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 Grimmjow Upgrade Segunda Etapa

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Grimmjow Upgrade Segunda Etapa   Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:20 pm

  • Name Of Character: Grimmjow
  • Link To Character Profile: THE KING
  • Reasons For Upgrading: Three different threads, one completed, two well under way but unable to be finished but still deserving of note, shows that I have the ability to use Grimmjow effectively as well as the types of fights that he would go through to improve himself and grow stronger:
    Ulquiorra vs Grimmjow
    Pierre vs Grimmjow
    Poliro vs Grimmjow

    In addition, he IS an 0-3 and I personally find it EXTREMELY likely that Grimmjow would reach this level due to both his personality and the need for himself to be the greatest/best at any cost.

    What Are You Upgrading: Adding a Segunda Etapa.

    Segunda Etapa of the King.

    • Segunda Etapa Name: Despedazar, Pantera!! (Shred, Panther)

    • Segunda Etapa Release Actions: To enter into Segunda Etapa, Grimmjow stabs his arm into his hollow hole, before pulling up painfully and violently, blood streaming up from it and replacing the scar that he once had on his chest in addition to shattering the armor there.

    • Segunda Etapa Appearance:
    When he ascends to his Ressercion: Segunda Etapa, the first thing that is seen is that his armor that covers his entire body has been broken away. Slowly, this begins to reform around the back of his legs, the top of his feet, the backs of his hands, his fingernails, his shoulders, his neck, and finally his back. His cloak is completely annihilated, leaving nothing behind of it. His hollow hole gains black marks that extend out from every side of it, with a single black line flowing upwards and taking the place of the scar that Ichigo gave him, leaving it black as if paint. Around his legs and covering hi waist he gains a coat of fur that is the same bright bleu as his hair, and his arms up to his elbows gain the same trait.

    The crown on top of his head completely breaks off, and he gains twice as much hair on the back of his head as before. A dark blue crown of bone forms around his head, with the pieces where his crown was sticking out behind him over twice as long, like a ribbon fused with the properties of bone. His eyes gain face paint the color of his hair, and his tail becomes the color of the fur covering his waist and legs, with a plume of his blue hair on the end. All along the back and front of the tail are blades formed from the bone pieces; each one of these blades that cover all over his body in different patches areas sharp as his zanpaktou would be normally, and all taper off into many points. Finally, the entirety of his body resonates an absolutely massive amount of spiritual energy, enough to destroy most of the environment that he is near.

    • Segunda Etapa Abilities:

    Massive Reiatsu
    While in this state, Grimmjow's body is overcome with an amount of reiatsu that borders on the kind seen on the higher limits of what an Arrancar can achieve, meaning that the amount of reiatsu that he has contained within his body is off the charts. His reiatsu pressure in this state would even be difficult for captain-classes to deal with due to the sheer presence of it, though they blessedly do not have to deal with it very much. This is because all of his massive reiatsu is focused inwards towards his own body instead of omitting a pressure, resulting in his available power being much higher focused than normal. In addition, it results in the attacks that he generates from his body being much more focused and powerful in a shorter amount of power.

    Colossal Strength
    While in this form, his strength becomes multiplied by the amount of power that he has. Buildings mean nothing to him in this state; a mere wave of his hand is enough to deliver blows of force that can be felt by even those with a very high level of defense. This strength covers over the entirety of his body, meaning that his entire body is this very high level of power. To be specific, the compression of Reiatsu within his body has allowed for him to transmit more force due to the reiatsu that is left in reserve acting as a buffer to the force generated away from the attack. This means that his attacks are stronger, yes, but also more 'piercing', harder to stop by just having a high defense.

    Complete Speed
    While in his Segunda State, Grimmjow's body reaches the pinnacle of one of its core philosophies: its speed. The amount of speed that he has access to is important, yes, but even more than that is the method of using the speed that he has obtained. He is able to subvert his momentum, manipulate all parts of his body with his speed, meaning that he can perform literally hundreds of thousands of strikes in mere seconds of being close to his opponents, the amount of speed he uses creating massive amounts of wind around himself and the opponent as he does so. Finally, the sheer amount of speed his body contains combined with the improved defenses of his body granted by his massive reiatsu allows for him to condense his body better while moving, meaning that when he comes into contact with other surfaces even at high speeds he does not end up getting his flesh torn or ripped; in a word he is much more resistant to 'friction' than he would be otherwise. This allows for him to further increase the speeds of his strikes, due to the ability of himself to not be slowed down from connecting with the opponents body and simply delivering the blows of force to them over and over again. This Friction Control is important; because he can enable and disable it at will. So, while he can make himself extremely fast, he can also stick himself totally to surfaces if he desires by altering the properties of his massive reiatsu, allowing for him to manipulate the amount of friction his body has when he is connected to surfaces with any part of his body. For example, he could hold onto a block of ice with his teeth while in this form and remain stuck exactly there.

