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 Shatari's Australia Upgrades

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Shatari's Australia Upgrades   Sat Dec 21, 2013 10:12 pm

  • Name Of Character: Shatari Yuudeshi
  • Link To Character Profile:
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Due to the current happening in the thread, Shatari's Yuudeshi Drive had activated after she accepted Hebinoishin's contract (the voice in her head). As a result, in the upcoming post, she is going to unlock her Awaken State and go through a dramatic transformation in terms of her body structure, character progression, personality, powers and so forth.

    This is a major mark in her as one of my protags and I feel that since I have not really given her any sort of upgrade since her inception almost two years ago, I feel now is the time for her to reach the next pinnacle after power after dealing with great fear, anger and pain in this event along with it being her first war. I want her to take back something heavy from it, and everything that has transpired in this thread fits the bill.

    Ima has also already cleared her for 3-1++ tier and I just need the abilities auto or reapproved for the site outside of the event.

    Additionally, want to use two skill upgrades to make her Pain Endurance Advanced, while making her willpower Master. This is also occurring IC wise due to the changes in her mental state thanks to the Yuudeshi Drive following her event thread in Australia.

    Link here:

    I want to have her use the two skill upgrades to go from Adept speed to Master. It would make sense anyway in Canon since the part of the Yuudeshi Clan she is from is known for their speed, and with her Yuudeshi Drive activating, she already got a major boost in power and this is meant to compliment that. So I'll be using my November OTM's for that.

    Link here:

    What Are You Upgrading: Self Given Awakened Release: "Let's show them the strength of our drive, Hebinoishin!"

    Awakened Appearance: When Shatari releases into her Awakened State, one of the first notable things is that the canines in her teeth will sharpen to the point of being mistaken for actual fangs. Which means in a similar pattern, the nails on her hands will sharpen to the point of transforming into claws where Shatari can extend her powers from with ease. From there, the transition will become more rapbidly burst of red and white aura from her energy will usually be noted as radiating sharply from her body. In fact, the cutting edge of this force will be so strong that many types of obstacles around her can be reduced to shreds due to the razor effect they appear to have. Such as if she released beneath the Earth, she could attempt to use these edges to claw her way to the top.

    Furthermore, whatever outfit she happens to be wearing may also be affected by similar changes. As if Shatari happened to be sporting something like a bow behind her back, that could transform into a base of tendrils that she can retract or extend as she very well pleases. So modifications based on the clothing she wears can occur with this transformation. This may also be able to be applied to equipment, but only for those she has on hand as she is ascending into this state according to her knowledge.

    Lastly, two large plates of armor with the durability of a Zanpukto will appear on each of Shatari's hands extending upwards to her lower arm. As the metamorphosis proceeds, they will then grow many crimson hued spikes from out of their base; while two snake heads will come to the front portion of the equipment; radiating a blazing scarlet red light from out of their eyes as the inner beast within Shatari begins to awaken. For it is at this point that Hebinoishin may very well appear by Shatari's side in some instances during combat to make both his and hers will as a unified force. More often than not, though, Hebinoishin is retracted back inward into Shatari's mind as she prefers to fight solo if she can help it.

    Hebonoishin's Generalized Effects

    Boosted Base Abilities: All abilities that Shatari had in her base form are taken with her into released state. This accounts for all of her Chi and Soul-Based Powers. So with that being said, with this being an ascended form, most of her attributes will be given a two to four times increase depending on the amount of energy which is heightened in her awakening dependent on factors such as her overall health and energy in her base form when she ascended. So if she were in peak form and ascended to Hebonoishin's Awakening, there is a very real chance she'd have that quadruple effect. Whereas if she had been fighting previously and strained herself a bit, it would be more likely to have a three times effect; and if she were heavily injured before it would only be two times.

    In terms of what this particular function of her awakening effects? This applies as for her general physical stats, supernatural abilities and even her mental cognition to an extent. As Shatari will seem more in control of herself in this form due to her brain being able to have more advanced capacities for processing information, becoming extremely stimulated in this form from the spikes of Chi enhancing her minds functions and Hebonoishin's influence mending her mind to be more sharp than before with his wealth of knowledge from generations of Yuudeshi before her.

