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 Karasu Hakimaru [0-3++, VIZARD]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Karasu Hakimaru [0-3++, VIZARD]   Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:26 pm

Family Information

Family Matters: Hakimaru otherwise known as Jaeden Crow the born into the clan as the next generation of Byakko, the White Tiger which ruled the winds. He was born to be the next person whom would take over the clan's tiger, but his power and strength frightened his mother and father. Yet they wouldn't kill Jaeden, they wouldn't get rid of him. No only one path was available to them, they locked him up creating a duplicate, which evolved into it's own being. The real Jaeden slowly rotted in his prison cell, while the pretender wandered around making a name for himself. No evidence was to be found of his existence even to those who did know he was but forgotten. Hakimaru, the name he took soon after imprisoned much to his father's disappointment. His father often told him that he was being childish, that he was locked up for the benefit of the family. His hatred of the man that was his father was so evident that few people knew it.

Karasu Hakimaru was the name he took, stepping further from his families absurd ways and becoming perhaps one of the few to learn swordplay just from his cage. At first they didn't bind his movement, so Jaeden was able to learn through regular means. He showed a mastery of Shunpo that was rare perhaps amazing, unlike most he was able to keep his form and practice. Hakimaru was a true expert of the move, building as many as seven moves for the form. Using his specialized knowledge of it, he was capable of being a quick and deadly foe to fight. His father listed him as the fastest member of the family, Jaeden's traveling skills were considered to be unmatched. Hakimaru was strong in many disciplines but unlike most he ignored the art of the Kido. Not desiring to learn it as he found it to be more or less something other people would enjoy. Stepping further away from his family was his only desire, Hakimaru didn't want anything to do with them. Being locked up by them had cursed him.

Basic Intel

Name: Karasu Hakimaru
Alias: Jaeden Crow, The Crow that Broke
Age: Unknown
Eye Color Azure
Height: Five Feet and Nine Inches
Weight: Two Hundred and Eight Pounds

Appearance: Hakimaru was brought up with a happy smile on his face, frequently showing a good appearance. On his feet he wears Waraji having a sakkat on his head from time to time depending on what he is doing. Wearing a worn down shihakusho that seem's to of seen better times over it a coat is worn, his frame fitting into the worn down clothing very well. Hakimaru's form is known to be extremely fit, his body is built for speed. Showing his skill with shunpo and such is a rather simple task for him. Hakimaru's clothing appears faded and seem's to of spent time in a place with sunlight, it also seem's fairly old and tattered. Showing signs that he's not been in a clean environment for sometime. His hair appears to be a brown that could be mistaken for black if one looked at it under the correct lighting. His amber eyes sometimes go as far as looking red, across one a scar is noticeable. He wear's an interesting type of shihakusho. It appears to look very similar to that of a second division member, giving it the appearance of something that would be used by one of the stealth force members.

With a slight modification on the gear when it comes to an over coat, it's hard to say what the martial is made out of. Hakimaru didn't exactly have alot of clothing to change from, while being able to move around the cavern he was locked in he did encounter some interesting creatures, but to say he was locked down all the time wouldn't be the correct term. Hakimaru's hair is long and comes to his shoulders when he take's the tie out of the hair and let's it fall. Unlike the pretender Hakimaru's body is better built for using his Hollow Mask's powers and the other skills that come with it. His facial features could be described as many things handsome perhaps one, tough, even cold to those who don't know him. Their are many elements that come to the appearance of Hakimaru, not all of them add into a special trait. His clothing once bore the symbol of the clan of which he hailed from before he broke the ties and abandoned the name. Hakimaru's nature shows even in what he wears, trying to run from something like family. Despite the child that the pretender has, he does believe it's his. The two were linked it was a tiring experience in some aspects for him. Hakimaru didn't enjoy having his power sapped away to him, his hatred of his father became more clear when he went as far to abolish everything his dad stood for. Some believe this meant that his father was correct, others are unsure.


Hakimaru's personality is one of fascination to many, he was once a smiling and happy boy with a bubbly and somewhat infectiousness smile. He was happy just living life, he seemed to have a laugh about everything brought forward. Nothing could bring his enthusiastic nature down, some said even when training he was smiling and happy. Some believed Hakimaru was the wind born into the world, showing signs of it's nature. He had a go with the flow happy child like personality. But one thing was clear his personality could make anyone happy, he had a strong constitution and showed the skill to be great. His sword and speed were so fast that most people couldn't read his swordplay. It was said by the time that you saw his blade coming the happy child had beaten you. Hakimaru had many happy moments as a child, but this wouldn't always be. He seemed to uplift everyone whom was around him, children liked him as did parents.

They considered him a polite and very strong child that could someday be something amazing. Hakimaru was considered the strongest in the clan by many his strength was the future they were placing bets on. Byakko the power of the West belonged in the hands of Hakimaru. He was the first in generations to master it beyond anything. Hakimaru's future looked bright and his personality kept a warmth and kindness that few others had ever seen. But after a single night his father cut his son across the eye giving him the scar, and then sealed him up. His personality fell apart, Hakimaru sat in the prison crying for weeks at a time. Being forgotten and abandoned by his family, completely left to rot in the hell they made for him. His personality lost the bubbly kindness that was once there. Slowly it became cold and something darker there. He'd been left here to die and the only thing he felt was contempt and part of him would destroy the Crows, his father's desire for him to be the weapon without a soul wasn't happening. Hakimaru's heart changed drastically.

The pieces of that personality remain there, strangely enough he didn't lose his Zanpakutō or the power to speak to it. Hakmiaru if anything bonded with his sword far better. The little girl whom represented his sword did it's very best to keep him company and try to protect him as though a motherly figure. Hakmiaru's only scar's he's ever gotten are one across the eye and one in the back. His father cut him across the eye and his mother stabbed him in the back. Their reasons are unknown, but to those who know of it. They say that they thought to create another entire army of Hakimaru's to make many of him. Had his personality not drastically gone to hell they would of been able to do it. But to do what they desired it required to come close and now Hakimaru would kill anything that came within five inches of his prison without hesitation. Not to mention his loyalty to the clan was completely gone.

