only escape up to ten meters away from the container with the use of this technique. Successfully striking an opponent with this ability further adds to the time that Moroi can maintain his Chuxian by one post as well as generating energy for further Chuxian techniques.

Dandou Biyou[Ballistic Chi Form Expulsion]
  • Ryou Gain: 1 on Hit or Block
  • Ryou Cost: 0
  • Similarly to how the Setsudanki exudes the true body of Moroi out in to the world. The Dandou similarly expunges Moroi's body unto a target. However, instead of maintaining a long, solid, tangible lacerating force that can be used as a consistent weapon, the surface area of the Dandou is considerably smaller, in fact it's closer to that of a small carbine casing and does similar damage to what a rifle would do to a normal human.

    The damage these little bullets cause are somewhat limited in comparison to the other more, grandiose abilities as Moroi's disposal but the attack has a solid fifty meter range and is capable of being fired from nearly anywhere on Moroi's body, giving him a very versatile and, if allowed to dole out repetitive punishment to a target, considerable damage as well.

Zetsudai Biyou[Immense Chi Form]
  • Ryou Gain: 3
  • Ryou Cost: 0
  • One of Moroi's more unique Chuxian Abilities in that it does not require Moroi to hit a target for it to generate Ryou, the ability itself is not necessarily any less intimidating for it. Moroi, usually from a place of rage and frustration, will rear his head back and howl. Intimidating enough on its own, undoubtedly, however this is not the only effect that this has.

    The most immediately noticeable effect is the massive surge of energy that will come from the Sankishin Susano'o. The effect is similar to the Reiatsu that high tiered creatures are capable of exerting upon their lessers, except that even an equivalently tiered being will be able to feel Moroi's sheer immensity pressing down on them. While Moroi's tier does not increase with the use of this ability, it certainly feels like it. The pressure that is exerted by this technique is typically interpreted as several tiers above his own, giving the illusion of even further strength on top of his erratic demeanor.

    The ability does have a more practical, mechanical effect as well. The next Chuxian Ability that Moroi uses will generate twice as much Ryou. Unfortunately, due the intense amount of howling and energy that is generated, Moroi is not able to do a whole lot else in the turn that he utilizes this ability and as such, he needs to, mostly, stay still while he howls at the moon.

Sotenshu Biyou[Double Palm Chi Form Expulsion]
  • Ryou Gain: 5 on Hit or Block
  • Ryou Cost: 0
  • The Sotenshu Biyou is Moroi's single most Ryou generating ability that does not carry a cost of its own and it is a somewhat devastating one at that. Requiring both hands to use, the technique will strike at an opponent with both palms and jettison an immense amount of Chi in to the target. This chi, regardless of the amount of force the initial double palm thrust possessed, will violently crash in to the target and will, in most cases, cause them to careen dangerously through the air.

    Unfortunately, because the attack requires both hands to come in to physical contact with a target, the opportunities to utilize the ability without a counterattack being all but guaranteed are limited.

Kaiten Biyou[Rotation Chi Form]
  • Ryou Gain: 2 on Hit or Block
  • Ryou Cost: 0
  • Somewhat of a progression from his Setsudanki technique, the Kaiten Biyou will generate the same concussive and lacerating force as the Setsudanki, but unlike the former, this ability causes Moroi to expel multiple sources of his true form from his shell. This energy will then proceed to rotate around Moroi's form.

    Due to the rotational nature of the the energy that is being released, while not necessarily a purely defensive tool due to spinning energy hitting someone in the face still being painful, this maneuver is typically used as a defensive measure to prevent and divert blindsided attacks, whenever Moroi doesn't attempt to use himself as a battering ram at least.

Attouenshou Biyou[Overwhelming Wave Chi Form]

  • Ryou Gain: 3 on Hit or Block
  • Ryou Cost: 3
  • This ability functions as a dramatically more dangerous Yoh in so far as it threatens to rival and in some cases, exceed, an equivalently tiered Cero Oscuras. After a short charging period where Moroi will rear his head back, Moroi's true form will rapidly begin multiplying its mass before firing a massive beam of energy from the Sankishin Unit's mouth.