    Shared Connection & Release: Shatari can give consent for the likes of Hebinoishin to be summoned on to the field to fight alongside her, but unknown to her, he can summon himself against her will. It only requires a slight bit of energy to be taken away from Shatari, and then a body will be constructed for Hebinoishin to exit from Shatari's conscious into the material world. It will share the same amount of damage that Shatari takes, but he'll have a separate energy reserve. Ergo, if Shatari is hurt, then Hebinoishin is hurt as well; along with the reverse. Which means the benefit of it would be the combination of their energy working as one. Which further helps explain some of the augmentation increases that are associated with this form. If Hebinoishin is damaged heavily, he'll retreat back in Shatari or infuse himself to her body for the long haul.

    This effect may very well result in him occasionally hijacking control of The Yuudeshi's body. As he can override the functions of her body and use them for his own gain if she becomes too unstable for her own good. A form of restraint and discipline for her if she acts too unruly. Usually, though, in the form of conversation that occurs within Shatari's head, Hebonoishin will try to reason with her before it reaches that point. The reason that Hebinoishin has this precaution in place is that if Shatari goes further down the path of evolving her Yuudeshi Drive, stability changes in Shatari's own psyche may cause adverse effects in his own. Such as becoming too aggressive, possessive or downright hostile. It's a very difficult thing to balance, and it's clear to him she won't do that part, so he has to have a security measure put in place in case her powers evolve too chaotically.

    Hebonoishin's 1st Power: Serpent's Form

    Serpent's Form: This is what Hebinoishin calls Shatari's Snake Physiology when in her awakened state. Essentially, by taking on Hebonoishin's essence into her by the awakening of her Yuudeshi Drive, Shatari's body can take on varying abilities of the snake such as constriction, heightened durability, increased Elasticity and other similar effects. Henceforth, with all of this information given, you'll see some of it's abilities listed below and how Shatari often uses them when in the middle of combat.

    Swift Flexibility: Taking on more physiology from that of a snake, Shatari's body is able to effortlessly bend, adjust and twist her body beyond normal limits without much strain on her part; essentially becoming more elastic in nature. For instance: if an opponent were to grab a hold of Shatari from her ankle, she could attempt to modify the joints, muscle and bone within it in order to slip past their grasp when utilized with her infamous speed to make for quick escapes. It also makes for improved Coordination; as she can strech varying body parts to fit the situation at hand. Say someone shot off a barrage of bala's at her? Shatari could mend her body to slip past each attack with improved accuracy, or use maneuver her way swiftly through a hellfire of bows shot off at her from a Quincy.

    Although, she has to mentally make this calculations which can lead to human error from time to time. Such as if she attempted to make her right arm more elastic in nature, but the opponent came at her from the left and smashed that arm into pieces. So it isn't something that can automatically be done, as like with most of these abilities, Shatari has to manually perform them as she encounters the different circumstances she endures on the battlefield. Furthermore, like with any action of the body, there will come a bit where she will become too exhausted to perform it. For it's no different than a human becoming tired after going through strenuous exercise; after enough modifications her body will eventually lessen or stop this if she is an exhausted state in battle following critical damage or lack of physical energy in the form of bodily fatigue.

    Serpent's Reformation: While in her Awakened State, Shatari is able to have a form of Regenerative Healing Factor. At the cost of physical exhaustion or supplementing her energy to perform these effects, The Yuudeshi is able to recover varying parts of her body from damage. And to clarify, she has two ways to make this happen. In terms of the physical, Shatari can mentally command varying body parts to reform themselves at her will, but it will take it's toll on her to the point where she will be out of breath, sensing varying levels of pain and eventually being unable to regenerate because her body will have been too fatigued to do so; similar to a runner trying to force a sprint, but their body is too far gone to go any further. This usually occurs when she attempts to rapidly or repeatedly use this regeneration. The other means of activation she can use to awaken this ability is by feeding this ability her energy in order to achieve these healing and regenerative effects; which has an obvious limit. As if she uses too much energy, it will eventually run out and she'll be reverted back into her base state due to no longer having suitable energy to fight with.