Hakimaru had become a shell of what he was once. His loyalties are gone, perhaps forever it's hard to say. The wounds inflicted on him were far deeper then anything a sword could inflict. The wounds on his heart and perhaps even his soul was wounded by being betrayed by them. The people whom he loved and treasured dearly, seeing them as the people whom turned their backs on him. His destiny and hopes all taken and spit on, Hakimaru isn't a happy person anymore, he's simply a fragment of perhaps emptiness. Trying his best to feel nothing for feeling simply makes him sad. Sad that the woman he considered important to him even had a part in this, his father and mother how they'd acted. They'd sent away his sister so she wouldn't ever know about him. Hit left him filled with rage, sadness and a broken man whom could of been a great hero for the clan. The Man whom once was known as Jaeden Crow died long ago the day the knife and sword cut him from his beloved family.


Tiamat Crow: His sister, Hakimaru does care about his family his sister and son are the most important part of his world. Though they are not his or even people he's met truly, the person his sister met was the duplicate and she never knew. The things that don't seem to change, but the facts are simple in that she is happy. Though she is different then he remembered, Hakimaru knows she is doing well. Thankfully despite being locked in the cave he can see everything going on in the world around him, this allows him to read the environment that is left him alone. Hakimaru loved his sister dearly, he was happy she got away before what happened to him had come to pass. The dangers that came from his families betrayal were something she may not of escaped completely. Hakimaru doesn't regret the choices he's made, this has allowed him to view the world in a different manner. Hakimaru is proud of Tiamat and everything she accomplished. But as it stands the world will not sit idle anymore and things will not let him remain on the sideline.

Tsukiryuu Crow: The son he never did create, Hakimaru though not the boy's logical father is the person whom the boy can give credit to existence for. Hakimaru loves his son though never having met him, it makes hard for him to give his angle on where he is with his child. Hakimaru would never fight his son or sister in a battle unless he absolutely had to. It's believed in many ways he was imprisoned for the fact that he would be dangerous if he had children and taught them. The pretender wouldn't of been able to even scratch the surfece of what the real one could do. Jaeden Crow, the name of the true Tiger. Byakko the one that man used was that of a pretender. Tsukiryuu is someone he longs to meet, as he sits in the cave and rots. Hakimaru is strong, though one of the spell's keeps him in place. Keeping him from meeting his son, from seeing the boy.


Master Swordsman Hakimaru's sword play has often been described as the wind, this wasn't just the case in many ways. Hakimaru was able ot move his sword with such speed and quickness that the blade seem's to be invisible to the naked eye, this allows him to cut and kill almost instantly. His speed and constant mastery of the swordplay have shown time and time again, once as a child he defeated seven masters of the blade in an instant. He's known for being the only one not known to bring forward a style of swordsmanship that is conventionally different from his clan's, the invisible blade style which allowed them extra slashes brought forward by the man known as Damien Crow. Is something he rejected and said that something more exists here then what people realize. Hakimaru's was raised on the belief that a swordsman should be willing to use strange methods, but with his speed and skill alone he overpowered his enemies. Defeating them with sheer skill and control over his sword and that allowed him to be a great swordsman.

As he grew his practice with the blade did as well, showing signs of being able to use his sword to create attacks on the move. He is capable of cutting through anything with a blade in hand, cutting through building's even the toughest armor has trouble preventing him from cutting into it's hide. This has made him use a style of sword play that is unconventional and perhaps the most unique every created. Many believe that his skills fell once imprisoned but it wasn't long before his bonds were broken, leaving him in the prison cave where things without the seal could enter but not leave was his price. Hakimaru has fought animals, hollows, even creatures that could be considered on par with the great Vasto Lorde. He's slain one during his captivity with a single stroke of his Zanpakutō. His swordplay is something to behold for those who get to see it.

Immense Spiritual Pressure To say he has a high spiritual pressure is an understatement, he's got so much that it's considered insane, his power's are considerable. It's said that his pressure is like the sky, it weighs down on everyone. It's hard to consider it anything short of massive, the doppelganger isn't close to what Hakimaru can muster, his spiritual pressure is something on a different league. His father sensed his spiritual pressure once and fell over almost, many ponder how did such a weak man imprison the likes of Hakimaru. But the fact is that their were two people on the world that his guard was let down for. His father and mother and they capitalized on the chance to take him out of action. His spiritual pressure is crushing and can cause many tornado's spawn in an area when he begins using it. He's capable of creating a hurricane with his spiritual pressure if everything is done correctly. The Master of Wind was a name taken to him by most.

His pressure is special in some ways as well, just by willing it the wind can become blades from his pure reiatsu and slice everything into ribbons. Nothing is free of it's wrath as the wind can cut through everything it comes into contact with almost. With the immense size and power he's able to create, Hakimaru is capable of great things with the immense spiritual pressure he has. Some believe he's capable of knocking men out with just a glance due to the sheer size of his power. Able to make people fully aware of his presence with a simply glance, this let's him really let people know how much of a player he is in the circle. Hakimaru was able to intimidate a hollow into retreat just by glaring at it. His spiritual pressure is large enough that he can accomplish such feats, their is much more to him then people realize. He is not an enigma but his strength is relatively unknown and limitless by some people's belief, but everything has an end. The question is simply where does his end at?

Shunpo Master: This is another practice he's crafted, capable of using it on the fly and being an extremely dangerous user of the form. Hakimaru is capable of doing many things with his shunpo that others never imagined, his mastery over it is to a degree. He's been jokingly called the rival to the greats. But some people don't know just how good he is, he can travel great qualities of distances with a single step. Sometimes going from city to city with a single step of his shunpo, working long and hard on it was part of the practice he put into the training that was given to him through the art. He's able to use many moves perhaps more then most people realize under the conventional standpoint of things. Shunpo is a freedom to move that let's him travel great distances in an instant almost, his use of the moves is precise and deadly. Hakimaru is a fast man among the fastest in the world in some speculation. But he claims that speed is irrelevant that skill is what wins.