    Immense Defense
    The last directly physical trait that he obtains in this form is the 'hardness' granted by the massive amount of reiatsu he has obtained. As explained above, he can control the friction of his body thanks to this layer of reiatsu that is hardened around his flesh, as well as use it to buffer himself against his own physical attacks. Even more than that, hwoever, the defense that he has is completely bound to his own body, and more specifically his soul. This means that those who attempt to manipulate reaitsu or other such elements find it next to impossible to manipulate his body with reiatsu manipulation effects or even altering his existence, as that would still require his reiatsu field to be altered. Unless the being puts in as much energy as it requires to fill the entirety of around Grimmjow's body to violate a point of his body, these kinds of outright manipulations will simply not affect him. When it comes to normal combat, his defense has overall increased much more than before, making it rather difficult to cut through his body and deal bruises. He has absolutely no methods of healing, and once his flesh of reiatsu is violated the wound will continue to bleed after that. If one of his vital organs is struck, he can generally survive to keep fighting. However, after two of these incidents, he will begin to no longer be able to fight at his full ability. The amount of damage required to fully surpass the male's defenses could be compared to the amount to decimate a decent sized city in one focal point. This is how absolutely powerful the layer of reiatsu around his body has become.

    Terrific Observation
    While his physical body has increased in ability, his senses have as well. He can control his range of senses much better than before, and is able to taste, touch, feel, hear and smell things at a level hundreds of thousands of times better than that of an average human. It becomes very difficult to escape from him. For example, his nose will accurately find scents that are within twenty miles of his body just as they would up close, and his flesh is able to feel the differences in wind from a being passing anywhere near him when he has his sensitivity increased the entire way.

    More than this, however, his mind has the processing power to deal with these changes. The reiatsu distribution also applies to the flesh fo his mind, increasing its density by a very large amount. This means that the male's mind is able to comprehend and deal with problems and the observations he takes in, moving at speeds rivaling that of his body. This means that it is very difficult to surprise the male with super-speed, and even with teleportation. Finally, when he himself is countered, he will instantly react at a speed that the opponent may not expect, coming up with attacks from up to hundreds of different angles.

    Will to Fight
    A trait that is very much so like Grimmjow, he has a special trait that some may call the 'will to fight'. This trait means that for one post, and for one post only, Grimmjow may fight as if he had just released his Segunda Etapa again, his body flaring up with reiatsu just as it had upon the initial release. However, the difference is that while this is occurring, the hole in his stomach begins to bleed rapidly, making his legs a dark red and even spreading through his tail. After this evolution has passed, he is immediately subdued into his original sealed state, nearly completely drained of energy. While this may return him to the way he was originally power-wise, this does not stop injuries and other wounds and conditions from being on his body. While it will expel poisons and nearly all other foreign interventions within his body upon its release, it cannot directly heal injuries. However, what it DOES do is directly block the ability of Grimmjow's mind to feel pain, meaning that he is not held back by his body's injuries, and his body performs spiritual connections between all the different nerves and muscles in his body, allowing for him to act as if his body was uninjured for that post.

    Tail of the King
    While in this form, Grimmjow's tail becomes special, as it becomes much more bladed than before. It would be similar to say that he can wield his tail like a zanpaktou, and due to his increased senses is able to interact with things around it just as if it were a blade being held in his hands. It is able to move at the speeds that Grimmjow himself can, and the 'booms' of the sound barrier being broken by his tail are a near constant-noise when he begins to fight with it. It acts completely as another weapon, because the hair on the end of it can merge together into a blue blade with the hardness of Grimmjow's body and blades, making it very durable as well as extremely piercing.

    Desgarar is the improvement upon the attack that he considered his 'finisher' of his Ressercion. While originally it created many massive claws made out of reiatsu, it now forms a massive amount of reiatsu around both of his hands, creating the massive claws around them but also around his hands and feet. Then, these massive blades of energy greatly condense, becoming six-inch thick blades around his tail, toes, and fingers. When these blades come into contact with a target, they greatly elongate, becoming dozens of times more piercing than Grimmjow's normal blades and rendering the friction between then and the target near-absolute, meaning they become VERY difficult to get off once they have attached on. Then, the blades will attempt to pierce the opponent, the head of the blade elongated by Grimmjow's reiatsu for as long as it needs to until Grimmjow has told it to stop. Indeed, another method of using this attack is for Grimmjow to make the points like spears on elastic cords; they will hunt and track the enemy according to his will, and attempt to pierce them. The attack can only last for a total of one post, and due to its exhaustive nature Grimmjow can only use this ability once per thread.

    The last interesting part of the Desgarar is that when it comes into contact with something, and the target attempts to disconnect from the line by teleporting or changing dimensions, the line will stick to the even still, creating a hole in dimensional space to remain attached to its target. However, once the Desgarar is finished, the anomaly ends, and space is returned to the state that it was before the strange alteration occurred.

