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 The Conscious of the 4th Division Vice-Captain... [150 years ago]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Conscious of the 4th Division Vice-Captain... [150 years ago]   Wed Jan 22, 2014 12:53 pm


"I may have no parents, but they've already done more than you ever will..."
Child of Existence Neviah Clixx-Kimura


Another day of feeling alone. Another day of wondering what her family was doing, and another day of being the same Vice-Captain that has the same fears and confusions of what to do as every other day. It was raining outside as the Vice-Captain of the 4th Division, Neviah Clixx-Kimura was sitting on the porch side looking up at the clouds. She appeared around the age of a 20 year old as she wore a white Kimono with her Vice-Captain badge strapped to her left arm. Neviah wore white as she not only loved it's sense of purity, but it was a morale booster to her patients when they saw she was clean and not covered in blood. By doing so, it helped her with her curing and it really aided in her own morale for the better of serving her job. But today, Neviah wasn't really working much as she had a lot on her mind...

It's been a while since Neviah last heard or seen anything of her Father or Mother and she was beginning to feel quite lonely. What made matters worse was that not only was Unohana out performing her Captains duties and leaving Neviah behind, but Neviah was also still suffering that her first ever friend Konomi Osaka, former 3rd Seat of the 4th Division was killed on an emergency mission on the outskirts of the 8th Rukongai. This news was actually harder on Neviah than most would think, as since she received the news, Neviah has not once spoken. She's been silent, just like her Father, and she's only worked to save lives in emergency situations. Otherwise, she'd be outside the office looking into the sky with only questions. Like, why did Konomi have to go on that Mission? Why couldn't she receive better defense support, and what did she have to die? These questions, compounding on the fact that Neviah hasn't seen or heard from her Father in ages, making things even more difficult.

As Neviah looked to the sky, hoping something would answer, she instead met the falling drops of rain upon her face, masking the droplets of tears forming along the edges of her beautiful tan eyes. Why did she have to be so alone? Was it because she was a Memory Rosary and was made to suffer for it? Why did her Father have to leave the 0 Division and her? As more and more questions piled up, Neviah sniffed for a moment, trying to think, and stay strong. She didn't really know how to reinforce herself or even gather her self esteem, as the questions and depressing memories somehow flooded out anything positive she could remember. When Unohana presented the information, she of course was also upset, but she told Neviah to smile, and remember the good times they shared. It'll help with the coping process...

So while under the rain of the crying sky above, Neviah began to remember some of the good times shared between herself and Konomi. She remember the first day they met actually, as it was somewhat a comical interaction. Neviah was walking down the hallways of the ICU unit within the 4th Division, as she accidentally bumped into a small girl with horns. The small girl was bleeding from the nose, and taking action, Neviah jumped to remedy the poor bleeding girl, not know who she was. After stopping the bleeding, the ever perky and chipper girl named Konomi revealed her name to Neviah, as well as that she was appointed as 4th Division Third Seat. This news was surprising to Neviah, but she took the news with a smile and showed Konomi her new office. Neviah and Konomi were instant friends, as even though Neviah had a strong phobia to males, Konomi was always there to protect her best friend. Even when Neviah was saddened of learning about her Father's abandonment, Konomi was there to comfort Neviah and help bring a smile to her face.

Neviah was out conducting business with the 12th Division on some new medical supplies when Konomi accepted the emergency mission. There was a massive hollow break out in the 8th District of the Rukongai, and Konomi did her job diligently, saving many lives, but at the expense of her own. Konomi saved the life of two small children, taking the brunt attack of a hollow head on, and dying from bleeding out. The children survived, but Konomi was gone. Konomi's body was returned and the burial was beautiful, as on Konomi's coffin, Neviah presented her favorite flowers, the daffodils. Konomi's resting place is covered in them, and Neviah was still in shock from the ceremony.

As Neviah recollected all that had happened, she slowly remembered Konomi's back story. Explaining that she was a child of a wealthy family. And someone kidnapped her, trying to use her for ransom, and her family abandoned her, stating that money was more important. That they can just have another child, and Konomi was burned to death when they left her body tied up in a burning building. Then for Konomi to die for a couple children really proved she was nothing like her family, but instead, as amazing and selfless as Neviah could ever remember. Konomi was really an amazing girl, and Neviah really had many heart pains just thinking of the loss.

As the Vice-Captain looked to the sky falling upon her, Neviah spoke her first words in over 3 weeks...




Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: The Conscious of the 4th Division Vice-Captain... [150 years ago]   Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:49 am