And in that aspect as well, Hakimaru's skill is phenomenal and capable of many things. He's able to use his shunpo to create a gravity well that pull's people in, letting him destroy them before even doing anything. His practice and timing with the form's has made him a strong enemy capable of fighting perhaps toe to toe with the greats. Shunpo is something that many believe to be an art only used by some and others avoid using the practice as though it's just a means of travel. But so much more exists to the form, more then most realize. Hit and run and many other things are capable of it. The wind uses it as such, with his many gift's it's only natural that he is very effective with the art of Shunpo. Coming up with different one's is part of how he passed the time, some time's he would get people to practice his moves on. Those who come into the Cavern prison sometimes are caught in a battle for their life being tested on by the Crow that was left to rot.

Extreme Speed: Being able to manipulate the wind has made him a strong and powerful warrior, but it's also made him fast. Far faster then most of his clan ever dreamed someone could go, this has allowed him to create a larger degree of things. Hakimaru's prowess in speed and focus are out of this world, he's able to side step moves on the drop of a hat and move around simply dodging. He's able to do this for many hours, just avoiding blows of enemies he considers to be to weak for him to consider truly fighting. He simply avoids their blows, using the punches they throw at him as simple dodge training. It's easy to avoid a man whom have stones attached to their hearts. Hakimaru see's this fact as sad since his holds the most. But in truth his extreme speed allows him to move far faster then people do catch on to at times. Accelerating his motions and moving quickly allow for a deadly warrior in Hakimaru, the Crow Clan's loss may be the gain of others here.

Improved Vision: Unlike the family he once belonged to very proudly, Hakimaru doesn't have a Dragon's eye his is far different. His is known as the Tiger's eye, it allows him to fight in special ways. It's not like other eyes which have strange powers or let him do things a certain way. His vision isn't seen like the way they see things, he can watch his enemies movement's almost to the point of seeing when their heart beats. Hakimaru's eyes are that of a tiger not that of a dragon. The eyes of the dragon were something he never had, which is what made him special compared to the others. That's what his parents had hoped to create. A means to make pure eyes like his, eyes that are the eyes of the creature they belong to. Hakimaru was the purity of the White Tiger, his eyes which looked like a tiger's from birth were able to change color when he uses Byakko's true powers. The power of those Dragon eye's often pales in comparison to the use of someone using the eye's of the Tiger. Though Hakimaru know's the secret, the method to awaken the eyes to the full power. He never told his parents, he'd intended to do so before they stabbed him in the back..

Master Combatant: Hakimaru is a master of fighting able to tactically make moves that most cannot in an instant, he's got a very quick mind. Able to read a situation in under a couple moments and show signs of what mastery he really is. Hakimaru is and was the only person to fight a war in his family and show his mastery, the fake has only half of his skill. Had Jaeden Crow the fake been able to access the thoughts of Hakimaru, he would of beaten the enemies he fought as children. But instead he fell time and time again, unable to save his friends. Hakimaru has little respect for the person whom pretends to be the name he cast aside. The fact is he has no reason to acknowledge him as a person of his own caliber, he's but a pretender. Hakimaru's comabt skills have been shown in many battles. Able to instantly take out commander's from across the battlefield and secure advantageous positions.

Visual Prowess

The Tiger's Eye: The eyes that he has are the truest form of Byakko, nothing else comes close to the Tiger's eyes. Byakko is a creature known as the white tiger, creating would be dragon versions are simply childish and show no results. The eyes of the Tiger that he has are special and have their own special skills which make themselves far more dangerous then the regular ones. The one's used by his would be double made him ashamed that such a creature exists. This has made him pretty aware the entire clan is blissfully unaware of the outcome of their eyes. The eyes here allow him to see things down to a person's heart beating so clearly that a person could say he could see through everything. This is simply the normal phase, it let's him track his prey when hunting them.

The Tiger's Fury: To say that simply seeing beyond what normal people do is the limit would be child's play in many words. Hakimaru is capable of manifesting the blood lust and fury that Byakko's fangs have. Many people pretend to understand the connection to the legend, but they have no clue. The full fury of the tiger is usable by him. It's why his stare has such intensity to it that some people are known to run before even fighting. His hungry and almost deadly stare has killed people before, this allows people to enter a reality all their own. The growling of a tiger can be heard when his eyes are met when he decides someone's worth his time. Showing the power that belongs to Byakko alone is something he does on rare occasions. Hakimaru's shown much more then this however, the Tiger's Fury is but one level of the many tiered powers Byakko has granted his loyal and strong warrior. The Tiger of the West has shown his loyalty and made Hakimaru into a killing machine.

The Tiger's Claw: By looking at a designated target and using a sum of his spiritual pressure, he's able to materialize an attack by focusing his intent on the location. This let's him create claw's of Byakko. He's sliced people in half with this, it's hard to predict when it happens. Some people are able to avoid this and it's not a very fast move. He requires a chance to set it up, Hakimaru doesn't like using it as it's a tricky move. But it's one that he can tap into five times before he tires. Activating it is rather annoying and requires alot of focus on the location in question from his eyes, with so much going on it's rather challenging to pull the feat off. However those struck by the claw of Byakko soon realize this is only a stepping stone compared to the thing sleeping deep within the body of Hakimaru, far more exists in his being then a simply tiger's claw aimed at you if you aren't steady. Byakko's fury is unmatched by any of the others and is shown clearly.