    The devastation this attack is capable of causing is awe inspiring, causing the very air itself flee in terror as a high pitched whistling noise follows in its wake. However, unlike a typical energy projectile of this nature, its trajectory is not static. Being Moroi himself in beam projectile form, the energy wave is capable of altering its trajectory at a moments notice, being capable of stalking and tracking its prey at Moroi's whim.

Renki Biyou[Combination Chi Form]

  • Ryou Gain: 3 per hit on Hit or Block
  • Ryou Cost: 5
  • While the name would imply that the technique itself is a combination strike, that is something of a misnomer. In actuality, this technique is a dramatically empowered Buzhou that, as opposed to being a burst of movement, is instead funneled through the entirety of Moroi's body and the Sankishin Unit.

    When activated, this technique allows Moroi's entire body to move at the speed of his Buzhou for the remainder of the post, dramatically increasing his already formidable speed and making it obnoxiously difficult to keep up with the ferocity of his attacks. For the short burst that this ability is active he is capable of ascending past many venerated speedsters. Any attacks he lands during this technique will generate Ryou.

Daikaiten Biyou[Regal Rotational Chi Form]

  • Ryou Gain: 7 on Hit or Block
  • Ryou Cost: 3
  • An expansion of the Kaiten Biyou, while the normal Kaiten is more akin to a typical rotational parry, the Daikaiten is more akin to a grindstone. Moroi's body, in addition to his true form, are whipped around himself in a raging maelstrom that when connecting with a surface will rapidly scrape away the surface of anything that it comes in to contact with which, while considerably destructive given the rate at which is relieves objects of their structural integrity, is most notable by how devastatingly painful it is to be hit by this attack.

    However, this attack does require a lot of physical momentum to generate the velocity that the energy itself reaches, as such once Moroi begins his rotation it is very difficult for him to change directions, making this ability rather easy to dodge if it is not properly lead into or situationally used.

Tenkyuu Biyou[Celestial Sphere Chi Form]

  • Ryou Gain: 10 on Hit or Block
  • Ryou Cost: 8
  • Similar to the Fuumajin, Moroi's chi is capable of ripping open small rifts in space and time. However, unlike the Fuumajin, any sense of control is not especially present. Instead of being able to, in a concentrated fashion, cause reality to fold in on itself and fully delete things within that space. Instead, Moroi's technique in this form is more akin to pulling at the fabric of reality from all sides while simultaneously condensing it. The end result is a dangerous pocket of space that will violently rip apart anything that resides within it apart as it is torn asunder by the very fabric of reality around it.

    Further unlike the Fuumajin, while the pocket of space can not extend far beyond Moroi's hand, it does not require the full swing that the Fuumajin does and, outside of the cost associated to it, can be used at nearly a moment's notice.

Uzumaki Biyou[Whirlpool Chi Form]

  • Ryou Gain: 3 per enemy afflicted
  • Ryou Cost: 12
  • The Uzumaki, as its name implies, is a technique that generates an intense amounts of suction. Moroi, angrily as per usual, will perforate his chi out over a wide area which, in turn, will rapidly and violently raise the air density of the surrounding area, except in the are around Moroi. This causes the world itself to attempt to violently hurl people, objects, etc toward Moroi and in turn making it considerably more difficult for even the fastest people to get away from him as they need to contend with Moroi and the world around them.

    This field has a fifty meter radius with Moroi as its focal point and the field itself will last for five posts. The cost for the ability is paid in full on the initial activation and is maintained for the full duration regardless of Moroi's directive.

Tengitou Biyou[Heavenly Sword Chi Form]

  • Ryou Gain: 2 on Hit or Block
  • Ryou Cost: 5
  • The Tengitou is a destructive but deceptively simple concept. Moroi will project his true form outside of his body but, as opposed to the typical generation of his Setsudanki, he will condense his form in to a hyper concentrated mass of Chi, typically in the form of a sword that is vaguely reminiscent of the Ookami his saner form typically wields.