    Now, as far as it's effects go, Shatari will generally be able to recover from flesh wounds rather easily. That is to say if she were cut or burned in a battle, she could use this ability in order to close those wounds up and not suffer too much fatigue. Whereas when it comes to limb or organ loss, those will generally take more chunks of energy from her; along with potentially be slower to reform depending on how much energy or focus she puts into the regeneration. Though, if she were able to pick up her arm after it had been severed off, that may be much easier for her to reattach that arm verses reforming a new limb because it's simpler to piece back together her nerves which were associated with the body part she lost. Moreover, this ability also makes internal damage more difficult to achieve on the likes of Shatari as she can mend broken bones together, repair damage done to her nervous system and even attempt to expel external influences by her body trying revert itself to a more healthy state constantly by fleshing out the toxins from her body, producing new and more powerful cells and using the Yuudeshi Drive to steadily adapt Shatari's body overtime.

    Crushing Strength: When in this form, Shatari seems to be able to have most of her attacks take on the properties of snake to have constricting effects. From the realm of hand-to-hand, to the levels of the supernatural; many of The Yuudeshi's assaults are much more potent due to this fact. To give a better frame of mind of just how this works, say there was an opponent heading towards her in a straight line and about to make a hit upon her being. If she were to use her lightning in this state, harness it's attributes as catalyst to supercharge the residual chi and energy around said electricity to constrict and bind the target in order to crush their bones and thus have the effects of her electricity bypass stronger defenses of her opponent by compounding it's abilities deeper into the core of their being and ultimately squeezing the very life out of them through this manner.

    If this were taken to a hand-to-hand level, most of Shatari's movements could very well be focused on using the opponents strength against them. Such as if she were able to grab someone's wrist, the values of her body through the Yuudeshi Drive could allow her to have sufficient strength to repel their attack against them, and with Shatari's own physical might, potentially crush their bones and allow her time to subdue them. Although, in terms of repeal, isn't always a surefire thing. It works the best with direct assaults where Shatari can perceive it, but sudden attacks are more incline to slip pass this effect. Making it to where if Shatari can anticipate an assault coming, there is a higher chance of this having success; whereas attacks she cannot keep track of have more of a chance of bypassing this.

    Overall, Shatari is going to need to experiment with the depths of this ability. For it's one that can transpire on both the physical and spiritual level as it's embedded heavily into her fighting style. It isn't unbeatable by any means, but Hebonoishin bestowed this gift upon her to have more of a lasting impact in combat to force her opponents to work harder to damage her. It's up to Shatari to decipher more advanced techniques to utilize this ability with as she develops this strength.

    The Serpentine's Layers: When Shatari has activated Hebonoishin's Awakening, many varying parts of The Yuudeshi's body begin to morph internally to harden and become more dense. Each of Shatari's muscles, bones and organs will become incredibly dense to the point of being quite resistant to attacks. Many types of heavy pressure assaults, explosions and even temperature changes will have reduced effect on her body. That is not to say without enough force she won't be taken down, this means that she is able to take more abuse on the battlefield, can endure harder assaults and overall is more difficult to take down.

    One extreme example of her thermal resistance is that she can withstand being in the heat of a wildfire just fine, although supernatural flames may differ, she can still reduce some of their effects against her body. Or, in terms of explosions, she can most likely take a cero directly with it's damage being greatly to moderately reduced depending on the amount of force behind it from the opponent; though taking a constant bombardment of these would be another story.

    The second component of this durability will be the fact that Shatari can layer it further by scaling her skin to grow strong, thick scales across her body that blend in well with her skintone to seem invisible to the naked eye. These serve to double her overall defense because they can take on more of a burden before Shatari's actual body is harmed. As, for example, if someone were to punch her directly in the gut; Shatari might feel the shockwave from it, but her scaled armor would take the full brunt of the attack, then her hardened skin and muscles would reduce what was left over to the point where Shatari herself could endure more vicious assaults; forcing the opponent to usually resort to constant barrage of attacks to make a dent in her defense.

    Hebonoishin's 2nd Power: Serpent's Venom

    Toxikinesis: While in Hebinoishin's Awakened State, Shatari is able to produce, control and morph various poisonous substances from her body that can range from acid generation, differing miasma's and creating many effects in association with her snake origins and the plethora of Chi that is stored within The Yuudeshi's body working alongside her spiritual energy to have far reaching effects. However, while this does have capacities to affect the organics of beings, that isn't it's primary use. This form of poison bending is often infused into other varying elements or attacks; often times being used against attacks or defenses in the supernatural realm and in the type of hand-to-hand combat known as Dokujutsu. Henceforth, it's able to be released by Shatari from almost any portion of her body or energy and it's effects can vary depending on which ability she uses. So as you will see below, the inner workings of this power will be described.