The Tiger's Avatar: The next list in the proud power's of Byakko is perhaps one that is used the least, never seen before. He's able to create the body of a tiger over his frame, covering it with the body of a tiger. Though it's not very large, perhaps only the size of a building with one floor or a regular house. It's a fair sized avatar and it lets him fight using it's body as a defensive armor for the most part. It's strength shouldn't be underestimated. The creation of this is one step from the final phase of Byakko's power, it focuses more on the physical aspect then it does on the spiritual like the others. Perhaps Genbu would be considered the same, this factor is the only reason why he's considered a strong warrior. However his Avatar cannot take a hit, the creation is designed for damage. Sadly for most despite it's large size it is extremely fast due to the wielder's style of fighting, this allow's it to move very quickly.

The Perfect Tiger's Avatar: The final perfect form of Byakko, it create's a tiger that isn't just big it's considerably in it's size huge. It allows the creator to ride within it's body, making the large creation perfect. Byakko forms a full link with the wielder of the eye, Hakimaru had come to this route on his own and this was simply what he came to the conclusion. His speed is now given overwhelming power able to swipe away half a large town with a full powered swing of it's claw. Hakimaru's avatar is considered to be gigantic and shown as something larger then buildings and mountains as it's able to tower above most things. This has a bit more strength to take a hit, but with this only a couple things are needed to change. Hakimaru is not a fan of activating this mode because it leaves him open to attack on some angles, this is the reason he generally avoids using the final form of Byakko's avatar. As it may have many roads that people follow, but this ending is tough to use.

The Activation Seal: Hakimaru is perhaps the only one alive that knows the truth about the Crow Clan's lost eye powers. Even Damien the old drunk has no clue that his power was based on Seiryu, though it matters little. Hakimaru has learned how to activate other eyes, the power is simply and he could do it for any member of the family. Born with the blood and strength to activate their own eyes. Purity of blood isn't needed as shown with his son, training can let you on your path. Though the path's are different as are the outcomes. Hakimaru has mastered most of the power's Byakko offered him, several others remain untapped but this one is a gift from the creature itself in some ways. However if he would aid the clan is unknown, Hakimaru has little to no loyalty to the Crows he doesn't consider himself among their ranks. However, he may activate Tiamat and Tsukiryuu's eyes to protect them from the dangers of the world. But the rest of the clan could burn in some cases,, he simply just can't stand them.


The Crow Feather Shunpo: The shunpo let's him replace himself with crow feathers, using them as a double for his stand in. These feather's can either cut a person to ribbons with the razor edge's he applies to them with his energy. Or explode depending on how they are used, this let's us a freedom and diversity with his steps that few other creators of the art have had, Hakimaru has shown great interest in finding a method to over come the many limitations that those who study the art of flash step go through. This has made him consider mastering the art as more of a personal goal then anything else, a means to make his dreams come true. Thing's have remained indifferent for the most part, allowing him to become a far stronger fighter by using this move. The feather's can be harmless as well, he can only use each one three times a post. Letting him use his diversity to kill his enemies.

Gravity Shunpo Hakimaru created this step personally, it let's him create a gravity well that will crush his enemies whom step in to deliver the finishing below to the clone created for it. The clone carries the gravity well inside of it, the move must be done at the last minute. Making it a move used for finishing off his enemies, he's capable of doing many tricks with this. But this is a once a post move, using it more then that complicates things. Allowing him the freedom to escape things and sucking in the enemies attacks into the gravity well created by the step, does give him some freedom that others did not have with the art. Hakimaru has also had time to perfect things in his prison unlike most prisoner's whom are in jail. He's spent his time very very productively. Making many improvements on his shunpo and creating the Gravity Well was but a single one that he's come up with, not many people are aware of how the move works.

Switch Step: Hakimaru is able to trade places with his doubles created by Shunpo, this is a move his double did figure out. But not quite to the degree that Hakimaru has. He is able to switch places among them instantly, able to go from A to B is easy as the wind can blow through the tree's. It's the easiest step he can perform, creating doubles of himself is easy as he can create up to seven of them. And he can freely switch between them at anytime, the focus required is little and it let's him use these as means to test out his enemies strength. He's a very careful fighter in some cases, but his mastery in this art has never been questioned. It's always been something that's been clear, even the fake has a decent amount of talent in the platform of Shunpo. But much more remains that people do not see, the darker side of things is the fact that he can take this to a greater detail. Hakimaru is able ot make his clones appear almost perfect, making the mistake of them for him is easy.

The Wind's Step: Hakimaru is capable of stepping as the wind, allowing him to remove all matter's slowing him. Creating this step for the sake of allowing him the freedom to move and get about, he is able to freely roam around and do as he pleases with this. This step is extremely faster, making him able to make distances in only a matter of minutes. However other matter's come into the effects her, his Zanpakutō has allowed him to make this step. The wind is said to howl when he start's really going, Hakimaru's speed with this step is impressive. He's able to remove anything blocking him in the way of resistance, allowing him to move at full speed without any problems. The wind is a fast element letting it add to his already great speed in shunpo has allowed growth that few others would find in the rare art. The Wind Step has other uses, he can create a well of wind blades and use them as a double for a person to walk into. Shredding their body with several cuts and causing some damage.

The Tiger's Step: Hakimaru's mastery is beyond just stepping with his feet, he can perform a shunpo with any part of his body. Able to even do it when falling by touching his hand to a solid platform, he can create and move instantly, using this method. He's got a freedom few other users have, he's been able to make a fairly diverse set of moves that allow him a great deal of freedom. His capable nature has allowed him to create this shunpo and make it one that he is good at making use of, Hakimaru is shown using the step to create very good openings from his enemies shock that he can do this. The final step was one he spent much time practicing, but it has paid off severally in his favor. Faking a fall only to catch your enemy off guard and slice them in half, it is a benefit that few warriors have known. This said, he can also perform Shunpo off of people, able to step just by having that solid surface. He's shown to be a very acrobatic warrior capable of going extremely fast.


