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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Charisma Proserpine Asthavon (Charm Asthavon)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Charisma Proserpine Asthavon (Charm Asthavon)   Sun Jan 05, 2014 3:44 am

Charm Asthavon

» Name: Charisma Proserpine Asthavon
» Titles: Princess of Hell, Danava of Influence, Tando Ashanti
» Age: 400,000 years old.
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation/Rank: Shadow Fall



Demon Traits

» Za Koa Master: Like all demons, Charm has an intense storage of Za Koa within her. Although she has now reached the point in her life where her storage and mastery over Za Koa is at it's peak. This means that she always has an intense storage of energy, but not only vast amounts, but the control over it has become so immense she can not only control the location within her own body perfectly, but when used externally on the environment is near perfection. Seeing as Za Koa can be used in almost any way, Charm has shown not only to apply it to all of these methods, but it can also be used to strengthen her own assaults by pumping the excess amount of Za Koa she has control over into said assault or task she is performing without losing much energy. Essentially, Charm is considered at the utopia of Za Koa magic and control. Due to the traits Za Koa brings, this also makes her very advanced in demon magics.

Although this is, surprisingly, not where Charisma's Za Koa influence ends. Unlike most other demons, Charm can now take her Za Koa into a more physical form that previously seen. This means that she can make a physical manifestation of most things she would will, creating weapons, surges of power in wide areas or even shaping her own figures, Za koa energy copies if you will. They do not retain any special power, rather simply a physical manifestation of her Za Koa she can willingly create or use as a decoy. The manifestations are hardy in their own right, enforced by pure demon force to make their bodies tough and durable. Mostly things that are based around energy control or elimination are capable of ridding it easily. Za Koa manifestation doesn't actually have to be applied into a single point however, when manifesting her power, Charm is capable of making it so that the energy is so tense it becomes solid - allowing to create arms and weapons attached to not only herself but other objects or allies she wishes it to.

Weaponry and Equipment

» Deumos - Black Demon Claw One Deumos is the first of the black claws that Charisma has access to. The weapon itself was forged from her own demon magics and pored endless amounts of effort into over the years of her life. The claw itself seems to be attached constantly to her right arm, the black claw Deumos having three main claws at the end, shaped almost like a rabbit foot of mechanical workings. Never the less the out-lines of the claw have a pinkish tinge to them, glowing a pink colour in certain areas. At the end of each long finger is a sharp-pin like skewer, easily being able to dig into flesh or anything she grabs. The weird thing about the gloves is that they appear to actually be her arms. They are not attached to her arms, but rather her arms are cut off at the elbow and the mechanical claws take over from the elbow down. To most, they would look as if they were extremely heavy - but these claws work in a similar war to Nami Asthavon's golden blade, being light as a feather to her - but anyone else it would be like lifting up the Earth with one arm.

Deumos' main focus of power lays in the overwhelming strength it holds. Whilst it is a powerful weapon in all aspects and still functions as an arm, the primary focus is the strength. Holding up entire buildings would be like child's play to Deumos, the claw being able to not only hold up intense amounts - but there has been no said limit to how much weight that it can support. Meaning that even if the heaviest objects were to fall onto it, Charm could use this clawed arm to lift it up and into the air. The punching power and overall strength of the right handed claw is key however - whilst being able to hold a lot, a single punch from this intense glove could and has been known to shatter a person's skeletal structure and reduce them to dust. Deumos' strength can be measured in tons or force measurements, rather is it proportionate as to the person she is versing -- or her view of the person. If her opponent is at a 0-4 tier, Deomus' strength would shift to match that. The same goes for 2 tiers, 4 tiers or any other tier you could think of. Although even though she can match the power capable, she is capable of over-riding the lock of strength. Using her Za Koa, she can now over-ride the lock system she has on the tier matching and use her normal tier strength against the opponent. Note that there is no energy draining from unlocking the tier-matching for the claw, it is just a default setting.

Whilst the main asset of Deumos is the strength that it possesses, there are many other factors that determine how powerful the claw truly is, hidden abilities if you will. Behind the enormous strength it holds, Deumos' hidden feature lies in it's energy consumption and exertion. The mechanical arms that are attached are capable of absorbing vast amounts of all energies, meaning Charm could even use Deumos to absorb kinetic energy or even spiritual energy. For example, if a sword was to strike towards her, using this arm, she could absorb the kinetic energy into her palm and then choose to either store it or exert it in the opposite direction, forcing it to strike back it's target by reversing the energy. Also in the same way Charm can exert the energy, she can also store it within these massive gauntlets for as long as she wishes. This means that even though she can exert the energy instantly, it can be stored for later use. So an example of this would be that if a cero came launching out towards her, she could use the glove to absorb the energy it gave off and store it to use again later in the fight or against another opponent. Once the energy has been absorbed, it can be transferred into almost any other form of energy. This means that even if a reishi based attack was adsorbed, through Deumos she could convert it to kinetic energy and vice-versa.

» Vetis - Black Demon Claw Two Similar to Deumos, the first demon claw,

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Charisma Proserpine Asthavon (Charm Asthavon)   Wed Feb 18, 2015 9:38 am

Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to old wip please feel free to post within this thread

Staff Help Thread


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Charisma Proserpine Asthavon (Charm Asthavon)
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