    Mental Link (Passive): One of the first reasons that Shatari is able to have such free-reign control over this toxic element is because her mind can usually control most aspects of this ability. Down from the effects it's intended to have when it comes deciphering rather or not to making it paralysis inducing, attacking a persons nerves by injection or inhalation and the forms it's release by controlling the shape, the mass and the state of matter in which the poison in question is produced and taking in all the calculations when working alongside her other powers or different factors in the fight. An instance of this illustration would be if Shatari were attempting to lock on to a fast moving opponent, she'd carry this out by releasing a series of liquid poisons at them; or if she were dealing with someone slower she'd attempt constrict them in the event that The Yuudeshi is dealing with someone more powerful and needs more strength to subdue them in the form of something much more solid in nature to crush them. It's worth noting that the maximum range of most abilities that are connected through this link is upwards of five hundred meters when it comes to offensive or defensive combat.

    With that much said, thanks to this mind link it's also very probable for Shatari to usually use it as an extension of herself. Taping into their point of view, this can allow her an extra sense of visual sense of what is occurring in her environment and keep track of where her poison is going in order to have further accuracy and destroy them in some cases by having them disintegrate if she encounters an opponent who attempts to steal, modify or take control of them without her consent. Making it so that if Shatari were simply to focus on a single drop of poison, she can attempt to use that for a much further radius than her offensive capacities with this ability because it doesn't take as much effort or energy. The furthest she can go with her observation functions is three miles.

    Now with that much known, one of the primary drawbacks of this is the fact that it does come from the mind. For example, when dealing with matters of the brain, there is always room for mistakes to be made. Once such example of this would be if Shatari were to create a toxic shield around her, but her opponent broke her concretion by inflicting a huge amount of pain on her; due to her will and focus being shattered, it's possible for it to be negated or at the very least lowered in effectiveness. Along with that, just because it can be so easily controlled by her, doesn't mean it's invincible. Ergo, the most obvious route of dealing with it is often in terms of destroying it rather than trying to snatch control of it from Shatari or use it against her; as thanks to that mental link, it makes it extremely difficult to use against unintended targets if The Yuudeshi is able to have a keen control over it in the best of circumstances.

    Lastly, and another common drawback, is that she'll need some form of miniscule energy to make this work. So each movement generally takes some form of fuel to work with. The Mind can establish a connection, yes, but it needs gas in order to make these effects happen. However, if something is already generated, that will require more mental energy than anything. Such as if Shatari had produced a shield of acid around herself, she could still use it because the energy it took to create it was already put in place. So in lame with that logic, the only thing required of her would be the psychological strength to move it until it's destroyed or she can no longer sustain that effort.

    Corrosive Aura: Going in line with the acid generation that is very well possible thanks to the association it's connected to with her Toxikinesis, Shatari is very capable of producing an aura around herself that takes on that aura. Essentially, Shatari is able to engulf or surround her body with a toxic aura which allows her to have decaying, corrosive and otherwise de-materializing effects to what it touches. For example, if Shatari were to engulf her hand within this aura, she could attempt to null or limit the effects of an energy attack that comes into contact with her by applying the properties of her acid on a ethereal level to have heavy or moderate effects on the attack that collides with this force. So in this instance, she'd either try to produce a hole within the energy attack for her to slip through, or have her acidic aura melt the potential damage away as it makes contact with her; turning it into a rather effective shield.

    In the realm of hand-to-hand? She can utilize this poison in order to have acidic effects take place with her opponent. So if she were to go in for a straight-line punch to the face while in this state, Shatari could attempt to infuse her acid aura into her that hand in order to have a blow which melts or corrode the target upon impact. This means that in this illustration of it's use, the target would feel a heavy burning sensation as she attempts to melt away their defenses, corrode their body and inflict a great deal more of damage than would occur naturally.