Kaze no Ikari The style he is known for, the Wind's Fury is a powerful method of swordplay he uses. It doesn't tie into the Zanpakutō's power not unless he desires it. The sword play style allows him to move his sword at a speed so quick that he had once broken his own arm due to the strain it put on his muscles. However after growing more and his special training, the style doesn't effect him as it used to. He is however still able to make his sword vanish creating slashes that are so fast the eye cannot follow them generally. He was able to bring down twenty men in two seconds to give an idea of how quickly he can move his sword, this was a a total of three swings of his weapon. Now the moves for this style are very secretive and don't have special effects other then their speed mostly, using the form he does enjoy. It allows him to create an offense that is free and let's him flow into combat for quicker. This style is fluid and adapts it's patterns and even flow to defeat the enemies. If it's being read the pattern's change, the simple truth is the wind's fury has no true form or settled style on it.

Kaze no Ikari, Tadashi Buredo: Wind's Fury, Rightous Blade is a move that is the fastest of the many used by Hakimaru. Capable of cutting through several building's and perhaps even people. The sword play for it is fast, to the point people believe he doesn't have a blade. The acceleration of the blade in this style allows him to execute the move flawless, creating not even a spray of blood on the blade. It's a perfect stroke of the sword, he can do this from the sheathed position or even from the drawn. Using Tadashi Buredo is an easy one for him, but it's very effective. It let's him show off something few people have seen. The full effectiveness of a quick sword play style. However this is simply the beginning of the art form he has built.

Kaze no Ikari, Hakai Buredo: The Ravager's blade, it let's him perform over one hundred slashes in a single instant. His blade speed and skill are shown here with clear cut showmanship. His sword play isn't just considered the fastest, in some cases it really is. Creating this sword cutting of one hundred blades is do in no small part to the speed he is able to create, by swinging his sword rapidly and creating the specialized cutting force. This move can be used defensively and offensively depending on the need, Hakimaru is considered a master of sword play for the very reason. His style is able to do much, and very quickly. This move can be used fairly fast if need be, it's not something with a set pattern. Nor is it mindless swinging of the blade, it's literally a poetry in motion of swordplay. Creating aflow of wind to the style that allows him to cut and create a hundred strokes of the sword in but an instant.

Kaze no Ikari, Kyuseishu Tadashi: He's able to create a vacuum of blades by speeding his sword play, up it's not like the last move. He's able to move quick enough he creates a entire suction that pulls people in and slaughters them. He doesn't even have to be there to do it at times, this move allows him to create the death he desires for some. It's known as the saviors blade, making it one that's rarely used. Though two forms exist for the weapon as it's seen, the weapon allows him to freely create a space of blades by using his sword play and moving quickly. By doing this he executes the combo and even if the enemy blocks the first blow, it's likely that this can still be performed. He just needs to accelerate his rate up. However the true Savior's blade is more power, it's a single sword stroke to the eye but in truth it's perhaps over a thousand. This create's a beam or blast of blades that go towards an enemy with the single purpose of slaughtering them.


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Master
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Master
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Power Augmentation Master
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Mask Protection:: Advanced
  • Hollow Control: Advanced

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Karasu Hakimaru [0-3++, VIZARD]   Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:14 pm

Basic Intel

Name: Kazehime - The Wind Princess
Height: Four feet and five inches
Weight: One hundred pounds
Appearance: She is a small girl very tiny compared to most having a green hair that seem's to stand out to most, her eyes are azure blue much like her wielders. Sign of the wind, she is known as the Wind Princess, able to blow away most people whom even try to come into her mind. However she dresses in strange attire at times, dressing in anything sometimes even nothing. She freely shows herself to people as though nothing is wrong with that prospect. However despite her bubble gum nature she is very quick to defend Hakimaru no matter what. She was silent for several days after what had happened. Part of her wished she could get free and strangely those people, though she hoped Hakimaru would kill his parents with her blade. Her physical body is rather normal in that sense, she does have a child like look to her. Her eyes are a jade green and sometimes neon depending on her mood.

In her blade form, the Zanpakutō is interesting enough. hilt uses a rare type of guard and has a ring on the end of the hilt, the purpose of the ring is unknown to most but it does have reason. The guard is a six sided star guard, this has a point as will be later shown in the later developments of the Zanpakutō's release and power that Kazehime draws on. The blade itself is almost like silver or jade by it's coloring, the pristine nature of it could shine in the darkness. It's a normal katana in standard form. Engraved in the blade are symbols which have purposes as well that are not for the appearance alone. The ring is connected to something of a wire on the sword, allowing it to be spun freely. Though this concept is not something Hakimaru does to often, unless he's certain he can get away with it. The wire is built from his reiatsu, it's nearly invisible and allows him to trick people with the rare move. But Kazehime is a blade meant for killing with her blade alone not fancy tricks.


She is a spit fire completely unlike the wielder, she is known to be a very hyper and happy female. Able to jump around and enjoy the world for what it is. She often makes remarks that upset her wielder. She is very capable and strong in what she does. She has absolute faith in Hakimaru, she's easily pleased by the little things. She seem's to have a hyper issue of ADD. Able to be completely distracted by the little things. Things such as rabbit's in the road and perhaps even lights. Kazehime is known as the Princess of the Wind and has the nature of being a happy and easy going creature. Her owner is serious, but it's believed since the two are similar. Somewhere deep down that is what lingers inside of him. It's unknown if this is the true state of Hakimaru, though speculation is that it could very well be. Kasehime is known for her almost love of the color pink, she can be a very animated person at times. Much like the wind she does prefer to wander and didn't take kindly to what happened to her wielder, the wind can be vicious as well as gentle. She took his side relatively quickly in the thought of killing those whom gave him life.


