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 Hope Seized, the Iramasha and Shinigami.

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Hope Seized, the Iramasha and Shinigami.   Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:52 pm

Artist: Stephen Walking - Song: Walkers [Monstercat] - Word Count: 1553
The first sound he'd hear when finished addressing all of the Shinigami was the Vice Captain of Tsubasa: Hiroshi Saito. Turning his crimson gaze to his, a soft smile would come into view as he nodded his head to acknowledge the lieutenant. Judging from the male's body language, it was obvious to Koichi that the Shinigami seemed -- rather tense. Remaining silent, quietly coming to the stage and feeling the steadiness of a solider; it was apparent enough to The Iramasha General that something was making the invidious quite uneasy. Perhaps it was the atmosphere of being around two powerhouse, maybe it had something to do with titles or he could very well be plotting something. No matter possible, motive or reason the male could have; Koichi would prod him a bit in order to find out what had the man clenched so tightly. "Aye, and as you may know, my name is Koichi Iramasha: Leader of the Iramasha Military. Tell me, why do you seem so strained and firm? There is no need for such rigid body form. We're all allies and friends here -- so long as you don't go around making things go bump in the night."

Chuckling dryly at his last statement, he'd try to soften the atmosphere a bit to show that they did welcome them. At least, as long as they weren't trying to perform any ill-deeds on the island. There were more than just one Iramasha ready to pounce and attack any intruders if a person had the bright idea of attacking or treading on their land. And on the subject of other Iramasha? A very familiar one was making his arrival just now. Ah yes, this signature of energy was akin to his own: for it was Koichi's own sibling that was making his way here. In the blink of an eye, Azure Iramasha swiftly materialized in thanks to the Iramasha's teleportation technique: Chaos Warp. It had been quite awhile since the two had spoken to each other, so The Royal Hound gave a gentle wave towards his younger brother.

Once the pleasantries were finished between the two leaders, Koichi observed Azure closely to read into what he had to say about the matter at hand. Expressing such sentiments akin to including a consideration towards the organizations that protected Earth, The General simply nodded his head in agreement. On the nature of those factions in the living realm that tried their best to secure it? It was honestly -- old news to Koichi. This wasn't something that he was unaware of. Specifically, since he spent a great deal of time in the pits of Karakura Central himself first-hand; Koichi was quite aware of all those whom lead The Yayjuu, The Vizard Corps and, of course, The Vanguard. So what Azure was saying had been ultimately -- redundant.

"Aye, I am quite aware of the organizations on that planet that seek it's betterment. As kind hearted as your intentions may be, I wasn't put in this position simply for brawn. I'm aware of the political climate on Earth after spending so many years stationed there. More than that, we've worked alongside The Yayjuu, The Yuudeshi, The Vizard Corps and even the Iramasha. I have many various sorts of reports and documentation of Cirno Iramasha, one of my elite soldiers, was shown fighting alongside the ranks of those in the Vanguard. Even going as far as to work alongside their leader to begin commanding both the Iramasha Military beneath her rank and those of the Vanguard as if they were one unit.

So I believe it is you who are clearly unaware of what is currently going on with the state of Iramasha affairs when it comes to the other factions on Earth. You make it sound as if we are oblivious to the over-looming threat that the Kokuryuteshi, Shadow Fall and other similar factions that are up on the rise pose to the foundation of our security. However, I think we should indeed cast aside these petty differences in our ideologies and understand that we both have each others welfare in mind when it comes to guarding one another backs. Therefore, through word of my mouth, you have my official approval of our alliances if there ever needed to be one; so long as I have yours as well, Tsubasa."

After he was finished making some key points to Azure and Tsubasa, Koichi would then turn his reddened gaze towards another scent that seemed familiar in nature. Smiling softly, The Regale Leader soon realized that the heir of the Iramasha Military: Toki Iramasha. Motioning for him to take his side, The Hybrid soon gave his permission for the Noble Angel to speak if he needed to. "There is no need to be shy, Toki. After all, you are my second-in-command. You may as well come out of that corner and speak up a bit, eh?" Saying that much out loud, Koichi hoped to invoke some sort of response out of him so he wouldn't be the elephant in the room so far.

Proceeding to move on with this conversation after he was done with addressing his own kind, Koichi soon turned his stare towards The Gotei 13's Leader after he started to speak up once again. Tuning his ears in closely to what he had to say, an audible small laugh escaped his lips with some of the things that the Shinigami mentioned in his statements. He'd be sure to point them out in his exchange:

"Aye, aye. Let's agree to do disagree, shall we not? For the most part, you needn't worry much about keeping up communication. The Iramasha re fully capable of extending the Iramasha Sync to those in the Gotei 13. To keep things simple: we can create a massive hive network of telepathic channels with one another to keep in constant sync of information, data and messages with other Iramasha. It's not far-fetched to extend this coverage to active members in the Thirteen Court Guards if we so will it." Having a more relaxed tone to his voice, Koichi eased his shoulders and leaned to the back of a nearby tree while speaking. Not too long after that, the Iramasha was seen going on to fold his arms. Letting out a soft sigh, he'd take in the breeze around himself; needing a brief intermission between all of this talking to gather his senses. Once ready, he'd continue onward with more back and forth with Tsubasa:

"Correct. It is within a sound mind to be aware of one's history so that you don't repeat it. However, don't become so consumed by it that you can't see the present and future before your eyes. It's a senseless and arbitrary goal to surpass because there are already being that are either on his level or surpass it. You should just focus on making sure your people are tended to, the Shinigami do not go back to their elder ways and keep the fort down, more or less. That's just my advice from one leader to another. If your primary goal is to simply overpower someone for the sake of power, that just screams alarms to my own mind. Brute strength alone won't win the battle unless you are some sort of god -- and all knowing creatures don't exist."

Koichi's voice would sound a bit more -- somber in tone towards the last bit of his dialogue. The hound's eyes soon shifted their gaze towards the bright sun above them as he let the rays of the solar giant soak into his skin and he'd exhale once more. This exchange was growing dull for him. There was a steady tiredness growing into across the hound's face as the day dragged on. If the confirmation was all that was required, The Military Giant was ready to simply have this ordeal be over with. Thus, he'd express these thoughts quite boldly within the next few moments to those around him.

"Therefore, if this little party is settled, I believe I have my own drills, protocols and assignments to carry out. And since it seems like you are in a rush, I guess this is the part where we part ways -- until the call of war calls us to each other side. So, I'd like to wish you luck in your endeavors and I hope whatever it is you Shinigami are l looking for becomes obtainable soon. C'mon Toki and Azure, let's get out of here." Unfolding his arms, Koichi would start to walk further inwards towards the entrances gates that led them into the homeland of the Iramasha. Taking a glance at Hiroshi, he'd give him a brief wave and utter this out of his mouth: "It's been a pleasure to you as well, Hiroshi. Learn to balance the tenseness in life with the serene and you'll be fine."

And with that, rather or not anyone else followed, The Iramasha Leader would dwell further into the island to tend to his own matters. Putting an end to this little get-together of Shinigami and Iramasha at long last. Hopefully -- Koichi could get a bit of bed rest at the end of the day from all of these tiring errands.



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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Hope Seized, the Iramasha and Shinigami.   Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:43 pm

✖| Clean Up Time!! |✚
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It's been 2014 or even before that!
There for I will be locking this thread, feel free to revisit this and keep on reading!

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Hope Seized, the Iramasha and Shinigami.
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