    This ultimately leads into the fact that she can produce this same aura with her attacks to have infused elements; which is how the combination of her electricity and poison takes place. So if she were to fire off something such as a Yin Surge, it could have a melting property to it if she were to combine her Acidic Aura into the mix. Making it so that the attacks it comes into contact with are burned away and have more an impact than normally; sometimes even performing as a shield if she were to engulf within this acidic force to prevent it from easily being dispelled as it would attempt to melt through other types of abilities it comes into contact with. Such as if this aura had came into contact with a user whom could generate Earth, Shatari could attempt to melt through something such as a solid chunks of ground being projected at her. Or, in another circumstance, if she applied to a more spiritual level to try and melt or burn through kido attacks if it was potent enough through her energy giving it that capacity to do such a feat. None of these are guarantees or absolute in nature, of course, but there is always that realm of possibility depending on how crafty she gets.

    So with all of that said, the primary drawbacks of this is the fact that most of this will usually take some form of energy to produce. Yes, she can devour her entire body in this force, but it takes fuel, as with most of the functions of her power, in order to make it have any sort of effect. So to make this last longer, Shatari usually tries to apply it to single sections of her body or on singular attacks to conserve energy. Along with that, tieing in with her mental link to these attacks, sometimes a bit of physiological energy will be needed. If her psyche isn't up to par, some of these effects could be broken if she were distressed or taken by surprise. Not to mention she'll generally have to manually apply it to each thing she comes into contact with. Such as if she had produced an acidic shield in front of her, but the opponent smashed her from behind with an attack and she did not have room to create another one that swiftly or lacked the energy to do so.

    Toxic Construct: One of the more easier effects of her Toxickinesis is the fact that she can create a variety of objects, weapons and appendages from her poisonous or Acidic Effects. By condensing her energy and element into specific forms, this can be achieved without much difficulty on her end as it's one of the mean methods of defense she has. So to give an illustration of how this works: say someone were coming in to attack Shatari with a 360 attack; something like an explosion for instance. In this circumstance, if she summoned enough energy within a reasonable amount of time, she could attempt to either negate or null the damage by creating a dense dome of acid to take the brunt of the damage for her. Or, in another example, if she were unarmed Shatari could attempt to create a sword which takes on the effects her Toxikinetic powers to become weaponized. Going on to use that blade, in this example, to slash into her opponent to leave a melting effect on their body if her attempts were successful.

    From those general illustrations you can begin to piece together how this can be used. Most things from additional arms, wings, tails, tendrils and other similar appendages can be crafted. An especially useful method to have lange-ranged effect would most likely be to produce a series of toxic spikes projected at the opponent to have a greater reach in battle if she fired them off with enough speed, from say, her right hand. It can also make for great armor if she were to infuse it into her skin in order to have greater defense against stronger opponents; as they would have to shatter them before the actual damage phased Shatari's body due to it's density. It's ultimate up to Shatari's own creativity and thought of how this can be used to benefit her, but that doesn't mean it's without it's limits as well.

    If the resources to produce this Toxic means of combat runs out, then she will no longer be able to perform these thoughts. So that means if her energy gets low, this translates into the fact that she can longer properly produce the needed levels of acid or poison needed to be infused into her Toxic Constructs. This then spells the end of more potent effects, or even it's production altogether because that energy is key to having the needed resource to make this means of combat possible. It also takes a bit of focus to sometimes have more effective constructs; such as if she made something within a few seconds, chances are it would be more easily destroyed by an opponent due to the lack of time and care put into it. Whereas if she had waited a few post to produce something, it would be much more difficult to destroy because the quality of the objects she produces will be much higher due to having the needed space to properly calibrate them within her mind; ultimately linking it up to the limitations of her focus, concretion and psyche as well. Ergo, creating multiple and rapid objects at once will tire Shatari out; as it isn't something that can be infinitely spammed in one post.

    Hebonoishin's 3rd Power: The Yuudeshi Drive

    The Yuudeshi Drive's Will: As like other members of her family, Shatari seems to possess an unusually strong sense of ambition and will that has manifested itself into an actual power. From what Hebinoishin understands, The Yuudeshi Drive in Shatari's case will allow her to have varying effects to her physical body and powers based upon her willpower. That is to say that fear masking to subjugate her terror is very possible, pain suppression to reduce the amount of injuries she feels are probable and it seems to have an rapid learning attribute associated with it depending on how hardened her will is to achieve something; as it's not something constantly activated.