Power of the Wind Hakimaru can comprehend and control the wind. This allows him a rare amount of skills, with Kazehime he's able to do much that others can only dream, Kazehime's powers can be drawn on while sheathed or drawn freely. This allows him a freedom that is not normally shown to people whom don't grasp the power of wind. He can implode, explode, or cause crushing waves of air. This allows him to do much with his powers that are free, unlike most Zanpakutō's that have moves preset. Kazehime's set is entirely up to the imagination of the wielder, she even tosses suggestions to Hakimaru at times. The power here does go further into the world of some ways, Hakimaru has no wind resistance, he is completely free from it. The wind allows a great deal of freedom regardless if he's tapping into the power of his Zanpakutō. Hakimaru and Kazehime have an immense bond making them very tied together, their are other powers that he is able to perform with this. Many thing's allow a great deal of freedom, spawning tornado's and even to a degree causing the wind to explode into a radius of damage that can be large. The wind can be shaped to his will even in this form, it allows a great deal of freedom to manipulate and control the element without much issue. Hakimaru is capable of clearing an entire area of enemies by simply swiping his hand, the power of the wind can be gentle or deadly. Much is yet to be seen of the prowess that lives in this sword. The Princess of the Wind is stronger then most people realize and can kill without thought.

The Wind's Speed: Gifted the speed of the wind, Hakimaru is able to move extremely fast, able to create what appears to be wind clones of himself freely, the speed he gains in just the base form is extremely noticeable. The blade only plays to the strengths of the wielder, giving him the push as the swordsman of legend. He is capable of doing a number of things that most cannot, using the wind as a means to give him that extra speed and leverage. His speed is vastly unknown as he can move very quickly by any means given to him, Hakimaru's speed is considered to be his strongest area of skill. The power generated from his speed is truly one thing that has yet to be put to the test, only time will tell if he is shown to be anything other then the master of wind. Kazehime does have more powers and it shows within her Zanpakutō's release form, allowing the wielder to take things even further then what most would realize.


Immense Spiritual Pressure Increase Upon releasing his shikai, his spiritual pressure jumps two fold. Causing his power to blast away those whom aren't strong enough, the wind around him becomes extremely powerful. All of his wind based attacks are brought up to a far stronger level then they'd previously been at. This allows him to fight at extremely powerful moves, sometimes he's been able to do massive damage while swinging his sword or using his wind based moves. It's unknown what the limit of it is, the wind around him howl's viciously as the wind rips into those whom aren't ready for the male's intense pressure and power. However this being only the release of his power allowed him to do something more special then most, he's capable of shredding several people with the blasts of air that come from the energy released by the blast that his Zanpakutō let's off. No changes come to the appearance of the blade itself, but the energy is clear and strong.

Immense Speed increase: He's able to move far quicker then before, his speed before almost seem's as though a joke compared to this. It's not just his shunpo speed that is extremely impressive, his movement is way quicker, able to move at the drop of a hat and go from zero to one hundred. This has given him a great deal of respect to those whom get to see the vast increase in his speed, perhaps a coy fighter by most thoughts. His swordsmanship get's faster as Kazehime and he share an almost perfect balance, working off one another's strengths making them very powerful. Hakimaru is considered one of the better in using his Zanpakutō's speed. He's able to be extremely acrobatic, this allows for quick nimble movement that few others can accomplish in shikai. Some only are capable of doing it within the bankai release, while others are not able to be nimble and quick as the wind itself. Once upon a time this release would of broken his body from the speed used.

The Princess of the Wind: This is one of the most powerful wind releases known, Kazehime releases her wind power and blasts away things to weak to stand in her presence. The dust in the fleeting wind seem's to be part of her prowess as a weapon. The blade and wind power are brought up to an extremely high level, allowing him as far as Shinigami go to be extremely effective. People believe his shikai could be considered on par with some bankai's but not many. The power of wind is increased in shikai by ten fold, allowing him to do extreme amounts of damage with highly precise and deadly accurate fire, this has made the wind attack's he can create a very powerful and deadly combination with his swordplay. Combining everything together allows him to be a very quick and fatal fighter to fight. The wind attack's in shikai are capable of blowing away even the clouds, nothing remains in the presence of Kazehime as she simply erases their presence knocking it away.


Immense Spiritual Pressure Increase: The speed increase that is given to him in Bankai is gigantic and capable of allowing him to be felt perhaps quite a ways, the distance is unknown. But the immense power of the wind is now at his call, his storms can cause high effects on the air streams of the living world, causing them to go out of whack to a point. The fact of the matter is within bankai his spiritual pressure is extremely high. Capable of knocking out those to weak, some believe it just simply knocks the air out of you. But to a point all the air in the vicinity is drawn in to him so it's possible that it's the case, but truth be told it's more just the sheer size and quality of his pressure that does it. Hakimaru in his bankai is considered a fierce and almost monster like foe, even his Zanpakutō say's it's rare for her to stretch her legs like this, she hopes it will continue.

The Wind God's Speed: The speed now is nearly impossible to keep up with, this has allowed him to make his normal movement's like shunpo. However it can be taken further if he decides to dawn the mask, but he prefer's to fight as just a Zanpakutō user. The speed allow's his regular movement to be equal to shunpo and he is able to do this fairly quickly. The speed of which his moves and skill are able to be executed are drastically increased in bankai. His arm's alone are barely able to be witnessed by the best eyes. The fury of the Princess of Wind's is finally free to be released on those whom aren't ready for her unrelenting fury and wrath. Though it's hard to picture as nothing changes yet again about the blade, it remain's as it was. The weapon experiences little changes but the user does appear to under go some in his powers and speed. Thankfully yet again Hakimaru has trained to endure such incredible speeds down to his very diet. So he's capable of fighting out in bankai for a long period.

North Wind: One of the four powers of his bankai, the Princess of Wind call's on the four winds to cause amazing amounts of damage. The first one used often is the North Wind, howling with air cold enough to freeze a person down to their very bones. This wind is used in gusts of air he's capable of creating them in his reiatsu or through the basic powers she grants. The fact of the matter is, her powers are based around the freedom that wind grants, no limits are placed but on the users imagination. The North wind can be just the same, capable of freezing everything within it's path. The damage depends entirely on the enemies, but his prowess with the weapon's first of the four winds is noted to be excellent. Hakimaru has shown great control and can even mix the wind's together, only two at a time. Normally he'll combine the cold win with the East or West Winds. This makes it an amazingly dangerous attack as the two create a sand storm of snow or tornado's of icy death.