    The sword or whatever weapon the condensed energy takes the form of is not necessarily a sword. It does not cut or slice the way a typical bladed weapon would. Instead the condensed energy will begin to corrode and burn away anything that it comes in contact with, eating away at whatever material it comes in to contact with like a swarm of locusts. Spiritually charged weapons, such as a Zanpakuto or similarly energy infused weapons are able to interact with the weapon as if it were a normal sword, being able to parry and block the weapon as normal as the energy laded within them will repel and deflect Moroi's, however even grazing hits from Moroi's blade are considerably more damaging and, chiefly, considerably more painful as his energy feels as if it is genuinely eating away at the flesh it cleaves.

Muteki Biyou[Unstoppable Chi Form]

  • Ryou Gain:0
  • Ryou Cost: 30
  • The Muteki Biyou is different than every other ability that Moroi has in this form, chiefly because it does not generate any Ryou and because it is not actually an attack all on its own. Instead, it is an augmentation to Moroi that will forcibly push him far and above his normal limitations, even in his dramatically uninhibited Chuxian. Requiring a considerably massive amount of Ryou to even produce, the Muteki will take that entire mass of energy that Moroi has accumulated and force it inward. My absorbing that sheer force in to himself Moroi is capable of forcing the sheer destructive power of his abilities far and above what they would normally be capable of and this form will last for the remainder of Moroi's Chuxian.

    The first major distinction that this needs to carry is that Moroi's physical parameters, strength, speed, durability, are not actually augmented by this ability. Moroi will not be able to run faster, jump farther, take a bigger hit, or anything of the sort. Instead, what happens is that the sheer, reality shaking destructive force of his abilities are ramped up far beyond what they should conceivably be capable of and are, for all intents and purposes, completely unstoppable.

    Any form of defensive barrier or obstruction have no hope of containing Moroi as he would effortlessly burst through them as if they did not exist and it is impossible to physically overpower, halt, or restrict Moroi's capacity to move while he is under the influence of the Muteki, becoming a completely unstoppable animal. Of course, as this does not physically increase his parameters, it is still fully possibly to continue dodging his attacks without any more difficulty than such a feat would normally pose, but evasions is relegated to the sole means of attempting to stop Moroi in this state. This does not, of course, stop Moroi from sustaining damage to his container, but even if something would cause damage, it will in no way deter Moroi's momentum.

Yakusai Biyou[Calamitous Chi Form]

  • Ryou Gain:0
  • Ryou Cost: 70
  • The penultimate ability in Moroi's arsenal and hopefully one that is never used.

    Unfortunately, it is not within Moroi's ability to control if it is used. The second Moroi hits 50 Ryou, the Yakusai Biyou will trigger, beyond his control and, in and of itself, would classify Moroi as a walking Natural Disaster.

    Upon hitting 70 Ryou, Moroi's sheer immensity of energy becomes too much for him or his container to hold. It will then coalesce in to a massive torrent of Moroi's dou Chi as it violently tries to reject the container it is currently residing in. The violent expansion of energy claws its way from Moroi's Akagai and expands over a wide area, completely eradicating all matter in the area, physical, spiritual, or otherwise

    This dramatic annihilation of everything around Moroi will extend up to one hundred fifty thousand square miles, completely disintegrating and erasing all matter within that area, including Moroi's container. After the effect is triggered, Moroi will immediately revert back to his typical human form amidst the wreckage of his explosive energy, which given his typical constitution is essentially a death sentence without assistance.


General Skills
  • Durability: Master
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Grandmaster
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Grandmaster
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

Chi Skills
  • Sei: Beginner
  • Dou: Master
  • Buzhou: Master
  • Chuxian: Master


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Moving to Unchecked <3


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I believe you won't be abusing the ryou system and we've already worked out how slim the final ability will be, I put my faith in you Andy. If you crank out a few threads he may be eligible for a 0-3- or up as well. Reapproved at 0-4++


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Wareyasui Moroi [APPROVED, 0-4++]
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