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 Puppet God X [Major History Inami Asthavon Zero and Shizuo Private]100 years ago.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Puppet God X [Major History Inami Asthavon Zero and Shizuo Private]100 years ago.   Mon Dec 23, 2013 11:49 am

‘You know that you love it.. this feeling in your veins. . . The alluring call of the blood which thrives inside you . . . Why deny the madness? Why not embrace what is to come. . . Does it matter that you will fall into a slumber . . . Defy your bloody and you will be worse of. . . ‘ These thoughts slowly had been flowing through Inami’s mind as she laid curled up across the frozen polar ice . . The north pole was cold and unforgiving , she had fled from the Asthavon house hold after feeling her strained grip on her sanity faltering, it was slow but like her beating heart she knew that the insanity was coming out of her. Which was why she had left she had to leave or things would have gotten very bad very fast, even then she had run away from any populated area, out of shadow fall and into the human world, she didn’t know what was going to happen it was more like everything was going south, her mind , her body, the careful faux mask she had made was slipping with each passing moment.

That was why in the howling winds, she lay there shivering in a growing pool of blood. She loved her family so much, which was why she had ran. Why inami Asthavon didn’t want to trouble her family with her growing insanity, if her sister had to be dealing with so much, then how could she even bother them, how could she make the burden worse for them, she couldn’t that was a fact . . . Which was why as her emerald eyes had tears running down them she lay there her heart trembling, she was fighting it with everything she had, her body shaking from the strain, the winds howling overhead. Oh the oblivion she faced was like a tide which couldn’t be turned, the pain in her heart from denying her blood, was beginning to become too much to bear. The slow tide of her resolve was waning, and the voices slowly of insanity had been encroaching into her mind further , faster, and awakening further it was because of this that the blood in her veins was awakening, even though she didn’t want it to, she had slowly looked at the sky, her tears running red awash with blood.

As she reached out, to that azure sky her snow white fingers splayed it was clear, she didn’t want this fate, no she didn’t want this fate at all, she wanted something better, something new, something that could save her sanity and keep her with her sisters. And yet as she reached out her hand froze and her eyes opened wide, as she felt it, the power her true nature stirring inside her body, the vast sea of power which had be born to her, it was welling up, as the thoughts that it held slowly seeped into her mind the thoughts that said. . ‘ Why defy me, you know in your current state, you are nothing but a weak fragile flower in the might of my storm, even if you brave me, you will not master me, not how you are . . If you reject us we will take it take it all and then wait until you can properly handle the power for your own, this is what happens when you fight fate, this is why you will not win for you are me and I am you, we are one and the same, so stop trying’

Her heart was racing, while her hand slowly lowered and clawed at her own chest her fear was not at the future, but at loosing herself at letting the power she was afraid of get out. . . But it was almost like she had given up, her attempts half-hearted as her free hand gripped the hand clawing at her own chest and pullet it away. By then her auburn hair was flowing freely in the wind once more, the rays of energy slowly had been fighting there way free this entire time, it wasn’t anymore that it was going to be a battle, the outcome of the little squabble had already been confirmed it was now a loosing battle, Inami couldn’t hope to beat as slowly her left eye had turned purple, her right was green, she could feel it, the insanity the lovely insanity that she feared so often , that she hated with every fiber of her being, the one thing she had been afraid of, its unknown power pulsing through her warming her up, taking what she refused to give. There was no other path as she felt the barriers within her mind become torn apart.

Stripped, and scared it was at that point that her lips splayed, her toothy grin was beginning to be shown as slowly what looked like threads had come outwards forming a kind of gigantic monster a uncontrolled beast incarnated from her unnaturally large insanity. A beast which had parted its looming jaws over the girl slowly a purple beast which had grown tired of being neglected. True it was but a power, but even powers can some times feel, and that was what was going on here, as her eyes widened to the point that it was truly bugging out of her head, she only could gasp as the jaws had clamped down on her body, biting it clean in half, causing the lower portion to unravel in a bloody plume of blood staining the ground red , a stain of insanity which wouldn’t go away soon, no it was just beginning as from within the jaws of the beast things slowly had been changing, slowly things had been beginning to awaken awaken from the forced slumber that they had been enduring for 200 years, finally the dam had broken and the beast was coming out.

Since it was the first time, as the threads all converged inwards blood began to freely splatter from the tiny gaps in the threads themselves, an unnaturally large amount of blood which was flowing everywhere, while the writhing mass of threads had been bubbling outwards, almost as if they had been alive, devouring some unknown prey which unfortunately had been freshly killed and had served just for sustenance , honestly that was how it would look like, as sickening crunches occurred within the fabric of threads, and from that point while blood was running outwards her eyes had been changing color within the mass of threads which had undoubtedly devoured the entirety of her body at that point. The sky itself was soon beginning to change color, tinged with the color of madness while the unnerving sound of pain and breaking bones continued for awhile a series of sharp cracks, and dying screams from a girl who had decided to until now forget and suppress the power which was naturally found in side her own body, it was honestly only a matter of time until something like that had happened which was why as it continued the energy levels kept rising.