South Wind: The heated Southern winds capable of burning a person down to their bones as well, this wind is extremely dangerous as well like the North. It's one he's fairly good with using. It's also the second of the four he'll go to when in need. The South Wind is extremely hot and can even make enemies lose stamina, being in the heated wind is like standing within the deserts of the Nile. It's considered to be one of the harder ones for some people to handle, the heat and such do not bother him as he is accustomed to it's temperature's and able to endure them extremely well. The area's around him are often effected during the bankai due to wind changes and such things. So using thing's like the South wind can cause some long term damages, so he does try to avoid doing so. He's not sure of what the entire field of long term damages would be. Whatever comes of the power released is free as the North Wind and just as dangerous.

East Wind: The Wind of the East, is a dusty death that will kill many whom are trapped in the airless void it can create. Dust storm's capable of changing the very landscape when released. This is the Third Wind of his arsenal of winds, he's capable of releasing them whenever it pleases him the order is free. Using the dusty wind he is granted the normal freedom as all the others are given, it's use is up to him. He's able to change everything when one of these is activated. It allows him to release the dusty reiatsu out, capable of causing people to choke on the air from it. The dust can be poison to some people if he desires, as the air required to breath in the East Wind is dangerous to those not quite ready for it. His bankai's dangerous forms are closing in on the final one. The East Wind has yet to be used by him in open, he's only activated it once and it was able to kill his enemies with no problems what so ever by simply being activated.

West Wind: The Wind's of the West, the wind that can be any storm and allow's a freedom. His wind has lighting in it at this point, so it's a two pronged attack on those not ready. But the West is the largest of them, he's able to produce tornado's of huge size and state by it's simple release, however this is but one outlet. This wind is the fastest of the Four, able to produce win's that clock in over 500 to 700 WPM and easily able to rip those not ready apart, some people claim this is like the storm being called all at once. However none have truly witnessed it's full power, he's kept it hidden. Deciding it was to dangerous to use openly, unlike the other three this one's damage radius is far larger then others. Whatever comes of it allow's him a freedom to fight that most others do not have. While the powers and effect's the wind all change depending on the location, a final end must exist as that is the path of all things. The final ending simply awaits those who live through the West.

Central Wind: This wind has two outlets, the first is it's the eye of the storm so to speak. Thus it's able to cancel and control all wind's regardless of whom or where they come from, that is the simple nature of it. And it combines all four winds into a singular being, creating the ultimate wind power. It combines them all into a wind that can cause all four damages instantly, the total destruction it causes makes it the one he doesn't want to use if possible, Hakimaru has been careful using this one in practice extremely. As damaging anything in the area he is in may alert the Shinigami to his presence. It's unknown what fate await's Hakimaru's enemies whom encounter the true final form of the Bankai. Only that the danger's are real and some may not walk away with their bodies intact from facing this monster that is simply known as the Central Wind. The damage's caused are unknown and Hakimaru's method of using it is also unknown.

Hollow Mask

Physical Increase: Upon dawning the mask his physical traits go up, anything physically related is increased by ten fold, allowing him a great deal more power then most would anticipate of the man Hakimaru.His mask is that of an interesting shape and form, it appears to slide over his face with six spikes on the side of it. Each one opposite the other as this is dawned his power and skills are increased dramatically, making him a threat to those not weary of the man's strength. His speed as well is given a high increase almost on par to his shikai release, depending on how far he is in this could be extremely dangerous to those fighting him. Hakimaru's mask is often a sign of his respect to his enemy. Or the situation calls for him to no longer play around, it truly depends on how he goes about doing it. Hakimaru's mask is able to be hidden completely along with his hollow powers. It's a strange gift that came from the mask itself.

Hiding Power: He's able to mask his entire hollow powers and even able to dawn the mask without tapping into the energies to activate it. Some of this is due to his training in the field of using the mask, this has allowed him to develop special tricks. But hiding his hollow presence is the chief among them. He's able to completely distort his energy as a shinigami purely. Some of this comes from practice, but it will not work if he taps into the hollow powers. This power will vanish completely as one may suspect of the use of it. It's extremely rare that he will tap into his mask, as it's a waste of time in his opinion as enemies barely can fight him within his shikai or bankai. Let alone if he decides to take things to the next level and take it all the way. So his desire and perhaps his genius at using the mask has allowed him to cloak the hollow's existence within him completely when desired, only releasing it when truly needed.

Extreme Spiritual Pressure: The amount of pressure he puts out with the mask is insane, it can be felt all the way on the other side of a country and perhaps farther, least that's what some have guessed at the area. It's truly hard to measure what it feel's like, as normally when the mask is used he goes into his Zanpakutō's powers first. This allows him to be extremely dangerous with his prowess as a warrior increased already. However as stated his hollow mask hasn't been used that much, due to his practice at cloaking it. The true nature of his power when using it is unknown. The only one's who've seen it within the cave died fairly quick deaths. Unable to announce the finding's that the Hakimaru Karasu had become a Vizard. Though part of this was due to the location, unlike some he had to master his hollow alone. Though also unlike some, he had nothing to worry about as the cave was able to contain the hollow and him despite their immense strength.

Wind Spatial Infusion: The rare power he has with his mask on and he may only do it ten times a thread is he may transport himself almost instantly at a speed faster then his shunpo or most shunpo's to be encountered. To an wind based attack or object in the area, meaning thing's like tornado's, or such are things he can jump to. Sadly it's very limited with his mask on alone, this only allow's him to take things so far. Hakimaru's fierce might with the mask on makes him a dangerous and deadly warrior for anyone whom comes into contact with his fury as a Vizard. However the power is limited to ten times as he cannot deal with it in this phase as well, it causes some issues for him when fighting that are not able to be avoided as well as he would like. Hakimaru's mask will crumble if he attempts to use the power more then ten times. It also can drain him extremely quickly if he's not careful past the ten jumps, moving his body like that is tiring. These are the only down sides of the power granted. .