    Regio Cero
    The Regio Cero is the final evolution of Grimmjow's cero. This cero is a bright blue in color, and leaves from Grimmjow's boy on over twenty different points. These cero then scatter about his body, creating a twenty-ring collection that encompasses his entire form. The reason he refers to this as the Regio Cero is that the blasts are like 'subjects', they follow Grimmjow's whim. Each one is the force of a Gran Rey Cero alone, meaning that when several of them combine they are able to become like a Cero Oscuras in sheer force and power. In addition, they can form a shell of pure Cero around his body, a defensive layer around his body. The manipulations of these energies are restricted only by his imagination; however, they have limitations. They cannot hold a form, such as a blade or other such object. After being summoned, they must be used or they WILL explode. However, as long as Grimmjow is mentally moving them in their mostly-undefined form, they will follow his will, even if it overlaps into several posts. He can use the amount of a normal Regio Cero once per post, and if he is truly pushing himself can create 3.0 the amount he normally would produce, though this disables him from using the normal form of it for the next two posts after that. If he attempts to, it will create a much higher drain on his energy than it normally would, and will disable his ability to use it for the rest of the thread.

    Claw Shot
    While in this form, Grimmjow has developed a technique that uses the amount of force that he is able to project with his body in combination with the claws on his hands and feet, and even with the blades that are scattered about his body, though it is strongest in the fingers, weaker in the toes, and weakest on the other body parts. The fingers are able to thrust forwards, and each claw point will release a massive wave of force through the air, like an anti-aircraft bullet soaring through space until it hits into something, hitting with such raw and explosive force that a single usage of one would be enough to demolish a decent sized skyscraper. The usage of many, therefore, can be extremely devastating to the target if they are hit by them, as the attacks are not only very powerful in force but they are also extraordinarily fast. Finally, his tail has a special version, the Tail Shotgun, which launches a 'spear' of raw force at the opponent with several additional Claw Shots rotating around it, meaning that it is a massive compilation of piercing force that flies at the target that Grimmjow has indicated.

    The weakness of the regular Claw Shot and Tail Shotgun is that they can only be shot in a straight line. However, by using a wave of his body or hands, he is able to release waves of cutting force that fly at the opponent, slower and weaker but with more range. This technique requires substantial focus, but is rather diminished in terms of energy cost.

    Roar of the King
    When in this form, Grimmjow's roar develops into a actual attack, much like a cero, from the ability to transmit his reiatsu through the sound waves generated from the immense density of reiatsu throughout his body. While in this form, he can produce roars that form into spherical, expanding walls of energy, slamming into whatever they come into contact with and pushing it back. If the target has a great amount of reiatsu resistance, it will flow right past them, as well as if they are able to hold their ground strongly enough. However, due to the fact that this creates a physical WALL, it is normally able to have some affect as long as it hits its target. The true benefit of this attack is that it acts as a 'clearer' of sorts, because the wall expands in radius but decreases in power as it gets farther away from Grimmjow's mouth. Requires a very minimal amount of energy to perform.

    Bodily Slashes
    His fighting style within Segunda Etapa is worth taking notice. While he is released in this state, he focuses greatly on using the parts of his body to slash at and damage his opponent, focusing on everything from his fists to his hips and everything in between to cut at and damage his oppoents. He can combine these attacks with Roars and Claw Shots, as well as using the advantages granted by the immensely dense amount of reiatsu within his body. What truly enables it, however, is the sheer amount of speed that he wields with his body. His style of fighting uses mainly slashes, though it will also use some kicks and claw attacks.

    Nuclear Darts
    The darts around his elbows are proportionately increased in power, as well as similar sacs of darts appearing around all the locations of the bone armor on his body, covering his body with over forty of these darts. These darts are able to launch just as before, and with the massive force which Grimmjow can emit they are able to fly at much higher speeds, and even be made to curve and other such pitching tactics. Due to their increase in density, they are able to deal with the higher speed, as well as greatly increasing their ability of piercing. In a word, they work on pure 'piercing'. All of the energy on the darts is focused on piercing the targets body and breaking it in a very dramatic fashion, because of the vibrations that the darts emit. These vibrations are enough to completely demolish structures into pieces, and can make even a blocked dart stun the target due to the vibrational shockwaves that roar through their body. Even Grimmjow's body, if hit with these darts, would be significantly slowed down to the massive amount of shocks that would course through his body.

    Spin To Win
    His greatest level techniques and the way his fighting style works is through a method based on a simple concept: spinning. While in this form, spinning can result in entire forces of wind that can decimate the landscape being created due to the density of his moving body and at the speed it can achieve. This spinning tendency increases the amount of limbs that eh can strike the enemy with, as attacks can come from any point on the rotation, as well as force building up to an incredible amount the more he spins his body. Overall, he is able to damage his targets by sending them flying with his rotational abilities, as the rotation will even translate into their bodies. However, no matter what, he will never become even slightly dizzied by the amount of spinning that he does, because it is the fighting style that he is the most practiced and used to, even while in Segunda.

  • Any Extra Notes: (Anything else you want to add?)


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I see no problems with this Approvedo

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Grimmjow Upgrade Segunda Etapa
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