Eventually though sickening laughter was heard from within the mass, laughter which was unhinged but otherwise it seemed to be complete, while the threads had begun to condense the ice cracking everywhere around her form, literally it was like a earth shattering shockwave had spread across the entirety of the northpole, as this was uncontrolled there was no way to limit something which had happened from a freak accident, from ignoring who she was she had created this monstrous cluster fuck. So as the threads kept bubbling the blood which had been flowing outwards from now, had begun to splatter and be sucked inwards into the humanoid shaped ball of threads which was slowly beginning to twitch spastically while pigment was beginning to come back, and even then though things seemed to not even be closed to finishing, it was almost as if everything at this point was just only now beginning to get started in full, as if this was just the beginning of it all, which honestly would make a lot of sense seeing that horns began to rise from the mass of threads, so did wings and a tail for that matter all of them began to rise.

Finally as the body fell on its knee’s the ground continued to quake and shake, but it wasn’t that which was truly frightening, no it was the sky. The sky itself seemed to change color settling over that area in the color of red, hazy with energy which was overflowing literally causing the body to fall on the ground while threads began to pour into the small frame, like a heavy cloak of darkness was descending on the field of battle, it wasn’t long now before things really started picking up, with the blood loss that was occurring it was a wonder that she even at that point was alive, however as the body was quivering slowly color began to come back, like a dull white figurine from some craftsmen’s display she had the color which honestly matched the snow, it was hard to explain it , other than as she lay there her eyes closed she looked like some devil princess , her pitch black tail swaying back and forth, and her wings slowly unfolding across her naked body her angelic face resting against the cold snow, still almost like she had died, until that is her face pulled into an insane demented grin.

Consequentially that was win the laughter began, a demented mental she-devil like witchy laugh. One which was echoing across the empty tundra landscape of the north pole while her eyelids had begun to open the purple set color within them was hard to mistake, something was wrong here. But as the laughter continued energy slowly was rising at alarming rates, blood running backwards from her arms and her legs and evaporated the wounds closing up as if they never had actually happened. Although that was when things truly went haywire, a static settling around her, a black hazy aura which seemed to decay the very confines of the ice she stood on. It wasn’t long before her right hand had pressed against the ice, and she was beginning to haul herself up again, only now though the chunks of ice seemed to explode outwards in a rising shockwave from what undoubtedly had been a surge of energy while her hand slowly had pushed her up so that she was able to stand, her body moving a lot like a doll, it was honestly frightening as her mouth opened and words began to flow.

“..Ah.. this feels so good, the feeling of elation , ah. .. Why did I even fight this, why did I fight this when it feels so good, I want to destroy more, I want to play more, I want to blow things up. . Oh how I want to make everything end up as a sopping pile of ashes and bloody bodies, man . . If there was anything I could do right now, it would be I would love . . . to see the look on a childs face as I destroyed everything they held dear, oh how lovely this is, how delightful this feeling is, oh. . I want to try I want to test I want to blow up.. EVVVERYYYTHINNNGGGG HAHAAAAHAHAHAHAH! , so . . .i wonder how much power do I have. . . how do I use this power, why did I fight it, why did I care so much. . I feel like I am forgetting something important.. but meh.. WHO CARES , this is so fun that I feel like im going to wake up and this entire thing is some kind of messed up convoluted dream and be severely pissed off . . .So.. lets see.. HOW MUCH FUN I CAN HAVE Kekekek”

With the words spat out of Inami’s normally formal and quite gentle mouth her hands slowly clasped together as energy amassed between them, her whole body seemed to be quivering with power as it was expanding exponentially the ground around her opening up in large fissures as literally the energy present was rising through the roof, her eyes gleaming with mischief before all of it the entire ball seemed to focus entirely into her right fist which raised up , the power glowing like a shooting star in the sky, before she brought it down with a earth shattering boom. The surge of energy expanding outwards in the form of a massive shockwave causing the ground to erupt explode and literally rip apart at the seams, such was the power of the blast that it created a hole in the ground about the size of Denver, as her laughter seemed to become even louder despite the fact that the surge of energy she had released certainly hadn’t been slight, infact as blood ran from her arms, all she could do was laugh as she raised her hands above her head.

A thousand rays of pitch black energy amassing while she was actively using her demon magic to distort the air itself, energy in its purest state was radiating and spiraling above her zao ka in its purest form seemed to be flooding the skies themselves as she slowly was compressing it even further, that satanic grin widening on her face lit up by the immense radiance of the energy that was above her. Slowly as her hands began to spin, the orb itself was following the actions perfectly, spinning faster and faster it began to spread out the force of inertia building up within the energy as her right hand lowered and her head swiveled to face the closest mountain, one which wasn’t too big but it was big enough to test the surge of energy out on, which was when as with kiddy glee, her whole fucking face just lit up and she let out a absolutely girlish squeal of excitement before her left hand had flicked forward the blast itself condensing rapidly into the size of a beach volley ball, the immense energy simulating a pseudo gravitational pull as for a moment ice was floating in the air.

Then it all came crashing down in a massive boom, the circular ball firing off as a large purple hued beam, one which smashed into the mountain with a frightening explosion of expanding energy, literally lightning up the sky with a massive beam which dissipated on contact with the mountain. After the smoke cleared though ,there was nothing left, nothing at all was left of the mountain, and her childish fun was amassing even further, it was growing larger as she doubled over with laughter so much laughter in-fact that it was honestly borderline absurdly creepy, as the earthquakes receeded she had giggled even more and stood there looking around for anything else to do , while all her energy seemed to be bubbling around her at truly alarming levels.. . Just what the hell was going on?

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Puppet God X [Major History Inami Asthavon Zero and Shizuo Private]100 years ago.   Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:39 pm

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Puppet God X [Major History Inami Asthavon Zero and Shizuo Private]100 years ago.
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