    Usually there has to be a great need to strength or power in order for this to become released; such as when Shatari felt great rage, terror and a desire to become stronger against the massive odds of her battle with Nathan, Hagkumo and other Monsuta reinforcements when she took part in the war For Australia. This resulted in her Yuudeshi Drive originally being forged, Hebinoishin's birth and the unlocking her Awakened State. Therefore, Shatari cannot casually think of something and automatically have it. Such as if she were to think of a random power, will that she controls it and it is formed on the spot with no form of limitation or restrictions. It needs to come from a urgent desire, focus and will.

    More than that, each part of this power will usually take some form of energy; rather it be physical, mental or spiritual away from Shatari to compensate for it's effects if her drive begins to affect the physical form and not just her own power or psyche. To give an illustration to better understand: if Shatari was in a desperate situation where she needed to have a energy attack strike an opponent, such as if it was crucial that blow makes contact to finish the battle, The Yuudeshi Drive could activate and produce a shield around the blast to dramatically lower the chances of it being dispelled or destroyed by the opponent before it makes impact at the cost of taking a form of energy from Shatari's body; which allows it to become more dependent on how powerful their willpower was and if it was lower, higher or equal to Shatari's based on the Will Sheet along with the strength of their defenses or offense they use.

    Meaning that it's effects are NOT absolute in nature, but when combined with Shatari's Ambition Aura, they stand a much better chance at being more potent, durable and overall more powerful. So as you will see below, more concrete abilities from this will be understood.

    Note: It's also possible for her to use this power and it's abilities in her base, but it's much more potent and powerful in her awakened state when compared to using it in her standard form; as it's effectiveness goes down by two times if not released.

    Moderate Pain Compressing: This is the most common usage of Shatari's Yuudeshi Drive. Being her body can generate pain rather easily at times, it's at times necessary to try and bare through it with her willpower and attempt to silence her nerves. It's not entirely effective because she will generally still feel reduced sensations of damage done to her body, but it won't be to the point where she cannot continue the fight. So say she took an explosive blast head-on and took a good deal of damage, if she were determined enough and not swayed by the opponent, she could attempt to use her Yuudeshi Drive to ignore the injuries done to her and go on to nulling some of the pain she feels to keep fighting. So this does NOTHING to the impact done to her health or body, but in the psychological aspect it allows her to better endure a fight. Which means the obvious limitation is that if a critical enough injury, such as losing a limb, may break that until she can manage to reform one in her released state.

    Ambition Aura: This is the second most common usage of The Yuudeshi Drive and one that leaves less strain on Shatari. By harmonizing her Chi and Spiritual Energy in line with her psyche, Shatari is able to bring her willpower to the surface in order to turn it into a form of tangible power. An instance of Ambition Aura being put to use is if she were up against an attack that bended reality or space around her. If Shatari were able to activate it quickly enough, she could attempt to unleash a large burst of her determination into the world in order to attempt to negate or at least lower it's effects against her within a space that is one hundred meters maximum; fifty meters on average. Meaning that this function of her Will is usually limited to being used one to two times per post to avoid negating everything the opponent does; but leaving space for her to avoid more heavy attacks. It also has a one post cooldown before it can be used again in that function.

    Moreover, unknown to her, her Ambition Aura is strong enough to even produce living creatures. It's not a practical function for combat, but to show a feat of power she did give birth to Hebinoishin through this fighting spirit thanks to her Yuudeshi Drive. As while she may not understand the depths of what Hebonoishin said, he was intent on his wording that her will was what brought him into this existence. Which is why he is named The Snake of Will to begin with. Making this something that, in the future, will need to be done in a non-combat thread or if she has room to create a new being if she isn't being attacked in a thread.

    At any rate, it's possible for this to even affect her on a physical level by heightening her senses in accordance with her advanced level in Focus thanks to her Will Skills. For example, if she were up against a fast opponent, she could activate Ambition Aura to perceive the presentation of other beings or obstacles in the way within an environment; making it easier to sense cloaked disturbance, deal with fast moving attacks and making her accuracy sharp. It may even be used to the extent where the opponents moves may potentially become predictable for Shatari if she pays close enough attention to how their body moves while fighting them to counter them.

    And in terms of offense? Hebinoishin is already aware of the fact that Shatari has the capacity to dominate and overpower the wills of those who are lower than her by attempting to use her burst of willpower to make them unconscious by creating condensed and precise strikes to their head that transfer her will upon them; turning it into a mental battle of sorts. It will usually emit a burst of sound, so it's possible to counter outside of will by simply moving out of it's way as it has a range of ten meters before it dissipates. Meaning that Shatari generally tries to mix this in with her hand-to-hand to make a knock-out punch at times if she is able to. This is usually limited to being able to be used one time per post and has a two post cooldown before she can attempt to use it again.