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]


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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Karasu Hakimaru [0-3++, VIZARD]   Mon Dec 23, 2013 1:35 am


Born into the illustrious Crow family to the clan's head family that was. Jaeden Crow was born a strong child connected deeply to the spirit Byakko which gave them power, however his link was so great that nothing had ever come along. Born with Azure eyes that were able to pierce a person's soul. Jaeden's mother believed he was a pure child as his sister would come later. Jaeden proved himself an instant swordsman, able to produce an astonishing result in his fighting style. Producing perhaps some of the best sword play seen in generations, as he grew up he was becoming a fine Shinigami. Living together with his sister, he was growing up with a loving family. His nature was very friendly always desiring to help others. This made him a target for some, though bullying him was nearly impossible. TIamat would stick up for him come hell or high water, so bullying the family that Jaeden came from was something simply not done by anyone.

As time passed the father and mother of the two wonderful and kind children. They began to plot a plan that would alter the very nature of the family, a plan so evil that even the worst of the people hated them. First they took care of the daughter, by putting kido on her without her knowing really. The father had gone far as to drug his daughter and erase her memories to a point, his kido skills were of a legendary nature. After she was sent away to grow alone for now, they'd planned to get her. However Jaeden would lose both his family and name in what was to come, he was coming towards the point where no return existed. After a mission where he slew a hundred people within a couple seconds. He was asked to meet his parents both to give a report. They needed his blood and to wound him to be able to contain him, however one thing needed to remain stable. The mother decided to offer to give him a shoulder rub and he accepted. Only to find a dagger in his back and a kido slash across the face. One of his azure eyes was changed in it's color almost instantly.

However their was a price they'd not seen, upon creating a singular clone from their son he was imperfect. They sent family members in to get him to make more, but they were killed instantly. A blood thirsty being existed now in the innocent son whom had been a good child. His mother attempted to reason with him and got cut six times in one second, she barely got out alive. A speech was given that day and it will be repeated to those who list. "I'll kill you..come never me again you witch and you'll die...Same goes for that pathetic excuse of life known as a father, you exist only to die by my blade..I am Jaeden Crow no longer, I am Karasu Hakimaru..And I am your death." The status changed then the father had to tend to the extremely wounded mother. He'd hoped to go in and kill his son. But only succeeded in feeding recruits to make his child greater then he was. However, it's after this that the story changes.

Some believed that TIamat and Jaeden were from the branch family, however this fact is a fabrication. Part of the kido, the truth was they were nobles. And the people whom were their parents were nobles as well. The other Jaeden bought into it and exterminated their entire family, he'd been used without ever knowing what had happened. The bastards in the Branch Family and their parents had tried to seize the power in one swoop. However a mistake was made, they had failed to secure Hakimaru and now couldn't even enter the Cavern. Not a single soul could match him, so instead of trying to take their son out of the picture. They allowed him to sit and realize his family everything was gone. Hakimaru knew of the deception and his Grand father had warned him not to trust those power hungry fools. If only he'd listened to his grandfather, perhaps he would be here still. Hakimaru's angry and hatred only grew stronger and as did that of his Zanpakutō.s The truth was simply the painful reality nobody wanted to accept.

The only shining point was his son, Tsukiryuu the boy born and taught by the pretender. He couldn't stand that creature and someday they would return to one being. He knew everything that his double did, that was a pain itself. Knowing that the being whom was used as his copy was simply the one who killed his entire family. Except those rotten bastard parents, the only thing left to him was TIamat. And he would do anything by any means to protect her and Tsukiryuu. Tsuki was important and didn't even know it. Hakimaru loved his son and the family he knew well enough, Iriko was Tiamat's friend and for that he would protect him like a brother. Those three were it, everything else deserved to die. Not a single person in the family deserved freedom for the crimes they'd done. It wasn't a war to over take cruel people. It was a war crime beyond even Demons. Nothing this cruel had ever been done, they killed the elderly grandparents in the sleep.

All Hakimaru could do was sit in his cavern, his hatred brewing and becoming thick. For now and for many centuries all he could do was wait, his Zanpakutō and he training. For the day they would leave and begin their revenge, on people and those whom wronged them. But at the same time, Tiamat needed to be protected and as did the others. From the evil of the families darkness, even their founder had no idea what had happened. He'd been gone during the dark hour that his family needed him. This was the truth, this was the way it was. His hate drove him and he trained relentlessly, enemies would come in now and then. He'd use them and perfect his moves, allowing him to grow stronger. His power drew in hollows, like moths to a flame. The training was good, but time was drawing near. He'd watched the pretender's carrier in disgust. Every moment he saw him, was a slap and reminder of his dear grandfather. The man whom Tiamat was most of fond of, the man whom loved her dearly. The man whom was going to make her the next leader, everything had gone to hell.

But somethings did play out well and she remained happy, learning of her origins somewhat. He was happy and content, so long as she remained so. But time was drawing near, it was almost time for his escape. The time was coming and soon perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow. Karasu Hakimaru will come and bring truth to the family that has forgotten, most of them. Pretenders line the family, pretending to be grand fathers that they are not. They are murderer's and time shall get them soon enough. This is his story, this is the tale of a man whom lost everything but has his vengeance yet.

Graphics by: Forsaken Crow
Coding by: [THEFROST]


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The Application Checklist

Tsukiryuu Checking Mode Activated.

  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master.
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced.
  • Pain Endurance: Master.
  • Focus: Master.

Comments/Notes: Great App Crow.~
Tier: 0-3++

App Check complete,

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Arching Due to Request.
[1:32:56 AM] Crow: Put em up, or erase them.
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Karasu Hakimaru [0-3++, VIZARD]
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