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 The Conscious of the 4th Division Vice-Captain... [150 years ago]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Conscious of the 4th Division Vice-Captain... [150 years ago]   Sat Feb 01, 2014 2:26 pm


"I may have no parents, but they've already done more than you ever will..."
Child of Existence Neviah Clixx-Kimura


'I'm so dumb for telling her I'm a Rosary... I'll be in trouble for sure now...'

Was what was going through Neviah's head. She made a mistake by breaking the promise she made with the 0 Division and Captain Unohana by telling someone what her race actually was, when she was supposed to keep it secret. What was worse was that Neviah was afraid she might have opened Eliah up to potential risk as well for revealing this secret. The only good possibility being that the room is sound proof of course, so as long as Eliah doesn't spread the word like a wild fire, they both should be fine and not have to worry about any sort of correctional action being taken against either of them. But her mode of concentration was broken the second that her hand was swatted away by Eliah and she looked at her in sudden confusion. Neviah took her swatted hand and held it in the other by her chest as she looked at Eliah confused. Why did she hit her hand when she just wanted to inspect to ensure that she wont be in more pain from the odd action of her biting down on the thermometer?

Neviah was instead hit hard with scolding and it changed her expression from confused, to sad. Puppy dog eyes just screamed from her very look as Eliah proceeded to rip into the depressed Vice-Captain. Beginning to sulk, Neviah just looked down as Eliah scolded her for bringing up such a depressing topic and Neviah took the criticism without any rebuttal. She was right after all. Just springing a sad story in without warning and potentially adding to the depressed atmosphere of Konomi's death and perhaps her guest was also having a hard time as well, which would most likely explain her aggression. It was wrong of Neviah to be bringing up that story at a time like this, and it only made her feel even worse. Neviah began to believe that she was the worst Vice-Captain ever, and perhaps she just needed to quit the Gotei all together. Of course it didn't stop there with Eliah also commenting on the fact that Neviah could have just been brief and told her the answer to her questions out right instead of having to bring on a depressing story behind it. But instead of Neviah growing more and more upset, something was said that made her stop the sniffles and moans of sadness...

Her name...

Eliah told Neviah her name, and Neviah looked right at her with a look of surprise. Yes, Eliah did make the deal with Neviah that if she told her she's the daughter of Ceon, she'll get her name, but Neviah didn't expect to be rewarded after being scolded so much. This was really a change of events and a surprise to the young Memory Rosary. She actually was dumbstruck for a moment and didn't even know how to respond till Eliah broke the silence and requested in her own way some dry clothing. Of course, she called Neviah slave girl, but Neviah didn't really pay attention to that part. She was more distracted by the fact that at first she was scolded, then she was rewarded with her name, and an acceptance to her previous invitation to warm clothing. When the realization settled, a smile grew over Neviah's face as she wiped the tears from her eyes and a small blush spread across her face.

"R-Right, Haha~"

Quickly, Neviah reached down grabbing her now blood stained white kimono top and approached the door, while also grabbing the patient file on the counter top. She opened the door and placed the file within the holder outside of the door and looked back into the room where Eliah was sitting in an odd fashion and smiled.

"F-Follow me Eliah-chan!"

Neviah then proceeded to head in the direction of her office. The dripping sounds of her wet clothing colliding with the tile floor as she walked in grace towards her office. Of course the Vice-Captain was a mess, but she was over joyed at the moment, as she had the feeling that she just made a friend in a very weird way. Of course, not many "friends" would attack one outright, or even scold the other in that fashion, but after having her only friend die recently, Neviah was in need of someone to comfort her, and this was someone who even knew her father, and didn't hate her for it! Instead of breaking Neviah down and calling her some big shot due to family reasons, Eliah spoke to her and not at her as a shadow. This really lifted Neviah's heart and she was excited to take Eliah to her office. Neviah was off in her own little world, she wasn't even paying attention to if Eliah was following her, she just kept going till she reached her office and walked in while humming a soft tune that matched her raised spirit.

What was Neviah planning for the two after she fetched them some dry and warm clothing??



Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: The Conscious of the 4th Division Vice-Captain... [150 years ago]   Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:46 pm