    Overall, the primary drawback to this will be that some form of energy is required and a manual activation of her willpower to be used when she has suitable mental health to perform it. So after her energy runs drain physically, mentally or spiritually; it will become a pain to perform these feats. Meaning that as the battle progresses, it's usually at it's strongest during the beginning of the fight, and gradually becomes more difficult to use as Shatari burns through her resources until this becomes a finite source of will and it eventually burns out.

    Accelerated Development: If there is a desire to get better that is strong, Shatari's Yuudeshi Drive, in base or release, will place her mind under a state of accelerated learning in order to improve herself at a faster rate than normally possible when it comes to her body on a genetic level, spiritual capacity and in the pursuits of knowledge. This is not constantly active, and will generally need to be done in some form of training or combat, but it allows for her to use her Mental Deduction to get a grasp on things much more swiftly and achieve these goals to a much greater extent than average as well. Which is precisely why those around her, and even Hebinoishin himself, are weary of this. As this isn't a miracle gift; if she accelerates too quickly in something, there does stand the chance of her forgetting it altogether, causing damage to her memories if she evolves too fast or a form of brain damage that actually decreases her ability to adapt, learn and cognition until Hebinoishin is able to gradually repair it time; rather it be in real time (That is, real world time and not IC Time.) or over threads.

    So to give an actual illustration of how this ability works, say she were attempting to decipher how to take the applications of her power further in a training session. If her urge to get stronger was there, it's possible for this strength to activate and temporarily allot her a sense of boosted adaptability for a period of two to six post before it fades away and she is restored back to her natural sense of aptitude. In that time it is going to be critical that she retain the knowledge, decipher it and learn what she needs to in order to grow. It can be repeated upwards of three times in a thread, with a five to six post gap before it can be used again. Hebinoishin knows this ability enough to understand that it will leave Shatari with a headache generally, though, because it's similar to cram studying and makes her agitated in some sense afterward if she isn't able to ease her pain.

    So this is limited by posting time, a three time usage by thread, an actual tangible subject to study and a great need to actually learn it in order for this accelerated burst of evolution and growth to take place in Shatari's body along with possible help to continue growing after she reaches a certain point in her skill after the time limit is up. As this also means that she will have to develop her mental deduction over time to get better usage out of this ability. As it doesn't matter if she reaches 0 tier, if her Mental Deduction is sharpened, this ability can't go any further.

    Defiant Durability: This comes into play when Shatari begins to suffer heavy injuries, but there is a great desire or importance in the battle that she wants to overcome this harm done to her body. So in those instances, The Yuudeshi drive will drain her of life force in order to replenish upwards of forty percent of her energy at a maximum, while going on mend older wounds and injuries to her body to heal her and in some cases, not all, make her mental state in peak condition to battle. This may cause some opponents to be taken back by shock if she were to come back from a near-death state if there was a strong enough desire to overcome, but it comes at the cost of her spirit and mind beginning to become unstable from abuse of this life force.

    Infact, after the first time this is used in thread, the effects can settle in. (Shatari is able to utilize this ability three times per thread; but it's recommended she only does it once) This can be taken in the form of new changes to her personality, instabilities with her powers will generally be seen when she begins to deplete herself of life force and If she takes her willpower too far, in fact, it will even kill her and cause complications that may potentially turn her into a hollow VS a Shinigami during her transition into the afterlife; or destroy her soul altogether. Therefore, Hebinoishin's connection system will come into play to prevent her from abusing this to the point of suffering long-term damage. As it's also possible for her to be placed into a coma for periods of time, fainting to occur when pushing herself too far and her body to become weak gradually or rapidly; for sometimes the life force may be strong enough to restore her energy, but Shatari's body will not catch up from it's injuries and inflict great pain upon her entire being.

    At any rate, Lifeforce from Shatari is generally either donated by others, replenished over a duration of threads or posts or can be taken if she kills a being and has time to extract the remaining life force from them; though she must act quickly as it is depleted quickly. It's also worth mentioning she doesn't yet know she can extract life force from those whom she kills, rather, she has the potential which Hebinoishin is hesitant to give her because too much External Lifeforce can still cause similar damages. Similar to overfilling a machine with more power than it can generate, that will happen to Shatari's body and he is greatly aware of that. So while it's effects are great, so is the potential for disaster to occur as well to prevent this from being taken too far.

    Will Burst: This is an augmentation state that can be based around Shatari's mood. Essentially, the principle behind it is that the Yuudeshi Drive activates based on a strong desire for power and strength; which are recurring themes that resonate in the values of Shatari's mind. So, by taking either the physical or spiritual energy she has in connection with it's activation upon that desire, Shatari's Yuudeshi Drive will bolster all of her bodies physical stats, supernatural powers and other skills further by two or times on average, and four to five times at a maximum. (So when dealing with the maximum of this enhancement, A ten to fifteen times increase will be had overall from her base state depending on when Shatari released her form in regards to awakening in a injured or peak state prior to the Yuudeshi Drive activating. As you are essentially taking three times and then multiplying three times five to get fifteen; or two times five to get ten.)

    However, this the drawbacks to that will override any sort of ability that Shatari may have and cause immense strain to her body despite the increased energy or her pain suppression. Such as if she releases it too fast or uses it too long, it can cause bones to be cracked in her body, blood to escape from her mouth and organs to possibly be damaged by the time she powers down and leave her open to being assaulted more easily by the opponent as injuries caused by this Will Burst are harder to recover from than even anything her opponent dishes out or limitations from Shatari's other powers.

    On top of that, even without that, she'll be heavily exhausted physically to the point where she will need to cooldown for two to three post after this release of power. So while it can be stacked upon another augmentation, that will only guarantee SEVERE strain and worsen it to the point where she IF SHE GOES ABOVE THAT FIVE TIMES INCREASE, it can either cause her to black out after unleashing the first attack, cause damage to her powers for the long-term if she refuses to back down (sometimes not even being able to use her power for a course of days or weeks), potentially cause her body be placed into a coma (In real time, not RP time.) or die by her body being unable to handle that sort of increase in power. (Which will settle in after just three post after going beyond her maximum.)

    So because of these drawbacks of the higher augmentations, Hebnioishin attempts to moderate and only cause a three or two times increase. As he is aware that if she goes beyond that, her body will be unable to handle that pressure load without some form of drawback, limitation or injury. Making it something that should only be used if she knows she can win a battle, is desperate to win or has a plan in mind when unleashing this type of willpower.

    x2 Burst Count - Shatari can keep this augmentation up for roughly eight to ten post before backing down, with drawbacks settling in around the third post if she decides to keep it going that long. Though she'll generally have the physical exhaustion none the less.

    x3 Burst Count - This augmentation burst last only seven to six post before she has to let go of it and the drawbacks are automatically taken into effect once this power is unleashed and ensured to happen after she goes back to her previous state with her exhaustion being much worse in this state; as her exhaustion will last four to seven post instead of two to three.

    x4 Burst Count: At this point, it will only last five to four post before it's broken. Along with that, at this level, the drawbacks become dramatically critical and reach a point where she must decide to take on this injury for great gains of strength temporarily. She may be physically exhausted for eight to ten post, or for the rest of the thread's duration depending on her health.

    x5 Burst Count - There is a three post maximum in which she can withstand the effects of this augmentation. By she activates, long-term injuries are extremely probable and by the 3rd post she will most likely die due to her body being unable to sustain that feat for even a short duration of time. Therefore, she must get what she needs to do done in the first or second post unless she is willing to sacrifice her life.

    She can only use this three times per thread, with a ten post gap between the next time she can use it and a two to three post period where she is physically fatigued in the form of sweating, being out of breath, abilities being much harder to use and her focus scattered.

    (So to make a long story short, she'll realistically be putting it at a two times increase, but if she goes above that there will automatically have some form of drawback and it's effect increases with how far she decides to go. And even with the two times increase, she will still be physically exhausted after descending. And the easiest way to think of this power is similar to Kao-Ken if you are still having problems understanding it.)

  • Any Extra Notes: The bitch has waited two years for an upgrade.


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Wow! That's a pretty heavy upgrade! I'm glad I was able to check it and I'll give it an auto approval since Ima already checked it! Have fun with it as I know you'll go nuts with it.

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Shatari's Australia Upgrades
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